‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 10?

Big Brother HoH competition

Big Brother 19 sent another Houseguest out the door and that means it’s time to crown another Head of Household. Ready for some more Big Brother spoilers? We know who is in charge of nominations this week and that’s more important than ever this season as the target list thins.

This week’s competition is the sprint challenge that requires Houseguests to hold a button until the screen displays “Go!” Any false starts and you’re out of the comp. Well I guess we can be sure that Christmas won’t be running…

Paul’s plan going in was to convince Alex, Raven, and Kevin to throw the comp to Josh or Christmas. Obviously Christmas is out of the equation now, right? RIGHT?! If Josh got HoH he’d be targeting Alex and Jason with Jason as the primary objective.

HoH competition in Week 10 of BB19

Due to a rain delay, the first ever according to Julie Chen, we didn’t get to see the HoH comp start. Then, unlike the last time this was a HoH comp (BB17), we didn’t get to see it on the Feeds. 90 minutes after the show ended the Feeds came back to this shocker.

Okay, this isn’t a joke. These are the real results. Again, I’m not joking about who just won the running competition.

Big Brother 19 Week 10 HoH Comp:

  • Christmas won HoH… in a foot race… with a broken foot.

Gallery: HGs react to HoH Comp

Christmas thanked the other HGs for messing up. So here’s what I think happened. You’ll remember that Paul had convinced everyone to throw this challenge, including this week’s targets, or at least the one member of Alex and Jason who could compete. Then this comp requires you to hold a button until the right time or you’re disqualified. If everyone let go of the button early then she could win without ever moving an inch. This is basically a joke of a win. She didn’t win, everyone else just lost.

Update: HGs’ discussions confirmed my suspicions. Christmas won because everyone disqualified themselves out of the comp. She said she never even moved, but had planned on trying to hop to the finish line. This is suspicious though as Christmas said last week that doctors wouldn’t clear her putting weight on her broken foot for at least a couple more weeks. Hmm.

Nominations will be held on Friday then the Veto comp will be on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend!

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  1. Okay, this is gonna be an interesting comp to watch on Sunday. Shame we missed out on it on the feeds.

    • This is the worst season ever! Paul & Christmas are running the house. So boring & what idiots! Christmas should never have been allowed back in the game.t

    • If Paul told the others to jump off a bridge, you can bet they would follow his orders! I honestly think they are all evil, mentally unbalanced bullies. No matter what you think of them, Cody and Jess saw through everyone. The gang mentality really makes me cringe. How do these people function in the real world?

      • So, J & C could see through everyone, what good did it do them……get to the end, that’s the name of the game!

      • Shh can’t you read ?!? Clearly based on people’s comments on here if you play a great game … you’re boring and it sucks . You’re not allowed to root for Paul because he’s playing to good … the comments on here …you guys need to give your head a shake… and no production isn’t protecting Christmas… and yes she should of been allowed back in the house ….bb isn’t just about the physical game play ….idiots !

      • Because Christmas had to leave the house several times, overnight, and days at a time, she should NOT have been allowed back in the game. There have been medical issues in the past, but those players were back the same day. And Paul is not playing a good game. The other players are just that stupid that they are handing him the game. Big difference.

      • Paul looks into the camera befuddled every week and shrugs about why he hasn’t been voted out. He is unaware of the HG conversation that took place early on where they openly discussed Paul’s huge following on social media. They basically agreed that, since they all can’t win $500k, they are there for publicity for their various ongoing or future business interests. Having Paul’s fans come down on them in social media would not be helpful.
        They don’t want FAN blood on their hands!
        So, Paul, that’s why one big reason you’re protected.
        You just don’t know it!

      • Calm down brother and just because we don’t share your views doesn’t make us idiots.

      • It is not about fair play for all CBS should clean house in production wasn’t there laws about fair game play & rigged game shows were outlawed”.they made a movie about it. Is this show above the law?I would guess no..Not fair chance for all even though they spend their time thinking they have a chance Sad get a blister on Survivor your out Here they fix comps so you can stay with broken bones or let you just sit out if it is a comp that everyone else must compete in or have to leave the house Why ?

      • agree. It is the Paul show. Everyone else are bullies who cry when it happens to them and boring.

  2. Christmas should’ve been kicked out of the game when she broke her foot. It’s so unfair she got to stay in the house

    • I beg to differ. Having a good social game is essential to doing well in the house, and she can also win mental comps.

