Big Brother 19 Friday Fight Night: Paul Vs Jessica & Cody

Houseguests reached a tipping point last night on the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds following Paul’s reveals of his not-so-surprising nominations. Tempers went from hot to boiling in no time as the new nominees kept up the facade over what was going on with the final Temptation of the season.

Cody, Paul, & Jessica argue and fight on BB19

Everything kicked off immediately after the Nominations Ceremony. Paul challenged Jessica’s claims of Block safety and put her and Cody up. Jessica had hoped her threats of great Temptation power, including punishments for anyone who tested it, would keep them safe this week and give them a bonus week of having the Halting Hex in their back pocket. It didn’t work.

Paul invites Jessica up to the HoH room to speak with him after the meeting ended. We’re picking up there at 7:22 PM BBT 7/28 Cams 3/4 as Paul and Jessica head upstairs. Jessica tells Cody to come along too. That’s where things fell apart.

Paul and Jessica are talking calmly to one another when Cody enters and starts in. “This week means nothing!” says Cody. Jessica hushes Cody and puts her hand over his mouth. Paul is trying to cover his rear. He says he had two nominees ready as a backup, suggesting he did this to test her claims.

“You don’t know what you just did, Paul. You shouldn’t have done that,” says Jessica. “What the f**k does that mean?!” asks Paul. Paul says he was getting pressure from nine people and Cody shoots back asking if Paul just does what others tell him. Paul says if they have safety then he’s going to go with the group. “No, it doesn’t work that way!” says Jessica.

Gallery: Paul Vs Jessica & Cody

Cody starts getting pissed off (more than his usual resting level of pissed). He starts jabbing at Paul for frequently talking about how it’s Day 130-whatever for him. (True, Paul does say that way too often.) “Don’t get all heated. Relax,” Paul tells Cody. No one is calming down. Jessica is telling Paul “now it’s pointless.” Well, we know she can nix the eviction, but it doesn’t make much sense for them to get so angry now if they’re protected. Again, we know more and the issue is that Paul just effectively used up her Hex a week sooner than she wanted.

Here we go with Cody. He’s really angry now and telling Paul not to tell Jessica to lower her voice. The F-bombs are flying at Paul. “You can not f**king tell Jessica to lower her f**king voice,” says Cody. Paul tells Cody, “leave this room.” “F**k you, Paul!” “Leave this room,” says Paul again. “What are you going to do about it?” asks Cody. Paul says nothing, but again tells Cody to get out. Paul isn’t going to throw punches over this. Jessica tells Cody they should leave.

They start to leave but Cody and Paul continue to trade jabs. Cody makes it to the door before turning back for more. “What are you going to do about it?!” says Cody. “Nothing, cause I’m an adult,” replies Paul. Cody continues to throw “f**k you” over and over on his way out the door. Paul follows out and they continue to shout at one another as Jessica and Cody head downstairs.

Now we’ve got Jessica going back and forth with Paul with him up on the balcony as she heads out through the kitchen. She’s been repeating to Paul that he should have asked her more questions and now it’s too late. Finally she and Cody are gone off to the back bedroom and the argument has ended with Paul. Now we’ve got a new one.

Jump forward to 7:28 PM BBT Cams 1/2 – Jessica isn’t happy with Cody. She wishes he hadn’t done all that fighting with Paul. “I don’t give a f**k!” says Cody. Jessica does and says that this is a game. She reminds him that his actions are putting her through the ringer “for a second time!”

Gallery: Jessica & Cody Argue

“Jessica, him telling you to lower your voice…” complains Cody. “Oh my gosh, there are so many worse things somebody could say,” she replies. Jessica again reminds him that this is just a game. “I don’t care,” says Cody.” “I care!” says Jessica.

“This was supposed to be a temptation and a blessing, not a curse for us,” states Jessica. She’s right. This thing has gotten kinda messy, but I’m not sure she’s been helping herself too much with all her talk about it. She’s confused the HGs, threatened them with an unknown power, and put her opponents in a corner over it. There was no way Paul wasn’t going to go after them this week so maybe she couldn’t have done any better, but I do think Jessica is right when she’s telling Cody here that he’s only making things worse.

Later Cody told Kevin that he wanted to fall on his sword for Jessica and let her keep her power instead of using it on him. I’m guessing we’ll hear more about that this week, but there’s no way Jessica isn’t going to save him even if she ends up off the Block by Thursday. For all she knows she could win HoH next week and then the power is pointless for her in its final week. She might as well roll the dice, keep them together for at least one more week, and see what they can do with it.

Do you think Jessica and Cody are making the right moves with all these cryptic threats about the power? What was the point of them getting so upset at Paul afterward and saying he had hurt his own game? Shouldn’t they be happy if that were the case?

Of course this wasn’t the only fight of the night. Mark and Josh got in to their own fight that nearly got very physical. You won’t want to miss what’s going on with the Live Feeds this weekend. Want to see it all? Grab the Free Trial and watch along with us.


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  1. Cody is boring, loud and childish. You’d think that military background would have given him more discipline.

    • Hes a big buff man child. In this day and age im not surprised so many people actually like him or Jessica for that matter.

