Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 4?

Ten votes are up for grabs on Big Brother 19 for the third straight week and we know which way they’re going to fall tonight, along with most of the house now thanks to Kevin’s leak.

Ramses and Josh on the Block for BB19

After days of keeping it a secret we saw Kevin yesterday tell Jessica that she was about to be blindsided. Since then Jessica and Cody have been asking around the Big Brother house but getting lots of denials. They can expect what’s going to happen now so it won’t be a shock for them, but Ramses could still be in for a surprise.

The votes are lined up as 7-3 right now against Ramses. Nothing has changed over the past few days and I don’t think anything in these last few hours will shift the plans either. Ramses is about to be voted out and so far no one has formally warned him about the blindside.

Watching the conversations in the house this morning I waited to see if Paul would go ahead and confirm the real plan to Elena after keeping her in the dark all week, but that hasn’t happened so far. She may also end up surprised but not shocked after Jessica warned her about what Kevin said regarding the vote flipping. Should Paul decide to tell Elena then it’s possible she’ll flip her vote and make it 8-2. She seems pretty determined to follow Paul this season.

Josh knows to expect that he’ll be safe tonight but he’s also still a little nervous as he told Alex that he better have the votes tonight. This brief conversation happened as Josh took a break this morning from banging pans together and yelling at Mark that he wanted to bond before he left. Cody and Mark are not taking that behavior too well, but it’s entertaining Feeds none the less.

We’ve got the live vote coming up tonight on Big Brother with the eviction show at 9/8c. We’ll be back here at 9PM ET for our live recap so be sure to join us then for the fun as we say goodbye to Ramses, perhaps the last superfan Houseguest of the season.

What do you think will happen? Could things flip back to evict Josh instead? Cast your vote for tonight’s eviction in the poll below.



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  1. I doubt the plan will change. I certainly don’t expect Jess to use her Hex. I’m sure she is smarter than that.

    • Me too and I just wonder if any of the smarter members of the other side see the value in never nominating Jody together but sticking with one Jody member versus one Marlena member. It would be interesting for us because it would be a real temptation for Jessica, to use it for herself when I think she holds on against both (unless Alex decides to just pull the trigger and use chips she’s been gathering and really only if it is Elena) or to use it to save Cody and risk herself the following week.

      • My exact thoughts. Put one up against the other. She’ll use the hex to get herself or Cody off, and then the next week – the group will have to pull hard to win and Jody have nothing so up they go. They’re trying to put the fear into everyone by indicating they have this power that’s good for so many weeks but Paul is on to it and knows that there is a timestamp. He’s also one to take the risk of forcing it out. Christmas and Alex would be right with him, as will Josh. The only problem with any of this is that Cody and Jessica are both comp beasts; and could win the next two weeks. The only thing that would/could slow that roll is a POV that Christmas can insert herself with her temptation; BUT she would have to be ABLE to physically play in it. Paul and crew have the numbers – they just need to beastmode these comps….and they simply don’t have the right players. Paul and Alex are good. Christmas would be if she was up to full strength. Raven is so/so. Matt could care less…same with Kevin. Jason is about 50% but he’s so damn flighty. Josh is not really good at all. He tries.

      • My thinking is that it has been awhile since Alex and Paul competed in a comp with both of them and if this particular HOH is what they think, I honestly think Jessica (who can’t compete) would be their only competition. Cody might have a good memory, but he’s been kind of distracted. What might be fun is, for totally random sake, that like Raven wins. In the little game talk we have heard from her, she is more cutthroat than they give her credit for and she might do something totally unexpected. I don’t think either she or Matt are necessarily with Paul in general anymore, they just authentically want Ramses out and they are very vocally anti Mark. Matt would probably try and do a pawn next to him, but I think Raven might just put Elena up with him. I’m hoping Alex can stay under the radar (and just away from Jess) for like the next two weeks because if she is still planning on her infiltrate and destroy method, she has fully accomplished infiltration and everyone likes Jason now, so her real partner is fine and her secret partner is running the house and is a much flashier target.

