Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Thursday Night Highlights

Week 10 in the Big Brother 19 house officially kicked off on the Live Feeds after what appears to be a fluke HOH competition and an unlikely winner was crowned. Talk of the week’s target quickly made its way around the house and let’s just say Alex and Jason aren’t going to be happy it’s not Kevin.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 31, 2017:

8:27 PM BBT – Feeds return. HoH comp is over. Christmas won the running competition…

8:28 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin to lay low all week. Paul tells Raven he’s got her back. Christmas tells Josh to “stop your face”.

8:30 PM BBT – Christmas thanks all the HGs for screwing up. She reveals she won by default after the rest were disqualified.

8:35 PM BBT – Alex tells Christmas it’s useless to backdoor Kevin since almost everyone plays in veto this week.

8:36 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin he is fine this week and to lay low, not ask questions and don’t be paranoid. Paul tells Kevin there are going to be no more backdoors.

8:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul that she volunteered to go up as a pawn next to Kevin.

9:11 PM BBT – Raven says Matt plans to call Cody out in the jury house.

9:14 PM BBT – Kevin asks Christmas if he’s going on the block. She promises he isn’t and tells him to trust her. She tells him to just keep acting paranoid.

9:15 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that the smartest move is putting Alex and Jason up outright. Christmas agrees and that they just need to be straightforward about the plan. Christmas says she thinks she can do damage control pretty well with Alex after nominations.

9:27 PM BBT – Alex and Paul are talking and he’s playing dumb. He asks Alex if she thinks Christmas would put him up. She says she’d probably go up before he would.

9:44 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh he’s going to start acting like he thinks Christmas is going to backdoor him. Paul says they can’t be all obvious so Josh can’t be up Christmas’s ass this week.

9:50 PM BBT – Josh cam talking. He’s happy that his girl Christmas won HOH and that means he’s making Top 6. He says a lot of stuff is going to go down this week and it’s going to be a crazy one.

10:03 PM BBT – Paul and Josh agree that Jason has to go this week because if Alex goes first then Jason and Kevin would team up.

10:06 PM BBT – Josh, Paul and Raven talk about how cocky Alex is being. Josh tells Raven that Alex was the other vote against Matt this week. Paul confirms.

10:15 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul that if they get rid of Alex, Jason will have their backs (Kevin is probably going to be a hard sell on Alex staying).

10:43 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that Raven should win next week and take the shot at Alex and Kevin. Christmas starts to say if Alex wins HOH next week but Paul says there’s no if, he’s not letting her win.

10:45 PM BBT – Paul says if he ever goes on the block, he’s going home. He tells Christmas that she and Josh can keeping winning HOH and he can win veto.

10:50 PM BBT – Christmas is worried about the Tree of Temptation. Raven doesn’t think Jason would go for the tree since he would risk getting the apple that blocks him from competing for HoH next week. They laugh about how dumb Alex is to have thrown that competition.

11:55 PM BBT – Kevin notes to Paul that Raven has suddenly put her Friendship bracelet on after having it off all season. He points out the timing with Matthew having just left.

12:00 AM BBT – Jason asks Josh who is the next target. (It’s Jason.) Josh tells him it is Kevin. Josh warns Jason that Kevin will try to take out Alex if he gets the chance.

12:00 AM BBT – Kevin reminds Christmas that he would never put her or Paul up since they had his back all season while everyone else turned on him.

12:05 AM BBT – Christmas promises Kevin there is a plan. He says he’ll keep his faith in them.

1:45 AM BBT – After a long delay with HGs waiting on it, Christmas’s HoH room is finally ready.

2:15 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas discuss how everyone threw the competition to her. They wonder if Jason understands that.

2:20 AM BBT – Paul joins the talk. He wants Christmas to put up Alex and Jason then renom Kevin if either comes down.

2:35 AM BBT – Paul helps carry Christmas’s walker around… That’s the same Christmas who just won a running competition against 5 able bodied HGs…

3:00 AM BBT – Lights are finally out for Christmas as everyone now looks to be asleep.

Gotta admit this is a bit of an embarrassing situation for the game. Everyone is throwing everything per Paul’s instructions even to the point of letting someone with a broken foot win a foot race. Then we’ve got the Tree of Temptation coming up and no one is likely to touch it, again because Paul has them all convinced their safe and they’d fear upsetting Paul or their chances for Paul’s approval.

Now at this point the nomination plans are set and Saturday’s PoV comp will decide whether Jason or Alex goes home next. Jason remains the top target, after his closest ally threw away their safety in this week, but should he win Veto then Alex will be out the door instead.

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  1. Christmas winning a running a competition lol. CBS is being so obvious with the fix on this comp. There was no reason for her to be cleared to even play. Also these hg’s deserve to lose. The only people who actually benefited from throwing hoh to xmas were josh/paul as they are not touching the block at all. I cant even figure out why the rest of the hg’s (especially alex) trusted the plan.

