Big Brother 19 Twist: Den Of Temptation

The Big Brother 19 twist has been revealed as “Den of Temptation,” a weekly opportunity for a fan-voted Houseguest to be faced with a choice that delivers consequences throughout the Big Brother house all summer.

Temptation in the Big Brother 19 house

As CBS puts it, the Houseguests will have a “season of tempting offers that could give them money, power, and safety in the game.” It can’t be that easy though, right? Of course not! “But, they will need to be careful, because for every temptation taken, there will be a consequence to face.” I like it!

We won’t have to wait long to see this Temptation twist for Big Brother. Starting Sunday, July 2nd the first instance of the twist will arrive as the “Den of Temptation” is revealed and it sounds like this could be a regular Sunday episode event.

From various discussions it seems like the old Paris room slash old Coaches room has been converted over to the Den and you can see the previously hidden door is now in plain sight. As for which Houseguest heads inside? That’ll be up to the viewers.

Fans will be voting to decide who is sent to the “Den of Temptation” where he or she will be “enticed by a potentially game-changing offer. But it’s always a game of risk vs. reward, as every temptation will unleash a consequence on the house.”

Now we’ve seen temptations of sorts in the Big Brother house as many fans will remember Pandora’s Box. HGs had the choice to go inside to either find rewards or duds, sorry Jessie. But this time around it might not be such an obviously forced acceptance. Before if you were presented with Pandora it was a foregone conclusion that you’d have to go for it. Not this time around, explain producers.

Speaking with THR, Executive Producers Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner detailed how they’ll have to be ready for the either/or situations for Big Brother 19’s temptations:

Meehan: It’s a summer of temptation! Not only does the house represent that, but the rooms carry through with some of those themes and we’re bringing that all the way through with the twists of the game this summer as well. With temptation there are lots of different paths the season could go on depending on which temptations the houseguests take. We’ve never done anything quite like that throughout the course of the season. So we have plans and backup plans for all different things.

Grodner: Which door? Door number one or door number two? Because door number one will take you down a whole different path and we have to produce it that way too. We have to be prepared. On opening night we have two different scripts and two different possibilities depending on what’s going to happen.

It really sounds like they’re willing to let HGs decide which could put a lot of work to waste depending on how things go in these picks.

Grodner: It’s actually possible that a competition could be in the backyard ready to go and our art department has worked really hard to put it out there and the houseguests don’t play it because of a decision they made.

The producers go on to discuss that we’ll be seeing this twist as part of the Sunday shows, something they try to address each recent season. I’d guess ratings take a natural dip on those nights so this is something to try and keep our interest. I have to watch all the episodes no matter how boring, so I appreciate the effort!

What do you think of the Den of Temptation twist for Big Brother 19 and which Houseguest from the new cast do you most hope to see enter the Den first? Seems like this could be a danger for the early fan favorite when viewers don’t yet know what to expect. Good times ahead.

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  1. You ask the question, “what do you think of the ‘den of temptation’??” . All I know about it is that a fan favorite will go into the ‘den’ and be tempted. Not a lot to go on so I guess I would say the jury is still out on that one.

    • Okay, well what do you think of a twist that lets viewers influence the game by picking particular HGs to be giving an opportunity that could either hurt or help their game and by the inverse, hurt or help the other HG? Good idea? Bad twist? Somewhere in between?

      • Is there a such thing as a good BB twist? Really wonder how a season of good old, down and dirty Big Brother would play out. No twists, viewer voting, or otherwise.

        Maybe they call it…Big Brother 20: Back to the Basics

        Love to see them bring back the Sunday night Have Not comps, the luxury comps, the how bad do you want it comps…make the HGs draw lines in the sand which forces them to take sides against other HGs like they use to. Fella can dream right😀

      • I also miss the houseguests picking out their keys around the table to see who was up for nominations.

      • I miss this so bad as well I hate the way they do it now. The awkwardness and desperation was brilliant why would they throw that away?

      • I think it’s an interesting twist with a lot of potential, but I hope they limit who you can vote for in a similar way to how the care packages were done last year. It’d be boring if the same person or 2 kept getting all the chances to go in the room.

  2. I love all the Safety Deposit boxes in the HOH room. I bet each HOH gets to open a Box. Some Good$$ prizes and some not so good prizes. Then later, an HOH can trade it in for something to Help their game. Oh, the possobilities!!! Those Apples need to be counted.

  3. I already don`t like this twist, I smell something fish, as usual the easy way for CBS to manipulate the game.

  4. In my opinion, the whole temptations theme in the house is sooooo cool! I like how they elaborate on each facet of temptation with one room focusing on lust, another on power, the bathroom on vanity, and the HOH room on greed. Certain parts of it remind me of the BB15 house, but as a whole it’s unlike any theme we’ve ever had. Also, THAT LIVING ROOM takes the top spot for me, knocking the BB12 living room to the 2nd spot! Overall, this is my favorite house yet! LOVE IT!!!

  5. Oh boy, this Den of Manipulation…errr Temptation, sure sounds like a good way to screw up the makings of a good season. Not impressed, hope I’m proven wrong.

    I guess one positive would be if they somehow manage to keep America from voting this season. Wishful thinking🙂

    • I know! It’s Pandora’s Box all over again. And with production and America, two of the WORST HGs in the history of BB, controlling this twist, nothing good is going to happen.

  6. I find it hard to believe that producers are willing to let HGs flush their work down the toilet just because they chose one path over another. I can’t help but think that the possibility of truly changing the course of the game like they describe being an illusion. I don’t buy it.

    Not like they stick with their twists lately anyway *cough* Takeover *cough*. I think it’ll be done in 4 weeks max.

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