    • And military service while it does teach discipline to some many more just become cocky arrogant pricks. I learned that my first few years in the Army.

      • As a veteran myself, and with a lot of friends who are either still in or have gotten out of the military, I completely agree with this statement. Some do just become cocky arrogant pricks.

    • He acts as if he has never seen the game. of course, Kevin supposedly hasn’t seen the game and is able to catch on to certain basic does and don’ts. So, I’ve decided Cody is just too dense to play the game right.

  2. Sometimes I wonder who are the adults; those in the house or us watching. Cody and Josh should not have passed screening as they both are too violent. I admit it might be good TV but this isn’t what I thought BB was. I would like to see a seniors BB an see if they can act in a more adult manner, plan a good game play and still provide a good show. I didn’t care for Paul last time but he’s better this year; still don’t approve of all his methods but he does think things out and have a plan.

    • Please if there was a senior BB they would sleep all day. I don’t really care about the ages of the houseguests as long as they give me good entertainment and gameplay. Also Cody and Josh haven’t acted violent yet. Getting in someone’s face isn’t violent.

      • I’m pretty sure that after the wake-up call they’re not allowed to take naps…

      • Way to stereotype. I would enjoy a house with about half of the HGs being 50 or over and half under 50. Let the twenty-something “whippersnappers” be the minority for once.It would be interesting. With the screening interviews, BB could probably weed out the ones who would be party poopers.

    • I can more see Cody passing the violent test than Josh tbh. Cody is quiet aka boring. He really just sits there and broods. Josh is the more flamboyant and loud one. Though I guess I also just described Paul and thats what the producers liked.

    • It seems they want people right on the edge. Megan was sent into the house full of aggressive men with PTSD due to sexual assault. How did she pass the psych screen? Answer: They thought it would be cool to have a military interrogator so they looked passed the rest.

      Josh is funny because if someone actually came at him, I think he would be in the corner in the fetal position within 5 seconds.

  3. Honestly, I don’t mind that Jody went with the lie. They took a risk, it didn’t work. There’s no shame in that because at least they can say they tried.

    • Agreed. Never know until you try… Also, I don’t blame Paul for putting them up (I wanted his HOH to be a dud week). I am waiting for him to be evicted. I want the players to play for themselves, not Paul’s game. Now, Cody should have played in their temptation challenge AND they both should have played it cool when nominated (keeping the half truth about their HH going).

      Cody has more control than some because Josh is annoying as fudge but Cody is able to block him. How many wouldn’t want to tell him to “shut up”? Even Mark got sick of him.

    • I agree, I think the lie was worth the risk. But going off on Paul after it didn’t go as planned seems like a pretty terrible idea.

  4. Well it looks like my assumption of Cody being a reincarnated Ted Bundy is pretty close to being right,he has anger issues just lke TB .he has the evil eyes of TB,i,m expecting him to blow up at anytime and get his stupid ass kicked out of the house,and i think if he was in the marines like he says he most likely got a dishonorable discharge because of his anger issues

    • He said he has no friends and doesn’t really get along with his own family, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder why!!!!

      • Someone on here said they had wondered how he got custody of her, he probably bullied the girls mother, just saying….

      • At the very beginning in his interview, he said that he only gets her every Summer; then he mentions that he had to forfeit getting her this summer to be on BB.
        Then when he got on the show is when they started referring to him as a “single dad”. IMO, yes, he is single, and yes, he is a father, but having your child just a few weeks/months out of the year isn’t what most people would think when they hear “Single Father.” Maybe that’s just my own assumptions, but when I hear someone is a ‘single parent’, I immediately assume that they are raising their child on their own, with primary custody. Like I said, that is just what I automatically think. I know many people have shared custody and are excellent parents. I just can’t put Cody in that category as a single parent when he has his daughter during the summer and now won’t have her for another year. Therefore, IMO, he is just a parent. Not raising their child as a ‘singular unit’. I hope that makes some sense what I’m trying to say..?

    • Your an idiot… my late husband as well as my son are marines, and your assumptions about codys discharge status is STUPID

      • no you are stupid for attacking me i have reported you .im also an ex military 101st airborne ,so i do know wtf i,m talking about ,you have been reported

    • IT WAS FUNNY…… It was by my calculations almost 2 hours of yelling cussing pan banging insult throwing and tutu wearing excitement… In the middle of all the chaos Jason wanted to get a game of twister started while Alex was looking for a human sacrifice….. It was funny…lol

      • Yeah that was hilarious too especially when mark yanked 1 of them from josh & he flinched like oh sh*t he’s about to hit me

      • Did he? In his pre season interview with Jeff he said he would never get into a showmance and he would never cry. Jeff said he would do both. LOL

      • Not so sure they weren’t pity party crocodile tears – like poor me, pat my head, tell me I did OK and nothing will happen to me because I did bad – those kind of tears. I doubt they were sincere.

      • Please explain what happened exactly ? I don’t have the live feeds & I’m DYING to know , lol ! Also, someone mentioned that Jessica and/or Cody supposedly “lied” about something ?

  5. (Hypothetically speaking)
    1) If someone slaps you for no reason, do they have the right to get upset that you reacted by slapping them back (only harder)?

