‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 8 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds thanks to their long awaited return after all the downtime for that dud of a clip show on Friday night. With that out of the way we were treated to plenty of updates and spoilers including who had been sent to the Block.

Nominations on Big Brother

It didn’t take long to get the HoH spoilers and the nominations soon followed as well. Looks like we’ve got another Backdoor plan in action this round.

Big Brother 19 Week 8 Nominations:

  • Christmas nominated: Matt & Jason

Christmas was joking with Raven about telling Matthew she didn’t like him and that Jason was guilty by association. What I assume is happening here is that Mark is the target so Christmas is using Matthew & Jason as her pawns.

If Mark doesn’t get drawn for Veto then he’s out the door and off to Jury. I bet Elena will be thrilled…

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  1. I think this ridulous xmas said”They will never see this coming”if she won HOH,and she wants Mark out??Thats the big move??She is even more useless than I thought.

    • “I’m going to waste my HoH going for the small fish – they’ll never see it coming!”

      If she wants to impress anyone, nom Paul as the BD. Otherwise it’s another “M’eh”

      • That’s not how this works. lol. That’s why Cody is gone. When you have a slam dunk target you don’t upset the house because if your target doesn’t go home you are now up against the whole house. And because CBS likes to twist the show to get ratings if you’re in that house you have to be somewhat scared to go after Paul and incur some special twist. This show is what it is. Slightly rigged to keep their favorite people around to keep ratings up. It’s not like survivor where the show isn’t real time so you can either go with the tribe or just make big moves.

      • I swear you people who constantly cry about it are mentally retarded….I’ve never seen so many brain dead morons go on every single year about how rigged the show is only for the people who its supposedly rigged for to lose…It was rigged for Paul last year Nicole wins, it was rigged for Frank, it was rigged for Frankie, it was rigged for Caleb, it was rigged for Amanda because LMFAO she knew people who worked for CBS yet still lost…..Jesus you morons need to go to the doctor and find out just where on the autism spectrum your all at…..I bet the conspiracy morons also voted for Trump…..

      • Ah, Lavendargirl? If you look ^^^, you were the only one, so far, that up-voted bigevilworldwide’s ‘speech’ about brain dead morons, trump-voting, ‘mentally retarded’ and autism spectrum.
        How, then, could you “kinda thinking the same” for big-e-w-w to take a chill pill?

      • No respect for the post or for ANYONE who would upvote such ignorance. Speaks volumes about people.

      • If I upvoted it was by error. Do you follow my every move. SMH oh by the way looking I wasn’t the only one.

      • Please do not bring autism into the discussion in that manner. I have a son who is on the spectrum and what you said is quite offensive.

      • Agreed. Not to mention using such a derogatory phrase as retarded!! smh. That entire post is offensive. Why do people come on sites like this just to troll and make comments like that?

      • Cuz they need to feel good about themselves by dissing others and they find it easy to put down people that cannot defend themselves. People with disabilities are easy prey for people like that. Swift and appropriate action needs to be taken as soon as there is an incident of bullying to stop it and prevent it from reoccurring. The network sure doesn’t help with allowing the bullying that goes on in Big Brother – in fact they encourage it and this comment by that viewer shows his ignorance and bullying tactics.

      • Please don’t get offended for this irrelevant post. It’s obviously someone that need help.

        You and your son value more than this vil individu.

      • Agree…. how insensitive to use such words/conditions as mentally retarded, and autism in such a vulgar way.

      • Seriously? Calling ppl on the spectrum morons?
        I don’t get ppl like you…. that’s just plain old mean stuff you’re spewing!
        Apology might be nice for those that were offended by your wording.

      • I do not understand people who troll sites just to be obnoxious! I see it on youtube all the time. Here not so much because Matt is pretty good at deleting posts that are offensive. But seriously?? Why?

      • Wait? So, sexuality & gender is a ‘spectrum’ but intelligence cant be now? ROFL I think you just proved it is….LoL And the word ‘retarded’ is not some awful, offensive, dirty word. Its a legitimate word just like bastardized (which is what you snowflakes have done to words like ‘retarded’). Get over yourself.

      • I’m sorry, but your comments are rude and offensive. Why come here if it is simply to troll and make disparaging remarks? Read the rules of posting please.

      • You are too stupid for words. Retarded, autism spectrum, why don’t you use a racial epitath and get a trifecta of stupidity. Maybe I should speak slower so you understand. A trifecta means three. Just wanna make sure you get it? You don’t seem to intelligent.

