Big Brother 19 Underdog Report Week 5

Last week Jessica Graf was almost our Underdog of the Week. Until she believed Paul and the rest of the house and didn’t use the veto on Ramses, thus missing her target completely.

So needless to say, there was no Underdog Report last week. But this week it’s back and Jessica has earned what is rightfully hers: our Underdog of the Week.

Jessica started out the season as your typical third or fourth boot. She was the showmance partner of the Alpha of the house. He was going to rule, they were going to be targeted, he was going to win Veto and she was going to be the casualty. But then Cody decided to target Paul and everything changed.

Paul had already assembled his army by then, so when Cody struck, without knowing Paul had safety, the entire game dynamic changed. Cody and Jessica became public enemies one and two. And in the following weeks, with Cody’s eviction and Jessica’s lonesome stay in the house, she became the underdog. She was so much the underdog that America voted to give her the Halting Hex power in the Den of Temptation. Which she still holds onto today. She then managed to reposition herself while Cody was gone and even managed to survive an eviction.

Of course Cody returned to the game and Jessica’s game was once again changed. This time around, however, Jessica was the one in power. She was still working with her team of two, but she tried her best to unite the house for the week and play it safe so she and Cody could earn some trust and possibly regain some allies.

Jessica’s plan was to target Josh and go on from there. Unfortunately for her, the house was no longer interested in giving Cody another chance. So they flipped and voted Ramses out. You know the story.

So that week was a big blunder on her part, especially considering Ramses was a free agent and could have been taken under their wings. But that’s all said and done. Paul wins HOH and Jessica makes what I’m going to call another blunder and reveals her power to the entire house. So Paul has spent the past week trying to flush that power and he started by putting Jessica and Cody on the block.

And as we head into the middle of the week and onto Thursday, Jessica is poised to use her Halting Hex to save herself and Cody from eviction. And she and Cody are ready to stop playing it safe and go after their biggest foe, Paul.

Jessica has made a few questionable decisions the past two weeks, but for someone who has been down and out for most of the season so far, she’s been quite the fighter. She’s been an almost-perfect example of the reality show underdog.

How much longer can she hold on?


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  1. Definitely rooting for Jessica! I do think that Cody has hurt her game significantly, but I hope she makes it to the end (even though jury probably would not vote for her because they take things too personally).

  2. I’d love to see her make a come back of sorts when Cody gets evicted in the coming weeks. It’s going to happen. I’d like to see her somehow salvage what game she has left and go far.
    It’ for good TV at least
    But she can’t do anything with robot jacka– still in the house though.

    • She was attempting to skank her way into the good graces of other HGs once robo-dick was voted out, but when he got back in the house she spreads her legs and the only thing she can think of is “Cody is back and she’s sooo freaking happy”.

  3. I also believe she has a chance without Cody in the house and I really wish she could see it herself. Who in their right mind gives up a chance to win half a million dollars for a person they just met? Come on Jess, smarten up girl!

    • Not only that but she will get the chance to see him when she get out in 6 weeks from now. I agree, she was doing much better the week Cody was out.

    • The funny thing is that what Paul has told her about letting Cody go, is good advice . Sure he’s using it for his own purposes but it is in her best interests. LOL

      • No, it is not! It is good for Paul because with Cody out, Jessica has to win HOH each and every week which is impossible because you have to sit out the week after you are HOH. With Cody in, Jessica and Cody have a chance to win HOH back to back and two weeks of protection that they will never get if Cody is out of the game! Jessica would be dumb to listen to Paul!

      • For her game, in the long run she has a better chance without him than with. As long as he’s there, they will both be put up on the block together and she has as good a chance at getting evicted as he does. They’re not going to win HoH every week.

    • Never understood why people kept saying that with Cody gone, Jessica would have a chance in the game? Whatever you are smoking must be pretty good because you are high on it! Did you not see that the whole house was against Jessica and Cody in the HOH she won? All the punishments was given to her and Cody. Hello? Everyone is against them in the Big Brother House! Throwing Cody under the bus only helps Paul and his minions to finish off Jessica the week after! Jessica’s best chance to go further in this game and atleast, outlast maybe, a couple of minions or Paul is to fight hard for HOH and VETO each and every week! They have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Each time they are HOH, they can evict one from Paul’s big alliance and maybe, even Paul himself if they can convince the others to flip the votes!

      • With Cody in the house she stays a target. If they can’t get Cody out, then they will do their best to get Jessica out. If Cody is evicted this week, Jessica does have a chance to stay in the game. She did a better job when he was out of the house including NOT being evicted even after she won the DoT that she didn’t use. Is it good for her game if Cody is gone? YES!. Is it in Paul’s best interest to have Cody gone? YES! It is a win win for both parties involved. If anything, Paul has controlled min and if he tells them she has two weeks of safety because she didn’t use that Hex, then he will honor that but he won’t honor the part of putting Alex up. Mark is still on his radar and should Jessica win the HOH after Cody leaves, Paul didn’t ask for the same safety he offered Jessica. Think about that for a second.