    2) Are you supposed to automatically forget the force they slapped you with (starting this feud) & let bygones be bygones?

    3) Do you still have that right to be leery of said person, never allowing them the opportunity to slap you again?

    • Only the privileged would thin you should “forget the force they slapped you with (starting this feud) & let bygones be bygones” and Cody is definitely that an over privileged little crybaby.

      • The part that adds so much comedic value to this situation is that if in Paul’s position, both cody and jess would do the same thing if not worse. Yet they want all these courtesies of them heads-up on what the house is doing and want people to expose their game play to favor someone (jody) who has zero loyalty to them. They wanted to hear nothing from josh attempting to save whatever game he thinks he has…yet you want Paul to hear jess out? LOL …k

      • Exactly. But the shoe always hurts more when it’s on the other foot. Jessica/Cody would have done exactly the same thing in Paul’s chair.

      • It’s interesting to see Cody’s reaction to being blindsided in comparison to Paul’s. The second that Paul was nominated, he got to work, talked to Cody and let him know that they were good (on a personal level). He never raised his voice at any one, never threatened violence, he simply started planning things out.

        Cody on the other hand throws a temper tantrum and gets in Paul’s grill.

        In both scenarios, they knew they were safe at the time. But only one maintained their calm and started playing the game. Just shows the difference in intellect and maturity.

      • But Paul knew that he was safe for a month, so of course he had no malicious reaction. Cody is only safe if Jessica decides to use the he this week. Circumstances can bring about different reactions and emotions!
        However, I do see what you are saying. Assuming that Jess will use the hex, they are both safe just as Paul was when nominated, but reactions we’re completely opposite, and Jessica and Cody should have taken the high ground and went on being grateful for another week.
        On the other hand, if you are being targeted, knowing that you can be evicted in just a week is completely different than knowing that you have 3 more weeks to lay low and get the target off your back! That still doesn’t excuse Jessica and Cody’s actions/reactions, but the two different situations can’t really be compared unless they both had the same amount of safety. Just my opinion.

  6. But what I would like to ask is, Do you think Jessica will use the Halting Hex?

    • She will use it if she or Cody (or both on the block)…She don’t have a choice…If she don’t use it one of em goes home..

      • No, she does have a choice. Well as long as Cody is on the block and she isn’t or if she feels confident that she won’t go home then she can save it. Now we know she has one more week to use it but I believe she told Christmas (I think) that it has an expiration date but not quite sure if she said for how much longer she could use it.

    • I fully expect Jessica to use the Hex this week since there’s no way around at least one of them still being on the Block come Thursday night. They should have played for the Temptation Comp & had a shot at both being safe this week & getting to keep the Hex for its last week next week.

      • yep next week will be her last chance to use it if she does not use it this coming week

      • Exactly. Also, not using the HH is only a marginal advantage at best. She or Cody (maybe Mark) really need to win HoH or possibly PoV or the TC to stay around in future weeks. Cody can’t win future comps if he’s evicted this week. It would also be nice to have Ramses around, but that ship sailed last eviction – another strategic screw-up.

  7. Why are Jessica and Cody so upset? It doesn’t matter if they are on the block she has the HH so all she has to do is take them off.

    • But now Jessica has to decide if she should use it and keep her and Cody safe or not use it and risk Cody getting evicted.

    • I don’t understand stand why they are so mad Paul called their bluff but they are still safe they should have just kept their mouth shut and got the last laugh but instead they put big fat red targets on their backs I guess they are not used to getting their way

      • I think they would’ve been nominated anyway too, I think she thought she could scare people with the threat of the temptation and no one would challenge it. I think Paul did the right thing, you can’t have something like that hanging over the game, especially with someone like Jessica and Cody. I honestly don’t think Paul will to mad about the power being played because they already have kind of figured it out won’t be to much of surprise. I think he and everyone else, will be glad that power is gone.

      • I agree I just don’t get why they thought otherwise plus what’s the fuss they are safe either way all that anger over nothing

      • My explanation for the strong emotions: A substantial part of Jessica’s and Cody’s displeasure is that the rest of the people in the house are in fear of Paul and/or worship him, or seem too lazy to think for themselves. (Of course, those things are not Paul’s fault; he’s just taking advantage of them and he is very skilled at doing so.) Along with this comes all the deception. For the most part, Jessica had tried to play straight with her game, and look at where it has gotten her. Paul et all, never stop lying, deceiving, and betraying. Cody may still be frustrated that a veteran was even allowed in the game and got an assortment of goodies handed to him by production. Plus, to see all of your efforts at HoH (Cody’s when he was HoH and then Jessica’s when she was it) go to waste just compounds the emotions.

      • In short, you have ’emotional, dumb players. Jess was guilty of some of the dumbest game moves. Forget about Cody. That guy shouldn’t play BB. The house is a ‘pressure cooker’. Not good for his mental health. While Paul never stops lying, deceiving, and betraying…sounds like “Big Brother to me. lol

    • Lmao right now Jessica would better off without Cody and the HEX …..LOL both have caused her major breakdowns

  8. What I would like to know is, how about all those (supposed) voters that give Jessica the Halting Hex, what are they thinking right now ? Are they still happy with their choice ?

