‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Paul Confirms Final 2 Plans

Paul Abrahamian with Josh Martinez on Big Brother 19

Last night when the Feeds returned we got a quick “Friendship chat” from Paul Abrahamian as he revealed and confirmed his plans for who he wanted next to him in the Big Brother 19 Final 2. Considering most of us expect him to end up there then it’s worth taking a look at his proposed ideal scenario.

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Paul explains that so far this season nearly everything he’s wanted to have happened has worked out. It’s true that one way or the other, eventually he met his goals and now here he is, poised and ready to make it to the F2 yet again. So who does he want to join him? Why it’s his handcrafted monster, Josh Martinez.

“I don’t know how the Jury feels, but my plan is to take Josh all the way to the end and hopefully it’s a clean sweep.”

Right now we’ve got a F4 of Christmas, Kevin, Josh, and Paul. Later tonight we can expect Kevin to be evicted by Christmas’s sole vote and then we’re off to the Final HoH competitions of the season. Paul has a great shot in the Round 1 endurance comp and then he’s going to be no slouch in the Round 3 Q&A based on Jury comments.

For much of the season we’ve watched as Paul pushed Josh to blow up and attack the other Houseguests, now Paul is ready to cash in on that effort by taking a much disliked HG along with him to the end. He won’t be repeating last season’s mistake of taking a more likable, though who I considered a less deserving F2 partner.

As much as the Jury may be angry with Paul for betraying the trust he falsely instilled in them, I think this is probably a good strategy for F2. Christmas hasn’t “won” anything but the two comps handed to her, but she’s probably not as disliked as Josh would be.

Of course keeping Josh around is a risky move for Paul. Kevin would be easier to defeat in R1 than Josh and he’s achieved even less than Christmas. Josh has stated that he wants to take Christmas to the end, so when Paul supports Christmas tonight in keeping Josh around over Kevin then he better be sure to beat him in R3 if they’re up against each other because otherwise this season will have been in vain for what we’ve put up with.

If Paul reaches the F2 then he deserves the win, but if he blows it at the F3 stage then that’s on him. We’ll find out next Wednesday night at the Big Brother 19 season finale! What do you think of Paul’s F2 strategy? Is it the right move or should he be trying to get there with either Christmas or Kevin instead?


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  1. Well obviously if Paul gets to F2 with Josh . . .he is going to play the Jury like never before ! And he is going to blame on the blood on Josh !!!!!! I still would love to see Josh be the Final HOH . . .and look over at Paul and say ‘ sorry bro, but I gotta cut you and bring my girl Xmas with me to Final 2’!!!!! And watch Paul’s face !!!!!!!!!!

    • We have no idea what the atmosphere is in the jury house. The jury Round Table discussion might be beneficial to keep the jurors from being salty and it might not help at all. The moderator, might be as bitter as some of the jury most likely is.lol In any event, if Paul gets to F2, he should win over anyone else, but it definitely is not a given. IMO, Josh loses in any scenario, except possibly Kevin, but I think Kevin is a goner.

      • It was when he was interviewed on this site. If I remember correctly, ED did not like his gameplay. ED mentioned he did his own dirty work, didn’t instigate fights, and wasn’t fake. He told hgs to their face, not behind their backs.

      • not sure if you are referring to derrick- I do not recall him instigating fights and doing your own dirty work? what does that even mean anymore- if another HG views the move as beneficial for them as well then its a good move… Derrick played a good, interesting clean game – any criticism is jealousy! I know – its just my opinion!

      • Derrick was a great player!!!
        ED, is Evel Dick. I believe he was in season 6. Paul is kinda like Evel Dick. Evel Dick even commented on how Paul plays. Evel Dick didn’t instigate fights, didn’t talk behind peoples backs, and didn’t have others do his dirty work. Paul DID. Evel Dick was up in your face type of person. Paul took the COWARDLY route and had others do his dirty work and talk about others behind their backs.

      • I’m kind of confused. Paul made promises to every person in the jury, is he forgetting that they all go to the same place?

      • How do you not get blood on your hands, when you are behind everyone going to the jury? Who knows you are the mastermind. Directly, or indirectly….Is there a diff.? Humm

      • Paul maybe the Master mind , but I don’t think anyone else has clean hand’s either. We all know that if the shoe was on the other side they wouldn’t hesitate to vote him out. So what is the difference?

      • He knows. He is bad at jury management. That is why he didn’t want Kevin to talk with the ones he wanted evicted that week.

      • I do too. That would be entertaining! I can’t see it though since ED has already posted that he can’t stand Paul.

      • Wouldn’t that shock the heck out of all those at the round table when they’re most likely expecting Derrick? hahaha Expect the unexpected!!! LOL

      • Derek won using much the same strategy as the Gnome. With ONE exception; he didn’t trash talk about people behind their back. Derek won on pure strategy, while this asshole has maniplulated and maligned people’s character. Whether he wins or not is of no consequence to me. I just thank God I brought my children up to act differently to this. His parents should hide their heads in shame.

      • You shouldn’t judge someone base what you see on TV. You do not know Paul in real life. Just how we do not know you’re an actual good parent.

      • Yes. I heard this session though, that Will is not going to participate. I heard that Derrick was replacing him. I can’t confirm though – just grapevine rumblings :)

      • If it isn’t Dr. Will I was thinking Dan Gheeseling (spelling?) would be a great moderator although I’m guessing he’s probably teaching right about now.

      • Maybe we’d have an idea what mindset the jury is in, if they’d show us the frickin jury house once in a while! Is that too much to ask, CBS? Come on!

      • I know fixy. I’m really hoping, probably in vain, that maybe they put it all in one episode, like the special one airing Friday night.

      • I only remember what Cody said during the first visit there. That Paul does deserve to win, but if someone else takes him down, then they deserve to win!

      • The jury round table and Q&A is just for show. Once Jason tells Alex about Josh’s goodbye message, I think Paul could be in trouble.

      • It’s not like the jury is sequestered from each other. They live together and will already have discussed all of this before the round table. It is all for TV, just like their final comments before the vote.

      • In the past, there have been HGs who have admitted that the discussion changed their way of thinking. Sure, there is a discussion set up for the cameras, for show, but it does not reveal the entire discussion, nor does it reveal final opinions but the moderators job is to help the HGs view the game in a non personal way.

      • i think they need to know everrything he did & how he did it. i think thats why he should win. i liked jessica & cody & i wish they would of not gotten evicted. i actually dont really like anyone else but paul does deserve to win.

      • I’d like to see Jason call out Paul for being dishonest but then Matt call out Jason for being dishonest as well when he put up Matt and Raven and said it was a plan to backdoor Kevin when it really wasn’t. Other people in the house (including Jason himself) are going to realize that when Christmas said Jason was the target she was actually telling the truth!

      • They’ve all been dishonest. It’s the nature of the game. All they can see is who the leader of the pack was and they realize that they each had what they felt was an alliance with Paul and are butt hurt that he didn’t choose them to go to the end. They got their wittle feelings hurt in a game they lost. Bad sports!

    • Except there are many people in the jury that were in on Paul’s plans, thinking they were locked into his F3, throwing comps at his behest, harassing and ganging up on other targeted HG at Paul’s insistence. They know the truth, it will just take a little coaxing for it to dawn on them. Paul will break out is “Oh, poor me” argument, but who will swallow that pile of cr@p?