      • They had a chance to vote her out, but voted Dom instead. The house isn’t necessarily against her, it’s against Cody, and she continues to make herself a target by standing by him

  4. I’m afraid I don’t agree with Jessica being portrayed as an underdog at all. She grabbed on to Cody as soon as he had power and they immediately assumed a high and mighty attitude with the rest of the house. They started their own isolation right away and didn’t even try and play the social game that is Big Brother. After losing the next HOH and crying about it being unfair they had to be like ‘the rest of the house’, they continued to isolate themselves. Even after winning HOH again and making it through another week, Jessica only made blunder after blunder, like you pointed out, that only proved to me she doesn’t understand how to play the game Big Brother at all. Just because someone has made stupid moves and is disliked by the whole house does not make them an underdog…not when she created her own diversity.

    • Exactly what I was going to say, but you said it better! You often have sympathy for the underdog, hard to have sympathy for someone who put themselves in that position

    • I agree with you 100%. In addition I think she feels it’s fine to use personal attacks against others but is a huge cry baby whenever anyone else reciprocates. No social game, no strategy and a loner. Not good for this game.

    • Jessica did not know about the initial moves Cody was going to make that shook up the house. Whether their relationship is real or not, it is real to them and she decided to stand by him. And I am not saying Jessica is completely innocent, but the trash-talking on Jessica started week 1 because she wanted to stand by Cody so she did not even stand a chance to get back in the good graces of everyone in the house.

      • I disagree, the first week she and Cody had a fairly big alliance which included Paul. No trash talk there but it did start when Cody went Commando by trying to put up Paul, one of his alliance members. For the record, both Mark and Dom knew about that move to some point but stood behind Cody until they realized that the house was not happy about that move.

      • Cody’s move to oust a veteran is not going commando. In every season that has veterans coming back, the newbies always feel they are being put up against the wall and they all want to take them out. Cody just wanted to get rid of the vet from the beginning which was probably his mistake. It would have been wiser to let him feel at ease and then slowly get people to realize that Paul does not talk with people in the Big Brother House….Paul talks “to” people making his demands in the way Pauly knows best!

      • Had Cody talked to the majority of the alliance, maybe then the house wouldn’t have been so divided at this point. That is where the Going Commando comment comes into play. I agree that Cody should have used Paul to his best advantage but he didn’t and as he stays in the house now we see why.

      • True! Cody should have talked with others in the house and gotten a feel of how the rest of the houseguests felt. Had he done that, Cody would have been at an advantage.

  5. Go Jess, show Paul and his team of minions your not afraid of him. I don’t agree with Cody’s behavior but who can play anything with people in your face all the time. So far the only ones I see I want to win is Jess or Kevin.

    I’m so sick of everything being stacked in Paul’s favor. I think her got a big head when he was given those three weeks immunity. He definitely played a much different game last year. But he so set on winning this year he’s planning on bullying everyone to get it. Stop playing so personally and get your head back into the game. And production put a stop to the bullsh..t and take charge of the house again.

    • I agree. I like Cody because he’s not hiding behind or is he being a puppet of Paul. Those name calling that Paul coerced during the veto ceremony was pure bullying. SMH how can anyone condone behavior such as that? Granted it is a game but when you are pulling puppets strings for your benefit, it simply defines your character as a punk!! #teamjody all day, everyday

    • Personally I never really like his game last year but when I saw him return this year, and for CBS to actually throw someone out after putting their life on hold for the summer only to be thrown out to bring someone back got to me. I knew that his immunity would have this type of effect on the game/house this season. Why not bring him back in a different way? Why not give him the power he received “if” he rightfully won the power that the others would have had equal access to as well ! Or were they not so sure that Paulie would indeed stay inside if they didn’t give him the power. Not only did he have his experience from last year…but he had three weeks to study each player and know their strengths and weaknesses. Why not give this to everyone?

  6. I wonder how many CBS bigwigs Jeszibel has serviced during her VIP concierge career there in LA? It wouldn’t surprise me at all that she knows a few of them and that is how she got on the show to begin with. I wonder what kind of “tips” she is getting from them? She said she would have every one on the HGs blacklisted in LA. She’s obviously very relevant in LA. lolol I love conspiracy theories!

  7. Definitely NOT rooting for Jessica! She sticks fingers in people’s butts. She decided to use the “Cody” gameplay of total isolation.

    • Wouldn’t you isolate yourself from an out of control child running around banging pots and pans at you all day? Not to mention the other menions screaming to the annoyance scale. It’s enough to make s”preacher” curse!! Isolation can be power, you see it’s making the house go nuts! 😄😉

      • You need to watch the live feeds. I can tell you haven’t because you are just referencing 1 day out of almost 40. You know that they ISOLATED themselves most of the time? It’s the worst strategy in Big Brother.

      • Right, and what did they just do? got up, got new batteries and went back to bed, LOL

  8. In what world is messica an underdog? Shes an awful person, and her true colors have shown. Shes the type of person Yina Fey based the movie ‘Mean Girls’ on. I do not believe she won the hex fairly. If you read the fine print when you vote, it says that CBS can give the temptation to whoever they see fit, despite the votes.

