‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Endurance Comp Last Night?

This week’s Big Brother 19 endurance competition for Head of Household arrived following the live eviction. Fans could watch this backyard battle play out live online as the sides faced off for control of the next nominations. Find out who won the power this week to be the new HoH.

Big Brother HoH competition

You could follow along with our live updates below or watch the HoH Endurance Comp streamed live on the Big Brother Live Feeds through All Access. Use the Free Trial now and see what all the fuss is about, but you’ve been warned, Feeds are fun and addictive!

So who won the Big Brother HoH comp? Read on for the spoilers & details.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds featuring HoH endurance comp

Big Brother 19 Week 3 HoH Comp – ‘Space Cadets’:

  • 6:53 PM BBT – The comp is underway! The Wall is going for a big lean already.
  • 6:57 PM BBT – Everyone is still in the comp.
  • 7:02 PM BBT – Feeds are back! Join us to watch on your Feeds!
  • 7:06 PM BBT – Everyone still there. Alex complained about her feet hurting already.
  • 7:11 PM BBT – Air blasts up at the HGs. Paul is laughing at them. No one fell from the surprise.
  • 7:12 PM BBT – Josh fell & is the first out.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Josh and Paul on the sidelines trying to figure out the 3 votes against Ramses.
  • 7:17 PM BBT – All but Josh are still in the comp. Alex says it’s way harder than it looked.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Mark fell during the Puppy-Cam breakaway.
  • 7:25 PM BBT – Paul & Mark are now talking to figure out the Ramses votes.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – All but the 2 HGs (and Paul) are still in the comp & hanging on.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – More green slime at the HGs. Paul is hiding to avoid the spray.
  • 7:38 PM BBT – Raven is down.
  • 7:43 PM BBT – Raven says her stitches are bleeding.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Looks like Ramses is struggling.
  • 7:50 PM BBT – More slime cannons. No more drops in a bit. They’re playing hard.
  • 7:53 PM BBT – Ramses is down. Kevin says he can’t hold much longer.
  • 7:55 PM BBT – Kevin falls next.
  • 8:00 PM BBT – Jason and Elena now squatting in the classic James move.
  • 8:05 PM BBT – No one else has fallen since Kevin.
  • 8:06 PM BBT – Spoke too soon. Matt just fell.
  • 8:10 PM BBT – Lots of steep wall tilts, but they’re hanging on. Jason is the last guy.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – We’ve still got Jason, Dominique, Jessica, Elena, & Alex.
  • 8:18 PM BBT – Jessica fell then Dominique immediately after her. 3 remain.
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Jason & Alex are open to making a deal, but Elena says she can stay up all night.
  • 8:25 PM BBT – Final 3 holding on strong here.
  • 8:28 PM BBT – Deal making time. Safety for all 3. Alex gets to poop in HoH’s toilet.
  • 8:29 PM BBT – Jason drops for the deal of safety.
  • 8:30 PM BBT – More deal making of safety promises.
  • 8:31 PM BBT – Elena drops! Alex wins!

Alex is the new Head of Household. Congrats to Alex!

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      • Well Alex because she’s my favorite but Jessica for the drama it would cause.

      • I fully agree with you! Although Alex is my favourite HG, if Jessica wins HOH, that is going to be great drama/entertainment!
        Although we know Alex won!
        What will she do? Paul promised her he would pull her off the block if he won the veto, and he didn’t! So……

      • I agree my Canadian friend. If Jessica won it would be World War 3 in the house for threats like Paul and Mark. I can’t see her putting up numbers from the weak side. All in all, Alex isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

      • Paul is only safe for one more week (this week), right? The Den Master told him he’d have safety for 3 weeks. We just finished week 2. Am I wrong on this?

      • Nope, you are not wrong. This is Paul’s last week of the 3 weeks of safety. He screwed himself by being HOH this last week. He didn’t need the safety. Unless they changed it up and are giving him one more week because he was HOH, this is his last week of safety.