  2. “Alex tells Paul that she volunteered to go up as a pawn next to Kevin.”

    Of all the moments this season. Alex is the most disappointing. I saw a legend in the making during the first few episodes. Her challenging a comp beast in Cody, knowing the history of the game. Comp skills and strategic. To quote Willie Wonka. “She deserves nothing, good day!”

    • Truly….”she deserves nothing”….she put her game on auto pilot and let Paul set her destination.

    • I don’t care what alliances you have or think you have, you have to play for yourself at this point in the game. When numbers dwindle they’ve got to take a shot at you at some point!

      • Can you imagine what these idiots’ families and friends are thinking watches these fools throw away their game by making dumber and dumber moves? Take our disgust and multiply it by 100

      • Jason’s wife must be furious. Did he forget there is another child on the way? Paul’s mom is excited and picking out floor mats for her new Bentley.

      • Doubt it. I am sure she wanted it fully loaded and $50,000… No. Bentley car prices start at $180,195.

      • Let’s be real here… after taxes, that 500K ain’t gonna do much more than probably pay down some debt and buy a Bentley if that’s what he’s gotta do.

      • not to mention that she(jason’s wife) has had to do damage control with Kevin’s family after Jason’s disgusting, vile comments.

      • Kevins wife is on the front of TMZ home page, and she told Jason to keep her and her kids names out of his rape jokes. She is pissed, apparently Jasons family reached out to her and said it was a joke.

      • It’s very entertaining to watch Paul work them all. I’m still waiting to see if Christmas might take a shot at Paul. Doubtful, because she is actually in a bind here…because of Paul’s masterminding… and really needs to get either Alex or Jason because they are such a strong duo. Unless one of them get a vibe and start feeling vulnerable and pick an apple, nothing left but veto and they both can’t win it. Good job again, Paul!

      • I’m not sure exactly what it is, fixy. But it is definitely a positive for the picker. The thing I don’t understand about the tree of temptation is why they only keep it in play for a short window before noms. Give them the option after noms. That might have some results.

      • Have they changed the apples on the tree? I there is “Bounty on your head” and “No competition for next HOH”

      • This week, I would go for the apple cos production have probably put up only the good ones lol The apples were ignored last week, make the others pi**ed off when they see that whoever picks it gets an advantage.

      • Someone had suggested this during Jason’s HOH, so it would apply to Xmas … she’s in a position that none of the apples would hurt her – bounty on her head & can’t play next HOH is moot. Get 2 Veto votes … so what – good if the house went rogue, but that ain’t gonna happen. But by picking one, then the 2 remaining are 50/50 chances – and the next HOH can try! Oh wait, someone other than Paul would have to think of that!

      • I think Christmas was the first person Paul made a final two deal with. She’ll probably keep him. Imo

      • It would be interesting to see how that scenario plays out. I’m not sure how the jury would vote, but we have a DE to get through and I think Paul will have a huge target on his back if he doesn’t win HOH.

      • He should have a huge target… not sure if he will though. The more clear things seem to be, the more these HG’s continue to baffle me.

      • I don’t think he will have a target on his back. He usually plans his target with the house even among the targets 2 to 3 weeks ahead of time. So during DE, his minions (including the HOH) will stick to Paul’s plan like Jason did in the first DE. Again, remember all pairs (only Joshmas) would have been broken up b4 the second eviction.

      • Forgive my faulty memory but who was the season where in the final 3..Someone made the wrong choice and lost out on 500,000. They would have won by choosing the last evicted. If Josh or Christmas choose Paul over each other. They will lose out as well.

      • I get the impression in “real life” Paul is more of a spoiled hothead than Josh. I watched on youtube, Paul entertaining everyone by doing impressions of the other houseguests. But when Josh put on Paul’s hat and floaty thing & did an impression of Paul, Paul appeared to get legit pissed. Also when Paul caught onto Kevin’s game move to schmooze the outgoing houseguests (aka jury votes) Paul was pissed. Yes, he should be concerned, but why so angry that someone else in the house besides him is playing the social game?

      • I have always said that I don’t particularly like some of Paul’s characteristics. But when I look over the ones that are annoying to me and look at game play, there is no denying that Paul has outplayed everyone else.

      • he was very aggressive last season with HG’s that he perceived as turning on him- he was a s* – he is getting his way this season so maybe it does not come out as much.

      • Is risky for Paul final 3 with Christmas and Josh where they might chose each other over Paul that in case they get to chose and he doesn’t win final comps as I expect he will

      • Yes, but you’re working on the assumption that they’re smarter than their significant other….lol

    • Her only problem is trusting her alliance. Which any other season you do trust each other. She doesn’t realize Paul is a scumbag. But hopefully after this week she does and goes after the dictator and Santa.

    • Her downfall like most of the others was Geeking out on Paul’s “Kiss the King’s” friendship bracelett’s interview. BB production did this season no good service by having a VET like Paul come in with a “Crowning Ceremony” and a whole month of safety.

