‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 11?

Big Brother HoH competition

Big Brother just said farewell to two more Houseguests during this week’s Double Eviction and that left us without anyone in charge of this madhouse. Time to put a fix to that with another Head of Household competition.

This was a wild DE with Jason leaving first and Raven out behind him after Alex pulled off the upset and won HoH. But you know what that means, she can’t win HoH two weeks in a row. The target now will definitely be Alex and Paul already has her convinced that he was just as much a victim in the DE as she was. Sucker.

Big Brother 19 Week 11 HoH Comp:

  • Josh won HoH

I thought this would be the BB Comics comp, but that’s usually a Veto one. We saw a teaser trailer earlier for “The Revengers” so there were Vets in the backyard for the comp, but it turns out it was to host a regular HoH comp and they’ll still have the annual BB Comics memory challenge on Saturday.

Gallery: HGs After BB Comics Comp

It’s really all the same whoever won HoH, either Josh or Christmas. Paul had wanted Raven to be here to take the shot at Alex for them, but she’s gone so now they’ve got to do the dirty work themselves. Well, not Paul, of course. I meant “they” as in Paul’s minions will have to do the dirty work for Paul. Good for Paul, bad for the rest of them.

So Alex is the target and Kevin is the backup. Josh said earlier that it wants to be upfront with Alex, or at least upfront once the Veto comp is over.

Noms should end up being Kevin and Alex and I don’t see it working out any other way, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow. I’ll tell you know though, Josh is not going to flip on Paul and he is definitely not going to flip on Christmas. Don’t hope for some craziness where Josh decides to get Paul out this week. Not going to happen and with everyone convinced Paul is with them then no one will turn on him.

Nominations will be held on Friday then the Veto comp will be on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend!

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  1. Alex’s HoH was a waste. Josh should put Alex and Paul up and convince the others to vote Paul…but only in my dreams the way Bb19 is going…i guess

  2. Kevin and Alex go up, if either of them win Veto… wait for it… then let it sink in…

    Paul on the block. Because it’s either him or Christmas

    Paul won’t get voted out but it’ll be fun to see him sit there at least

    Then again the way this season has gone I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Christmas is “convinced” to go up instead

    Probably won’t even get that far. Paul will probably win Veto

    • I certainly don’t want Alex to win the whole thing, but I do want her to win this veto just to see how dumb these people will be. Will Josh nominate his closest ally or will they actually evict frickin’ Kevin over the obvious $500k winner.

  3. Well, if it wasn’t Kevin I wanted it to be Josh. Still not happy but it could be worse!
    Now let’s see if Josh does anything. Doubtful! He said he was “going to start playing for himself when he got to F3” LMAO
    So, he will likely put up Alex and Kevin, Alex being the target and Alex going home/jury if she doesn’t win the veto!
    I bet you are kicking yourself now Alex for not putting up Josh and Christmas! Idiot!
    Wasn’t the plan for Paul to win this HOH and Josh to win the next HOH? (The plan between Paul, Christmas and Josh the other day!) I guess because Alex is still there and Raven is gone, Paul changed his mind?
    I am also surprised the comp lasted so long, I thought these HGs (Paul) just dictated who is going to win the HOH!? Bunch of morons! I guess Kevin was playing hard so they had to?

    • Right, Alex still there = Paul not wanting to be the HoH for her eviction. Trying to stay good with her. Plus, Paul wants HoH at F4, so he can still compete in the next one at F3

    • Yup! Sad but true and it’s been that way since Cody left. What a bunch of morons!
      Definitely a pathetic group! I am sure Kevin would want to play his own game if he were HOH however, he doesn’t have anyone so he would have no choice but to play by Paul’s rules! And I’m sure Kevin would’ve been happy to get rid of Alex anyway!

      • It was like that when Cody was there. He has been in control since the beginning. And yet everyone is critical of him. You think he is the worst player, the meanest and the bully. You’ve missed some seasons then because there have been bigger bullies than him. The fact is he read this house perfectly and these hg are sheep. That is the game. Whether you like him or not he has played since day one….the rest have followed and yet we feel that if he makes it to final 2 a hanger on should sin. I don’t think so.

  4. Amazing how dumb these HGs are. Just watched Jasons exit interview and he thinks Alex was somehow behind his eviction.
    I actually liked Alex alot at the beginning of the season but shes played horribly now. Worst player since Victoria. At least she can say she made F2, because Alex is next to be gone.