      • I agree. Both blaming Josh and going the “poor me” route is stupid. I think he absolutely needs to own his game. Forget about blood on his hands, he should bathe in it.

        “I didn’t want to lose again. Last season haunts me day and night. I used Cody’s aggression to win allies. Got people to trust me and do what I wanted. Diligently kept people from talking to each other and comparing notes. Controlled ALL the information. Lied up and down, left and right. Won comps when I had to. Had people throwing comps whenever I wanted. In specific orders. Almost every nomination and eviction went according to my plan. I worked damn hard and think I should win. And deep down, you all agree.”

      • Great jury plea! If Paul uses something like that, he’s bound to win. I hate to admit it, but it’s true!

      • To me as a matter of principle they should say no. Paul really expected that Cody was unstable. He sent Josh to antagonize him hoping he’d do something stupiid (like hit someone) and get kicked out by default. He willingly chose to risk another player’s safety for game. No. BB is BB but I draw the line there.

      • come on- you don’t know that- yes he could see cody had a short fuse – but no one can say he was hoping that they would take swings at eachother- that is pure speculation

      • It’s been a while but if memory serves Paul explicity said, on camera, he was hoping to get Cody to self-evict by doing something stupid. What else would that be? And I recall him saying he thought Cody was not okay upstairs.

      • yea for sure- the “stare crow” was very real and it was pretty easy to see he had some emotional stability problems – he should not have been cast to his series- cbs is lucky it did not escalate to that

    • I would LOVE to see the look
      On Paul’s face should that happen. The Gnome deserves it. He’s bullied and lied his way through the whole game. He’s made Josh his fall guy because he doesn’t have the balls to do it himself. He’s said terrible things about people behind their backs. To me that’s the lowest form of cowardice. If you don’t have the guts to say it to their face, then shut up.

      • he has asked others to do the bulling- and they did willingly- everyone lies-its BB! tell me how you win w/o lying… his logic and trajectory makes sense- let someone else do the dirty work- especially if they agree. Cowardice? I don’t even see this as relevant at all- it was about winning for him, in a game designed to be exactly what is.. tired of all the holier than thou comments – like they say in the house, it is much harder than anticipated or imagined. Easy to judge when you are looking in
        P was very aggressive last season- he did not have to be this year because of the lack of game-play

      • Josh didn’t always do what Paul asked him to do…gang up on Kevin after the Mark episode. He refused to do that…as with Elena as well. So Paul got Christmas and Alex to gang up on Mark and Elena. And had Alex talk nasty about Kevin.

      • thats what i would expect from FIDEL CASTRO,who Paul acts and looks like,spitting image of Fidel Castro and just as cowardly

      • exactly- once you choose to do something it is your action- not someone else- therefore all the HG are responsible for their own actions

      • OMG, I really wish people would read and understand what I’m trying to say in my posts. I’m fully aware that people lie & manipulate on BB, it’s all part of the game. What I DO take exception to is talking crap about people behind their back and being sweet to their face. There’s been NO NEED for Paul to call Josh a Blob or any of the other names he’s called him. He’s constantly putting other houseguests (personally) down in conversations behind their back. That is why I call him a coward. If he doesn’t have the guts to say it to their face, then don’t say it at all. All his “work” this season will bite him in the ass. I personally don’t think he has a chance of winning. Once the Jury has compared notes and realized what a coward he’s been, he won’t get their vote. But that’s just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.

      • I hate to say it but Paul is going to win, not because of his game play, but because this competition was rigged since the beginning. First the three weeks safety he was given, secondly I don’t really think there is stupid people out there as CBS is making us believe this BB cast is (except for Raven), and follow very order he ask them to do. Then when his safety was over that is the week that Jessica won the HOH and the power of veto, and is very hard to believe that as much as Jessica despised Paul (at least that is what they made us believe), she chose not to use the power of veto and back door Paul, maybe Paul would not have gone home that week but Josh would have. Finally the week that Jason was gone it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Christmas won a competition that she had not business in competing because of her injury, let alone win, but for some reason CBS clear her to compete in a running competition despite her injury.
        I don’t think Paul would win if the competition was not rigged even with the same cast.

    • OMG, THAT BE THE BEST. I’D get out of my wheelchair and get down in the rolling laughing my Asz off. Then call 911 to come get me out of floor. That make my day…….😂😂😆😂😆


    • That would be completely cruel!! Josh has done absolutely nothing to earn being final HOH. But we all know that what will be will be

  2. He should clearly get Josh out tonight but, of course, Paul doesn’t know Josh is the only one who wouldn’t take Paul to F2.

  3. My dislike for Paul leads me in the hopes that Josh wins the final HOH and takes Christmas! It is a risky move for Paul to keep Josh over Kevin. Kev hasn’t won ANYTHING and i don’t think he’s going to start now.

    • Me too. I hope anyone but Paul wins. And I really hope the jury brings the hammer down on Paul even if he does make F2.

    • Chrissy…I agree. Why in the world would Paul screw up now and leave Josh in the game. If by some fluke Josh won, he will NOT take Paul to F2. Xmas & Kevin are no threat in any way to Paul. To the point I hear every year….ALL IS FAIR…I say B.S. Derrick was a gentleman. No lying, no bullying…he was all persuasion. And if I remember correctly…never allowed a blindside….seemed to tell people before their evictions. JMO

    • And they could see that as Paul deserves the win since he was the master behind everything, or they can be salty about it and vote against Paul for spite.

      • Spite? or the fact that (by the rules) you’re not supposed to try to make players “self-evict”? Josh was Paul’s minion on that….both at fault but I don’t think that Josh had the mental capability or “bravery” to try it without backing.

      • We all have an opinion, but I never like seeing a bitter jury. It totally defeats the purpose of the game. But there is no recourse. They will have the final word.

      • Having a jury NOT address the way someone played defeats the purpose of having a jury.

        Every aspect of how one plays must be considered … not simply the fact they made it to the end.

      • I have no idea. Preferably no one.

        Donate the 500K to Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief.

        My point is that people say the jury is bitter if they don’t vote for a particular person. Well, it’s a players responsibility not to create bitter jury members to begin with. That’s part of the game.

        Paul thinks he’s accomplished that by getting everyone to do his dirty work. In reality that could be a big time backfire.

        Previous winners have won without creating so much bitterness and animosity.

      • What about these houseguests makes you think they won’t be just as petty and small-minded with their jury votes as they have been with their gameplay? I think the people that weren’t in Paul’s alliance(s) are the only vote he can count on…..and there’s really just three of them.

      • I never saw so many spiteful people as there are on this site. Some grown azz man messaged me with such hatred and vile comments. He’s more than likely some lame azz nerd who feels like a big deal while typing his profanities from his mamas basement.

      • Ohhh. Sorry to hear that. Can you give me the first letter of his nickname? I have a small idea of whom it could be…

      • Well, where were you when I needed you to defend me earlier today!!!! LOL

        I’m just so curious because someone is getting on my last dip of patience since yesterday with their dictator post. I’m thinking Barbara get attacked by this same person!!

