‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Endurance Comp Last Night?

The first Big Brother 19 endurance competition for Head of Household arrived following the first live eviction of the season. Fans were able to watch this backyard battle play out live online as the sides face off for control of the next nominations. Find out who won the power this week for the new HoH.

Big Brother HoH competition

You could follow along with our live updates below or watch the HoH Endurance Comp streamed live on the Big Brother Live Feeds through All Access. Use the Free Trial now and see what all the fuss is about, but you’ve been warned, Feeds are fun and addictive!

So who won the Big Brother HoH comp? Read on for the spoilers & details.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds featuring HoH endurance comp

The competition is themed for Candy Crush and requires the HGs to find “candy”, break it open to collect tickets, then turn those tickets in for balls to roll down three different ramps to hit one pocket. First HG to complete the challenge, which must be done in turns, one at a time, will be the new HoH!

Big Brother 19 Week 2 HoH Comp:

  • 7:05 PM BBT – Waiting on the Feeds to return…
  • 7:22 PM BBT – Feeds are back! HGs scrambling to find tickets.
  • 7:27 PM BBT – Paul took a shot at the ramp, but this is NOT going to be easy!
  • 7:33 PM BBT – Kevin had a close one a bit ago. Lots of attempts but it’s still going.
  • 7:37 PM BBT – Paul was soooo close! His ball bounced off the rim of the hole.
  • 7:39 PM BBT – Paul wins!

Paul hit the pocket using the curved ramp to land it in. Paul is the new Head of Household! Congrats to Paul. Watch out, Cody.

Gallery: Head Of Household Competition

Nominations should be coming up on Friday already so get ready for those spoilers soon, then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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  1. I don’t really consider this an endurance comp. I want whoever will put and evict Cody to win HOH.

    • Agreed on both points.
      Wasn’t his face priceless after the eviction? I’m gonna need to replay that a few (dozen) times…

      • Not sure why she was so shocked. She didn’t even campaign. I’m glad she’s gone.

      • Her good friends cody & Jessica told her they were gonna protect her and she would be safe…She did not see a need to campaign.. Worked out real well for Christmas….

      • Cody and Jessica assured her she was safe. She should have protect her own but instead of depending on those two.

      • You should never depend on what others tell you, it’s BB. It’s always a safe bet to assume everyone is lying to you.

      • Looks like Jillian took the loser and lazy way out and just decided that she would rely on Cody and Jessica’s perception of how the votes would go. They didn’t lie to her, they were just wrong and Jillian did nothing on her own to determine her vulnerability by testing and observing the rest of the house.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Jillian didn’t do a damn thing to save herself and the result was, she was evicted. Still can’t believe she was surprised by the votes, dumb girl.

      • My thoughts exactly! She was on the block, she should have at least considered the possibility she’d be leaving…

      • Haha 😂
        But I would rather see Jessica and Cody’s faces….
        Western time remember! LOL still waiting………..

      • It finally hit me after seeing this post. This eviction was so much fun because James wasn’t there to ruin the outcome. Nothing as enjoyable as a surprise eviction!

      • Someone called it the “psycho serial killer stare” on here and I died. I have been saying the same thing to my husband about his stare. that he looks like a creppy serial killer unibomber stare

      • CODY aka TED BUNDY the 2nd ,he looks just like a young TB,same evil looking eyes and same smartass attitude

      • I’ve already compared Cody to an actor that played a serial killer last week so totally agree. He’s nuts.

      • This is so weird, I was thinking the same way. He looks like a SK! I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing that! But, he is so calm when talking in the DR!

      • And not just calm either, he’s almost likeable at times in DR.

        IIRC, one of the adjectives he used to describe himself in his bio was ‘charming’. I’m wondering if he was abducted by aliens right before BB started and it’s actually an alien in a Cody-Skin-Suit.
        Frankly, that theory is more believable than the idea that anyone has ever found him charming…

        Oh, just checked, he also said he was sweet. Skin suit feeling more and more likely…

    • I truly dislike this guy. I think hes prejudice against anyone he feels isnt a male or female clone of himself. He already called everyone who he doesnt think is “cool” OUTSIDERS. That bugs me! And if he doesnt like someone he is so rude to them..hes probably my most hated person ever on this show thus far.

      • I think that dubious honor goes to Vanessa for me but he’s definitely the worst this season for me.

        I find cockiness and arrogance disgusting so I have to keep reminding myself that he may be cocky now, but depending on who wins thus week could be very satisfying.

      • I’d like to see him have to grovel and do all the things he finds so disgusting in other players.

      • Ha, that toothbrush is making my mom crazy too, and she’s obsessed with oral hygiene!

        I keep making jokes about him feeling the need to clean his mouth because of various activities he may be performing on Jessica….and I’m not talking about kissing, though I’d want to shower after shaking that girl’s hand so… *shrug*

      • I do agree, Jess is a “VIP” cocktail waitress and we all know that is the worlds oldest profession. Just sayin

      • He won’t grovel. It’s below him. Did you read his bio? He said he’s NEVER been offended, ever. It’s like he doesn’t have the ability to actually FEEL any type of emotion. He’s an empty soul. I kinda feel sad for him (but I still don’t like him one iota!)

      • Oh the look on his face the last two shows, he was definitely feeling something — offended? definitely pi^^ed

      • Anyone else think hes obsessed with Alex? She needs to watch her back with him.

      • He might do them but 1) he’ll never admit it and 2) will try to explain his behavior as just another part of his secret “plan”. He tried to play off last night’s eviction failure (and earlier nominations) as putting a target on his back which he considers a ” badge of honor” – what a arrogant jerk.

      • I don’t like Cody either, but I think Arrayn-nation and racist Ginamarie from season 15 still tops him.

      • they were pretty bad too. I just dont like how rude he his to people he doesnt like. Dude there are always going to be people we dont like or get on nerves but good lord show them some respect. I dunno what is is but I find him vile

      • I would really like to see a segment on his family before he is evicted. Always interesting to see what family members have to say about a house guest that you can’t stand.

      • Cody is this season’s Mike Boogie to me – arrogant self centered egomaniac. Boogie is my all time least favorite houseguest.

      • Oh Lord, Stephen King may have some pretty creepy and hated characters, but don’t insult his creativity like that man! Even SK wouldn’t come up with a creep like Cody Nickson! Aaack!! LOL

    • My thoughts exactly! Can’t stand Cody, he’s too arrogant and he looks like he wants to murder everyone there. One creepy guy.

