‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 8?

Thursday’s Double Eviction wrapped up and left Big Brother 19 without an Head of Household. Then the Feeds were kept off and we were really left in the dark. Oh, but wait, a promised “worth the wait!” special episode arrived… Nope, nothing but a tease there. Ahh, here come the Feeds to deliver us from ignorance with Big Brother spoilers!

Big Brother HoH competition

After Derrick Levasseur hosted an hour long clip show the HGs went out to the backyard where he hosted their next challenge. This one would require them to think back through the season for a chance at power. Ready to find out who won HoH?

Big Brother 19 Week 8 HoH Comp – ‘Tales From Decrypt’:

  • Christmas won HoH

When Feeds finally returned we found Christmas and Raven in the HoH room as Raven praised her for having a smooth Nominations Ceremony.

Nominations were held earlier on Friday already and we’ve got those spoilers here too, then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend!

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  1. Jason and Matt are the noms, probably in an attempt to BD Mark – unless the new twist did something?

    • I’m not so sure… The last thing I heard Christmas say was that she wanted to get HOH so she could “shake up the house.” Plus, she’s the only other person that might backdoor Paul at some point. Not saying it will be now (and I’m hoping it won’t be now, lol), but she’s one to watch out for!

      • Xmas more than anyone needs to align herself with someone who can win comps since she can’t do the physical ones. Don’t think she can rely on Mark and she doesn’t seem to like Jason so it would seem Paul or Alex are her best chance so she’d be foolish to try to get either one out.

      • Isn’t the only comp he won a crap shoot? Wouldn’t really call that a win. Even though I know he won. Lol

      • josh can win with random chance that is about it…he is a doofus that cannot win physical or mental comps

      • Yeah, I think she likes Paul on a personal level too (friend-wise), so that’s the only reason I see for her not going after him for a while.

        I’m not 100% sure that Mark is really her target. I think it may be a case of lets see how the Veto comp works out, and go from there. I think Kevin, Matt, Raven, Mark, are the most likely victims of eviction under Xmas’ HOH, but I still think she might be the one to possibly target Jason or even Alex. Please leave the entertainment (Paul) alone, Xmas!

      • Is she really getting close with Alex, or is she just keeping an eye on Paul’s other potential F2 ally? I’m definitely not convinced that she’s truly buddies with Alex.

      • No they’re getting close. She’s talked about it with Josh and Alex has talked about it with Jason.

      • She seems quite relaxed with Alex, I think it’s not just game but guess we’ll see how it plays out.She would seem to have more in common with Alex than the 3 showmance girls

      • Sounds good… Keep me updated! Lol

        I’m probably paranoid, but I just don’t want to lose one of the few HGs that has a sense of humor yet.

      • They’re talking now Paul/Christmas. I don’t think any of them can even mention the name ‘Paul’ in the house or they’ll be out the door. ha! I think they really believe that. lol

      • It seems that way, and I really think Paul is being honest when he talks about how he’s amazed that he’s not been on the block yet. I think even he’s probably in shock by how much control he’s had over previous HOHs.

        What I’m thinking now is that there are a couple of people in the majority that have their own ideas about how things should go moving forward


        Then there’s Mark…

        Matt and Raven have no clue about anything.

        Out of the other 4, I think Jason might be the one who’s possibly got his own ideas of what might be best for his game (and Alex’s). I honestly was only about half relieved when he won HOH during the DE because I wasn’t 100% what he was going to do.

      • I hope Jason/Alex remain loyal to him. I see them as his ‘fire wall. Dependable on Comps. too…I don’t think we’ll ever hear an alliance name this season…

      • Yeah, I’d like to see the 4 of them (counting Xmas) stay loyal to each other. I think they are really the only 4 that have been playing to try and reach the end.

        As far as an alliance name… Yeah, I don’t see there being any names given to anything this season. I guess it would be fitting to just call their alliance Friendship because they do seem to genuinely like each other. What’s been kinda neat to see is that while he’s trying to win… Paul is almost acting like a mentor for the other 3. Like he’s trying to get them prepared for the final weeks in case he does get evicted.