      But I want jessica to win so it can stir up more drama!!

    • I want alex to win cause alex is my fav, but I also want jessica to win so it can stir up some DRAMA

      • Lavendergirl just said that, and I fully agree! Although now we know who won HOH, Alex! I really really really really really really really hope she stirs things up. If she goes along with Paul and his group,(& puts up players they want out… Jessica & Jason!) I will not like her as much.
        Meaning I won’t like her gameplay!

    • I figured it would be Josh that would be the first to fall and he was cringing not even 5 minutes into the competition he is a weak man.

      • Love it! Glad that loser fell 1st! Can’t stand that kid
        He comes into the house with tons of arrogance, within a day is totally paranoid and a crybaby, then he turns into a bully and picks on Megan then he goes back to being a baby. Then he crawls up Paul’s ass, then he cry some more, then he is used as a pawn but thinks Paul loves him and thinks he is totally safe although if nominations stay the same, there was a huge chance Josh would have went home, hence why he was put on the block to begin with, all the while kissing Cody’s ass and then fighting with Cody. Picks fights with him and then runs off to the bathroom to cry. And blah blah blah……….Then during his veto speech he shakes and stutters trying to sound all tough like he knows it all putting down Cody, and then he continues to attempt to rile Cody up but, Cody could care less what Josh says or thinks. Then Josh cry some more & then he tries to kiss Cody’s ass again, then he picks a fight with him again, then he tries to make up again, then he picks another fight with him And then he falls, first! Tough guy! Not!
        Sorry, rant over! Lol 😂

      • He’s really out of shape and one his size could easily get a cramp right away on a comp like this if he’s not ever warmed up first for it. But I’m glad he fell. This comp was not meant for big people…they just don’t have the lower body strength like they do upper…weird how that is. So I think BB played this particular game earlier than usual just so a girl could win the HoH. I’m just glad it was Alex and not Elena!

    • He’ll fall at the same time as Jason! Then Mark…has more upper than lower strength.

      • I just want Josh to go, not just fall off but to fall off, hurt himself, cry like a baby and go home to his mommy! I cannot stand that kid Joni …..!!!!
        I cannot remember the last time I have disliked a HG this much!

      • I’ve learned to zone him out and concentrate on big game moves that Alex is trying to formulate. Whenever Josh opens his mouth, he just ends up sticking his foot in it. It gets tiresome after awhile, so I switch cams wherever he’s not..LOL

      • Oh dear lord, I couldn’t imagine having to hear him more than I do just watching the episodes and occasionally big brother after dark. Just reading about him on here is enough!
        I guess he’s like a child, well, he is a man child! You just have to tune him out LOL

      • The wall comp was early this ear! I think production did it on purpose knowing it was meant for Alex to win! This comp is meant for short people! Aka the James comp! Hate the safety deals as I wanted Elena to win and see what she would have done as Hoh!

    • Please please please go away Josh! Self evict! Please please please !!!!!!
      Ugh 😑 I truly cannot remember the last time I disliked someone so much on big brother! I have not been fans of many but, I really really dislike Josh! He needs to go back to mommy so she can change his diaper and also pull the tampon out of his ass!
      OK, I can’t believe I just said that LOL but I really don’t like him! Yeah think!? LOL

  1. Wait did Julie say that someone can stop that battle back winner from going back in?

      • Me too! I am absolutely done with these twists & temptation!!
        I truly, truly want a season that is organic (for lack of better words at the moment)
        Like the first bunch of seasons there were when there was zero outside influence!
        Straight up gameplay, you either have it or you don’t! You either win or lose, you fight and you fight hard! No free passes, no buying back in, no vetoing a Veto, no free stay, no production influence to keep a player because they are likeable or unlikable! plus plus plus……
        I feel like there’s been so many “unfair” twists in the season and others! (although I don’t like using the word “unfair” when referencing big brother because, yeah I know “Expect the unexpected”)
        I want it to be the “reality show” it used to be! “REALity”
        And I feel that way about a lot of other reality shows also.
        The end! Rant over :-)

