Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 2: Thursday Night Highlights

Like any good eviction night on any good season, the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds were drama-filled Thursday night. We had multiple people in tears, some really good lying and yet another houseguest almost self-evicting.

Cody & Jessica on BB19

And keep in mind, Big Brother 19 is still only getting started. We’re only on our second HOH of the season.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 6, 2017:

8:03 PM BBT – Feeds return from the HoH comp. Paul won & is the new HoH.

8:04 PM BBT – Paul is lecturing Josh to stop talking about worrying over what his family thinks of his game play.

8:05 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody are in the HN room. Jessica is crying.

8:10 PM BBT – Paul comes to check in with Jessica and Cody. He’s trying to comfort Jessica telling her not to cry, that it’s hard, but it’s still only a game.

8:10 PM BBT – Cody complains the other women will exclude Jessica.

8:11 PM BBT – Jason stops by real quick to visit Cody and Jessica. He’s sure it was Ramses who flipped with Josh. (It was Kevin.)

8:12 PM BBT – Josh comes in to the HN room. Cody is furious and yelling at him to leave and to STFU. Josh keeps trying to talk and Cody keeps yelling louder and louder at him until Josh gives up.

8:20 PM BBT – Paul reveals his plan to his allies. Nominate Matthew and Raven. Win Veto. Renom Cody. Classic Backdoor there.

8:25 PM BBT – Matthew agrees to Paul’s plan.

8:30 PM BBT – Alex goes to the HN room to discuss what happened. They believe Kevin but not Ramses.

8:35 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica say there’s no way Paul will let him compete in veto so he will go for a backdoor plan.

8:45 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin he’s going to try to get him as far as he can in the game. He tell him to not act so smart because it’ll make him a target because of the mental competitions. “Act senile,” Paul says. He also tells Kevin to just stick to his guns and not let anyone know he voted to evict Jillian. Paul tells him not to let his emotions show. Kevin says it’s the two of them till the end.

8:55 PM BBT – Kevin keeps throwing Ramses under the bus to Alex. She’s feels really betrayed by his vote (even though he voted with Alex). Kevin has really fooled people with this vote. Kevin tells Alex he will take care of her.

8:57 PM BBT – Kevin tells Alex that he voted for that “crazy kid from Illinois (Cameron)” and Christmas.

9:03 PM BBT – Matt, Mark, Raven and Elena are still upset with Cody for “destroying” their games. Matt says there are consequences for actions.

9:15 PM BBT – Jason and Alex are trashing Ramses. They really believe that he backstabbed them and voted out Jillian, who was his best friend in the house.

9:53 PM BBT – Christmas reveals that her foot will take six months to fully heal.

10:17 PM BBT – Josh tries to apologize to Jessica and she attacks him. She tells him to stop crying and stop acting like a victim. Cody chimes in and tells him that he has been a victim and makes victim noises the whole time. Cody tells Josh he’s not a man but a child.

10:20 PM BBT – Josh heads into the bathroom in tears. Raven asks him what happened and Dominique comes in and tries to comfort him. Josh tells them that Jessica and Cody are making everything too personal. Josh says he’s done with the game. Raven tells him not to let them take him out of this game.

10:45 PM BBT – Josh continues to camtalk. In tears, he says he’s going to get his shit together again.

10:48 PM BBT – Kevin goes into talk to Josh. Kevin tells him to make sure he doesn’t fight with Cody because he’ll get ejected. Kevin says he’ll go talk to Cody and Josh asks him not to because he is just going to not talk to Cody and Jessica anymore.

10:58 PM BBT – Josh tells Jason that he still respects Cody and Jessica despite what they’re saying. He says he knows they’re speaking out of anger. Josh tells Jason that he’s not working with the two of them.

11:01 PM BBT – Jason says they’ve given the producers a lot to work with and it’s just getting started. Jason tells Josh to never consider leaving the game on his own. Josh says he never will.

11:08 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody this isn’t a game anymore and that it’s personal attacks and that’s not what she signed up for. She tells him she’s ready to pack her bags and leaves. She rips off her microphone and tells him she’s going to walk out. Cody tries to calm her down. He asks her to put her mic back on for him but she refuses. Production asks her to put her microphone on and she says no she’s not putting it on.

