Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Friday Night Highlights

The new Big Brother 19 nominations didn’t rattle the house much Friday evening as everyone knows it’s a pawn game right now as the plan to backdoor Cody remains intact.

Josh and Elena on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 11, 2017:

7:15 PM BBT – Feeds are back from Nominations. Alex put Jason and Elena on the Block.

7:22 PM BBT – Alex talking with Mark and lets him know that some HGs really didn’t like that he used the Veto to save himself last week. She encourages Mark to work on rebuilding trust. Mark promises that he was never talking game with Cody after he came back.

7:25 PM BBT – Alex promises Mark she was never going to put him up, even before he won the Temptation. (Alex was planning to put up Mark & Elena.) Alex promises Mark that neither Elena nor Jason are his targets.

7:30 PM BBT – Jason warns Josh to scale it back when arguing with the women and to not get in their faces so much and no more pointing when he does.

7:35 PM BBT – Christmas and Mark are having another talk. They’re discussing the earlier argument. Christmas suggests they both got caught up in the moment and Mark agrees.

7:40 PM BBT – Mark again promises Christmas that he didn’t know she was going up and he was even surprised when Paul did. (More Week 1 rehashing.)

7:45 PM BBT – Paul and Alex are annoyed with Kevin’s behavior. They discuss that it may soon be time for him to go.

7:46 PM BBT – Alex and Paul agree to keep Josh around until the end because he’s harmless. Talk turns to the suspected double eviction and who they should take out. They debate going after Mark, Elena or Matt. They think Elena is the best choice because she’s being a spoiled sport again.

8:00 PM BBT – Paul and Alex are still trashing Kevin. Alex thinks he’d stab them in the back the first chance he gets.

8:37 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas he wants to take her and Josh as far as he can in the game. He tells her how much he appreciates neither of them screwing him over. Paul asks Christmas to try to reel Kevin in since he’s causing too much of a stir lately.

8:44 PM BBT – Paul now says he will win the Double Eviction and send Mark out the door instead of Elena.

9:06 PM BBT – Mark tells Elena that Christmas heard her ask Cody if she’d use the veto on her if he won it. Elena doesn’t think Christmas really heard it.

9:30 PM BBT – Cody is cleaning the kitchen because there’s nothing else for him to do.

9:40 PM BBT – Kevin is bummed about missing his family and seems a bit worried about some of the things he’s been saying on the cameras.

10:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Cody talk about the Veto competition and Cody’s chances at his name getting pulled to play.

10:05 PM BBT – Josh says he was so stressed out over the game that he thought about quitting, but Alex talked him down.

10:30 PM BBT – Elena and Kevin talking how Kevin didn’t know what he was getting in to with the show. Kevin asks Elena if she’s an item with Mark. Elena says no.

10:35 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven heading to bed for the night.

10:40 PM BBT – Paul checks in on Kevin after Jason told him Kevin was crying. Paul tells Kevin that he cried last season, but Kevin denies he was crying. Paul is trying to encourage Kevin. Kevin warns Paul that Cody wouldn’t vote for him (P) at the end and suggests it’s out of envy.

10:55 PM BBT – Paul goes to chat with Cody and asks if they can talk non-game. Paul says he understands the position Cody is in with being on the outs from the rest of the house. He offers to be there to talk with Cody if the week gets rough. He reminds Cody that he doesn’t have to stay hidden in the HN room.

11:00 PM BBT – Paul talks with Alex that if they save Jason instead of Elena then they know that Mark wouldn’t vote against Elena if she’s up against Cody.

11:20 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas talking game. Josh is sure Raven is coming for him and Christmas suggests she (R) doesn’t like how close they’re getting. Josh thinks Mark and Elena are trying to reel in Jason.

11:50 PM BBT – Elena’s 2 weeks of Slop is about to be over. She’s cooking eggs and toast in preparation.

12:15 AM BBT – Paul is playing around with Raven’s extensions and hanging them around the kitchen area.