      • Did you see how Paul exposed and crushed the plot against him by Mark and also Jason. lol He’s so good. Those are all calculated (strategy). He staged them, grandstand and undress them both in front of the HG’s and TV viewers. That should give them a lesson. lol

      • Yeah, I did see that, and I thought it was a great job on Paul’s part to protect his game. Plus, I kinda think maybe he involved Jason in the questioning of Mark because it covers how close he’s been working with Jason (from Matt and Raven mainly). So it makes it look like Paul’s still closer to Matt and Raven (in the eyes of the showmance) even though they are coming up fast in the eviction order.

        I have to give Mark a bit of credit though. He could have given up Kevin as one of the people talking about how Paul was coming after Mark, but he didn’t. I like Mark, but he seems a little too nice to be a great BB player.

      • Hilarious! He is not good…he is just playing with people who have no self esteem/no nothing about the game. They are bad. Totally different than him being good.

  2. Maybe, just maybe… Christmas gets letter from her dad Tank saying don’t be a fool, make a big move now????

    • Sure, then he will run to Paul and ask what he thinks, Paul will tell her she should not trust her father, and Xmas will listen to Paul

    • One can only hope that she gets Raven out this week… I think she could go that way.

  3. I really hope this is the week that Christmas doesn’t target Mark. I’m getting tired of Mark losing HOH after HOH and having to win POV or TC every single time to safe himself. It’s interesting that he’s still here, but the house needs some more drama, as anything that’s considered drama is offset by the fact that Paul hasn’t even been OTB once this entire season. I’m happy that Paul didn’t win another HOH and that Kevin is still in the game, but this season really needs a major plot twist right about now. It’s just like when Corey didn’t go after James when Victor split up their showmance last season.

    • Well she put up Matt and Jason I’m assuming pawns. Waiting for Raven to get out of the HOH room so I can hear some game talk.

      • Xmas can still BD Mark, so Mark in all likelihood has to get drawn for and win POV if he wants to be safe. Then again, Xmas also thinks Kevin is sketchy, so she might BD him instead.

      • Oh I think that’s her plan to BD Mark. If Mark wins veto they’ll send Matt home I hope. I don’t want Jason to go.

      • They’ll definitely send Jason home because he is more competitive than Matt in pretty much all aspects of the game except for cereal.

      • But that would be the smart thing to do. So, we know that won’t happen with these HGs. The only one playing smart is Paul, and I can’t stand him.

      • But as numbers start to dwindle, I think they’ll keep Matt because he’s the weaker of the two. I don’t watch the feeds though, so I’m not certain.

      • These HGs don’t care about going to Jury. They just all want to be friends with Paul. The hit list is Mark, Matt, Raven and now Kevin.

      • If these HGs were like the ones from BB18, them Josh, Paul, and Jason all would’ve been gone. But they’re not, and it’s mainly because of Paul.

      • Paul Alex Kevin and Josh would keep Jason I think. They’ve talked about getting Matt out.

      • yeah but Matt lost (a win for him) that one comp about where they were with the sounds!

      • If Jason and Matt are final noms: Paul, Alex, Kevin, Josh would vote to keep Jason over Matt, Raven would vote to keep Matt, Mark who knows?

      • That’s right – I have short term memory! But Cody did nominate him, and when Paul was HOH, he gave Cody some spiel about being more of a chess player, so Cody, take your seat. Thx for the reminder.

      • And when Jessica got HOH she put up Ramses and Josh. The house flipped and Ramses went home.

  4. If this useless girl gets rid of Mark,how is that a big move?She said if she won HOH”They will never see this coming”and Mark is the best she can come up with?I swear,do they ask Paul for permission every time they want to go to the bathroom these people?Please Mark win the POV PLEASE DEAR LORD WIN!!This girl is even more useless than I thought.

    • So if she doesnt get paul out it isnt a big move? Mark is winning more & more so its a pretty big move – though expected.