      • I agree. One could argue that she has a disadvantage for the physical comps. If everyone else jumped the gun intentionally, then in a sense she deserved the win. Regardless, it gets old seeing these players plot to throw the HOH more often than trying to win it, even if it might be good strategy.

      • They’re making a farce of the game and taking the opportunity away from people that would kill to get on the show and play. This season is a joke.

      • You make a good point there. This season is definitely not like any other and not one to use as an example of why people should watch.

      • I’ve watched since season one and am a live feeder. I love this show and even when people that I’m rooting for get evicted I still enjoy the show. Don’t always like the winner but still love the show. This season isn’t like any season I’ve ever watched. Nobody wants to play. And even people saying Paul is playing a great game. No he’s not because nobody is giving him any competition. They’re handing it to him he’s not earning it. Matt saying basically F.U. to production and production not doing anything. It’s all a farce this season. I’ll still watch because I love the show but hate what is happening this season.

      • I started Season 14 after my oldest was out of my house, but became hooked and knew how the game was to be played in no time. All about human conditioning too…which is soo fascinating to me!

      • I have watched since season one too. I agree that Paul has had to do nothing all season.
        I will continue to watch but these people have made a joke out of a game I love. They are all pathetic.

      • I don’t know where you come up with Paul has had to do nothing….he has stayed a step ahead of everyone in the game, he comes up with a plan and sticks with it. Like him or hate him, he is the only one playing the game in a smart way.

      • Doesn’t matter if the pendant did save him. He has kept his self off the block this entire time. Over 70 days and there are 19 days left in that house and NEVER has he been on the block.

      • not true. He was saved by the temptation therefore, he nominated Christmas. Therefore, leaving Paul to NEVER be on the block.

      • Paul and Kevin has never been on the block. None this season. Everyone else has. Think these two will be in F4. Jason and Alex are gone this week. Well one of them. Christmas wants them gone.

      • Ugigi….I think the way they let Matt walk all over the show when in the past the same issue was dealt with differently, will make me never watch again. I actually no longer care who wins and am a minute away from no longer watching.

      • Well that’s not true because she did win HOH twice. If you rephrased your statement to something along the lines of she basically had competitions handed to her, then I would agree with you.

      • I agree. This season is awful. I’ve been watching since season one as well, and while there have been some winners that really irritated me (Andy), this season has produced the most ridiculous moments since Chicken George’s conspiracy theory.

      • Lol, you’re saying that because you don’t like that she WON. A win within the rules is a win, no matter how it’s obtained.

      • No it’s a given sorry. She earned crap. I don’t call people like that winners. Maybe you do. Sorry.

      • I suspect Xmas may be on her way to some big prize, maybe the $50k second prize and even some future role with CBS, because, frankly, they have liability for her career-ruining injury in their game on their property–even though Jason was involved in the dangerous horseplay that they allowed. That would be the only reason she would stay yet not compete. Totally unfair advantage.
        I wouldn’t even doubt Production “encouraged” an idea to throw her this HoH. We’re supposed to believe nobody else wants to control any moves as HoH? What kind of snowflakes are these controlled non-competitors???
        Terrible season.

      • CBS isn’t liable. They would have to be found negligent. She was physically horsing around and her cast mate fell. How is CBS responsible for that? California is a comparative negligence state. If the guy had tripped over something that should have been secured better, she might have a partial case. But she allowed herself to be carried, if she didn’t jump on his back, and the guy tripped.

      • @disqus_uMyjAiWtZ4:disqus I have been saying this for a long time. THEY kept her in the game for fear of lawsuit. They trying to make her get the 500k or alteast 50k so then she won money and sueing them would look bad. YOU can’t compete in a physical activaty. RUNNING is the WORSE one of all comps yet she competes? This is the WORSE season and it is so rigged by how the producers want it to go. THIS is why I love UK version fans vote and not up to the producers. Most of the house mates in the house wouldn’t be there if fans voted.

      • Yep, Christmas has been suspiciously a BB producer favorite sense the foot fall on the slick BB grass. Lawsuit would have been filed and she would have won damages, paid by the insurance carrier. Insurance rates would have gone up for all of the slick stunts done on show and there you go, another rigged HOH contest for Christmas. Sickening.