11:11 PM BBT – BB tells Jessica to put on her microphone again and she tells Cody she’s not going to stay. He tells her not to do that to him. And Paul comes out of the DR to reveal his HOH room.

11:13 PM BBT – Everyone but Jessica makes it up to the HOH room. Jessica went into the Diary Room to possibly self-evict.

11:15 PM BBT – Paul reads his HoH letter. It’s very strange with references to animals and who to look after more. Even Paul sounds confused.

11:21 PM BBT – Jessica doesn’t self-evict. She joins the others in the HOH room but she doesn’t look happy.

11:35 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica to not quit on him. She says she can’t make promises she can’t keep. She tells him that if someone threatens her again then she’ll want to go after them but would rather walk than look like a psychopath. She said if she wanted this kind of drama she would’ve gone on Real World or Bad Girl’s Club.

11:40 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica laugh that at least their games are blowing up together.

11:45 PM BBT – HoH crew gathered upstairs. Paul explains the thinking of his plan that he didn’t want to give C&J the chance to even play in the Veto comp. His goal is to get Cody out this week without letting him get near the Veto. Paul wants to put up Matthew & Raven but not announce that they’re pawns.

11:50 PM BBT – Mark tells Paul to consider putting up Alex and Jason because they would also play hard to win the Veto and that way their own allies wouldn’t be at risk.

11:55 PM BBT – HoH crew trying to figure out how Ramses’s curse works and what it could mean for Paul’s plan. They don’t know when he has to nominate himself or if he will take up a spot in the 6 Veto players or just be an added 7th player.

11:57 PM BBT – Matthew points out to Paul that if he puts up him and Raven then they are down those votes when it comes to eviction night.

12:00 AM BBT – Paul worries that if Cody is up there against a big competitor then the house may be tempted to vote out the other HG and keep Cody. The group promises Paul they wouldn’t do that. Christmas tells Paul to talk with Alex for a possible pawn.

12:05 AM BBT – The group is pushing for Jason and Alex to go up, but Paul is resisting.

12:10 AM BBT – Paul worries that Cody could talk himself out of eviction. Mark reminds Paul that they’ve got 6 votes against Cody right now, but if any of them go up then that number drops.

12:15 AM BBT – Kevin joins the talk and says he’ll help vote out Cody. Paul is saying he might want to use Kevin as a pawn. That’s not going to go over well.

12:20 AM BBT – HoH crew has broken up and gone downstairs. Mark is upset over the idea of any of their own going up saying if Cody gets his name drawn then wins Veto they’re in trouble with two of their own noms on the Block.

12:30 AM BBT – Paul now coming around to the idea that it’s too risky to put up their own allies as noms.

12:35 AM BBT – Kevin is back downstairs telling the outsiders everything about Paul’s plan. He isn’t happy about being considered for a nom.

12:40 AM BBT – Jessica comes in to the outsiders room and they start telling her Paul’s plan that Kevin shared.

12:50 AM BBT – Paul goes to Matthew and Raven to let them know he isn’t going to put them up after all and he’s changing his plan.

12:55 AM BBT – Alex talks with Paul and they agree to work together in a secretive fashion. He asks her to be a pawn in his bid to BD Cody.

1:05 AM BBT – Kevin is so upset that he’s working to get Ramses to join with him and the outsiders to retaliate.

1:20 AM BBT – Paul still working on Alex and promises she would be the one to come down if he gets the Veto.

1:50 AM BBT – Ramses reveals to Christmas that he will have to apply his curse nomination before Paul announces his noms.

2:05 AM BBT – Kevin and Paul smooth things out and Kevin says he trusts him.

2:15 AM BBT – Paul talks with Josh to let him know the plan is to make him a pawn. (This comes after Paul’s promise the day before to not make Josh a pawn should Paul win HoH.) Josh asks Paul to pull him down if he wins Veto. Paul agrees. (Oops.)

2:30 AM BBT – Paul is settling on his plan to nominate Alex and Josh as pawns to try and Backdoor Cody.