      • What thread was it on, Barb, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m just wondering if it was a regular poster with a Disqus account or a troll. Trolls should simply be ignored. Don’t feed the trolls. ;)

      • I’m playing with you as usual. You know I’d piss on you if you really were on fire. That’s a compliment, you know. lol

      • lmbo…You make me laugh so much. I’m not sure where you live so I didn’t know if that expression was familiar to you. Obviously, it is.

      • Not really familiar to me. But heard it couple of time. And the image I get is literally someone pissing on someon on fire.

        I’m from montreal. The up north French country. You?

      • State of Tennessee, USA. It’s in the eastern USA a little south. I knew you had said English wasn’t your 1st language, something to that effect, so I assumed you probably didn’t live in the USA. But assumptions can get us in trouble sometimes.Thanks, Nope. It’s been loads of fun posting with you this season.

      • Yes it has!! Maybe will cross each other over survivor season!! I did post before this year, but something was wrong, my post always got deleted because seen as spam. I guess it has something to do with the fact my usage can come from multiple IP addresses in short periods of time. Matthew Boyer did some manic to white lust me.

      • I’m happy it worked out this season. Hey, we get to see Raven soon! Something to look forward to. Ha!

      • At the finally. And I hope tonight we got to get jury visit. But after that, She will disappear!! A shame hidden with no more social media planet!!!

      • Really Joni, and you tell me to be nice……….I just damn near fell off my chair laughing. I only wish Raven could read that remark.

      • Above your reply, BCC said some grown ass man got after her with some vile comments, ya know first person who came to my mind………..yep, good old Bob..

      • Yeah, I was joking with you…the movie “What About Bob”. Some posters are definitely getting a little high-minded. It always seems to get worse toward the end of the season. :)

      • I know- and they cry about the bullies in the house..how they are deplorable and scumbags…never heard so much trash talk- oops- guess the BB house is no different!

    • The best theme of everyone who’s walked into jury so far – “Sorry, Cody, you were right. We should’ve gotten him out sooner.”

  4. If Josh cuts Paul at F2 – he wins over Xmas.
    If Xmas (somehow, someway) cuts Paul at F2 – she wins over Josh.

    I’m just not sure Xmas would cut Paul, despite it guaranteeing her a win of half a mil.
    He has her bamboozled into thinking BB will invite her back to play after she is healed.
    That just might work on her. So much for “bird in the hand” kind of thing.

  5. If Paul wins the final HOH then he will be the 1st person to never sit on the block. A few people have made it to final 3 then sat on the block. I am hoping Paul becomes the 1st to avoid the block all season #PerfectGame

    • Yep, Paul is only to blame for a few things (like the bullying and inciting the mob mentality) but 90% of the blame lies within all of the HGs that blindly followed him and never got together and compared notes. I mean, how could Paul tell you he’ll take you to the end and you NOT get suspicious that he’s told others that?? That’s sheer stupidity!

  6. If there was a F2 with Paul and Kevin, and Paul tells Kevin to “trust me” and not give his final speech / argument for why he should win…. Kevin would probably sit there and not say a word.

    • “Hey Kevin I have I ever mislead you in this game.” “No Paul” “Then you have got to trust me just give me your speaking time I know what I am doing it will help us get farther” “Ok Paul I trust you”

  7. I still can’t believe it. Paul is assuming he wins the final HOH. If Josh wins, he’s taking 12/25 to F2, so it’s a risky move on his part.

    • But Josh says a lot of things he doesn’t follow through on. In last night’s episode, Christmas told him that she wasn’t going to commit to taking Josh to F2 and Josh still insisted he’d take her. But I wonder if maybe he’ll sit and stew on that and realize, “Wait. That witch wouldn’t commit to taking me so I’m not gonna take her either!” This wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      I do think though that if Josh wins HoH and dumps Paul, he’ll be an easy win over Christmas for that one move alone.

      • Yes. In a game where only one move has been made so far … the winner clearly has to be anyone who gets Paul out.

        Whether that happens remains to be seen.

        This could be a record year in BB. Only one move made the entire season.

      • Would Josh win against Xmas though? Even if he dumps Paul at final three, the jury house is filled with people who hate Josh

      • This cast takes a lot of things personally and Josh himself was a big bully to all of them though… I don’t think his chances are that good with this jury

  8. I am disappointed that America cant vote for their favorite like in the past you have to be a member of all access for your vote to count so when CBS said its time for Americas vote lied. that’s why the people who won the temptations won because we didn’t have a say no do we who didn’t pay have a say

    • I voted and I am not on any CBS account….I tried it and they said I voted…..I just clicked on the Facebook icon and it said I could vote….

      • I’m pretty sure people who don’t have either the free CBS account or the payed for All Access accounts CAN’T vote – the system won’t let them and states that they have to be signed in.

      • They posted a response from CBS on another one of bbfandom earlier. It said you had to have all access for your vote to count. Just repeating what it said. I hope they all count.

      • Have any of the Twitter sites or BBN addressed it? Because I haven’t see that anywhere. Not that I don’t trust Cap, as he’s always reliable, but I’d like to see it for myself. Even the website doesn’t state it.

      • I read CBS’s terms and conditions for voting; it says nothing about having to have all access to vote.

      • Yeah, exactly. I always read those every year to see if something’s been changed, and I saw nothing.

      • I read CBS’s terms and conditions for voting – this is the only statement relevant here: 4. How to Participate:
        Voting Online: To submit your vote go to the BB Web Site during the Voting Period and follow the instructions to complete the voting form. There is a limit of twenty (20) online votes per person per day.

      • The three major networks function pretty much the same – you have to have an account and sign in before you can actively participate in anything.

  9. Altho Paul, may deserve the win. I would love too see the look on his face if he doesn’t. PRICELESS! Especially when he let’s all his family, friends, and fans down. Will he cry about it, or take it like a champ.The way this season has played out, I really don’t care what the ending holds. Counterfeit…Lol

    • I think he’ll take it like a champ. I think all the Paul fans on this site will cry and claim he got cheated again.

    • Same here. Although of the remaining HGs Paul deserves to win, I don’t like him or his tactics in getting where he’s at. It would be AMAZING if Paul missed the final 2 after all of his scheming, lying, and bullying. The only person I’d like to see win the game is Kevin but I know that’s 1,000,000 to 1 odds. Although I’ve despised him most all of the season, I’d say I’d rather Josh win out over Paul and Christmas JUST to see/hear the reactions of everyone.

      What I suspect though is that Paul will get there and win. Like Survivor, after the initial bitterness of the jury, they mostly do reward gameplay. Then again, these HGs this season have been pretty pathetic so who knows what will go down?

      • This F3 sure does have deja vu written all over it, doesn’t it? Vanessa … been there, done that with you.

    • Based on game play alone – not the WAY he played, but the fact that he played at all – he does deserve the win. But he also deserves a kick in the pants for everything else. A win by Cody (or even Kevin, to some extent) would probably give us that “what the …?” look we want from Paul.

    • Don’t see how he has let anyone down. He has played by far the best game and has put himself in the best chance to win. That is what you are supposed to do.

  10. Why did CBS change how we get to vote Americas favorite was something to look forward to now to vote you have to be a paid member to all access who knew

    • Um… my friends don’t pay for All Access, and they can vote just fine. You just have to have an account with CBS, you don’t need All Access.