    • So……..Paul hosted the Candy Crush television special? Did Paul, during his time in the television studio where he hosted that television special, have access to the same HOH game we just viewed? If “yes” to the above, how can any reasonable person not conclude that Paul could have or did get in a whole bunch of practice on that said-same game? Paul being given three weeks of safety, combined with an HOH competition that was something he potentially got to practice with for who knows how long, could be construed as a a good measure more than Production meddling, up to and including concluding houseguests, other than Paul, are not only playing against each other, but are additionally competing against the combined team/alliance of, CBS and Paul. Going forward, any future houseguest would be making a foolish mistake to not view any returning vet to a new season as anything other than an alliance between Production and that veteran.

    • Jessica had a huge set of balls confronting Christmas like that… especially since she had plenty PLENTTTTYYY of opportunities to sit down and talk with her. If she spent more time focusing on her game and less time being up codys ass and reporting to him she would be in a better position this week.

      • As long as Paul doesn’t win the entire thing I will be glad. I am sick of the returnees who couldn’t win the first time coming back in. Last year with Nicole, this year with a possible Paul…..they sure are handing it to him that is for sure. One possible bright side is if Paul does win, that will be the end of returnee which might make it worth it.

      • At least he’s talking game with them whereas Nicole wouldn’t. She just got lucky is all.

      • Could be right. I just had repeats……I never liked Paul and I am in a huge minority on that. I don’t see the appeal. I think he is rather fake.

      • I just liked the fact that Paul produced some real fun and entertainment into his game. That secret agent punishment could have been totally boring and tedious but the way he ran with it (literally) it was hilarious and then there was the floatee and the eagle (if memory serves). I only laughed more with Dr. Will – still laugh when I think of the phone bit in the DR. I’m looking for the fun and the clever in this game and it ain’t happening with these people.

      • ERRRRR MAAAH GAWWWD!!! I never made the connection until now, after reading your comment. But Paul is that humor thats missing in a lot of these characters. I think any other person would’ve probably flaunted that chain immediately. He played it smart, and elegantly. haha. I wonder if DR. Will will ever make a return….

      • She was an asp. Classless. And it appeared she called X the c-word since they bleeped it and Paul turned around and was like no, no.

        She is so vile. It’s not just mean girl either. Nasty piece of work. Moses! No sympathy for her crying tail this week. She can go home this week. Zero flips given.

      • I was laughing when Jessica called Christmas a coward. If Christmas wasn’t hobbled… she could literally break Jessica in half. Jessica is such a smoke show but man… Medusa is really showing her true self. She’s getting uglier and uglier by the day.

        This week is gonna be great!

      • Yea… I found it hilarious how she tried to confront XMAS calling her a coward when shes the one trying to start a fight with a person who is (at the moment) not really able to do much. Even tho im 99% sure xmas can destroy her crutches and all.

      • Yeah! Jessica better learn to shut her Yap! Of course Christmas won’t lay her hands on her, because she’s smart enough to not automatically get sent home over it. But yes, Christmas “could” snap that little snake like a twig!
        Christmas on crutches, broken foot or not, can Still make Jessica’s life in the house a pure hell though! Psycho Cody can’t protect her from Everything! LOL. And Now, with the majority of the house against them, Paul as HOH, and Hopefully if Christmas can get the power of Temptation, Cody will Be Evicted Next!
        Jessica will be On her Own…Oh Oh! Whatever will Jessica do then? Hide in a closet all day & night and only come out for comps? Nobody’s going to believe her kissass schmoozing anymore!!

      • Don’t look for Cody to protect Jessica or anyone else but himself. BB isn’t a team sport but does require, at least early on, a certain level of team play (even if it’s disingenuous). Cody doesn’t seem to understand (or accept) that fact and it might easily be his downfall. He’s linked up too soon and is playing as a single player way too hard and too early. I see him being one of Paul’s nominees this week but I won’t count him out until he’s actually sitting on the stool next to Julie listening to his farewell messages (which could be priceless).

      • Jessica makes me Sick! She’s nothing but a lying, mean-girl, jealous, racist little snake! She hooked up with Ugly psycho boy simply because she has NO game and is playing completely with her looks and sex appeal! Cody always has a toothbrush in his mouth hoping to ward off orally contracted diseases, sorry buddy…Toothpaste doesn’t kill off that kind of Eeewww! He’s been pulling at the crotch of his shorts ALOT lately too…Oh No! Well, he better get Evicted Fast so he can Seek proper medical attention at the nearest STD clinic! Once he does…Jessica better be the Next to go so she can’t try to hook up with any of the Other guys!! Like she told Cody when she hadn’t liked something he’d said”Oh, well keep saying that or things like that, because there ARE other guys in this house you know!” Jessica could NEVER make it as a Solo player without a “Showmance” Ick!
        I am SO over the chaos she causes already! Like when she called Alex a Panda, yet made Megan look like a Liar when she told Alex about it, and Alex stormed in to confront Jessica about it. Everyone had been hanging up on Megan for absolutely Nothing, the girl never did anything wrong to anyone.
        Bad enough that they set off her PTSD from when she’d been in the service, and had to go to the hospital for a few days because her anxiety was so bad. And from the hospital back to home to her service dog. The two guys yelling at her set it off, and Jessica sent it over the top. But talks of Megan leaving were already in the works by then anyway. Jessica just made it happen then and there by snapping the last straw. What I also found Digusting…Megan was NOT the Only person who heard Jessica use the Panda remark, and still to this day, they have NOT told Alex the Truth! They’ve had controversy on a prior season for someone acting racist, and being sent home, why Not little miss Alex too? She’s Nothing Special!

      • I am by no means a fan of Jessica or Cody. I want them out of the house so badly, but Jessica did not call Alex a panda, she called her Pao Pao (after a previous houseguest because she reminded her of her). What they all failed to do was tell Alex that Megan may have misheard and honestly thought Jessica called her a Panda when in fact she called her Pao Pao. That would have cleared the air. Again I am by no means a fan and sticking up for her, but lets keep the facts straight or we are no better than they.

  2. I don’t want it to be a season of “endurance” comps. I know they don’t wanna do questions every Thursday episode, but I wanna know who is HOH before the show ends, not have it be endurance every week and we find out at the end. I miss the older days!

    • It’s not an endurance comp. The comp will be over and done by the time the feeds are back up.

      • I put endurance in quotes for that main reason. They called the perfect shot HOH comp, that Paul won last year, an “endurance” comp. I just want them to do a short comp and not a long one, like this one! -_- Save the endurance for a “merge/breaking of teams”, the beginning, and final 3, like yesteryear!

      • I miss the q&a comps. I know they still have em, but not as much as they used to. It was always great to see who was paying attention and really playing the game not just physically but mentally as well.

