‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 5

The Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition is coming up today for the Houseguests and given what we know of the situation there’s a whole lot of fuss over what’s likely going to be nothing.

Update: Veto comp underway as of 2:35 PM BBT. Kevin & Raven were picked to join the comp. Christmas will be hosting.

Big Brother Storm Watch on BB19

Paul made his nominee picks last night which set off a firestorm of arguments through the house, some getting extremely heated, and now Big Brother is piling on the stress. Just as HGs thought they might be able to settle down and rest the announcement of a Big Brother Storm Watch ripped that chance away.

Starting at 12:45 AM BBT overnight the HGs were repeatedly dragged in to the living room to be given details about various weather related events. Fictional, of course. These details will be used in Saturday’s Veto comp so the HGs have to study up if they want to win.

As of now the HGs still don’t even know if they’ll be competing so a lot of them are studying up for nothing. Actually, they’re all studying up for nothing. Probably. Jessica has her Hex ready to go now that she’s on the Block and has promised Cody that even if it’s just him up there that she’d use it. Houseguests are pressing her on that stance.

Last night Paul and Christmas each worked on Jessica individually to suggest that she should consider not using the Hex and letting Cody get evicted. Now I’d say there are a couple of problems here. One, her not using the power this week just extends her chances of using it next week instead. Second, she’s not going to give up Cody for them.

All the same, the house will probably continue to try and convince her of that move. Paul wants to win the Veto and his plan there may be to save Jessica so it’s just Cody on the Block (plus another pawn, of course). In that situation they’d have an easier argument of “don’t use the Hex.” If she was still up there she’d have an easier excuse of saving herself and Cody.

Update: Group discussion this morning is for Jason to be saved & they’ll then still try to talk Jessica down from using her Hex. Won’t work.

As for the comp itself, this will likely be similar to last year’s Veto comp in Week 9. Remember who won that? It’s okay, I had to check too. Oh, look at that. Paul won this comp last season. Well, I wouldn’t say he’s a sure thing for it, but he’s got an edge and from listening in on their studying sessions last night he definitely knows his stuff.

We’ll watch for the Veto players to be picked later but with Jason on the Block thanks to losing the Temptation Competition it means he’ll be taking up one of the three spots. Just two other vacancies to fill in the day’s event. When results are back for the player pick and the comp we’ll share the updates.

What do you want to happen today in the Big Brother Veto comp? Are you even concerned given Jessica will most likely (I’d say it’s all but certain) Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Although this game is ripe for strange things to happen, this will probably be just a big Meh.

    • It already is. BB has taken this let’s-make-this-another-no-eviction-week too far. It’s boring to watch when you know it’s all for nothing. It’s similar to a dream sequence on a regular tv show where you find out all the crap that went down didn’t happen. All that said, even if the Jessica uses her power this week to save her mentally ill boyfriend, it’d be funny to see them/him nominated a third time and then evicted. Wish it could all be before jury.

  2. I hope Paul uses to veto to save Jessica. Cody stays on the block with Jason and a pawn and the house decides to keep Cody once he`s a bigger target.

      • Not only that but Paul realizes whatever he wants, everyone listens to him, they all beg for his attention and all focused on to make it to jury, you could digure that from early days…
        Once Cody is out, Paul chills and the real game begins

  3. Kind of weather related…..
    Perfect song for Jeszibel to sing to Cody:

    You’re cold as ice
    You’re willing to sacrifice our love
    You never take advice
    Someday you’ll pay the price, I know


  4. Jessica’s loyalty is admirable, but I hope that she does not use the Halting Hex just to save Cody. According to information posted at BBN and various Twitter sites from the live feeds, last night (2017-07-28) Cody sounded like he is ready to leave the show. It’s evident to Cody (and to all of us, right?) that Cody’s relationship with Jessica and input on her game keeps hurting her.

    With people (Paul, Elena, Christmas) continuing to betray Jessica’s confidence and others (Alex, Jason, Josh, Raven1, Raven2) expressing and showing no support for her when they had opportunity while Cody was away for a week, I don’t think things will improve much for Jessica if Cody goes. Yet, if Cody stays, history suggests that things will only get worse for her.

    • At the time Cody said it, they were on the verge of breaking up. Something else Paul wanted. I think Cody was going to leave so Jess’s game would improve.

    • That’s was all said in the heat of the moment. Jessica and Cody are solid again and there’s no way she won’t use the hex. I hope one of them wins HOH next week just to make Paul mad. He’ll be sorry he wasted his HOH.