      • lets not forget the weak little men that are still living off mommy and daddy hiding behind the internet calling people names cause they don’t agree with you.! $%&$#@ democrat

      • Now you are being as bad as him, there are some very nice democrats out there, just like there are very nice republicans, this is the problem, if I’m not on “your” side, I’m a $%&$#@, please people

      • Say what you want about the cast, people who watch, etc., the cruel remarks that reference intellectual disabilities in the manner you did was not necessary.

      • I have an autistic child. You crossed the line there. Making fun of autism coming from the “tolerant, loving” hard left. Again. smh

      • I’m not a Christmas fan, but her putting up Paul as BD nominee wouldn’t be what’s best for her game because at this point anyone sitting next to Paul come eviction night will be going home. He just has the numbers on his side and Christmas would have to convince those numbers to turn on him. So, that would fail then she can’t win HOH the following week which basically solidifies herself as the next big target.

        In order for Christmas to successfully BD Paul, she needs numbers which she won’t have. I definitely don’t see her convincing Josh, Alex and Jason to vote against Paul. The only guaranteed vote might be Mark voting to evict Paul unless Mark votes to keep Paul and tries to use that as leverage to get back in good standing with Paul and his allies to potentially get back on his feet in the game. Not to mention who knows if this upcoming twist will be a good, bad or both for the HG which could also hurt Christmas even more if she nominated Paul after Veto.

      • All these people are so blinded by their hatred for paul that they cant see the game play. If you cant get the votes its not time to strike. Ie cody…

      • She may have a shot at getting out Paul with Jason or Matt next to Paul. At the very least you either break up Matt/Raven or Alex/Jason.

        Matt vs. Paul: Raven, Mark obviously vote Paul, I’ll say Alex, Jason vote Matt. If Christmas can get Josh and Kevin to vote out Paul then he’s gone (Christmas is the tiebreaker). Who knows, maybe if Mark can convince Jason she won’t even need Kevin’s vote.

        Jason vs. Paul: This forces Alex to choose and I’m pretty sure Alex chooses Jason. The problem here is convincing Maven to take out Paul rather than break up Jason/Alex which would be pretty tempting.

      • Even if your plan succeeds, and I don’t think Paul goes home over Matt, then what? No one would trust Christmas, certainly not Alex and Jason. She would go home the next week or right after Mark.

        You people that just want to see Paul go are not playing the game to win, you just want to get Paul out. That was Cody’s problem too. Where is he right now?

        Right now, Paul is close to Christmas and she knows it. She probably thinks she has Kevin and Josh too. Its a smart move for her because at some point she must take on Alex and Jason and she has a broken foot. She needs someone like Paul.

        If you look at it from their perspective instead of your own, you will see the better strategy,

      • i wish you were in the house schmolik…you are thinking/playing the game…wish HG’s were…sigh!

      • I agree that Christmas would never get the votes to get Paul out, To dangerous of a move on her part, BUT ,,, why not convince the house to get rid of Raven or even Matt. At least that would show that she’s playing the game … not Paul’s game. JMO

      • Worst big brother season ever. Won’t be watching anymore if they keep bringing back previous players! Not fair to new players, just saying.

    • Sigh. But I guess we can’t be too surprised. She can’t compete I all challenges. Before she unleashed a crap storm, she better be able to fight for her life next week (veto, etc). Until she gets cleared to compete in all physical challenges, I’m just not going to expect a lot of throw down from her. :/

      • Ut oh! just had a thought.
        Since Ch can’t compete so much in the physical challenges this season, surely cbs / BB won’t ask her back next year so she can complete with all her faculties/ appendages? Oh my oh my oh my :-(

    • I agree she is as big of joke as the rest of them. I’ve been very disappointed in the cast this season jess Cody Paul and Alex are the only ones playing the game

      • Lolol Alex is not playing. She is Paul’s minion that has literally told him she doesn’t care if she loses to him in the end. She’s very much at the root of what is wrong with this broken season.

      • Sorry she’s one of the only ones playing. And she said “if” she doesn’t win she wouldn’t mind losing to him. In other words she wants to win.

      • Then you’re not paying attention because Alex does what she wants. When you’re in an alliance you usually have the same goals. They want the same people gone. But she proved during her first HOH she’s playing her own game when Paul wanted her to put up Ramses and she said no.