      • She couldn’t even win the mental comp, Paul threw that one to her as well. Two HOHs for her because everyone else lost, not ‘cuz she won. This is getting beyond stupid, down to 7 and still throwing comps, with an upcoming DE. If someone doesn’t vote out Paul by Thursday, the $ is all but his.

    • no its paul that should never have beenallowed back in the game he won$50,000 last yr 2nd place ,top 4 from any previous season should automatically be disqualified ,it.s unfair to people who have never played the game before,it shows AG,S favoritism.

      • I don’t mind so much if veterans come back. Unless the show is all veterans, the one vet usually doesn’t win. But the manipulation of production this year is through the roof. It’s not like they are even trying to hide their favoritism with Christmas. If she had to go out for more than a few hours, she should have been taken out of the game. That’s what was done in the past. Many house guests needed medical attention, but were only gone for hours at a time. She had to go to a hospital, be alone with medical staff without production monitoring as I”m sure they weren’t allowed in the OR and immediate post op recovery.

    • no its paul that should never have beenallowed back in the game he won$50,000 last yr 2nd place ,top 4 from any previous season should automatically be disqualified ,it.s unfair to people who have never played the game.

      • I agree with you! If a vet comes in first or second place in prior seasons should not come back to a new season. It’s definitely an unfair advantage. Paul’s manipulation to the other HG all season and due to the fact the HG are falling for it. Paul looks like he may win the $500K. Paul could win $550K total cuz of the second place winning last year. How is that fair for the other HG? IMO that really sucks cuz Paul a final 2 last season will probably be in position dor a final 2 this season too win the $500K.

  3. I would think with her competitive nature, she would be mortified to have “won” twice only because it was handed to her on a silver platter.

    • The only hope is her foot is ruined because of her stupid greed!!!
      Hate to be crass but f her and motherly instincts to josh!!
      She should have been kicked out a long time ago, plus the fact she can’t really compeat in the final hoh competitions unless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CBS caters to her because they always have a ” physical ” comp that no way she could compete in!!!!

      • So you have to win comps to win BB, news to me?! Hmm, Kevin and Raven haven’t won a comp and they’re still there – and they can compete in ALL comps!! C’mon!!

      • No, but you aren’t allowed to leave the house for days at a time. If she went out for xrays and came back hours later on crutches, I don’t see why she couldn’t stay. Even if she couldn’t compete. It’s the leaving the house a few times and then for a few days for surgery that I have a problem with.

      • that’s just mean of you that you hope her foot is ruined because of her stupid greed!!! what a troll you are..

  4. Now the line will be drawn in the sand. Looks like everyone did just as Paul instructed- throw the comp to Christmas

    • So I guess they all want Jason out of the house, including Alex. Man they are all stupid. Paul is pretty much breaking up all the duos so he’s no longer the third wheel.

      • I saw his nastiness last year but many were enthralled with him, last season no one listened to me so I gave up and again this year I didn’t care fr him so I decided t not say much about it until the masses seen what I saw last year. Paul didn’t deserve the win last year and neither did Nicole the blonde ambition bimbo. Paul does not deserve it this year either but I may lean towards Christmas for this year over the rest.

      • What did you say Willie, I wasn t listening. JK, always listen to you and you know that but I didn t believe you last year, now I agree with you my friend

      • Sadly I know a lot of people like Paul, so once they actually grow up they are really decent people. I suspect Paul will be a great person one day after he grows up.

      • Well we can hope. I’m afraid that this experience will go to his head and reinforce the behavior we’re seeing this season

      • Willie, I try not to be a mean girl, we’re leaving that to Alex now that Jess is out of the house, but I would really and truly like to see the nasty gnome fall fast and hard. 😒😋😁

      • Who said you were mean? Don’t make me get Jessica and Alex to take care of them for you.

      • Except Josh and Christmas will never see F3 with Paul. Paul if he is that brilliant will take a single person from either Maven, Jalex, Joshmas or Kevin with him. No way he will take Joshmas to F3. However, if you really believe instigating hate and destruction in this house along with discontent is a brilliant game move, you are sadly mistaken.

      • And what Alex and Jason are doing is ok? Jason talking about raping Kevin’s wife. Alex bullying Kevin. Everyone in this house are bullies so just play the game.