      • Paul didn’t waste the HOH. He knew it was going to be limiting. He wanted to flush it out so they could only use it the one time. He had halfway figured out there was an expiration date, knew it involved saving Cody and/or Jessica. The rest was a gamble, but he was willing to roll the dice. He’s also gambling on Alex, Josh or Christmas possibly winning the next HOH. If Jason wins, then the hope is Alex can continue to influence him. Kevin isn’t interested so I’m not seeing him doing much.

      • Kevin already got $25,027. Kevin will probably get Fan Favorite. I don’t think Kevin cares about winning.

      • Doesn’t matter if they win HoH Paul still has the numbers. Paul will still be the one that will say who goes even if he’s on the block.

  5. Why does a person for instance “Cody” apply for or even accept a recruitment offer for a show like BB??? Its plain as day he is miserable being in the house and he does not want to participate in events & activities and he is forced to associate with people who he feels are beneath him…I do not understand why he would even agree to be on a reality TV show with his “I am a superior being” attitude…It just boggles my mind..

    • Because he thought that he would come into the house and being far superior than these peons, he would grab a babe and sail thru the season picking off the outsiders one by one with the other babes and his buddies worshiping at this feet. Instead, day one he ran into Paul, lol

      • Its sad that Cody should have space and airtime on BB when there are a million other people in the USA that would love to have the experience..

      • Sorry, I hated Paul last year and I dislike him even more this year. Will not watch as long as Paul is in the house. Cody served his country when Paul was getting tattoo;s

      • Exactly. Thank you. And making t-shirts, you forgot Paul makes t-shirts for a living. Totally contributing to society. And Paul had the nerve last night to say he didn’t believe Cody was in the military and Josh, of all people, called Cody a coward. Now I know Cody has issues, but he did fight in a war and that changes people. Josh isn’t fit to shine his shoes.

      • Cody was in the military that is a fact…What bothers Paul and the other HGs is Codys hateful rude demeanor his lack of empathy his rotten attitude and complete failure in being able to socialize with other people….I don’t think When they say “Was Cody really in the military” that they doubt he really was ..I think they find it hard to believe in knowing him as they do and how he presents himself that Cody was a Marine…In their eyes Codys actions are not that of a Marine… i hope what I said made sense…..A Marine is disciplined and Cody is clearly not…..And I don’t think that when Josh called Cody a coward that it had anything to do with his being a Marine…Josh was trying to get Cody to come out of the bedroom and get in on the argument..

      • You are so right. I agree with everything you said. My ex-husband was a Marine. I have know a lot of Marines in my life. None acted like Cody. You’re right. A Marine is disciplined and all the men I met had a lot of empathy. That is Not Cody.

      • Josh is there to maintain drama and I am sorry to see see him needling Mark Cody and Jessica, he’s a puppet and a non deserving of being on any show. What’s so funny about this person?

      • Josh with the pans. Reminded me of Evil Dick. His season was great. Evil Dick was so entertaining with the way he insulted people. People don’t like the fact that Josh is a crier. That, Josh can’t help. Evil Dick was not. He was rude. Insulted people. He won!! I loved watching Evil Dick. I even watched him later when he had a show during seasons. When he started charging I quit watching.

      • My ex-husband was in the service. People in the service don’t act like Cody. He is a sick, sick man.

      • I know a lot of people that served in the military. Some are really not good people; some are. I know a lot of people that have tattoos. Some are not good; some are. That being said, being in the military or tattoos have nothing to do with playing BB. One deserves no more or less respect inside that house than the other.

      • I completely agree with this. It’s okay to root for Cody over Paul but why do it because of things outside of the game… root against Paul for his ego or for the fact you want to see the leader go down, but rooting against him because he has tattoos? Lol

      • So serving your country gives you a pass to be a jerk the rest of your life? I can easily separate the service which I can respect from the jerk for whom I have no respect

      • What, you promised we would have matching tattoo’s of Hermit the Crab. #DREAMSGETSHATTEREDONBB

      • So, you and K and earlier today K and the Captain! I’m stepping aside. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‘πŸ˜Ž

      • You know I have to stir the pot every once in a while. I like being yelled at in the kitchen when she is cooking dinner and I keep checking in on it.

      • LOL, I knew something was coming. I’m getting my pots out. Clanging commencing. You tell tr8ppng to kiss my hussy butt. ;)

      • I think I should leave now, my imagination is running wild and wide open right now LOL.

      • LMAOCrying…..not sure quite what to say. lol
        It’s kind of has a magical feel to it. Very different. Love the placement of the model’s nipples. It’s like an angel, kind a sort a.Very sweet. Great job, Cyril!

