‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Final HoH Round 1 Results

Big Brother HoH competition

Big Brother 19 spoilers for the Final HoH endurance competition arrived for the Final 3 HGs and it’s time to find out who won the first round tonight. That HG will have a seat in R3, or rather a spot to stand on during the finale’s giant scales of Big Brother justice.

The losers in this round will face off in the second round of the comps later this weekend and with a one-legged HG in the mix we can probably guess how this will all go. Then again, despite earlier suggestions that they wouldn’t accommodate her injury, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t to avoid a flop of a round here.

So who won the first round of the Final Big Brother HoH comps? Read on for the spoilers & details.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Final HoH – Round 1:

  • Paul won Round 1
  • Josh & Christmas will compete in Round 2
  • Paul will face off against R2 winner in Round 3

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Feeds came back at 12:25 AM BBT so they were down for about 5.5 hours after the final live eviction show ended. Long comp, right? Nope. HGs mentioned it only lasted about an hour, so they must have done the memory lane taping before the competition and that was cause of the extended delay.

Well I’m not shocked that Paul won. But I was surprised that Christmas got to play and she didn’t come in last. Turns out she had to be advised on how she was allowed to land when she dropped. Josh was the first to drop and didn’t last long while Christmas got second. That means those two will face off in Round 2. We’ll get that competition on Saturday based on past seasons and HGs comments tonight.

Once again this season we were denied the chance to watch the endurance competition on the Feeds and that was a crushing blow to the show’s hardcore fans who have for more than a decade watched this critical competition. Last year was the first time I recall such a shutout and they repeated the punishment for the fans again this season. One of their worst decisions of the season (but they’ve had worse).

There are no more nominations or Veto comps. We’re down to the last rounds of battle for the season’s Final HoH. We’ll be awaiting Round 2’s results later this weekend and you’ll get those results from us as soon as it happens. Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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  1. Really hate we couldn’t watch this comp. It sounds like it would of been a fun one to see based on how they are describing it. Not surprised Paul won part 1 so now he’s just 1 comp away from winning Big Brother since I’m pretty sure he will have plenty of jury votes.

      • Most likely unless Christmas pulls a surprise. I’m going to be so nervous on Wednesday. I hope Paul finishes the deal and takes the season.

      • 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e712e682f39ffeb0c1a166546261ae953cee3a10e68303477db46320be92fb7.jpg

      • Paul seems to be the pre-determined winner, so your hope will likely come true. I on the other hand would like to see Josh pull out a surprise win. I don’t like the big meatball, but I’d like to finally see the “Unexpected” CBS has been promising all season.

      • can’t stand Josh and his attitude and loud mouth! Paul played the game great and he should win hook line and sinker! Hope Christmas beats Josh in 2nd part!

      • I hope josh wins and takes Christmas to F2. The little napoleon complex bully would get what he deserves and big brother will have failed in their manipulation to help Paul win. Christmas get a life your interesting boyfriend lives in his parents basement and rides around on his skateboard with teenagers.

      • They’re not bright, because they’d vote for the guy who orchestrated all of their evictions, the only one who’s actually playing the game?

      • Idiots seem to think that this is some sort of summer camp, where you just sit around, sing Kumbaya and make friends….I don’t think half the people on this site get how Big Brother works or how you go about winning it….

    • After listening last night to those in the jury it doesn’t sound like Paul has many votes to win. We have seen over time jury members come around and choose who they thought “played” the game as the winner. Right now Jason and Alex are bitter towards Paul and if they voted last night, Paul may not have received their votes. I think Matt and airhead Raven would vote for Paul to win. Mark and Elana, not so sure if they would vote for Paul. If Paul makes final two, I still don’t see him winning in a landslide.

      • I don’t think you understand how the jury generally works…They can be pissed off all they want and by finale night 90% of them will vote for Paul. Because unlike a lot of the mental midgets on this site, they deep down know its an actual game and Paul is about the only one who actually played a game the entire summer….You don’t have to like how he played the game but its not Summer friendship camp, your not sitting holding hands talking about your feelings….He wins period against Christmas or Josh, hell there is literally NOBODY who could actually beat him. He got a 1 legged woman to win a sprinting competition. The only people who might have come close and still lost would have been Alex or Jason

      • I understand how the jury works. My point was when Alex and Jason arrived in the jury house, they were clearly pissed at Paul. Over time, jury members tend to calm down a bit and vote for who they thought “played” the game. Even though many don’t like Paul, I think he played a thought out, calculated game. I have no problem with that. He did it so well the likes of Alex and Jason went along with it. Says more about them than Paul.

    • Wouldn’t it be funny if Josh wins part 2 and part 3 against Paul. Then says to Paul I can’t beat you so I have to evict you. Love it. Now that would be a perfect ending to a not so perfect season.

  2. I find it that someone that competed in just a couple of comps all season finds herself in the final 3…..makes no sense

      • The sad part is how many rocket geniuses seem to think Kevin who did nothing but spin his tales of the street. Or the guy with no personality, should win because who got the same awards in the military I and everyone else who was deployed and didn’t get kicked out got, and refuses to participate in something he signed up for LMFAO yeah good military values there….

      • Pretty sure that post was meant sarcastically (hence the “lol”). Then again maybe yours was too. More proof that we need a universally recognized sarcasm font.

      • Most underrated part of the whole episode (of the whole season?) was Mark asking her why her comic wasn’t “The Puppet Master”. HILARIOUS!

    • My thoughts exactly!! No more BB for this girl. Paul and the no Brainers finished me for sure!

  3. That’s it Paul, keep trying to make a catch phrase, seeing as all your other attempts are so lame.

  4. Pauls gonna win 500g’s and all he he had to do was come in 2nd to a vet, then come back and win the worst season ever.

    • Mostly due to the fact that the WHOLE season was predetermined for him to be the Winner from the day he walked back into the BB House! The problem is that it was so freaking Obvious, Predictable, Boring, & Lame!!!

      If Paul does not walk out of the BB House next Thursday as the winner of BB 19, that will be the Biggest Surprise of the Season!

      • Yeah you should totally stop watching…Your conspiracy garbage is leaking through your tin foil hat…The Big Brother Illuminati are probably watching you…

    • This is the expect the expected season as this is the trend for the show with one dominator that fools everyone in the house … not the ones that watch on TV ;-)

  5. The people have nobody to blame but themselves. All of them but Jason and Kevin knew who Paul was and the kind of person he is. I’m not a fan of Cody’s. But, atleast when he didn’t like someone, he had no issue saying it to their face. I still don’t know what to think of him. I’m sure he is a different person in the house instead of in real life.

    • The first people out were the most intelligent/better players this season….hence, they became Paul’s targets. I don’t want any of the final three to get the $$….

      • There were no ‘intelligent/better’ players this season. Cody and Josh are the only two who might fit that, and that’s reaching. They’re the only two to see Paul for what he was.

      • That’s not true at all becsuse Jessica, and Cody were the first ones to see who Paul really was, don’t forget about Jessica, she was smart af. This season was so pathetic to watch because all of the hg’s were all Paul’s minions, with the exception of Cody, and Jessica.

    • Telling someone to their face that you don’t like them is cruel, imo, not an admirable trait. But yeah, Cody is likely different outside of the house.

      • It’s better than pretending to have a friendship with somebody, and talking crap about them behind their back.

    • You mean Kevin who will vote for Paul and Jason who will probably also vote for Paul because he is the only one who actually played the game the whole season…Yet somehow geniuses think its Paul’s fault that everyone was too stupid to get rid of the guy who just played and came in 2nd….

    • They are all as messed up as a tray full of soup sandwiches,
      But that is just my opinion 😸
      Think that they are going to at least play to win now
      So maybe we will get us a show 😬😬😬😬😬

  6. Well the idiot bully is going to win. Surprise surprise. This game was rigged right from the start.

  7. I am not sure if Christmas or Josh can beat Paul in the final comp. He managed to always be in the room when people were talking it seemed like so he should know the jury pretty well.

    • Something tells me he’s going to throw it to keep the blood off of his hands in choosing….but little does he know Josh won’t take him!

  8. I’m so sick of everyone being so nasty about Paul…right up front he told people it is a GAME. He told them he could get them to the end, but they would have to turn on each other at the end…he never lied about that. Has he said and done some stuff that wasn’t the greatest…yes. But, he is actually playing the game, you do anything to get to the end…again, it is a game. You can’t go in there being a nice, sweet, ethical person…it’s a game, you will not get anywhere…money is involved. Look at the ones in Jury, they didn’t play as hard, Paul didn’t use hypnoses them, they followed at their own will. They thought, and some have said they used him, as he used them…again, that’s the game. Survivor is the same way…people are trying to win a lot of money, and they will do anything. Paul deserves the win, no matter how he played…HE PLAYED, he’s obviously not an idiot, to have gotten this far…for a second year in a row!

    • It was a game when he made moves but he took it very personal and made it very personal when someone was making moves on him…

      • Yeah ummmm NO and your delusional if you think he took it to a personal level with anyone in that house….Maybe not even delusional, you might be autistic. He’s been mostly straight forward with everyone aside from letting each group again GROUP believe he was with them, which ANY halfway intelligent person would do because 1 person can easily get tossed out by 2

    • Agree… to a point. Paul did play the best game and played the hardest and based on that he deserves to win. There’s no argument against that. But as masterful as he believes his jury management was with lies in his goodbye messages, I believe it could bite him. For example, I think a tough competitor like Alex and Jason would respect his moves after taking some time away to reflect. It would probably help him more if he had at least owned it. But even in his goodbye messages he continued to lie. That could cause a bitter jury and that is based on something he actively chose to do. Social game is part of the overall picture and I’m not sure he played it as well as he could have.

      • I agree with that, I think he’s trying to over compensate for last years loss. I don’t agree with a lot of things he said and did, but game wise he played and deserves it. In my opinion.

      • Exactly, he threw Christmas under the bus with his speech to Kevin. I give points to Josh for telling the truth (and revealing Paul’s plan) during his speech.

      • Totally agree! I did not enjoy watching his game, but he worked his butt off, owned the house and if he wins the votes, he’s a deserving winner.

        BUT lying to people in exit vids is stupid. Part of his great gameplay was keeping people from talking to each other. Can’t do that with the jury. He’s vulnerable to a bitter vote and doing a bad job of protecting himself from it. If it bites him in the butt, he earned the loss.

    • So you’ll do anything to win if money is involved? Lol forget morals, ethics, etc. Wow. If it’s just a game why did he get so personal with his attacks. U can’t compare Survivor because since I’ve been watching I’ve never seen them vote the dirtiest, meanest player that bullied everyone. Paul made this season boring. Last year he was more deserving of the money this year I don’t see it. I wouldn’t do anything and everything for money, game or not they are all human, there is a line people shouldn’t cross just to win money and he crossed it multiple times with many of the house guests.

      • I wouldn’t personally do anything for money…that’s why I wouldn’t do the show….But, some people would, that’s why they choose to do Reality/Competitive shows for money, look they played the game. The others are all getting paid to live in a house with strangers, so nobody loses, really. Paid vacation, stressful, but paid. I love this show and Survivor…but, I could never do it physically or mentally/ethically. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad or rigged show. Some people are really judgemental. I’ve said, I don’t agree with all Paul has said and done, but he did play the game. I don’t want to start a verbal fight, it’s just my opinion. Thanks for letting me speak it.