      • You obviously have not read many if any of my other post’s. So I will AGAIN reiterate this for you. Alex was my favorite and I was rooting for her to win but I have since changed my mine about her and expect her to be gone this Thursday unless she can pull out the next HOH or VETO win. About two to three weeks ago, I was starting to lose respect for her and her game play. I even said she was a petty, player and what she has said to other HG’s and how she blindly follows Paul will be her undoing, sadly this was only part of her undoing because the way she went off on the other HG’s in the last two weeks sealed her fate to Jury. Jason on the other hand, I never mentioned him a whole lot and actually didn’t praise him for anything other than playing his game this past week. I also said I would punch him in the face if that is how he truly feels about Kevin’s family and the way he may treat Senior Citizen’s.

      • I still believe everyone are bullies. And no, I haven’t read any of your other comments. I refuse to sit here and scroll down every single comment to read. This is a reality show and that is all it is.

      • Exactly, we all have our favorites and we want who we want to win and get upset if they don’t. Well, I don’t get upset, I just move on.

      • I was with you brother and with Cody “I hate the guy” on my impression of Paul last year. He was a real piece of work and the way he would talk to other HG’s like he was some kind of Wunderkind interrogator. He has a true Napoleonic complex.

      • now we know why Cody hated him,because of how an arrogant ass he is,Cody was right about his arrogant ass.

      • Mark and Elena has admitted in the jury house that Cody was right from the beginning. They wish Paul just get evicted so everyone can play their game.

      • too bad all the others in the house are either very stupid or brain dead,and can,t see that Paul is a jackass and making them all look like the fools that they are

      • He appears to have a big ego. Every time things go his way, he takes all the credit. It gets to be annoying after a while, even if he’s right, ha ha.

      • The problem is that he’s playing with morons, so it makes him think he’s this great player. He’s not. Derrick was also working with a bunch of morons, but he never wallowed in the gutter like Paul does.

      • playing for a half million dollars makes you greedy and into something you are not. Look at Alex she is starting to bully and Paul actually stopped it. But, Paul is greedy for half a million. You will play dirty because, BB is a dirty game.

      • Only if you let it. Derrick never played dirty. Lying and changing your alliances are a part of the game. But you don’t have to belittle people or stir up a gang mentality to do it. Sadly, there are some that will sink to the lowest depths to make money. It does tell a lot about someone’s character. But you don’t have to be a scumbag to play the game well.

      • He knows this will win him the money. Last year he almost beat Nicole. this year he will have answers to why he should win the half million dollars. And he will win.

        unless final 3 is xmas, josh and him. Paul doesn’t win HOH then one of them two will evict Paul and them two will go to the F2.

    • But why should Kevin also throw the competition going by what he went through this week. He should see himself as the clear target.

    • I’m guessing she was only restricted from actually running. I don’t see any harm in letting her hold the button (assuming this was the HOH we think it was) on the off chance everyone screwed up.

      Or maybe they cleared her to scoot along like she’s been doing. When Josh went out crying after his confrontation with Kevin… Xmas was pretty much booking across the yard (well booking for her, lol) after him.

      Who really knows though considering everything that’s happened this season.

    • Exactly. She’s never been cleared before for physical comps. They want to protect their favorite Paul and he told production don’t worry I have everyone quitting and Santa doesn’t have to do a thing except scoot on down on her scooter to hit the button.

  5. What? Why was she even allowed to participate in this HOH? All of the other physical comps, she wasn’t allowed to…she still has a boot on her foot. This season just got stranger..I was wondering why Josh was doing a dance in the SR.

  6. this proves the game is so fixed. impossible how did she get in the game when she can’t run

  7. Please let Xmas get Alex out of the house! I mean, considering some of the stuff Jason has been “joking” about lately, I wouldn’t be sad to see him go either. I just am really starting to loathe Alex.

      • Yeah, I was guessing he would be. It makes sense to get rid of the potential threats before their more annoying counterparts (Matt before Raven as the example).

        It would be a lot more satisfying to see the more annoying go first though, lol.

      • It’s called payback from Paul since Jason wouldn’t put Kevin otb! Now Kevin’s only ally will go instead.

      • Makes sense. Jason seems to be getting his physical comp game working to his advantage so he would be a threat moving forward.

        Plus, I keep hearing that Alex is gaining a decent amount of weight, and I really don’t see her doing much exercise (don’t have feeds, so she might during the day). She definitely didn’t seem to be handling that last endurance comp as well as she did the first one.