    I personnally think she didn’t deserve it. And those that drama it created, well, with these people the drama would happen no matter what. If it wasn’t one thing, it would be another.

    • Hmmmm Hmmmm Yall know my feelings on that subject….I will refrain and let somebody else take the podium…

      • I’ve been reading these comments for a while now just never have a chance to respond and I always enjoy what you have to say littlefly, let it out!

    • Count me among those who don’t believe she actually won it. Production may be keeeking themselves though. :)

      • Yep, I don’t get the feeds and I still didn’t like her or Cody. I really find it hard to believe that she legitimately got enough votes to win the temptation.

      • I’m with you, I don’t think there’s any chance she won that legitimately. It made me sick to watch her thank “america” for the temptation and be so happy people like her. Ugh.

    • 2 thumbs & both big toes way up on this. I don’t believe she “won” either

    • Theirs no way she had those votes. None of the polls that are on the internet puts her in the 3 first position. Impossible that the votes where so different.

    • I think she legitimately received it. I voted for her because I thought Cody was coming back, and they are the only ones that would go after Paul. I think it wasn’t necessarily people liked Jess, but rather they hated Paul. Also, most people that watch the show and vote, so go to the boards. So they only see what’s broadcast on TV, and Cody and Jess have been getting a pretty good edit. It also makes for great TV having them there.

      • Oh so you’re the one. LOL Good explanation. But …

        Could be great TV also with some of the others. I was hoping Kevin would get it. He is such a wild card. That would makes great TV too.

    • I did vote for her. I wanted it to go to Kevin or Dominique. I think that would have kept it to themselves. Plus their strategy would not have been obvious to the house until it was used.

  9. Jessica would be better off if she let Cody leave and saved the hex for herself. She plays better without Cody. I doubt she follows this advice, though.

  10. She ABSOLUTELY should use the hex this week. If she does, she has herself, Cody, Elena, and Mark that could win HoH and leave both of them safe next week. And even if someone else gets HoH, Cody is STILL the target, not her, so she has two weeks of safety regardless. To just let Cody leave this week is letting go of an ally.

    • If she uses the Hex to save Cody Jessica has nobody that will step up for her….Cody is a liability because of his failure to be a team player (best way to say it) and even Elena and Mark realize he needs to go

    • Don’t think that Elena or Mark will be in their corner anymore, because they would be setting themselves up as the next targets.

      • I think you nominate Paul or Josh first though. No reason to target Cody/Jessica when there are still people in the house that are out for you.

  11. I have no problem with Jessica playing coy and getting a bit bendy with the truth on the fine print of her Halting Hex. Part and parcel of strategy and game play. What blows me away is how asinine, entitled and delusional Cody and Jessica behaved in their reaction to having been nominated. Knowing that their game wouldn’t be coming to an end because they wouldn’t be going anywhere on Thursday night they should have been able to take their nomination well within stride. Instead they storm upstairs and create a screaming ruckus that only further alienates them from the rest of the house.

    Utter foolishness.

    If they couldn’t maintain an acceptable level of control over their emotions with Paul they never should have frikkin’ gone up there. They should have begun initiating quiet conversations with the other house guests that if they didn’t start getting their shite together and get rid of Paul he would walk away with the game and the half mil – did they really want to go down into Big Brother history with only the title of Organ Grinder’s Monkey foot noted beneath their name? Is that what they want? Get rid of Paul sooner rather than later. It’s not going to get any easier and he’s a fierce competitor.

  12. Xmas is a latent lesbian and a useless crippled! She need to GO! Since she She’s has had an unfair advantage since the beginning of this game in that because of her mangles hoof, she gets an out from competing in A LOT of IMPORTANT competitions!

    HERE’s AN IDEA: If she can’t compete in any or all competitions in a given week – she shouldn’t get to vote in that week’s live eviction!

    If not, she should self evict and take Craven the Attention Whore.

    Ravin, another useless sack of flesh! According to her, because of a case of terminal gastro-parasites, she could crook at any minute!

    In the meantime, BB19 has erected for her in the BY by the pool table, a 5 foot height/wide Death Watch Clock, that counts down, by the second, the amount of time she may have left to live in 2017!

    Come to think of it, her boyfriend Matt can do with them as well. Lately, he doesn’t have much of a pulse or interest in playing this game either!

  13. I have to say I was not a fan of Paul last year and he still is annoying at times, however he is PLAYING the game! The others are just on summer vacation. Cody started out focused and was playing the game as well, I understand what he was trying to do in BD Paul, but he botched it because he didn’t talk to his alliance and kept them in the dark. I get why they were mad, then him and Jessica got together and he lost focus. I think Cody has a terrible temper, because that is the second time he went after someone and it sounds like Paul did the right thing by telling him to walk away. There seems to be a lot of personal attacks and people getting really mad about getting played, WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING A GAME! They need to wake up and start playing!

  14. The advantages that she got (Jess), between getting the ‘halting hex, winning HoH, her boyfriend coming back in the house, and winning the Veto. She got everything going for her, and she still managed to screw it up, kind of impressive to do.

