‘Big Brother 19’ Live Recap: Special Episode Goes Clippy

Big Brother host Julie ahead of episode 25

Big Brother is back with a special Friday episode and we’re about to find out what happens in the Big Brother 19 house when the Feeds go down and a special guest visitor goes inside. Julie Chen revealed Derrick Levasseur, winner of BB16, was back and paying the HGs a visit. Beyond that, we didn’t know for sure.

Based on the usual progress of events after Double Evictions and the regular Big Brother weekly timeline there’s been plenty going on inside the house. There’s most likely a new Head of Household and nominations should be wrapping up this evening as well. But according to Julie on Thursday, we won’t be seeing any of that tonight. Turns out, the whole night is a clip show with just a tease of the next HoH comp from Sunday’s upcoming show.

We’re picking back up with the immediate post Double Eviction elimination of Elena. Mark is crying in DR because he didn’t give Elena the space she wanted. Well she’s got lots of space now!

Paul is hot over Jason’s reveal in his nomination speech that Mark wanted to come after him. Mark denies it, but Paul is being Paul and digging in.

The Houseguests are settling in for the night when the doorbell rings. Everyone races to see who it is when… Derrick comes in carrying a move-in bag. Paul’s face drops to the floor. He’s clearly worried, but not for long. Derrick reveals he’s just teasing them.

Instead, Derrick is here to reflect on the season so far and introduce clips. Yes, tonight is a clip show. CBS took down our post-DE Feeds for more than a day to do a clip show. Going. To. Lose. It…

Well, I guess we’re stuck waiting for the tease of the Head of Household competition at the very end of the show, but even that likely won’t be the full thing. We’ll have to get that info off the Feeds later.

The show ended with Derrick taking everyone out to the backyard. The competition is called “Tales from Decrypt” (clever) and it requires HGs to remember events from the season. Derrick is hosting and the wall behind him has a bracket on it so we’ve got another tourney comp here. Spoilers coming up around 9PM PT.

Feeds will be back before too long though. You can start watching them again around 9PM PT (12AM ET) and we’ll be ready then to find out who won HoH and was nominated. Don’t forget that tonight is your last chance to use Promo Code BB19SALE to get a free month of the Feeds, enough to get you through the season.

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  1. Have a feeling that tonight’s episode is going to be a big yawn. Derrick was interesting to watch as he manipulated his way to the end on his season, but that’s over,done. Sounds to me like CBS had nothing else for that time slot tonight and we’re getting filler. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    • yep…in agreement…Derrick played a decent game and won..but as a person he is kinda low key and bland…What can he say or do that would make for a special hour of BB…??

      • Agree, Derrick’s season was the most boring season in recent history for me. He dominated but was not interesting to watch so not exactly looking forward to his return. I suspect tonight will be filler for CBS and a whole lot of nothing for us.

    • Wasn’t it also fun watching him try to “go undercover” as a hipster? (the glasses and hipster hat). Lol @ him thinking that that persona would make him fit in (it worked!)

    • It was a bore. Total waste of time. You missed nothing. It made me hate the houseguests even more.

  2. I will watch and hope they at least show us the HOH comp. Zingbot is usually not part of the special, but it will make it more interesting. He will probably show up sometime next week, maybe Wednesday.

  3. I’m very curious about this pecial show tonight. As I said earlier, for them to cut the feed for the whole day, it has to be because Derreck spent the day there. Well, we’ll see.

      • I was hoping he turned to the houseguests….pointed to that disgusting Paul and say…..Guys, he’s playing all of you and let the chips fall.

  4. How is it that the live feeds coming back at 9 feels like anxiously waiting for my boyfriend to return home after studying abroad for a semester? The anticipation is laughably ridiculous…What am I doing with my life??