      • Ok hmmmmm but that was ages ago. More ppl in house…. and I do believe that it really didn’t matter to Paul. Cuz I imagine if it did he’d change her noms.
        That’s my opinion anyway.

        I really don’t think the rest of the players incl Alex are really playing the game as they thought they would. I imagine some came in flying by the seat if their pants….. some came in with big plans….. but then enters Paul & through him everyone has a ‘strategy’ & that ‘strategy’ is to do what Paul says.

        He plants seeds & sits back watching his crop grow!
        I don’t want Paul to win…… I don’t care for him as a person from his behaviour in the house but he is playing the game. A game I can’t stand but he’s a player for sure.

        The rest are sheep & the minute one try’s to leave the herd BOOM! Their game blows up & they’re voted out.

        How can Raven & Matt not know they’re next? Are they really that stupid?

      • I thought you watch the feeds? “News Flash” Matt and Raven aren’t next. If Mark wins POV it’s Jason, Kevin or Matt, Alex. F5 Paul, Santa, Josh, Raven and either Matt or Kevin depending on which way the wind blows. And I don’t care how long ago it was it just goes to show she’s been playing since week one. All the way back to when Cody was HOH and asked who her targets were and she straight out said the couples. Then he put her up. She didn’t care she does what she wants. But we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this because I’m not going back and forth with you anymore.

      • PAUL is actually playing BIG BROTHER! Every single thing you just said he was doing are EXACTLY what BB is!! Have you not watched the prior 18 seasons? Some of the BEST EVER BB success stories played the game that same way!! Boogey and Will for example and let’s not forget Mr. Dan Gheesling… BEST manipulation gameof all 19 seasons! Now, looking back at just those players, tell us again how Paul doesn’t stack up?! He’s absolutely positively playing BIG BROTHER! I don’t know what show you’ve been watching if you don’t see that, because it certainly can’t be the same BIG BROTHER I have watched for 19 seasons (and all 5 BBCAN’s) as well. PAUL is very worthy of major props!

      • Please read prior posts when chiming in…… we were in discussion regarding Alex.
        I know Paul IS playing.
        But he’s not worthy of any props imo.
        These are morons he’s playing with…… paul is where he is cuz the whole house needed more time to suck up to him while Jess & Cody started playing the game.
        Then production gave paul a 3 week pass. Had Cody gotten paul successfully on the block for eviction Paul would have been gone in a blink.
        What a bunch of starstruck silly ppl.
        He’s just a short man with a goofy beard….. wait I think that could be Santa?! Lol

      • You said he’s not worthy… and I disagreed and elaborated on why I think he was deserving (as I still believe now) so I DO know what I’m talking about and my comment was rightfully placed so why would I need to go back and read ANYTHING?
        P.S. – I wasn’t “yelling” at you. That’s kind of impossible considering…….
        I was merely emphasizing certain parts of my opinion. How anyone could say someone is telling at them in an online conversation seriously baffles me, lol. Have a gd night.

      • You do know Paul lost again?? Sticky seconds!
        And…..and…… he was raked through the coals as his nasty behaviour on the show was outed by many interviewers. Heh heh!
        Cody & Jess are going to be on the Amazing Race……all Paul wants to do is “safe face!”
        I just made that up??!
        But Jess & Cody seem to be favoured by BB fans & supporters. Seems like Jess is thriving in that…… Cody…. well I think he’s a private person & might not like the attention.
        We’ll see ….
        Great conversation….. hope to run into you again on these types of feeds!

      • We were talking about Alex in the original post & have no idea why you are screaming at me telling me that paul IS PLAYING THE GAME..

        Please read ALL the posts from the beginning of that one convo before you reply again. Cuz, honey, you got all mixed up…..

      • Agree on Jess, Cody and Paul, but Alex isn’t playing, she’s just playing it safe like the rest of this horrible cast this year. I’m over it. Unless something happens soon to shake up the house, I maybe done this year.

    • Yes, because that is what Paul wants and God forbid anyone go against the person teabagging everyone.