      • I get that. I really do, but I don’t see Cody being more a jerk then Paul or especially Josh. Paul is the worst person in the House. Cody is not a great example of the military at all. Bottom line is that in that house for the first time in 19 seasons, there is not on redeeming great person. They are all nasty and horrible people. And if not for that conclusion, add in the most unlikable cast in 19 seasons.

      • I didn’t say that he was or wasn’t. I said throwing up Cody’s military service does not excuse his behavior in the house.

      • Cody struggles because he is a straight shooter and BB requires “fake” behavior for a social game. Cody probably thought he could be a competitor and enjoy challenging himself. BB has become less about competing and more about being worthless and sucking up to get to the end. Paul spends most of his time talking about how awesome he is and offering everyone advice on how to play.

      • I feel the same, I cannot stand Paul! He is the puppet master and those are his puppets. I might be one of few, but I’m rooting for Jess and Cody. Maybe if everyone played their own game and didn’t jump when Paul said jump I would feel different. He also is very manipulative.

      • That’s great that he served his country. Doesn’t make him likable or interesting. Paul is significantly more likable and interesting. And just because someone isn’t in the military doesn’t make them a bad person.

      • Its the lack of respect for Cody or any other HG that’s not a member of Paul’s little clit, I mean clique!

      • Cody is 9 or 10 years older than Paul. So he served in he military when Paul was still in grade school. He was a sniper. I see not a lot of honor in that.

      • I had no idea there was this age gap between them. I thought they were closer in age – Cody with his little snit fits/superiority attitude and Paul, who seems confident/gets back into Cody’s face when dealing with him …. maybe it’s Paul’s beard that makes him look older? Hmmm.

      • This love for the miltiary is …. weird. So Cody is better because he served and Paul didnt? How is that any different to Cody actually thinking he is better (which he does think?)

      • I hope he gets removed/ejected from the game before Josh or Mark…Cody does not belong in the house..Josh and Mark may be idiots but they are at least attempting to play the game and associate…

      • How can anyone stand to listen to Josh? He is a bully and tries to push Marks’ and Cody’s buttons. It’s like he is purposely trying to get one of them to hit him so they get ejected from the game. As for Paul, he doesn’t like Cody because Cody is his own man. Cody isn’t intimidated by Paul, so Paul wants him out. The people in the house need to take their blinders off and get Paul out sooner than later.

      • Honestly, had Paul not came back into the house, that is exactly what would have happened. Paul was the unrepairable kink in his chain. Had he worked with Paul, both he and Paul could have ended up near the top three if not the final two in this season.

    • Not to mention the floaters. I feel people always being on the block and fighting to stay in the game, are playing the game. I dislike it when people aren’t ever on the block, or eat slop and complain about people who are nominated, attitudes. My opinion.

    • This is not a “waste of his HOH”. Jessica had to be made to use the hex or it would be hanging over their heads for another week. And who would you suggest Paul put up? He is good with everyone else in the house except possibly Mark, and he is safe. Paul is doing the right and ONLY thing that makes sense.

    • He probably thought he would just run the house like Paul is now. And for a while he was.

    • I about barfed (literally) when Matt asked Paul what he should do as far as the temptation play. I mean really??????? He is the biggest floater in the game by far. Heck a few years ago people called Victoria a floater…..Matt gives her a big time run for her money. In fact, in comparison, Victoria was a big shot player…..lol.

    • Seriously… I can’t stand it! I wish they never brought Paul back or at least bring another vet back that he didn’t get along with then see what would happen. They stay up his butt. What to say, what to do, really people? What really gets me worked up is how they were all handing Paul tickets. I was like you might as well hand him the 500k, just give him the money. Smh and when Raven and Matt said they threw the HOH comp for Paul to win because he would know what to do. This may actually be the worst season.

  6. Question if Jason wins veto takes himself off, does Paul replace him. Remember when rams went up, if he were to come down, although he didn’t, there wouldn’t have been a replacement

  7. Here’s a thought. Jess has been saying the hex is good for 4 weeks. Now she uses the hex Thursday and it stops eviction. Will the hg think she would have the power to do it again the following week? That would be great because they wouldn’t be nominated. I just wish more people would break away from Paul and team up with the other two couples. More people would feel what it’s like to be on the block.

    • I think it was tinalee who said in another thread that Julie will probably announce the end of the Temptation gig after the HH is used. I agree with that inasmuch as Julie always makes such announcements and if she didn’t, it would look like CBS is supporting Jessica’s game play.

  8. Is it me or did Cody just Jessica a way out of this mess this week by indirectly telling her to let him get sent home this week?

      • Typical girl who thinks they can change a man. He can’t be changed and he is not going to do it himself. She just needs to bite the bullet and move on.