      • They were already warned by production to not lie about the Hex power details but she did exactly that, she lied again, at the end of the show…

    • Yep… gotta play the long game. She might feel bad about Ramses leaving, but it’s better to let somebody else be the collateral damage and keep yourself safe another week or 2.

      • Which is sad because Ramses had potential to be an ally to Jody considering he’s alone in this game.

        Plus this is gonna sound odd but Jess and Ramses seem to get along.

      • Ramses is just a windsock. He’s been drafting whoever is in power but showing loyalty to nobody.

  2. It is starting to look like everyone considers Kevin such a bullshi**** that Jessica is having doubts whether what he told her is true. It may come as more of a surprise than a shock.

    • Jessica is a drowning woman clutching desperately for her water wings. She had every tool available to her to undermine Paul’s game by turning the house inside out and upside down to her own best case advantage. And what does she have to show for herself of a week spent in the HOH throne room? Only the afterglow of Cody’s excellent breeding skills. I hope he was worth it.

      As far as Kevin goes… the only question I have on that front is how he got a woman to sit still long enough to bear him his seven children.

  3. Josh has got to go the cry baby , I am so sick of him and I did not like him from Day 1 . He sure makes himself look bad on tv and If I was his mother I would wash his mouth out .

      • I think realrich is reffering to the fact that as smart as Alex (one of the smarter players this season) is she is just becoming another Paul Drone doing his bidding.

      • Alex is playing the exact game I would play: align with the most strategic player. You never want to be at the top or the bottom of your alliance. You want to be in the MorganWillettest spot in your alliance.

      • Alex has her own plans that she doesn’t share with Paul.She is using Paul.Wait until alex gets some power and we’ll see what she has planned for her and Jason.

    • That´s why they want to let him stay. The guy is a dushbag. When they need to send out the garbage, he will get all the votes. He has a big body but cannot use it and his head, well may be it can take out some juice. :D

    • oh yes, he is so obnoxious, to watch him for another week will be painful, he needs to grow up and realize he is on TV and everyone is watching, so upset that Jess did not use the veto, she should of went with her gut feeling and not listen to Cody,

  4. Well the little trolls that Paul has used so well it will stay Ramses leaving and the big cry baby Josh will taunt Jessie again and laughing about it all. And Paul loving every minute of it too

  5. When I see polls like this and they are skewed in a ridiculous way (like right now where Josh getting 27% of people thinking he’ll be evicted) I wonder if some people even watch the live feeds? Do you just come to this website and just guess without any facts?

    • I don’t watch, but I read recaps and ask questions. I think I have a fairly good grasp on what is going on.

    • This is not new. The 27% are fans who voted for the HG they want evicted, not what they think will happen. They know Ramses is f’d.

    • You DO realize these poll votes mean absolutely nothing, right? They are not scientific polls. Actually, they are pointless, considering the same person can vote as many times as he/she wants to.

      • That’s not true on this website. BBN has a way of tracking who’s voting from where.

    • Because nobody knows what it is. Jessica won’t use the Hex just to save Ramses.

    • They are supposed to reveal it tonight so, we are all eagerly awaiting what it is!

  6. I think the vote could be 5-5 … I think Jessica has Cody, Elena, Mark, Kevin and Christmas (she got permission for the pity vote and I think will follow through to cover her ass)!

      • Is Kevin willing to be cut by Paul is also the question. As we’ve seen this year and last, Paul does not do well with being betrayed.

    • I may have gotten it backward, but I thought Christmas told Jessica she was giving Josh a pity vote. This was when Jessica thought everyone was voting Josh out so Christmas was telling Jessica she would be the 1 vote in a 9-1 vote out of Josh. I thought Christmas was covering herself with Jessica by letting her know that she was voting to keep Josh while not letting Jessica know that Ramses was leaving. Do I have it backward?