      • Now, now Lavendargirl, I know you are a Alex fan, but she has gained a lot of weight since she started BB. There is no sin in that, but she doesn’t appear to do that much except sit around and eat and drink.

      • Fan or not and to be honest the last few weeks I’m not much of a fan but you don’t body shame. Funny everyone flipped out when they were doing that to Josh. SMDH

      • And no one in that house is obese or has even gained a lot of weight. Most have put on some weight but so what

      • It was mentioned here that she was struggling in the endurance comp compared to the first one. There was a suggestion made that it might be the fact that Alex is gaining weight. If that affects her ability to compete and win… Its worth discussing.

        For what its worth, I’ve been trying to lose 20 pounds myself so I’m as chubby as the next guy, lol.

      • I’m more of a bored kind of eater. If I’m bored, I tend to watch TV and eat while watching. I can vouch first hand that I am not in the same shape as I was 20 pounds ago as far as doing physical activities goes.

      • Absolutely, especially when they have so many goodies to eat all day long. I think anxiety plays a role in their overeating as well.

      • Hopefully, the Jury House will give them a chance to unwind and get back into a routine that’s more like what they would do outside the house. Anxiety can definitely be a factor in overeating, and Production constantly stocking the house with all sorts of food doesn’t help either.

        Heck, I know I’d be eating more than I usually do if I was in a situation like that.

      • I know I would! Well, Cody and Elena looked relaxed and happy tonight, so I think the Jury House is a nice change from the BB House.

      • Yeah, they looked like they were happy and getting along well. I think that if Paul, and Christmas stay in charge, their elimination order will keep the peace pretty well in the house too.

        It was good to see that Cody actually looked happy to be with Elena and Mark. I liked that Cody told Mark that Elena didn’t miss him and then mouthed that she missed him A LOT, lol.

      • Cody was downright sociable.
        It was nice to see.

        Now they’ll have to convince Matt that it was Paul as much as Jason (getting him out). Lol

      • Exactly. Alex probably weighs 100lbs soaking wet. And people wonder why some people have eating disorders.

      • Has nothing to do with Body shaming… Has to do totally with getting out of shape and not being able to hang in the physical comps. Fortunately, none of us will have to deal with Alex for much longer. Double Eviction coming and she and Jason will be out the door.

      • I’m not all psyched up about Jason leaving. I think he is just the first target of the duo from what the other HGs have been saying.

      • I don’t think anyone is body shaming by suggesting Alex has gained a lot of weight. Why is it not okay to mention this but okay to ridicule and bash Raven or Christmas or ????

      • That’s why people have eating disorders from people like you that think it’s ok to body shame.

      • You know… The sooner you come to grips with the fact that Alex makes Paul look like a nice guy (inside of the BB House) by comparison, and also the fact that she is soon to go home… The better off you’re going to be.

        Sorry, but Alex is a witch and she’s going home… Soon.

        Have a good evening.

      • No really. I’ve only worked in the medical field for 40yrs but yeah I don’t know anything about it. Go away.

      • There was no body shaming. Alex HAS gained a substantial amount of weight, fact. Other HGs have said that they believe this weight gain has negatively affected her performances in some competitions and could continue to do so, which obviously would harm her chances of winning while helping theirs.

      • I hadn’t noticed her gaining weight. I was referring to what has been pointed out right here on this site. Take a chill pill and relax.

        Just because your fave is becoming a witch is no reason to attack like her, LOL

      • Well, she had gained weight but she’s not looking bad (or even looks better) at it. Moreover, she’s not the fattest/biggest of the girls who are still pretty this season.
        That said, her real game in the house is over. She is now completely playing for Paul (more than she has ever been) to the detriment of others. She should go. Let Jason stay and see what happens.

      • If she makes it to F3 the extra weight may cost her the endurance comp and $500K, that’s what it has to do with it.

      • He dang sure better be!
        He’s got a great resume and he and Alex together are too dangerous in comps (when not throwing them).

  8. You know it’s bad when somebody who is on CRUTCHES won the running HOH. Can we give Paul the money now? I say that every week but it’s the truth. Paul is running this game. And once gain, Christmas will not target him. Will be curious to see if she does put up Jason and Alex. Boy wouldn’t they feel stupid.