  5. Of course Josh won’t flip on Paul. He’s all talk. Just doing what production wants him to do for show. Can’t wait to see another exciting HOH where nobody plays.

    • My question is, “why are we all waiting for the Pomp & Circumstances for???” We all know who is going to win this Season, lets just hand Paul over the $500.000?! And no, Josh talks a big game about Paul, but he won’t cross Paul, he just falls back into line like the rest of the Sheep.

      And didn’t the “Fake Argument” with Paul & Josh just turn your stomach??? Paul is Phony as a 3 Dollar Bill?!

      • Just watching Paul turns my stomach. I think the only way Paul goes now is in F3 if Josh or Christmas win part 3. Which they very easily could. They’re crap shoot questions. Then either one would evict Paul.

    • Wonderboy has to still be in the house so he can attend the premier of Me, Myself and I, dontcha know.

  6. Hold on guys, Josh is erratic, unpredictable, he may just give all you Paul haters what you’ve waiting for. I like Paul, most of you know this by now and I’m concerned. I will be on edge until josh’s reign is over and Paul is still there. I would have never trusted Josh. Red flag for me was his HOH. He was about to keep TWO of his, AND alliences ENEMIES in the game and gun for Elana instead, who was scared sh1tless at the time and willing to do whatever his allience wanted to stay safe. (Smh) She was harmless at the time! I would have gotten him out shortly after that. My Josh would have been Raven, elana, kevin or even Matt. Josh, no way hosea! Maybe things will be ok with Josh and Paul, Idk.

      • I know. I’m trying but I can’t. Lol Josh is a drama queen, he may want one more Jewel in his crown. Uh huh

      • He’d be dumb not to, but he’ll lose either way. I think the jury house see’s Josh as the house pet, not a master strategist.

      • Everyone left in the House believes they are Paul’s F2, Josh, Xmas, Kevin, & Alex…Then there’s the ones that want Paul to Win Over them, Put Christmas, & Alex in that category..Now I don’t know if Kevin, or Josh want Paul to win over them, I have never heard neither one of them express that. Paul has got All of His Bases Covered heading to the F2.

      • If/when Paul makes it to F2 whoever is there with him will probably tell the jury to give the win to Paul. 😜

      • #1. Not Kevin. #2. Josh will be full of apologies preaching to the jury not to take it personal that it’s a game.

  7. Can anyone think of a senario Paul goes home? Josh won’t put Paul up, it would have to be a backdoor? And who would be the vote to get paul out? Xmas or Kevin, sure not alex?

    • F3. That’s why I’m surprised he doesn’t break Josh and Christmas up. If they’re all in F3 and Josh or Tree win part 3 they take each other and evict Paul.

      • I guess maybe we’ll get to see Santa’s true colors in your F3 scenario. Do u think she’ll pick Josh over Paul if it comes to that?

      • He knows they’re close but I think he’s planning on winning the final HOH. He’s a cocky little man.

      • He has a good reason to think he would win part 1. But somebody has to win part 2 and part 3 is a crapshoot that Paul shouldn’t rely on winning. His best bet is to enter F3 with Kevin and one of Christmas or Josh. Kevin and Christmas or Kevin and Josh presents a better chance one of them takes him to F2. Though I will say, I still, all things considered, would not be surprised if Josh or Christmas (especially Christmas) takes Paul and cuts Josh if she wins the final HoH. Though I don’t think it will get that far unless Josh royally screws up part 2, because it will likely involve some moving around and be time based and that should have Christmas moving slower.

    • The only scenario I can think of to get rid of Paul at F3 is to pull off a “Moses-evicts-Vanessa” move. I really didn’t think Moses would do it, but he did and he won. If Josh got the final HOH and he had to pick Paul or Xmas, he should pick Xmas (the Moses move). Would Paul vote for Josh b/c of this move – or give it to Xmas? Would Josh have the meatballs to do it? IDK

      • I think that deep down Josh feels indebted to Paul. When Jessica put Josh and Ramses OTB Josh was a goner until Paul orchestrated the blindside to keep Josh.

  8. Like the rest, Josh has no spine to stand up to Paul, & take him out.
    Instead, Alex goes Wednesday night, followed by Kevin on Thursday night.
    Setting up the big 3 to turn on one another!
    Eliminate X-mas, then its between Josh & Paul.
    Hopefully, the jury picks Josh over Paul.