      • Paul is such a tool. Nobody followed him last year, because he is a clown. They treat him like he is some kind of uber celebrity because he was on last year. Just give him the money already its sickening. More power to him though, i think he is just as surprised as we are

      • paul has said as much too…that he can’t believe no one is thinking about/pursuing putting him on block…like him or not he would respect such a move…if it matters what he thinks…lol! it shouldn’t matter any more than what the other HG’s think but he has run “show” so far…

      • Nobody followed Paul last year? Are you kidding me? I think you need to recheck your info True133 because according to the social media, he has consistently been a fan favorite from GO. And most of the current houseguests admit they are/were fans of Paul’s. I would suggest you look back on all relevant social media forums(FB, Twitter, Instagram etc) to the very beginning of last season and see how many followers he had day 1 then… compare that to the fans he has today. I as a fan can tell you that it’s a drastic INCREASE of fans “following” him… clown or not.

      • I could care less about who is fans of the leprechaun, nobody blindly followed him in the game. You need to check your ability to follow a conversation…

    • We might get surprise. Maybe she’s planning to back door paul!!


      Ahaha ha. Will not happen.

    • I had exactly the same reaction. I am beginning to think that Paul has been spiking everyone’s Kool-Aid. What is wrong with these people? Maybe they all feel safe going to Final 2 with Paul because they expect the same results as last year & he will be the runner-up. This is my 3rd season of watching BB & it is by far the worst one out of the three. If Josh had went off on a different HG than Megan Lowder the first week she would have stayed. Little did anyone know (me, for sure) that he would be allowed to throw extreme tantrums. I seriously believe he needs a good psychiatrist.

  2. I can’t believe they are scared of Paul. That guy would’ve been gone the first month. Jason is big wuss

    • The way this season is going, they probably make Paul immune from eviction for another 4 weeks.

    • There’s 2 trees up across from the front door. Looks like wooden trees with things written on them. They have one that says “Bounty on your head”, Eliminate two votes, Second veto, Save a friend, Can’t play in next HOH. There’s one more I think that I didn’t get.

      • I have been looking at that. I think Jason might have got can’t play in HOH per his talk with Alex. Also Mark might have save a friend. Xmas talked about the bounty one, it is 5k and if you lose (not sure lose what a comp? ) the HOH gets the 5k.

      • I thought they were just talking about who might get what. Because Raven was saying save a friend would be for Paul. I didn’t think any of them were taken yet. But I could be wrong. Watching the feeds I didn’t catch any of them saying they actually had one.

      • The josh/Alex/Kevin late night talk seem to indicate Mark won but I haven’t heard Mark say it.

      • They announced tonight that the tree will only go red for a period prior to noms. and for only the next 3wks. So one person per week will choose an apple. That also means not all apples will get used. I think it’ll be a very interesting thing to watch for the next 2 wks tho. Hopefully they won’t be as much of a waste as this wks was. Was a well intentioned gesture on Mark’s part but Paul was nowhere near in danger. Let’s hope we some gd tv come out of the next 2 apples.

  3. I cannot stand when someone flosses while walking around and not staying put in the barhroom..Matt! Does he not realize that teeth stuff gets flucked? Ewww! He has some gross habits.

      • Don’t you have anything better to do then correct everything I post? Are you a troll? Because you’re pretty new here. Just for your information when I commented it was “ABOVE”

      • i’ve had the same thing with a couple people that seem to not have anything of their own to say so they just try and crap on others to make them feel superior or something…kinda reminds me of jody!

      • Exactly thank you. You want to comment or debate with me over the game whether we agree or disagree that’s fine. But making it personal sorry I won’t take that crap.

      • SORRY!
        I couldn’t find it “above” and had looked and looked for it.
        was trying to help others to find it

        The keyboad and system I am able to use is a hand-me-down after someone was done using it. The OS is out-of-date and can not be updated with the hard ware and soft ware that’s was previously installed. Am in the ‘back-woods-boonies’ and don’t know where I can get either updated for free.. There is no $ for updating so ‘trolling’ (your word) on here is the only thing that can be done as the wheel keeps spinning and spinning and either works finally and connects or has a black frown face with Xed out eyes. boo hoo for keyboard and me :-(

        can’t even make the neat little arrows that Penny P put to me, or faces, or graphics. Had to make the / with two keys. & /.

      • Apparently the rules are different for ppl that are “new here” (so I’ve read anyway ⬇⬇⬇⬇). This entire feed is all “personal” attacks on ppl… just because they happen to be the BB HG’s it isn’t anymore ok than what ppl are accusing you of doing. It’s an open forum and no one has the right to tell you to go away simply for doing EXACTLY what they’re doing just because you’re not in agreement with them. I think if “personal” things are said by some then you can’t get angry when they’re said by others just because you don’t like that particular comment. Its an ALL WAY street.