1:35 AM BBT – Jason and Kevin discuss going after Matthew and Raven if they get HoH. Kevin thinks they should start knocking the guys out in sequence with Cody, Mark, and Matthew.

1:45 AM BBT – Mark and Elena hope Cody will get picked for the Veto comp then save Elena if he wins. (Cody previously promised Elena he would do that.) Mark knows it’d look bad for his game, but he worries who will be the next target after Cody is gone. Elena promises she was trying hard to win HoH this week and will keep trying hard.

1:50 AM BBT – Mark says they need Paul to win HoH, but Elena warns him they may not be as safe with Paul as he thinks. Elena is frustrated about the argument Mark had with Christmas earlier and wanted to step in. Mark thinks he held up well in it.

1:55 AM BBT – Elena wonders if they could pull in Matthew and Raven to make a strong four. Mark says they might not be able to trust the other couple. He thinks they’d be better off with Jason and Alex instead of Matthew and Raven.

2:10 AM BBT – Lights are all out and HGs are off to bed.

We’re nearly down to the stage where the majority is having to turn on themselves and that should be fun to watch. In the meantime we’ve still got the Veto comp coming up on Saturday and if we want some good drama then we need Cody drawn to compete. Keep an eye out for updates.

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  1. This is the point in the game where I wish they would speed up the weeks. There’s just too much downtime and thus the paranoia grows and there’s these endless going in circles conversations. A DE this week is good but it would be nice to shorten the time between Veto ceremony and eviction from here on in.

  2. Funny how every time Paul’s name comes up for nomination….he quickly side tracks the conversation to someone else…the moron’s play along but none of them question the game he’s playing.

      • Well, I guess, but Derrick had a lot more to overcome. Paul just showed up and basically has played off of his popularity.

      • And the key word there is ‘played’. He hasn’t taken his ‘popularity’ for granted, he has been thinking ahead, strategizing, hustling since he came in the door.

      • Yep. My point really was that Paul has had the upper hand ever since he walked into the house. Derrick worked it as a newbie. Apples and oranges IMO, even though the strategy is the same.

      • Right, didn’t Kevin say he met him? What do you think shady Kevin was doing when he ‘met’ Derrick?

      • That’s not what it is at all, imo, but they were all bamboozled by his “charm” for a while. Kevin won’t be there much longer.

      • So, I was watching feeds last night..Kevin was having a meltdown. Feeling some guilt? I watched him in the SR kiss Christmas on the cheek and then touched her on her butt. What is up with this guy? He talks way too much.. he tries to talk over conversations all the time..he is wearing thin with me.

      • I’ve had red flags up regarding Kevin since the beginning. The winds been getting stronger and stronger. I think a West Coast hurricane is coming.

      • Is that where he lives or are you being sarcastic? I never know with you. You, by chance, aren’t referring to the Andy Griffith show?

      • Ah Grasshopper,you are learning. Yeah being sarcastic but with a story behind it. The story of the Mighty Casey at Bat. Nope, no Andy Griffith Show reference but now that you mentioned it, I thought Andy lived in Mayberry?

      • I still watch every chance I get. Mainly when I volunteer for Dayshift and it is on while I get dressed for work. I just enjoy watching Barney Fife.

      • I have repeatedly shared ur sentiments the entire season…Paul may be a jerk of the highest order but he is a “player”

      • And nothing wrong with that! He’s playing it exactly as he should. Not gonna fault him for that at all.

      • Right even though I’m not a huge Paul fan I’m sick of people making it seems like he is an ass for playing the game. He was offered to come back it’s not his fault everyone is on his nuts.

      • Not a Paul fan but I think Paul has more to overcome. Derrick was never anyone’s target whereas Paul definitely has a target on his back. Cody is gunning for him and some of the others are starting to make rumblings about getting rid of Paul at some point. Derrick never was in danger at any time in his season and cruised through with the idiot cast he played with.

      • I give Derrick more credit that cruising through his season. He made it look easy but he was working it all the time and whenever someone caught on to him, they were out the door next, example Nicole comparing him to Will. She said that, she was gone.