  3. I can’t even believe the stupidity of Alex throwing that comp. WOW! Does anyone even know they’re in there playing for $500k??? Big Paul strikes again. Kudos to him for puppeterring this masquerade.

    • One possible outcome. Paul hesitates in backdooring her and waking Jason up, creating a rival. Alex may survive this week. Same scenario with Jason.

  4. 9:11 PM BBT – Raven says Matt plans to call Cody out in the jury house. – Why? Just what exactly does he intend to gain from this? It isn’t like Cody sent him out the door? Just help ensure that Raven won’t get his vote… as if she stands a chance anyway.

    • Paul thinks Matt can sway Mark and Elena in his (P) favor by calling out jury. ROFLMAO. Really, Matt. ROFLMAO again.

    • Because they are obsessed and deep into Paul’s shoe. They won’t think of making a life after the game than to suck with Paul’s enemy. Something Paul will not even do.

      • Matt won’t dare Cody. (#1) The jury is not BB house where the Hgs go nut on each other with production rules protecting them on the game. (#2) His fellow minions are not there to back him if Cody decide to handle him. (#3) Matt was quick to remind the other HGs that Cody is a military guy who (might) have killed people and could punch Josh when the HGs were getting on him to self evict. Matt is that scared.

      • I still say Zach “Froot Loop Dingus” Rance should be the former HG who visits the jury house for deliberation this year just so he can dump some cereal on Matt and remind him how much his game sucked.

  5. What could Matt possibly call Cody out on? Especially after his despicable behavior. Matt and Raven lives in La La Land.

    Christmas should have been expelled from the game long ago. If you can’t compete in ALL of the competitions, you cannot be a part of the game. This makes absolutely no sense! How was she cleared for this competition? Okay, the idiots gave it to her but I just don’t see how it’s fair she is still in the game. Should have replaced her with Cameron (if they thought it was going to affect the schedule).

    Congratulations Paul! I wouldn’t call him one of the greats (playing with idiots doesn’t make one great) but hopefully, this is the last we see of him.

    • So surprising how Matthew was treated with velvet gloves after his act. No houseguests will have such gut in some certain Big Brother franchise I know too well. Contestants and fans knows.

  6. Here’s my theory why the non-rain rain delay for the HoH comp last night:
    BB did not want to be embarrassed further by the hg’s all throwing an HoH comp on live tv that they made up the rain excuse (thank you to our Cali posters who confirmed no rain) so that they could edit it how they wanted to show on the broadcast. We saw how they glossed over Matt’s flaunting of the HN rules so why wouldn’t they try to edit this comp to try and make this game less pathetic than it has become?

    • Well said. The good thing about Production being embarrassed. There will be alot of changes for the next season. I hope Alison Grodner is already working on a plan.

      • Just do away with Have Nots. It has no impact on the game and doesn’t get any play on TV anyway. Then they don’t have to worry about crap like what Matt pulled in the future. Simple solution.

        Don’t know how you keep people from laying down on comps though.

      • Basically, Big Brother All-Stars….at least then everyone knows what they’re dealing with then…

      • What? Alison is production. Like, what plan could she be possibly be working on beyond getting a new job. This all starts and ends with her.

      • I suspect the pressure is on her from above to fix things. Big Brother’s estimated viewership has been on downward slope since BB13: 7.8M vs 5.78M for BB18.

        This season probably won’t help those numberseither…I just wish they would go for a classic season of Big Brother with only a few twists sprinkled throughout. This constant twisting has led to a pack mentality because nobody wants to take a risk and get screwed over.

        I say bring back old-school BB, food comps and all, and even the old set with the audience in the shoeboxes outside the front door lol

      • I hope she is working on a plan to go to work at Bravo to work for a more believable scripted reality show.

  7. I’ve just got to say that I am LMAO at the results of this HOH comp. I’m having so much fun watching Paul use his manipulation techniques on these HGs. People want to blame Paul for EVERYTHING bad, say it’s because the HGs are stupid (NO! He is just much smarter and better at strategizing.), therefore giving him no credit at all for all of the time and effort he has spent keeping all of these HGs bamboozled. I think some of these HGs realize what Paul is doing but they can’t stop it because they have used him, and wisely so, to further their game and now NEED him and he has made sure of that. I’m shocked he is still in the house and will be even more shocked if he wins, but he definitely is VERY deserving of the win. Go Paul! lolol

    • I don’t know how smart I can give the other HG’s credit for being, but he certainly is playing them and is most deserving of the win unless somebody gets a brain and gets him out.

      • Paul has made sure they need him up until this point. When they come to the realization that they no longer require his services, he’s going to be outnumbered and they can get him…if they want to. I’m not sure if any of them really want or plan to go to F2 with Paul if they have that choice. Do they think they could beat him? I don’t know.