      • I’m not sure what you are getting at, but I put ‘Below’ and / arrows to indicate that what Lavendargirl had posted was ‘below’ in placement on the (my) page of what was written, not ‘above’ where there was typing.

        I was NOT indicating any sort of (your words) ‘personal attacks’, ‘accusing. . . ‘, ‘go away’, ‘not in agreement’, ‘can’t get angry’, ‘you don’t like that particular comment’ .etc.

        Yes, I guess I am “new here” as I now have a keyboard connected to whatever, that will allow me to “troll,” if I used that word correctly.

        And I had to use the keyboard to go to a slang dictionary to look up the word, ‘troll.’ . . :-)

  4. Sigh. I know we hear this every year, but given the horrible behaviour and useless game play of most of the hgs, this really is going down as the WORST SEASON EVER.

    • It ties with BB15 for me. At least, so far. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes.

      • I keep holding out hope that someone *anyone* will do something exciting to shake things up…(and by that I don’t mean picking a fight-haha) I’d really like to see these HG start playing this game dammit!

  5. So… that makes 3 HOH’s in a row for Paul? These are, without a doubt, the dumbest players in BB history.

    • I agree. I am wondering why he is allowed to sleep. This is not the first time either.
      I thought feeds may be exciting today, but same boring stuff.

  6. Give Paul a 3 week exemption in a house with a bunch of weaklings. I wouldn’t be surprised if production gave him a dossier on each of them as well. What a joke of a season.

    • Flossing their teeth, cutting their toenails, picking each other’s pimples like a bunch of freaking monkeys!

      • hahaha I saw where Kevin was trimming his toenails and put the clipped nails on the window sill ledge next to the bed he was sitting on. Eewwww.

  7. Go Mark! I hope you are able to compete for VETO and do not use it! One of these minions can be evicted then! That would be so funny if it happens!

    • As much as I would like to see it happen, Marks only chance to maybe get a solid ally would be to make a deal with one if the noms , he uses veto and they promise him safety. Don’t know if either Matt or Jason would honor the deal but it is better then he has now.

      • Sadly, I don’t think it’s possible.

        Jason will ask Alex that will say no because her “secret” alliance with Paul. And Matt … well Matt is Matt and won’t go for it. He’s busy being low profile and he has already win the game since he made it to jury.

      • Won’t happen. Paul has already given Mark a death sentence and all his minions have been given the orders to take him out by any means necessary! They will all carry out that order for fear of displeasing Paul who will order that they be evicted next! Remember, nobody is left now except, the minions! Those at the bottom of Paul’s totem pole gets chopped up one by one. Looks like Matthew, Kevin, Jason, Raven are now on the top of that list! Alex is following them after! Christmas and Josh will do Paul’s dirty work and they do not have a chance in the best of 3 competitions for the last HOH! Paul wins easily!

      • Yup very close, except I think he will keep Josh until the end F2, no one will give Josh the 500K . Matt is disposable anytime, Raven (who’s she again) then Kevin, Jason, Alex and Christmas.

  8. Nobody is playing for themselves, nobody is thinking for themselves, nobody is playing their own game, nobody has the balls to even back up their own individual move, its all to help Paul. Ive met Paul and the only reason why these houseguests are like this is because they don’t want Paul to hate them, they wanna be in with him so they can share the twitter followers.

  9. The house is a mirror for our country right now a bunch of idiots who believe anything they are told. On the other side, people who think for themselves but are so unlivable that the idiots won’t listen to them. Rather than strategize to work together they just yell at each getting more and more personal with each attack. One side says something and the other side blows one word or section of that into something else. In results in nothing really getting accomplished and the people behind the scenes just keep manipulating it so the cycle just repeats itself. Worst season in our history ever.

  10. Just give Paul the money! Seriously these ppl do not kno how to play the game..they are all Paul’s minions..it’s just sickening to watch…

  11. Another safe plan. Didnt care for Cody, but he was right about everyone being under Paul. If it werent for all the fights this season would totally suck, instead of kinda suck.

    • Not a fan of Cody’s either…he played too emotional, but I did laugh when I read his comments about comparing Paul to Charles Manson! Well, Raven, Alex & Christmas are the three girls: Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten…so I suppose Josh would have to be Tex Watson, hmm? lol!!