      • I thought it was Dans game Nicole spoke of when talking about the way Derrick was playing..

      • Could be, once she signalled she knew he was playing it, he got rid of her lol. Too bad he wasn’t there last season to get rid of her

      • Dan is another level of player. No one in this season is at his level. At least on my list! Top players for me, ever, are Janelle, Dan, Derrick, Will, Dick, and maybe Boogie if I’m feeling generous.

      • Mike Boogie almost won on his own w/o Will a few seasons back. Like I said, “if I’m feeling generous”. ;)

      • You’re definitely being overly generous, I think Raven would like to talk to you, she has a Go Fund Me lol.

      • Agree somewhat but I think Nicole was the only one who was on to him. I guess my point is that at no time was Derrick in any serious danger of being evicted or even nominated. You may credit this to his good game play but my personal opinion has always been that he was gifted with the most unaware, naive and stupid cast this show has seen.

      • Apparently according to some people here this case is the most unaware etc. Whoever the cast is you have to play with them and play them and it’s not that easy to make it all the way to the end. I give Derrick credit for making it through unchallenged.

      • I can see that but I still stick with my original opinion that Derrick did not have more to overcome than Paul. I agree that each season and cast is different and you have to play the hand you’re dealt but I just found Derrick’s season to be incredibly boring watching one person control the game. While this season may not be the best at least there has been some challenge of Paul. Anyway the differences each season are probably what keeps us coming back.

      • I didn’t say that. All I said was that Derrick did not have more to overcome in the game than Paul. Paul was and will always be a target, Derrick never was. Paul is playing a game similar to Derrick’s in that they both controlled the house. They may have different styles but it’s still one dominating person. The difference is that people loved Derrick for that and said what a master of the game he was and now people hate Paul for doing the same. Instead of crediting Paul for good game play they’re blaming the rest of the house guests for being followers. I think the cast in Derrick’s season were worse than this season, they didn’t have a clue. Anyway it’s just my opinion and I’m not even a Paul fan, just calling it like I see it.

      • Oh I agree that Paul is playing a great game. I think the reason why people loved Derrick was because he was a nice person. Paul on the other hand is not. He’s always encouraging Josh to start up crap and he’s also very arrogant. I started to like Paul last season towards the last few weeks but this season I can’t stand him. Maybe if he had Victor keeping him in check I’d like him just a little.

      • Agree Victor definitely made Paul more palatable but I begrudgingly have to give Paul some credit for manipulating people and staying out of the hot seat so far.

      • Hey Lavendargirl!!! I can’t stand Paul either and I think I found a picture of his older brother who is probably living in Russia or Israel.

      • I disagree with that statement. here is why, Derrick is a cop and he has learned to read people for a living. He knows how to sift through the BS people spew out to get to the truth. Derrick was also a fan of the show so he used both of those very god points to play his game.

        Paul on the other hand, is in his second season and as a vet this season, he has the upper hand on the HG’s this year. This year, Cody knew how Paul played last year and was/is using that to his advantage from week one but it failed. Had Cody played a different strategy that first week, him, Paul and Jessica would steam roll through this season with no problems.

        So let us look at last season and Paul. Paul was a recruit, loud mouth and foul person (still is). He had to learn the game from scratch came in second.

  3. Alex and Paul are the smartest players in the house. I would habe said Christmas too but hooking up with Josh is not a smart move for her.

    • Christmas has no game, but a social one. Which is okay. I think she will go soon. They are just using her now.

    • I think that when Christmas first started spending time with Josh, she was just trying to be nice. She recognized he might need some help on the maturity level. As Paul says, Josh is mostly harmless. I don’t see anything wrong with Christmas being his friend.

    • Alex is a smart player? Maybe if Paul weren’t there I would agree, but as long as he is in there Alex will just do whatever he wants. To me, that’s not smart. If it benefits her game to work with Paul, ok, sure, but at this point Alex would be smart to take Paul out. Cody won’t go after her and she could run the house after this week if she got Paul out.