      • That’s what I thought/read on here. But, is it actually to stop one of the four houseguests from returning after they’ve got a little out ?? If whomever gets this temptation, chooses to stop it!? If that’s what it is, then I’m not going to be a happy camper! That just is stupid! Why would any of the houseguests (aside from Jessica if Cody won) want another player back in the game!! & say Cameron did win it, & he is super excited to get back in the house but then finds out someone chose to take the temptation & then chose not to allow him back in the house! Talk about kick the guy while he is down! Kick the guy really really hard! That’s just super mean! Really LOL mean!

        I wanted it to be someone (Alex) being able to ‘stop’ a live eviction just as it’s about to happen or happens…. Like you said……
        I am so confused!
        Seriously, nothing makes sense!
        Why does it have to be so confusing!? Or perhaps it’s just me because I don’t follow the feeds aside from a little bit of reading and commenting on here.
        Sorry hon, blah blah blah!

      • Wellll…it is a temptation. The one who is awarded this does not have to accept it. So far all have. Once they do, they get to cancel an eviction of whoever they want. But there is that consequence by accepting this. The not knowing this is what is keep us viewers on our toes. I hope that the consequence is that they have to replace that cancelled eviction of someone with another HG…one can hope, right? I’d love to see Cody back in only to duke it out more fairly with Paul, providing us more drama. As for my ever liking Cody, not a chance, but he does bring a certain amount of drama to the rest. I’d like to see the others actually start thinking for themselves, rather than running it past Paul. They’re forgetting that since he knows how to play the game, why aren’t they considering that he could be setting them up at the same time they believe he’s helping them move forward in the game. I was laughing so hard at how blind they are to a possible let down later. Paul has Kevin doing one thing, Josh another while he’s still safe in the house…and they’re DOING it. Geesh! Not sure if I answered your questions. I went off on a tangent just a tad! hahaha

      • No, if you answered my question fully! Thank you! And I have a good laugh also about the fools following Paul around! So true! I expected way more of Kevin than being a lapdog!

        First of all, I initially thought this temptation was what you said, they got to cancel out the live evection but then I read that whoever excepted the temptation, (if they did) that they would get the choice to allow whoever won The Battle Back, back in the house or not. That pissed me off because, none of them would have allowed them back in. (Aside from Jessica in hopes it is Cody!) So I am happy to know it is what I initially thought it was.
        So from there I have two questions that hopefully you can answer!? What did Julie mean when she said the houseguests or houseguest “a big brother first” would make the decision if they could come back or not? & I already forgot my second question LOL 😂
        Oh, I think it was in regards to your comment hoping that the person who receives the punishment has to put up a houseguest? Wouldn’t that be a good thing for them? Or did I misunderstand what you meant by that? Thanks as always for your help hon! XO 😘 & for the laughs regarding Paul and his puppets!!!!
        Do you ever watch big brother Canada? And if you do, did you watch last season?
        PS. As I think you know I am using talk to type and, it changes words on me. I think I saw it change a word or two but I quickly scanned this message/reply and couldn’t find the mistakes so I apologize if something/somethings don’t make sense

      • I haven’t watched BB Canada…hard enough keeping up with USA BB, plus other obligations in real life! When both hubby and I are retired I may have more time to do that. As for the punishment…it’s so hard to figure out what that might be that could hurt another or go against the one that took the temptation. Wish we viewers were able to get a hint as to what it would entail! LOL Guess Big Brother wants to give the viewers a bit of mystery as well. I sometimes brainstorm outloud to confuse commenters too. hahahaha As to what Julie said, I think one of the ones that loses against the one who won in the Battle Back has the option of also returning to the game if they so choose…which would really make the current HGs mad. They need to make up a week still with Megan’s departure. So we shall soon see.