  9. Get over it people!! She was cleared to be in the blocks, not to RUN!! Every threw it to her – be mad at them!!

      • I..don’t..understand…your point. You’re actually saying that people have a CHOICE of whether they decide to watch a show? No, no way…I thought we were all being forced to watch!! LMAO

        Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking this whole time! I don’t understand hate-watching a show.

    • Funny she’s never been cleared for any physical comps and still isn’t allowed to walk on her foot but they clear her for a comp that involves running. Okay.

      • She didn’t RUN!! She was cleared to be in the BLOCKS!! Everyone threw it to her – had someone chosen to run she would have just stayed there!!

      • The comp involved running. You don’t say you can play in part of the comp but not the rest. What don’t you get???

      • She would have lost immediately if someone chose to run!! The comp involved more than physical!! Everybody faulted and no one did anything physical – pretty simple concept!!!

      • She can’t walk on her foot. She shouldn’t have been cleared period. Like I said you don’t get cleared for part of a comp. That would be like OTEV she’s cleared to play but can’t go down the slide. SMH. She hasn’t been cleared for any previous physical comps. Funny how she was conveniently able to play in this one. Pretty simple concept!!!!!!

      • It’s not physical if it involves a reactionary component!!! Wtf?? Otev you HAVE TO MOVE!! Technically this comp didn’t involve movement!! Hence the win for CHRISTMAS!! Get over it!!

      • WAIT?! Who won a comp that didn’t involve a single movement? Oh yeah, Christmas did!! Guess it wasn’t physical- don’t let your personal hate dictate unfactional info.

      • First of all I don’t hate her. So don’t put words in my mouth. Second don’t let your personal ignorance dictate facts. It’s a comp that involves running. Guess that’s not physical. I’m done with your ignorance so please refrain from commenting anymore on my posts.

      • I think she is a production favorite? She has been getting breaks all along. They need to rid of her and Paul. Sounds like a broken record.

      • To be fair they all (except Jason) have something to do with that. They all threw it to her. They all took what’s usually a fun competition to watch and made a mockery of it.

      • Doesn’t have anything to do with Xmas “winning”… It’s just Alex’s personality.
        She’s gone overboard with the bullying and the fighting, and her personality is pretty rotten too lately. I’m really liking Alex less with each passing day.

  10. On tweeter Raven told X-mas that she was staying up in the hoh room with her after nominations. I hope X-mas told her hell to the no you’re not…

  11. All you all saying this will draw a line in the sand still wrong. Paul will tell Alex they have to cut Jason because of what he did this week and she will still go along. He will remind her the have the “secret” alliance that no one knows.

  12. I hope Alex and Jason goes on the block and Jason wins pov just to ensure Alex goes home, can’t stand her anymore!!!

  13. So F2, Xmas’ big speech. ;
    ‘YOu should vote for me cos I won 2 HoH’s …..that were thrown to me. How great is that?’. Waits for applause

  14. How can you just unite with the house not thinking for once they are plotting against you? ALEX?! Like fr she so scared to go against the house or better yet paul that she doesnt realize either way shes a target. Ugh. Im prepared to watch her turn on Jason…

  15. At this point I am waiting for finale night when they bring back the house guest who got evicted and been watching. Wait till Jess fills this cast in…

  16. Okay, so I am assuming Christmas’s doctor cleared her medically to be in a running competition? *cough* Bullsh*t! smh… Wow.

    This season just keeps getting more & more bizarre!

  17. This reminds me of a joke I heard by Katt Williams: “the last place you want to be in a foot race, is behind a M*therf*cker with NO FOOTS!”

  18. Just checked live feeds to see what I could see. (have been off grid for a computer test had to take and haven’t even checked/read anything on threads)

    So, first scene I see is gawd awfull!!!

    Miss Lonely Hearts in the orange cutout T, crying sniffles, mascara clown marks down cheeks, AND squeezing the Matt substitute, heart pillow that she stole from the bedrooms.

    Pathetic!! And it’s only hour : TWO !!!

  19. Houseguests this year have made a mockery of the game… I thought they revamped the selection process? You can’t have a good show when your cast is this dumb.

  20. I remember in the early part of the game, I’ve commented many times, that HG’s will only start comparing notes when they get to the Jury house, and that’s what’s happening.

    • Buuuuut…with this cast, do you think they will sweetly and maturely pop their popcorn, pour a drink, gather around the table and calmly and objectively compare notes without any personal feeling toward each other?