  5. What if the new temptation twist took out Paul and brought in Derrick? Love-hate feelings about that…

    • He’s an emotional guy lol! Remember, in his intro he said he loves wearing pink, and his favorite movies are Rom-Coms or something like that

  6. Why are they so scared of Paul? Oh please, don’t try to intimidate people. Here goes the mob mentality.

    Hate this!!!!

  7. Paul starting an argument? Wow! Way to finally get the blood on your own hands rather than sending a minion to do it.

    • But that’s not how it played out; his minions are still following him and ready to fight on his behalf. Paul just love a show, being the center of attention.

  8. Love it!! Josh!! all at once. How funny.
    Yes, Christmas and Josh stop inserting yourselves in other people’s conversations.

  9. Well Jason isn’t lying, he never said he would go after Paul. Mark just told him what he thinks

  10. what a bunch of spineless ball less people I cant even stand Paul talking anymore Have this people ever watched BB before????

  11. *Doorbell rings, Human Ambien walks in…….Derrick.

      • Teehee, he played a clean game but one of the most boring seasons ever!!!

      • Boring? Watching Frankie sexually abuse all the male hgs? He should have been arrested.

      • Not to mention what he said about Victoria. Yeah, I thought it was boring. Hated Frankie with a passion.

      • That’s why I love him. He played a clean, solid game. He broke up arguments before they got dirty. We could have used him this season to control Josh.

    • how fitting. Derrick who had his win handed to him by Cody. He should ask, So which one of you losers is gonna hand Paul the $500,000?

  12. “it brings back pretty good memories of how I controlled my season” There, I fixed it for you Derrick! LOL

  13. And here comes the recapping of sh – stuff – yeah, totally meant stuff – we didn’t want to see the first time.

    • I watched it for 10 minutes after all the FF…..literally only watched when Derrick was on and even that was a bore, but I do like Derrick. Cute as hell in those tight jeans….lol. Looks like he lost some weight.

  14. Ph*ck, I thought we were past the Jess/Cody bs. *barf

  15. I love how all these people say “we know each other so well.” Okay, sure, you’ve been together 24/7, but that was only for, like 4 weeks, right? Because he was evicted during Week 3 and she was evicted during Week 6, so really, how well can you actually know these people?

    • well so far 2 marriages have come out of this I guess they have the same odds of anybody else meeting some other way

      • Actually 3 weddings…..Danielle and Dominic were married in 2014. I NEVER thought that would happen. Dominic wasn’t even on the show that long and I thought she treated him like crap. Oh well.

  16. Cody’s got a dramatic voice, just don’t look at him, his eyes.. then you see a ‘stalker’ lol

    • As The World Turns. Days of Our Lives. The Young and The Restless… Anyone of those also.

    • After watching Y&R today, watching this crap was a snoozefest. Y&R was great. And you know something else, Survivor puts BB to shame. Survivor is a excellent show that surprises everyone. I was sick when Paul said they backdoor people and shocked people who left? What? I guessed every person who walked out the door…….He’s probably thinking Ramses and he knew he was leaving. Jess knew, Cody knew twice, D knew, everyone knew. This has been the most predictable season ever.

  17. Good Lord..Enough with Cody and Jessica. They are out of the house!! Feeds have been down for thus??

  18. Sorry, but I want the live feeds over this garbage.

  19. They should’ve shown the clip when Cody told Matt that since Jess is probably watching right now.

  20. Oye! I thought we were past this. I guess they didn’t get enough footage after Cody left for tonight.

    Cody and Jessica are perfectly ridiculous together.

  21. I call the season Derrick won, the Frankie season. I barely remember most of the HGs or that Derrick was the one who won. Frankie, Zach, Caleb are the most memorable and this season it will be Josh, Jess and Cody.

    • I missed what he said just now, but I did notice Matt giving Ramses a lot of attention early on.

  22. Random thought but in BB the bathroom is too close to the kitchen…germs etc…issues

  23. “Can they see us”? Lol. Maybe not the house guests but thousands of others, not that you really care Elena.