      • They are worlds apart and he’s telling her that. I fault her. I picture Cody home alone every night mad at the world and her out painting the town red. It will never work. I’m sure all of her freinds and family will hate him, he has no friends and family he said, it’ll be a train wreck.

      • How dumb can these little girls be in this show. Zakiyah last year, Jessica this year. Smh. They just keep getting dumber.

      • Throw up in my mouth. Where is the love after the show. That’s would be real love. In a perfect world, I wish shomances were not allowed. I absolutely hate them! Last night on bbad i thought I was watching As The World Turns. Smh

      • As the World Turns…Nights of Our Lives….General Horseshital
        Showmances are for “serial” killers and “cereal” killers. ugh!

      • Ha haaa! You know that’s right! After Paul tried to snap her out of it she went and ate some froot loops. Smh these young folks honey….smh

      • He’s sitting there telling her he’s crazy as hell and gone change and thats still not enough to run. Smh

      • Yeah, she doesn’t realize what life would be like with him outside the house. He gives me the impression that he would be very controlling

      • its lust…when all is said and done and the romance has gone south and the $500 ,000 with it then u realize the mistake u made..

      • Zakiyah’s worst all she did was sniff Paulie’s butt at lease Jessica is playing the game,

      • At the end of the day, they both threw their game away for a LOSER boy so they both are equally as stupid

      • I hear what you’re saying but, do you think it’s fair to really see that? I mean, we’ve all met a guy or a girl that we have liked and then we find out they are losers, jerk or whatever! It’s not like they could’ve gone on dates and got to know them better. You know what I mean? Sure, they need to drop them now and it looks like that’s what they’re doing!? But again in all fairness to them, how were they to know Mark and Cody were like this initially?

      • Idc if its fair or not, they’re stupid. Anybody that does that is stupid whenever, wherever, doent make a difference to me. Stupid is stupid period.

      • I have respect for her for doing that. They have had a pretty intense relationship since the very beginning, and four weeks? In the big brother house is like months out here in the real world so, she does have feelings still for him.
        I think it’s good she’s not just throwing him under the bus.

    • She asked him directly if he wanted to go home? If he cared that much about ruining her game he would have said yes. He’s full of it, he wants to be there and also wants to do it his way. He’s telling her THAT INDIRECTLY, but she’s too stupid to understand what he’s telling her. I hear it loud and clear.

  9. Can you imagine if Jess or Cody came down and Paul put Josh up. Then Jess uses hex and saves Josh. UGH!

  10. Has Matt done ANYTHING this summer except demonstrate highly questionable taste in the opposite sex and eat cereal?!

      • Lol don’t have the feeds so looking fwd to seeing that next episode.

        ‘Baby Huey’. Lol. Mark really could stand to slim off some of that muscle bulk. Wonder if he ‘roided up to get that way?

      • I don’t think Matt is while he’s in the house. He probably had to go through steroid detox before entering the house!

        I would like to see a real “Re-Match Beat-Down” between Wreck-It-Ralph (Matt) and Baby Huey! WIR gets to demo the entire BB House using only Baby Huey!

  11. She should use the hex to save Cody because she needs an ally. Paul is such a jerk, he has brainwashed the other houseguests. So the whole house is rude to Jessica.

    • Cody needs to go in order for Jessica to get back in the game and kick Paul’s ass for the 500k. But instead of “just quitting” the show, Cody should play through to next week with Jess to get evicted (leave with dignity) from the BB House.

      In order for that to happen Jess needs to play her HH in order to save herself. Cody or both from eviction and reset the game! Paul can not compete for HOH!

      • You are correct! But Jessica might be worried she will not have any allies. I do not know if she would have allies once Cody is gone.

  12. If you want to threaten Jessica, tell her that if someone besides her or Cody wins Veto, they will take her off (Elena replacement nom) so she can cancel next week’s eviction as long as Cody voted out because she will be nominated next week and the house wlll vote to evict her should she,Elena, or Mark not win HoH.

    • I’m honestly not sure if the girl cares at this moment. I think she just wants to be with her man. But I think Paul will try something along that line.

  13. Cody with his skills had a real shot at winning this game,but he has no social skills..personality wise,Rambo meets Rasputin,makes you wonder if his great,great,great grandmother was Lizzy Borden,you never know.

  14. Ugh πŸ˜‘
    A veto comp Paul won last season!
    Lame πŸ˜’
    Set up much!?
    THE ONLY hope they have for Jessica not to use the HH so they can evict Cody is if they take her off the block, why wouldn’t they do that!?
    Jessica has zero reasons to trust anyone in that house. She has been lied to over and over again, if they want to earn her trust, they should pull her off the block. Simple!