    • I thought the same thing. “They will never see this coming”. Umm…everyone, including Mark, saw this coming. Exactly who did she think wouldn’t see this coming?

  5. Need to stop been not children and get Alex Jason a nd Paul out then start played n the here own game

      • Hey Cy!
        Did you see meanie Paul yell at your baby meatball tonight when Josh started to chime in on the conversation with Mark?
        Bet Paul doesn’t get a shirt now, right?? ;) lol!

      • It was at the beginning of tonight’s episode when paul confronted mark about Jason’s speech… your baby started to comment, saying “I called it” oor something like that, and Paul snapped at him pretty good, actually got Josh to sit back on the counter and say “okay”. and he zipped it.

        I’m sorry, Cy, but it cracked me up coz it was almost like a puppy getting yelled at!! ;)

      • It’s weird they’re afraid of him. I don’t know what he did to them, but there’s a psychology behind it. lol Look at BIG Mark, when Paul was interrogating him.

      • I know! If I was Mark, I would have flipped that on Paul so fast and asked him, “So, Paul are you saying you *haven’t said you want me out?” And then watched as he either admitted it or not and if he did admit to it, then I would have said “and that is why I said what I said…end of conversation” Why can’t these people think on their feet?? I wonder if they can walk and chew gum simultaneously as well!! haha

      • paul did a LOT of that loud in-you-face intimidation talking, well, with his voice, YELLING, last season to people.
        It’s part of his/paul’s Napoleon Complex.

    • I’m not sure any of these people could actually play the game without Alex or Paul telling them what to do. smh So sad.

  6. So Xmas just said that breaking her foot is why she got the Ring of REplacement. Did she not get that before she broke her foot?

    • No she broke her foot either towards the end of the first week or beginning of the second week. At least I think. But I’m a senior so I could be off on that. Lol

    • She broke her foot prior to getting the Ring of Replacement. In my opinion, it was a sympathy win. But, that’s just me.

      • I remember the voting but I don’t think the broken foot had anything to do with it. At least it didn’t with my voting.

  7. I’m glad that it was two different people that won HOH. It’s kind of boring when it is the same ones. I hope Christmas puts up Paul. I like Paul, but, I think they need to start playing for themselves not for Paul. I have found that I am getting really tired of Raven. There has to be more to discuss then the Gastropherisis. I’ve known a few people with this a 2 of them had the pacemaker implant. None of them made it the only topic of discussion. I guess I have found that there is more to a person than a illness or disease. One of my friends who has this asked me why I don’t share more about the CIPD variant of Guillian Barre Syndrome. It’s simple, my name is Sandie and I prefer to be known by my name, not what I have. I guess that’s why Raven rubs me wrong. Sorry, this post was longer than intended since I am watching the live feeds right now and she is once again talking about the Gastropherisis.

    • I am right there with you. When Raven starts talking I either switch cameras or mute the TV. She is a horrible liar…ugh, truly dislike her!

      • Same here. I’ve had to hit mute a number of times or change the camera. I hope Christmas will go after her this week. And it is only because of that. Well, she is a floater as well. Even though she would be a good one to take to the end since everyone knows she is a floater and doesn’t deserve the money.

      • Oh please noooo…the thought of Raven getting F2 & 50 grand makes me want to vomit! She definitely does not deserve that honor nor the money! Although, she might need the money, heard she’s being investigated by the gofundme people… uh-oh. Maybe she should not have gone on national TV and lied about her disease and then ask people to contribute to help her pay for a surgery she simply does not need! smh… I swear, these people!!

      • On Elena’s post eviction interview, she was stating at the end that she didn’t have a job but would be available if anyone wanted her.

      • I can’t wait for Raven to get evicted. She’s so delusional and in her own mind thinks she’s getting AFP. Also, the other players keep telling her that she’s going to have so much money when she gets out because of her Go Fund Me account. Every time she opens her mouth it spews lies. If you want a good laugh google Tamara Tattles/Raven. It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.