      • I signed in with my account and was able to vote way more than 20 times. it’s because those votes don’t count.

      • That was just a glitch. My friends were all cut off after 20. And I DO have All Access and was never cut off at all last night. It just cut me off for the first time today.

  11. The part of myself that is narrow minded, snotty and bratty doesn’t want Paul rewarded in any way, shape or form.

    The part of myself that appreciates game plays and moves feels he’s the only one there worth deserving a damn thing, since no one else (other than Jess and Cody) did anything. They did it poorly, but they tried. No one else did.

    • Isn’t that mind boggling?

      No one attempted to do anything after Jessica and Cody. No one.

      In fact the only move made by anyone was made in the first week by Cody. That’s it.

      • I was impressed and excited after watching Cody that first week. I thought, Yay finally a good season! Been a while since we’ve seen one of those.

        And then…

      • All season long, expect the expected… it was just too easy. No adversity to deal with. I think even Paul’s fans know it could have been more entertaining of a journey.

        S16 ended with the best F2 of all time for me, as Derrick and Cody were my two favourites right from the start (Zach probably 3rd). I also liked Caleb after Amber left. I can at least say there were bumps along that road, because people like Donny and Frankie started catching onto Derrick near the end, and there was no guarantee Cody would go that far either.

        This season the others constantly played into Paul’s hands. Every single week we knew what would happen. There was never any doubt even remotely that Paul would make it to F2 and win the game. I never jump the gun like that but this time, I’m jumping it. I’ll be the first one to speak up if I end up wrong.

      • That’s why I urge everyone who is anti-Paul to vote for Cody for AFHG. Not only does he deserve it for figuring this F2 out in the 1st week, but it would be the ultimate slap in Paul’s face that he won!!

      • Paul cares about public perception. He’ll never admit it but yes he will care that Cody got voted something that’s called America’s Favorite. Paul did a lot of Cody bashing and assumes everyone feels the same. It’s not about 25k it’s that America would have called him a favorite

      • Everyone was in with Paul, so they thought. Maybe Elena, or Mark could have. They just didn’t have the numbers to go against him.

    • If by doing anything you mean trying to get Paul out, then yes that is true, but that is all they did. Josh has played the game as well. Not like Paul has, but from the very beginning he has been the one helping Paul to get people out. Yes Paul has been in charge,but he never did anything on his own. Josh has been the one getting his hands dirty the whole time. I think he is as deserving as Paul is, if we are going by game play.
      Any other way I wish for Christmas and Paul not to make it to the end, but unfortunately Kevin will be evicted.

      • agree. i said the same thing in an earlier comment. Josh has played just as much as Paul and would be the only other person i see deserving of the win. Paul forced him to evict Alex last night with the tie and Jason the week prior. he’s done a lot of Paul’s work

      • One of the problems this season is Will has been online defending Paul and everything he says and does, and some people thought he might be biased. He’s really been pro-Paul all season.

      • Any actual fan of the game is pro Paul to win. His game play has been nearly flawless. Will sees that. If they have Derrick instead he will be pro Paul as well. Will, Paul, and Derrick all played in a similar way. Ruthless. Doing whatever you need to to win by manipulating the crap out of others. How the game should be played.

      • None of those people got their jollies issuing orders for personal attacks on other people like Paul did. All of those people did their own dirty work, unlike Paul. I bet he never damaged his perfectly manicured nails the entire 12 weeks.

      • Will was far more mean to other house guests than Paul has been. It’s not even close. He made the house guests starve themselves in season 2. Called Howie a retard and made gay jokes at him in 7. If you think Will and Derrick didn’t have others do their dirty work you need to rewatch 2, 7 and 16. “a phenomenal competitor, she’s a warrior. And what I want to do is take her form this dark spot she’s at right now, and I want to rebuild her faster, stronger, and more loyal, and have her attack James for me” – Will talking about Janelle Having others do their dirty work is all they did.

  12. I’ve been watching all season and seeing all the nicknames bestowed upon Paul but i never saw one i thought was appropriate until now. WEASEL. Yeah! Thats it!!!!

  13. We all should know portions of Josh’s final speech, he has been practicing since lashing out at Megan. “I am really a good person. I never lied to anyone. I remain loyal to those who were loyal to me. I am good person.” Cow bawling starts…. “The house was so stressful. I really like each and every one of you guys. I am a good person. I am so SOORRREEEE for all of the things I did. I did for the sake of the game. I am nothing like that outside of the game. I am a good person. I love you guys. I had a great summer. I am a good person.” Waterfalls continues….

  14. I find it a little funny that almost everyone who is commenting on how much they were “disgusted” with Paul and “his minions” “bullying” and trash talking this summer are on here talking trash and wishing bad things to happen to Paul and some of the other HGs.

    Cody’s an ugly psycho douche, and Jessica is a snaggle-toothed skank. THERE, I’m joining in!!

    • It’s incredibly hypocritical. there have been far worse people on here insulting Paul then Paul ever did in the house. If you expect good behavior in others you have to practice it yourself as well- a lot of these posters are far worse than Paul, Josh, Cody and many others.

    • That’s why I’ve been laughing all season. And a bunch of them who were supporting bedridden Dingus Nicole who’s game amounted to playing with Corey’s tallywhacker all season, got very upset and defensive at the mention of production helping her. Some of the same ones are crying foul on production helping Paul. It’s been very entertaining. The piano is out of tune. Nutty piano teacher!

      • Lol I never understood that Nicole obsession either.

        Re-watching season 18…it was actually a pretty good season minus the outcome.

      • I really enjoyed Paul and Victor. I liked Nicole her first season, but her nasally voice is irritating. She was just blech last season. I’ll never forget her family’s disappointed-looking faces during their family interview and at the finale.

      • Oh I missed that! I’ll have to pay attention lol

        And totally agree with you on all points. Loved Paul and Victor together, wish they had both gotten to final 2. I liked Nicole in season 16, but didn’t respect her game play in season 18 – especially her repeating what she did in her 1st season (getting into a showmance and cuddling the summer away). And that VOICE…omg. Just, no.

      • If you rewatch that season, take into consideration the times you hear Nicole say something about how she is worried her family is disappointed in her or not proud of her. Then watch their faces in the family segment and when they were on stage for the finale. People were mentioning it on the threads when we were watching, too.

      • She is whor*** with her 3rd BB HG, and barely played the game, so I don’t understand how she had fans season 18.

      • Jello, you are not one of those. You have been very straight up about how you felt about it both seasons and I sincerely respect that. :)

    • Nah, I don’t want bad things to happen to them. Well, okay, I want Paul to be Vanessa’d, but that’s not really bad.

    • I agree with you, to a point. Trash talking both inside and outside the BB house is par for the course, and normal for the game. It’s the same mentality that makes fans scream at sporting events when things aren’t going the way fans wish they would. Having said that, the other night Paul was compared to Adolph Hitler on this forum, and that’s going way past the extreme, IMO. There’s a certain level of so-called displeasure that’s acceptable. When people start throwing words like “hate” about someone they’ve never even met, then maybe it’s time to consider that person has invested more time into BB than is healthy. Feel free to dislike someone for what you’ve heard or seen them do. But don’t let your frustration turn into actual hate. The other person doesn’t care, and you’re only hurting yourself.