Well this is going to be an interesting few days here as Paul works through his nominations plan and then the Veto competition. Lots of moving parts here that could trip up the whole thing. Think they can pull it off and get Cody out?

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  1. Glad to see Paul came to his senses. Putting up 2 people in his alliance as pawns is an awful idea. He should put up Alex and Ramses. (Assuming he doesn’t know about Ramses’ curse.) And then backdoor Cody.

    • He knows about Ramses curse because Ramses stupidly told him! Paul just doesn’t know what the next Temptation is if there is any (to his knowledge, but we know what it is) in order to aid him with the plans to evict and/or BD Cody.

    • You’d think he’d have thought through the numbers and the potential for that to backfire… I mean it’s not like this is his first rodeo.

  2. So Jessica wants to quit because it’s too personal – after bawling out Josh/yelling when all he wants to do is talk? Puh-lease.
    Wish BB would let her quit. Then her hateful mug won’t be at the finale.

    • She says she didn’t sign up for this drama. Hello? Has she ever watched BB before? What a idiot.

    • Both are whacked, to be honest. Jessica is just mad she hitched a ride on a sinking ship and is imploding, and Josh really has some serious issues. If he was 12 or 13, I’d say it’s just his age. But, he’s too old to still be acting like a 12 year old, and a needy 12 year old at that. It’s hard to feel too bad for him because his personality just doesn’t work in the real world, and really is no good at all in the BB world.

      • My 10-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old daughter do not act like Josh. I think he’s more of the age/ acting like he is around two years old (temper tantrum/crybaby)

    • Girl just shut up—– you and tooth brush boy are all about drama when you two start it or it benefits you.

      • For real! They don’t take ownership of what they do, but it’s a different story when it’s done to them.

    • It’s only personal because she can’t just hide in the HOH room instead of being around all the peasants.

      • Absolutely!
        I truly expected way more of her from what I/we saw in her entrance video. A super fan that washed it with her now deceased 😭 dad

    • No doubt eh!!
      She is probably used to people kissing her ass. Little princess/the pretty girl & her showmanse screwed that one up! She has Cody to blame and only Cody!

  3. The reaction from Cody and Jessica last night was priceless. Cody found out he doesn’t run the house, Jessica found out she has no friends and Cody thinks the audience will stop watching the live feeds if they are gone. Delusional. I am happy Christmas stayed but with the cast on she will be no help in comps, Kevin is a good player as well

    • Isn’t it funny that the people America can’t stand are the ones who think America loves them? E.g. – Cody, Frankie, Jozea. Ha ha. I will admit these folks do add some entertainment value but after awhile they really do need to go because eventually they just get annoying.

  4. It almost works and Ramses might actually make it work if he does nominate himself this week because it would seem (I’m assuming there are still only six veto players still) it lowers the odds that Cody or Jessica get picked. I do sort of worry if Josh wins veto and Cody goes up that the idea that no one but Jessica will really fully trust Cody but that Alex’s position as leader and most competent of the ‘other side’ of the house still exists and she might be the better option to turn.

  5. For pure entertainment I wish Paul would nominate Alex and Cody and make a comment like “you threw her veto last week, do it again and see what happens”.

    • That comment might actually be worth it … even if Cody wins the veto, you could replace him with – hmmmmm, let me see … oh, yeah, Jessica.

    • That would be priceless! Cody wouldn’t know what to do with the space once he woke to find his head up his arse! LOL

  6. Thought/think Paul is smarter than to put up 2 pawns, especially 2 votes from his side. Especially after Cody and Jessica yelled at a highly emotional Josh, now is the time to cement Josh’s loyalty by showing compassion.

    But Ramses nominating himself first, Paul would have to put up someone with Alex. I’d like to see Alex vs Jessica. If Cody should get picked to play and won it, he might be forced to evict Jessica. Of course, he and Alex (an upgrade from Jessica and better for Codys game) could be something fierce and Would have Jason and Ramses in their posse.

  7. Do the houseguests know what the word respect means? Several of them have mentioned how they still respect Cody and Jessica. How? They are showing their true colors with every passing minute.