      • To be fair, she did mention to Jason about putting Paul up, perhaps secretly hoping that Jason might say something like, “yeah, he needs to be a team player and if Cody wins veto, it might just be time for him to go.”

        Instead Jason, foolishly says, “oh, no I’ll go on the block instead!”

        Maybe Jason is hoping for “magic powers!”

        How are you going to make a move when one of your closest allies not only won’t talk about voting Paul out, but actually wants to go on the block to “save” Paul?

  4. I like that Elena is wanting to get into an alliance as opposed to just ‘being there’ (telling Mark she thinks getting Maven for a 4 person alliance)
    I think Elena knows she’s in a bad spot, and she is, she really needs to start flipping the script soon. She needs Mark and Cody on her side, and then she’ll have to work others to get them on her side. Maybe Kevin?

  5. Stupid question.
    Where can I find all the posts I’ve made?

    I made a comment wrto Matt & his ‘kitchy kitchen Kleen-up’ on his tummy!

    I can’t find it. ??? Would that be considered a bad post & taken down?

    Any ideas?

    • while my post did not get taken down the replys did…(yesterday) tech glitch???? nothing bad in any of the postings..

    • Did you look in your Disqus profile or on the thread? If the comment was removed by the moderator there would have been a message saying so. I don’t think the comment was anywhere bad enough to be removed.

      • Well…… I put a link where Matt was washing off his tummy area after a private session with ‘what’s her name?’
        Then he took a tea towel to wipe it.
        Then…..that same tea towel he put on the floor to food it then continued to wipe dishes & counter with it.
        Pretty gross. Esp the drying off of the tum tum area…….
        juicies. Eeewwwee!

      • aahh! That might be your problem. Posting a link probably got your comment automatically held for moderation. I had the same problem attempting to post links to BBCan episodes last year. It’s understandable, it keeps the trolls trying to advertise their sites away from here…..and yes EWWWW!

  6. I think Cody would be perfect to take to the end. Once you get rid of Cody what next? If Cody does not get pick for the veto, he will go on the block if one nominate save themselves.

  7. 8:44 PM BBT – Paul now says he will win the Double Eviction and send Mark out the door instead of Elena.

    Ugh, just go to jury already, Paul.

    • I have been hoping Alex would be the one to take out Paul but doesn’t look likely this week. Perhaps with the double eviction?

      • Well if Paul was the pawn, Elena went up as the fake target, and Elena won veto, then the scenario probably would’ve been Paul, Cody, and Matt (but who would vote out Matt when you have the other two?).

  8. “Mark says they need Paul to win HoH, but Elena warns him they may not be as safe with Paul as he thinks”

    Oh sweet simple Mark AKA Wreck it Ralph. He’s lucky that Elena has some sense.

    • Mark does have a point though. I think the majority of the HGs would consider Cody to be the bigger threat between the three, and Cody is already the biggest target.

      • Cody is the perfect one to take to the end. Everyone should want to sit in the final two with Cody who has no friends on the jury.

      • I would agree if it was Survivor. The Big Brother cast members have always voted with emotions more than reason or fairness. They know how to hold a grudge! Paul would never vote Cody and he would influence most.

      • Is it really that Josh has socially connected with people, or is it that people like how much he annoyed Cody (and Jessica)? Would any of these people really want to be around Josh outside of the house?

    • Mark and Elaina are probably the dumbest couple in the house. They have their loyalties with Paul and vote according to his wishes when they are at the bottom of the heap? Do they not see that they have been on the block how many times now? You cannot fix stupid! When Cody goes, they will be next!

  9. I’m kinda anti Paul since I want something exciting to happen instead of a steamroll, but I think if Paul manages to win this season, he’ll likely go down as one of the legends of this era.

    Derrick, Vanessa, and Paul.

  10. This is Paul game. I am so sick of everybody playing Paul game people in the house act like they don’t have a brain,this is the worst season for me, last season I like Paul but this season I don’t please get rid of Paul

    • Well Jody was trying to find ways to get him out since Day 4, but I think things should be taking a big turn two weeks from now or so.