  9. For all you Raven fans, these are all the things she said this season:

    Raven and her mother are extraordinary athletes. She can run a fast mile, her mom set a running record, dying Raven runs marathons, and she once trained for the Olympics.

    Raven taught her dog 24 tricks but could only name the standard sit, shake, and roll over.

    Raven got anthrax in the mail when she was little, but a doctor was able to save her in minutes.

    Raven has hyperthyroidism (or hypo, she said both) but can’t treat it because you need chemotherapy to address it and it will kill her.
    Raven and her mother both had their colons removed, and she had a seizure caused by Matt tickling her.

    Raven had family on the Titanic.

    Raven coughs whenever she cleans her ear with a Q-tip.

    Raven is a model, and the name of her agency is “Agency.”

    Raven’s mother was possessed by Demons

    Raven’s mother has the ability to speak to and summon animals.

    • She was beaten twice in her obsession to evict Kevin who didn’t even put up a fight. I’m so happy Kevin survived. Instead of witch hunting Kevin, Alex should be very insecure with Joshmas and not agree to throw competition anymore. She will definitely be more daft to Paul.
      Can’t wait to hear Jason’s interview on what he thinks.

  10. Josh backdoor Paul! Josh you will get respect and if you make it to the end you’ll win! Wishful thinking……🤔😂

  11. Just imagine how gleeful this is for from Cody’s perspective in the jury house. He warned them all! ( evil laugh) >-)

  12. Prediction for this week… Josh puts up who Paul tells him to. Josh then goes to the DR and says how Paul has manipulated everyone this entire season and how he used him and Christmas. He then says, “I could make a big move, win the veto and backdoor Paul.” Josh cries because he hates being the bad guy. Josh then approaches Christmas who yells at him for even speaking ill of Paul. Josh cries again. Veto is played, Paul wins. Paul doesn’t use it and Alex is sent home. Josh cries because he regrets not taking out Paul.

  13. I can’t remember the last time someone was blindsided like that and left the house like Jason did?!?? #Jasonispissedoff

    I am finally started watching tonight’s episode & I just finished watching Jason get blindsided! He is pissed!!!! Big time! I feel so bad for the guy! So aside from Kevin, there is NO OTHER HGs remaining that is a genuinely a good, nice, decent person!

    Good for Josh saying what he said in his goodbye message! I’m happy he told Jason the truth! Julie sure was eager to show him those goodbye messages LOL
    Of course I knew the blindside was going to happen but I felt Jason’s emotions! I wasn’t surprised but my interbeing still felt surprised if that makes any sense? I felt Jason’s heart fall into the pit in his stomach! He was pissed! Not even a goodbye to Kevin or Alex.
    When was the last time someone was blindsided like that? & was so pissed off and upset that they walked out like Jason just did? I can’t remember!??!

      • I know, it’s sad but everyone left in the house is a bunch of bullies aside from Kevin of course. Sidenote, do you know what my comment was for you to reply to this? For whatever reason it was deleted? I’m trying to think why, what did I say!?

    • They all sure did a number on him. Can’t wait to see Jason put Paul in the ring and sic his bull on him.

    • Jason is still salty, and even though Josh spelled it out for him he still doesn’t know what happened. He wants to introduce Paul to his bulls, but he thinks Alex and Kevin were working against him.

      • What did I say, it was removed? I can’t remember what I said LOL
        Yeah it certainly is strange, OK not strange but Jason was so blindsided that he seem to not hear Josh’s goodbye message. I think he is just super confused and once he gets to jury, they will help him figure it out.

  14. I love Paul, but, I really don’t like that he had Kevin give him his friendship bracelet for Raven…seriously! I hope they do give him another one for his kids…that’s what he was going to do.

  15. Oh, give it a rest Paul, now he’s telling Josh that at F4 he needs to blow up on Kevin. Thankfully Josh says he won’t. Grow a pair you coward and do your own dirty work

  16. Is it sad to say that I am a little shocked yet actually do not care.
    I wonder if they threw it to him so he can be the bad guy for Paul.

      • There’s a Wednesday eviction and the usual Thursday one. Paul can’t be HOH for the Thursday one this way he can win the final one. I wonder who the next HOH will be?? Kevin??

    • Paul threw it , he said he answered the same thing a bunch of times. Kevin tried but lost, so Josh got it. If alex could have played I think she would have won.