    • Perhaps people need to go back and watch previous seasons. People continue with their “holier than thou” attitude every year. If you think this is the worst season well join the crew who think every year is the worst year. You might not like Paul, you might not like how he played but he did “play”. No one else did. Again I point out the reason the public doesn’t get to vote anymore is exactly what gets posted here. Many times people I don’t like win but if they were able to stay under the radar, if they were loud (Evil Dick who I consider despicable) or whether they got others to do their dirty work (Derrick). If they were honest outright about lying (Dr Will) and still got away with the manipulation and lies…well they played and deserved to win. It’s a game….if you go in there thinking you are going to play without manipulation or lying….don’t bother. This group of people had plenty of opportunity to get Paul out (Cody actually told them over and over again). I feel no sympathy for Cody….he is an ignorant man and if he had played a better game I think he could have won. He lied as well and manipulated people but he blew up his own game. Paul may be a low life in many ways but he deserves to win the “game”.

      • I’ve watched since Season one – (except OTT) and this WAS absolutely the worst one. Evel Dick did not compare with the crap going down this season. The fact that you don’t realize that Cody was smart in trying to target Paul (until Production stepped in with the three weeks of safety) shows how biased you are towards the bullies. This was not just telling lies. This was personal. Rape jokes; demeaning people’s military past; trying to get people to self evict. I’ve been watching since the beginning and this was the absolute worst group of people.

      • None of anything you claim actually happened LMFAO….Wow your so delusional and pathetic that you have nothing better to do then make things up in your mind to fulfill your little hate fantasy LMFAO

    • The problem with Paul is he crossed the line multiple times and was too cowardly to do the dirty deed himself! I do not see how anyone can give Paul a pass but, a lot of his fans do! Sure, he played the game and had the minions under his full control but, the bullying, harassing, trying to incite a house guest to violence so that, they get tossed from the game crosses that line of decency, fair play vs the end justify the means of Machiavelli! I did not like Paul last season but, atleast, he did not act like a jerkoff he is acting this 2nd time out! It is totally unnecessary and he is already winning. How the hell can Paul fans excuse his very abhorrent behavior?

      • By remembering that Janelle used Adam Poch to get Willie Hantz thrown out the very same way during Season 14. Nothing really new under the sun in the BB house…

      • It wasn’t Adam, it was the cook from Kentucky, and I thought that was wrong too, especially when the guy butted heads with him he should have been kicked out too

      • Thank you. I’ve gone back in and made the appropriate editing to reflect your correct information.

        That scene was a disgrace. And not just on account of Willie…

      • It was every bit as ugly, close and disgraceful as to what Paul’s been doing. Only difference was that it was headed up by fan favorite Janelle.

      • Two wrongs do not make a right! It still wrong on all counts and it is like saying but, the other kids jumped over the cliff! So, would you jump over the cliff too? Sorry, encouraging violence should not be condoned. If someone encourage someone else to punch you in the face and they did, would that be okay with you?

      • Then that’s up to Production to stop encouraging, gleefully encouraging for ratings at that, to put an end to it. Production sets the rules. Production sets the tone. They pen these people up into a powder keg of a house and tell them, hey, whatever it takes for half a million bucks. They never set any parameters outside of keeping your hands to yourself. Everything else is fine. People used to come to blows over thirty dollar Cabbage Patch Babies… this is half a million. It’s on Production. It’s their circus, their show, their parameters.

      • I think a lot of what is done is wrong on all levels…I certainly wouldn’t do any of it…here on the outside world…and maybe these people don’t either. But, you are locked in a house for months, with no tv, music(other than wake up and HOH), no books (just the Bible) absolutely no connection with the outside world…except these strangers with their lofty stories some true, some not (Raven) and the lying starts, then the horseplay and it goes on. Do things get out of hand, yes, some of it is strategy (too some) others it’s an annoyance. Is Paul my favorite, yes, he has played a hell of a game…do I agree with all he has said and done…no. But, yes others in past seasons have done the same or worse…does it make it right? NO, some people will do anything in that situation to win that money. Me personally, I wouldn’t do a game show…that’s just me. Paul was always up front in telling everyone step by step, that he could get them to the end and then they would have to turn on each other….he didn’t drug them to follow him. OK, I’ve lost my train of thought…I started this an hour ago…lol, babies an animals keep me busy. I just leave this here if you can make any sense out of it…good luck. Lol, have a great day everyone!

      • Viewers do not realize how truly isolated from the world the HGs are . part of them realizes that there are cameras and a world out there but it is not useful information for their daily activities . They all started saying they wanted to win against a good competitor … Then ,
        They put people on the block because they were good competitors ???? What is up with that !

      • Adam Poch was in season 13 not 14. Second, it was Chef Joe Willie Hantz headbutted and the only thing Janelle had to do with it was she was arguing with Willie too, as was Mike Boogie, Frank and a few others throughout that week.

      • Thank you. I’m going to go back in and edit it with your correct information. Perhaps go to Adam’s thread and beg his forgiveness…

        But I’m going to have to stick with Janelle and her gleeful encouragement of the chef to provoke Willie into taking the swing. You’re correct that he HAD been arguing with multiple people all week. But it was Janelle that kept egging it on and egging it on. When Chef Joe asked her, as his coach and supposedly saner mind, if he ought to provoke Willie into the swing her response was a gleeful chant of, “do it, do it, do it”. It wasn’t any more attractive coming from her then it was coming from Paul.

    • I agree with you Patti on everything you said. Put anyone in there for that amount of money and you play the game or go sit in jury. Paul was playing hard every day all day while some played ” I want to bone my new gal” then when we feel like it come back and be brought back into the game . Paul came to play!!

    • He’s a bully that Production loved. He isn’t nice. This isn’t Big Brother gameplay. Even Evel Dick (who was possibly the meanest houseguest previous) didn’t like his “game play”. The game was rigged

      • But Evel Dick is a hypocrite, bitching about production twists helping Paul win, but won his own season due to production twists. Don’t get me wrong, I like ED, but I think alot of his attitude towards the recent BB seasons are sour grapes because he doesn’t get to show up on the show anymore

      • Oh, I’ve seen plenty of bullying, nastiness and much more over the years…including Evil Dick…it is, unfortunately some game play for some current and former house guests…it doesn’t make it right, but that is what they do.

    • I totally agree. Everyone is so pissed at Paul for playing the game well. Bad tactics along the way.. of course there were.. but. I say.. Suck it up buttercups..Welcome to Big Brother!

  9. If the third leg of the HOH is the Scales of Just Us, then hopefully Christmas or Josh had a better read on the houseguests than Paul did.

  10. Here is my proposition … bring Paul back every season from now on until someone catches on his bs and he gets evicted

  11. Raven is a special kind of stupid, Mark was trying to explain that she was not in Paul’s end game plans or she would not be sitting in jury WITH Matt. But she just didn’t get it. She doesn’t think Paul betrayed her but she thinks the rest of the house betrayed Paul. Oh Raven…Mensa…I think not!!!!

    • Wow, that’s harsh…my life is going very well. We don’t know these people personally, we may agree and disagree about the things that are said and done (and believe me, I disagree with a lot of what Paul said and did…but he played the better game). Wow! Don’t watch anymore…he’s PLAYED the GAME, it’s a GAME!

      • When part of your game strategy is to get a mentally handicapped man to trigger a combat veteran’s PTSD, it’s no longer just a game. Paul is human garbage.

      • I said,I didn’t agree with all Paul said and the things he did. Cody, was no angel either…PTSD aside. I know what PTSD is about, as my 12 yr old daughter and I, each have severe PTSD.

      • How condescending of you to ‘diagnose’ people you don’t know as mentally handicapped or having PTSD. Both of those terms are thrown around too easily these days. You talk about Paul being human garbage, you don’t present yourself in too good a light either

      • It is a game. And Paul played it. Its almost as if, he played it too well. Everything went his way and he took very little risks. It was boring, and I would rather see anyone win rather than him ; )

    • I hate Paul, but it is just a fake reality game show. Our lives continue regardless of who wins and loses. I don’t remember the last time someone I rooted for won this game. I go back to reality once it is over.

      • In some ways it is only a game. In other ways, it gets to the root of human nature. If someone wonders how someone like Charlie Manson can get a group of upper middle class homecoming princesses to do horrible things, all they have to do is watch the youtube videos of Paul directing his minions to bully and shun Cody into either self evicting or being removed from the game for reacting physically to the bullying.

    • That’s a little harsh. I’m not a Paul fan, but man… brutal. You put anybody in a fish bowl for three months like that and they’re bound to say and do something stupid. I consider myself to be a pretty nice guy but I’m sure I’d say or do at least a few things I’d regret. He might be an annoying little gnome, but if somebody is a fan that doesn’t make them a bad person.

    • I wish anyone not rooting for Paul would stop watching as many claim they will do. He played the best game and the 2nd most dominant season in BB history. Anyone not rooting for him is not a real fan of the game.

    • It’s people that’s whining excessively about a stupid game show that needs a lot of luck in life.

      • Seriously it is a game that everyone agreed to play. A game that I don’t think the people complaining have ever watched before/understand.

  12. CBS does more and more every year to make people wonder why they buy the live feeds. Whenever anything interesting happens we get fish, or rescue animals now and it would be nice if CBS could be sued for breach of contract, they do advertise “all day, every day”, but I guess I should be happy I can go back and watch full episodes of Salvation.

  13. Call it what you will, but why would they let us watch live a rigged competition. Not shocking at all that Paul won and unless it is given to Josh, Paul will get it again.

  14. Last night, Cody was all of us watching this season. I had been on the fence about him for AFP, but his reactions last night when he saw the videos were the exact same ones I had watching them live. Kevin would also be a good one, but the combination of Cody non-verbally communicating how dumb everyone was this season, combined with Gru Paul and his minion’s reactions when Cody wins put him over the top.

    • When Cody didn’t want to discuss the game, it’s hard to blame him. He doesn’t feel like getting into another argument with people that have their thumbs up Paul’s a$$. “Most” of those people probably are good people outside of the game, but they have been completely brainwashed inside the game.

      • By “fans” I assume you mean people who are actually a fan of the show and respect good game play. As a Paul “fan” I like Cody. He is the only person Paul’s manipulation didn’t work on.

      • I really have had a hard time calling myself a “fan” of any particular player this year. But I am a fan of the game and I certainly respect Paul and Cody and their fight to win the game. Aside from maybe Jessica, and Jason nobody else in that house was truly playing to win. I thought Alex was until she fully fell under Paul’s spell.

      • I respect Cody for that. I don’t like him though, he’s a pretentious twat. I guarantee you the rest of the Marines he served with hated his guts.

    • He talked about eating/killing puppies. He talked about ruining Josh’s life by calling him a sexual predator once they’re out of the house. He made transphobic comments. And many, many other horrible, bullying, nasty things. So, yeah, take your love for that vile man and shove it. You’re just as pathetic as he is.

      • Slow down Josh! Instead of upvoting your own comments, why don’t you take a breath and tell me who you will vote for? Jeeze.

    • I was looking back at all the pictures of people from BB1 forward… they sure do cast differently now.

      • Without a doubt! They really cast certain “roles” in the house over the past few seasons and shoot for particular stereotypes. It seemed like it was a better and more genuine game back when it was just a random assembly of people. Blast me for speaking of stereotypes now, but every time they announce the new players I’m always looking to figure out who is the token gay guy, plastic surgery created Barbie doll, house mom/dad, jock, bodybuilder, etc, etc, etc.

  15. At the end of the day, love Paul or hate Paul he came in with a mission to win. From the beginning many other House Guests said they were there for fame, experience, to make it to Jury or all of them. Josh woke up two weeks ago? Alex said multiple times she wants fame…then woke up when Jason left and it was well too late. Broken foot Christmas should IMO left week 1 as she can’t effectively play the game. Kevin was just there as were many other players. Paul played the game, stated from his entrance that’s what he was there for. I desire CBS to openly cast players from open casting sessions not trolling bars looking for House Guests. Not seeing or hearing about people on the internet but raw casting. I’ll be interested in knowing the out come, will Paul take Josh the mental emotional idiot or Christmas the insecure broken footed hottie.

