Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 5 [POLL]

We’re finally past ten votes on Big Brother 19 after three straight weeks of it. Nine votes, no chance of a tie, but it won’t even come close to that. Then again, none of this is going to matter thanks to the Halting Hex twist.

Jason Dent counting votes on BB19

The Veto meeting ended on Monday with Jason be saved by Paul and as the third nominee there was no choice for a renom. The final noms for the week are Jessica and Cody. Jessica holds the Halting Hex power which still has two more eviction’s worth of juice left in its engine. See where this is going?

Paul spent Sunday trying to drum up a plan about getting Jessica to avoid using the Halting Hex so they could evict Cody, but I think we can put that to rest. A huge blow up on Monday afternoon should make things perfectly clear to Jessica that she will need Cody and a do-over week is her best bet.

Had Paul’s plan worked for Jessica to not use the Hex then there was consideration that the group should evict Jessica instead of Cody. If Jessica stayed she’d have the power to use next week. This would have been a reasonable plan, but then with Cody there you’d still have to worry about him winning his way to safety. We could keep diving down this rabbit hole, but it doesn’t matter.

If there weren’t a Hex at all in the game then I’d say the votes were going against Cody and he’d leave 9-0, maybe 8-1 if Mark voted to keep Cody this time. Jessica at least got along with the house that week Cody was gone, even if she wasn’t in a “good” spot. They’d rather deal with her than him. Unfortunately for them, it’s a package deal this week.

Come Thursday night, Jessica will use the Halting Hex making the eviction evaporate and we’ll head in to the next week with a new Head of Household and all the current HGs still in the game. Now we just have to make it that long with these knuckleheads.


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  1. As of this moment I do not see any votes being cast…But it is BB and we are always advised to “EXPECT the UNEXPECTED….

    • Yep, get ready for Jess’s special power coming up, since she did threaten to quit AGAIN, she will say what I didn’t tell you about the HH is…………………. If someone threatens to quit they should kick them off and bring back Cameron or someone who wanted to be there.

      • I tell you what if I had to sit in there and listen to the BS the house was dishing and actually be weary of even walking through the crowd like she did last night I would of walked out. No human being deserves to be treated that way especially while being locked up with them.

      • Then you shouldn’t sign up for a show that is essentially that. I know I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t last a day in there.

      • I would but that is just because I know how to throw a few of those jabs in too.

      • Well, Willie we have to come up with a secret signal so that when you’re in the house next season you can let us know it’s you. I’ll vote for you for a Temptation.

      • I would have to quit my job to do that and it isn’t worth it. Only 8 years to go till I retire, not gonna mess that up.

      • I think the person that could drive me out of the house would be Josh and his immaturity. I hope CBS makes him pay for the pots and pans he’s banging up. His antics are beyond the pale and I’d consider it a personal victory to self-evict.

      • No, they’ll probably put them on eBay and someone will pay more than they should for the BB memento LOL

    • Anything can happen. But I think Jess has dug her heels and will use the Hex. I don’t mind. At least next week we’re done with that.

  2. Cody and Jess are currently WAY on the outs and seemingly going to be targeted until they are out, but here’s how that could change next week if one of Cody/Jess/Mark/Elena wins HoH and plays it right (with Elena, I fear she could be dumb and put up Cody/Jess which would just make her the bottom of the Paul side of the house, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt):

    The three non-HoHs of Cody/Jess/Mark/Elena do not play in the Temptation Challenge, and someone on the other side goes on the block as nominee.

    Then HoH makes 2 more noms. Ideal would be to have Raven (pawn), Alex (plan B target), and Christmas (pawn) up pre-veto. Whoever wins veto will use it except for a couple weird scenarios. Whoever comes down, you put up Paul (plan A target). Ideally either Raven or Matt is still left on the block next to him, because in that scenario the member of that couple with a vote will VTE Paul along with the 3 votes from the Cody/Jess/Mark/Elena side. This would, worst-case scenario, provide a tie and the HoH would be able to break it and evict Paul. In addition to taking the head off the snake of the other side of the house, either Raven or Matt will have voted with you and be pushed toward the “couples” side of the house.

    • This could obviously be spoiled by Alex or Paul winning the temptation challenge. But you could probably still get the person who didn’t win out if you play it right.

    • Like this person said, either Paul or Alex could win the Temptation Comp and be safe. The other one could win the VETO comp and come off the block and be safe. Someone else could win the Temptation Comp but Paul or Alex could win the VETO comp and pull the other off the block and both are safe. Way too much going on to claim your sending one of them two home. Best they can do is put up Raven and Josh and send one of them home.

      • I responded to my own post with that disclaimer. There are some things that can happen, but I was bringing up a scenario that in 1 mere week, the current group of outcasts could be right back in the game. But they would absolutely have to get out either Paul/Alex or it’ll still be open season on them.