    • yeah And shes laughing at Paul because he has had/will have 2 HOHs but nobody gets evicted in either…Her HOH choice
      (Josh) did not go home..and neither did Codys. HOH. choice (Christmas)……Funny how C & J think their game is flawless…

      • They are far superior, perfect people…didn’t you know that? I hate to see them or any of them really on the hour show all over each other, now I’m certainly not a prude, but my 12 year old daughter loves this show and it makes her feel uncomfortable.

    • I’m still waiting on production to announce how many penalties Jess accrued during the frog costume week for not wearing the hat on her head like Jason and Cody did and like she was suppose to. She also hopped, if you call it that, way less than the other two. Also, if she was given one for lying to Kevin about the HH details. What do you think, Cy, 5, 6, 7….at least one a day would be fair. How many penalties are you allowed in BB before you are kicked out? She should be close. But we know she is special. Maybe they’ll cut it in half for her. Can’t wait to get the news! lol

    • One of Jessica’s problems is she continues to think of everything in terms of “we”, instead of thinking of her game and Cody’s game as two separate entities. It’s tiring to keep hearing “we” this and “we” that. “We” don’t win this game; one player does.

    • Right! She should get a reward for that! But in her defense, she doesn’t know and see what we do.
      I think she truly thought she had repaired relationships when Cody was gone, and she may actually have repaired them but as soon as Cody was back and she went right back to spending 3/4 of her time alone with him, that just messed it all up for her.

  15. Josh is so annoying how he ever made it to the show I can’t figure out. Most of the house are like sheep doing whatever Paul says. Did they not watch last years big brother and know how he plays the game. This years house guest and the worse so far and we have had some idiot on in the past.

    • The problem this year is not that people follow Paul direction… the problem is that people are not their to play big brother. All they want is to be known and going to jury to have a summer vacation paid.

      • I 1000% agree! They just want to make it to jury and continue their free vacation! It’s pathetic

    • I agree! It’s pathetic watching these people follow Paul around like a lost puppy dogs! And Josh… Don’t even get me started LOL

  16. I hope Cody win the veto competition today get his self off the block win HOH next week and put up Paul and he go home

      • I agree. At that point he had given up so he has no shot at winning it. Even if he did accidentally win it, I think he might save Jessica, I think there is a huge chance he would do that.

    • I don’t think he has much of a chance to win the veto. He had given up at that point and I don’t believe he watched the videos. Plus, I think if he got the veto he would use it on Jessica.
      I truly do want to see Jessica or Cody win the HOH and put up Paul! Even if he doesn’t go home, I want to see him shake it up a bit. And I really really really want to see the rest of the house start playing! The only people playing the game hard is Cody, Jessica and Paul with a little bit of playing by Kevin, Alex, Jason. Josh is just an immature, crybaby bully victim who pipes up and act all tough when the house is on his side. And then Raven, Matt & The rest of the house are just there for fillers/numbers! I expect a way way way more of Matt. He has been a true disappointment!

    • I don’t think even if Paul is up on the block Cody and Jess have the numbers to get Paul out especially if he is next to Josh who is starting to get on everyone’s nerves

  17. I know many people are going to go against this…but, oh well. I love Paul this year and I think he is playing an awesome game!! It’s not his fault they are following him around, it is their choice to listen to him or not…they know he played a decent game last year. Is he loud, yes…but, honestly I like that. Same with Josh, I love him. Yes, he is a little immature, but he is young, never really been away from home before…he’s finally coming into himself…with some coaching from the older, more experienced/mature people there, that’s how he’s going to learn the game and about life. I also like Kevin and Alex…the rest aren’t bad people in general, they just don’t know how to play the game. Cody has issues, he must have some PTSD in that mind of his, how can he not…and that will effect his whole life and persona…he needs help. Mark, I think is just immature…we will see what happens. I will end with…I’m really enjoying the game this year! Nice to see you all back :)

    • I won’t go against your comment, in fact – with the exception of Josh – I think your perceptions are spot on. Josh, though, is sooooooo immature, I find him difficult to watch AND listen to. I keep some distraction handy so I can pay attention to that when he’s being featured. The house won’t be the same once he’s gone – but I’ll gladly take that risk. ;-)

      • If he stays meatball one more time, the audience should throw them at him when he’s evicted & get booed when he walks out that door like they did too that none chick one season, I can’t remember her name, it was AWESOME !!!! 😝

    • I don’t completely disagree with you. Paul is playing a great game but, these HG’s just make it super easy for him! and I do believe he would have been gone if he didn’t receive that safety. He was able to build an army easily because most of the HG’s are just there for a summer vacation clearly! I don’t fault Paul for that. Good for him! Take advantage of a bunch of idiots. Easy stuff LOL

      But JOSH!!!! You seriously like him! For real?? He’s not just immature but he is also a bully, arrogant, a crybaby, a victim plus plus plus! He is a horrible human being! IMO

      • Yeah, just like it was super easy for Derrick once everyone else were so stupid and had no clue or balls to play their own game