    • He came in knowing how to play the game, learning from his mistakes last year, knowing he would be safe from 4 evictions, having played almost all of the competitions previously….etc. huge advantage over everyone. He absolutely came to win, why else would you come back a second time.

      • Friendship bracelets for everyone and 3 weeks of safety. Playing against people who have never even watched the show (Kevin, Jason) and Matt who only watched one season. Playing comps that he has played before. Whole season is a joke. Paul deserved to win last season but not this one.

      • Actually, Cody, Jessica, Alex, Ramses, Cameron, Josh, and many others all stated at some point that they have watched several seasons of the show and were huge fans if not super fans. Only Jason and Kevin said that they hadn’t watched the show before.

    • Cody came in trying to win, also. So did Mark, Jessica, Elena, Alex – etc……But the deck was stacked against them with Paul’s safety. Raven and Matt were just happy to make out.

      • The safety is way overrated. Dan received safety in 14 and no one was complaining then. It is that people personally don’t like Paul. Nothing to do with game play.

      • Jessica tried… for about 1 competition until she found Cody’s d*ck. Same with Mark and Elena. Alex is on record as wanting fame, regardless of the outcome.

    • The people that go there for fame are hilarious. As Andy from 15 said you win the show and people care for like a week then everyone forgets you and you go back to your normal life.

  16. Couldn’t help shake my head watching the TV episode, that Kevin didn’t even ASK Paul to take him off the block if he believed it was to be him, Paul and Christmas. It almost looked like he was using BB to get away from his family for the summer. I also wonder if her would’ve played a different game, if he hadn’t won the $25,000 so early. A $33000+ paid summer vacation is not too shabby.

    • I think Kevin knew he was playing this game with people half his age, people that still lived at home. He wasn’t going to be able to talk them into anything. They are young, immature, and stupid……

    • Yeah so how much money do they get just for playing? I heard Kevin one day on livefeeds doing his estimate and couldn’t figure it out. I know he got $25Gs the swinging comp. But do they get $1000 a week for everyweek they are in the jury house. Or just get the $ for going. I turned my Mom on this season and shes asking all this stuff and I’m like πŸ™„

      • I believe it used to be 750 a week it may be more now. By law they are required to pay them for each week they are on the show (including jury house time), but I don’t know the exact amount.

  17. Every vote, every conversation, every comp, every turn in the game seems to go Pauls way. Hopefully Josh changes that soon. At least make the man sweat a little bit!

    • That isn’t a coincidence.

      Once every player in the house dedicated their entire game to Paul and Paul’s game, he had the benefit of choosing the least competitive and least influential players in the game every step of the way.

      Honestly, though, Paul does deserve much credit for being a dedicated shepherd to his flock. He didn’t let any of them get even close to wandering off the reservation.

      • You have a typo in your post. You said “had the benefit of choosing” you meant “had the good strategy of choosing”.

      • True. I have read comments where Paul is walking around trying to remember small details and info at all hours while everyone else ate, slept or did nothing. Paul Never stopped playing. I do wish he had better competition or a true rival.

  18. Let me get this straight! So Paul wins R1 and will compete against the winner of R2 in R3. What if Josh beats him in R3? Will he then get to choose who he takes with him or will he have to take Paul?

      • Go Josh, then! I really don’t care if Paul does end up in F2…it would just be more entertaining to see Josh cut Paul and take Christmas is all! LOL

      • Yup, that’s what I would like. I think Xmas would take Josh too. Yes, she’s up Paul’s azz but once she got that close to $500k she would detach herself pretty quickly

      • I’m not so sure about that. I hope she doesn’t win R2, so she’ll never get the opportunity to choose at all! LOLOL

      • You would think so right? But with these HG, nothing they do surprises me anymore. I mean look at Raven last night, just when I thought she could not get any more delusional, she pops in with she was mini-puppeteer! LMAO! I think BB raided mental health asylums across the country for this season’s cast! hehe

      • Mornin T. I loved that jury segment last night.
        There’s a big difference between Raven and Xmas though. Xmas is a pretty cold b**ch and if she had to make a $450k decision, she’ d go for the $500k over $50k. She knows she can’t beat the gnome, she thinks she can beat the meatball. No way she gives up the chance for half a mill, she’d probably boot out her mother for that, lol

      • LMAO! I can not argue with you there, sis! Xmas is indeed a cold one. When she said she’ll “murder families if you f**ck her over” I seriously got a chill from how crazy her eyes looked. Creepy Christmas…

      • The three memorable eyes of BB19 —

        dead eyed Cody,
        creepy family murdering eyes of Xmas,
        I’ve seen the devil eyes of Josh,


      • Now that would put a cherry on this bitter sundae of a season! hahaha
        I am not holding my breath however, coz I might just explode like the little blueberry girl in Willie Wonka! haha

      • Josh’s only winning move is to eliminate Paul. If Christmas wins and takes Josh, she wins. If Paul wins and takes Josh, Paul wins. If Josh wins and takes Paul, Paul wins. I think meathead has actually figured this out.

      • If they are giving him answers to questions in the DR that would illegal and Allison would go to prison. Not happening.

      • You’re talking to a Paul hater. No offense Lanza (you know I have fun debating you)… I just wanted to let ABC know where you stand, lol.

      • I know that. It is pretty obvious. I am surprised that the moderator is not banning these comments though. The BB is rigged comments that have been going on since BB started are really bad to have on here since you are (falsely) accusing production of some pretty serious crimes.

    • The only way Paul doesn’t make F2 is if Josh wins the next 2 rounds of the HOH. If Christmas wins round 2, I think she throws the final round to Paul just so she doesn’t have to break Josh’s heart.

      Christmas and Paul are much closer than Josh realizes. He is definitely the 3rd wheel.

  19. What do you wanna bet the Christmas somehow wins round 2, gets to round 3 and throws the comp to Paul. There have been absolutely no surprises this season; I wish they would stop teasing Josh turning on Paul because he had chances but never took them.

    • I think that his chances were too late in the game. I wish that he had tried, but I don’t think that Alex, Raven and Christmas were smart enough to side with him.

      • Exactly. Had Josh done it when he considered it would have blown up in his face because of all of Paul’s F3 deals. The best chance to get rid of Paul would have been back when Jessica was gone if a few of them would have teamed with Cody and Mark rather than just setting the revolving door of pawn, pawn, evicted pattern in motion.

    • That would be great. “Christmas just throw the comp to me and I will get rid of Josh. He would be crushed if you get rid of him.” The cherry on top of Paul’s manipulation.

  20. It has been kind of fun watching the clips of the friction going on in the jury house. Cody is extremely bitter. Raven is completely living in a fantasy world. Any evicted houseguests with any level of common sense can now easily see that they were getting played by Paul, the whole game. Sadly, this is way more interesting than the disappointingly predictable way the game has gone in the BB house.

    • They were all played by Paul except Cody and Mark. They knew not to trust Paul….but couldn’t convince the others.

      • I know CBS doesn’t want to pay for music royalties, but if they don’t pay Metallica to play Master of Puppets when Raven is introduced on finale night, they’re missing a great opportunity to troll her.

    • Cody doesn’t look bitter to me. To me, he simply appears to be over his entire BB experience and is probably ready to go home. In his US magazine interview, he admitted BB is not the game for him and when they asked him if he would ever go back, he was like No way and admitted he was not good at the game. He said he couldn’t stand the lying & fakeness of it all. And that was why he walked away from Matt. He has no respect for Matt & he just doesn’t care enough to put on a fake smile & pretend. His comment when Raven said she was helping Paul “pull strings” and everyone said “we all did” and he said “I didn’t” was hilarious. Not bitter imo, just over it already.

      • Hey, TGJ. IMO, all you have to remember is the way the guy left the house when he was evicted. He’s a bad sport, does not adapt well to change and finds it difficult to deal with it when things don’t go his way. He seems very bitter to me and he only smiled and seemed to enjoy a minute when what was being said was what HE wanted to hear. Otherwise, he was his normal sour puss self with a sorry attitude. No respect for the dumbazz.

      • Cody displays the same behavior I have witnessed from many who have returned from multiple tours of war duty.

        I think CBS did a terrible disservice to him and other veterans by allowing the pot banging and bullying and shunning for so long by an entire house full of people who seemingly had no understanding of PTSD. In one way or another, every war veteran carries silent scars. When those scars manifest in one way or another, such as through social behaviors that seem a little bit ‘off’, we need to understand it as that person showing their humanity, reacting in a very human way to an often inhumane world, not the other way around.

        Hopefully, CBS will address and make amends for that issue somewhere down the road.

      • They shouldn’t have had him or Megan on the show in the first place. I agree it is not the environment for a recent military member. The pot banging, bullying, and shunning is part of the show that everyone knows happens and they sign up for. It has happened every season and this season was far from the worst. They need to know that this isn’t the right environment.

      • So exactly what are you suggesting when you say “address and make amends for that issue”? To expect CBS to alter their rules to enable anyone that has any kind of mental, emotional issue to play without fear of being triggered would be virtually destroying the game of BB, imo. Can you offer some suggestions so that I could better understand your statements?

      • There were two military veterans in the show this season and both exhibited signs of PTSD. Megan actually left the game and was hospitalized and treated for it when she left.

        It should cause some self reflection to the production people for the show. Considering that one actually left the game because of it, it shouldn’t be difficult for CBS to recognize and directly address the issue. The best way to amend for their own ignorance on the subject would be to offer attention and education about the issue to the public, especially regarding military veterans who’s sacrifices to the country probably were at least somewhat responsible for their current condition, and consider changes that they might make in the future. That would probably include spending a little more time psychologically assessing potential candidates and relying on experts on the subject for advice when the bullying gets to the point that it might do permanent damage to a contestant.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that Big Brother become just one more politically correct Hollywood lecture to America. If anything, I wouldn’t even mind if the show decided to allow a certain level of physicality and even physical altercations in the right situations on the level of a Jerry Springer show. Plus, who cares if every tough guy in the house who decides to bully others ends up agreeing to settle his/her differences in the ring as long as rules are well established and there is sufficient backup on site to ensure there is no permanent damage done. Even in violent sports where the purpose is to knock the living crap out of their opponent, there are rules and lines that aren’t be crossed. Big Brother would be well served to use this season to reassess their own lines.

      • So basically, you are placing the blame solely on CBS and the team they used to assess the HGs and feel they should offer compensation in the way of education. What about Raven’s obvious mental issues? Should CBS also be expected to educate BB fans about whatever the heck is wrong with her? Seriously, this could go on and on and on. ED had to leave the house suddenly because he tested HIV positive. There have been a lot of people on BB over the many season’s who have “issues”. This is what to amounts to as a summer job and the people who apply know the rules and have been told to watch film of the show. They are definitely aware of what could potentially happen in the game. As far as “reassess their own lines”, again, to suit the needs of whom?

      • Not sure why you are hung up on this. Do you think that boxing organizations should stop evaluating fighters for their physical fitness before sanctioning a fight or never establish rules of engagement to ensure some safety for the participants or never step in at any point of a fight before the bell rings, no matter how much damage is being done to the fighter?

      • There are many ways to hit someone. Some hits don’t hurt at all. Some hurt but leave no visible evidence. Some hits are physical, some are psychological. Some hits leave bruises, some leave scars. Some hits never heal at all.

        Maybe it would be better to give thoughtful consideration to how badly someone is going to get hurt rather than whether someone is going to get hit when deciding the rules of engagement.