    And regardless of my feelings towards Cody, I have respect for Jessica not throwing him under the bus! Just Sayin

  15. I was just reading some of the comments……
    And of course people have been bashing Jessica & Elena (not just today/yesterday/tomorrow but for weeks now) for their choice in men.
    *** Let’s all stop and think for a minute……………πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    Haven’t we all met a guy/girl that initially we were interested in, dated but then found out days, weeks, months later that these guys/girls were losers etc.!?

    MOST of the Girls in the house on day one had a thing for Mark and Cody (and Matt)
    Any one of them could have ‘ended up’ with either of them. Christmas thought Matt, Cody and Mark we’re hot , Dominique was totally into Mark, Alex I think was into Cody? Raven thought Matt and Cody we’re “good looking!!”
    But things just ended up the way they did…… (I thought initially Mark and Christmas were going to hook up.)
    Soooo…NOW Think againβ€¦β€¦β€¦πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    Elena & Jessica are finding out the guys they liked are really NOT what they thought. But they are stuck in the house with them! Plus they are in number on their sides.
    I just don’t think it’s fair to judge either of the girls!
    Any of the girls in the house could have ended up with Cody and/or Mark.
    Make sense?
    In the outside world they wouldn’t be ‘living ‘with these guys Day 1 so everything was ‘moving quicker’ then in the outside world/reality! After the “honeymoon stage” is over in a new relationship, then we really start seeing the true character of guys/girls we are dating, right? And we either stay or leave depending on if it’s all still good after the “honeymoon stage”
    Thankfully everything moves fast in the BB house so these girls were able to figure out within a month or less these guys were not only bad for their game but also, just not someone they would want to be with in the outside world. You can’t fault them for their initial attraction’s & how they were during the honeymoon stage!!
    You do you not see imperfections initially of your SO at first, or we hope we can change them.
    Example Jessica but now she’s finally realizing Cody is not someone that is good for her in the game but more importantly in her reality.
    I just can’t fault her for who she chose. it could easily have been Christmas, Raven, Elena, Dominique, Alex etc Who began a showmance with Mark or Cody!
    Make sense? If anyone even read this LOL πŸ˜‚

    • Great points, tinalee.

      When human sexuality is involved, the rational component of decision-making is impacted, and usually not in a positive direction. Only much later, when displaced from a situation, might a person realize that a decision was unwise, whereas those on the outside could see it fairly quickly.

      If 16 people are placed in a house without normal access to the outside world, and each knows that s/he will spend up to 3 months being watched continuously, facing an assortment of challenges, and under constant scrutiny by millions of unseen voyeurs, it only makes sense that sexual attractions would develop and the fear of having no companion for that amount of time would encourage people to seize dating options. As for people jumping into bed with each other so quickly, it amazes me how many Americans are offended by that, but they find heated arguments and violence to be entertaining. These 16 house guests are big boys and girls. If they want to have sex, its up to them to decide. They are free to do it and face the assortment of results (whether good or bad) that come with having sex.

      • wow! Could not have said that better myself! And it is so true, yelling screaming and swearing is entertainment yet if two consenting young adults even just sit there and make out it is considered completely inappropriate!
        I personally don’t think it’s the best idea to have sex on national TV. Mainly due to your family cringing LOL and if my daughters were in their early 20s and on BB I would tell them just to please promise me they don’t do the dirty deed on national TV. But it’s human nature to be attracted to someone & pursue it regardless of where they are. If people were to watch the first few seasons of big brother, they would find it way worse! The HG’s were given alcohol I think daily, there was a lot of stuff going on in that house! It would have to be sterilized when the season was over LMAO so, if anything big brother has become more tame!
        These people are in their early, mid, late 20s and some early 30s for the most part, unattached for the most part so what do people expect!?
        You put a bunch of good looking guys and girls who are single and a house, of course people are going to hook up! It’s human nature. I know I certainly would if it was the right guy! Whatever! They are young and dumb and full of come ha ha Ha ha ha
        IF IT were any of my three daughters I would kick their asses LOL I don’t want to see it or hear it. But when the time comes, when they are in their 20s them they are free to do what they want where they want.
        OK, I change my mind… In their 30s or 40s LOL
        Everyone says it is a game, but it’s not just a game! It is a bunch of young people locked in a house in seclusion. With so so so much time, free time on their hands! Of course it’s going to happen!
        It is an atypical game show

    • I am pretty sure that Christmas is engaged to be married. For real. Look for it online.

      • Oh, well regardless she was definitely talking about Mark and Matt, especially Matt in the DR room….. being hot etc.

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