  17. I hope cbs or the big brother production has informed josh that hurricane Irma is heading directly towards Miami. At least let him know and give him the chance to contact his family to make sure they are safe

    • He doesn’t have to contact his family for a couple of weeks yet, just like everyone else.

    • They won’t tell him. I think they would only tell him if there was an emergency, like an injury or total house loss and he could decide to go home then or stay ( I’m sure his family wants him to stay even if they have property damage or have to relocate).

    • Also I don’t think Cody voting for Paul is all that farfetched. He thinks the house is full of idiots and has said “At least Paul is any alpha instead of a beta”.

    • Jess and Cody said they would vote Paul. They would vote for gameplay over floaters and agreed Paul played hard. Mark( he said he was rooting for Jason and alex), Kevin, Jason are most likely to vote against Paul.

    • I think Cody will actually vote for Paul to win. Jessica said she would’ve voted for Paul without a doubt but knowing what she knows now she would have regretted it! She thinks he is an awful person & is disgusted by the way Paul played! She was completely oblivious to the fact that Paul was the one instigating the mob like mentality and attacks!
      So it’s likely Cody will vote Paul because I’m sure that’s the influence Jessica left on Cody.
      However, Jason is going to go into the BB house HOT!!!! Pissed at Paul (thanks to Josh’s goodbye message! Thank you Josh!)
      So, it will be interesting to see if Jason votes for Paul and/or what Jason will have to say about Paul once he has calmed down.

      • I believe he said that if Paul were standing at the end he would have no choice in his mind but to vote for him. And Jason can go back and say what he wants but in the end the ones in the jury house made their own destiny. Paul has played from day one….whether you like him or not…..the rest were sheep. It was the perfect storm for Paul.

      • Again, did I say otherwise? Perhaps you need to re-read my comments? I don’t disagree that Paul should win! I do think he has had the easiest group to manipulate in the history of BB and because of that he is no All-Star. I also think he is a wimp forgetting people like Josh to do his dirty work and I also think he is mean-spirited but, he has played a great game by controlling these mindless morons! It wasn’t difficult for him to do. Plus with production manipulation, it just has made Paul’s game even more easier for him to play.

    • All depends on if Jason gets in the Jury house and starts enlightening the rest of them to Paul. It was so great of Josh to throw Paul under the bus in his confessional that was his only shot at that point and so glad he took it.

      • Its a game and Jason should have known not to feel so safe. He did it to Matt/Raven the week before. I think he will realize it was a game and he got duped.

    • Cody told Julie in an interview that if Paul gets to F2 he would vote for him. He said although he dislikes Paul, he would have to give him his vote. I think Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven will vote Paul too.

  18. if u think josh had it rough tonight ..wait and see when alex wins pov and josh will have to put up paul .. that would be great

  19. Raven also threw some shade at Kevin and remarked, “I understand keeping Kevin around. Hello! Not much going on there.”

    Raven herself seemed to have a lot of friends in the game, but viewers have been coming for her on social media because they feel that most of Raven’s personal stories don’t add up. At all. Meanwhile, Raven has absolutely no idea what the response has been and actually told Julie, “I understand with my story and everything that they probably wouldn’t want to take me to the final two,” seeming to be referring to her medical issues. “I can fully understand their gameplay and I respect it.”

    • Julie was funny though eluding to the fact that she herself really had no game either….I wish Julie grilled them more, she is too easy on these idiots…

  20. On Jokers, Paul told Josh when they get to F4 he should spazz out and attack Kevin. He also told Josh what to say. Josh said NO he would never do that.

      I never thought I would be saying the things I’ve been saying for the past few days but, Josh is earning some respect! He is definitely not the same guy he was for most of the season. All the things he did, the bullying and attacking HG’s are not forgivable! But, good for him for not listening to Paul anymore!
      If only Josh stayed true to himself since the very beginning, he probably would’ve been a likeable HG although, he would probably be gone LOL but not necessarily because he could’ve still followed Paul around like a lost puppy dog but, without doing all of Paul’s dirty work when Paul declared “psychological warfare” on Cody and Jessica!

      • I’m wondering though is Josh not attacking Kevin because he now realizes that Paul is wanting to stack Jury votes in his favour? And if everyone in Jury dislikes Josh he will lose? I hope it’s not selfish reasons he’s changed but because of not wanting to hurt Kevin.