        The rules already try to ensure that all players are physically and psychologically ready for the game and that certain guidelines and referees are in place to enforce the limits. My one and only point remains that now that the situation with PTSD has come up, they have every opportunity to adjust their standards to address that problem. They also would do a great service to this country by acknowledging and creating awareness for the wounds that our war veterans carry.

        That being said, it wouldn’t bother me at all to see Big Brother Fight Nights with participants receiving various rewards or penalties or eliminations based on their performance. That would probably be the highest rated night of the week. Maybe make it a tag team event. Expect the unexpected. Haha.

      • Completely agree. Cody isn’t bitter toward Paul at all. He has been the only person that knew Paul was controlling the game, respects how foolish he made everyone else look, and will vote for him to win.

      • I agree, It’s not a ‘fake smile, meaning he hasn’t gotten over it. He’s consistent, I’ll give him that.

    • I don’t think Cody is bitter at Paul I just think he hates Paul, come on most of us do right? I do think he is bitter against the other HG’s for never seeing through Paul’s scheming and following him blindly as he led them to the jury house.

      • Well then he should have at least tried to make a case against Paul — other than when he blindsided his alliances. He just gave up and sulked his way out the door twice. I am no fan of Paul’s but the weasel has worked his tail off and not squandered his opportunity the way Cody did.

      • I didn’t really like Cody all that much early on but I had to respect his guts and honesty about his dislike of Paul right from the start. He ended up being the only one smart enough to realize and admit that getting rid of Paul would help everyone. Watching the jury house activity it is pretty obvious the Cody is extremely bitter about Paul and the majority of the other houseguests and his BB experience as a whole. However, he had his chance and didn’t do very well playing the game.

    • Cody is laughing at all of Paul’s friends joining him in jury. Jason is the bitter one.

  21. I just want to vent on this….for people who disliked Cody’s game because he went “rogue”….(I guess about Paul). Cody was in an alliance at the time with Raven. Raven would have never agreed to kick out Paul (which was the smart thing to do if Paul didn’t have safety)…because of her previous “contact” with Paul. So, then he had to nominate somebody else on the spot….??5?? nominations in a week?

    • I didn’t see the first week, if Raven was working with Paul and Cody, were the two guys working together at one point?

      • briefly, but don’t think Cody ever considered it working with Paul. Think it was more that his alliance was or a “keep your enemies closer” type of thing.
        Cody wanted nothing to do with Paul from the start.

  22. This season remains me of something that an older friend of mine used to talk about: there was a little controversy over Elizabeth Taylor not winning an Oscar for a movie called “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, but she would later win an Oscar for “Butterfield 8”, which many people say is undeserved and that she only won so that the Oscars could “correct” their earlier mistake.
    TL;DR: Paul is “given” this season because he should have won season. Maybe that’s why this season is such a dud.

    • Nice reference and comparison.
      Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Great movie. Can watch Paul Newman movies every week!

    • I still dont get people saying Paul should have won last season when he had the chance on his hands to win, he made the mistake to take Nicole with him. He made his choice and he made the wrong one. Nicole played a great game and deserved to win.,

      • Paul lost to a bitter jury. Nicole is not an undeserving winner, but those judging based strictly on game play would give Paul the win.

      • Yeah, but Natalie openly admitted that she went into last season with her mind made up that if a woman was in F2… That woman would get her vote.

        That’s not voting for someone you like… that’s a person that shouldn’t be voting. Sure, vote for Nicole because its Nicole sitting there and you like her… Don’t vote for her just because she’s a woman and a woman should win regardless of how they played.

        Then you had Paulie who wouldn’t know what a good person was if they slapped him. He only voted for Nicole because Paul turned on him. Paul should have won, just like he should win this year.

      • IDK. That’s why they have a jury’s and don’t have a point system of some sort. Agree that gender should be left out of decision, tho.

        Will u think Paul should still have won his year if he doesn’t make it to f2? Just curious?

      • I think Josh winning HOH is the only way that Paul doesn’t make it to F2. I think if Christmas wins round 2, she will throw round 3 to Paul so she doesn’t have to break Josh’s heart (I think Xmas and Paul are closer).

        That being said, if Josh wins and doesn’t take Paul to F2 (or even if I’m completely off base on Xmas)… Then, no I won’t think Paul should have won. I would really admit that Josh or Xmas made a great move.

        I will still think that Paul played the best game. Just like when Steve evicted Vanessa in F3. Steve made an awesome move so Vanessa no longer deserved to win. She did play the best game that season though.

        Wow, I really dragged that out didn’t I? LOL

        If Paul doesn’t win the final HOH… He has no one to blame but himself.

      • I agree. If playing a good game, and making it to the end is all that matters to win the game, then get rid of the jury and end the game already because Paul played the hardest and will probably win the final HOH. The jury is part of that social game people keep talking about, and it’s his fault if he loses because of a bitter jury.

  23. I have stayed away from the spoilers since Mark and Elena were evicted because I was expecting the show to get alot more interesting. It did in many ways. I was really disappointed this week when neither Josh nor Alex could pull off the veto win to see if Josh had the balls to backdoor Paul. I really wonder if production gave Paul the win with the lowest time in that comic book comp because I think the feeds go down for all the comps (so who really knows how long he took right?).

    Anyways I think Josh should have voted out Kevin, not Alex, to shake up the house for final 4 so (a) not go with Pauls itinerary cuz he was onto Paul; and (b) Xmas isn’t taking Josh to the finals anyways so he may as well go into the final 4 being Josh + Alex vs Paul + Xmas.

    While all that is old news, Paul crushed his way to the 500K and it’ll be hilarious if the jury votes go against him out of spite. I expect Paul to evict Josh, Christmas to evict Josh, and Josh to evict Paul depending on who wins so Christmas has 50K locked up.

    This has NOT been a dud season, it’s been great to watch Paul destroy the house.

    • I wish this nonsense would stop. Production did not give him the win. Why? because it is illegal. CBS would receive an enormous amount of fines not to mention the lost viewership after finding out it was rigged. Allison would receive prison time and other BB employees as well as CBS employees would face legal trouble as well. This show as well as any other show that awards money is not rigged in any way.

      • Prove it. But I don’t really care either way. It’s been one of the most entertaining seasons, possibly the best since all-stars when Will and Boogie crushed (honorable mention to Dan and Derricks seasons too). And in the end, that’s what matters. Aside: the temptation comp should be a permanent fixture of the game … winner secures safety, loser auto 3rd nom. Glad they stopped showing the useless have/not comp.

      • Let’s be honest. Production doesn’t have to feed questions to a person to ensure their win. They just have to set the game up so that the people they want to advance in the game will profit from the decisions that production makes. Obviously, they had to know that Paul would easily have the best shot at three weeks of safety as the only returning player so early in the game. When it came down to the final four, they had to know that Kevin, who is color blind, was at a huge disadvantage in a contest where colors were the only difference in the comics.

        Paul deserves great credit for being a good shepherd of his flock, but nobody should doubt that this season was not about great game play as much as good minion management.

      • Prisons would be empty if the consequences of the law were enough to deter criminals from committing crimes. I don’t think they give anybody wins, but it really does seem like certain twists and competitions were made to benefit their preferred players.

  24. This season has been such a bust! Really hoping for josh to win. I ended up liking him as the season progressed but upset with him that he never really played his own game even though he was talking about doing it, everyone is so damn scared of Paul! It would be HILARIOUS if Paul got second again. Just saying. I’m kinda bitter with how he steamrolled his way through the game and if he wins he is just gonna be so damn cocky.

  25. And raven should win the dumbest player ever!! She thinks she had a good social comp! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Calling herself the puppet master of the season has to be the greatest thing that has happened this season. Of all the delusional people this season at least when they were voted out they go “OK. I was not actually aligned with Paul.” She still thinks that not only was she Paul’s ride or die, but that she was the one pulling the strings in the alliance.

  26. As pretty much everyone knows, I’ve been a “Team Paul” kinda guy since about week 3 of last season. That being said, while I am still hoping he wins this year, I am going to face a fairly harsh reality.

    Looking at the Jury clips from last night’s show… It really looks like we are possibly going to have a bitter jury on our hands. Sure, there is time for everyone to put hurt feelings aside and vote only for game play. Plus, it really seems like Kevin is going to still be voting for Paul, and he may actually try to do some persuading in Jury.

    Still, logic is saying that these people really thought they were all going to just be able to sit back, be buddy buddy with Paul and that was going to be enough to make it to Finale Night. Have these people ever watched Big Brother? Anyway, I think Paul has about a 50/50 shot right now with the jury assuming he makes the F2.

    Most people that have read anything I’ve written will also know that I liked Paul better last season when he was in survival mode. He played a bit too hard trying to make up for losing this year, but I’m still rooting for the guy. I am just facing the reality that this could end up being another 5 to 4 vote, and I really don’t know which way it will go this year.

    • A bitter jury could cost him. However, Kevin, Alex, and shockingly Raven have correctly realized that his game play is part of the game and will vote for him. Cody I believe will also vote Paul as he noticed his game play from the beginning and will respect it. He then needs 1 vote. That leaves Mark, Elena, Matt, Jason, and either Josh or Christmas. Mark and Elena know that he has been controlling the house and although mad now should end up voting for him especially if he is against Josh. If Alex or Raven can talk some sense into Jason or Matt then they will. A bitter jury may happen, but he should be able to get the win.

      • I agree with you that I think Paul has Kevin, Raven and Cody. I think he will also have Mark, because he ended up realizing that Paul was the only real threat in the house. I think Mark will reward him for game play.

        Alex, in my mind is on the fence which surprises me a bit that she went from being that mad to almost being okay with voting for Paul. Christmas would vote for Paul, I’m almost positive because she was closer to him. Josh, I feel would stay true to Christmas if she is the other F2. Mark’s, Alex’s and Matt’s votes are where the winner will be chosen.

        I really think Paul should have the votes to win. However, all it takes is one or two really sour HGs to mess it up. Plus, Paul has to be really careful how he answers some of those Jury questions on finale night.

        Just one answer that comes off as cocky or just doesn’t sit right with the Jury can also be the difference. Lets hope the guy with the best game play can pull it off this time.

      • It always bother me how bitter some house guests are. If you are a fan of the show (which I get many people who play now are not fans and some have never even seen the show) you should leave emotion out of it and say “Who played the best game?” That is Paul.

      • Yes but it’s not just being bitter because they are out and Paul is still there. The bitterness comes from the way the game was played and what Paul did to get ahead. I hated this season not because Paul was going to the end and controlling the house but because of the way he pushed the other hG’s to become a mob and gang up on people, harass them endlessly…They didn’t have to follow them but it sure it odd we had a house full of followers this season…

      • Yeah, Paul was totally out to win this season, and he did go a bit too far in terms of people ganging up on HGs. However, they did enough of it even without Paul having to do any coaxing. Look at Alex especially, and you will see someone that acted terribly as well.

        Your point is what will irk me if the Jury votes bitterly. They acted the same way and to take the win away from Paul because of his actions… Well, to put it nicely, that would make them total hypocrites.

      • You can play as mean as you want I actually encourage it. You play to win the game. Anything that helps you or hurts someone else improves your chances of that happening.

      • I don’t really have a problem with how Paul played. I do think he might have gone a bit farther than he needed to which is really what I was trying to say. When I said I liked him better from last season, it was because he was pissing people off because they kept trying to get rid of him, and he kept winning Vetos, lol.

        I loved getting a chance to see Paul actually have some strategy this time around. In regards to part of his strategy… I do NOT think that it was all Paul’s fault that everyone followed his suggestions and decided to attack each other on a personal level. These people really need to have a brain of their own, lol.