  24. What a f$#@ing joke of an episode. I’m going back to doing anything other than watching this.

  25. I have no idea how Mark thinks HOlena is remotely interested in him.

    • I wonder how much they paid him to come back and bore everyone to tears.

    • Easy money and we have seen him for less than five minutes.
      Just walk in and ask several dumb questions….

  26. I think I will use Mark’s line sometime. I have more than just game feelings for you.

  27. Paul calls out Mark for not having his back but Why doesn’t Mark call Jason out for not having his back and keeping the conversation they had secret? Stand up to these goons Mark!

  28. Anyone who doesn’t watch feeds and just this edited version of showmances will fall in love with them, especially Jason and Alex, but No!!! people, this is not how it actually is.
    Did Derrick say and final showmance, as if Raven and Matt are not important. Yes!!
    Matt and Ramses adorable.

    • Especially we barely get to see Ramses on the edited show. So that was nice to see he wasn’t just the kid with the glasses

  29. Mark is such a big p$#@y. Tell paul you don’t trust him because he’s a snake, you don’t like him, and he is coming after you. Grow a pair

  30. Why do they have Derrick doing a recap episode? That’s what Zingbot and final 3 are for.

  31. A cereal montage. That’s how boring these HGs are. Production had no choice but to give us a freakin’ CEREAL MONTAGE.

  32. They are showing everything I DON’T want to see.

  33. How can you go through 26 years of living and not know what a hymen is?

  34. Jess has company, Mark thought it was a beer. Who are these people?

    • Wonder if there is one of him stroking his beard in mirror or licking his lips. Don’t want to see it tho!

  35. LMAO!! I never saw that Jessica thing on the feeds. She probably lost it really young and didn’t even know what was happening. How can any girl not know that. Hilarious.

    • She’s much more experienced with the back door anatomy. Probably collects colonoscopy pics.

    • Same time last year. Guess they liked it so much they decided to repeat the formula.

  36. Those were memorable scenes, I have to say, Josh is a character, and so as Mark. They’re good for each other. lol

  37. Please don’t throw rocks at me….at least not big ones :)). This is just my opinion.

    I feel CBS bringing back the Cult leader was one of the worst decisions in the history of BB. I have watched since July 2000, and live feeds when they became available. Last night I the canceled the feeds, and I’m not watching the rest of the season. It will only be a continuation of Abrahamian and His Imbeciles. Hopefully BB20 will return as the “true” game it was intended to be……….entertaining. I’m sure going to miss the summer show I looked forward to every year. However, when TV and/or feeds aren’t fun, and cause anxiety, it’s time to go.

    CBS, please listen to your faithful BB fans. I think many people are not happy with this season.

    Side note, I so wish CBS would please stop calling former players “Veterans”. That is the worst type of insult to our “real Veterans” – the courageous Defenders of our Freedom. I have many brave Veterans in my family, I work on a Marine base, was married to a Marine, and volunteer with several organizations that support and serve our Veterans and our active military and their families. They are the true definition of what a Veteran is. Everytime Abrahamian is called a Veteran, I feel my blood pressure rising.

    I apologize to everyone for my rambling. I just hold our Military so very closely in my heart.

    • Appreciate your views. Veteran is not used in same context though, if that helps your perception. I think the public understands the definition of veteran used here.

    • Just looking for different (and more personal in your case) perspectives, what are your thoughts on CBS not showing the personal attack’s on Cody’s service and the house’s plans to try to cause self-eviction?