    • Christmas got the permission I thought to give Josh the pity vote? And Jess said no,

      • You are correct. She is voting to keep josh. She told her she was giving a pity vote to Josh. This way she can tell Jess she didn’t lie to her(Jess)

  7. I think Elena and Mark will vote with the house not even knowing, because they are also playing Cody and Jessica

  8. Hoping the curse is that the houseguest are told that they don’t get to vote tonight, but instead the live audience will be voting to evict.

    • I am hoping it is the HOH who gets to evict whoever they want. Now, all votes cast tonight will be null and void! Imagine the ruckus is Jessica has the final say! Can you say shocker! Josh gets evicted after all! Everyone’s jaws will drop! LOL

      • Or maybe, someone cannot play for HOH and VETO. Ramses had to put himself on the block. Anything is possible. How they determine that is another question.

      • I know, I’ve been trying to think what the counterpart to Jess being able to stop an eviction would be. Paul couldn’t be nominated and then Ramses had to nominate himself. What is a similar consequence to Jess’ temptation. I just hope it doesn’t result in someone getting booted without a chance to compete for Veto or to campaign

  9. Cat may be out of the bag but Ramses is still going to be the one to get the unceremonious heave-ho tonight as he brings nothing of value worth keeping to Paul’s game.

    Josh on the other hand… does he even have a game plan of his own on how to be the last one standing with a cheque for $500,000.- in his pocket? Outside of being Paul’s over sized purse poodle I mean. Paul will continue using him as a meat shield, body guard, instigator until the time comes when it’s expeditious to unload him.

    I will give this to Josh, he’s very loyal, it’s his one redeeming quality.

  10. As far as I am concerned only 3 people are really playing the game. The rest are kissing Paul’s behind. Kevin, and Jody are at least not kissing his behind.

    • So Paul ISN’T playing the game?
      He may be the puppet dictator with a bunch of cabbage patch kids, but he’s doing something atleast

  11. Kevin just did it again. He just told Jessica that everyone is lying to her. What a duplicitous POS. He really thinks he can have it both ways. I hope he’s outed, sooner rather than later.

    • He’s playing the game. Being two-faced is part of the game. Of course, it’s risky to do so, but that’s part of the fun.

    • Remember Andy who was playing both sides? Do not remember his last name but, I do remember he won his season of Big Brother! Lying is part of the game. Misleading is part of the game, blindside is part of the game!

  12. Is the Hex when the temptation is accepted or used? Because Jess accepted so the Hex can happen anytime. But if is when she uses it. It may be awhile

    • The Halting Hex can be used in the next 4 weeks when it was given to her. However, the consequence of accepting the Hex, we will find out tonight! That could be quite a game changer depending on what that twist is!

  13. If Jess and Cody were smart they could salvage this disastrous week of not putting up Paul in the renom and tell Paul that if he doesn’t flip the house to vote out Josh then she’ll use the hex on ramses and put paul up and she’ll be the tie breaker vote and send paul home and cut the head of the snake now. Once Paul is gone all those floaters won’t be able to think for themselves they’re so boring to watch

    • That’s what I was hoping would happen, but I think you’re giving Jess and Cody too much credit to come up with that on their own.

    • But she’d have to use it before the vote and she doesn’t get to renom anyone. Am I missing something here?

    • It becomes a non-eviction week so, even if Jessica can change nominations, nobody is going home! What it intends to do, the Halting Hex is save Jessica who is the recepient or Cody depending on who is on the block before the vote! What they could do is tell the whole house that they have protection. That would focus the target on someone else if they knew they cannot be evicted! It gains them one week and they can try to win HOH and VETO everytime they have a chance to play! It cannot replace the wasted week but, it will give them a fighting chance for maybe, a couple of weeks.

  14. Kevin is like a flipper in a pinball machine,just flailing away without not knowing where the hec the ball really is..that was no game move this weeks,just loose lips by a pretender!

  15. Jessica is lying to Elena about her Hex, she’s saying she and Cody are safe over multiple evictions, even though we’ve been told it is good once only. She says it is better than Paul’s three weeks of safety for her and Cody.