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Jury can put personal crap behind them and vote for the best game play because Paul’s game is definitely one of the 3 best that I’ve seen going back to at least BB 14 (counting Derrick and Dan as the other 2… Vanessa is close but she did get evicted after all).

      • I think he has played the 2nd best game of anyone behind Derrick’s incredible game play. I would place him as probably in the 4-7 range of best BB players behind Will Dan and Derrick. Vanessa I find extremely overrated. Where Paul it has seemed like he will always be in the final 2 I never thought Vanessa would be. I was actually shocked she made it as far as she did.

      • At first, I thought Vanessa wouldn’t make it very far because of how emotional she was. Then, I realized that some of it was her faking to garner sympathy and/or support. That’s when I really started thinking she had a shot. I will admit that when Steve turned on her and sent her packing, there was part of me that was cheering even though I didn’t like Steve.

        To me, Paul is one of the best BB players. Everyone keeps saying that, in an All Star season, he would be one of the very first people evicted. Others say that his strategy wouldn’t work.

        Paul would have a totally different strategy in an All Star season. People don’t give the man enough credit. This is a guy that didn’t know much about BB just 2 years ago. Now, I’m not saying that other All Stars wouldn’t target Paul because he’s a threat. They should definitely consider Paul a threat. I’m saying that if they got 16 All Stars together, that Paul’s strategy would be better than at least 11 of the others probably.

        The man’s a lot smarter than the haters want to admit.

      • People who are saying he would be evicted early forget about season 7. Everyone including Will said as the only winner and by far the best player that season he would be evicted early. He was mad they didn’t evict him and kept telling people they are idiots and should evict him as he is the best player in the house. They refused until Janelle finally did in final 4. In an All Star season everyone is considered a good player and Paul would be considered less of a threat. I wouldn’t put my money on him to win, but it is crazy to think he no question wouldn’t make it past a few weeks.

      • Oh yeah, I wouldn’t bet money on Paul to win an All Star season. I definitely do agree that he would make it past a few weeks. I think he would make it long enough to be in Jury.

        Its funny that Paul and Will have that in common though. How many times has Paul talked about being surprised that he’s still in the game? I can’t remember if Paul called the other HGs idiots or not, but it seems like he hinted at it (calling them insane at one point, I believe).

      • The only thing that bothered me about the way he played is he was not mean and ruthless enough. Make the other people really suffer in the game like Will making everyone starve themselves causing Autumn’s insecurities to break her into a pile of mush in season 2. That’s what I want to see.

      • I agree with you 100%. Even Paul really didn’t know much about the game last year, and I think he has turned out to be, if not one of the best, than he’s definitely at least one of the better game players of BB.

        The Jury this year really needs to realize that they couldn’t possibly all make the F2. At some point, they really needed to know that they were going to be betrayed or that they were going to have to do the betraying.

        Its a game and only 2 people can make it. To think anything differently, and to punish someone for knowing that to be the case (and playing accordingly) is really unfair.

    • “It really looks like we are possibly going to have a bitter jury on our hands”

      Hi Carvin. Even if there’s a bitter jury. Does it matter? Christmas will defend Paul if sitting next to him at the end so hopefully it’s Josh vs Paul.

      Josh is smarter than given credit for but..He’s easily distracted, hesitant and rethinks everything to the point of doubt. He knows all Pauls secrets and sees the game pretty clear. The question is..can he articulate this with Alex slugging Jason on the arm, Cody glaring, Raven claiming She was in control, Mark crying, Matt snoring and Elena wearing an outfit that distracts Josh? I really hope he can come up with a speech since he does have a chance to win. Paul will probably knock his speech out of the park so Josh needs his A game in order to convince the jury that He outplayed Paul.

      • Since the Quiz Show scandal game show law is extremely strict and highly regulated. If any money is awarded any choosing of a contestant to win will result in the show being shut down, massive fines, and prison time for those involved. CBS isn’t taking that risk.

      • Are u Raven?? i`m guessing Production is letting you (raven) use social media to campaign for Paul LOL

      • How dare you compare me to Raven. I have never been so insulted. Your lucky I don’t control your life like I controlled the whole game ;)

    • He could have used what Cody said in his departure as an excuse to jalax for cutting them. I’m sure he’d Cody’s vote from that and may have convinced jalex to put the diffences aside and vote fairly. Idk, maybe. I think it would have helped. It would have been better just cold blooded stabbing them in the back. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. He may have dropped the ball there.

      • It seems like (from what little bit we saw last night) that Alex may already be thinking about strictly game play. She seems to still be leaning towards giving Paul her vote.

        I think its a bit funny that Paul keeps talking about not having blood on his hands though. I’m pretty sure everyone in Jury knows that he’s at least somewhat responsible. Granted, most of the Juror members are greatly responsible for their own evictions but… You see where I’m coming from.

      • Paul should go to a blood bank when he decides to wash his hands of this season. He could certainly donate enough.

      • Yes I do. Hopefully they can put their bitterness aside and give him the win. I think he may give Alex a little money. I’d vote for him if were her. I truly believe he felt bad about cutting her, I don’t think his tears were fake like most people believe.

    • They were talking/discussing the game for hours, and Production will pick and choose a clip that will confuse us. Bitter and not so bitter Jury…they do this all the time. I still think it’ll be a landslide. Paul wins the game.

      • I’m going to hope you’re right. I’d hate to see Paul lose twice to a bitter jury.

        Actually, I’ll be honest and go a step further… I really wouldn’t want to see anyone lose twice simply because of a bitter jury.

      • I don’t encourage, cheer, celebrate for a ‘bitter Jury, regardless of what strategy they employed to get to F2..that’s my view of the game of BB.

    • Let’s hope he gets votes from Kevin, Christmas, Alex, raven and matt. I think he will.

  27. The one thing that confuses me with Paul’s game play is the eviction messages. Why lie in them? They jury will talk and figure out what happened. They will respect it a lot more if you are honest in your eviction message (not to mention you can spin it the way you want). Tell Jason “I have been working with Josh and Christmas since they are easier to beat. You are too strong a comp threat and I had to get you out.” Tell Kevin “You are too likable. Everyone on the jury likes you and that is why I can’t bring you further in the game.” They will respect you more for it then a lie they will figure out anyway.

  28. I’m surfing on an ocean of Paul hater’s tears. Nobody worked harder, played smarter, or came more prepared. Paul deserves to win. Those that think this season was not entertaining, obviously have not read the comments here. I have not seen this many people butt hurt over their choice not winning, since last November. Another comparison from last November, Cody is winning in the AFP polls, but lost any shot of winning the 500k, by not campaigning, having an elitist attitude, and shitting on those he needed most to help him win.
    I can’t wait to read the replies to this post. See if you can tell how people’s replies define them. i’m guessing one group will agree or disagree, but do it with intelligent content and debate. The other group will just call names,and make false accusations.

    • People hate Paul’s personality and then try to grasp for anything that could possibly downplay him playing the 2nd most dominant season of BB. They try, but generally all they can come up with is he manipulated people too much and I don’t like it.

    • “The other group will just call names,and make false accusations.”

      That’s season 19s overall theme. Paul whispering to Alex false accusations against Kevin was unnecessary. It started a chain reaction that ruined the later half of the season. Turned into hateful spite instead of enjoyable and fun. Paul deserves to win but at what cost?

      • ” Some people just want to watch the world burn.” Paul’s head and shoulders the best player. I will concede that.

      • Paul would not have played this same game with any of the other top players…it wouldn’t work, it worked because HIS cast was picked perfectly….I am not a conspiracy theorist but I have to say there are too many factors this season that’s points to production influence on many levels.

      • I truly hope you’re wrong. We all love this game so much. Can live with production influencing them in the diary room with ‘suggestions” but the rest is professional wrestling level of conspiracy.

      • I was never one to say Production played a part in any season, It was something that drove me crazy but this season went perfectly for Paul, It just doesn’t seem like a natural season with no influence.

      • Maybe it went so well this season for Paul, is because he was not thinking about lust, food, or other BS. He was not planning for the afternoon, nor the night. He was not planning for the week, he was planning 3-4 weeks out. What order made sense to his game. If a hiccup happened, he had plans for the aftermath. So many would not plan past the next event, or would not execute their plan. Paul did a good job of making everyone believe he was their friend and path to the end. Nobody truly questioned Paul, never compared notes with others. Most trusted Paul, but never verified his words.

      • You play with the cast you have in front of you. Production is allowed some (very little) influence, but have to be careful to make sure they aren’t choosing who wins or they will face a lot of legal problems.

      • That’s not true at all, about facing legal problems for having more than ‘very little’ to do with who is successful in the game.

      • After the Quiz Show scandal any show that awards money to a contestant is highly regulated to ensure that a contestant is not chosen to win.

    • If you play the game with integrity, play the game and treat people like human beings you wouldn’t have a season like this. It has nothing to do with the fact that Paul is still there after running the house. It has to do with the mean, ugly nasty things he did this season and encouraged, supported and pushed others to do his dirty work. They all happily did it which is why this season is the worst. Now hating Paul, it’s the way he played this game do not tell me he was mastermind. 2nd time around with many advantages one being the worst cast I have ever watched in 19 years. mastermind, skillfull…NO

    • Agree 100%, if the criteria for winning is being the smartest, working the hardest, and being the most prepared. I want Paul to win because he has excelled in these areas. He respected the game enough to play it, as opposed to others who are just pulled along for the ride,
      However, there have ‘winners’who were none of the above. In fact, they were just the opposite.
      We now could be stuck with an idiot man child who never had an original strategy except to jeopardize his team safety by taking the golden apple week 1. If Paul loses to Josh, it will be because he forgot about week 1, or unfortunately chose to ignore it. Hope that doesn’t happen.

      • I agree. Paul has outplayed this cast left & right. He deserves the win and, as a fan, I won’t deny that, even tho I hated his tactics. However, I can’t say I will ever mention him with the greats b/c of the taint this season will always have due to a very weak cast, several BB 18 comps played & the weird power they gave Paul from day one when he walked into the BB house. On paper, Paul looks magnificent, but for a lot of BB fans, there will always be a cloud over this season. JMO.

      • Paul should never be mentioned in the same sentence with the greats. Just put him in an all-star season with players willing to do their own dirty work, but not willing to launch personal attacks on any of the other HGs, and he’ll be out the door before he gets a chance to use the HOH shower. (Since he claimed this season he’s only used the downstairs shower twice. How telling. No surprise since he insinuated himself into everyone else’s HOH and even spent the night with them in the HOH bed..)

      • LOL! I know. Wanna hear something really funny? You know how Will did that interview where he defended Paul’s play this season, and everyone here has been using it as a justification for Paul’s game? Well, listen to this. Rachel Reilly posted a (smart a$$ed) comment on twitter where she said now that the #Paulseason of BB is over I guess he’ll be listed as one of the greats and she said how should the listings go? Dan, Paul and then Will?

        Well…Will Kirby snapped back with “The final 3 will always be debatable, but the bottom three is clear, the girl from season 4 who disappeared (Jun Song) the drug addict (Adam Jasinski) & you? (RR)!! I had to LMAO b/c you know for all his saying Paul’s game play should be respected, he sure as hell did not like Paul being mentioned with him, much less have anyone say Paul’s game was above his own. hahaha!
        I love Will, but he kind of set himself up for that by giving an interview on Big Brother when he (admittedly) doesn’t even watch the show anymore! ;)

      • Dan had safety at the beginning of 14 and he is widely regarded as having played a great game that season. People don’t like Paul that is why they bring this up not because it means he played a bad game.