    • I don’t see many people returning from this season so far, but maybe they’ll pick it up

      • I see Ramses and Cameron maybe coming back. It could be like BB18 where they had like 4 vets return from BB17 I think.

      • Ramses.What a good kid. I just hope he can make it to thanksgiving dinner in Kevins tough neighborhood without being accosted.

      • Nah, I think if Alex makes it as far as Paulie did last season, then I think she’ll be satisfied. Then again, Paulie can still return, but I don’t think he would.

      • YMMV, but I’d like to see Jess come back. She showed definite potential in the week Cody was out.

      • No. she and the robot will have moved out to the trailer in the backwoods by then and have 4 kids, te he. No cell service to contact her.

      • no more buy backs no more battle backs this season….Per Julie Chen….thank u BB Production…

    • In sick of people saying this. If you were on the show, you would do the same thing. Are you saying you would be a Cody, go against Paul, and be the target every week? Cody’s game is over, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets evocted. The people who worked with Paul all made it to jury.

  11. So Cody says if he wins veto he’ll take Elena off the block, but earlier this week he said he was going after those who stabbed him in the back, the 2 showmances. Has he changed his mind or is he playing her and Mark?

    • I think he would definitely reconsider that position. He would come to his senses and not change nominations because then he would basically be sending himself to jury at the next eviction.

    • I think he may have been giving Kevin lip service. That is what Kevin suggested to him. He told Jessica there was no way he was going go through with that.

  12. I’m realizing that if HGs wanted Paul out, Xmas could’ve saved her RoR. In a scenario where there were say 7 HGs left, Paul didn’t win HOH nor was he nominated before POV, and his name was drawn for POV, then Xmas could’ve used her RoR and then Paul would’ve been vulnerable to a BD. Of course, Paul and Xmas are still allies as of now, but this is Big Brother and anything can/could’ve happen(ed).

  13. Rewind back to week 1: Cody consults with his crew and keeps them in the loop as to his strategy going forward. This would be a whole new game. Rather than him keeping himself apart from the others, he could be running the show.

    • Even if Cody got the outsiders out, that still leaves you with about 11 HGs including himself. Then, those HGs might go for him since he’s a strong competitor, meaning that he could’ve been on the block sometime this or next week.

    • I think that due to the Paul Temptation we saw the real Cody early. Cody believed he was the alpha male, so he would have gone rogue sooner or later. He’s not social, he’s egotistical and aggressive; I really don’t think he could have hidden that in the long run

    • So then would all the Paul haters be okay if that was the case since it is too boring if one person is running the house?

    • Cody made 2 big mistakes. First, he took Paul into his alliance. Why the hell would you take someone in when you have plans to evict him? That showed that he betrayed his own alliance and brought up trust issues. Two, he did not consult his alliance. What he should have done is present the fact that Paul is a huge threat to the game because he is a veteran. Then, when he got the 4 weeks protection, used that to illustrate the fact that Paul would be an even bigger threat with 4 weeks of protection! That would have gotten everyone on his side to target and evict Paul!

      • Did Cody actually welcome Paul into the alliance? What I saw on the television broadcasts was Paul acting as if he was part of the group without an invitation. He regularly entered the HoH room without knocking, and gave unsolicited advice to Cody and others.

    • Also, if Cody had made a neutral statement about Megan when nominating her, instead of saying he just didn’t like, she might not have self-evicted, and the entire show from then onward would have been different.

  14. Kevin’s plan was an utter failure. We saw some kind of game play from him, A lot of people came away from that episode that he would be the new savior. ha!..we’ll he’s on probation now.

      • Paul will keep him under the radar….his name came up…he didn’t cover for him…but sent someone else to do damage control. He’s been on top of list from the start to bring to the end.

      • Just saying…his name will be coming up more as the numbers dwindle….Paul’s going to plead his case to keep him in the running…i think.