      • I think it was after Jason’s HOH win, everyone huddled in that discussion room; Xmas was sitting on an armrest and Raven came over to give her a kiss on the cheek. Xmas tilted her head away from her, then when Raven pulled back, Xmas wiped the side of her face with the palm of her hand. I don’t get the feeds, so based on this reaction, I don’t think Xmas is very fond of Raven – although this was subtle, our actions speak louder than words. Maybe Xmas will nom Raven as a “pawn”.

    • I have gastroparesis too but i don’t talk about it all the time. I hardly ever do. When i do it’s only with my family members. Raven wants sympathy

      • I feel the same way with my stuff. My family knows what I deal with and maybe a few at church like my pastor, but other than that I don’t need everyone knowing what is going on unless they are my Drs and family. People at church and friends ask constantly, but they get usually generic answers.

  8. Jason put a target on his back with his nom speech, revealing to everyone that he and Mark had been strategizing to get Paul out. Jason is also emerging as a physical threat who, from Christmas’ perspective, broke her leg. …I’d be very willing to bet that Jason IS the actual target now, with Mark as the back up. This might turn out to be a more interesting week.

    • Jason said in his speech Mark was after a big target and he wasn’t going to get on that page with him. So Paul knows that Jason wasn’t on board with that.

      • Yes, and the idea is that Jason was discussing such a major move with someone outside of his main alliance got their attention.

      • Yeah, I doubt Paul will let that go far from his mind. It’ll start to bug him and might make him paranoid about Jason coz it took Jason so long to bring it up.

      • Not likely. Considering that conversation happened a while ago & Jason never brought it up to Paul before that…if I was Jason, I wouldn’t have mentioned it. JS…that target could seriously land on him this week if Paul does start getting paranoid.

      • You know what, I just thought of something too… If Christmas did want to target Jason, she might be able to get Paul on board if she uses Jason not bringing up that conversation with Mark until DE night. Plus, did you see Paul’s face when Alex told Derrick that Jason was her “ride or die”? Paul might be willing to get rid of Jason sooner rather than later b/c he wants Alex’s loyalty to be to him. JS… it could be a possibility.

      • Yes true. Based on Paul’s DR, he believes that he and Alex have their F2, and I think they do, which means Jason has to go. This presents a chance to evict him without putting Alex in a tricky position.

      • I know, but for some reason, I think it’s a real F2 with them. They developed their alliance very early in the game and nobody had caught on yet.

      • sorry, need some ‘splainin’ here
        PS = ???
        ride or die = have heard this several times = what is it??

      • It’s BFs – sort of in this house – you’ll stick with each other to the end. I think the true meaning was exemplified by Derrick & Cody’s relationship – they were each other’s “ride or die” to the end. Yeah, I know, Cody gave us pause for a bit considering the possibility of turning on Derrick, but he didn’t! And they are truly BFs to this day.

      • Thanks,
        Ah, other season when Derrick won, 15? 16? don’t mind, don’t look it up. doesn’t matter.

      • Not sure Paul fully believes Jason wouldn’t take a shot at him. He’s too smart for that. And besides, Christmas has probably been waiting for her chance to get Jason out.

      • Now that might be true, especially because Jason once had such a yen to get Christmas out. From night one and for many weeks afterward, she was constantly his target–even after he broke her foot!

      • Yeah, he’s talked before about wanting Christmas out because of her broken leg. I’m can’t tell if he feels bad, or just resents her presence.

      • He’s wanted her out from like night one…remember he was one of the 2 votes she got to be evicted. I’m not sure why, but he has always seemed to have an issue with her.

      • Hey Hey Hey ! ! !
        I re-watched episode 1 tonight and Ch was on the block with Jillian and Cameron (since paul entered the house and Jason noticed there were only 16 places set at the table. So one HG had to go.
        JASON and JOSH were the two that voted to get out CH that first night! ! !

      • My concern is that she could use this incident for a reason to nom them, but her target would be Mark (because Paul said so). Do you know what/how much influence Paul has over Xmas? When I saw her chiming in with the rest of the gang last nite while Paul was admonishing Mark, I realized she has become part of the Paul Mob Mentality crowd.😕

      • Oh..yes Mark has been the target, it could get interesting if Jason stays on the block.