      • I was so very upset that CBS did not show the personal attacks on Cody’s service. I’m still angry about. CBS and production are nothing but cowards to allow that to happen, and then to not air it. The reason they edited like they did is because they knew the backlash from the viewers would kill them. Unless people are able to watch the live feeds, they will never see the real personalities of the losers in the house. When I watch the regular show I cannot believe it is the same people I see on the feeds. On the feeds they are a pack of wild animals. Not showing what happened to Cody is unacceptable, and inexcusable. The damage has been done to Cody, it can never be repaired. It crushed my heart that Cody was forced to endure that rag tag bunch of cowardly bullies. Cody served our country with honor in the Air Force and the Marine Corps. He is a very proud Veteran, as he should be. There is not one single person in that house that would make it even one week, probably not even the first three days. I know it won’t do any good, but I have contacted CBS numerous times, and I will continue to do so. I’m hoping so much that Cody will be honored with AFP. He deserves it for all of the grief he had to endure. I do not want any of those bullies to receive the title and the money. They are not deserving of it. Thank you so much for asking.

      • Agreed. Thank you for answering and thank you so much for the sacrifices that you and your family have made.

    • newbie vs veteran. Not a dis to our military vets. But it does remind me of Larry David’s show when a dinner guest asked if he could bring along a Survivor. Much hilarity ensued.

    • Veteran : A veteran (from Latin vetus, meaning “old”)[1] is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field.

  38. Well, I was able to work on my final project for my grad course during this episode, so that was something.

    • How come we never saw her cereal gate on any episode yet? We had the following fight involving josh and Elena. But no hysterical Alex over cereal.

      • We saw it in the edited show. Plus in tonight’s episode.

        But Alex is always portraits as cute and fun. She is not that little nice girl the show on the edited show. In fact she’s mean, entitled and mean.

      • Did it look to anybody like Josh was in distress from the pickle juice and hot sauce? He didn’t look hurt, he just looked butthurt, embarrassed.

    • We know how fake these reality shows are. I wish they would at least edited in a way that shows their true characters, rather than production fooling viewers. This could cost Kevin or someone more worthy the AFP prize. I think Jess and Cody could get it.

      • I was waiting for Derrick to remind America to support her. Speaking of support, whose bra hangs from the cue sticks?

    • I am so happy they skipped her, instead they showed Matt and Ramses. Hilarious. I think it was intentionally done.

      • I wonder if she is getting the message, few DR sessions and then skipped over tonight. Probably not, but we can hope

      • Ramses must have been so frustrated. Raven standing next to Matt at every feeding. But, he did mount Marks back like a trouper.

      • Matt knew Ramses had a crush and he was a good sport about it. Unless he secretly enjoyed it.

      • CBS really ripped Matt. Whenever there was an opportunity to ridicule him they took a swing. It was pretty brutal. And awesome.

  39. I must be in a haze. Elena’s gone!!! Yes! I’ve got to go do some catching up. Who got her?

      • Got Veto, took himself off. Interesting interview with Elena after. I rewatched, she certainly didn’t get any love from the audience during the interview. They clapped when she came out but nothing after, Cody got more response during his interview than her.

      • Mandarin??? Well, NEATO!!! My nephew works for the Dept. of State in China at the embassy and he is now visiting IOWA and the Iowa State Fair. Then on his way to Alaska for a week, his 50th state to visit, then back to China next week!
        Happy (and safe) Trails!!! :-)

      • Darn, I was going to ask you how to pronounce it, so I could add it to my collection of various languages of hello and goodbye. :-)
        Aloha ! ! !

      • Mark’s becoming a comp beast. I’m surprised that he didn’t win the HOH, if it is true about Christmas. He’s in a pickle now.

      • Maybe, Christmas did say she’d shake up the house according to tonight’s episode!!! :-) We’ll c.

      • Yes, Mark won the veto and took himself off and Matt, I think?, was put up. HOlena was toast.

      • So it seems. He’ll need to be to stay in the game unless some things have changed that I’m unaware of. I have a lot to read. :)

      • They’re not strategic players, but there’s at least four newbies we know that can win comp.in the house. Mark, Alex, Jason of course, even Matt. and now Christmas? (if it’s true)

      • Honestly, Cy, do you think we would have seen any viable strategy this season without Paul? Cody would have had everyone scared of his shadow and he is not at all entertaining. A whole season of watching the Jody show vs. the Paul Show…I choose Paul.