    • Sounds self-serving to me … just a way of keeping your likability options open both with HGs and TV audience.

  8. Oh for the love, please please please put up those jokers Cody & Jessica. I get that Paul doesn’t want them to play veto, but let them sweat it out on the block. If one wins veto, the other goes home. Simple as that!

      • Hi, gal. You are one of the few people I really miss posting with. After production setting Dingus up to win last season while she disgustingly played with Doofus in bed the entire time, I don’t enjoy the actual show like I use to. But I do miss posting with people who will admit the truth about production interference and not pretend, yet still can have fun with it. It’s frustrating when they KNOW the truth but pretend to get insulted and incensed by others who admit it. I can’t play their silly game and would end up making a few people mad. There are a few very bad sports on this site. You know who they are. I smiled so big when I saw the first post from you. I’m not sure you were saying hello to me on the other thread, but I was hoping you remembered me. Since Dingus was given the game last season, I’m not sure they will do that for Paul, but they did insure he had safety for a few weeks and gave him a few more perks, like that stupid candy show, which is an utter failure. lol Jessica not wearing that frog suit is kind of like Paulie not making pies or waving his little flag. Rebellious entitlement….there’s a lot of that going on in America. I look for your posts when I read threads. I wish someone realized what fun you are to befriend and post with. Miss you!

      • OMG – of course I meant you when I was saying Hello and I am so glad to hear from you, tho I totally, totally understand your not enjoying the show as much and not posting. I almost did the same and I know if it starts to “go wrong”, I’m outta here except to upvote. By the way, I got the same smile on my face when I saw your upvote – think of you often. I have a “secondary” email set up and if you want to correspond – email me at and then I will give you my primary email. Understand if you don’t. Only wish the best for you, friend. :)

      • True story! It’s going to be an interesting season for sure with these temptations….not sure if I like that lol

  9. Jessica and Josh are the two biggest babies in the house!
    That being said, I want to see Jessica play without a man to protect her.

  10. Has Paul thought about the possibility of Alex choosing Cody to play Veto if she gets Players Choice? I am not sure Alex should be trusted that much by Paul.

    • I considered that plan too (she says with an evil smile).
      Alex is a tough player in her own right, which makes her a target, but openly siding with Cody this early in the game could be a death knell.
      Plus, wouldn’t it just make Jessica absolutely insane!?!

  11. The three “couples” should have just stood together and went along with Cody’s plans. That is, if they still wanted to control the game like they were. But they got pissed at Cody because he did a move on his own. Understood…but big flippin deal, he was trying to get out Paul and Xmas — two dangerous players NOT in their core alliance! Even though they didn’t agree to it, they should have kept cool heads and just voted out Xmas. They’d still all be in control. But instead they flipped out and blew it all up. So you know who is in control now? PAUL!!! Nice going. It wasn’t as if Cody came after the other couples. Stupid move. You think they can trust PAUL???????!!!!!!! I could care less about any of them — I just think it was stupid game play.

    • No one can really trust ANYONE! But Cody has PROVEN that he is untrustworthy. Why would you want to be teammates with someone that doesn’t respect you enough to share their strategy?

      Sorry, viewers may not like Paul and that may cloud their judgement of the game, but cutting Cody was the only logical safe move the other showmances could make.

      And by the way, Paul’s original nomination plan had Matt and Raven up. THE GROUP decided that wasn’t the best move, so the plans were changed.

      It would seem that the group (even without Cody) is still in charge.

      • They cant trust him because he put up Paul and Xmas?! They shouldn’t care about them — they were on other side of the house and FIERCE competition. They are mad at their “ally” for that? Plus, Xmas was forced to be put up ON THE SPOT. Look, if they went along with it, those 6 would control the house for a long time. NOW PAUL CONTROLS THE HOUSE. The non Coby/Jess couples have zero power now. I said it has nothing to do with “liking” anyone — it is just a dumb game move.

      • They can’t trust him because he wouldn’t share his plans with them. It’s really pretty simple. Personally, I would never want to work with an autocrat.