      • Once Alex and Jason are gone, Christmas and Josh need to realize they no longer need Paul. Raven and Kevin are horrible at competitions so those two are toss up at final 3, with Kevin very likely to go first. Kevin is better liked than Raven and just in case a miracle happens and he wins, they need to get rid of him first.

      • Yeah, best case scenario for the rest of the house is Josh winning HOH and putting Alex and Paul next to each other next week. I’m not sure any of the rest of them would even consider this as a good move.

      • Josh sees things and has verbalized them. Christmas needs to listen to him. These bull-headed women, Alex and Christmas, have been reluctant to listen to the other half of their duo and I believe have suffered due to their inability to take a back seat every now and then.

    • Sorry to disagree with you, but your totally off base. Paul is no genius, he is a better then average player, playing with a bunch of the dumbest players in BB history!!!!! Name another season where players have “layed” down for someone? U can’t think of any except for a couple of times.
      As far as Paul is concerned if he was that good why did he almost get sent out in week 1?
      CBS saved his bacon with the temptation, that they know he would win!!!!!!!
      Paul would get chewed up and spit out on a All Star Season!!!
      Evil dixk, Mike boggie, Derek, do will, Dan G, even some of the women would eat him alive. He couldn’t get away with encourageing of everything he did here. He would have to defend for himself. The one time he went oneon one this season he lost!!

      • I would enjoy one of those if they brought in the right mix of people. I’m afraid it would be wackos like Frankie, though, because maybe Ariana has another record dropping. I really don’t want to watch Frankie or Paul, for that matter, another season…not yet.

      • But James would jump at the chance and that cannot happen. Hated him BB16, amplified in 18. Worthless, unaware, gf troller

      • Agree 1000% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I dislike Paul ANYONE is better than that cotton-candy -haired , publicity -whore freak.

      • Even if Alex manages to win HOH, she will not have the votes to evict Paul this late in the game! She should have pulled in Mark and Elaina when she had the chance and Kevin too! Jason is probably headed out the door to the jury house if he does not win VETO! Alex is probably, going out next! It is double eviction week so, more than likely, Alex will not last. Christmas will put Alex and Jason on the block next. I hope Jason wins VETO! Alex can be sent packing first because she had made so many dumb moves, it is mind boggling!

      • Good for Paul obviously, but, he would not have been able to BS his way in an All Star cast. Mike Boogie and Dr Will played in the All Star and if I recall correctly, Mike Boogie won that season. Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling or Dr Will would have called Paul out and he would been evicted probably in the very first week! If they had to take an IQ test, these minions would probably all fail. Maybe, next time Big Brother should require all house guests to have atleast an IQ of 150? I think that is just average intelligence. Game play would probably improve by leaps and bounds if they did just that!

      • AGREED. Dr Will would have seen right thru Paul. Really, Paul’s act wouldn’t work in most any of the other seasons. His game is to put Bully targets on players, and gin up attacks on them (yes, real slimy).

      • Paul’s manipulation has made it so no one has turned on him. When it was the house vs. Cody & Jessica, Elena and Mark should have realized they were not “in” with Paul and flipped against him. But they didn’t do that because Paul made them all feel safe. Now the same with Matt and Raven. Now the same with Alex and Jason. In other seasons, people flip when they realize they’re “low on the totem pole”. Paul has prevented EVERYONE from realizing this. For the entire season.

      • “But they didn’t do that because Paul made them all FEEL safe”

        I’ve written this many times concerning Big Brother, it’s a truism to always remember as one watches the game unfold.

        People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them FEEL.

        If one understands the quote, one understands why Paul is winning this game.

    • This is the dumbest bunch ever. Consider this. Matthew argues with Jason over what he said to Raven then, doesn’t really care about his game. What is the point of getting into that heated argument? Alex and Jason was HOH multiple times and their only achievement is getting Matthew out? Stupid all around. Seriously, even assuming they are going to follow Paul’s lead, don’t they know that there is a $50,000 2nd prize? That Josh and Christmas are a threat to taking that $50,000 precisely because they are still in the game? That this is a game of numbers and wasting their HOHs, means they have even less numbers on their side when they actually need it? Removing Christmas and Josh from the game puts them higher up and a shot at 2nd? How can Alex and Jason not see that? Atleast, do nothing minions Christmas and Josh see Paul taking them to Final 2 so, they have something going for them. Raven has a foul mouth and nothing else! Why is she even in the game?

  8. Just give Paul the $500,000 now. I am tired of this season. Even people I once thought were smart are just puppets for Paul. Cody was right it is “Big Paul.” I’m done watching this season.

  9. Well, TY Paul, for saying there won’t be any more black doors and that you won’t let Alex win the next HOH; but of course, Raven will be the HOH next week! Do you have the winning lottery numbers, too? Very astute observation on Kevin’s part that Raven has put on her Paul friendship bracelet first time this season! So many clues, so many clueless HGs!