  18. Jessica started the ball rolling this week by blabbing in a righteous tone how she has the Temptation, instead of being cool about owning that power. Now it is hard for her to be mad a Cody because she was the one with her taunts that got it to a boiling point. And men “fight” by arguing and swearing, not the sneaky wordy “fights” women often have (meow!!!) — Jessica needed to chill a bit about that because it was really a “big whoop” at that point. And, she talks about Cody causing problems the first time, but that’s just silly — his problem was that he tried to get Paul and Xmas out! Exactly the two that, if they were out like Cody wanted, they would have no problems. Cody was right — Paul and Xmas WERE the dangers! Jessica, in retrospect, cant you see that?! God help Cody, no wonder he wants out! If those 4, Elena/Mark and Jess/Cody could just stick together, a 4some can cause a lot of damage and get back into it by winning comps. CHILL

  19. Jess has not figured out that you take the good with the bad. Cody told her straight up that how he reacted was the way that he is and I think she has it in her mind that she can change him, wrong, not going to happen.

    • Women make that mistake all the time, unfortunately. But Cody is wrong; he could and would change if he wanted to.

      • He has PTSD, he has fight for your country and clearly it has affected him more then he realized. I think this house just brought out the worst in him, and it’s just affecting him in a negativeway.
        He clearly needs help, and I think he can change. Not fully because he is who he is but, the war does a lot to a majority of the people who fight in it. So it has affect him and that’s truly sad!
        I don’t think he is a bad person, I just really hope he gets the help he needs. He should have never been in the house to begin with!
        People making fun of his personality, the way he carries himself and how he reacts to situations is disgusting! Maybe these people need to go fight in the war!
        don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you’re being awful towards him. But, I don’t believe he is a leopard therefore he can change his spots.

    • I agree with you! Unfortunately some women think they can change men!
      Myself included!! In my early 20s. I thought if I married my boyfriend/Fiancé (who was crazy obsessed with me but super super possessive, controlling and abusive for no reason, Aside from worrying about I would leave him! That makes a lot of sense) LOL would change him and make him more secure! That was a huge mistake! 11 months after I married him, I finally left him after years!

      I think the problem with Jessica is Cody JUST told her that he is like this in the outside world/reality, she didn’t know that prior and now that she knows that, she knows he is NOTBsomeone she will want to be with outside “in the real world!” Plus, wasn’t that the first time he actually exploded? Last night on Paul? So before that she didn’t know he had that temper.
      I don’t think Cody is a bad person, I just don’t think he should be in the BB house. It didn’t benefit him and I think it has made his PTSD etc. worse! And it’s sad! He has fought for America and just like so many, he is a tortured soul after seeing the things he saw and doing the things he did. I think he just needs help and again, being in the BB house did him no favors.

  20. BB has been on for so many years (seasons), we can have a Senior Edition just by bringing back the original cast members!

    • I agree! I have been saying that for years. Let’s bring back people from the first few seasons when it was 100% organic and have an organic game! I am tired of all these “influences” outside of the house affecting peoples games.

  21. 😲 This is so crazy!! Really what is the deal. 1st- If your not a Cody fan than thats cool. But lets not forget these are the same people that made Cody n Jess hop around the house, only be on certian “lily pads” while eating slop. Which btw sucks bc your bored and everyone’s eatting. Then to come back n have those same people throw trash on you. Paul continues to give that same line “it’s just a game”. Paul to me is not a good person. He plays like his lies are all game. But its his ego. He’s mad bc he cant control Cody. He prob could use Jess then evict her. But Cody no. Paul then puts Josh up to chastising others. Directed at Cody but Josh locks in on Mark with the whole pan thing..Then plays concerned for Kevin like he doesnt want him to get hit…. Uh no!!! He wants self eviction .. He makes lil comments like “oh last season was like this everyday” Like his season was so much better. It made me sick to my stomach to watch. I dont care who wins just not Paul. Maybe Raven n Matt who do nothing but ride off everyone elses game will take him out. Bc they seem to be under his & everyones radar.

  22. I think Cody has some real issues and they have nothing to do with the game. He needs help. Jessica has dug this hole herself with these threats and halve truths about the temptation she has been telling. She set herself up for being put up to find out what she does have.

  23. So, I have 2 kids, both boys, and this convo seriously happened this afternoon:
    Kid 1: Dude, you are so loud. Keep it down.
    Kid 2: Shut up, you don’t tell me what to do.
    Kid 1: Yes I can. It’s my room.
    Kid 2: You’re so stupid!
    Kid 1: Get out of my room!
    Kid 2: and what if I don’t?
    Kid 1: Get out of my room!
    Kid 2: You’re so stupid!
    Kid 1: Get out of my room!

    I think I’ve heard this somewhere before…

    • Ha ha you and me both! Three daughters, and they sound like they are one of the HG’s and in the BB house half the time

  24. Oh goodness. This damn Cody and Paul saga. Smh I often read comments about how production spoils Paul but I dont see any special treatment. Here this man (Paul) has worked hard TWICE for both his hoh’s staying awake all night studying earning his wins yet his emeny is STILL going to be in the house as a result of production. This is a joke! What’s the purpose of winning hoh?? It’s not fair. I hope ratings drop do to all these ridiculous twist. Maybe they will stop this. TWO times and this fool will still be in the house. It’s getting frustrating to watch! I don’t believe for one second Jessica won that temptation. This is some bs.