      • Oh, for selfish reasons he has changed for sure! However, he proved to be a sensitive guy when he voted to evict Jason. Those were not crocodile tears in my opinion

      • I could be wrong (because I didn’t look for myself, someone told me) however it’s my understanding that the ratings have dropped especially once Cody was evicted.
        But, regardless of the ratings it still is the worst season ever!!! BY FAR
        I wish I had the strength to turn it off LOL but I still hold on to hope things will change each week, and I still want BB to do well because I don’t ever want BB to get canceled! I guess that’s why I keep watching, along with all the other fans.
        People/fans are going to watch regardless of how pathetic the HGs are!
        I don’t think the ratings are what they were during the beginning!

      • If that is true this summer there have been no other shows to compete against it. In summers past there were always a few shows on, but I am finding nothing this summer to watch on TV so our only choice is Netflix and BB

  21. Paul is a real piece of work. The remaining players have virtually no chance of making it to the end yet Paul, Josh and Christmas were in the room right next to Kevin who just made them a pizza before going to do his prayers, and as he left, begain to attack him personally, being really nasty about having to take him to the final four when he hasn’t won anything all season.Then Paul laughed and came up with an plan for Josh to demoralize Kevin right before he is evicted telling him “your family will be ashamed of how you played the game”. Josh refused, and said he would never ever say that to Kevin, so Paul he would probably do it himself. Evel Dick commented that Paul gets off on hurting people for no reason other than for a laugh. He’s right. Paul will probably win because he outmaneuvered this stupid group of players but he is still a bottom dweller whose own parents should be ashamed of him.

  22. Okay Y’all………..I just gotta say this about Raven! It’s VERY important EVERYONE reads this so y’all know the truth!

    Like Raven, “My GPA was Dance!” & coincidentally, I also have an ‘Inverted Spine’ although my inverted spine is also backwards, upside down & sideways!
    I ALSO have “Rough Kneecap Syndrome” PLUS I have “Soft Ankle Syndrome” & MY “Soft Ankle Syndrome causes me to have “Jagged Big Toe Syndrome” which is extremely rare!! (ONLY 1 other girl & her Momma from Arkansas have it!!)
    The abbreviated version is

    & like Raven, I also need $200,000 (BUT twice a year) because I like to go on vacations & buy MYSELF lotsa nice things!! Oh & I also need money for endless amounts of “Plastic” surgeries!!

    Soooooo, I KNOW Raven’s FULL OF SH*T! There’s NO WAY Raven could’ve done a cartwheel on stage in front of Julie!! Impossible!
    IF Ravens “GPA was Acting!” then yeah, she would’ve been able to do the cartwheel but b/c she only has a “GPA in Dance,” there’s just no way! It’s impossible b/c of her “GPA” & “Syndromes” we/she have!
    I’m telling y’all , she is lying!
    Soooo PLEASE do NOT believe her! And, INSTEAD please send me ALL of your money!!!!
    Thanks y’all ❤️

  23. Okay Y’all………..I just gotta say this about Raven! It’s VERY important EVERYONE reads this so y’all know the truth…..!

    Like Raven, “My GPA was Dance!” & coincidentally, I also have an ‘Inverted Spine’ although my inverted spine is also backwards, upside down & sideways!
    I ALSO have “Rough Kneecap Syndrome” PLUS I have “Soft Ankle Syndrome” & MY “Soft Ankle Syndrome causes me to have “Jagged Big Toe Syndrome” which is extremely rare!! (ONLY 1 other girl & her Momma from Arkansas have it!!)
    The abbreviated version is

    & like Raven, I also need $200,000 (BUT twice a year) because I like to go on vacations & buy MYSELF lotsa nice things!! Oh & I also need money for endless amounts of “Plastic” surgeries!!

    Soooooo, I KNOW Raven’s FULL OF SH*T! There’s NO WAY Raven could’ve done a cartwheel on stage in front of Julie!! Impossible!
    IF Ravens “GPA was Acting!” then yeah, she would’ve been able to do the cartwheel but b/c she only has a “GPA in Dance,” there’s just no way! It’s impossible b/c of her “GPA” & “Syndromes” we/she have!
    I’m telling y’all , she is lying!
    Soooo PLEASE do NOT believe her! And, INSTEAD please send me ALL of your money!!!!
    Thanks y’all ❤️

    • Gastro paresis is also extremely rare and almost impossible to diagnose, actually know some Gastroenterologists so they are my soruce, a capsule endoscopy, ( mini camera you swallow ) can prove a gastro paresis diagnosis but cannot disprove it

  24. WHO wouda thunk Josh would be the player he is today! Saying no to Paul tonight when Paul told him to start attacking Kevin when they put him on the block. Paul wanted Josh to say things like your family is going to be so disappointed in your behaviour and gameplay this entire season etc. and Josh said no, he would not do that to Kevin! Good for Josh!
    Josh is a confusing person for lack of better words!
    Whoooo wouda thunk it!?!?