      • I agree with you but that is a hard fight to win in one week with so many of his minions still in the game but stranger things have happened before.

  3. I wonder how are American service men, and women feel about that little twerp Paul calling Cody a coward behind his back, and Paul trying to get others in the house to make him crack?

    • As a former Navy person, I don’t like Paul plain and simple. However, Paul is playing a game and calling someone a coward behind their back is no different than someone backstabbing a alliance member. Cody drew first blood and now he has to deal with the after math of such deed he done.

      • Right. Cody basically established the first (male) alliance – Cody, Mark and Matt – and then proceeded to stab them in the back. That’s makes Cody a backstabber – military veteran or not.

      • I know, why do people have to attach the ‘military vet’ or ‘marine’ to Cody whenever they talk about him? He is Cody who is trying to play BB. There is no one else in that house that has their past occupation attached to their name. Judge him on his behavior in the house and nothing more. People are trying to make him into some hero because of his past.
        IMO, current actions tell you more about a person than a stereotype based on their past history

      • Ok, so what are his current actions? He’s playing the game and he got screwed by Production keeping their Golden Boy safe. He did what a smart player would have done and got burned for it.

      • They’ve all been listed many times by many posters. Just read pretty well any thread.

      • That was not smart at all. Even if Paul was not safe Cody would not have had the votes.

      • Cody didn’t like Paul from the beginning. He reiterated over and over . When Paul had to talk the everyone in the beginning to see who would get his friendship bracelets after the temptation was taken and altered the game. Cody would not hardly even talk to Paul and you could sense the dislike for him from Cody . Cody was already making it personal because he was back in the game and he did not like him last season.

      • It was Paul supporters who are bringing it up to sling mud on him! I saw posts on twitter of Paul fans asking if Cody got a dishonorable discharge. EvelDick said he probably did because he served 5 years in the Air Force and 5 years in the Marines. Why would you even ask such a question? Anything to discredit Cody. Like him or not, he served his country! Disgusting those fans are!

      • No, I’m referring to both sides those who slam Cody and those who support him. I just think his military service shouldn’t even come under discussion in any way.

      • I agree he is playing a game he is not in Military anymore,maybe because of PTSD issues and if so I would be worried about the safety of other HG. He really snapped at Paul almost like he wanted to kill him. The only reason they have not got another another snap out of him is because Jessica is keeping a tight leash on him. ( worried watcher)

      • I seen on twitter where evildick, Dominique,and Rachel Reilly was talking about HG should not be attacking his service. I agree with that part, but as far Cody’s and the way he acted toward some of HG he should get what he deserves no respect. He is in a game but Jessica and Cody can’t separate personal from game.

    • I would hope that servicemen and women could recognize Cody’s cowardly attitude as well as Paul has.

      • Why did you want Cody to punch Paul to prove his machismo? Only cowards call others cowards behind a keyboard. If you were face to face with Cody outside the Big Brother House, I want to see you say that to his face. He probably will punch you! He is a veteran whose service allows you to verbally abuse him! A lot of these people bashing Cody cannot fill his shoes in the real world!

      • If I were face to face with Cody and called him a coward, I’m sure he would punch me in the kneecaps. He really is a tiny li’l feller—and I’m sure that’s part of his personality problem.

      • he would most likely go for your throat then a thumb through your eye into your eye socket. can be done in three seconds or less.. (Vietnam veteran)

      • you are right! some of these people on here are very brave sitting behind a computer. but face to face sniveling cowards. (Vietnam veteran)

      • I’d say that to his face. The fact that he’d punch me shows how insecure, unstable and garbage he is. The fact that he is a veteran does not shield him from criticism

    • Paul trying to get others in the house to make someone crack is vintage Paul – pretty much a repeat performance of his game last year. I don’t think Cody’s military service plays that much of a role in Paul’s actions. He would behave the same toward anybody who has the nerve to take him on and challenge his authority.

      • It doesn’t except for when they tell him that he isn’t a Marine or that he doesn’t deserve that because he is a horrible military man.

    • Paul is a snake! He manipulates every person in the house! Friendship? He doesn’t have any friendship for anyone! He only knows what the definition of the word as it is used in the dictionary and uses it as required. His calling Cody a coward is just a slap in his face as well as CBS’s. They are both cowards for being so sure of Paulie and his tactics and the ratings they will rake in that they had to bring him in with all these privileges. If they were so sure of the tatooed man they should have brought him in just like every one else. And please no remarks about the tats…..I know tasteful tats…artful tats and ones that look like my kid’s whose gone bezerk with his markers. Clearly, Paulie is the latter!