    • She really isn’t. She is safe for two more evictions after this, four total. That would be multiple evictions.

    • Technically, Jessica is correct. While, she can use it only once, just telling the Big Brother House you have protection over eviction can focus the target on others! If they are able to win HOH and VETO in the times they play, they can be conceivably safe for for a couple of weeks. And if they do not get nominated for say one or two weeks as the Big Brother House try to wait out the expiration of the Halting Hex, they in effect get maybe, another 1-2 weeks of protection out of it! So, the likelihood it gives Jessica and Cody protection for more than just one week is not an exaggeration or even a lie!
      It depends on how soon the others try to take them out and also, depending if Cody and Jessica are unable to win HOH or VETO!

      • She is safe for potentially at least one week minimum!! Why say multiple weeks when it could be used next week…it’s call exaggeration!! Heck, she could make a dumb move and use it tonight…

  16. LOVING the updates on Jokers today. Because of the 3rd temptation, Kooky and Jerkisa STILL think they’re completely safe. Well, they are as long as they can alternate winning HoH. FTFO you two meatballs…

  17. Question: Am I the only one who doesn’t get the love for Cody and Jessica?
    I see people like them, and I don’t get it.
    Can somebody spell it out?
    Because honestly I see them as unlikable people- Cody with his narcissism and anti social attitude and Jessica with her boy clingy mean girl attitude.

    Is there something I’m not getting?

    • I don’t get it either. I was shocked when Jess won the temptation. Must have been a one time surge, like Jason’s did week 2.

      • Things like Jess winning the temptation make me wonder if the producers even count the votes. I you look at the online polls on this site and other sites Jess wasn’t in the top 2 for any poll I saw. I think the producers were upset that Christmas got the last temptation and it hasn’t been used so they wanted to make sure this one would be used. Of course I never thought Donald Trump would win the election so I could be wrong.

      • She was far down the list. I guess she has fans on Reddit that came out in force in a one time showing. Jason’s fans did that in week 2 that shot him to the top of the fav hg poll…

    • It’s not that people love Cody and Jessica so much as they love to see an underdog do well in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s been Cody and Jessica against all the rest of the house. Paul’s running the game practically unhindered so people will suck up their distaste for Jody in favor of bringing a bit more balance to the level of power Paul currently wields.

      • I think the underdogs on the show are Alex and Jason. They have to go up against Cody and Jessica and then Paul.

      • She knows the game. She knows that Paul is running the show for now, but I still have hopes for her. The minute someone puts him up, she may vote him out. If not, she’ll lose a fan.

      • Eh true.
        I think the reason I don’t care for them is not only because of their ugly personalities, but their constant egoes and blunders in this game.

        But if they can make it far then props for them. Personally I see Cody’s gameplay in the style of Frank (another HG I’m not a fan of)

      • I would have liked Frank a lot better if he would have maintained even a modicum of control over his non stop farting whenever and wherever he happened to be at any given time. Like a dog he was, just lifted his leg and let fly all day, every day. Would have also been nice if he’d had bathed his filthy self every now and then. It’s a sad thing when the only time water hits your body is because it’s a challenge or a competition featuring water. I was always expecting to see a swarm of locusts trailing him in his wake. Like an entourage looking for their promised land or something…

        Jessica reminds me of Gina Marie from Season 15. A woman so loathed that Andy Herren – that season’s winner, represented the lesser of two evils when awarding the half mil.

      • Oh for a fact Frank was a douchebag but he was a douchebag getting an extremely favorable network edit. You had to watch the feeds for the truth of the who’s who and the what’s what.

        Historically, those who made it their game to play both ends against the middle were plopped out on the curb the moment they’d outlived their usefulness. It’s one of the least respected strategies out there. People loathe tattle tails, they respect loyalty.