      • Stupid talk to type! My last response was supposed to say ” no, you answered my questions fully” NOT “No, “if” you answered my questions fully!!” Keyword the word “if” was NOT supposed to be there.
        Oops 🙊 sorry! Hopefully you caught that error? If not I sound like a total biatch LOL

      • That is a very interesting theory! So, say Cody wins, against Cameron then they both get to come back? So it might be several comps?
        Or do you mean if say Cameron wins, he has the choice whether to bring back one of the other three as well?
        Interesting either way! I wonder if that’s because they want to increase the odds of Cody coming back because they know for a fact it will rile up the house the most thus providing more entertainment!?

      • Warning – Alert…BEEP BEEP BEEP…
        ••A stupidly long comment ahead…… Proceed with caution! And try and remember, you love me! So you won’t hate me for posting such a long comment•• ❤️ BEEP BEEP……..

        Well that’s just plain stupid!!!! In reference to your comment “No way to know for sure yet.” (Why can’t my posts be that short!!) Hee hee 😜

        I don’t get it at all! Why are they (BB) making everything so confusing!?!

        So my friend, just so I have this clear (because I am days behind on reading all the info on this site and just jumped to this to see who the HOH is)

        The Temptation this week is the “Halting temptation” correct?
        & originally it was thought that this temptations would allow whoever “we voted for” & if they took it, they had the power to halt an eviction either before or after Julie announced who was evicted correct?
        But now……..
        There is speculation that this temptation is actually to halt whoever wins the “Battle Back,” (& gets to re-enter the house) this person that gets this temptation gets the choice to let them come back in the house or not??
        If that is the case, then I’m not going to be happy! LOL boo-hoo me but, I already dislike these twists & temptation!!! But if one of the four wins but then doesn’t get to enter the house, that’s got to be heart wrenching! & simply no fun for entertainment purposes! Yes? No?
        Cody has to come back!! I actually don’t think he’s that bad of a guy, I just think he had shitty luck and made a stupid move, then he knew he was done so he just gave up and made out with a hot chick for the rest of the time!! I think if he came back, it would not only be entertaining, it would also crush Josh heehee 😉 (& that would be awesome! I truly dislike Josh very much!) but, also hopefully if he was the one to come back, by the time he did come back I would hope the house was turned upside down with Alex being HOH and Paul and his alliance scrambling and flipping on each other! There for Cody’s return would not only be entertaining but also, he might be given a chance to play a better game!! And I truly think he would be fun to watch! I think he’s a good guy, I really do! Mainly because of the last couple episodes, the things he said and the way he responded to most things. Plus when he was evicted tonight & he found out there was a chance he could come back, he was trying very hard not to cry and there was a tear! I would really like to see him back in the house with a fresh start so to speak.
        Anyway, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…… LOL sorry babe! I needed someone to vent to and ask questions too! Sorry for my stupidly long comment 🙃

      • The way I understand the next temptation, is that the HG that is voted to get it, will face a choice, take this Halting Hex power and the curse associated with it will be that one evicted HG will reenter the house. If the HG refuse the temptation, the evicted HG will stay evicted.

        As you can see it setup so it’s practically impossible that the winner of the temptation will refuse the Halting Hex, it’s too valuable. So it is almost sure bet that someone will reenter the house.