      • Gotcha and I was wrong, it does seem to be an endurance comp of some kind.

    • I don’t know why the hate for the guy as far as his choices of possible eviction……He had to put up 5 people. Obviously he will have to piss someone off. If this group were smart they would have voted off Christmas who is a very strong player. I think when people walk in the house, they lose their brains. Now as far as personality…..Cody has NONE. But the hate for him is over the top and ridiculous.

      • Its actually not ridiculous at all. I dont hate the guy, but I really dislike him. Not only did he almost lead the sheep to the slaughter (his old team who thank goodness did the right thing by sticking true to xmas) but he has also made this game personal. Like when he told Megan his reason for putting her up was that he just didn’t like her, in a very cold insensitive way. Its ok for Cody to be an asshole in real life, but in Big Brother a game that requires you to be a social butterfly you need to play with respect and dignity. People remember these things and the power shifts all the time. At the end of the day your not HOH forever and you deff need to build relationships w people inside the house, but also the fans. Every person goes into that house knowing just how many people are watching. So if he has no concern about how hes coming across to people why should any of us give a flying f*** about liking him?

      • Bob….I agree 100%. I was thinking exactly what you wrote. I find it amazing how emotional people get toward the people on the show and the nasty comments bloggers write. In the end this is a game. It was really stupid that they did not vote Christmas off because she is good and will be a threat to their game. Jillian was not a threat and could have been evicted easily later.

      • Thats exactly how those “non threatening” people end up winning the game people. Nicole, Ian Terry, ugh STEVE!!!!
        As far as not understanding how some of us fans can be passionate and emotional about these people well its quite simple, DIE HARD FANS. Just like you have in Sports, video games etc… Its a game that people love to watch. Been watching faithfully since season 1, so when I see just how the times are changing, and casting has become so blah, its very easy for some to get emotional.

      • BINGO! Everyone in this game should be considered a threat. As soon as you fail to acknowledge someone else’s strengths (regardless of what they might be) you have immediately increased their chance to go the distance. How many times have we seen a “non-threat” taking home half a million bucks? Too many in my opinion. Perfect example (without looking any further than last season) is Nicole – the players knew from the very beginning that, as a returnee, Nicole had a big advantage yet evicting her was put off over and over to go after a preceived “bigger” threat. I love this game and have never missed an episode since season one and I always hope for a more “pure” season but have to put up with returnees and gimmicks season after season. If you think any player in this game isn’t a threat on some level you don’t know BB well enough to be in that house.

      • They gone learn today (In my Kevin Hart voice lol)
        You articulated what I wanted to say perfectly.

      • There is always going to be a player we dislike each year. Cody comes off as emotionless and guarded.

      • In the beginning, I didn’t care for his personality but I thought he was smart to play his cards close to the vest. I realize he had to nominate 5 people, but he has shown he really has no game plan. I think the only reason he didn’t nominate Jason or Ramses is because they are friends with Alex and he likes Alex. (I thought that was priceless when he called Jessica by Alex’s name LOL). He was stupid to turn on his own team right off the bat.

      • I think it is creepy that people have to write such comments like you because someone has a different point of view. I like Cody and I think he was put in a difficult position. No matter what he did someone would have been mad at him. But I do not get emotional involved in BB. I would prefer to keep an open mind.

      • The pot calling the kettle black? Anywho, Freedom of speech is what I call it. And he had MANY MOVES to make that couldve worked for him, ACTUALLY, he shouldve made cuz look wheres hes at now? no alliance, no friends, and from the looks of it barely any fans. Thats cool you like him. Many dont, and thats because of the kind of person hes showing himself to be on the show. Its simple, be a nice person. He is not.

      • And btw its not being emotional either cuz honestly I dont think about Cody or the show when im not watching or on this wonderful site. My life continues, but I do enjoy SPEAKING MY MIND when I FEEL LIKE IT.

      • Hmmm……I am not going to make judgment on any of the people on the show but I find it interesting that you and many others do based on watching it on t.v. or the live feds. It is so easy for anyone to say what they would have done but you do not know because it was NOT you in the situation. DO YOU FEEL BETTER THAT YOU GOT TO SPEAK YOUR MIND? Yes your comments are emotional. You made the comment that a blogger was creepy…that was a rude comment.

      • No I didnt, I SAID, its creepy to know cody has fans. Your obviously just trying to get a rise out of people. Take my comments how you want but this is the beauty of Big Brother. We all have our own opinions.

      • Try and justify it anyway you like…..maybe state you do not agree with the blogger but you have to admit there are some comments that would make someone think there are “haters” and some that are “emotional”. That is the impression I got reading a lot of the comments. To assume I am trying to get a rise out of someone is comical. Not everything is about getting a rise our of someone just because they do not agree with you or like your comment.

      • You’re not going to make a judgement about anyone on the show but you’re Okay with doing it about others on this page??? hmmmm Your ‘DO YOU FEEL BETTER’ comment’ can be said said about you too and in the exact same tone (cyber perceived) as you meant it.

      • Grow up Cassi…….I think you need to learn to read and comprehend. At least Kelly who is the blogger I was having the discussion with understood what I said. A little sensitive are you?

  3. I want to see more of the argument between Christmas and Jessica right after the eviction. That was fun!

      • Because Jessica is a Spoiled little Rich girl, with a Big Mouth who always needs to Create DRAMA! BUT….She Better start learning Whose Face to NOT step up into like that! Karma is a biotch! By the looks of Where the power in the house is Now, we Could Very well be saying Adios Cody! Who is little miss Jessica going to run to for protection then?? She may do Well stapling her Lips Shut, and finding a Closet to hide in !

    • The way this show is, I don’t count them out. Someone will become the target before nominations….bank on it. Paul is so weak that he probably could be talked into putting up someone else.

      • On the feeds they are already making Ramses a target and he’s thinking about using his curse this week so……my hopes of Jess and Cody going bye bye have went down 😔

  4. OMG, that was an amazing episode. Christmas and Jessica going at it at the end and GRody going right for Hodor, not even caring that Jillian was leaving! The drama is going to be so good on the feed tonight!!

      • I’m watching the normal show right now. I usually watch a livestream so I can chat on the feeds. I’m living for the last 5 minutes of the show.

      • It’s cool to chat here while watching a long comp. Like a real endurance. this is not it.

      • I’m just glad I am able to see the live show at the same time being here. I have my Kindle HD Fire with the CBS app on it. I can watch feeds too, but it just doesn’t have the feeds chat menu with it on that tablet. I like chatting with my feedsters too! I may just watch HoH comps that continue after live show without chatting with them since it’s a lot of fun here chatting while that’s going on!

