‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH Round 1?

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 F4 eviction

Big Brother 19 was ready to roll last night with its second straight eviction night with the Final Four set to lose another member following Alex Ow’s eviction in Wednesday’s episode. Now with Paul Abrahamian as the HoH with a secured spot in the F3 the other three HGs would be competing for the same privilege.

By the end of the episode we discovered our F3 for BB19 as the HGs prepare for Thursday’s Round 1 of the Final HoH. But first, let’s get to the night’s results for the nominations, Veto comp, ceremony, and eviction vote.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Nominations:

  • Paul nominates: Josh & Kevin

Nominations are set, but the real power to control the sole vote this week comes with the Veto medallion.

Before the Veto Comp it’s time to take a trip to the Jury house. Cody is still Cody and doesn’t like anything and refuses to participate in basic discussions. Matthew gets a cold welcome. Jurors are shocked by Jason’s naivety. Jason is still blaming Alex for his eviction, but Julie says Raven will cure him of that thought.

Gallery: Big Brother 19 Jury House

Raven shows up and starts telling all the Jurors that she was the season’s puppet master. They’re laughing to her face. She goes on that she and Matthew had the one true alliance with Paul. They laugh even more at her. Yeah, such a good alliance that they’re both in Jury? Gotcha.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Veto Comp:

The competition is a time machine theme and HGs have to set the right day of events using wheels to turn the Big Brother Day counter. Last in each round loses a point. After losing 3 points the HG is eliminated.

  • Round 1: Christmas was last
  • Round 2: Kevin was last
  • Round 3: Kevin was last
  • Round 4: Kevin was last & eliminated
  • Round 5: Christmas was last
  • Round 6: Christmas was last & eliminated
  • Round 7: Josh is last
  • Round 8: Josh is last
  • Round 9: Josh is last & eliminated

Paul wins the final Power of Veto of the season.

The earlier events were all held during the Feeds blackout over the past few days but now we’re up to the live portion of tonight’s eviction show. Time to see who is heading off to Jury next.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Paul did not use the Veto.
  • Final noms stay as Josh & Kevin

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 Eviction:

  • Christmas votes to evict: Kevin

Out on stage Kevin tells Julie that Paul was his closest ally, but he’s not upset that Paul didn’t use the Veto to save him. In Paul’s goodbye message he tells Kevin that if he’s seeing this then Christmas went rogue (not true). In Josh’s g’bye message he blows up Paul’s lie by telling Kevin they had a F3 alliance and Kevin was all their targets. Oops!

Big Brother 19 Final 3:

  • Christmas Abbott
  • Josh Martinez
  • Paul Abrahamian

Big Brother 19 Final HoH – Round 1:

Big Brother is almost over for the season but we’ve still got two more episodes with Friday at 8/7c and then the season finale on Wednesday (Sept 20th) at 8/7c for the two-hour event. Keep in mind there will be no Sunday episode this weekend due to the Emmy Awards so we’ll probably be getting the memory lane episode on Friday instead. Wonderful.

What do you think of tonight’s BB19 results? Was the right Houseguest evicted from the F4? Who do you think is going to end up winning it all?

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  1. Statistics update
    Paul is at 14 HOH/POV career wins making him the best physical competitor in history. I am not counting random seasonal comps. He will be 15 wins with the last hoh.

    • That would be awesome to just have the entire episode be about the jury, what’s been going down since Cody got in, up through Alex arriving

    • They showed the jury tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a clip show, of all the great moments of the season, then they will do the first part of the final HOH. Assuming Christmas can compete in either part 1 or 2.

  2. Production is giving us another hyper speed, lets move on with things episode. Alot of info and game play to take in for the casual fan.

      • Pretty damn horrible if you ask me, but it’s up to production and I have a feeling they want Cody victim noises to win.

      • god are you anal weirdo,that is such a damn stupid excuse to have anyone investigatedmyou dont investigate some one for bsaying they made vicim noises wtf are you a 3rd grader

      • no that is Jason his rape comments about kevins wife pissed me off! I wonder if Kevin will be able to hear Jason’s comments.

      • Still people remember Cody. Wasn’t he evicted a long time ago? Lol. I guess that tells us how much impact he has in the game.

      • I would be surprised if production wanted Cody to win AFP after the way he behaved tonight. He was rude and smug and made it clear that he didn’t wanna be there. To be honest, though, that’s the only version of Cody I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t want that attitude rewarded, personally.

      • I totally agree. You agreed to play this game Cody, this is what you signed up for, so get over yourself!

      • Well, least he played the game. Don’t like HOW he played the game, but he was one of the 3 who actually played.

      • Exactly, he was really bad at the game. But, again, he played it. Only can say that for Jess, Cody, and Paul this season.

      • Everyone played the game. People have different strategies and strengths. Alex and Jason won multiple comps and were in an alliance that betrayed them. Same for tons of people. Just because people trusted Paul doesn’t mean they didn’t play. Cody blindsided his 9 person alliance week 1 as well as his showmance. He was evicted week 2. He came back with Jessica as HOH, having the halting hex, AND Paul’s safety had run out and what did they do? Nominate Josh and Ramses. Cody is one of the worst players all time IMO. However they ALL played in some form or fashion.