      I don’t think they get a therapist in jury, and they have been isolated so long they will still have tensions running high. PLUS, you’re going to have Cody in the house, which will be distracting for a lot of them, and I hate to say it – maybe Paul-haters will love it – they might even have Stockholm syndrome for Paul. “What? No! We had an alliance, I was his favorite, no matter what you say!!”

      • Lol I know, but I’m saying, this is an almost irrationally explosive-prone cast…and pretty much everyone that was at the center of the fights is in jury or going to be in jury.

        And, think about the fact that they all want to feel special. Paul made his allies feel special and like they were better than anyone else in the house he was seen talking to. It almost like a pack of prostitutes, and their pimp tells each of them that she his favorite. They might fight amongst each other and say things that could blow up the pimp’s game, but when they go to sleep at night, they still secretly think that they were the pimp’s favorite (no disrespect to prostitutes).

  21. Just how sick is Raven??? She eats like a horse and never slows down….at first, the way she told it she was very restricted on activity and diet. I have not seen any of this. Is her “illness” the reason HG’s do not want to get her out?

  22. Who the hell throws a comp this late in the game? If anyone other than Paul wins, BB will literally be giving away money for doing nothing.
    Guess money really does grow on trees

  23. Let’s get one thing straight here – if wasn’t just a physical comp, you could fault w/ out moving. Therefore, she prob was cleared to be in the blocks and had someone run she would have been eliminated immediately. They prob all faulted to throw it to her hence the victory. What the heck is wrong w/ that? Blame the others, not Christmas!!

  24. Wow well don’t expect xmas to be making any “big moves” she doesn’t make her own decisions…

      • If she had any balls she would put up a big player like Paul and Alex.. Paul needs to be shook. And she already mentioned not fully trusting him, but she won’t do anything about it. Why is everyone so afraid of Paul? And Paul tried to bitch at Kevin for making good with people going to jury when that’s exactly what Paul does! This house is rediculous! Paul gets everything he wants it’s so annoying

  25. Xmas is a bipolar witch! She snaps at people over nothing. First mark for eating her slop bc it looked like regular slip and she never specified she “makes it a certain way” and then Kevin bc he asked her if she was gonna go swimming?! Are you serious?!? She is probably such a rude b in the real world! Raven too!

  26. Quick question – who actually ran in this comp?! Oh, that’s right – NOBODY!! I wouldn’t call that a physical comp!

  27. I keep telling myself 5 more minutes and then I have to sign off but I m reminded of the quote from the Godfather
    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in
    OR the one from Brokeback Mountain
    I can t quit you.

  28. I don’t really like Xmas anymore, but if she makes it to f2 IN A CAST…and she’s not sitting not to Paul, I say give it to her.

  29. Am I the only one that is desapointed about the edit of alex on the tv show? They make her look smart, nice and clam. While she’s stupid vile and hyper all the time. I don’t get it. Why???

    • All the HGs this season are 10 times worse than what they air on tv. Remember when Jody was on the block and they gave them the “America’s Sweethearts’ edit?

    • Alex is gonna get hers..this will be the week….Its her turn to get shunned and belittled….It will happen…

      • I was really expecting to see some of her horrible moment with Kevin this week. I guess they use all the time for matt since he was leaving.

      • ….does it make me a bad person that I’m really looking forward to watching that? You’re right. She’s gonna get hers. Has it coming to her. Can’t wait. :o)

    • Alex & Christmas both got a sweetheart of an edit in that show! They didn’t show how Xmas really went off on Kevin about the “swimming” question. wow! And Alex…she’s nothing more than Paul’s yes man, not to mention she’s vile & loathsome in her character, but thanks to this perfect edit, she comes across as a savvy, strategic player. smdh. Unbelievable.

      • I know I also notice for Christmas but she’s light compare to vile alex. The way she treats Kevin is horrible. And she doesn’t have a single reason to do that. He was going to hell he game!!

        This one is stupid.

      • Yeah, I use to like Alex, not anymore. I know she is a serious game player and she knows what she is doing. I know big brother is all about lies and doing what you have to do to win. I guess I admire those who can win and still be decent to the others. You don’t have to be evil to others in order to win. Even though Evil Dick was fun to watch. Alex of all of the people should know how Paul is.