  10. I don’t get why Kevin will also join to throw away HOH competition going by what he went through last week. No one should have been able to convince him he is not the target.
    It’s obvious Paul could have ordered any showmance (except Jody) this summer to vote out/target their partner.

  11. “9:50 PM BBT – Josh cam talking. He’s happy that his girl Christmas won HOH and that means he’s making Top 6. He says a lot of stuff is going to go down this week and it’s going to be a crazy one.”

    When you see how Josh was the 1st few weeks, it is amazing that he is still in the house.

    • Josh is not dumb. He is actually very observant and it’s time that he insists that Christmas takes those observations seriously or he will be forced to choose Paul over her.

  12. The entire season has been a farce.. And last nite when a one legged person won a HOH sprint comp made it more so…..I think the only reason viewers are still watching is simply to see what stupid move the HGs will make next….Its unbelievable as to as how dumb supposedly well educated self supporting (some are) 20/30/adults and a 56 year old man who has and is raising 7 kids came be….It is totally unreal…It is not the BB game that I know…and I hope that I never see another group of people such as these on BB again…

    • Come on, though, littlefly! Might as well have fun with it. I’m lmbo just at your words, “…a one legged person won a HOH sprint comp..”. It’s so ridiculous, it’s hilarious. But that’s just me. After last season, I just decided to have fun with whatever happens.

      • Can’t wait for Sunday night and see how they did that. And how CBS will edit that to make it somehow legit.

      • I finally got to watch last night’s episode. They had a lot packed in there. I have a feeling there won’t be much time at all spent on that HOH comp. We might get some more jury time or family time. So far, Jason’s is the only family we’ve seen. That’s unusual, isn’t it?

      • I know how ridiculous it is….lmao…but the stupidity of these idiots is way over the top….It hurts to know that there are adults out there in this day and time that have no dam common sense and by the time they figure out what the real deal was they in the jury house…I have a major pet peeve when it comes to stupidity I can’t handle stupid…especially this many people…

      • I choose to look at it as Paul is smarter and better at strategizing. He has set them all up to depend on him. He used their weaknesses against them. They all used him to further their game. They got in a bind and didn’t have a choice. Like Paul or not, he does deserve much credit for constantly playing the game. Never seen him in bed having sex and sleeping when things needed to be done.

      • You are correct!

        Paul has played a MASTERFUL game.

        Many of the remaining players are still in the game because they have aligned with Paul. He HAS HELPED them get this far. Just like he said he would in one of his first diary rooms of the season!

        He said he would give them GOOD ADVICE early and then eventually he would give them POOR ADVICE.

        I love it when a plan comes together.

      • George Carlin once commented,

        “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

      • Well now we know where AG got her cast this season LOL. Keep aiming low AG, you’re getting better at it all the time

      • It’s not stupidity, it’s going in with low expectation. These didn’t go in there with the expectation to win. They were ready to settle for second right away. That’s what the problem was. Most of them were happy to be in jury.

    • I have not even watched the TV episodes except last night because I wanted to see who won HOH but, CBS did not even show it! Huge waste of time for nothing! The only question is will someone try to evict Paul. As the days go by, it seems less and less likely. It disgusts me that Josh or Christmas wins $50,000 for 2nd. I hope somehow, Kevin wins that $50,000 as he atleast, has played the game compared to do nothing minions Josh and Christmas!

      • I think Jason may have a wake up call when he is placed on the block this week. If he wins veto then he will gun it for HOH on Thursday. Its the only hope to get Paul out. If it doesn’t happen Thursday then no need for feeds for the rest of the season.

  13. I’d give Paul credit, but I can’t. These people really are awful players. Just stunningly clueless and so self-absorbed they can’t see the true one who wins if he gets to the end — Paul. Dumbfounding. Really. And, no way does Matt go after Cody in Jury House…..Cody would tear him apart. And go after him for what? Being the only player in the game to see that Paul was dangerous???!!

    • Think back to one of Paul’s very first diary sessions.

      He said he would HELP these guests along early with good advice, which he did (a majority of players left in the game have benefited from Paul’s advice). He built up a “trust surplus” with these players.

      In that early session he also said that later in the game he would give them not good advice (like telling Alex to throw the recent HOH).

      But because they got good advice and help from Paul early, they are willing to TRUST his bad advice now.

      He used what he had (being a vet) to its utmost advantage.

      To this point, Paul has played a masterful game.