      • OMG! How are you so smart? How do you know this stuff? That makes perfect sense!! Duh 🙄 I truly never ever even thought of that! So, do you think the person who is going to receive this temptation will also know about the curse?
        And with the Temptations, what exactly does it give that person? The chance to completely halt the “live” evection??
        So at any time, (obviously up until a certain point in the game/a specific amount of players remaining) whoever gets it gets to stop the whole process during the live show? And, if that’s what it is, do they do it after everyone votes and after Julie says who is evicted? That would be ideal :-)
        So, if Alex gets it and she gets nominated, everyone votes and Julie announces ex: “by a vote of 7–0, Alex you have been a evicted…….” & just as everyone gets up to say goodbye to her the screen goes to the Temptations screen & Alex (I think she is leading?) So if she does in fact get it and does choose to except it) gets to say FU, I’m not going anywhere!? That would be classic! I love it! And I hope that is exactly how it goes down!!!!! & I hope Josh or Paul is the HOH that week!! (Although I hope Josh goes long before Jury)! How long till jury?
        I have a terrible memory! I have watched big brother since day one when I was a teenager, and sure things have changed but, for the most part they have stayed the same as in jury members and what not. I cannot remember how many HGs have to go before jury. 4?
        Thanks for the info love! ❤️
        Sorry for the long ass reply and probably numerous typos due to talk to type!

    • The house can stop the person from re-entering. It makes no sense. That was the best thing ever last season watching Victor come back twice

      • And that’s probably why they won’t be told who it would be, they’d likely be asked if they want to bring the winner back without knowing who actually won.

      • & even if that’s the case, they probably wouldn’t want any of them back.
        Regardless of who it might be, it’s still another number they’re adding against themselves for possibly winning. Plus, they all know Cody is strong so, I am sure they would not want to risk Cody potentially coming back. Of course, only if it was Jessica getting the vote. She would risk it
        I think this is stupid! No one’s going to bring them back! No one! I just really hope they tell the four players before they compete what’s going on, because if they do not, whoever wins would be destroyed (for lack of better words)! That would totally suck! So they better tell them!!!

      • Did she? You could very well be correct but, I listen to it twice and I don’t recall her saying it would be one specific houseguest who decides. I am pretty sure she said “the houseguests” or something along those lines.
        I could be totally wrong! But that’s what I heard.
        This is stupid! No one aside from Jessica is going to allow anyone back in the house! Why would day!? That is just another number against them for winning the money! So far, 0/3 of the people competing would not benefit really anyone’s game aside from Jessica – Cody, Julian – Ramses & maybe Alex.
        Lame! For entertainment purposes, I fully want Cody back in the house! Also because I cannot stand Josh, so I want Cody back in the house and Josh to go home and Cody to make it to Jury!!
        In your face Josh! :-) :-)

      • I completely agree with you! I want Cody to come back so badly! Not just because of entertainment purposes although it would be very entertaining for him to come back as opposed to Julian or Cameron, but also because I dislike Josh in a huge way! And just to see Josh’s face if Cody came back, it would be so worth it! Send Josh home before jury & before Cody! That would make this season that much better for me! It has been a good season/good houseguest this season however I am not a big fan of these twists and Temptations. I miss the organic games. So, Cody coming back would at least Veto out the stupid twists and Temptations that screwed him in the first place!
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of Cody’s. Although he has grown on me the first couple days and I did like him at the very beginning, but I just want to keep the excitement alive because it’s been good thus far!
        Cody leaving could slow down the game. Especially if Alex caves and doesn’t want to rock the boat and therefore follows Paul’s lead with her HOH. I truly hope she doesn’t! I want to see Paul and his side of the house turn on each other! That would be great entertainment!
        Although the flipside of that is Alex doesn’t have the numbers, so it might be smarter for her to put up Jessica and Ramses.
        It’s hard to say! I guess we’ll just have to see how quickly Paul and his groupies flip on each other, if they do and what the outcome of that will be. Sorry blah blah! Talk to type … allows me to just yup away like I’m talking to someone LOL thanks for listening hee hee 😝

  2. So the house can decide if the battle back winner can enter the house?? SMH
    Production has a way of making their fav player win. SMH still

    • Wait no. I think Julie said ONE SPECIFIC HG can decide if the Battle Back winner gets back in…