        Remember the reason he saved Alex and didn’t put up Jason is because he wanted to use them to take out Jessica, Raven, Dominque and Elena.

        And quite honestly I’m not sure you’re watching the same game because Paul and Christmas were originally MOST CERTAINLY part of the team.

        If Paul actually “controls the house” as you claim, the nominations would be Matt and Raven (Paul’s original plan). He SHARED with the group and they helped him change his plans. Seems like the couples have much more say with Paul than they did with Cody.

      • As wtpvideo said, Paul and Christmas were very much working with Cody’s alliance. Cody chose to blindside his entire alliance by nominating Paul, and then AGAIN by nominating Christmas. There were plenty of other options on the other side of the house (Jason, Ramses, Kevin). Why would you choose to work with someone known to turn on some of his allies and blindside the rest? If he had talked to his alliance about targeting Paul, they might have agreed and there would be no issue.

    • Cody’s downfall wasn’t so much making a game move it was his self righteous attitude and approach to the move that screwed him over, he made it seem like he was the guy who could get it done and made those on the other side of the house feel unworthy of his conversations, he made promises he couldn’t keep by not discussing things with his group and making sure they covered all bases, he relied on himself and no harm in doing so but thats how he should have kept it smooth with his group by telling them

  12. Question Matthew or Branden? Was last night’s eviction night BBN posts the most that’s ever been posted the first week in BB history, or not that you can recall? It was up to well over 600 on my end, not counting the FB posts.

    • Not quite. I see the posts count for the HoH Comp at 909 and the show thread at 321.

      The record that I remember is in the 1300+. Happened a few time over the year, last time I do remember it was that high was 2 years ago. When I have the time, I’ll go check.

    • There, just a quick look and found one right away. Sept 25, 2015, finale show of BB17 that Liz Nolan won, we had 1656 comments in a single thread.

  13. Paul’s not very strategic. He has a good social game (overboard for my personal tastes), but his thinking for the nomination process is a train wreck!

    Why in the world would you put up two players from YOUR SIDE? Cody still may get picked to play veto, he could win. Or Alex could get picked and win and keep the nominations the same.

    His original plan was a disaster! And he exposed himself to the group that in his mind, people on his side are expendable.

    To his credit (unlike Cody) he shared his plans and he changed his mind. But still he planted doubt about himself to several people (at least Matt, Raven, Mark, Kevin). Terrible play by Paul. Stupid!

    His “new” plan is better, but not by much. I like pulling Alex in, but frankly, how sold is she about this plan? What else can she say or do but be a good trooper?

    Nominating Josh is a giant problem! He is the ONE person in the house that MAY get voted out instead of Cody! No one knows what he’ll do from one minute to the next. He COULD blow up! On top of that, if Paul had treated the kid right and not put him up, Josh (with a little coaching) may calm down and could have been a loyal soldier and a vote for Paul for the foreseeable future.

    Neither Alex or Josh is a target for Paul. Paul needs to have one of his targets on the block at the start of the process.

    The HOH should always have a main target (Cody) a secondary target (Jessica) and really a third target (?Jason?) because this is Big Brother and your plans could get ruined (see previous week).

    None of those people are getting nominated (at least at this point). Very, very, stupid on Paul’s part.

    If Cody, Jessica or Jason win the POV NONE of Paul’s targets are going home. Which means Paul wasted his HOH!

    Jessica NEEDS to be one of his nominations. Personally I would have put up Jessica and Jason, but I could also make the argument that Paul doesn’t want to burn any bridges with Jason just yet, so Alex is an acceptable play and Paul did try to sooth things over with Alex.

    Bottom line, nominating Josh could turn into a disaster for Paul’s HOH, it’s already not off to a good start.

    • When he suggested putting up his own allies, he wasn’t thinking alliance, just himself and what’s good for his game. That would be the same mistake as Cody’s was.

      • Absolutely!

        Which is why even though he changed his plan, he still planted doubt about himself with several of the other players.

        Remember the point about how you make other people FEEL? Well how does Matt and Raven (and Mark and Kevin apparently) feel about Paul after hearing that he may nominate them?

        Remember, the feeling will last longer than the actions.