  14. Here is how I see this season and the people that are left in the house.

    Paul, a vet who in my opinion either shouldn’t be there or been taking out already. Don’t worry none though, this is gonna be addressed later.
    Christmas, although I thought she might have had a chance early on but I also wondered how son she would be gone after she broke her foot. Congrats to her for sticking it out. Many would have just gave up and went home.
    Alex, I had high hopes for her but her blindness and mean girl, petty attitude has forced me to wish her well as she leaves the house this week. I see both her and Jason leaving this Thursday because mainly she will be in shock from the eviction she won;t have time to comprehend.
    Jason, I am not really sure about him but at least he grew a pair this past week but it will cost him more than he knows. Still it would be interesting to see him win Veto and for some reason, I don’t see him going much past this week.
    Raven, enough said. A waste of space in the BB house this season.
    Josh, here is a person that can’t keep his nose out of other peoples arguments and it was even more clearer when both Kevin and Christmas had their disagreement. Josh should have been gone long before now. Maybe both Cody and Jessica was right about him after all when they said he makes victim noises. He butted into a disagreement he shouldn’t have and cried foul when he pushed Kevin too far. Had he been one of my kids I would have beat his ass for doing that.
    Kevin, the only player who has been smart enough to care about jury votes all along. Paul finally caught on to him this past week and I fear many have not even thought of that before they attacked and ganged up on different HG’s. I can’t wait till they actually gang up on Josh to see how that big meatball crybaby reacts when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Lets get back to Paul,as you can clearly see, these HG’s have been played by Paul and not one single one of them has had a clear signal from God Almighty and probably never will till they reach Jury. As much as I can’t stand Paul, he has played the seemingly perfect game. Note I said SEEMINGLY. Paul made some mistakes but over all his mistakes went unnoticed by the HG’s. Several times he told them what he was doing and they still didn’t catch on.

    Summery, this season was flop on epic scales by BB.

      • Now that you got that off your chest,you might be able to fit in one of those dresses! 😃😎😜 I’d recommend the one in ‘mangy blue’ for your coloring Willie

      • Well you could but you would look washed out. Julie’s stylist doesn’t recommend that color for you and we’ve all seen how spot on she is, wink wink

      • No need to apologize. Maybe you ought to just send in an app to Matthew to write for the site next year. lol

  15. So production did mete out a punishment after all for Matt flouting the HN rules. Unfortunately it was on the audience, making us watch Julie in that god awful dress with the sleeves. That is cruel and unjust punishment, lol

      • They eat squirrels. I never acquired a taste for them myself. Got to be a good aim. Those little fellers are always in FF motion.

      • Nah. Rabbits, snakes and alligators taste just like chicken, squirrels taste like boiled rats.

      • You’re not a true redne ck if you haven’t tried squirrel, Capt. Not saying you are one, Mariana. :)

      • Lol….Feral cats eat them, but tame cats just play with them until they are no fun to play with anymore and leave them mortally wounded. Same with snakes, chipmunks, rabbits; I’ve found them all at my patio door, a gift from GrayGirl.

      • I know, I always had cats. I found a dead squirrel once in my living room. I have no idea how he got into the house and unlucky him, I had 5 cats at the time. All 5 were looking at me as if they were saying “not me”.

      • I LOATHE squirrels. They’re loud, rude, noisy and destructive. They wouldn’t leave my garden lighting alone until they’d broken every single lamp and eat their weight in tulip bulbs every day of their rotten little lives.

        I swear to you on my sacred book that suicide bombers do not immediately ascend to their Nirvana where a harem of horny virgins eagerly await their arrival to take the edge off their lust. They come back as squirrels.

      • lmbo…I couldn’t have said it better myself. lol
        I see at least 6-10 of them every time I’m standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes or prepping food. Those little demons dig up my hyacinth bulbs and bury whole black walnuts all over my flower beds. I don’t know how they can possibly remember where they all are.

      • OMGosh, WW! I’d love to see a picture of you in that dress. That would be the highlight of my season. LOL

    • It was better than the dress she was wearing last week that had navy blue top and pink/white bottom that looked like tie-dye.

      • I would take that one over last night’s monstrosity. Les’ sight challenged grandma is styling her this year. Julie, renegotiate that contract and get final approval of your outfits

      • Ha ha those sleeves and the top did nothing for her breasts too. She looked like a 12 year old boy with rabid squirrels climbing up her sleeves. Bad outfit!! And her pants were too big. Fire her stylist stat!

  16. Paul has proven to be a worthy consequence unleashed on the house this season as a result of the first temptation. That is what the theme is.
    He reorganized the house, disorganized those that tried to play, changed the entire game, and the houseguests just couldn’t stand or beat his antics.
    Perhaps the money should be giving to the man that brought this epidemic to the house by accepting that first temptation to make this season of temptation.

    • They, he, BB, it, prod, whatever, should award the winner’s $500K to . . . . wait for it. .

      HARVEY Relief in TEXAS ! ! ! !

    • It’s not that the houseguest couldn’t stand or beat his antics, they don’t even recognize there are antitics. They are totally clueless.
      It’s FANDOM that got them all under a spell

  17. And again I’m tuning out before it ends. This season makes no sense and I just don’t believe there isn’t something shady going on with all these houseguests tripping over themselves to help Paul. And production!! In a fair game, Paul wouldn’t be here because BB wouldn’t have held an audience vote to give 3 weeks of safety a week in where a vet had an obvious advantage against a house full of unknowns. Either the guests know him outside the the house or he’s a production plant for drama.