  15. In our home, fans of the show always try to identify who will last longer, (not necessarily win), by the way they are talked about by the other HGs. As soon as the “mob” identify who they perceive to be the good or stronger players, they talk of “lets get them out before it’s too late.” They are too strong or good at comps. The good ones are gone before the game starts. We all said Paul would last longer, based on his previous game. Christmas was chosen as an early exit based on her strength and determination, but that was before the broken foot. Now they can say they gave her wins and dragged her along. Cody and Jessica were also chosen to not last long. When you are ganged up on and are outnumbered by weaker players, being good or strong gets you nowhere. The worse you are, the longer you last.
    This has happened season after season. The game has really changed since the earlier shows.
    There are exceptions and I’m sure there are plenty to point it out. But, generally, this is how the game has turned.

    • I also thought Xmas would be voted out early. Her personality kind of clashed with the others, and her obvious physical potential made her seem like a threat. Crazily, the broken foot helped her game.

  16. i’ve always liked paul and josh and will be happy with either one having a win. paul is a master player and deserves it. it’s not his fault others choose to follow him. that just makes him quite masterful at the game, so good for him. and people were constantly underestimating josh and calling him horrible names, but he’s remained true to paul and deserves it just as much for doing a lot of paul’s dirty work. i wonder how paul would be at survivor??

    • For some reason, I don’t see Paul as the roughing it type of guy. Josh would be hilarious for the two days he lasted.

      • Josh drives me crazy (not literally, things I have to say on posts). Just want to slap and say “snap out of it”, have a lesson about his actions and the reactions he received… and on the other hand feel sorry for him.
        “big ole momma’s boy!”

      • LOL! I could NOT see Paul doing survivor. He was the first HG this year to wear a detoxifying face mask. I think he wore one before any of the females in the house.

      • lol. On Survivor he would have to build shelter and find food. I doubt they would allow a man or even half a man to not participate in those things. Even the nerdy guys helped out while they were there. I really hope to not see any of them on Survivor, but I think Jess and Cody will definitely be invited to do TAR.

      • Oh I think he would help, but he would be annoying AF to his teammates.
        Re-watching season 18, when they were in teams and doing some comp where they had to build something, Paul was ordering everyone around and irritating his team. It was funny because you could see his same game play style as this year (ordering people to do things), just louder and more intense because there was a time limit.

        Da’Vonne (in DR): “Maybe I should have chosen Paulie to be on my team instead!”

      • He would hand them the tools to do the work and give them his blessing to proceed, then stand back and watch. “Go get me water.” lol

    • I don’t think snake the gnome Paul would make survivor too many people would know him for the snake he is but there could be a bright note a real snake might mistake him for her mate and eat him lol

  17. Any actual fan of Big Brother who is on the jury should remove emotion from their vote. Vote for who played the best game. That is Paul. We know that, the jury knows that, Julie knows that, Paul, Josh, Christmas, and Kevin know that. It will be interesting to see if the jury rewards good game play or once again turns it into a popularity contest.

  18. Final HoH part 3 is a crapshoot. Paul knows this, he competed in it last season. Even if you know a juror’s personality, they could throw you off with their answer with the “Finish the Sentence” aspect. Paul similarly just saw that Kevin and Christmas were basically useless in the similarly formed “What the Bleep” competition, which involves knowing what a past HG said (although granted that’s what they actually said, that you heard them say, instead of predicting what they would say).

    Christmas is telling Josh to take Paul (because she’s ridiculous) but Josh is aware he can’t beat Paul in F2. Kevin is likely to take Paul if he manages to win, as his ties to Christmas aren’t nearly as strong as Josh’s. Josh should manage to pull put the Part 3 win (I still think he’s the underdog, though I like his chances better than Kevin’s or Christmas’)… the idea of unraveling all of Paul’s work all season long, as the only one who’s really played… because of one possible mistake right at the end when everything else has gone off without a hitch…

    That could be… interesting…

      • Hey I don’t disagree with that. I’m not a big fan of Paul but I know he deserves it more than anyone left. I don’t think I would feel good about his entire game getting washed away when you consider it would leave Josh and Christmas to win 500k and 50k. Two players I don’t respect

  19. Live feeds: Kevin is telling Paul that he thinks Xmas is going to BD him today.

    Kevin says if that happens, and Xmas votes him out, Paul has Kevin’s vote along with Cody, Mark, and Elena, and then all Paul would need is one more vote.

    Kevin also is saying there’s no way any of those he named would vote for Josh at the end.

  20. I think I’m just going to go with Kevin as AFP (for my votes). He’s done what he can do relative to the others, and even in going out he’s been classy.

    Hate the thought of when he finds out about all of the sh*t talking toward him, especially by the people he thought were closest to him.

  21. Paul is at 13 career comp wins. He could break the record for most wins witch is 13. Come on dethrone the over rated Janelle.

    • I would like to see him break the record because it would be the cherry on top of his fantastic game play, but Janelle is not over rated. She is one of the most successful players ever (although I will always hate her for what she did to Will in season 7 although it was the right move)

  22. Irony…In the live feeds right now…Paul talking to Kevin within earshot of Josh about James last year in final 3.

    Paul: “He thought he could piggy back off me in the game and then get rid of me after final 3” (describing Josh)

    Talking now about Corey:
    “He would have won at the end because he had a good social game and everyone liked him, like a quiet Jason.” (implying Paul isn’t liked by everyone in jury)

  23. Guy’s what we fail to understand here, is everyone in the house played the game. Some better than others of course. We have floaters every year. And one of them will make it to the end. When you go into the house, w/o social skills, or athletic abilities, what do you do? (Fit in, where you can get in). You go in with a certain mind set, and the environment changes everything. Did you see Raven talking to Judy? Don’t tell her she didn’t play! …And I bet the others think the same way.

  24. Kevin is also telling Paul to take Josh to F2, don’t take Xmas because Kevin thinks she’ll win against Paul (“because they’ll feel bad for her”)

    Paul: “If you get voted out, you have to talk me up in jury”
    Kevin: “Of COURSE Paul”

  25. I will roll on the floor laughing if he loses to Josh in F2! It will be worth the entire season for that…besides Alex’s face when she finally understood that she got screwed by Paul hahaha

  26. I finally got to vote for Kevin CBS votes were messed up last night and this morning sure hope it didn’t give Cody an advantage. last night on BBAD kevin and Jason was winning on votes on here people want Cody. Kevin is the nicest he has been bullied by everyone thanks to Paul. I think he hates Paul he gives him such hateful looks and if Kevin wins Americas vote that will tick Paul off a lot

  27. So as someone who has watched every season of this show since season 9 (including BBOTT), I could not stomach another season with Paul on it. Paul with his misogyny and general crappiness was too much for me. Fingers crossed he doesn’t make it to final 2 because I hate the idea that BB rewarded this jacka** and he will make even more money. It would make as happy (honestly even happier) as I was seeing Vanessa lose.

    • Starting in 9. You missed the good seasons. 6 and 7 are the best seasons they have had. 2 and 8 are really good too.

      • Will and boogie dr was so much fun!! And will seductive to the cam is one of my best memories of bb!!