        Season 15 was a disaster of epic proportion and a public relations nightmare. Lynch mobs chasing Elissa around the house, casual racism, mental health issues flying off the rails on the crazy train and not a single person in the entire cast who even remotely presented themselves as likable or a person you could really get behind and root for the win. Andy won because whether we liked it or not someone had to win. It just happened to be Andy.

        I’d have to go with Kevin as Andy to Jessica’s Gina Marie. Except Kevin may be even a bit worse. And I say that because being in the BB house is an extremely stressful and intense experience. Far from home and family, house guests are in a very vulnerable state. Emotions run high, tension is everywhere, nerves fray and tempers snap. And into that cesspool wades Kevin in the role of father confessor. It’s exploitation and it’s reprehensible.

      • I agree with all except the Kevin/Andy comparision.
        Gameplay wise yes, personality wise no.
        Heck Derrick pulled the father figure card and nobody said anything about him.

    • I don’t get it either, but everything on TV and the internet is fake anyway. When people have money such as a big Network, anything can be faked to make more money.
      People may like the BS love story that goes on in this house just because it worked out for 2 people or they just like to be against Paul which I am, but still don’t like them.
      I really liked Amanda and McCrae’s weird relationship on the show, but I hated her tremendously.

    • Never liked Cody but, I am rooting for Cody and Jessica. Why not? They are the underdogs and you have one huge alliance trying to roll them over! How exciting is that? I watch Big Brother and Survivor for the game play. A big alliance rolling over the few stragglers gets old and boring pretty fast! You already know what is going to happen so, where is the excitement in that? Like watching paint dry. I am rooting for Jessica and Cody to evict some of the floaters on the other side like Matthew and Raven for instance! Jessica and Cody deserve to be in the game because they are atleast, playing whether you like them or not! Also, it creates more drama if they remain in the Big Brother House and excitement as other house guests get blindsided!

      • I mean I don’t like them, but I’d like to see them stay to keep the ball rolling. I don’t want it to be a BB16 repeat.

    • I hate Cody. I feel bad for Jessica she’s not bad at the game but she’s letting Cody take her down with him. Jessica is so fake she has hair extensions and a fake eye lashes.

    • No. You basically nailed it. I would guess the majority of ppl feel the same way you do.

    • I don’t have any favorites this season. However, I cannot stand Paul and Josh, and since Jody are the opposition to that, I am supporting them.

  18. I may be late to the party with this question, but does Jessica really believe the hex she has keeps both her and Cody safe for 4 weeks? Or is she just saying that to scare people? I know she’s said they can’t be touched for several weeks, but the hex only works to halt a single eviction sometime within 4 weeks IF she uses it BEFORE the voting begins. Right??

    • She’s just saying that to spook people, trying to buy additional weeks. I’m waiting to see what the consequence is

    • Technically, she is correct. It depends on when the Halting Hex is used. While, Jessica can only use it once, it does not count the possible times that she or Cody could win HOH or VETO to keep them safe. In addition, if the Big Brother House big alliance of Paul decides to try and wait for the expiration of the Halting Hex then, Jessica and Cody will not be targets for 1-2 weeks maybe, so, add those up and easily, it will reach those 4 weeks. You can say she might have exaggerated it a bit or even lied which is allowed in the game. That is the problem of the big alliance to figure out. It is not like the big alliance needs more advantages than it already has!

  19. It will be a week long party and chaos if Josh does happen to win HOH…The slap in the face is that he will likely nom Cody & or Jessica who will not be eliminated…I don’t like Josh..I don’t like hearing his voice but it would be interesting to see how he would fair as HOH…

    • HOH-itis. Big time. And, yes, he’ll nominate Jody and pull a Chima when she whips out the Halting Hex.

    • Paul will be the HOH for this week if Josh wins. He would probably nominate Cody since he doesn’t really know what the Hex is.

  20. Can we talk about how crazy it is that we’re nearly at the end of Week 4, and we STILL don’t have any official alliances!!!

    • An alliance could be two people and I think Alex and Jason are aligned to the end.