    • It’s actually happened before in BB, in fact just recently on BB Canada. Season 5 had 8 vets that came in against 8 newbs and held an audience vote of whom Canada wanted to keep safe until JURY! I don’t know why production would allow a house guest with that much power but they make the rules. It wasn’t until the house guests teamed up (mind you they we’re all smarter than this bunch) and got rid of the vet who received that free ride to jury. So it’s really not a surprise that this season BB would try to keep their only returning vet, safe for a couple weeks. As for why he is still in the game? Welp I suppose these dimwits can take the blame for that since no one seems to be in their right mind and everyone seems so willing to give up 500k

  18. Everyone is like what happened? Why did Christmas win? This season sucks!

    And I’m here like Kevin is safe and Alex and Jason are gonna go home!!!

  19. Alex tells Paul that she volunteered to go up as a pawn next to Kevin.

    Lol what! Girl…you already threw the comp and you are a bigger threat than Kevin. This is crazy gameplay. They will vote your ass out.

  20. All the Christmas haters please stand up!! AND then sit your ass down!! Don’t hate the playa – hate the game!!

  21. If I see one more time that Christmas won a sprinting contest, I’m going to eat 1000 bowls of cereal!!! Please get your facts straight prior to making an absurd assumption!!

  22. Am I the only one who is surprise that Paul will outrightly tell the houseguests that he won’t risk going to the block as pawn in order not to be voted out, then they (the HG) will volunteer to go up instead even when they should think that Paul is more protected for anyone to even take a shot at.

  23. Just wanted to say thanks to Cody and Jessica for the entertainment provided the first part of the season. Thank you to Paul for manipulating over half the house and making it a truly boring season. Thanks to the rest of the cast for being sheep and making me hate this season of Big Brother.

    • I’m reminded that BBOTT last fall did the exact same thing than they with BB19. They brought in one vet, Jason and give him safety for a few weeks. Jason was never able to do with his crew what Paul did with his.

      If you reverse the 2 groups, you think Paul could have done the same thing with the BBOTT crew ?

      • Nope. I think Alex Willett would have seen through him and she would have exposed him to the other HG. Unlike this season’s Alex, that girl is a very decent BB player. In fact, many of BBOTT players are far superior to this cast.

      • Actually capt. didn’t Jason have to win his safety that 1st week when Monty nominated him? I think he won that counting veto that 1st week…I could be wrong, but I seem to remember he won veto that 1st week & then got the care package later.

      • It was the 1st veto where they had to go count all the sun flowers in a vase…all the magnets on the fridge etc… and add them all up & then give a total as to how many there were. Danielle was close several times, but Jason finally edged her out & beat her.

      • Jason is too vulgar and can’t kiss behind as good as Paul. It was impossible for him to be liked by the masses.

    • Paul, with Pablo and Trejo, telling bedtime friendship stories to little kids.
      “F*ck that page. That’s gumpy! Stupid book. Kids, don’t smoke weed and text; just smoke weed, and lots of it. Respect your mother. Go work your asses off and buy her a Bentley. Now say goodnight to Pablo and Trejo, you little dumb minions. F*ck you all”

  24. Why does production continue to make Alex look like a nice person during the tv broadcasts? She’s clearly a b*tch on the feeds and that’s saying it nicely.

  25. Nobody is that stupid, especially a 35 year old woman. How is it that Paul keeps telling Christmas that the HOH needs to be thrown to someone besides himself so they can nominate his targets. I am sure she sees that Paul is trying to keep his hands clean, but production is keeping Paul safe just like they did for Nicole last season. I do see Paul playing a great game, but I wonder how much of that is really him and how much is it rigging.

    • yeah that is a hard one- I often ask questions like this about Survivor and Amazing Race… idk, conspiracy theories or truth?!

  26. It is almost sad to watch these otherwise intelligent people get played like violins. Thank God Thursday is double eviction. Paul might find his way out the door if he doesn’t win that second HOH. Okay, I woke up…these idiots will keep Paul in the game because they all think they can beat him in a F2.

      • lol at rug attack.
        No idea. Was looking at his Yeezy line. 500 for a pair of Wal Mart quality boots, 1400 for a shirt. He does think highly of his garments!

      • You know I sometimes wonder if Julie ever walks into wardrobe, looks at the outfit they have picked out for her & goes “WTF is that??!!”

        I mean that shirt last night… It looks like she stuck her arm in a dryer lint trap & pulled it back out with all that crap stuck to her sleeves! ;)

      • HA HAAAAAA! OMG! SAID THAT LAST NIGHT! What is up with her stylist! Its never been great but this season is hideous! That outfit was worst than that fringy, fish net, car wash dress thingy she wore a few weeks ago. Girl it was so ugly, I can’t even describe it properly. Smh (Oatmeal colored).

    • Starves herself on carrots, water and spinach for 6 months to enter the big brother house. Spends 8 weeks in the house eating nothing but peanut butter, ho hos and Doritos.