      • And he never told Paul about this conversation before that speech. That could get Paul paranoid as to why Jason didn’t tell him earlier.

  9. Christmas winning is really Paul’s HOH now. I read that Kevin she said Kevin is trying to change her agenda. She means Paul’s agenda.

    • She might actually need to win the money since this injury is going to put a blight on her fitness career.

      • I really don`t get how this injury is so bad. Athletes get injured all the time ( with even more severe injuries) and they still recover and go back play. I think Xmas is just saying that for people to feel sorry for her and keep her around and eventually give the 500K to her once her ” career” is over”

      • Oh I don’t think she’s faking that. If you watch the injury happen in slow motion…her foot literally bends in half. It made my spine shiver just watching it!

      • I know it was really bad. But still I dont get once she`s fully recoverd how that would stop her to doing her CrossFit etc.

      • Because if certain bones have to be fused, she’ll no longer have as much mobility. This injury really could ruin her career…

      • Thot there were several bones broken. Ch could write another book, she is an entrepeneur, possibly owns the fitness place, does modeling, and probably a few other things under all those tats.

      • When/if Kevin goes, I hope the other HGs find out about the, I mean, his-Kevin’s $25,000 that started this whole paul entrance BEFORE Kevin is out the door.
        Of course, I just re-watched the first episode and there were 6 other HGs that pressed their buzzer besides Kevin: Alex, Raven, Jason, Cody, Mark & Ramses.

      • I thought Paul started telling everyone. At least Matt and Raven too. Don’t think it makes much of a difference to anyone anymore tho.

    • Yes that has often been the case, but I would give Christmas a little more credit than that. She’s way more strategic than most other HG, and it would be in her interest to target more physical players.

      • She was talking to I think it was Jason some time ago about how everyone is so far up Pauls butt and that he needs to be taken out when given the chance. She may be up to the task. If she does that, she deserves to win since nobody else had the balls to do it. I believe it was Jason that she was talking to. It was while they were playing chess.

      • I would be shocked silly if she actually tried it! haha Impressed, but utterly shocked speechless just the same.

      • She told Josh that also. Not playing chess though. Don’t think chess is the game for Josh.:-)

      • I give her no credit, but let’s hope. The talk has turned to Jason and Paul is throwing him under the bus.

    • for some reason, I got a little mixed up reading your post.
      You can go back to any of your own posts, click on edit, (down to left side of Reply = Share, at bottom of post) and retype, fix, change what you’ve already written.
      This you can do after it’s already posted. :-)

      • lol. Thank you.
        It was late, I always make mistakes.
        I now forgot what it was but, Kevin told Jason something about winning veto and keeping noms the same and Christmas said to Paul that Kevin was trying to change her agenda. I think her agenda is to backdoor’d Mark.

  10. My biggest pet peeve….hearing people chew food. How do you make noise eating ice cream?

      • Lmao
        Yeah, I don’t see that happening at all!
        They were just tandem buddies!
        I never did find out why Paul picked her, do you know why?

      • I really don`t know. but I remember one time they were sitting somewhere and she was all over him , like touching him. Maybe that`s when it all started.

      • Someone had written earlier that paul picked Ch so she wouldn’t be talking to other HGs where he wouldn’t be able to hear her.

      • He was having a hard time keeping her in check during Josh’s HOH. Josh had told Paul some of the thing xmas was saying so again a control thing. He was in her ear for 48hrs.

    • I highly doubt that. If Christmas even thought of making an alternative choice other than Mark, it might be Jason since Jason broke her foot and has actively sought to get her out…other than that (and I doubt she’ll do that either) I don’t see Xmas rocking Paul’s boat.

  11. Ugh 😑 REALLY!!! Christmas!!!

    She shouldn’t even be there so the fact that she will End someone (Marks) chances at winning, PISSES ME OFF!!! I think it is BS.