      • “Everyone wants a piece of Dr. McDreamy. Don’t worry. I won’t bite…Hard.” Hilarious. He really is half man half amazing.

    • every season? What about 1-8?
      Paul will win if that’s what they want. Vanessa wasn’t a vet, and I think that’s why BB allowed her to get evicted. It will be so rewarding as a viewer to see him go before F2.

      • I did not watch 1-8 hence I specified since season 9, and since I know who ultimately won in 1-8 I can’t imagine actually watching them since there is no mystery/surprise.
        I can imagine that BB wants Paul to win but it would give me such great joy to watch him lose that I will be hopeful until the moment it doesn’t happen.

      • Seeing how you find Paul too much though you would never make it through the actual mean seasons back when players were ruthless.

  28. i was rewatching the 1st episode of the summer and i just reallise that kevin was responsible for getting paul in the house and possibly winning because he accepted the temptation on the 1st episode. if no one had taken it paul would not even be in the house and the entire summer would have unfold very differently

    • “kevin was responsible for getting paul in the house and possibly winning because he accepted the temptation..”

      I can’t blame Kevin. That’s alot of money. Production knew this and used it as a gold carrot to get Paul in the house. They had to be 99% certain the house guests could not resist that much money.

    • I did the same today. I had also forgot josh craziness. And how he didn’t vote for Christmas to stay. And Cody awkward behavior.

    • There were 7-8 others who pushed the button out of the 16 there at the time.
      Any of those would instead be responsible depending on the split-second timing.
      It could be another cbs/prod twist as to who to allow the button first.

      Cameron did not push his button yet he was the one who ultimately suffered for it by being voted out the FIRST DAY. Cameron had wanted a competition to determine who went out. Jingle Bells and the other blondie wanted the HGs to vote.

  29. This season has been bizarre, to say the least. Why don’t we ever see the HOH letters from home and the HAVE NOT competitions any more? Why does it seem like it has been Paul’s season from day 1? Why didn’t Cody’s alliance listen to him? Why did most of these players believe everything Paul said? Why did Raven think she played a good game, when she didn’t do anything? Why has Christmas been allowed to play all season, when she couldn’t compete most of the time? I’m sorry, but it’s been a very disappointing season.

    • Food comps, visits with family, HOH letters and someone rolling their eyes when the Head of Household cries at a picture of their dog. The things that we love about Big Brother. I wonder if it is due to budget cuts? The game being streamlined?

      • OH NO!!! not budget cuts unless they get all those background sets and costumes and game play stuff for free!!

        Season BB2 & BB8, most all of the HOH comps were standing in the boxes in a row of however many players were competing, and asked questions. THe same standing boxes were used several times. These comps were done by end of episode. Several comps did not have costumes or such elaborate sets as this year. Am sure other earlier and later seasons were also bare bones.

      • YES !! I loved the food comps as I was reminded by from season 8. They were team building efforts, comraderie. ‘Home town/family’ visits.

        The Luxury Comps, usually for clothes but saw one with stuff like cameras, DVD players, metal detectors and also a few bummers in the mix.

    • There are no longer Have Not comps. HNs are determined either by the current HOH or the first three/four HGs who dropped out of the HOH comp.

  30. “I don’t know how the Jury feels, but my plan is to take Josh all the way to the end and hopefully it’s a clean sweep.”

    Paul is counting on Josh not being able to give a good final speech to the jury? He has all the information, knows all Pauls secrets but can he articulate those? He’s smart but is nervous, lacks confidence and doubts himself. IMO. paul is counting on this and giving a great speech of his own.

  31. I am sorry that a lot of the people don’t like Paul. But, I love him this year. I truly believe that Paul deserves to win 😎

  32. Paul should win, it doesnt matter who against really. If he is the F2, he should win.

    AFP… to mean, none of them deserve AFP and so far i have not voted. I am leaning towards Jason though.

    Jason – Jason played a solid game. He was even on to Paul (with the help of Mark) but he couldnt convince Alex. His fight with Matt was over the top, but if not being a douchebag at least once is the criteria, no one gets it… he had some comp wins and some veto wins, although he didnt win when it mattered most. Mostly, I like him :)

    Alex – Nope. completely snowed and blinded by Paul (as were others) she got fixated on Kevin and just lost her ever loving mind. I didnt get the obsession with Kevin and quite frankly, that turned me off to her.

    Josh – Nope. Paul’s lap dog. I mean, it was good for his game too… but he should have flipped the script and kept Alex and then have josh/alex against paul/christmas. Not sure if he could have convinced alex…. but he should have tried.

    Cody – Nope. Worst social player in the history of BB, bar none. I think the reason everyone was so high on cody is the potential. He could win comps… both physical and mental… but he had the personality of a lump of coal. Just… ugh. If he spent more time with his finger on the pulse of the game instead of Jessica’s whoha, perhaps Christmas would have gone home week 1. But he didnt. he couldnt make himself play the social game. If he could have, Paul would not be here because they would have gotten him out eventually….

    that is it for me. The rest, i dont think deserve it… including Christmas. I was big team Christmas at the start but… i dont know… didnt like what i saw towards the end.

    • I dont normally reply to myself, but, reading some pro-Josh stuff below has got me thinking enough to amend my thoughts about Josh:

      Josh played a team type of game (christmas’s influence) and really thrived in that sense. He did do Paul’s dirty work, but he DID something. The reality is, up until the Alex vote, everything he did for Paul helped his game along also. If he focuses on that, and he is F2, he might be able to get the Jury to think….

      As i mentioned, when Paul was talking about splitting the vote, he should have gone to see if he could have worked with Alex. Maybe he could have, maybe he couldnt have… but I think that is the one move he should have made.

      Otherwise, why not go along with Paul when his game is going where you want to go anyway.

    • If Josh pitches that idea to Alex, she’d go along with it just to secure her safety that week, then the week after she’d go to Paul and it would be Paul, Alex, Christmas vs Traitor Josh. It would have been a bad move. Alex was way too far up Paul’s behind. Him voting to keep her would have meant Alex forgiving him not taking her off the block with his Veto.

  33. On the live feeds it feels like Kevin is about to get whacked. Like he’s in the front passenger seat, Paul’s driving the car to a remote spot, and Josh and Kevin and in the back seat with a loaded gun.

    Kevin’s just talking happily and nicely, unaware – or maybe aware but resigned – to his fate.

      • If she suspects that paul will keep josh to the end, then she will do that, but she has to remember that her competitive skills are injured and Paul would get rid of her if she defies him.

      • That’s what I’m thinking too, she’s not stupid , and she a mean girl too , she HAS to have a lil idea that paul would take Josh , would not be surprised at all if she did !!

      • “Owned her game”!!!! That’s what I loved about her and that’s where others lose their appeal for me. The one that really didn’t own up to her game and bugged the ever living shyte out of me was Vanessa. UGH!!

      • The crying, knashing of teeth, dramatics, oy vey!! I stopped watching at some point, I couldn’t take her drama. I was so happy Steve won, didn’t even care for him but the fact that Vanessa lost? Made me so happy! LOL

      • I would take this season over that one any day of the week. Between the twinsuh, Austin and Vanessa, unwatchable at certain points.