      • lol. I think she normally maintained a toned figure, but in that house there isn’t much more to do and exercising becomes a burden when you are busy trying telling others what to do and coming up with mean lines to tell Kevin.

      • Production gives them nothing but junk food. Is that on purpose? Eating healthy might keep them calm and that wouldn’t be as fun?

      • Right, she’d rather practice how she’s going to kick Kevin in the balls, than actually doing any real leg lifts & crunches…

      • Jessica probably put some voodoo on her. Lol a glutenous curse! La haaa! Aint gonna be looking good in jury with her man! Lol

      • Jessica’s been chosen for Bold & Beautiful… haha. Paul’s gonna hate that!! I know I shouldn’t find that so amusing, but at least ONE thing will not go Paul’s way this season. ;)

      • I figured she would be. Hell, she had a good audition on the show. I can actually see her being a soap opera bitch.

      • Paul needs to be on sitcom or some kind of comedic roll. He is so strangely funny! Did you see his impersonations the other night?? Too funny !

      • Jessica will be poisoned by her half sisters super villian ex husband only to come back 2 seasons later in a trench coat and on the pier…a foggy pier.

  27. Oh Paul’s gonna love this…Entertainment Weekly just announced Jessica has been chosen for Bold & Beautiful. Well, I guess that description does fit her…maybe add mean in there too, ;)

    It sure doesn’t fit any of these other HG. Beautiful maybe, but bold?? Nope! hehe

      • Paul, Vic & DaVonne.
        I predict this season it’ll be Jessica, Kevin…and Cody, if the Marine agrees, but that is not a given. If Cody says no, I think either Mark or Elena will get the offer.

      • Yeah, they all have small roles with like one or two lines. Nothing big that could make or break a scene, you know what I mean?

        Oh look at that…I’m a poet & I didn’t even know it. hehe

      • A red hot mess, babe. These HG… blind followers. But ya know, I remember the first week and all of them said (at some point) I just want to get to jury. So, we have to (at least) give Paul credit for seeing the weaknesses in this cast and taking advantage. Could he do the same with a good group of players? I doubt it, but with this group…he saw they weren’t real BB competitors and he preyed on that.

      • I think with a good group, he’d barely survive like his first season. He’d have to really latch on to someone smart and they’d have to genuinely accept him and desire to work with him. I have confidence he can make it from there.

      • Oh, I think Paul is a good BB player…he’s just not this good. This cast is making it too easy. Even Jason in BBOTT had to work a bit harder to keep himself safe. In fact, I’m surprised he hasn’t blasted social media with a “That’s not fair” diatribe since he didn’t get safety until his second week in the house! haha

      • I loved Jason on 17 but fiddle told me he was a mean azzhole on bbot. What did you think? I didn’t see it. I was so salty Nichole won, I didn’t want to see nothing big brother! Lol

      • Once again, Ms Fiddle is a shrewd judge in character. He was a nasty piece of work on BBOTT. smh It was why he lost. America started hating him…much like Paul, which is why I think they (production) chose to keep Matt in jury. I think they know Paul would NOT be getting America’s vote. hehehe

        OMG… I sound like a conspiracy theorist!! Lol!

  28. I just want to shake them all and tell them to stop making a mockery of the game, think for yourselves and play to win, EVERYTHING all the time!! 😤

  29. Lets calculate just how dumb everyone including Paul really is. Cody was sent to jury 1st. For everyday he’s in jury. He earns a $1000.00 a day. So far he has amassed over 20,000.00. If they were smart punishing Cody would’ve meant keeping him in the game long enough as so he wouldn’t walk away with more money than Kevin’s $25,000. Most of these HG’s will walk away with pocket change as comparison. Just plain stupid.

  30. THis does not make sense, Christmas was cleared for this comp?. a comp that involved running , A comp that they threw to her. what is wrong with this picture.
    THis is getting down to the finals and these house guest are throwing HOH comps, THis is not normal BB behavior. IT seems that no one is playing . and it is too obvious.
    And some are spinning it like Paul is a mastermind , HE is not that good, We have a group who throws a HOH comp , knowing that one of them are going to jury. This late in the game you want power , But for some reason they do not care. Jason may be a target or Kevin but , but as a player you would want that power to send them on the wayand be safe. in normal seasons you do not trust anyone , this season this late there are not two sides , so you would not trust your safety to anyone, Most people would want to win, And bust a sweat doing it ,

    • I was wondering the same thing. How would Christmas be cleared to compete if it was a running comp……
      I guess it was something that she was at least able to compete in regardless if she would go slow, she won!

  31. UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!
    I truly cannot believe at this stage of the game they threw the comp to Christmas! I wonder if Jason would’ve thrown it if he was able to compete in the HOH!? And sadly because his ride or die Alex clearly through it, Jason will go home this week unless he wins Veto!!!!
    These people are pathetic! Mindless morons! And they get stupider by the week. SMH go Paul!

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