    • I am a gambler ..and I would bet that Jessica would not have been yelling/arguing with Christmas had she not been on crutches ..I could easily bet that Jessica would not have been in her face otherwise…And for the big money I’d put it on Christmas to wipe the floor with that smart mouth twit Jessica.. even with a broke foot I believe Christmas would whoop her ass…

      • Hey….. Good to see u too…hope u are well…I been in and out reading comments ..to early to make a lot of predictions except that CODY & JESSICA ain’t likely to get far in the game..but then again I could be wrong..

      • Sometimes people stay longer by accident on BB. I’m just hoping it’s not those two. After that, BB will be played the way it should! Wonder if Jess and Cody are HNs this week too. Those two deserve each other. You should hear how they talk about others….do you think by acting like that is going to give them any advantages we viewers get to give to the more deserving HGs? I voted for them to get the Ring of Replacement temptation as well.

      • Christmas should have made good on her promise to Jessica. “I’m gonna be kicking, baby”!!!!

      • IDK Jessica said on the first night of feeds she was constantly getting in fights in high school with other girls, physical fights. She really is that mean girl.

    • I just think cody was smart to evict 2 huge threats: Christmas & paul.
      He just doesnt have a good social game

      • I agree. Even though I like both Christmas and Paul, they are indeed huge threats. But Cody said he wanted to play with the competitors and not the floaters and those two fit the bill, so I’m not sure if he was sincere. His lack of social game will be his undoing for sure. Same for Jessica.

    • I have a feeling this is a stupid question , but what does “Hodor” mean ?

      • LOL, not a stupid question at all. Hodor is a character in the Game of Thrones. He’s a huge lumbering guy who never speaks, only says Hodor. He was killed off last season and he reminds me of Mark. :)

      • I know, it drives me nuts they keep them in the cages. I’ve named the 2 that play in the open, Oscar(orange one) and Gizmo.

      • It’s a loop. If you watch them long enough, you will see they just keep playing the same thing.

      • Yeah, I can see the loop, still enjoy it more than the fish.

      • That’s why they’re up for adoption, so they don’t have to be very much longer. But you knew that! :-)

      • I did know that and I love that they are doing something of worth finally. Such a brilliant idea! :)

      • feeds won’t come on for another 1 1/2 hours and the comp will definitely be over.

      • I guess I was wrong, the feeds are up and running. Honestly, they are so worth it. It is the best money I spend all summer long. Less that $20 bucks for the whole kit and kaboodle.

    • Maybe she shouldn’t have jumped on his back. So she is just as much to blame as him. I don’t feel that he owes her anything. Plus maybe they shouldn’t have been up in his face all the damn time. he didn’t want to be bullied into a choice and told what to do!

    • I think both to blame on that one – it was a stupid stunt. Sometimes you are the bucker and sometimes you are the buckee. BTW – two “Linda’s” here – I am the other one.

    • Christmas is a coward? Jessica is the one that sat up in that room for the last however many days, I can’t stand that dumb bitch.

  5. What do you think Cody and Jessica would do if the 8 house guests that saved Christmas started handing all their tickets to Paul or Christmas? I’d definitely pay money to see the look on their faces if that happened.

    • I was thinking I’d probably tell X to be near the counter and I’d hand her all my tickets. Ha

  6. There’s a technique on rolling those balls. Someone will learn it. Alex and Paul has been trying hard.

  7. Mark and Matt haven’t been doing well, Jason was close. Paul very close, but not quite.

  8. They’ve done this comp in OTT right?..or similar to it. Two times, Paul almost got it tonight

      • So Paul’s Pendant – 3 evictions worth of protection… Does that mean since he’s HoH, that he’s protected an additional week by the pregnant? Instead of two more weeks since he used it this week, but is HoH now, that he has another 2 evictions???

      • Really? You don’t think he can win the VETO competition. Trust me, he will try very hard to win it and he is a pretty good competitor. Not sure why the hate for him……..I bet anyone in his position of picking 5 nominees in one week would have caused drama……it is the first time in the history of the show that it happened.

      • The “hate” for Cody is this. He stated to Christmas that he wanted them to make it to Jury together. He then proceeds to put her up on the block breaking his word to her. He in effect lied. Now, I know this is Big Brother and lying is part of the game, but Cody makes this big deal out of anyone else lying and goes on about how it’s disgusting (or something similar) yada, yada, yada and decides to go after them. Christmas hadn’t lied to him about anything, but he lied to her. He had other choices to put up, them being Ramses, Jason, Kevin and Josh. He chose someone from his alliance. He had the nerve to state that Megan was being selfish when she went to talk to him after he won HOH. Yet he has been selfish as well. He sees Christmas laying on the ground and walks by the door sending Dominque out to check on her. Talk about cold. Yes he did help Mark carry her in, but he really didn’t show any concern or real compassion. He is just very cold and uncaring. He is a very egotistical, cold and heartless person. He is self-centered and thinks he never does any wrong. He thinks that if he does or says it it’s ok, but woe to be the others who do.

  9. Of course Paul won. It doesn’t really matter is not like he can be voted out this week anyway.

    • Nope, but he can get rid of the people who tried to get rid of him and change the focus of the game

      • So you want Paul to win the game????? Good grief. Last year Nicole won and now Paul…..how boring. I hope Paul is out at first opportunity. He had his chance and failed…..let someone else win.

    • Well he can sure show that dumb butt Cody how you hit the target you’re aiming for. Go Paul!

  10. Can someone explain to me how this comp works? They find a gold ticket then what?

  11. To me Jessica is fake and does half the stuff she does for camera time. Gosh, I can only hope. How cool would it be if it were a double eviction, Cody goes out the door then Jessica follows…..

    • lol. Double Eviction at week 2? Doubtful especially since they are already 1 contestant down…..probably only 1 double eviction this year due to that and it won’t be till the middle of the game at least. And I bet Cody nor Jessica leave next week. This game is very unpredictable. And with a goof like Paul, who knows who he will put up.

    • Cry baby cry, wipe your weeping eyes, now put your hands on your hip and let your backbone slip, awww shake to the east, now shake it to the west, now shake it to the one that you love the best. Oh, that would be Cooody…

  12. Somebody tell us what the look on Cody and Jessica’s faces were… I have to live vicariously through the people with the feeds!

  13. Now we will have to listen to Cody whine about Paul playing similar comp before…whaaa whaaa whaaa

  14. Well, he was safe anyway. Might as well be HOH…

    … Wait, hold up. I just remembered something. Paul hosted this comp for OTT. Didn’t he also play around with it after the HOH was crowned???