  30. All these houseguest do is eat, shower, bash Kevin, eat shower bash Kevin and repeat, come on, enough already!!

  31. Why can I hear Christmas and Alex, but not Raven? Is that something I may be doing on purpose? Wow…I’m a magician.

    • I think BB turned off Matt and Raven’s mics since last night…no joke! Last night, If you watched the feeds in the “quad view”, you could hear them, but when I would try to go to the camera that was just on them, both their mics were off.

      • Matt & Raven probably turned or tok them off cuz the mics and string would be in the way of their last night. Sure hope they took our their condoms, used or not. OR maybe Raven didn’t used condom so they could maybe a threesome for themselves.

      • I didn’t know that…I was kidding about not hearing Raven talking with Christmas and Alex after the HoH comp. Nothing wrong with her audio. I was zoning her out on purpose! It was rare I’d even try to listen to Raven and Matt when the cams were on them. I would switch immediately to a camera that didn’t have them on it. haha

  32. Rigged,,,,,,
    This entire season illustrates what many people have thought for years, reality tv shows are scams.

  33. Better days I hope will follow…time for me to say goodnight for now! Stayed tune for further manipulation by Paul with his subliminal messages to his sheeple!

  34. The stupidity is beyond the grasp of the human intellect. Every single player throwing the hoh this late in the game!!!!!!
    These people should be executed with midieval torture mechanisms. Now that would make good tv. 😲

  35. Lose in a foot race to someone with a broken foot,just give the check to Paul seriously people.

      • Sicko, where have you and your objective voice of reason been ?? (don’t remember seeing you on here before) I’m pretty much stalking you with upvotes lol

      • Thanks Jolima07!! I try to refrain but I couldn’t help myself tonight- ha! What’s your story?

      • Ha! My story…I love people who play the game – and on a pure game level. I hated Paul last season until half-way through…now I appreciate where he’s coming from. Also, being from a city where people are fair-weather fans (I’m NOT) I don’t get an obsession with “I just want to be surprised by the outcome, no matter who deserves to win.” I want who EARNED it to win it. Still think it was stupid Dan (my favorite) didn’t win his 2nd season.

      • Thank you!!! I’ve only been watching for three plus years (thanks to an ex gf – boo!) but like yourself I appreciate the game value!! I don’t get caught up in the politics etc. It’s a game w/ people secluded from everyday life and of course inappropriate behavior will occur. I only take it for face value and nothing more – it’s a game fcol! If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from?

    • I’m really curious to see this comp on Sunday. And also if it is that obvious they thrown it to Christmas, it will be interesting to see the current jury looking at it.

  36. Matt said in the iPad interview that he believe raven is the best player out their!!!! Whohahahaha.

    Bit of think raven will win. She said “see us after the game”. She’s not going to jury?? And then they have travelling plan with the money she will earn.

    Seriously if raven’s win, I’m going to California and do a protest!!!

    • Wait wait…Matt said that??

      What was his cereal laced with??

      • Now that I’ve stopped laughing…are we sure that this guy was not a mental hospital escapee, or off his meds??? Homeboy was so delusional this entire game. I actually thought in week 2 that he was just playing along with Paul and was going to be the one to turn on him and take him out. I also thought he was throwing comps this entire time. Didn’t realize he’s actually inept, incompetent, and WORSE, Cody was right!! lmao, he really is an “Expert Loser.”

      • Lol. But seriously I couldn’t stop laughing when he lost it on jason. The way he got hyper exited, walk, talk… even his voice was different. It was hilariously pathetic!! People say Paul is a gnome. No no no. Matt is the gnome. I guess raven disease are contagious. He got crazy as well.

        For fun I read back the first article of BBN about players prediction. Matthew Boyer put matt as the top one winner. We’re all fools. What a desapointement.

      • I remember that!

        I feel like the next time I got to Trader Joe’s to pick out my weekly lemons, I’m going to squeeze one and be like,”oh, I got a good Matt right there!”

      • Totally a gnome! Not to mention, he can’t stop smiling, even when trying to fight! Tyra Banks would be like “Look at that boy smight!” (smile + fight)

    • I can not believe he said that lol he is so clueless, he probably thinks raven is “americas sweetheart”

      • He is going to be in for a shock when he sees the show from home and I would think he would get the live feeds so he can go back and watch everything.

    • I’ll go with you Nope, I moved back home to Oregon a year ago after living there for a while, and can weave in and out of traffic California-style ;)