        It may not bite him right away, but Paul just made a major mistake and I believe it will cost him down the road . All because he let his ego take charge of his brain.

      • Did who agree to what?

        If you’re asking about Paul’s original nomination plan, it would seem that no one agreed because Paul was pressured to change it.

        Of course nothing is set in stone yet, but as I said Paul made a bad move by even mentioning that he was think about nominating Matt and Raven.

      • I remember that now. He doesn’t know exactly how to BD someone. He’s like a brainstormer first before he figures out what’s best for him as well as others (if he’d just be silent for a while to think things through).

      • I agree but I was thinking he was going to say he was going after showmances. I don’t like Paul and glad he messed up.

      • I think there’s still time and a chance for Paul to repair his relations after considering nominating his own alliance members. I mean, these guys are here right after abandoning Cody, who didn’t ask for feedback and created this sense where he reigned supreme over the rest of them, so I think they’ll be more inclined to see where Paul is better than Cody and be more willing to work with him in the long run. If Paul starts behaving more erratically or in an authoritarian manner, though, he’s going to be compared to Cody, and at that point it’s too late for him. But if Paul continues working with them instead of above them, chances are he’ll be fine.

      • I agree with your assessment, to a point.

        Paul can repair some of the damage. He did ask and didn’t tell them that this is what is going to happen. But, think about this, if YOU were in the game and one of your allies mentioned that maybe YOU should go on the block, wouldn’t that be in the back of your mind, no matter what else happened?

        One of my allies, thought it would be OK for me to be on the block.

        So weeks from now Paul is on the block with Mark, if you’re Matt, doesn’t that fact that Paul at least thought about putting you on the block come into to play in your decision about who to keep?

    • Exactly right. It’s way too early in the game to nominate even one of your allies, much less two. Nominate two people you wouldn’t mind seeing leave. That leaves Cody, Jessica, Ramses, Alex(?), and Jason(?). It’s too big of a risk to possibly lose one of your close allies when it isn’t necessary at all. If he nominates Jessica and Cody straight up, there is a very good chance one of them is gone, even with the temptations. If he nominates Matt and Raven, there are plenty of people who could win the veto and have no reason to use it.

  14. Why do these people get HoH and then think that they have to make the big play? His ‘allies’ have given him a good plan, nom Alex and Jason yet now Paul is changing things up on the fly and letting pretty well everyone in the house in on it. You know he’s going to keep changing his plan over and over until the nom ceremony. Settle down Paul, please

    • That’s what Paulie did all the time. Paul just wants to get Cody out, because he doesn’t like how toxic the house is with him still in it. That opinion may change next week of course! I play week to week!!! haha

      • Exactly, he wants to get Cody out. He has a plan, stick to it and be quiet, lol. But of course we’re talking Paul

      • Of course. I really do see Paul playing BB differently, though, this season than last’s.

      • Yeah, he learned a lot last season. He needs a buffer like Victor who could settle him down. I’m hoping Xmas does that for him now.

  15. Re: 11:57 Thank god Matthew was a voice of reason here. This plan was far too risky.

    • Was wondering when someone was going to begin thinking for themselves instead of taking everything Paul said.

      • That was when they were all in the HoH room talking to Paul and him revealing one of his many plans?

      • Yes but more than that. Think that after what happened with Cody, he’s no longer going to follow blindly but will speak up when he feels he needs to. I had high hopes for him prior to the season but once he fell in with Cody I began to have my doubts. He has since started to restore my faith.

      • I agree, was so disappointed when the Cody stuff started. Now things are looking up.

      • He’s gotten to know people a little more than when he first came in the BB house too, so that helped make a bigger difference. I’ve liked Matt from the get go. He just seems like great guy all around! I’m married to a great guy named Matt! LOL

      • I’m with you Joni, a guy who can learn from experience and who knows when to speak up and more importantly stay quiet. And those looks certainly help.

  16. “9:53 PM BBT – Christmas reveals that her foot will take six months to fully heal.”

    She also explain to Paul, that she has 2 toes bones broken and the others are displace. She will go in for surgery on Monday. She said they will put in 2 screws that will be remove in 4 months. She said to Paul and Elena that she expect to be back in the house Monday night.