    • I was thinking the same thing. He was the same way last season with his targets. I’m not saying it’s fact, but it certainly seemed familiar scenario to me and came to mind.

    • Really?? Paul is racist? Like for real? Or just speculation? And if it’s for real, how so? And if it’s for real, and it was obvious when he played last year, why on earth would BB want him/allow him back? And why on earth would any of these HGs (especially the super fans) knowingly want to work a racist?

      The fans i& super fans in the house would already know he is racist!! (Aside from I think only Kevin?) They know everything about every previous HG, how every season played out, and controversies!
      Why would super fans like Alex and Dominique work with him if he is a known racist? Especially Dominique! & one would think Jessica (a huge super fan) would have called him out on it already!?
      Are you sure he is a racist? I’m thinking you might be wrong on this……
      That’s a pretty strong accusation so I truly just want to know if what you said is 💯% The truth? Because if it is in fact true, then that is acceptable at all! Paul should not be there! & he should have never been chosen to come back if he is in fact a racist!?!
      If he is, I will never look at him the same again! Racism is unacceptable! So wrong!
      I hope you are wrong because if he is openly a racist, then big brother is very very very wrong for allowing him to join the game this season!
      Even if he is not openly racist but has a history of racism and what not, he still should have never been back! No one who is a racist should ever be allowed to be in that game or any other game for that matter! So I am interested to hear more about this?????

  21. This is by far the worst season of Big Brother and I’ve watched from the beginning. I can say with 100% certainty that last Thursday’s episode was the last one I will watch until next year if there is one. This cast appear to be sharing a brain cell. I’ve never seen an entire cast of people that are so stupid and uninteresting in the history of this show. There isn’t one likable person in the lot except for maybe Ramses. That kid should consider himself lucky he gets to go home. At least he won’t have to be around that pack of idiots any longer.

    • My theory: The thing that I never noticed before last season and it is also happening this season is how the show is so scripted and rigged for a specific player to win. Cody and Jess are just added antagonists for Paul. They want him gone and are playing for that purpose. Paul is still manipulating HGs, but how much of it is really him and how much is scripted we will never know. Who is added to help Paul get to the end is tricky so far because we have a few people such as Josh, Kevin and Elena. I didn’t noticed James was there to help Nicole into far in the game, so I think it is happening again.

    • Hey Chris, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Hee hee 😜
      I agree with you for the most part.
      This season did actually start off strong! I was excited but quickly let down!
      This is the first season in 19 seasons & 5 seasons of BB Canada that I have yet to find my favourite HGs! I did have high hope’s for Alex, but unfortunately it didn’t last long because she just became another one of Paul’s minions!
      For the first few days (and even the last few days) I honestly thought Jessica was going to be a good HG. Sadly Cody has been ruining her game. Without him she would be my favorite!
      I think she actually is a really good HG. She is the only one aside from Cody who hasn’t crawled up Paul’s A$$ NOT even when she was alone for that week.

      Josh, well that’s a whole other story! Let’s just say I LOATHE him more than ANY other HG in 19 seasons & 5 seasons of BB Canada! He is a terrible person and has no business being on BB!

      &, like you this is the first season ever that I have considered tuning out! I’m just not there quite yet, I am hoping for a big change to happen but now that Paul is the HOH it is just going to become another week of Paul and his minions picking the obvious HG’s to evict!

      I was truly hoping this week someone good would get the HOH. I wanted to see a big flip in the house and the “minions” start thinking for themselves & to turn on Paul & each other!
      It’s not gonna happen this week though THIS Sucks!!!!