      • I disagree. Kevin is on Paul and Alex’s radar. Read above and see or go back to the feeds. Alex said watch Kevin because he comes up hear and puts the headphones on and keeps turning down the volume to easesdrop. She said he always knows exactly where everyone is in thr house and who they are talking to. Then Paul tested the theory. He found Xmas and Mark in the apple room talking and then he went in to visit Kevin and asked “where is Mark?’ And Kevin knew where he was. Then Kevin mentioned Alex taking a 1.5 hour shower so he knew she was upstairs talking. Paul’s eyes were really opened yesterday to Kevin’s game and did say he may need to go sooner than we planned.

      • I still don’t think they’ll nominate him until after the DE. It usually takes a week for a major move to happen, so that’s why I still think he’s flying under. And even then, I still think they’ll try to get out Elena and/or Mark now that TC is over. If Kevin is nominated and is up against one of the two, I’m not sure if Paul and Alex will have the votes to send Kevin home, especially if they know that Mark and Elena are bigger threats competitively.

    • He sort of pulled a Cody with Cody, making a deal without talking to his side (Paul, Alex) first. Probation bordering on Jail er Jury if he doesn’t behave.

    • I think Kevin James is in a witness protection program. That’s why he’s so nervous lately. He ratted on some big crime boss. It’s just sinking in that the feeds are live and he thought he would be in Mexico before the show actually ever aired. He’s planning to take Christmas with him.

  15. You wake up in the morning, and you comments like..’PAUL SHOULD BE ON THE BLOCK! lol Right!..she should put her ally on the!

  16. Kevin is in the best position right now with no one targeting him although paul/alex are getting a little weary about him. Josh is also in a good position i dont anyone would put him up. Not even mark i think mark would gun for paul at this point.

  17. they r like blind rats . paul was handed the win by big brother and its disgusting to watch.

  18. anyone have a drone they can fly over and drop messages about how stupid they look on tv with paul operating their brains.

  19. Last night was the Dr. Paul show. UGH!

    I know I am in the minority here but I think it is more of Paul being envious of Cody, than the other way around. Paul is still upset that Cody wasn’t part of his fan club when he entered the house, baffled that Cody didn’t plea for a friendship bracelet AND after all of Paul and his minions shenanigans, Cody still not groveling to be part of Paul’s dogpound. Than is driving Paul crazy. (Wonder what he is going to talk about when Cody is evicted… more Cody? He will then wonder what he could have done better; who will Cody vote for, will Cody try to convince others against him. Cody, Cody, Cody.)

    All Paul can talk about, other him being a BB expert, his why Cody this, Cody that…. I wish Paul would take his own advice and leave Cody alone. The guy doesn’t care for you, quit trying to figure him out. Paul told Josh, don’t be surprise if after the show Cody wants nothing to do with him and to just accept it. Don’t try to be his friend.

    • I found SOME of what Dr. Paul had to say on BBAD very compelling … although after he repeated the same spiel 4 or 5 times, it got a little old. When he was telling the HGs how much the social experiment messes with HGs head and how long it took him (and other former HGs) to feel healthy again after the show ended, it seemed that some of the HGs (particularly Josh) were thinking, “What did I get myself into?”

      I wonder what Cody was REALLY thinking after Paul told him he (Paul) is there for him if he needs to talk!! Cody thanked Paul, but it’s hard to know what he REALLY thought. Honestly, I felt like Cody was thinking it would be smart to form a secret alliance with Paul, but he promised his girlfriend he would get Paul out of the house.

      • I think he should think about how to survive the game and win 500k. A lot of posters lose track of what the game is all about,and don’t talk about game strategy. Instead they talk about BULL CRAP.

      • I was really waiting for Cody to talk to the cameras and tell us what he was really thinking, but that is not his style. We will have to wait to hear it in the DR sessions.

    • Paul is playing the darn game. I don’t understand all of the hate for him. I love how he strategizes and plants seeds when he needs to.