    • Christmas is a supreme competitor, if that was my foot i would be taking me and my foot home and hoping me and my foot could come back next season after it healed…

    • Not hardly. She’ll be on pain killers which in turn will mess with her rationale.She should just face the realities that she might have to leave BB.

    • I like Xmas and definitely wanted her to stay over Jillian but really her time in the house is limited. Keep her for the numbers to get Cody out but then she should go

    • That is what you get for being active. I have an average step count of 100 a day and have never been in the hospital lol.

  17. I don’t get why Paul wouldn’t nominate Jessica and Alex or Jessica and Josh. I mean, if the veto doesn’t get used then both Cody and Jessica are still in the house…

      • The week after Cody tried to BD Paul? If Paul thinks he’s going to fool Cody, he’s sadly mistaken. Sorry, but Cody may be the “villain” so far this season, but he’s anything but stupid.

      • Go back and re-watch the entire first two episodes. Pay close attention to Cody’s segments. He makes some very astute observations about everyone in the house. On top of that, he would have successfully backdoored Paul had BB not interfered with this season’s twist. Jillian would still be in the house (well, maybe, she was kind of lax on the campaigning). Don’t confuse stupid with bad luck. But he does need an attitude adjustment.

      • Backdooring Paul would have been a solid move. But blindsiding your entire alliance to backdoor one of your allies? Probably the stupidest move I’ve ever seen on this show.

      • Both C & J know they are wearing bull’s eyes. Cody’s might be a little bigger … But Hey! Either departure will do.

    • Either way he is going to get one of them. It doesn’t really matter which they are both just as bad. Maybe with Jessica gone Cody will come down a few pegs.

      • Yea, but without one of them on the block, and if the veto doesn’t get used, it means he’s screwed. Putting one of them on the block now significantly increases his chances of getting one of them out next Thursday.

      • yup and that’s where the over thinking is because they know another twist is coming they just don’t know what it is…he needs to get sent on a pablo hunt and mellow to focused on cody like cody was with him and we all saw how that worked out

      • a pablo hunt, I like that. Have a Paul bag like we used to do on long car trips — a bag filled with things we knew would distract each kid while we were on the road.

      • Never assume anything….we all know what that mean!! Makes an ass out of you and me…C’mon, smarter with these noms. You have to get one of them out. What if they get picked for veto and they win..if neither one of them are won’t get used and you are screwed by possibly having to vote out one on your own.

    • If Cody get to play (Jess could choose him) and win veto he can take Jess off the block and both stay.

      • Yep, but that’s just something you have to deal with. It’s highly unlikely though.

      • Then he should just put both of them up there. Of course, if Ramses uses his curse, it could screw it all up, but I think Ramses would be safer using it this week than next.

  18. they are forgetting the ring of replacement in all their planning, probably cause they don’t know of it yet, but anyone could replace cody in the veto comp, i say put both jess and cody up let the chips fall where they may and get the other one out the following week

  19. I think they are setting it up for Paul to make f2 again. It is a game show. They just can’t make the others vote that way. Question for any and all…. Who do you think will lose it first Cody or Josh? I’m going for Josh

    • josh for sure, cody is ex military he is conditioned not to lose his cookies…

    • Whoever the “mental” guy that was in charge of this bunch before they went in the house did not go a very good job of analyzing!! Wow! Crybabies, self-evicters, possibly more self-evicters!!

  20. Paul is overthinking this one, just put up cody and Jessica and send 1 of them home. this one should be an easy week, don’t make it harder than it has to be

  21. Agree Cody and Jessica are nasty and want to see them go, and Paul is playing way too hard and his “plan” was awful unless he wanted Matt as a back-up target. But I am most curious about Kevin. His lies look so effortless. He has been playing like he’s clueless about the game but went back and watched his interview with Jeff. I would not be surprised if he were a big fan and just trying to look useless to stay under the radar.

    • Ahahahaha…thank you Captain for this treasure find. Priceless…and exactly what I said too!