      Honestly, how do they pick these HGs!? When are they (BB Pro) ever going to get it right again!? How many more seasons are we going to have to watch a repeat of the season prior!?
      Whoever does the “casting” should have been fired years and years and years ago!
      Sorry, rant over! LOL 😂

    • Shi*! Sorry hon!!
      Talk to type…… My reply was a little over-the-top loooiing! Oops 🙊
      I hope you have a few minutes to spare so you can read this LOL
      Take care, and enjoy the rest of your summer now that it is freed up LOL

    • I completely agree with you! He is a terrible person. I absolutely loathe for him! And I was so bummed he didn’t go home last night! (Thankfully I wasn’t “blindsided” LOL I knew before hand because of the blogs and comments in here.) thank God! LOL or I probably would have thrown the remote!! Phew 😅

      You know he’s bad when my husband (Chris) dislikes him! Chris likes everyone! He is non-judgmental, always find the good in everyone & (unlike myself) 😂 My husband is not emotionally invested in reality TV shows! (Smart man) 😂 but, he cannot stand Josh, hates him! Wants him gone forever ago! Ugh 😑
      & the icing on the cake is Josh in the DR room now saying “Your Boy!” Gag!! 🤢
      I think if Paul knew he was using “his line” he might just kick him out himself LOL 🤞 & seriously he is the one and only person I have ever despised in big brother history! (At least that I recall)

      The sad part about it is a lot of people like “villains” therefore he probably has a lot of fans! And, he will probably get some endorsements or something Ugh 😑
      But Josh is not actually a “villain” he is a “Poor me Crybaby, Mommies Boy, Victim!!!!!! Plus a Bully, super Arrogant & crazy Immature!!!!! 😡
      Sorry… Rant over! 🙃
      I could go on and on but I won’t do that to you! LOL sorry, I just went on a big rant there!

  22. Jess should have put paul up, but warn him about it. Then josh would have gone home.

    • Yes, that’s what I’ve also been saying! Put Paul up, but let him know in advance. He would still hate her, but at least he couldn’t have told others on his side that Jess tried to screw him. They would all know that her real target was Josh, and although Josh has been a tool, no one would try to save him over Paul.

      Likewise, I wish Jessica had told Ramses in advance that she was going to put him up as a pawn. He looked surprised on television when she announced it. A pawn is someone you really do NOT want to get evicted, so why not be upfront with the person?

      • Easy stuff in my opinion! Easy done deal… ✅
        If I were Jessica, I would have pulled Paul aside right before the Vito ceremony and ask him again who is 100% leaving and of course he would say Josh!
        Then, I would pulled off Ramses & put up Paul And just say I have been guaranteed Josh is going home, you are just my pawn as I know I don’t have the votes to evict you, so again you are simply my pawn and my extra insurance! Done ✅ easy stuff! Then just talk to Paul and tell them she knows she doesn’t have the numbers to get rid of that person so again just let them know this was nothing more than insurance because she was hearing of a blindside, and she wouldn’t be wrong and Paul would know that!
        She should’ve done that especially because she was having doubts! She should have trusted her intuition! If she gets the chance, she won’t make that same mistake twice! Regardless of what Cody says!

    • If I were Jessica, I would have pulled Paul aside right before the Vito ceremony and ask him again who is 100% leaving and of course he would say Josh!
      Then, I would pull off Ramses & put up Paul, Christmas, Alex, Matt, Raven…… And just say I have been guaranteed Josh is going home, you are just my pawn and my extra insurance! Done ✅ easy stuff! Then just talk to the person that was renominated and tell them she knows she doesn’t have the numbers to get rid of that person so again just let them know this was nothing more than insurance!
      Especially because she was having doubts! She should have trusted her intuition! If she gets the chance again, she won’t make that same mistake twice! Regardless of what Cody says!

  23. D-Bag Paul only looks smart, because everybody else are just a bunch of stupid followers!

    • Absolutely! I pretty much said the same thing a few hours ago. Yes, Paul is playing a great game however, these HG’s make it easy for him! Over 3/4 of the house follow his every move and listen to his every word!
      If there were “stronger” HGs that were not afraid to play their own game and make big moves then Paul’s game would not be as good as everyone thinks it is. SMH🤦‍♀️

      Just another predictable BB season! Huge bummer!! This season started out really good so I thought it was gonna be a good one!

      Oh well, there’s always next year! And big BB Canada in the winter :-)

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