      • Yes, we are watching The Paul Show. What else is there to watch? Baby Meatball Show , both of them are good. To be honest I’m enjoying both shows.. lol

      • I’ve got to now! First, I’ve got to go apologize to my hubby for ignoring him when I got home. He forgives me for being “different” during BB, but says it’s good it doesn’t last longer than it does. Good man!! haha

      • LOL! Of all of the people that I interact with in person, I’m the only one who watches BB. Part of why I love it is because it really seems like a reflection of situations in group settings, such as politics/ pecking order/ power moves in the work place. But I think it’s funny when I make a BB reference at work or to someone, and they’re like “Is that the show….?”I’m thinking ‘Ugh!! WHY are you not watching it??’

      • No one in my family, none of my neighbors, or really close friends watch BB. People in my area are busy all summer in gardens, yards, and with lots of river to play on, recreational activities like boating/skiing, leaving me no one to talk BB with. I feel like an outcast. lol

  40. So, help me out here, I am preparing my bill for AG. She owes me for how many hours of unavailable live feeds; for the hour tonight of wasted time; pain and suffering sitting thru the Jody and Marlena montages, am I missing anything else?

    • It’s all over twitter. Try to cancel your “All Access” and they will give you a free month to stay.

    • I think you’ve got it. It might be a little much if you started mentioning cereal bowl slurping.

      • and the countdown of 10+ bowls with time and video, oh yes, audio (slurping sounds). Glad MAtt at least drank the milk at the end of the bowl and didn’t waste it.

      • When Ramses told him he look like the kind of guy that eat the same thing all the time, I wonder on what he based that??? Maybe the fact that Matt wear the same shirt everyday ?

  41. Biggest waste of an hour ever -we’ve seen all this already and it took an entire 24 hours of feeds being down almost for this …feeds get worse every year. Not impressed at all.

  42. I like derrick but really looking forward to Zingbot.
    “Hey Alexxxxxx. You look pale. Is it because you’ve been in Pauls shadow for 30 days? zinngggg.

  43. What a waste of an episode. At least they showed like 3 seconds of the HoH contest. /s

    • They put at least a few minutes into making Matt look like a complete fool, whether eating cereal or mounting Ramses. That was well worth it.

  44. I like Derrick. But that was the most boring BB show ever. Total waste of a Friday night. CBS really thought that was worth the feeds being down?

  45. I think it’s all good and I’m just happy we have an extra night !!! Go Big Brother.. I think this is one of the best seasons yet…

    • I think it’s ok because I am rooting for Paul and Alex. But I expected more after that dramatic first couple weeks. Still, glad you are happy.

  46. We did not need tonight’s show with BB showing us half of the clips we already saw this season. I could of caught up on last weeks epsode of PD Live.

    • Theirs was absolutely no need to cut the feed!! It’s not like the battle back that they want everyone to learn at the same time.

  47. Is the special episode worth watching? I lost power for 2 hours due to a major electrical and thunderstorm that rolled through here.

  48. How about next season we lose all the gimmicks. No vets. No battle backs or returning jurors. How about the creators/writers actually put their heads down and come up with cool new comps (both mental and physical). Adding twists is fine but within the constraints listed above. I hate clips. I like Paul but overall I hate having returning vets. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a season like that again? Oh, and how about some real vetting of new house guests.

  49. Here’s a funny. When our power was out, hubby said, “can’t you watch it on your tablet,” this coming from a computer engineer mind you. Told him that too is rather difficult. He asked why and I replied, “No wifi either!” He had to do a quick face palm! hahaha

  50. I found an epic tweet about that waste of time they just showed….how do I share the screenshot or tweet??

  51. Have any of you guys seen “Raven Exposed” on Youtube? It came up as a suggestion for me today (around 5 minutes long). Seeing a clip of her mom was also hilarious, since she looks/ talks/ seems just like her.