      • Agree, Lynn. Paul eats, sleeps and breathes Big Brother. And, he can make me laugh like no other! I had laughter tears streaming down my face on the Friday night when he gave the tutorial while applying make-up to Elana’s face. I wished I hadn’t erased that hilarious episode of BBAD.

      • Paul is super annoying. He just wants to spend the whole day talking game. His face looks extremely frustrated when the group talks about anything other than that.

      • You know I agree about Paul, but last night I felt it was overboard with him running to everyone who would listen to try and give them a “counseling” session. It was too much for me. He started it off with a 30-45 minute monologue to Josh telling him how it really is after the show ends and Josh was having none of it and Paul kept banging on and on, round and round. He needed to let it go and let Josh figure it out in his own real time instead of beating it to death and then he continues the sessions with Kevin and Cody. It was overkill imo.

      • Paul and Alex also talked about Christmas needing or possibly wanting a man and that’s why she is always around Kevin and I forgot who else. Paul said he will tell her that she gives him a bo**r after she does something. Don’t remember all of it, but he wants to be there for everyone to use that as his jury strategy. Reverse psychology til’ the end.

    • After being called out by Jess on the live show, Paul is carefully tending his flock, checking pulses, boosting egos and sagging psyches. It must be exhausting.

    • On point.
      I believe Paul is extremely bothered that Cody is not a fan. He didn’t win America’s favorite so why will everyone be his fan. All they have been doing is talking about evicted HG Jessica. Jessica this and Jessica that. Josh is like a broken record.

  20. “7:25 PM BBT – Alex promises Mark she was never going to put him up, even
    before he won the Temptation. (Alex was planning to put up Mark &
    Elena.)” That’s more proof that Alex is dishonest…and petty per that black cap she wore on the last eviction night.

    “7:40 PM BBT – Mark again promises Christmas that he didn’t know she was
    going up and he was even surprised when Paul did. (More Week 1
    rehashing.)” Christmas tried to lecture Jessica on not taking the game personally, yet she (C) is still stewing about 6 weeks ago?

    “8:00 PM BBT – Paul and Alex are still trashing Kevin. Alex thinks he’d stab them in the back the first chance he gets.” Well, at least Alex sets a good example by being honest. (See above.) No hypocrite here.

    “10:05 PM BBT – Josh says he was so stressed out over the game that he thought about quitting,” It must be stressing to bang pots/pans, torment others, and generally be an ass.

    “10:35 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven heading to bed for the night.” It’s been a long day for the couple, doing nothing but eating cereal, wearing an orange tank top, and acting like an 11-year-old in the Diary Room. (No insult intended to all you 11-year-olds out there.)

    “10:55 PM BBT – Paul goes to chat with Cody…Paul says he understands the position Cody is in with being on
    the outs from the rest of the house. He offers to be there to talk with
    Cody if the week gets rough.” Genuine guy, Paul. I feel a tear coming.

      • Do you have any advice for your Cody how to survive the game in terms of strategy? I like to hear that.

      • The only way that I see some people in the house putting aside their irrational hatred for Cody and working with him is if they suddenly woke up to the fact that Paul has no real interest in any of them, and he (P) will work to get rid of each of them when convenient. This is unlikely to happen before the next eviction, but it’s the only possibility for Cody as I see it for Cody to survive.

      • What about your Cody? Do you think getting out of bed and start strategizing is a good idea. Who should he work on first? You’re talking about other HG’s Talk about him..he’s a*s is on the line.

      • Silly Cy, why should Cody make an effort. It’s everyone else’s fault for the current position he’s put himself in. ;)

      • You can easily flip that and say Cody has no real interest in any of them, and Cody will work to get rid of each of them when convenient. So true and the house already knows that hence their totally rational distrust of the robot

    • Please. Paul is a good player but an a**hole as well. Everything he does in the house is for his own benefit.

      • Did you not get the sarcasm? I said I felt a tear coming when seeing Paul reach out to Cody.