  4. Sorry but Cody hasn’t exactly been Father Christmas this summer and hard to buy into Jess take on “Don’t Cry for me Argentina”,neither one are innocent bystanders.

    • They started it all! You are right,plain and simple. If Jess hadn’t gotten into a one legged xmas’s face at the very beginning, screaming at her, I might have some sympathy. Once she did that I think she has to take what comes. As far as Cody goes he started the tirade in the hoh room against Paul and he took it too far. No sympathy for him either.

  5. Two things I want to point out here.

    1. Jessica is the prime example of ” If I can’t get it my way, I will cry”. By that I mean as long as things go her way, she is all giddy. When things don’t go Paul’s way, he goes back to the drawing board and rethinks his strategy. He doesn’t sit around moping and saying he will self evict.

    2. It is a game, a game of chance, luck strategy and perserverance (check that spelling in case I got it wrong please). You have to know going into this game that it won’t be easy and it will be extremely hard to win. You have to lie, cheat and do whatever you need to do to win this game. You can not isolate yourself from the house and expect the rest of the house to cater to your wants and needs.

    Everyone in this house wants to at some some point, get you out of the game just as you want to get them out too. Use your brain for something other than to check out the bodies of your co-ed’s. Could I win if I was in there? More than likely not but that doesn’t mean I won’t align with some people to further my game.

    • Why does everyone seem to not understand this.
      Oh my Gawd, Paul lied to them can you believe it?
      Yeah I can believe it It’s a game. It’s like bluffing in poker. Are you new here?
      I can’t believe he went back on our deal. WE HAD A DEAL!!
      Did you sign a contract? Are you both not playing for a large sum of money?
      People are dumb.

    • This strategy was a little sophomoric for Paul. Wasn’t impressed at all, knew it was a bad idea from the start. I’m a fan of Paul’s but didn’t approve of this tactic.

      • I really believe that either Kevin or Alex should have had the Hex. If going by votes that show in polls Paul won first and he was number one in polls. Christmas got second temptation and she was running second in polls. The next in line in polls was Alex and Kevin. I think BB gave it to Jessica because she kept threatening to walking out the door so they bribed her.

      • Agree completely, very logical. You can’t have all the polls showing one thing and the vote for the hex showing another and think that BB is not manipulating the game…it sucks!

      • If you listened to Jessica afte the live eviction and Paul won HOH. She did kinda of lied about the Hex when Julie asked her a question she said her and Cody were safe for 3 to 4 weeks when that was a lie. She was trying bluff so Cody and her would not be put on block and she could keep it in play another week. Hex can only be used one time not 3 or 4 times.

      • Had Paul not done what he done and called her out on this HEX, he still stood a good chance of being on the block next week. At least this way, the house found out how this Temptation now works. Good call Paul.

      • I’m not referring to him exposing the hex. She told him how the hex worked the day before.. What I was refering to was that episode Monday afternoon. Paul is too intelligent for that. It showed how low he would go which is not always good to exhibit in that environment. Always be as underhanded as you can be with your strategy. Never let the whole house know all your tricks. He’s exposed a not so flattering side to the entire house. Afterwards everyone felt bad about it. Not good. Bad..people may be on his side but does not mean they aren’t observing. Aka Christmas;-]

      • Since you explained it that way, I stand corrected. I can admit when I was wrong. In this case, I was wrong. I read what you wrote the wrong, thanks for clearing this up for me.

    • I agree whole heartedly that every time Jessica doesn’t get her way she threatens to walk out. I’d say let both her and Cody walk out I would not care one little bit.

  6. i will be SO glad when i don’t have to listen to anyone mention that HEX ~ bad game move

  7. What I want and what I’m going to get is two different things. She is going to use the Hex. We are going to be strapped down with them still. What I want and probably a lot of other people is to see a big twist. Her not use it and thinking Cody would get evicted and she would get evicted. BAMM BITCH!!!! But, that would be funny! That’s good TV.

    • I agree, for entertainment purposes for us but, I understand why she revealed it. It makes sense that she was hoping it would threaten Paul enough not to put them up this week thus giving them next week to be safe and make it to the jury house.

  8. I get the vibe that CBS likes the power struggle that is going on between Jody and Paul. I might be in the minority, but I think Jody as a combination bothers me more than just Paul. I think Kevin is the only person I can root for and not feel skeptical towards.

  9. I’m not entirely sure if Jessica needs Cody. I’m basing this off of when Nicole lose Cory and James lost Natalie in BB18. They both made it to final 3, so why should it matter much if Jessica loses Cody?

    • Of course it will be. Production want Jody in the game for entertainment purposes. It’s so obvious.

      • I think big brother is playing with fire when it comes to keeping Cody in that game. He is a powder keg about to explode and I don’t think it will be a good ending. Worried about his mindset as far as maybe PTSD symptoms.

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