      It would be so fxckin stupid if the house decides

    • Yup. If you can somehow become very popular with America your game is set for at least Jury. I was kinda surprised as Cody was that people like him. But then, it was the same way with Paul. I didn’t like him because he was going after Vets last season. Now I don’t like Cody because he’s going after Vets. I kinda wish CBS would stop putting Vets in the house then having to manufacture ways to keep them in the game long enough to stick. Just do complete all star seasons like they do with Survivor. Maybe even concurrent with the Newbie season in a second BB house

  3. I’ll be back. Gotta watch the feeds and I’m too lazy to get my lap top out.

  4. Cracking up..Paul keeps telling them..’It’s just gonna get worst..’It’s about to get worst..It’s true though.

  5. Thank god josh fell. They knew it was a endurance comp and there is always cold water involved. Why not wear a sweater.

  6. Mark doesn’t look good. I remember James on this comp. He knows ‘the resting positions.

    • I’ll be honest, the longer Marks stays up there, the more I’m impressed. The dude is monstrously strong, but he has SO much more weight to hold up there. Plus, his center of gravity is out of whack in a competition like this.

      • ikr! 1. His broken finger
        and 2. He weighs hecka!

      • He’ll fall soon. He doesn’t have the lower body strength that you need for this comp!

      • I’ll state the obvious and call him a beast. I would normally say don’t stay up there that long because I don’t think his body size will let him win. However, I think its pretty hard for Mark to try and hide the fact that he’s a beast, lol. Go Mark!

  7. Not fair to the women. That stream was hitting them right in the boobs. Thats tender area.

  8. I feel bad for them making Christmas vote from the hospital, that poor girl sounded higher than a kite. Can’t wait to see the fallout from her Ramsay vote though :)

    • I think Christmas’ vote was a plan between her and Paul. They knew Kevin was already voting for him, and they figured Jessica would. They took the opportunity to basically send him a message that if Cody hadn’t been on the block, he (Ramses) would have been going home.

      • Just guessing, but it would be something that Paul and Christmas might keep to themselves just to spread some confusion.

      • Plus, if they did decide to do something like that… You know Paul would be the first person to start questioning what happened with the vote. Then, of course, he was the first one to ask Mark what happened, lol.

  9. I hate that Paul is there as the unofficial guide to BB..they have a million questions. Stand there and figure it out

  10. Omg yes jessica is still on!!
    She might have a chance to win and stir up some drama!!!!

  11. Thank GOD Josh fell, I can’t believe those idiots even considered throwing the comp to him. Let’s go Maven!!!

  12. I think Ramses could be in real danger this week if he doesn’t win. He seems to be on everyone’s radar

      • I wish Ramses did win the VETO….that would have been awesome and clearly Josh would have gone home and we wouldn’t have to hear his whiny baby act anymore.

    • Jessica for a win??? Are you kidding me??? She defies all necessary rules, bouts and acts like a spoiled brat! PLEASE, PLEASE – JESSICA fall off and out the door!

      • This cannot be the freaking Paul show anymore. Jessica would bring in such drama which the show will need now that Cody is gone.

  13. Mark goes to sit next to Paul, Paul immediately says “what the f*ck happened w/ that vote?” They whisper about it for a while. Saythey know it wasn’t Josh. Paul mentions that Cody and Christmas had a convo before she left where he dropped some names, and no one checked in with her after that (implying it could have been her).

    • This is exactly what I thought would happen. Don’t really know what Christmas was planning, but Cody surely screwed her over

    • I think Paul really knows it was Christmas. I think its something that the two of them planned to cause a little confusion and to send Ramses a message. Of course, now its time for Paul to act like he doesn’t know what happened.

  14. Haven’t seen Elena up – anyone know her position? AFAIK, Josh & Mark only ones down so far

    • Here, from Joker’s

      7:12pm BBT CAM3: After Josh fell, he spoke w/ Paul quietly. Paul asks Josh what happened? Then asks who those three votes were.

      Josh: People can say that I’m flip flopping or that I’m not old enough, whatever. The only people that I trust in this game are you, Kevin, Dominique, Mark & Christmas. I’ve told ppl things and they’ve gone and spread it and started saying s**t.