  15. What is lost about Cody is that if Paul doesn’t get in the house, is coddled by production, and doesn’t have his hand in Blue Hair quitting, it’s a quiet week and Cody’s alliance is safe. I really can’t stand Paul.

  16. What was production saying just now? Did anyone else here that right after the HOH comp? What are they not allowed to say?

  17. Well, that’s it for me tonight. I gotta get up at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for work. Have a good night, everyone!

  18. Can’t believe I’m saying this. “Can’t wait to see Paul’s HOH room”

  19. Cody just left. Went straight to the bathroom.Poor guy. and Paul is HoH..He’s gonna be ‘loud, animated over the top, annoying HoH..lol How is he gonna take this?

  20. So. Step one. Nominate Jess and a Pawn. Step 2, have the “outsiders selected for POV and win.” Step three save Pawn and backdoor Cody #2

  21. I hope he doesn’t put Jessica and Cody on the block together. Jessica will go and I want Cody to go first. Next week she could go and it is better to keep her this week since she is a weaker player. Paul is 10 face so let’s see what he does.

    • When has a plan ever worked on Big Brother? Never. So many twists and turns to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is someone that we have no thoughts on who leaves. Like Rames if he uses his mandatory nomination…..that would be a hoot if he got kicked to the curb during this week with Cody and Jessica in a bad spot.

  22. Cody & Jess whining to each other in the pantry. Jess says she has been blindsided day after day. Boo hoo! Says she is going to backstab & do whatever. Just like she has all game

  23. So… Jess & Cody up on the block? And all Cody had to do was play it safe and nominate Ramses……

    • Impressive that Big Brother makes it onto the trending list, that is, if it’s BB’s Jillian that’s being trended.

  24. Thank God Paul won! I hate Cody and Jessica. Cody gives me the creeps. No emotion except anger. Talk about a God complex. That guy is unreal. Jessica is irrelevant. Keep her around as a bigger target.

  25. Jillian guessing who flipped. Says it would not be Kevin. Guessed Josh (correct) & even Alex or Jason

    • Like it matters. 8 people voted her out. Only 4 Voted Christmas out and even if Kevin would have voted for Christmas, Jillian would have been out.

  26. Never watched a post eviction Live feed before. Didn’t know Jeff interviewed the evicted houseguest right after the eviction

  27. Really people? Why would you keep Paul? Cody had the right idea, the voter’s choice messed him up. The new players need to be thinking about how Paul lied to them. Not very smart to target new players before getting rid of a old player that almost won!

      • The best thing he could do, but Cody has a huge chance of winning the veto. I think maybe it will be best to put him up right away.

      • If he’s not nominated he might not get drawn to play for veto. If you nominate him, he WILL play for veto. BB101

      • Me too, nominate Jessica and Jason, if noms stay the same send home Jess, veto will most likely get used regardless who wins bc everyone wants Cody out so he’s the easy backdoor replacement nominee.

      • I think that’s why he would nominate Jess and Jason. Cody is the obvious replacement if veto is used and most likely it will be used bc they most all want Cody out and will save Jason. You don’t want to give Cody the option to plat veto. Jessica most likely won’t win and Jason has a good chance, he doesn’t want Jason going home so it’s good to nominate someone who has a good chance of winning veto when you want a backdoor.

  28. Now we get to find out what Paul’s master plan is!! YES! Jessica is a “you know what!”

  29. ugh i dunno why jillian even needs an exit interview…i just can’t with her

  30. What game did Jessica think she was playing? Look in the mirror Jessica. Oh wait you can’t cause Cody’s still gazing at his own reflection. Big Babies!

  31. Yay Paul!!! Not a huge fan of having a vet back, but super happy to see someone take a shot at Jody :)

  32. Cody is tearing up! I can’t wait to see Cody and Jessica do some hardcore campaigning against each other.

  33. cody reminds me of pauly without the disrespectful woman hating…bad vibes there

  34. I don’t think Jessica was thinking that the other side of the house was ever going to win HOH. She has watched the game before, but plays like an idiot.
    Now Cody has a lot to say to Paul.

  35. I still don’t get how Cody and Jess have seen this before and had no idea that in BB when you back stab multiple people they win HOH the next week. This should have been Ramses week to go

  36. Newbies being controlled by Paul for another week….ugh…Really CBS a 3 week pass for your boy Paul!!!!! Losing interest already.
    Since when does CBS let you give your chances to help another player!!! I was hoping for Alex to win.

    • I’m with you, but he is there to stay for at least a couple of weeks. Hopefully he’ll get rid of Cody or Jessica.

      • I cannot believe the other 2 guys switched..usually the guys always stick with their alliance…

  37. Jess is crying and Cody consoling her. Paul came in and Cody told him to watch after his girl when he (cody) is gone.

    Cody is a fool. Didn’t have to be this way

  38. Why are Cody and Jessica in the have not room? They don’t belong there and Josh should have kicked them out.

  39. Dang it! Why did Paul have to win?!?! I want him out as soon as his 3 weeks end! Similarly to Neda from BBCAN5, I want his safety to end and an Instant Eviction so he doesn’t even have a chance to save himself with a veto!

    • If he stays to the end, he will ruin the game this season just like Nicole did last time.

      • Not if he actually deserves to win it by the time the season ends unlike Nicole, who definitely did NOT deserve to win last season. It took a few weeks for me to like Paul last season after actively disliking him. He’s got the game play (social and competition) to not only pull out the win… But to also deserve the win.

      • Exactly. If he legitimately plays the game, there is no reason he couldn’t and shouldn’t win.

      • I agree, but I don’t like Paul. If these fools fall for his schemes after watching how he did it last season and still believe him, then he deserves to win.

      • This is week one, so I’m sure a lot will change in the coming weeks but… From a game play perspective, Paul is heads and shoulders above his competition. He’s playing on a much higher level right now.

  40. So now Cody is lording over the have not room. I wish he would just hit somebody and get kicked out. He’s annoying.

    • With any luck at all, somebody will come into the Have Not room, catch Cody lying on the spike bed and… Jump up and down on him.

  41. I have a feeling this can possibly cause a showmance divorce of Jody. I think Jessica will blame cody for thier demise. Too late now baby! After Cody is out the girls will devour her. This is just too good! If nothing else goes my way this season I’m already satisfied.

    • He’s feeling cocky, he has three weeks of safety, on BB that’s alot. people who are targeting him will change their minds and go after other people and so on and so on, ya know?

  42. Alex

  43. i hope somewhere megan was watching and saying to herself…welp cody i just don’t like you either…

  44. One one hand, Cody is the only person smart enough in the house to see Paul’s game. He made Final 2! What do they not understand about that? Even Paul expected them to go right after him!