    • We are probably the minority, but after last night I am definitely team Jody. She just needs to play with her head not her emotions.

      • I don’t have the feeds, but I read here and Jokers, and I watch all the shows and BBAD, and I’m slowly going over to your side, as well. Paul, Josh, Christmas and Kevin are all showing what immature bullies they are, and Raven acts like a screaming banshee who just happens to have had every disease known to man. The only people worth their salt IMO right now are Matt and Mark (and possibly Elena) for understanding that yes, they have gone too far. Right now, at this very second, I’d vote for Jessica and Cody to make F2.

  9. I don’t really think she’s an underdog at all – she and Cody were both very cocky when Code was the HOH and made poor choices. Her making poor choices in the game doesn’t make her an underdog.

  10. Brandon, you failed to point out Jessica wanted to talk with Paul before nominations and he blew her off. She was going to tell him nominating her and Cody would be a waste of his HOH

    • He had already talked to her and all she would give is non-answers so why would he try again? He called her bluff. She and the robot didn’t like it.

      • Does not negate the fact she was going to give him information. The only robots I see are the little minions being led down the primrose path.

      • No she was not going to give him information, she just wanted to hold the Hex over his head so he wouldn’t nominated her and the robot

      • She did not want to have to use her Hex. If she truly did not want him to waste his HoH, she would have given him the details on one of the many chances she had. Jess was not about helping Paul, just trying to keep her and her robot safe for two more weeks

      • Hope we can agree to disagree. I obviously heard a different conversation she had with him.

      • His HoH is not a waste if he flush the Hex out. Next week, clean slate for everybody.

  11. Jessica a ‘underdog’?..give me break,she and Cody came in acting like BB Royalty and that backfired,they may recover but never a good plan to look down on everyone else in the house from day one.

  12. Far from an ‘underdog’, imo. This girl is acting like a spoiled brat who didn’t get her way. She is sulking and wants attention and sympathy. I would describe her as ‘defeated’, but certainly not an underdog. One more thing, she brought it all on herself…poor, poor Jessica. NOT.

    • This is the same female that said Cody’s behavior was making her look bad and wasn’t good for her profession. The same female who had her finger up Paul’s butt, uninvited. The same female who talked publicly about bleaching buttholes and about other personal subjects, vulgarly at times. The gal who pretended to “sit” on a coke bottle, who has been having sex on TV for all the viewers to see and hear. I’m sure feed watchers can add more to the list. This girl is far from innocent and she is a bit delusional. An underdog, not unless Cody is the dog…..and in that respect, yes, poor, poor, Jessica.

      • Same for you, RSA. Love you still have Pablo. I remember when you changed your avatar last season. It made me lol and I enjoy seeing it. Brings back fond memories. :D

  13. So, the reason — according to this column and my watching — for Cody and Jess being “Public Enemy #1” was because Paul was put on the block the first week (or attempted). Oh the horrors! Um, Paul is the leader of the house and poised to make 500k more than any player right now — so why was this a bad move by Cody, and shouldn’t the other HGs want, also, to remove the main threat to win from the house?? But, instead, they listened to Paul TELL THEM that Cody was Public Enemy #1, and they believed/followed him like they do EVERY thing he says. So, again, wasn’t Cody right to see the threat of Paul, AND smart to put him up (this being that he of course couldn’t know CBS gave Paul 3 weeks of safety)? I know I know, Cody should have told everyone. I get it — but, please, HGs should have been more worried about Paul than the fact that Cody didn’t tell him that he was trying to remove the true threat in the house. You see, Paul Cult Leader tells everyone how to feel, and they, in turn, feel the way he wants them too.

    • Was a bad move plain and simple for Cody to move so early against Paul,he’s a vet who made the finals last year,in other words has a ‘following’ already,pretty clear he was a favorite to win the first temptation,BB 101 but Cody’s macho ego blinded his judgement and look what has happened since.

    • It was mostly bad just because he refused to tell anyone. If he had actually talked it out with his group and made them understand his reasoning, things could’ve potentially gone way different. These people are total followers, so even if they say they like Paul and want to work with him, if Cody worked them right, they’d have done what he wanted.

      • Yup . That was the big mistake and made it all what it is now . If you have an alliance and don’t talk to anyone and just make the decision and go behind their back , of course they are not gonna trust him . He could have played this all much diff and a chance of really being much more then what he is now .. target . Even jess chewed him out for that .. oh well what’s done is done and it done ! Be interesting if they ever bring him back , I don’t know if they would though with his social skills or lack of them 😝

  14. Ugh-no!! Sure, what happened to her was completely sad. But she acts so entitled that I feel tempted to turn the feeds off every time she’s on. I am still shocked as to why she put Josh and Ramses up last week and then expects everyone to target Josh. Girl, he is a part of the majority. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? The girl should have put up anyone else and just should have settled to take out a minion. #TeamKevin

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