      • Awwww, so much love. I return the sentiment gorgeous!💚💜💛💙

      • Oh that season? I was anti Vanessa. I hate that season, but I didn’t post my hate redunduntly like a maniac,

      • LOL I wasn’t posting then, but I’d like to think I wouldn’t continuously post how much I hated it. I just turned it off, canceled my feeds and watched the last 2 TV episodes. So happy when Steve won.

      • I know, I love it! I’m going into banner withdrawal, any chance of one tonight, pretty please?😘

      • I got a goat banner just a few minutes ago. I always feel so honored when I see those beautiful goats smiling at me. :D

      • On this thread. You’ll see if you just scroll up or down. Not sure if you have your comments set on newest or oldest first. There’s a little backstory to it. I’ve been meaning to ask, have you ever had piano lessons, Miss Fiddle? :D

      • Ha, have I ever had piano lessons. My father was a well known world renowned classical pianist, teacher and mentor. Sad day for many when he passed. Sorry, I had to give my dear dad a few props. So….the answer is definitely a major yes to piano lessons. Hated every single minute of it.

      • Ah, Miss Fiddle, you sound so very proud, and for good reason. I understand hating piano lessons. I begged my parents not to make me take them. The teacher was named Mrs. Pickle and she was a sour puss, straight-laced, proper old maid that smacked you on the hands if you missed a note. Kind of soured my stomach for piano teachers. :)
        Cy’s banners are the best!

      • LOL, Mrs Pickle!!!! How did you even get through a lesson with a straight face with that name, OMG!! Whoa, smacking on the hands is not the way you teach piano or anything else for that matter. Very sadistic if you ask me and believe me, you can torture students without hitting them, LOL! :)

      • It was torture, therefore my body shudders when someone mentions a piano teacher. It’s just an involuntary response after the experience of Mrs. Pickle. I don’t think her classes resulted in anyone famous like your blessed talented father. You ready for Kevin to leave? He finally gets some peace and out the door he goes. Not for long, though. :)

      • No, I’m not ready for Kevin to leave but he had a good run, kind of maybe. LOL

      • Vanessa was so hated on her season. You know your hated once you start reading comments like..’I can’t wait to see her face when she gets blindsided” or ‘I can’t wait for her to find out how much she’s hated by the fans” ‘I hope she gets booed’ They don’t like ‘feeds, hate the season, but they can’t WAIT for these events to happen. haha It’s the satisfaction. In the end the ‘voyeurs were happy she was evicted.

      • Haha, sound like stuff I’ve been saying about the feral wombat.

      • Yes our paths have not been crossing as much lately but always a pleasure! You going to join us on survivorfandom this season

  34. Hope Josh wins. He’s not a bad guy. He just got with a bad guy who messed with head. Paul messed with everyone’s heads except my favorite… that’s right.. Cody. He didn’t fool him at all. Cody should come back someday. All those bodybuilding guys and girls should come back for another show. Make it fair!! 😉 Nice they all were but hey you gotta play the game. Paul made it terrible season to watch after Cody went home. I almost turn off. Only I like Jason. Well I hope they don’t say Paul played a ‘tight’ game. NO!!!

  35. Thanks CBS for a poor season! Wasn’t exciting at all. I think unfair to BB fans and players (poor Cameron) to bring back a lone vet against all newbies, give him three free weeks, huge advantage from previous years because he knows all the comps, plus has been reflecting the past year on what he should have done, and then filled the house (with a few exceptions) of minions. You all but laid down the red carpet leading Paul to the $500,000. I have had more suspense and excitement watching paint dry. Good work ruining BB!

  36. I hope Paul DOES take Josh to the end with him. I also hope Josh wins and shocks puppet-master Paul! So, Christmas sleeping with Paul doesn’t guarantee her a place at the end–LOL? I was kind of hoping Christmas and Josh would go to the end…who knows, we’ll see. Josh did have times when he questioned Paul’s loyalty but didn’t take action on it; not smart.
    And I can’t wait to hear what Cody has to say to Paul when he gets his chance to question him, assuming Paul is final 2.

    • I would love to know what’s going on in the jury house, now that they are all free to talk about Paul and find out what a manipulator he is!!! I be they are all wishing they listened to Cody.

      • They really haven’t shown much of jury , they usually just show little bits… they have all has time to simmer and rethink all the things they did wrong, and all the things Paul did right , if they vote by game alone it absolutely should be paul, even salty Alex has his vote .

    • Assuming he talks at all or will just give him that blank empty Brained starecrow look 👀 👁 I know Paul is smart enough to realize Josh may have a chance at winning .. with that in mind , I absolutely would not want Xmas at the end at all !!!! She may evict josh thinking that Paul and him are very close , not sleeping all cuddly close , but wouldn’t be surprised if she evicted josh and secured her spot for f2 .. and paul win and take kevin . Yup .

  37. There’s one thing I really do not understand. Many people since the start of this season seems to think Cameron would had been amazing and would have done a difference. Yes he said he was super fan but also did alex and Ramses. Know if those 2 proved to be super fan.

    As well he was so awkward, showing is hairy butt to Helena and Jessica!! Ewww!

    And his DR where so painful with him yelling with a frog voice. Also, in the only first competition he couldn’t even remember the 2 only clue Julie gave, he went to complete wrong way.

    Not at all desapointed he left to never come back!!!

  38. I hope CBS listens to the fans. Don’t return prior Finalists houseguests.
    As we see from Paul, there has been too much advantage to make it fair, and interesting.

    • Thanks for the info. Has to be a bit of relief for Kevin. A people person with no friends in that house. He can hang out with Jason again.

    • Arg .. I would have liked to see kevin and Paul , although Josh does deserve it over the other 2 that did nothing pretty much , but if paul knows that josh WAS going to evict him he may decide to toss him instead , but he would be most likely the one to go w him. Xmas , dammat .. the rumors were kevin won and was hoping Xmas would go up and get voted out. I don’t want her as f3, but kevin has won a lil bit of $$ and hopefully AFP, so he should be ok .

  39. I would like to see Mark or Josh get the people’s choice money award.
    Mark…the big guy with a soft side; and Josh provided the only entertainment this season.

  40. Wouldn’t this be dope… ok Paul throws the last hoh to josh because he doesn’t want to Evict Christmas and lose her vote. Josh evicts Paul and goes to final two with Christmas. I know Paul not that dumb but you know lol what if

  41. I been thinking about this?…Everyone talks about how dumb, and has no brain… Josh. Even too this point of the game. Christmas, and Paul walk all over him. So is he really to blame, for the pots and pans. Or is he the victim, the prey too Paul. A weak minded person get caught up everyday. Too those who take advantage of them. They end up bullying, killing, behind bars, or DEAD!

  42. Part 3 is a crap shoot. So if Paul and Josh are in the final part Josh could very well win. How many part 3 on other seasons they’ve both got wrong. They usually only get a couple questions right. It just a guessing game.

    • It actually isnt. It’s based on how jury members answer questions. If you actually got to know the HGs, it shouldnt be hard.

      Like for instance, if they asked Cody “What was your favorite moment in the house?” and the options were A: F**king Jessica or B: Getting evicted twice, you would have to a moron to not know the answer.