    On the other hand, Paul is the only person in the house that strategizes and is a fun person. There’s a reason he won the first Den of Temptation. In a twisted way, he kind of deserves to be there.

    • They are cracking me up. All these liars and back stabbers, and she is crying and nobody is even asking if she is ok. They are not going to be hang out with these people after the show. Pot meet kettle.

      • Oh , IDK, if one of them wins HoH in the future I’d guess that most of those HG’s will be sucking up

    • i actually don’t think i would be mad about watching them go back and forth with each other to be honest but i just don’t want to look at cody anymore…he just gives off some bad vibes

    • They won’t go out of their way to help him. Yes, he does cause drama. But not the “good” type of drama. His drama actually hurts ratings, not help them.

    • Yeah… I came here to comment how I feel about this batshxt crazy, totally unecessary plan.

      Oops… I just commented

      • Agreed. That is a silly plan. Why on earth would he want to put up two of his own people??

        That’s just…dumb!

      • Then again, Jody ain’t getting any votes for that Ring of Replacement.

        But again, Paul doesn’t know any better and should’ve taken this into account

      • You’re right Capt. Considering how his changed the game…he really should be thinking about it.

        Oh btw…thankyou for the tip about videobrotherdotnet! watched the show way earlier there. BB just started 4 minutes ago here in California.

      • He should at least put up someone that’s not from his own group?? I mean hello? What if Cody gets picked and then wins veto??

        The noms stay the same and Paul is stuck with 2 of his own group OTB.
        Stupid plan Paul!

    • That is a ridiculous plan! Why is he even thinking about doing that? Ugh! You know what would be interesting is put up Alex & Jason, then if one of them wins the veto you backdoor Cody… but, now this would be hilarious, if Cody did happen to get chosen…could you imagine the fireworks if he used the veto on Alex & Jess went up as a renom?? hahaha

      It’s not that far out of the realm of possibility. He already told Matt he wanted to keep Alex over Jess.

      • Hey tr8ppng! I watched it on videobrotherdotnet thanks to Capt’s suggestion…but then I had to make dinner and whatnot. BB hasn’t even started here in Cali!!

      • Aw thanks. missed ya too. We haven’t talked have we?

        Well, let’s fix that right now. haha
        That eviction…??? Holy *bleep*!!!
        OMG! Did you see Cody’s face? I thought he was going to just spontaneously combust right there on the spot!

      • Yes, I loved it. He can’t believe everything has not gone his way and that the minions are rebelling, lol

      • Hahahaha! Right?
        And Jessica…?? Ugh! That girl… She is low rent and a nasty piece of work. Loved seeing her taken down a peg, now I can’t wait for her to be booted out the door.

  45. I am happy Jillian left (didn’t like her) and happy Paul won HoH, but I am confused about Paul’s plan. Wouldn’t he want to guarantee one of Jessica or Cody going out? Maybe he has other motives involving Matt, but that would be mixing things up too much IMO.

  46. Beginning to notice the evolution of BB in that contestants (if we may call them that) for the most part do not come to the show seeking the $500k but instead endeavour to make jury.

    By doing so they have greater success, more peace with themselves and especially this season, will be handing Paul the big check he was robbed of last season. 👍

    • I would hate it if Paul wins this season. I still have hope that some of the strong females, like Xmas and Dom, will give him a run for the money despite currently siding with him

      • I don’t want subjects from 18 and OTT to get us heated here. But I think I might have to respectfully disagree with your opinion, and we’ll leave it at that.

        Back to this season: Paul is no fun when he is/thinks he is in the absolute majority. He acts cocky, loud, obnoxious and currently thinks he knows everything there is to know about this game. That attitude rubs me the wrong way.
        Paul was 10 times better whenever he plays like an underdog. And that’s the Paul that probably won you over last season, I assume.

      • Ah! Thank u, I’ve seen u here on past seasons. Glad to have be back here with u, and many other awesome ppl on this forum!

    • I like Paul, he’s a riot to watch, but I don’t think I want him to win.
      I agree he was robbed though.

  47. Can’t believe so many people don’t like Cody. I think he’s fantastic. He sure ain’t no sucker.

      • Is he though? Serious question. Not being sarcastic at all. I know he is super quiet and keeps to himself but is he actually an asshole? And if so, what did he do?
        Well, aside from throwing not one but two of his alliance members on the block. (Paul initially) But, it was good for his game. You know what I mean?!
        I truly am not being sarcastic, I know things can be read differently. I just haven’t read anything that actually made him an “asshole”

      • Other than hiding it from his entire alliance. He couldn’t be bothered to tell any of them before the nominations. I mean, that’s cool if you want to make a big move, but if you’re in an alliance (especially if you consider yourself the leader)… You should probably at least tell some of them.

        Of course, I know why he didn’t. Its because nobody else in his alliance wanted Paul on the block because several of them actually liked him.

      • I 💯% agree with you. I totally agree with you but, why does that make “us” not like him?

      • he gets mad when things don’t go his way well thats life you can’t get pissed at people just because they did not do exactly what he wanted them to do

      • Fair enough. Make sense :-) if he is having temper tantrum’s then, he’s an idiot & foolish and should be gone next Thursday

      • But it’s BB. Dodging bullets is part of the game. Now that he’s got himself deep in do-do, we’ll see how well he can scramble to save his own butt! An ahole can stay in the house IF a bigger ahole emerges. This is very early in the game and there’s a loooong way to go. People are on their best behavior many times and then all the sudden they start popping off. If somebody else goes bat schyt before next week, it may take the spotlight off Cody.

      • I agree but I think it would be have to be something super super super dramatic for anyone to turn their attention from Cody to another.

      • Just wondering how would you feel if a member of your alliance put you on the block without your consent. I thought you should feel safe, at least in your alliance.

      • I 100% I agree with you, and I think I put that in my comment? Or maybe it was another one.
        But, essentially it would have been good for that alliance to get rid of Paul. But you are right, he needed to talk to his alliance about it first. And then he went and screwed himself even more by putting up Christmas! Why he thought his alliance would be cool with that is beyond me! Dumb move clearly!

    • He’s racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, loves Trump. there is nothing good about him.

    • I don’t dislike Cody. He is a beast. But he is a bad BB player. He built a great alliance of showmances. He should never have let Alex win veto, but even after that, just nom someone else like Jason and call it a week. His paranoia and dislike for Paul is his undoing

      • Someone who I share a view with! He is a bad player but at least he’s one of the few people who recognize Paul’s threat in the game. Should’ve held that hatred in though…

      • He had a huge alliance and could have just breezed through the 1st few weeks had he simply stuck with the plan. I understand wanting to eliminate the vet, but had he actually watched more than maybe one season of BB, he would have known making huge moves that early in the game almost always blow up in your face!!