    • It was getting weird last night, not sure if you watched BBAD and what they showed but I think the “thing” with Kevin falling for Christmas is real? I still can’t tell if he is serious when he says I’m falling in love with her. He has also said a couple of times to other people that he’s falling in love/love’s falling in love and it has struck people as being strange. Paul, Jason and Alex were all comparing notes about the strange things he says. I guessed he asked Jason if he could come live with him after the show if he needed to, strange things like that. Coupled with the video on youtube (I haven’t seen it, don’t really care) about Kevin giving tips on how married man can cheat on women without getting caught.

      • WTF??!! Oh lawd… I can’t with this smh… no girl I missed BBAD last night bc I was binge watching GOT again lol… trying to get to the episode where they finally kill Joffrey’s ass lol, just started season 3 though… but I’ll definitely record tonight’s BBAD in case anything else pops off.. God I really hope Kev isn’t about to throw his whole family life away for St. Patrick’s Day!

      • LOL, I get it. Kevin was getting homesick and he had hit his threshold. They all break at some point and I think last night was Kevin’s breaking point. He was crying, real tears. Jason came down to console him and gave him gentle words of support and praise, which I really enjoyed and appreciated. Jason is really moving up in my estimation, seems like a good guy at heart.

      • Aww… that makes me want to cry now.. and Jason has slowly but surely been moving up my fav list for the past couple of weeks. Ideally for me I would like to see a final 4 with Paul, Alex, Kev and Jason…

      • I agree with the exception of Alex, can’t stand her. She rubs me the wrong way and the motor mouth drives me bonkers, girl needs a xanax or 2 and to cut back her intake of caffeine/Coke.

      • Lol, she definitely doesn’t suffer from a lack of energy that’s for sure! Who’s your top 4?

      • Not in any specific order, Jason, Kevin, Paul and a new one for me, Mark. I will probably change my mind on that one but I like that he is making moves outside of the “group”. I find it refreshing and I might also have a little soft spot for him. He seems to be the house punching bag when people need to unload on someone. I wish he wasn’t so apathetic to it but he doesn’t seem to lose his cool when he has all of these people coming at him. Not including the Josh/pots and pans or pool table incidents in that statement.

      • I wouldn’t be mad with Mark in the finals… to me personally, Mark and Alex are interchangeable. I like both, but wouldn’t be heartbroken if either one bounces anytime soon. Other than those 5 I really don’t care for any of the remaining houseguests… well I do kinda like baby meatball josh lol… just don’t want to see him in my final 4!

      • Agreed, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if either of them left the house, in fact I wish they would get rid of Alex sooner rather than later. She will be a bone of contention if they leave her to the end. I think it would be a smart move for Kevin/Paul/Jason to take her out, she’s in the way of each of them getting to the end imo. But first……, Rervin needs to be dealt with, get her outta dat house and get her out now!!!

      • I totally agree with your assessment about Mark – he’s a big, macho man with a soft heart. I think he’s the kind of guy who would love and slobber over a little dog – which to me is just fine and makes him more of a man than, hmmmm, let’s say Cody. He really has taken a lot of 💩, has stepped up to defend himself, and yet, in the end doesn’t seem to carry a grudge – like forgive and let’s move on.

      • I think Kevin has cheated on his wife before, but now that he wants to, there are too many cameras around. He feels very guilty about his feelings for Christmas, but he also mentioned how he feels overwhelmed with all the young people in the house and their pettiness.

  21. Can’t believe I feel this way but I want Mark to win HOH next week and take out Christmas. I’m done with her big fat mouth and bossy ways. I need a switch up in house dynamics!!

  22. Very difficult to trust anyone when you know everybody is lying. I really hope Cody wins veto, takes Elena off and then Raven has to be nominated, unless dumb Alex chooses Kevin as the pawn. When is Paul who she should put up. Anything that will break up Matt and Raven is fine by me.
    I’m a new Cody fan and hope he takes Paul out.

  23. I personally feel like Paul should go, his social game is great, but he is very controlling and once it comes to the top five, he’s gonna drop everyone which wouldn’t be good for them because he is good at challenges and is a threat.

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