      You know my strategy was testing ppl through trial & error. I have f’d up but have never thrown you under the bus or the people I’ve worked with. You can trust me now or get me out this week.

      Paul: I trust you bro. I’m asking what do you think happened there?

      Josh: I don’t trust Matt. That’s my take on it. If he wins, I will go home with my word & that’s it. You get me?

      Paul looks stoic.

  15. These temptation twists surely make the game more unpredictable. There are so many paths we could go down, especially if the consequence of accepting the Halting Hex is that the Battle Back returnee comes back. So many uncertain weeks due to this twist

    • I keep thinking that the curse of the Halting Hex will be a double eviction the next week. Makes sense if nobody goes home one week, that 2 will leave the next week.

      • Well Julie said that for the first time ever, a houseguest will have the chance to prevent the returnee from coming back to the game. So I’m assuming like everyone else it’s connected to the last temptation, but if nobody accepts it, then there is no eviction stopped, there is no consequence, and then we’re short another week! Not to mention what could happen if the Hex is accepted but not used

      • Gotcha… I turned off the episode while she was doing her wrap up which is something I normally don’t do. Thanks for letting me in on that

      • Lol no problem. There’s no guaranteed it’s connected to the den twist, but it’d make sense considering voting for that twist ends 2 nights before the battle back episode

  16. Jess & Mark will be the final 2 standing. Jess has payback as motivation

  17. A lot of screaming, weird noises now. They do that when they’re on ‘reserve ha!

    • Poor Jess doesn’t realize the temptation that’s potentially going to be accepted. If she wins HOH, depending on her target… Someone might instantly cancel out her eviction plans.

      • True enough, but I have a funny feeling that Raven might be getting it this week. Plus, she just hurt herself so she’s got some sympathy votes that might be coming her way.

      • On Twitter Alex leads in the polls. Lot of people complaining how everyone wants to give Raven the game.

      • True, but I’m not sure I trust the polls a lot of the time. If a lot of people are complaining about one player, its a pretty good bet that just as many might be loving the person. I mean, you know I like Paul and I know you don’t, but I’m using him as the example…

        The BB Favorite HG Poll had Paul #1 with like 26% but I’m guessing if there was a least Favorite HG Poll, Paul might be at the top (or near it) with close to the same %.

      • Yeah, I totally get that. Plus, I like Alex to be honest. I’m not sure what direction she (or Jessica for that matter) would go in right now, but I’m betting it would make for an interesting week in the house.

  18. so annoying when I’m trying to watch the competition on the live feeds and it seems like every 5-10 minutes the live feeds cut to dogs, whyyyyy I just want to watch the competition

  19. Paul calling out to production to send a medic. Apparently, Raven wasn’t supposed to get her stitches wet. Oops.

  20. I am going to have Whatever Happened to Baby Jane nightmares now….has Jessica lost an eyelash yet?

      • Hey Satur0205, Cheryl here how you doin…anyway you are right Ramses could win veto, but that’s only if who whoever is HOH doesn’t let Paul put that bug in their ear to backdoor Ramses because Ramses is so good at the comps. You know what I mean, remember how mad Paul was at Ramses for coming in 2nd in the last Veto comp.

  21. Ramses looked so good I thought he was going to possibly win. I think Matts down next.

  22. Too precious. The Couples, Cody’s main alliance core, were “upset” that Cody went after Paul & Xmas (two people NOT in their core alliance) — so they jumped ship to Paul because they had trust issues with Cody and thought they could trust Paul. So, now, Paul organizes Xmas and Kevin to throw in hinky votes for Ramses to trick the same dummys who were so betrayed (lol) by Cody! Cody was the only one smart enough to see through Paul, but his alliance instead joined Paul, who is now screwing them the same way they thought Cody did (which he didn’t, he just went after outside enemies to his alliance). sigh

    • Is that really what happened? Paul asked Christmas to hinky vote? I missed that. I wondered why she would go against Pauls wishes

      • I could be wrong, but Paul was asking Kevin to do this this week. Xmas is also Paul’s closest ally, and I believe she did it, too. Since he definitely asked Kevin, I’m sure he included Xmas. Make a mess, then blame it on people they want evicted.