    • HA, I almost spit my coffee all over my monitor when I read about her complaining about personal attacks AND being threatened. She was the one all up in Christmas face pointing her finger about a centimeter from her forehead

  22. Shocked no one is talking about the ring of replacement. If someone on Paul’s side wins even if Cody is picked they will be able to use it so he cant compete and avoid a backdoor. Cody’s chances are imploding. He hated Pauls temptation now this one could send him packing. Anyone know when this gets revealed?

    • While this is a good point, the Ring of Replacement doesn’t need to be used this week. It can be used anytime. And if I’m one of Paul’s allies, I’m not wasting it to make sure Cody doesn’t play this week. I’m saving it for when I need it to save myself or a close ally.

  23. This is why I hate showmances. They rule the roost but as soon as there dethrowned they don’t know how to act. Cody and Jessica are bullies.

  24. The Ring of Replacement should make this week fun. Lady time I checked any of the polls, Alex and Christmas were practically tied for first when fans were asked who should get the temptation. Is this still the case?

  25. Ha! I just read in the feeds blog at 2am paul asked josh to call cody a pussy before and during the veto game if cody is picked! Lol paul is gettin dirty! Lol omg Cody will flip out. Lol

    • I don’t like Paul using Josh. He’s not the most stable person so why take advantage of that? Paul is in the driver’s seat this week, he doesn’t need to stoop that low

      • You’re right. I feel some kind of way about that too. Thats pretty bad, i shouldn’t have laughed. I pictured cody’s face before I thought about Josh.

      • I get ya, I know the thought of Cody getting slammed is enticing, but so far actions have done more to wipe that smug smirk off his face than words.

      • True. That’s not called for. I hope Paul doesnt mention that again. It wld be different if he and josh were tight like he and Vic. Josh clearly has emotional issues. Thats a terrible idea.

  26. I wish they would have left all vets at home on the couch. Give Paul the check. This group has Paul on a pedestal. He is the new BB18 Cody- just less aggressive

  27. I don’t want to listen to Jessica whining, she made her choices including deciding to make things personal. I hate Paul’s plan. Nominate who you want out so you get at least 1. Otherwise, if someone else wins POV they might not play it. Seems to me to be common sense.

  28. Also Paul clearly hasn’t learned from his last year’s HOHs/
    1st HOH should’ve put a pawn up against Bridgette
    3rd HOH should’ve evicted Nicole instead of James

    Here he’s putting two people he’s aligned with (Matt and Raven) to backdoor his arch rival (Cody). This is too risky.


      • 1. Easy with the caps locks I think you’re gonna have a heart attack
        2. Your proof that its fixed?
        3. I agree that he wasn’t the best choice to come back.
        4. America likes him because he doesn’t hide his personality and shows who he is and he does have funny and endearing moments.
        5. Funny, people said that about Jason Roy from OTT. And yet he didn’t win….

      • sorry didn’t mean to go under your post/ trying to join in discussion, but went under you by mistake/lol What is OTT?

  29. Curious, with Paul’s letter from his mom…… Was it possibly nothing about his animals but really about people in the house??? Example: talking about the cat that is eating something like everything or from everyone. That could mean ” Watch your back because someone in your alliance is playing both sides!?”
    Just a thought…

  30. I do always respect the HOH that does not back door a player but instead nominates them and says I’m giving you a chance to fight for your game. Just Sayin

  31. I’m squarely in the pro-Paul camp. With yet another cast heavy with verbally abusive, physically aggressive men, guys with ripped bodies and soft heads, stereotypically misogynistic cave dwellers, and a few freaks and geeks for good measure; and women straight out of central casting: the whiners, the Barbie dolls, the bitches, the smart pretending to be stupid, the floaters and the irrational. Generally there are at least a couple of house guests who are interesting, or who seem like they could be contenders to make it to mid season. BB 19’s original cast was void of anyone for whom to root. Enter Paul, who should have won last season, and is honest with his game play. He wants to win, that’s why he came back, and he’s not at all shy about saying it. He’ll do what it takes, whenever and wherever necessary. He’s a polarizing figure, but he doesn’t pretend to love everyone.

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