    • I agree with you that these twist and temptations need to be nixed! I am over them, I just don’t believe it to be a “fair game” when they are in play.
      However, Paul is favoured by production and production had no way of knowing Paul would win this weeks HOH.
      As for Jessica receiving the HH, the “poll” on here had her in second, third and second I believe it was and in 2 other polls she was in the lead the entire week, so I do believe she won it fair and square.

      • You can believe what you want. It’s bs. I wasn’t born yesterday. Production cant fool me.

      • How would production be fooling you? I’m confused……
        It is somewhat scripted in your opinion? Or is not in your opinion? Sorry, we just kind a lost me there.

      • No. The game is designed to support a narrative. They want Paul vs those two idiots. All these twist are designed to keep Cody in the game. Its not organic. I’m not fooled by it is what I’m saying. I know what they’re doing. If you don’t understand that, I don’t know how else to put it.

      • Well that makes perfect sense! And I could not agree with you more.
        I 💯% agree with you!

        We were both on the same page but I think we were misunderstanding each other LOL I was under the impression you were saying it’s been unfair for Paul and Paul only.

        My bad ✌️

      • Pretty much every past HG, especially the ones that have been able to go back and play the game as Vets, has said that Production is definitely helping Paul! They explain things in more details on other sites and their Twitter pages and etc…

        They even call it the Paul Show and how sick of it they are.

        I believe them, but anyways it is so obvious anyhow. Lolz!

        Hahaha! They are definitely Not helping Cody! Haha! No!

      • Also, it doesn’t matter who won hoh, they knew the hh would keep him in the game. They may be fooling you but they are not fooling me.

      • But then that doesn’t make sense.
        If it’s “unfair” then it’s just as “unfair” when Cody was HOH and tried to backdoor Paul but couldn’t because of Paul’s DOT reward/4 weeks safety!! & Paul didn’t have to tell anyone, which in turn was like a second reward because of what happened when Cody tried to back door him.
        It works both ways
        We can agree to disagree! ❤️
        All in good fun for me!!
        “Mindless entertainment” that does not affect my “reality” in anyway!
        I TRULY hope it doesn’t affect your “reality” either. 💕

      • FYI i said i hate ALL those twists. I’m not a hypocrite. I’m positive Paul would have survived without safety, I said it on this site several times. They would have never voted Paul out over Jillian. Not in a million years. Cody dumb as couldn’t sell syrup to someone eating pancakes. The boy’s incompetent. Production is playing the game for that idiot. If it wasn’t for production agendas he wouldn’t be there.

      • & again, we can just agree to disagree :-)

        Whether you like Cody or not, (Not a fan myself) it was JUST as “unfair” during his HOH. Cody got ‘screwed’ big time!
        (knowing and feeling now what we feel about Cody is besides the point)
        Looking back Cody had the worst HOH experience, way worse than Paul’s!
        IMO He (C) got the “curse” also, worse than Ramses’ curse!
        Pushing all of your (everyone’s) feelings aside for Cody, “Week One” Cody got “royally screwed!” Paul got the first temptation which was clearly set up by production! 4 weeks of safety knowing he would be a target day one (which he was) & production new “America” would vote for Paul because it was a new game, “We” knew no one in the game, he (P) was the underdog and we knew it would be more drama if he stayed. production isn’t stupid, they knew he would be the one who received the safety/temptation.
        And because of this, Cody’s HOH was screwed! And it was detrimental to the demise of his game! If Cody was successful on getting Paul on the block, his alliance would have understood why he didn’t tell them. They would’ve gotten over it and they would have voted out Paul for sure! Without a doubt! Kevin wanted him out, Dominique and Mark knew about Cody’s plan plus all the other HGs said in the DR room that they wanted him gone as soon as he entered the house! Paul was a sitting duck 🦆 but he got the safety and in the end it backfired in Cody’s face, gave Paul a chance to turn Cody’s alliance against him and the rest is history……

        On top of that Paul also got to hand out friendship bracelets! Lame 😒

        So I don’t feel bad for Paul at all!
        Paul himself even said that he had Cody to thank for taking all his (C) minions.

        Anyone of them could have gotten the HOH this week, it just happened to be Paul.
        Plus, Paul knew about the HH before the nominations ceremony so, if he didn’t want to be “screwed” during his second HOH, then he should’ve put up another target. Easy stuff…. he has only himself to blame for that. He/Paul was calling their bluff. And at least he is flushing the HH.

        It works both ways!
        It isn’t just “unfair” for Paul, it has been “unfair” for others during this game and other seasons!

        I do not feel bad for Paul whatsoever!!!
        These Temptations and twists have actually favoured Paul more than they have not!

      • Honey I digress. You haven’t a clue the point I’m making. I can tell from the first sentence. No need for me to read all that. You go in circles. Obviously you don’t understand, so again, i digress.