        His ego is too large and it’s ruining his game imo.

    • i might like him later down the line as soon as he puts on his big boy pants…or if he gets a cool mascot…or if he unpacks his personality…or borrows one from someone else…yea prob not so much…

    • I agree with you. I mean it was a dick move for him to throw not one but two of his alliance members on the block without his other alliance members knowing (Meaning initially putting Paul up) but Cody was doing what was best for his game, not his alliance members. I just think it was too big and bold of a move to make this early on in the game. Especially because is the season of “Temptation” so you never really know what’s going to happen.

      • The golden rule for BB…NEVER come into the house first thing and act like a big bad bully…and a d***head! Cody has a terrible temper. That is not needed in the BB house..could get dangerous the longer he stays..I hope Paul is successful at getting him out on Thursday.

      • I completely agree but, didn’t his temper just get revealed tonight? Or was his temper exposed already?

    • Agree. Every one of his couples alliance turned their back on him, but they didn’t catch heat. He wanted the vet out, The one who came in second place last year. It was a smart move his downfall was He believed Paul when he said he didn’t have the Temptation.

  48. Still waiting here in Vancouver……
    Well, sort of! Clearly I know what happened. Thank you Matt! :-)

    Why can’t I be patient and just wait & either be shocked or at least enjoy some of the houseguests being shocked!?
    Damn my inpatients!!! LOL 😂

      • Honestly I don’t mind at all. It makes no difference and, because I am inpatient I just come here :-) but I have no problem waiting to watch the actual episodes. It’s more exciting reading what Matt has to say with the live feed’s ++ then watching the actual episodes. Especially on Thursday nights because Thursdays are a lot of recapping, and Julie talking. So it’s all good :-) I could watch online “live” if I really wanted.

      • Isn’t it just like this?
        Or do you mean watching it live?
        I don’t mind waiting to watch it. It recorded and is over already and I still haven’t watched it
        Gonna in a few
        Chris is just playing poker right now online. Patiently waiting…

    • There’s always a part of me that feels Big Brother took place in the wrong decade. This show would’ve been awesome in the 80’s before internet.

      • Well, I was in my late teens/early 20s when the first season aired of BB in the US ( although I am only 21 now, strange! I don’t know how that works) haha 😂
        Back then, we did still have to wait. Yes they did have live feeds, I think from the beginning!? But, we didn’t get even half of the spoilers as we get now. BB was able to block a lot of stuff for many seasons but now, of course with social media etc. it is completely different and impossible for them/BB too hide.
        If only I had patients! But, I don’t! And I like to read Matt and Brandon’s updates and all of the comments too much.
        Only for the last couple years though. Before then I would always wait.
        And this is the only site I go to for baby info & disqus is only where I post my comments.

      • I stayed away until I saw the regular episode tonight. I don’t use a TV or pay for anything so I have to wait for other means to see the episode. I call these “hamster shows”. Throw a bunch of hamsters in the cage and then shake the cage. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, etc.. Then it all changes every ten minutes. Some of the hamsters start crying, some of them get mad and start biting each other. It’s not as easy as it might look from the outside!

        For BB, I watch BB US, CA, UK, and AU. Has to have some good hamsters though. Boring hamsters won’t keep my attention.

        I don’t see a lot of big personalities this season for BB US. They did cast some eye candy to attract attention. Be that the glamor girls, or some meatheads and a musclehead to wander around shirtless. We’ll see. The horns and fangs have yet to come out all the way. Maybe some of them are craftier than they look so far.

      • To be fair, people like Matt and Mark/muscleheads or actually really nice guys. They seem like it anyway.

      • They are just horrible. The way Cody just talked to Josh and Jessica saying to wanted Christmas to choke on her own saliva. Those two are wicked.

    • Said the wicked witch of the west……
      I hope you know I’m kidding. It’s just how I read it, it sounds like the Wizard of Oz.
      “& her little dog too”

  49. would young Jessica be a good mom to his daughter is what Cody needs to think about before leading her on.

  50. I am back!! LOL & so are my stupidly long comments! 😝

    From reading all the comments over the last few days it’s pretty clear a lot of people don’t like Cody. But just a question. OK first a comment. Yes he did go against his alliance and he put up not one but 2 members of his alliance (Paul is what I mean by the 2nd) so I get that it was a dick/selfish move but, he is playing a game for himself. I think that it was a good move had he been able to put Paul on the block. Good for his (Codys) game and a lot of other HG’s game. It backfired yes! (& I still don’t fully understand his reason for putting up Christmas.)
    It was a big/a bold move that I believe he made to early in the game. That said, I don’t fully understand why people don’t like him? I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, I truly just don’t know why? So why? LOL
    I get that he’s super quiet, but my husband is super super quiet but one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. At first he comes across as a total asshole LOL I even thought he was an asshole until I got to know him 😜
    So, could that not be Cody’s case? He’s just a quiet guy which is very clear but he is also a nice guy? Maybe influenced by Jessica/big boobs a little too much? I know I have often influenced my husbands decisions LMAO just kidding! Well……
    But aside from his replacement NOM/Christmas and going against his alliance. I truly am curious what he actually did to make him so unlikable? Honestly, I want to know because I want to not like him either but I don’t watch the feeds so I don’t fully understand why people think he’s an asshole.
    If anyone even reads this LOL

    • One reason why Cody is not liked is because of some comments made on the feeds by him that have been marked as transphobic. If that’s sufficient reason for u, I’ll leave it at that cuz I wanna talk about ur understanding of his move.

      Cody’s move I admire, but laugh at because he didn’t realize that he was in the social position to make it. Everyone in his alliance literally loves Paul and Xmas, he did not have a single iota of trust in them but if he wanted to get them out it needed to be something that required a the few days he had to renom after Alex won veto. It needed to be a long term thing that he constantly needed to keep in mind and work towards. I could even get why he wanted to keep this a secret from the whole alliance in fear of this getting back to Paul and Xmas, but this unwillingness to share is what ended up backfiring on him the hardest.

      Even if he had put Paul on the block, Paul would have stayed over Jillian, so yeah, just don’t make any waves week one.

      • Very nicely put, Brys! ITA btw.
        I can understand his motivation. It was his timing and lack of communication that failed miserably.

      • First of all, let me be clear. I had no idea he made those remarks! So, knowing that now, that changes my view on him completely! So thank you for that.