      • I dont get why this seems to be the main topic when talking about Paul. “AMERICA” voted for Paul to have this safety, he didn’t know what he was getting. Just like im sure he wasn’t 100 percent certain if he would be entering the house. Thanks to Kevin we got to see that, even though im sure they would’ve found a way to have brought him in anyway. Should we be upset with the other hex’s and the players who received them? Should we penalize them for those gifts? No. The fact that he managed to go all season without being on the block is an achievement in itself. Everyone in that house was capable of making their own decisions, almost everyone knew who Paul was also. Paul didn’t make the showmances get so involved with each other to the point that they neglected their game. He was making sure his ass was safe. He was talking to people, making moves to stay.

      • I agree 100%! I’m so sick of hearing Paul got safety, Paul got safety like a bunch of little kids. He didn’t know what he was getting when he accepted the temptation just like Christmas and Jessica didn’t know. If they invite a vet back next season let’s see what they get. Then people will be hating again. Its a game and Paul played to win. Every move he made was calculated and he didn’t fly off the handle because he “hated” someone. He should win this game over Josh or Christmas.

      • Paul knew it was called “Pendant of Protection” when he accepted the temptation. You’re kidding yourself if you think he didn’t know what he was getting. It’s pretty obvious with a title like that that it’s going to be positive and he should accept it. At the very least, why wouldn’t you take the chance on it? There was no way anybody would’ve rejected it, just like nobody else rejected their temptation offer either. The show did a bad job at making the consequence something to actually think about as a reason not to accept.

      • It’s not a good argument to even mention Paul “not knowing he’d even enter the house”. That button would’ve been pressed for $5,000, let alone $25,000. That’s the same amount as AFP, you really think if Kevin didn’t take it, somebody else wouldn’t have? You could tell me (if I was playing) that if you press the button and take this money, you’re cutting your chances of winning the game by 50%, and I probably still take the money, because it’s a guaranteed $25,000 versus a 1 in 17 (6%) chance of winning $500,000 or a 2 in 17 chance (12%) of finishing F2 and winning $50,000. There’s a reason Kevin wasn’t the only one who pushed the button, he just pushed it first. (and others were also quick to do it, just not as quick as he was, and he pressed it right away). Production knows if you’re offering $25,000 somebody is going to bite. There was no chance Paul wasn’t going to enter the game.

        America also voted for Paul to receive 3 weeks safety (ridiculous to hand that out so early in the game) because their options at the time were somebody they knew very well, from just one season ago who made it all the way to F2 and was in the house and on their feeds for 99 days, up against 16 nobodies who they knew nothing about and were only introduced to that very night. Who do you think the majority would vote for? It’s pretty obvious. You say he didn’t know what he was getting… it was called Pendant of Protection, and he knew that when he accepted it, so what are you even talking about? It’s pretty clear it’s going to be a positive thing when that’s what it’s called.

        You’re also not mentioning that that very power, that Paul didn’t have to earn (win a competition, etc) is the only reason he was never on the block. He would’ve been on the block the very first week if not for that. In other words, there was a little luck on his side, being that he didn’t outright go and control the vote for that temptation, though he of course would never have the humility to admit that that was the only reason he never went on the block. He, and you, are acting like nobody ever called his name at an eviction ceremony, but Cody did — and watched as production allowed him to blow up his entire game by not telling him Paul was immume.

      • I actually read your entire comment, and I still dont get how dwelling on anything you mentioned is going to change the game now? Hes final 3, and will most likely be in the final 2. Do we sit here and think about all the what if’s? or do we give credit where credit is due? At one point in time early on this season I felt a lot of how you feel at the moment, but like with every disappointing season (the last couple seasons have all been disappointing to me) I suck it up and go along for the ride. This season started off as a joke to me. I thought we were being punked. We werent though, and like my child likes to say “you get what you get, and you dont get upset”.
        In regards to your comment about me saying Paul didn’t know what he was going to get, I am sure he realized what it was when he got more info on it, but what I meant was no one knew these advantages were going to take place prior to entering the house. So yea, he didn’t know, and of course knew more about it once he was given the option to accept it.
        Paul is in the finals, and he is the most deserving of the 3… POINT BLANK AND THE PERIOD! Also, he has been keeping the entertainment level up there, I think definitely an improvement from last seasons vets. James spoiling every eviction surprise and only playing for AFP. Atleast Paul has had the guts to make some hard moves.

    • I agree that Paul played the best game strategy wise. I would like to root for him. But the way he encouraged others to be downright cruel, no, he lost me when he started that crap. I liked Paul last year but this year I can’t even stand to look at him. Because of that evil streak, I don’t want him to win. But who? Christmas “I will rape his soul”Abbott? Uh, no. Josh, big cry baby bully who made it is his mission to torment Mark and several others? Again, no. You can be sneaky and lie and say that is game play.Yes, it is necessary in this game. As is backstabbing, sadly. But to spread malicious lies (Kevin was often maligned for no good reason) and to intentionally inflict anguish on people, that is NOT legitimate game play. These people seemed to ENJOY inflicting unnecessary pain on their housemates. What a bunch of losers.

  29. One hour competition? I am so surprised it was not 30 seconds with Xmas and Josh just throwing it to Paul.

    • Nah, at this point its all about trying to build up some sort of resume for Jury. Christmas and Josh both would still love to be able to win, and if they could have beaten Paul at an Endurance comp… That would have looked good on their resume. Certainly would have looked better than Christmas winning a racing comp!

      • You really think Christmas is still trying to win? She’s gotten way too genuinely happy when Paul has won the last few competitions. I have no doubt in my mind she was happy when he won this one too, even though it’s at her “expense”. She’s a joke. She makes me sick.

        I hope she wins the game.

  30. This cast was not stupid and I can prove it.
    This was a season of duos with Paul simply uniting them.
    Paul was the only person bringing them together.

    These were fans! Only 3 people were recruited.

    Here is the break up
    Josh and Christmas + Paul
    Alex and Jason + Paul
    Matt and Raven +Paul

    Mark and Elena
    Cody and Jessica

    Then the singles

    Paul was called out by most of the other players outside of his 3 duos yet he survived. Take Paul out of the equasion and there is constant power shifts and drama similar to BB6.

    Paul was simply an amazing player. He made a smart cast LOOK dumb

      • LOL! This cast is as sharp as a bowling ball! ;) Point in fact, Raven last night saying she was the mini-me-puppeteer! LMFAO! That girl needs some new meds, she is freaking de-lusion-al!

      • And Cody just sat there and when they all were saying we all played a part in helping Paul… he deadpanned “I didn’t” OMFG! Classic. I bust out laughing!

      • Cody said like three things the entire time and made me laugh out loud at least twice. Been gone weeks, see him on screen once, still makes me laugh. I’ve missed him. I hope he gets to play again.

      • OMG girl, I about died laughing when freaking raven tried to explain how she was the mini-me-puppeteer!! And Mark just told it to her straight, while Cody just sat there grinning. It was freaking the best part of the entire episode! ;)

    • This season wasn’t about being smart. it was about being intimidated.

      As the only returning player in the game and the player who was awarded three weeks of safely before the public knew anything about any of the other players, and once he started to intimidate Cody relentlessly, who actually called out Paul?

      Mark? Did you see him fold when Paul went after his disloyalty by talking to Cody? Elena who was even willing to throw Mark under the bus? Kevin, who was also thrown under the bus for talking to Cody and who had no idea what was even going on in the game?

      Paul worked hard to keep his minions in line but this should always be recognized as the season of minions who quickly succumbed to the intimidation of their puppet master. Not only was every minion afraid to say anything against Paul, ever minion was afraid to even listen to anything against Paul without running back to report it to him.

      • We’re bordering on cult mentality and brainwashing here. Those are tough terms and it might not have reached that level, but the signs that it could go that way were certainly there.

      • Think about this, Grace. Evel Dick brought this up in a twitter conversation between himself, James Rhine (BB6&BB7) and Brenden Villegas (BB12&BB13). They discussed how the tone for the season was set in day one when Paul came into the house with his own “safety” swag. From the get go the HG knew Paul was “special” because each HG had to kiss Paul’s ring (a$$) in a one on one interview to see if Paul would gift them with a “friendship” bracelet to keep them safe in the game. Add to that the “secret” safety Paul received that literally blew up Cody’s game, and the other HG were justifiably afraid to take a shot at Paul in fear of getting Cody’d. This “Paul has a special kind of power” mindset stayed throughout the season. Paul walked into that house with an unprecedented power and it stuck throughout the game. That is my take on it, however, if anyone can mention a BB returnee in the history of BB who came into the house with the absolute power to save half of the HG, but deny safety to the other half, I’ll eat my words.

      • Hi, T. No, you (and ED, JR and BV) are absolutely right. And here we go …

        Room gets suddenly still
        And when you’d almost bet
        You could hear yourself sweat, he walks in
        Eyes black as coal
        And when he lifts his face
        Ev’ry ear in the place is on him
        Starting soft and slow
        Like a small earthquake
        And when he lets go,
        Half the valley shakes

        It’s Paul, the Vet Paul, say
        Vet Paul’s Traveling Big Brother Show

      • Perfect Grace. Hey, I won’t disagree that paul deserves the win this season among this cast, but the way he came back into the house with all the perks and stuff…it’s shady. It’s bizarre and it has never been done before for any vet–ever. Production may have helped Paul out, but imo, they also skrewed him too b/c this season will always be tainted and Paul will never get the true credit he might have gotten had they just let him play it through. Last season we saw Paul is a gifted BB player. Why not just let him tackle his own safety issues like Jason did on BBOTT & Jesse did in BB 11? Why give him friendship bracelets and 3 weeks of a secret safety. Just let the boy go & earn his safety. I honestly think Paul could have accomplished this on his own… smh But we’ll never know this b/c of the weird way this season went down.

      • Yeah, I agree. Why all the help? Why did production feel it was necessary – and especially why only enough “friendship” bracelets for half the cast? Divide and conquer? What was the rationale?

      • That’s what everyone has been discussing. Those bracelets not only gave him power over the HG, the interviews gave Paul a chance to dissect each HG for strengths and weaknesses. Another unprecedented approach to a BB season. I’m telling you, Paul will regret all the help b/c it’s ruined the win for him (at least for a few years until it is only discussed in stats alone) if he does indeed get it…

      • I keep forgetting all those private kiss-my-butt interviews. Paul figured out everyone’s vulnerabilities, and eventually removed all his perceived competition. Look who he has at the end – it probably would have been Josh and Kevin, if Christmas hadn’t broken her foot. You’re right, it is unprecedented. In other seasons that figuring out of vulnerabilities had to be done throughout the season by individuals or alliances. None of that was awarded to anyone up front.

      • Exactly. James Rhine & Brenden said they barely learned everyone’s names in the first week, they sure as hell never had a chance to interview their fellow HG to see who were adversarial players and/or who was a follower.

      • He was so arrogant he was also ordering production around and it appears they were also kissing his butt.

      • Really great conversation. I will only add that Dominique was smart and saw Paul as a snake. Did Paul go after her once She started speaking her mind and was it before Pauls 3 week safety ended? She could have been a player.

      • Production choosing one very short TV moment — keeping Paul’s safety a secret all for the sake of a not-even-that-dramatic-or-awesome 10-15 seconds of Cody trying to nominate Paul and getting blocked — going with this at the expense of completely screwing over Cody’s entire game (as you said, blew up his game) will never sit well with me. Forgive and move on but don’t forget, as they say. There’s “expect the unexpected” and then there’s giving somebody absolutely no chance. The irony too is this is a move Paul would’ve tried for too if in Cody’s shoes (Season 18 he wanted to get vets out early).