  25. Josh is a confusing person!
    At the beginning of this game he was annoyingly paranoid and drove us all crazy acting that way? Always suspicious of everyone talking, always paranoid he was the target when he wasn’t even close to being the target etc.
    Then he quickly became a crybaby! Boo hooing all the time! He couldn’t go in our without crying!
    Then for a brief time he became nice and had nice things to say about people. I said briefly LOL
    From there he turned into a monster! Bullying and attacking anyone Paul ordered him to attack! Mean and awful and annoying! Someone we all (or most of us) hated! Wanted out so badly! Wanted to punch in the face!
    & for the last two weeks-ish he has stopped bullying people (Alex took that part over) & Josh woke up to the game! He realized Paul was controlling everyone and everything! Duh 🙄 Yeah think?
    Josh all of a sudden became an intelligent person, a super fan! Seeing right through Paul and not ‘completely’ being Paul’s puppet anymore! Not being afraid to say no to Paul. Yeah he still hasn’t acted on any of that, but he really doesn’t need to. Well I mean yeah I guess he does if he wants to win the $500,000 but, there’s no point on Josh trying to get people to turn on Paul, it’s unfortunately way too late for him to start talking to other groups, there aren’t any (aside from his own!)
    I still think Josh deserves a lot of the backlash he will get for his awful behaviour throughout the majority of the season! But, Josh definitely has to be thankful he finally woke up because the backlash will not be as bad.
    Just and observation! I’m glad he is not doing Paul’s dirty work anymore! Paul is a mean, vindictive, week little man! Stands behind a big guy and get him to fight his battles! Clearly something Paul has done his entire life!

  26. I can only see one scenario in which Paul goes home. Alex wins Veto, Josh has to nominate Christmas or Paul (ride-or-die vs someone he doesn’t trust) and tells Alex the truth about Paul and it would be a 1 to 1 vote as a Tiebreaker… but I believe that Christmas is stupid enough to try to be a pawn so Paul doesn’t have to, and Alex is stupid enouge not to believe Josh about Paul due to that Jason vote.

    • If Alex won veto, it could be a repeat of the Matt situation, where Paul convinces her not to use the veto on herself. She’s proved to be that gullible and stupid.

  27. Well you have cry bay Josh and bully Paul. So w do you think is going to win it all. Of course it is going to be the bully who wins it all. Just end it now

  28. The only reason to watch this disaster is to see just how big a fool these people can make themselves.

    They think they’re going to leave the house as BB heroes … little do they know what’s in store for them.

  29. I was surprised Alex didn’t gun for Josh and Christmas for putting Jason up and evicting him, but she is so blinded by her hatred for Kevin that she thought sending him home with Raven next to him was a sure thing.

  30. Getting Paul out at the DE was my last hope now he will be sitting in that chair at the finale 100%

  31. Major props to Josh for at least taking a shot at Paul in his confessional and telling Jason Paul was in on the plan all along, then they go to Paul’s video “IT wasn’t me I had no idea” Jason’s face dropped and realized Paul played them all the entire season….and they helped him

  32. 6:45am central time…Paul, Alex, Josh and Xmas-No-Joy are all in the HOH room “partying”…minus Kevin (surprise, surprise). Wouldn’t it be great if the powers that be moved the veto to this morning?!? Might be the only time Kevin could pull off a win! Sigh…dreamers can dream…

    • Sadly, he won’t do it. He claims he’s starting to play for himself but instead he’s still playing for Christmas and Paul. I mean, how can you see things for what they are yet still say you’re behind someone (Paul) 100%? You can’t. He’s clearly playing for Christmas or Paul to win.

      I’d love to see him backdoor Paul and make a move. I just can’t see it happening.

  33. I wish they would leave it up to the viewer who wins bb instead of the Jury. That way if Paul did make final 2, he’d for sure would not win the 500k. I sure hope the next BB is better than this one because this one is absolutely horrible.