      • The answers to the questions are not polar opposite. You gave a poor example. They’re answers that they could answer either or. Alex what do you regret most in the game? A. Trusting Paul or B. Not winning veto in the comic books comp. She could answer either one its a crap shoot like I said. Just watch.

  43. Ok, so I’m re-watching season 18…Paul was the exact same person last year as he is this year (loud, confrontational, thinking about the HGs perception of actions and associating/ not associating with certain people).

    I think the only difference between this year and last is that this year enough people looked up to him that he had the numbers to stay safely in the game. And with his forceful personality, any rope you give him he will grab onto and yank you in his direction.

    He has a natural advice-giving/ coaching personality, and he was a good enough player that people 100% trusted his advice and in their eyes he morphed into their protector/ best friend/ brother

    • Did he persuade others to attack people, or instigate mobs against others, or tell them not to talk to certain people?

      • He did warn Victor about associating with people who were on the outs (he stopped, it was good for his game), he did tell people to call out others and also led the calling out when they came together as a group. I’m actually watching it right now, when the house called out Frank.

      • And I think last year’s cast was more mature than this year’s cast; they would still fight (Paulie, Meech, many others), but there were more adult/ aggressive words exchanged in season 18. This season fought like high school or middle school kids.

      • Last season his was a little more subdued because at first, he was always the target. But after he was able to slide “to the side of power”, people became focused on what an a$$hole Paulie C was.

      • Great point also. I’m at the point in season 18 where Victor has come back, and the house is now angry at Frank. This is the first time Paul calls someone out, and in front of the whole house.

        You’re right – earlier in the season he said he would lay low and just be the funny muffin-making man (I forgot he made muffins, and picked up the hobby of baking when he was in the house LOL)

    • that is all exactly as it is! he is very persuasive but attacks when you don’t go along- this year was easy for him

  44. It would be really interesting to hear Paul’s perspective on the season after he learns that Josh was planning to cut him at the end, no matter who wins. I get why he’s not taking Kevin though, after losing to the more ‘likable’ HG last year. (Gag.)

  45. Speculations on the questions in the final HoH? When the 2 HGs have to guess A or B, in regards to the jurors statements?

    Alex: Which move she regrets the most, throwing the HoH the week Jason went to jury, or trusting Paul?

    Cody: Which eviction was harder, his first one or Jessica’s?

    Matt: What was his favorite thing about the house, cooking with Raven or eating endless bowls of cereal?

    Mark: What was more intense, fighting with Josh or trying to stay in the game?

    Jason: What is one move he wishes he made, aligning with Mark or letting Alex win the HoH the week Maven went home (so he’d be eligible the next one when she threw it)?

    Trying to think of others…

  46. has any one heard Christmas mention the name of her gym ? I did hear on bbad she said they worked out of her home but I am sure that is for 1 of her many other businesses !!!!!… I live in Raleigh… I can deff. see the shops at North Hills snubbing their noses at her because of all her tats #snobs…also can’t figure out where she lives or if her mom is in Raleigh..???.. I have been here 5 years and I am still waiting to be impressed !!!!! I am TEAM JOSH for the WIN. Has any one heard anything about his family in Miami # IRMA ?

  47. Sooooo happy too see the jury house. Guess Cody is still unhappy. Until he sees Jason exit from the house. Lol
    Look how Elena is looking at Jason. Like you are so clueless…..

  48. Forget about the comp, show me more jury. Lol….Raven really think she was running something. Smh
    I was almost in tears when Jason found out Alex wasn’t against him. I didn’t cry tho, because that is a sign of weakness. Lol

  49. Paul does not deserve anything. Big Brother should be ashamed of letting all the bully mess go on with Josh. They let a girl (may I use the race card, as people say) black girl go for less than this.

    • I want to vote for Kevin or Cody but I’m trying to get a consensus of who everyone is voting for so I can vote that way. But I’m getting 50/50 with those two and then I just read people talking about voting for Jason. I had known Jason was still in the race for it I would’ve voted for him for sure!

  50. No reason to watch BBAD now….nothing but BOREDOM, coming our way. Who will isolate themself? Will they turn against each other? Lol

  51. Paul doesn’t know that Josh has been leaving good bye messages telling the jury that Paul got them evicted. Hopefully that help Josh out and he wins.

  52. Well i cant’ n stand the 3 of them. But Josh finely learned what Paul was doing. To little to late. But Damn i jope Josh beats Paul, but still christmas donest desever to win anything. She was lousey. So Josh and Paul. But Josh wins.

  53. I wasn’t aware Dr. Will Kirby wasn’t doing the jury round table anymore. If this is the case, is there a reason why? Don’t get me wrong, I think Derrick would be great hosting the round table as well. I just like seeing Dr. Will involved. Thanks!

  54. If Paul’s playing to win, keeping Josh around is a no brainer. For anyone else, the difference between 2nd and 3rd is $50K. Paul’s already won $50K (plus all the attention he’s gotten from BB in the past year). He’s not going to care if he finishes 3rd to Josh than lose to Christmas or Kevin in 2nd.

  55. So disappointed in this season. Shame on those who vetted cowards and lemmings vs. a veteran competitor. I blame production.

  56. Production gave this guy 2 years of free publicity. Do you really want this guy to be the face of BB for the future? You killed your own show! Please fire the selection team before next season–celebrity BB might not be enough to save this debacle.

  57. I wanted Nicole to win last year and I thought she would win despite all the people who thought jury would never vote for her. I am not entirely convinced the jury will vote for Paul. It really depends if they can let go of the anger. My ideal situation is if Paul gets evicted. Even though Josh and Christmas do not deserve the win I dislike Paul the most.

  58. Paul had no right for a second change to win. Both these guys are evil and totally disgusting. Christmas was soo disgusting also. A total rider. They let her ride around and made games for her. Not fair. Stupid Big Brother. Hated it this Season.

  59. I use to kinda want Josh to win,but then he totally threw Paul under the bus. Don’t care who you are, you don’t do what Josh did!!!!!!! In his good bye to Jason and Alex he told them that Paul was the evil one. I think that all of them are just as guilty as Paul

    • Paul threw most everyone under the bus. Josh found out what Paul was doing. Josh let them know evictions were Paul’s idea, not his.
      Paul wanted no blood on his hands,
      Josh didn’t like this, so he outed Paul in his Goodbye Messages. Josh did this to get jury votes if he is in a F2 with Paul. KUDOS to Josh!!!!

      • Sorry, but IMO Josh knew what was going on, he was in on it…so if Paul is quilty, then so are Josh and Christmas!

      • I agree, but the evicted hgs thought Paul was protecting them. They didn’t know Paul was involved. Paul played the “friendship” card. Josh just told the evicted hgs Paul’s involvement. In the evicted hgs eyes they thought only Josh & Christmas were involved. Josh just told them in the Goodbye Messages the truth.

      • I totally agree with you. My one bone of contention is that (Josh) was in on every plan, he isn’t innocent. Will be glad when it’s done

  60. Paul does not know that Josh has been outing him in his goodbye speeches and that Josh wants to take Christmas to F2, so Paul may be shooting himself in the foot again this year. He should have taken most despised and delusional Raven to F2. Jury (except Matt) would never vote for her over Paul.

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