      • TY, Darren. I found the perspective interesting b/c, as a student of psychology, I can see the perks Paul received and how he received them setting a psychological tone for these HG that could have caused them to be intimidated in going after him, especially after what happened to Cody when he tried.

      • I absolutely agree, and not just because I liked Cody, and even without having taken any psychology classes myself. I feel I’m fairly observant of how the human mind works, though I admit it’s harder to read with players on a TV show than it is when dealing with people face to face. It’s interesting and cool to see somebody who’s studied psychology agrees with me on so many points. Makes me feel like I’m not crazy for feeling like I’m observant with this kind of thing.

    • How you can qualify a cast that has discussed “just wanting to get to jury” in week one, and/or admitted “coming in 2nd to another HG (Paul) would be great” as smart, is beyond me. Even BB 15 HGs, who have been touted as some of the most despicable people to ever play BB, all wanted to actually win the game; they did not want to just get to jury or come in 2nd place! This season’s cast have been some of the most easily influenced players ever in BB history. Not exactly a bunch I’d call smart.

    • Sorry to sound mean but this is one of the most inept pieces of ‘insight’ I’ve read all season. Early on you said “I can prove it” and then proceeded to prove pretty much nothing. You provided no sound evidence as to why you actually feel this cast was smart. So I’ll continue thinking a ton of them weren’t remotely smart, unless you can do a lot better than that.

  31. Maybe if everyone boycotts the feeds next year until they quit blocking them from the subscribers they will start showing us what we want to see. Don’t think they care though because not everyone would stick together on this.

    • They should instead of having BB live feeds. Do a live season of TAR and air an episode every day with live feeds one on each team.

      • That would be fine by me. I only watch because is there and I can’t help myself, but if it’s canceled I won’t miss it.

      • Hate to say it but if this is what we have to look forward to again & again…I’m right there with ya, Jello. Well, if the ratings continue as they have, it just may happen sooner rather than later. This season has done only sightly better than BB 18 & BB 17…both of which were dismal.

    • For boycotting, protest, rally and stuff, you need the services of Metgala…don’t worry, I’ll hook you up..

  32. From Jokers (2:24 a.m.) – “Paul says his biggest weakness is having human empathy.”
    Ummm … I guess I hadn’t noticed that.

  33. What a disappointment this season has been, I feel like Production becomes more disrespectful of us viewers every year. Example – Shutting us out of watching round 1 of the HOH competition. Why are we paying for feeds? Example – They insulted our intelligence with their consistent favoritism, expecting we won’t see through it. Example – Matt repeatedly violates the Have Not rules and ignores Production’s warnings and NOTHING MORE HAPPENS TO HIM after the initial penalty vote. That’s a crock. They should have warned him that if he continued to ignore the rules, he would not be allowed into the jury house. I really feel sort of sick about this whole nasty season. I will be watching til the bitter end but there is nobody in the final 3 that I remotely am rooting for. And I am voting for Cody for AFP simply as a big “screw you” to Paul’s game play and Production’s blatant manipulation. At least he tried to play the game and didn’t roll over for Paul.

    • Well said!
      Like you I also felt extremely duped this season! I have watched big brother since season one, episode one and for the last few years I have defended them and disagreed with people who have said the game was scripted, manipulated, rigged for people to win however after watching this season it’s impossible to defend them!

      Your example of Matt is a perfect one! He totally disrespected the game, CBS, the viewers and disrespected BB Pro. Matt should’ve received a warning & maybe another warning but after that he should’ve been given the boot! But because he was a vote for Paul they clearly kept him! I just can’t defend big brother (sadly) anymore.

      I truly hope next season is different and they stop manipulating a game that doesn’t need to be manipulated! Why favour Paul to win?! No one wants to see him win! Why script the show when it was awesome without it!

      Super disappointed! & again, very well said!

  34. I hope Josh wins and beats the devil and takes Christmas to the final 2… but I truly believe this was set up for the devil to win… even evil dick said it straight and on key when it comes to that devil.. and for those who like Pauls game but not dick game are not looking at the whole picture of both games….

    • Correct!
      Paul has no real game anyway and nowhere near Evel dicks! if Paul was up against people like ED, Dan, Janelle or really just anyone who was wanting to “play the game” and not just looking for their “15 minutes of fame,” (so people like Cody) Paul would’ve been crushed! Destroyed! Stomped on!
      Paul was handed three weeks safety, and a house full of sheep! This was not a difficult game for Paul to play. he literally told these people what to do & they did it, no questions asked! It was surreal!
      CBS offered them all bonuses every time they said “yes Paul” LOL

      • The looks on his face when everything came out and he lost was the best part out of the whole game… don’t pay to play with people…

      • Yeah his face when he realized Cody was the tiebreaker was priceless. I almost felt bad for him but he is arrogant and I’ve seen more arrogance in him after the show the finale. this season was too easy for Paul and it backfired in the end. And as a viewer, it was super entertaining! I personally could not have asked for a more entertaining finale.
        I absolutely despised Josh! I wanted him to be crashed earlier on and for 3/4 of the game however, when Josh said no to Paul when Paul ordered him to attack Kevin, I gained a Little more respect for Josh and then when Josh was not focussed on attacking people, he was more focussed on the game and realized Paul was playing for himself which of course is the game but, Josh realized Paul was setting himself up to win by wrecking Christmas and Josh’s games. And from there I started to respect Josh a lot more. I know some people said Josh should’ve nominated Paul and tried to get Paul out before Alex, Jason etc. but, it was too risky of a move and Josh knew the HGs better than we did so he clearly felt comfortable going to the end with Paul.
        I just seriously cannot believe I was happy to see Josh win LOL I hated him! I wanted him to be destroyed when he left the house but he proved to be a decent person at the end.
        Like Paul said to Josh (the night before the finale I think it was, when Paul was making fun of Jessica & Jessica’s fans) Josh said “I like Jessica” and Paul’s response was “you like everyone.” It’s true! I believe that is Josh’s true character.
        I think he was just super paranoid for the first few weeks and then Paul and Christmas took him in so Josh became fiercely loyal to Paul (which is a Great quality in a person) but then he became “Paul’s goon!” & I don’t think deep down Josh really enjoyed attacking Jessica, Cody, Mark etc. but he felt obligated to Paul.
        So many times Josh would attack these people and then later on he would say to them “I like you, I think you’re a good person, I think we would be friends outside of the house” etc. because I think he did feel bad. Josh just got caught up in the moment and did things that were in my opinion out of character. I mean the guy did have a lot of emotions in that house LOL

        What I don’t understand is during an interview, Paul said he thought Cody was going to vote for him to win (after Cody was evicted) so I don’t know why he (P) looked so upset and defeated when Cody was about to break the tie. That confused me! Initially I thought Paul knew there was no way Cody was going to vote for him but, he thought he was going to vote for him so again I don’t understand why Paul looked like he was going to throw up and cry as soon as he realized Cody was the tiebreaker!?
        I was super surprised Cody voted for Josh. Cody made it clear he hated them both but I thought Cody would at least vote for Paul because Paul was playing the game. I think the jury really changed Cody’s mind, mainly Elena & Mark. I strongly believe that if the jurors were not hanging out together and instead were in isolation, Cody would’ve voted for Paul. I just think Cody really didn’t care so he just went with Mark & Elena Plus we knew Cody respected Alex so, once Cody found out Paul completely screwed Alex, that’s probably another reason Cody didn’t vote for him.
        Blah blah LOL sorry

      • It IS pretty gut wrenching to think about it. Paul has to be not only super pissed off that he lost, but also super pissed off that Cody was the tiebreaker.
        I really don’t even know why Cody went on BB?!? It was clear he had no social game & really didn’t have any interest in being social with anyone in the house. He was just there to compete (in fact he said that in an interview) So, although I do like him, I can’t help but feel bad for Paul losing with Cody being the tiebreaker and essentially taking away $450,000 from him when all Cody cared about was getting out of the house to see Jessica. He didn’t care who won or lost. He just voted the way Mark and Elena were voting. He was just like yeah whatever OK Josh you win!
        That has to be soul crushing for Paul! Paul has to feel PISSED & likely wants to beat the living hell out of Cody because Cody really didn’t care who won which cost Paul losing $450,000! That’s huge!
        Again I like Cody & there are valid reasons Paul didn’t win but I do feel like he was robbed & Cody didn’t vote for who he really wanted to win, he just voted to get the game over with so he could see Jessica.
        Anyway again blah blah LOL

      • Yup…That’s why I believe they bring back Vets who Big Brother “Likes,” so that Production can Script & Manipulate them to Win the next time they come into the House! And if that is the case Big Brother/CBS need to put a Disclaimer Tag at the beginning of the Season telling us that there will be 2 to 3 Individuals Predetermined to win the Show this Season…View at your Own Discretion.

        Big Brother has brought back Rachel Reilly, Dan, Nicole, & now Paul for a Scripted Season to win, and or come in 2nd.

  35. CBS handed Paul the game with 3 weeks of safety. The sheeple fell in line after that. Worst season ever. 3 scumbag finally.

  36. It’s a sad day for BB when the most likable of the final 3 is crying, baby huey, meatball, immature dbag.

  37. So, I finally got to see the PVR’d BB from Thursday…..you think Paul is bad. Cody is the absolute worst. He is an ignorant, self centred idiot. His behaviour in the jury house is terrible.

    • I didn’t see a problem with cody’s attitude on last nights episode!?!
      Sure he didn’t engage in conversation with Matt but Cody is a straight shooter, he chose not to talk game with Matt because Matt is an idiot! LOL so I’m sure Cody was thinking why bother! Matt is so far up Paul’s a$$ we can’t see him anymore so talking game with Matt is pointless so Cody didn’t waste his breath. I don’t blame him.

      Some people don’t understand Cody because he has a dry sense of humour and he is militant. He’s wasn’t on BB for fame and fortune like everyone else was! He’s not being fake so he receives his 15 minutes of fame, he is staying true to himself therefore again he clearly has no interest in speaking to Matt. The rest of the time he just sat there smiling while Raven told them all she is the puppetmaster! LMAO

      IF your reference was in regards to Cody saying he wanted to bust out of the jury house!? He was clearly joking! He just doesn’t laugh at his own jokes, nothing wrong with that!
      Of course we can agree to disagree :-) but I just don’t understand why he’s ignorant and a self-centred idiot?!
      Perhaps I missed something!?

  38. I know this is a mute point but seeing Matt in the jury house really irritated me, him and his smug face with his psychotic girlfriend!
    The clown 🀑 (no offence Jason) should NOT be there!! Matt should’ve been ejected from the game plain and simple. He broke the rules, he disrespected BB/CBS, The game & disrespected us viewers/fans!!

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why “Chima Simone” was ejected for BREAKING THE RULES by not listening to BB Pro when they continuously asked her to come to the DR room after she tossed her microphone into the hot tub but Matt was NOT ejected from the game for BREAKING THE RULES by continuously NOT listening to BB Pro telling him repeatedly to “not eat, not have hot showers, to sleep in the have not room & NOT sleep in bed with his psychotic, delusional, pathetic girlfriend?!?” (OK they didn’t say it exactly like that but you get my point LOL)
    WHY was Matt not ejected?!

    Matt is a vote for Paul to win this game!
    Forget I asked, I answered my own question LOL 😜

    • Not a chance in hell Matt should’ve been ejected for that. What he did and what Chima did were not on the same level.