      • I replied back to your last message. It made more sense and I agreed with it. But it’s all good!
        You don’t have to/are not forced to read my messages tha ” go in circles!”
        I guess I’m just clueless! All good, I’m OK with that!
        Later ✌️

      • In my opinion, Cody was put in an untenable position with the first eviction when he had to keep naming replacement nominees. Without Paul’s guaranteed safety, it’s possible he could have persuaded the house to evict Paul. No, instead he had to name yet another replacement nominee. Four weeks of safety was an absurd twist. Maybe one week. Better yet, quit with the crazy interference from Production.

      • That’s right! I completely forgot about all of the HG’s Cody had to put up. That was BS right there! That was super unfair! Everyone says he played too hard too early but, what choice did he have!?!
        I’ve been saying for years now I want to see an organic game. No outside influences whatsoever! A real game like it used to be. A fair game!

    • Totally agree, he’s annoying & thinks he’s God running the house ! Can’t stand the dude, and that ridiculous vest or whatever it is. Big Brother really pick lame ppl & a bunch of floaters this season, what the heck has Matt done at all in the house ?? I actually think Kevin is playing a great game, he’s very likable !!

  25. Yeah, I agree. Jessica constantly talking about her temptation and the threat of it was only pushing Paul to call her out! Had anyone else won the HOH then she might’ve gotten away with it but, Paul’s not afraid to make moves.

    Initially I didn’t think it was the smartest move for Paul to put up Jessica and Cody because, it’s better to get rid of a number (especially when you can’t play in the HOH the following week,) then to just flush out the HH but, after Jessica taunting him with it since the live eviction on Thursday, for Paul this was the best thing for him to do. Call her bluff! I like Jessica, and I understand she was being irrational but, it was not a smart move to constantly talk about her safety.

  26. I feel bad for Jessica…she` such a sweet girl but Paul is such a evil and pushed Cody over the edge.

    • I agree! With production manipulation, they are going to ruin Cody’s life! Making Jessica look bad! And making Paul look like a saint! And the rest of the house is just making themselves look like morons all on their own LOL 😂

  27. I know Cody is not very liked and he will admit his faults. i think his game was done when he put Christmas up. From just watching the show on TV, i give him credit for actually going after Paul who would have been gone if BB didn’t give a popular vet 3 weeks of immunity. Even so, the rest of the house is filled with morons. This is BB19 and these people can’t see Paul manipulate everything are just idiots. I can’t understand how they cannot see him ruling the house… Matt & Raven are crazy for not understanding they took their majority for granted and cost all the power they once has. Ridiculous! I watch big brother after dark and just shake my head how everyone reports to Paul.

    • Thank you!!!
      So true! Production immediately announced the DOT giving an HG four weeks safety. None of us knew any of the HG aside from Paul, we knew he was an underdog, we knew he would create entertainment & we didn’t want to him to be gone week one so of course he got it and production knew “we” would give it to him!
      & those “stupid friendship” bracelets! So dumb 😒
      This completely screwed up Cody’s game! Yes, I know now people do not like him (I understand him & I don’t think he is a bad guy) However, week one we knew nothing about him. Cody has the HOH, decides to back door Paul which is a brilliant idea, get rid of the biggest threat, he didn’t tell his alliance just because he didn’t want them to talk him out of it or if anything blews up, he didn’t want them to take the fall for his decision! (Good Guy IMO)
      But, of course Paul had the stupid safety which sucked for Cody. Cody is only mistake was putting up Christmas. I still don’t get it! Even though she was close to Paul, it was a dumb move.
      If Cody was successful with putting up Paul, his alliance would not have been mad at him, they would’ve understood and they would have agreed it was the best thing to do for their alliance and they would have voted him out! All of them including Kevin who knows nothing about big brother wanted Paul out the second he walked through the door!
      Instead Cody makes a stupid move, Paul is safe, Paul uses Cody’s stupid mistake & turns his alliance against him. I mean good for Paul for taking advantage of that! But if not for production manipulation (again BB Pro knowing Paul “clearly” would get the votes from “America”) Paul would not be in the perfect position he is in!
      Blah blah blah… LOL
      My whole point being, BB is not the reality show it once was! With twists Temptations America’s choice etc. It isn’t an “organic” Reality show anymore sadly!
      It is manipulated and scripted by production! They wanted Paul there for as long as possible, and because all the other HG’s are duds, they also want Cody and Jessica there as well!
      I totally understand they want a good show for us to watch, but it’s just becoming the same BB every year! & I do not know who does the casting but, they do a terrible job!!! Seriously!
      The people they choose or horrible! No backbone! Crybabies! Most of them are there for a free summer vacation & just crossing their fingers can make it to Jerry to continue their free vacation! They might as well handover the money to Paul now! It truly is pathetic!
      Sorry LOL rant over

  28. Cody needs to go and Jessica should look at this season when it’s over to determine if she wants to be with someone like Cody.

  29. Jessica was foolish to ever mention her win of the halting hex to anyone in the first place. She should have let them wonder who got the temptation and what it was. Her comment about it when she was steamed that Ramses got voted out was childish and a bad move. MOST of her moves have been foolish.

  30. I think That Cody And Jessica are the only ones playing the game. The others in the house are all Paul’s Followers They listen to everything he says. They are afraid to do anything on their own, and he is going to pick them off one at a time. If Cody And Jessica end up leaving its going to be really boring, they are the only strong ones in the house.

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