    Okay TRUTHFULLY if it is Josh (Unlikely) or Raven (b/c she is a con artist & she should be pulled from the game for committing fraud while in the House) then I won’t care! Even Matt! Those 2 (Maven) haven’t even played AT ALL so at least it would be somewhat fair if one of them went during her HOH…….
    I am SURE Christmas is gonna ENJOY sending Mark out the door during her HOH!
    I personally think it is SOOOOOO UNFAIR!!! BUT I know, I KNOW no one said Big Brother was fair!

    • I agree tina, I don’t want Mark to go yet either…hopefully, he gets picked and has another POV win up his sleeve. Matt would probably go home in that situation.

      • Yeah, I just watched Elena’s post evict interview and Matt was one of the preferences/ choices she had for next HG to jury house. Before him: paul

      • I think Mark will save Jason and Raven will be the renom. Hopefully she goes home!!! :-)

      • I can’t wait to see raven get evicted. Wait till the show is over and the HouseGuest’s get to see what a fraud she really is lol.

      • I’m pulling for Mark too. He may be a blubberer but he’s proven that he can compete in physical and mental competitions. He blew his game earlier in the season by lusting after Elena but he’s still in the house. Who knows? Can he win another POV? Or even get chosen to play?

  12. Matt & raven want alex out. Lets see what they can do about it since neither one is playing the game or winning.

  13. I know the producers at CBS reads this, but I hope so. I would think it would be awesome to have the house-guests that was booted on day one and just a couple of hours when they arrived. I know BB is about playing fair. But, I think it would be awesome to see what kind of games the house-guests would play, had it not for being evicted day one.

    • Agreed. I thought about that each season. We never get the time to see and maybe their amazing player.

      This year it’s funny because people seems to love Cameron. But who knows!! I loved Matt on paper. But he really desapointed me.

      • Yes!!! I’ve been saying that for days now. He never even had a chance so give it to him instead of the morons that actually got to play. (Or should I say float!)

  14. Paul needs to GO! Mark is the only one left that I would like to see win. The rest are a bunch of sheep and just plain mean like Josh needs to go after Paul. Worst BB ever.

    • In Elena’s post eviction interview I just saw, Elena said the same thing. She would like to see Mark win of everyone in house. And even paul go out.

    • I’ve been rooting for Mark the past couple weeks. I’ve also agreed with commenters that Paul has been playing a good game, etc. until I saw the horrendous grilling Paul spewed at Mark at the kitchen table. Paul admonishing Mark for making a move to get rid of him (P) ! WTH? Mark took the verbal beat down and most of the HGs were on the sidelines barking and agreeing to what Paul was saying. My heart sank when I saw/heard Xmas chime in, too! I was just starting to become a bit of a Xmas fan, now this! Paul’s demeanor, his unrelenting grilling, his verbal battering was Napoleanic! I really want Mark to win POV, get HOH, and let’s see what Paul’s Pharissitic ass has to say! (BTW: Paul, the Pharisee stood by and held the robes of the people who stoned Stephan to death. Ironic that BB Paul has the same name and character?👹)

  15. raven is such a puke,, and if she shovels any more icecream in her pie hole,,I hope she explodes..her and her tag along boyfriend are the biggest floaters ever,,,he inhales cereal and she shovels in ice cream,,don’t know w ho is more irritating her or matt but,,,there is always Josh,,he is a close 3ed,,I agree give Paul the money no one has a brain in this house so they certain;y cannot outthink him,,canno stand Alex either,,Frankly cannot think of any of them I truly am rooting for Worst Season ever

  16. What competition did Jason win? Wasn’t that for HOH? I’m confused… Didn’t every one go to that room where his pics and basket etc were?

  17. I am really getting tired of some of the people who don’t do anything of importance in the game but ride on Paul’s coattails! I don’t like previous players to be in the game!!! I really am getting tired of Paul and keep HOPING someone actually starts THINKING and does something to get him out!!!

  18. Christmas made no big move. She just did what Paul told her. I thought Zingbot’s shots at Trump were inappropriate for this show.

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