      • I understand they were on the same level but they were still breaking the rules. And Matt didn’t just break one, he broke three rules several times. All day long! He had no respect for the game or production.
        I just see it being a future problem if they don’t make it a more punishable penalty.
        If there are 5 have-nots and they all agreed to eat etc. then they all just get a vote against them, big deal! They are on a level playing field then or if someone knows they are going home for sure then they can just break that rule like Matt did. You know what I mean?
        The difference is even though other people knew they were going home without a doubt, they still follow the rules and respected big brother.
        If Matt just eat once or twice then fine whatever no big deal but he was a big baby and eat all of the time, had hot showers and slept in bed with his psychotic girlfriend over and over again. So, they should’ve called him to the DR room like they did with Chima and escort him right out the door.
        Again, I’m not saying what they did was comparable, but they both broke rules and one got to stay and the other one was booted. It doesn’t make sense to me. Same can be said for Willy etc. although will he was violent so clearly that’s worse. He was a loose cannon!
        That’s just my opinion though!

      • Matt actually broke one rule, but multiple times and in different ways. It all still fell under the category of “Have-Not Rules” though. The punishment was fitting, a penalty nomination, and this isn’t exactly an epidemic with the show — this doesn’t happen frequently — so production shouldn’t feel a need to make any changes.

        Chima threw her microphone in the hot tub when asked more than once to put it on, so she damaged their equipment, costing them money. She was volatile in her refusal to listen to anything they said, and it was building up, and they had reason to believe things would escalate from there. I can’t remember exactly as it was now like 8 seasons ago, but I remember there was at least two other things she did in violation that could be categorizes as separate from “Damaging production property” and thus three differently categorized violations.

        Matt, despite breaking rules intentionally, was calm and very much in control. Not hot tempered or raging about the place. Once he got his penalty nomination, knowing they can’t add anything, why stop? He’s already shown disrespect and he’s already got a penalty, he can’t go back and save himself in the eyes of those who felt he was disrespectful of the game, by stopping it (maybe lessened the villain look, but not removed it).

        That’s why I agree that their punishment was fine, that nothing further was necessary, and it was the right call to not remove him from the game. Without having seen the rule book, I would bet that “Deliberately damaging property” and other things Chima did would actually state “May result in your removal from the game” and I would subsequently bet that nowhere does it say “If you break have-not rules you risk expulsion from the game”. The book probably does mention that breaking have-not rules may result in a penalty vote or nomination if not already on the block.

      • I didn’t get a chance to read your entire comment yet however, I just wanted to address the first part.
        Matt broke three of the have not rules, all of the have not rules. As far as I’m concerned every time he ate, every time he took a hot shower and every time he slept in bed with his psychotic girlfriend, each one was a rule broken in my opinion.
        NO respect for the game, CBS, production and the viewers! It was totally immature of him and wrong. People are going to catch on and when five or four of them are have not’s they will just make a pact to all eat and all break every rule so they all have only one penalty vote, then it’s an even playing field. Or in the future when people know they are going home, they will just eat. It’s not A good enough punishment. The crime didn’t fit the time LOL

      • I fully understand what it is that you are saying however, I wasn’t comparing Matt to Chima, I just meant she broke rules (granted a lot worse) and was ejected but Matt breaks the rules over and over again but because he does it “politely and calmly” it’s OK?
        Yes, receive a penalty vote for eating etc. but after he continued to eat and eat and eat, also shower and sleep in a normal bed after production continuously told him to “stop it” and he did not listen, he should’ve been ejected.
        He broke the rule and was punished but he continued to break the rule he punished already for so he should’ve been ejected.

        Yes break a rule and get a penalty vote but continue to break a rule after you were warned and penalized should be immediate dismissal. It’s like that in the real world too.

        Do you see what I’m saying?

      • Again, yes receive the penalty vote for eating ones or having a hot shower ones or sleeping in a regular bed once, maybe get a second and third warning but after that it’s like screw you, you have no respect! You are breaking the rules! Over and over and over again and it’s not acceptable. Just because you received a penalty vote for eating the one time/breaking a rule one time doesn’t mean someone should not be punished when they break the rule(s) again.

        Example: At work -arrive late Monday & you receive a punishment, late Tuesday & again, late on Wednesday but you do not think you deserve to be punished because you were already punished on the Monday? You are disrespecting your bosses rules so you would get fired! Simple as that. Three strikes you’re out buddy! No??

        Or just like with my children, you come home late you are grounded for a day, you come home late again and you are grounded longer! BUT Mom you already grounded me for coming home late the first time I was late & grounded me for a day, so why am I being punished again for coming home late again? Why am I grounded again, you already grounded me? That’s not fair!!
        So Matt was punished and warned the first time he ate and he received a penalty vote, but then he continued over and over again to break the same rule he was just punished for and not listen to production telling Matt to stop breaking the rules so there should be another punishment. Every time he breaks the rule and eats should be a new punishment because he technically is breaking a new rule every time. Make any sense? Sorry it’s really early so it might not make any sense LOL

    • Or Willie pushed his chest into another HG and got evicted. while I’m sure willie would have exploded again, this season has been full of poking butts punching privates, hitting, punching, wrestling, sitting in people’s heads and holing their hands down. This was mostly Paul, josh, Jason and Alex. Sometimes Josh would really complain that he hurt when Paul would just jump on him in bed and twist his arms and sit in his face. Once in awhile BB would say stop it. A few times Jason or Josh yelled security, and BV woukd say stop or fish feeds. I never remember BB allowing hitting, punching? Alex would punch Jason and he admitted at the end, that it was really getting to him but his upbringing was you never complain about a girl hitting you.
      Willie physical “attack” was far less then what BB allowed almost nightly this season.
      Both Matt’s cheating in the rules over and over and the constant physical issues this season is setting BB up for issues in future seasons. Next year let’s say there are 5 have nots , if they all cheat all week and get one vote , why would have not work anymore? Just all cheat and you are all equal. The physical issues , I just hope they do not allow the contact they allowed this year again. I didn’t like watching Alex hit Jason nightly, or Paul beating in josh .

      • Yeah you’re right, if they all decide to eat etc. then they will all get a vote. I was also thinking if you know you’re going home then people would just eat but in the past people knew they were going home but they respected the rules still. Hopefully BB doesn’t allow this to happen again. They should’ve made an example out of Matt!
        & yeah the ejected Willy for headbutting the other guy, I can’t remember his name. He was a loose cannon but, he didn’t head butt him, they had their foreheads pressed together and were arguing and Willie kind of pushed the other guy with his forehead. It wasn’t as dramatic as they made it seem but he still got ejected from the game.

  39. I for one think that Paul will be showed by the other house that they were all played I do see Josh winning

  40. Wow… I knew Paul and Christmas were closer than Christmas was to Josh, but after tonight’s episode… Sounds like Christmas has romantic feelings towards Paul.

    $500K and the lovely Christmas? Not a bad summer’s work for Paul!

    • I did the assessment on myself. It was eerie accurate.

      Protagonist ENFJ – A if that means anything to you.

      Heck of a lot more interesting than the show’s been for going on weeks and weeks now. Thank you.

      • Oooooh good one!

        I would have liked to have seen more of Dominique’s game… I would have never quit like Megan – ever. I found Ramses game far too timid and outside of being an able bodied competitor to replace the crippled Christmas wasn’t really interested in Cameron either.

        I loathed Kevin’s game. Sweet man on the outside, no doubt, but inside? Questionable hygiene and proud of wearing saran wrap to bed?!!? Effing YARF!!! You’ve got all summer to exercise, in fact, you’ve got nothing but time to exercise and you choose, CHOOSE!! to bundle up in saran?!?!? What I want to know is how he got a woman to sit still long enough to conceive and bear him those seven children, I mean… good for her… and him too I guess, he must be doing something right… but still!! Also, I hate tattlers. I would rather find out the truth on my own.

        More interesting to me was watching how the personalities of the houseguests changed throughout the course of the summer. How they were able to process the stress of trying to live among disparate personalities while still keeping their head in the game and on the money. How they either rose or devolved.

        We didn’t all care for Cody’s personality. Certainly through isolating himself up in the HOH with Jessica and withdrawing until it was too little, too late, he sunk his own battleship. However, he did stay true to his innate personality and he did accept when his game was over.
        Mark had a few bumps in the beginning. Perhaps a bit of insecurity. In the end however he did return to his core and left the game with grace as a gentleman. Big Brother is probably not the game nor the forum for his skill set.

        Now the others…

        I don’t feel like I know Elena enough. I don’t think I would like her but it would also be unfair of me to say so definitively. I know for a fact I didn’t really care for what I considered her sexual promiscuity. I would never conduct myself like that. She seems nice enough I guess… if somewhat dippy. Certainly she doesn’t have Jessica’s sharp and often harsh edges.
        Matt entered the game a self indulgent, poon chasing hound and left the game the exact same self indulgent, poon chasing hound as when he first walked through the door.
        Ditto Raven. Perhaps one of the least self aware houseguests to ever call the BB house home for the summer. She and Matt deserve each other.
        What’s interesting about Whistle Nut Jason is the nature of his vulgarity at a time in the game when he was still on top of the world thinking he was in charge and on his way to winning the game. He was laughing, riding high, stress free and enjoying himself. It speaks of something deeply disturbing and ugly way down inside of himself. Probably something he’s unhappy for having revealed about himself.
        Alex is a vicious and vindictive harpie. She’s the life of the party when it’s all falling her way but we see her real self as reality slowly seeps through her consciousness. That it still had to come by drips and drops doesn’t speak well of her intelligence.

        And finally… our final three…

        Because of her injury I can’t give a fair assessment of Christmas. She didn’t get to play the game she had planned for herself or the game she would have liked to have played for herself either. It’s unfortunate. She thinks she’s in love with Paul. She’s not. The intimacy of this game makes for strange bedfellows. She’ll get over it in no time flat once released back into her normal life. BB is intense. Her current and unflattering behavior is a reflection of that. I could be wrong but I don’t think it represents the real Christmas.
        Josh is the most pleasant surprise of the season and I’m grateful his introspection and redemptive arc came at a time when we were able to get this better look at his true personality.
        Paul is my choice for winner. He’s focused, charismatic and has worked his tail off. People who don’t see that are purposefully and spitefully choosing not to see that.

        I don’t have Paul’s ruthless drive but I do identify with his ability to make personal connections and hard work ethic. I also see myself in Josh’s self awareness and softer, more emotional aspects.

        I think I would suck at Big Brother. I do write a good report card though, and as my personality type indicates, my profession is that of second grade teacher.

      • I absolutely agree. I think you would have to be an extrrovert to go on a show like BB. Perhaps a bit of a sociopath as well. Text book definition of sociopath is someone who lies, cheats, steals and manipulates with a lack of empathy for the people they victimize. The only one on that list that is not a BB strategy is stealing! I find it fascinating, and even mentioned the show in a class discussion. ;)

  41. Really bbad?, just have us watch them sleeping? Why don’t they live feed the jury house? Does anyone know if there’s a specific reason why they don’t? This doesn’t make sense unless there is a legitimate reason.

    • I think one reason why the cast was all hoping for jury is the no cameras. It is free lodging, food, movies but no filming (besides the 10 minutes each time a HG enters jury) so a relaxing vacation. As much as I would love to see the jury house , I can understand houseguests after 50-80 days of filming 24/7 being able to change their clothes or shower without worrying about cameras. Now some compromise would be great like give the jury the same BBQ and games and film for a few hours.

  42. Apparently I’m the only one alive who isn’t convinced Josh would evict Paul if he won Part 3 and became the final HoH. I’m not saying he won’t. I might even get on board with saying he likely will. But sure that he will? Convinced? No way. Not with what I’ve seen this season. I’ll believe it if I see it.

    • PAul will beat Josh no doubt!
      JIsh is nit that good of a player like Paul!
      Either one will take Christmas

  43. Sure hope Paul make sure Big Brother Wednesday and not Josh! Paul played best game all season just like last!
    Josh don’t know very what’s going on!

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