    It basically brings up the points:

    1) That pacemaker that she has, which she says is on level 9, and when she gets to level 15, “that’s it” (i.e. she will die)
    SUPPOSEDLY: There are permanent pacemakers that a person can receive; people with her condition only intiially receive temporary pacemakers to see if it works for them, then they get a permanent one.

    4) She says that the pacemaker she wants is not FDA approved and has only been tested on animals, “but I don’t mind being a guinea pig”
    SUPPOSEDLY: It actually is FDA approved

    2) She talks about wanting to buy a new pacemaker and was saying it costs $200k
    SUPPOSEDLY: It costs $40k

    3) She says that she is broke, her grand parents have had to sell everything to pay for her and her mom’s healthcare bills
    SUPPOSEDLY: There’s documentation of her regularly taking expensive vacations, buying a brand new car, and purchasing other expensive luxury items

      • I am actually surprised and somewhat disgusted with CBS for not pulling her from the game! Allowing their viewers to believe this con artist. She is a criminal and committing fraud on national TV. How is that right Joni?

      • No its not fraud. Unless she is using it to get others to give her money though crowd funding.

        If she said “please donate to my kickstarter to keep me alive” that would be fraud.

      • She is doing that LOL

        She “has had” several “Go fund me” pages.
        And her mom started up a “GFM” page AFTER Raven was already INSIDE the BB house but Raven talks to the cameras and asks people to donate to her “Go Fund Me” page
        Ummmmm…….. how does she know about this GFM page if she’s in the house??? Oh that’s right, her and her mom are con artists and they set this up for purposely to fraud “sympathetic kind hearted American & Canadian BB fans!”
        Last I heard, the page was shut down & they were giving people back their money because they ruled it to be fraudulent, (the Page her mom created). Not a stranger but her actual mom. How is that not fraud?
        “Please donate to my Go Fund Me page to help keep me alive for a little longer from this terminal (NOT terminal) disease I have.”
        Is that not fraud? I don’t know, I live in Canada and that would be fraud here, perhaps it’s not in your state?

      • Well, not all fraud charges are Federal crimes, but when someone defrauds someone over the internet it has to be Federal because so many states are involved. If I set up a fake gofundme account here in California and I’m ripping someone off in New York, it would be too difficult for either state to prosecute… that is why the Feds take it.

      • Thanks. I love learning. Knowledge is power too. ;) I have a Bachelors degree in General Psychology and I’m currently taking a Criminal Behavior and a Forensic Psychology class. I’m getting an education in the law as well! ;)

      • Totally agree! While we’re comparing…I majored in Math and got my MBA in Finance and Quantitative Analysis…Sooo nervous about talking to you lol now, with the psycho-analysis potential, and all I have in defense is my numerical and situational analytical abilities lol

      • The GFM was saying it was not accepting any donation. But since that it was deactivated and it’s accepting money. Google it. What is funny is that since 2 weeks she received no donation. And the last person that donated does it to give her psychological support after the show because of what she will have to go through.

      • Right right. I posted that a few days ago. Wasn’t that account deactivated and they are offering people their money back??
        Notice how some guy donate $200 and then a week later the same guy donates $200 again…….
        Looks pretty suspicious to me!
        That is the account her mom created right?

      • For me the account accept money. I noticed the same thing about that guy. And it’s twice 200$, not negligible.

        My psychic told me raven is not terminal.

      • Me too. Or he could be just gullible. I mean he doesn’t know the difference between a psychic and a physician!! lol!

      • He has friends in the “psychic” community. What, can this friend have a vision and see into the future in order to tell this guy Raven will definitely need the money?? lol! She might, but perhaps legal fees might be more appropriate! haha

        I’m not sure if this guy meant physician or psychology or psychiatry… but a psychic is someone who tells fortunes and has visions!! What does that have to do with raven’s illness?