  12. So, Kevin must be sensing he’s a target coz he sure is on a let’s bash Cody trip right now!! Wow! I mean c’mon guys, the dude is finally gone. Why?? I guess he wants to be back in with Paul & his crew and he figures bashing Cody is always a safe topic.

  13. Did anyone see or have the time when Jason got his HOH letter. HG are saying his wife said she is pregnant. Jason had been wondering if she was and was waiting fir an HOH to find out. I hope they show his reaction on the show.

  14. Jason is so dumb….smh why did he have to say what Mark and him were taking at the chess game? What a moron

  15. Lame 😒

    Again! Just a repeat of last week minus Cody adding Mark!
    I guess we can just hope for Mark to win the veto

    Oops 🙊 I guess we have to wait for his name to hopefully get pulled first!!

    • I sadly don’t see him winning yet again, even if his chip is drawn. It’s just too good to be true to see his clutch streak continue, and my luck isn’t good enough for that to happen (my luck being a factor because of how badly I want him to get drawn and win it).

      If he is drawn and wins it I want to see him make a deal with Matt and take him off the block, not just not use it, as he should realize he’s very alone and needs deals and allies. Maybe Paul will actually see this opportunity to split up Jason and Alex and get Christmas to re-nom Alex. Wishful thinking…

      • Wishful thinking but excellent thinking! Mark needs to align with someone and you are right, his best chances are with Matt and Raven Gag Raven!

        UNFORTUNATELYI think Mark is afraid of Paul and is still afraid to make a big move. I could be mistaken and hopefully I am. I do not understand how everything go person in that house is so afraid of Paul! It is very strange

  16. I like Mark because he has the balls to take out Paul, but I want him gone now. Maybe after that, these HGs will start going after each other. 😒

    • Not quite. If Mark is out, they’ll just go after Matt and Raven and act like they’re not “in the group”. Then Kevin maybe. The real “turning on each other” comes when it’s Paul, Alex, Jason, Christmas, Josh… in what would be one of the ugliest final 5 groups I’ve ever seen but that’s another story.

      • I think we missed an important exchange when feeds down. Paul is PISSED that Jason dare be in any sort of conversation that brought up Paul going home. So Paul is wanting Jason out to be punished for his talk, and show the others, dare talk about Paul and you go next.

    • They said the same thing about Jessica and Cody. When there are out, they will start to target each other! Well, not really. Why would they when they can float all the way to the Finals practically? All they have to do is target the minions at the bottom of the totem pole. They already started with Mark and Elaina. Who is next? Looks like Paul has changed his favorites to Josh and Christmas so, Raven, Matthew, Kevin, Jason now higher on the chopping block! Alex is waiting for her chance to go after Paul despite, multiple HOHs and might end up on the chopping block right after Jason. See, all it would take is to put Paul on the chopping block and all of them to vote him out! Alex had her chance when Mark won the VETO but, put up Matthew? LOL

  17. Paul is saying his final 5 are, Josh, Xmas Raven, and Kevin. His f3 is Xmas and josh. He wants Mark, Jason, Alex, and Matt out. If Alex wins an HOH he will have her get out Matt.
    Please don’t let this plan come true.

    • I don’t hate it if it means Jason and especially Alex are out. This would be a case if you win some you lose some, for me. Not crazy about really any of Paul’s F5 or F3 but at least it excludes 2 players I want out. As you can see I’m all but resigning to Paul getting his way continually. I’ll take the small victories where I can get them to keep me sane as a viewer.

  18. I hope Mark wins veto. I really want to see these people have to start turning on their own and eating them like starving animals. Well, that might have been a tad bit violent. But still, turn on each other.

  19. I am so tired of the big bully Paul but they want him to win. Two years in a row a vet will win. What a rigged show

  20. Christmas goes on about how i she wins she’ll shake up the house and then she plans to backdoor Mark. I hope she’s lying and has a better plan.

  21. This season has turned into groundhog day. Same scenario with a different target. Really boring to watch. BB tries to throw in some fake drama to keep people interested. The HOH comps are pro Paul, giving Pauls intended target, cody, mark, etc. very very small chances of winning power.

  22. If by some miracle Christmas is planning on a backdoor on Paul you have to make sure to put someone next to him that he has a chance of getting evicted sitting next to. That person absolutely can’t be Mark. All you do is send Mark home and guarantee you’ll be next. Plus if someone Paul wins Veto and there is no backdoor you can just say you were trying to backdoor Mark and he’s the next target anyway.