      • No, he did not. He got lucky that there were so many suckers that agreed to follow him. He also got a boost from BB (three weeks safety right out of the gate). He’s nowhere near the player Derrick or Dan were. They didn’t resort to bullying and sending minions to pick on HGs till they cracked. Paul is terrible and I’d love to see him fall just short of F2. He does not deserve to win in any way, shape or form.

      • Every year we hear the same arguments. One player manipulates the others and that player is “lucky” that so many stupid players are in the house.

        Paul is playing a great game. He has built trust with these people over time and was brilliant in doing it. People do what he wants because they trust him.

        Paul is playing a much better game than Dan did. Paul is playing a game similar to Andy but with some Derrick too.

        Give credit where credit it due.

      • My guess would be that Paul agreed to come back….only…if…he got 3 weeks grace….because a vet would be an early target….

  34. I also pray everyday that Paul is evicted and sent to the jury house. And Cody greets him with open arms. oh I pray it happens. Sadly this troll will end up final 2. he may not win the 500k, but he’ll win more than he deserves.

  35. Josh had the perfect & LAST opportunity to evict Paul last night at DE…he could of went straight to Alex after she won HOH and blew Paul’s game up just like he did in his good-bye message to Jason….Paul would not have enough time to BS his way out of it…it would of been EPIC

  36. Josh sees Paul’s game and STILL DOESN’T TARGET HIM!!!!! Screw Alex. Team up with her! He will lose to Paul or Alex, but Paul deserves nothing!

  37. I have a feeling Paul is going to get evicted Wednesday. I know that seems like a stretch right now but I have a feeling that by the time we get to the vote someone is going to flip the house against Paul.

    Josh is already on to Paul and so is Kevin. All it takes is a slip of the tongue to Alex and the flip will be on.

    Unlike the season with Derrick, these HGs actually want to win. Christmas has talked about reasons she deserves to win. Josh has expressed a desire to win and even Kevin has made statement about winning. All it takes is one of those people to realize they cannot win against Paul.

    Christmas and Josh are going to begin wondering who Paul will take to the final 2. So will Alex and Kevin. Game on.

    • Talk is cheap. We saw the DR talks with Josh. He is finally on to Paul…..but so what If it’s all talk, no action.
      They should have gotten Paul out last night.

  38. Josh keeps cam talking to us about how he’s figured out Paul but wont turn on him as if we will be upset if he did. Smh no Josh we want you to. I think if he did he would get most of the jury votes and win the whole thing. Hoping for a miracle here.

  39. Now is the time for Josh to put his big boy pants on and back door the snake Paul!! If he or any one else even think they have a chance this is the time or Paul (the snake the racist the bully) will win it all ! “O” how CBS has rigged this season in favor of Paul!!!

    • Josh had the best chance last night when Alex won HOH, if he would of went straight to her w/ what Paul has been up to, Paul would not have had enough to time to talk his way out of it….so I can’t see Josh doing anything now…Paul is making it to the F2, this season was such a waste of time

  40. The only saving grace is that alex didn’t put up josh and christmas like paul was expecting her to do. It kills me how he follows in the path of the person he immediately has to lie to cover himself. Paul only wanted to be in the final three with one person from the three pairs he’d been lying to. Now he’s stuck playing nice with josh and christmas- too bad so sad. Hope to hell that christmas takes josh and vice-versa should it come down to their choosing in the finals. He literally told them he didn’t want to look bad when jason went out and they allowed him to vote against them and make xmas do the dirty deed of the tiebreaker vote. Sick of Paul.

  41. Seriously am glad to see Raven leave the house cannot believe anyone did not call her out for all the lies she told especially the one about having a stomach pacemaker as there is NO way she has one ~ a fellow Menses yeah right LOL if they all listen to Paul then hey he deserves the money as he was another great puppetmaster who else in BB history had every single person throw a comp ~ answer no one not even Derrick was that good ~ bravo to Paul and boo hoo to crybaby Josh ~

  42. I have low key stanned Josh since his first crying fit. I hope he realizes it’s time to get Paul out but then again maybe he has a better chance against Paul if they both make it to the end.

  43. If any of these guys were smart LOL they would put Paul and Alex up on the block. They need to get Paul out or he will be taking home the money. I would not vote for anyone else if Paul makes it to the end. They are just his puppets and he is the pupetmaster

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