        Secondly, I completely agree with you about the way he went about things. I thought that’s pretty much what I said also? Aside from thinking everyone in the house would keep Paul. I don’t know about that, he is a huge threat so Who knows with that.
        But, as I said/I think?? Those movies were good if he was still good with his alliance which clearly making that move without consulting with his alliance was a bad move. I also said he made big moves/bold moves too quickly and too early. So, that said I completely agree with you :-) I thought I already did though?! Perhaps what I said was read differently!?
        It was a smart move but it was a stupid move because he didn’t have the backing of his alliance, it’s too early in the game and he’s playing too hard too soon.

    • Yeah, I read it. You’re fun to talk to and you’re watching this game. Plus you can think and you know how to type. I can say why I don’t like the guy but other folks may have different reasons. He’s way too big for his britches and he’s an arrogant axehole is what I see. He’s just too fake. Now, he’s looking like the train wreck I think he is. I didn’t see a lot of carefully crafted strategy to his game play. He hastily tried to assemble something that is normally not successful early in the game. The social structure is not there and there’s too many people in the house. He’s a big dummy. That’s part of the fun is watching the big dummies with the swelled heads scramble when their lame game play falls apart. He wanted to play the big tough guy and it blew up in his face like it always does for guys like him. “Playing too hard” would be the nutshell term.

      Now add that he talks out of his mouth and his butt at the same time. The results were very predictable. Relationships are just forming and are weak. Others have now seen him flip on people quick and easy and they don’t trust him. For very good reason too! He blew his own game all to hell and nobody had to help.

      • LOL… Tell me how you really feel about him? LOL :-)
        I agree with you although I still think it’s unfair,( a word I don’t like to use for BB) for all the other stuff that happened to Cody during his HOH that was not in his control.
        And thank you for your kind words 💜

  51. Isolating yourself from the group when you have power and they will isolate you when you come down.

    • They are securing their fate in the game, eviction. Sooner rather than later.

      • ITA, but Paul’s plan might not accomplish the goal.I hope he rethinks what he’s told the group he’s doing.

      • Yes, I agree with you. He’s seemed to have changed his target which piggy backs on the hopes that his side will win the next HOH.

      • If he was smart he’d put up two from the outsiders like Alex & Jason & if someone wins the veto who is *not* Cody, then pull Alex down and send Cody packing! eazy-peezy!

      • Yep. I’m already smelling Paul in Cody’s pants if he wins Veto or stays and wins HOH again. His excuse. You tried to put me on the block dude.

    • Well if you’re on the outsiders side you wouldn’t really trust most of the ppl on that list

    • You’re an idiot. Paul and Xmas? Do you not understand how manipulative both of them are. Good to know you’re easily fooled.

      • If they are playing a good game, they will be manipulate. Do you know who Dr Will and Mike Boogie are?? The best players ever!!!

      • Having a difference of opinion on the HG is not a reason for personal attacks or insults. Met has every right to have her favorites and that does not mean they have to coincide with your personal choices. Debating the merits of players is what makes this site fun, however, when people start name calling it loses its luster.This board is meant to be a fun place to discuss the game of BB, and agreeing and disagreeing is part of that experience, insulting someone because they disagree with you is not meant to be part of the experience.

        I think you might want to go back and read the rules in regards to commenting here again.

  52. I don’t know why Jess and Cody are so down. they should try to win veto if they get that chance. That’s the real power.

  53. My gut feeling is that even if Paul goes thru with his stupid plan he will still be lucky enough to get out at least one of Jody. After all, the tide has been with him and his side of the house so I really don’t see the BBGod punishing him for his dumb plan this week.

    Nevertheless, a VERY dumb plan

  54. Is anyone just heartbroken at how Josh has been treated? I mean, I know he doesn’t have the best EQ and is annoying. But everyone who has been shxtty to him probably isn’t in the right either

    • He needs to grow a pair. What kind of man is he. He should learn to stand up for himself and be nicer to people so they can do the same right back.

      • I think the current Josh is just that socially awkward kid in high school that can’t find a clique to fit into. He should never have signed up for this game.

        I don’t think Josh is mean to anyone… who even bothers giving him a second of their time?

      • HE’s mentally ill. And unfortunately in the American entertainment industry – they find mental illness to be funny, and good for ratings. Sickening.

      • Christmas has. Several times over the last week I’ve seen her talking to him. One time he was having a meltdown, crying and saying he wanted to go home…she spent like a half hour in the Br talking to him, giving him tips on how to build confidence and relationships with other people. I know it was that compassion she showed him that influenced him today when he voted.

  55. 9:50 PM PT – Camera 1 – Christmas explain her injury and says she will have surgery on Monday.

  56. is it wrong of me to wish to see Paul’s plan go awry? I don’t like them, but when Jody leaves, Paul will basically run the show from here on out…. I kinda hope that this plan blows up and Cody or Jessica win POV so we can continue to see all the excitement right now

    • No. Paul is a con-artist, and mad that Cody saw right through his manipulative ways while every other normie in the house (besides Alex) failed.

      • Yep. How anybody could fall for a fast talking loser like Paul is beyond me. I’ve seen hundreds of guys like him. Then after the eviction he just keeps popping off when he should just STFU and let the house stew for bit. He’s so full of himself he doesn’t know when to shutup.

  57. I really don’t care for Jason, either. Cody, Jessica and Jason can just pack their bags and go! Ramses is really taking the heat..everyone thinks he is lying about his vote…when Kevin is the flipper! So, if Christmas is having surgery next week.. wonder if she will be back??

  58. I’d like to thank Josh for taking the Golden Apple the first week. His terrible gameplay at the time caused this avalanche of misfortune for Jody.

    This upcoming week is going to be AWESOME to watch!

  59. What is going on with josh? Is paul side mad at him? If so why? I dont have live feeds im lost just turning on bbafterdark

  60. Wow, tonight just shows you why its important not to act like king of the castle cause the next week you are potentially out on your butt. While I really dislike Paul I am glad he won after how Cody acted last week.

    • Yes, Cody’s face was priceless twice tonight. First at the eviction and then on the live feeds when Paul won HOH…he was so mad he said “F-off” and some other choice words as Paul was celebrating his victory!!

      That’s what happens when you try and play the dictator in BB. The game will bite you in the you know what!

      • I don’t think Jessica is very secure in herself, despite the huge ego she has. If she did she wouldn’t be looking for love in the BB house that’s for sure!

      • Joni, did you see the huge, honking bald spots Jessica has on her head? I’m assuming they’re from the hair extensions she wears…but wow! Huge patches of hair are missing from her head. That right there shows how insecure she is. She ruin her natural hair for the appearance of fake thick hair! Wow! I think I’d stop wearing those things if they were tearing out my hair!!