    Christmas needs just 3 votes out of 6 voters to evict Paul (she’s the tiebreak). Mark has be a vote to evict Paul. If Matt is next to Paul, Raven’s a vote to evict Paul. If Christmas can work Josh, he’s the third vote and Paul’s as good as gone. Kevin probably could be talked into voting out Paul as well. Maybe Mark can talk to Jason again, telling Jason that Paul probably has his eyes on him after that chess game speech during the DE nomination speech anyway. So if it’s Matt vs. Paul I think there’s plenty of ways Christmas gets 3 votes. What if it’s Jason vs. Paul? It puts Alex in a tough spot. Alex claims Jason is her “no-mance” but she also has a tight bond with Paul. If she chooses Jason, I would say it is over. If Christmas (or Mark) wins Veto, they could strike a deal with Maven and say they will pull Matt off the block in exchange for their votes to vote out Paul over Jason. Then it doesn’t matter who Alex chooses.

    I think Christmas’s nominees are the perfect choices IF she is trying to take Paul out. Big if though. I think if Josh and/or Kevin are on board she most likely can do it.

    • She’s as gutless and hypocritical as Josh so there’s no chance she BDs Paul, despite it being a move that possibly gets her 3 immediate jury votes.

    • Christmas is like Helen of Big Brother of Amanda’s season. She kept talking about making big moves, week after week! Her allies told her to go after Amanda, she kept saying this week is not a good week to take out Amanda! Guess what happened? She evicted her own allies, betrayed them, and was in turn evicted by Amanda when she had no one left on her side! Idiotic and pathetic! That pretty much describes Christmas game play! She is so up Paul’s butt, if Paul told her to jump off a cliff, she will gladly!

  23. I cannot take the Mark crying anymore, I have never, for such a “macho” guy, he seems to cry a lot, is he related to Rachel LOL

    • Thank god you said that,thought i was the only felt that way,this constant weeping is beyond the pale,surprised they have not all drown in from his sea of tears this summer,for god sakes..grow a pair!!

  24. Big Brother should changes its Name to “Get Shorty”, with Paul as shorty! It seems like the game ends when Paul is evicted. LOL.

    I don’t recall as much complaining about getting one house guest out when Vanessa was playing! and everyone pretty much hated her! I complained too but not about getting Vanessa out as much as how stupid James and Meg were! If you want to talk about dumb players, go back and watch James and Meg play this game.

    Paul is playing a good game, not great, just good. Unlike Derrick, the house knows what Paul is up to, but like Derrick, they like him personally. He doesn’t make the game personal and he found a way to use his experience in his favor. He pretends to help the other house guests. Sure, we think its overdone (and it is) but they seem to think he is just trying to help them get through the game.

    The other smart move is he talks to everyone about what he talks to everyone about, but not like a rat. He tells them to keep them informed. It builds trust. Paul is making it seem like the team is important to him and he is supremely loyal.

    About all these players know Paul needs to go at some point. Mark, Matt, Alex, Christmas, Josh and Kevin have all said as much. Paul will be evicted soon. This week would not be smart for Christmas to do it. She may be the one person who needs Paul. But its coming.

    If not, then Paul deserves to win. He has played the best game by far. Alex is playing well too but the rest are just in the house. A final 2 of Alex and Paul would put the two best players at the end – but that rarely happens in BB.

  25. What a joke!!! Even Chistmas can’t make her own moves. They want to backdoor Mark ..oh big shock. Great move Christmas!!! And Matt is enjoying being a pawn along with Jason. SMH

    I think the jury house will be more interesting to watch, then the boring predictable BB House.

  26. I’ve been working lots lately. I haven’t had time to catch up. Can someone tell me If Jason and Matt volunteered for the block? What if Mark wins POV. He does have a good track record at winning them.

    • I’ve been gone for the past two days, Lynne but am trying to do catch up this AM. From what I am reading, all of that happened while the feeds were down and, as of yet, since the feeds returned, nothing has been said that reveals how it all transpired.

  27. This is the most boring season in a while. It’s too predictable and no one wants to take chances.

  28. If Paul hand picked the big brother houseguests he couldn’t select them better for him hahaha

  29. All of the BB players left in the game are cowards. The rest of the players need to get together and find a way to get Paul sent home!! Paul does not deserve to be in the game any longer.

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