      • Right, he just crashed BB without an invite. LOL Guess last season wasn’t Nicole, Da, Frank or James seasons either. Paul should have won by that reasoning. LOL

      • How many weeks before we stop hearing people complain that Paul is there this season?

      • Right? This will go on for as long as Paul is there.

      • Well after his safety is up he’ll be gone so I guess maybe one more week. Lol

      • I’m guessing it will be all the way until BB20 starts since Pauls going to win it all this year.

      • It’s possible, but I would be surprised if he makes it that far. He will soon be a target once these HG’s get their bearings

      • If he doesn’t become a target, the rest of this season’s HGs are going to go down in BB history as being among the worst players ever.

        Of course, he was a target a lot last year and he managed to hang in there. Granted I’m a fan, but I still won’t put it out of the realm of possibility for him to make it.

      • Nah, that distinction goes to Derricks season of boneheads.

      • I don’t understand why everyone is having a problem with Paul. He is only one vet. After his safety is finished the others can always take what they have learned from him and then he will be in trouble. I like him so I am just enjoying his plays and antics for as long as he is in the house.

      • As much as people like to put Paul down. It was Paul living up to his own word that cost him the game. Remember that Paul said he didn’t respect James’ game last season and he didn’t feel like he could take someone to the final that he couldn’t respect.

        So, he lived up to his word even though he knew he was taking the harder competition to the final last season. Lets give the man props for that at any rate.

      • The hatred overrides any common sense when it comes to Paul.

      • What if everyone got a “do over” where would we be??
        I intend on complaining all season lol

  23. Paul’s getting worried about Jess, lol. I don’t like her, but I will laugh so hard if she wins tonight.

    • Yeah, I think that statement is something we can both agree on, lol. If I had to choose between Dom and Jess… Uh, can I plead the fifth?

  24. Alex was shivering and looked shaky earlier. Now looking like she’s there for the long haul

      • I want Jason to kind of win. He’ll keep Alex safe and won’t listen to the dictator.

      • I am gonna stick with alex winning and she will make her own moves and not be told what to do

      • Today she was talking about Ramses and Josh. She doesn’t want to upset the other side until she has numbers to support her which is smart. Jason don’t give a crap.

  25. Paul is eligible to play next week so his behind will be kissed this week. Hope Alex doesn’t do it.

  26. Elena is saying that she can stay up there all night! That’s right, Elena… No deals!

  27. Lmao I kinda want elena to win, Like out of everyone in the game she would one of the least expected people to win the week 3 hoh especially knowing its a endurance comp

  28. Surprised about Elena and Jason. Maybe Elena trying so hard in order to keep Mark safe? Haven’t heard Elena mentioned as a target.

    • Let’s hope she does her own thing and puts two of the other side. Jessica, Raven, Mark, and she promised Elena that she wouldn’t.

  29. Paul needs to shut up by not winning HOH or Veto next week and leaving. Also, not winning TBB.

    • You don’t have to worry about him winning tbb because it happens next Friday and the first time he could be on the block is the Thursday after it.

  30. Someone want to talk about bb19 after dark? It’s supposed to be Live but Christmas was there on Wednesday night when she was supposed to be at the hospital having surgery. It airs here at midnight which would make it 9pm and it was on for 3 hours so how could have it been Live?

  31. Only a little over 90 minutes. Weak compared to past years – unl;ess they turned up the difficulty

  32. Elena’s alliance is going to be mad she jumped putting them at risk, so selfish. I don’t have a clue who Alex will nominate.