      • When it was going his way. But when it wasn’t, he took his toys and went away. I don’t know how anyone can say Cody is playing the game now. He stormed out of the house and has repeatedly said he did not want to be there. He is just a waste of a jury spot honestly.

      • Not horrible at all. A veteran with a child to support and a competition beast. Yeah he seems dead inside but you don’t know what he’s seen. Plus if you actually watch feeds then you know Paul is a way bigger prick than Cody, he’s just too cowardly to do the confronting himself and Cody is a man about it.

      • LMFAO a veteran….Yeah a veteran with the same thanks for participating awards that I got just for being there and NEVER once have I expected to be treated special because I was in the military….Nobody should ever want to be special because they were in the military, nor are they….You do it because you want to and know what it entails or you don’t because we for whatever reason don’t make it mandatory.

      • Let me put it to you this way…you should never expect to be patted on the back for anything that you do. But many people, like me, do appreciate when someone serves his country/community. It’s just to express that we thank you for what you did. So thank you for your service. My father was a vet and my husband is a vet. Most of my family have served our communities through volunteer fire departments and rescue squads. Myself included. We didn’t do it for a pat on the back, but it’s nice to be appreciated.

      • oh brother- imaginary scenarios now? we don’t know what ANY of them have seen… paul knows its a game, he is playing a game not BB romance or BB hide in my bedroom because I did not get what I wanted

  3. Just getting on and not sure if anyone mentioned this…but someone told me they heard that Christmas evicts Josh. Anyone else hear this?

  4. Looks like terminal tilly is getting feisty, can’t wait to see it!

    • I just wanna say that I love everyone here, you’re all my best friends ever, and I just love everyone.

      Gets voted out: I can’t believe I been treated like this. How could you do this to me? You’re all terrible!

    • Yeah, cause he should totally like people who stabbed him in the back and failed to stay by his side Week 1, even when he made a mistake.

      • And was it even a mistake? Look at stalkermas now. She’s obsessed with Paul and she knows he has a gf. She is playing for 2nd place so he can win this year and saying she wants to come back and win next year because of her foot. Gtfo lol

  5. Cody looks totally justified, lol. That might be the first smile we’ve seen him crack all summer.

  6. Cody – “I liked the exit.” (about Jason’s exit)
    Jason – “I should have walked on the damed table.”
    FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and TAKE OLE’ WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s how stealthty his strategy was. They’re going to Jury house in body bags, Near the end, and they’re still dazed and confused as ever. well..except Cody (that’s what he said. lol)

      • Yeah but then Alex is still on Paul’s side, so is delusional Raven and dummy Matt. So I see a split right now, though I think Cody will vote for Paul.

    • You got to have one delusional character in the show. I don’t really mind. lol She’s crazy, and popular on forums, hehe Fans love to talk about her family history and her deseases …

  7. I will say if these people let their personal feelings decide their vote, they’re disrespecting not only the game, but the players of the game

      • Every player who has played this game. Every winner has played an amazing game. If they vote for Christmas or Josh to win over Paul, they let a joke win the game

      • Okay, I’ll give you that (unless it’s only Josh and Christmas left because Paul got Vanessa’d).

    • I actually see xmas as a better game player than Paul, look how far she came when she easily could have been out, she’s a real beast physically and mentally. She shocked me this season after she broke her leg

    • I don’t care how good a game he played, if you lead an entire house and told them to bully me, I wouldn’t vote for you. Paul and his minions made every attack personal, so he has no one to blame for a bitter jury but himself

  8. And so we see the continued proof that Paul has NO IDEA how to play this game. His jury management continues to suck.

    • How else was he suppose to make it to the end? The only thing so far he’s done wrong was the goodbye message to Jason. Everything else has been perfect by him, he can’t control these bitter people

      • Yeah, and even some of the BB Greats have failed to sway a bitter jury (Dan not winning BB14 is a crime), but then there’s Evel Dick, who had no trouble overcoming bitterness.

      • Because he was next to Danielle, and the jury that season understood it was a game. This jury clearly is putting their personal feelings ahead of the game

      • They were all star struck when he walked in the door, and with all of the safety he got from production – he could have been the goofy “friendship” Paul from last year, and gave them advice on all of their HOH’s, and they never would have targeted him. That would have been closer to Derrick’s game – but instead he chose to start almost all of the fights, pretend like he had nothing to do with it, promise everybody a final 3 or 2 alliance, stab them in the back, lie about it in his goodbye message, and now that the bitter jury is comparing notes, he’s just now worrying that he created a bitter jury. He put all of them there, and good for him if they decide to give him the win, but he also gets what he deserves if the bitter jury decides to make bitter votes.

    • But per Raven she, Matt and Paul were in the “real” alliance with Paul…after everyone pointed out Paul had alliance with every couple.

    Jason: These two (Matt & Raven) were puppets for the puppet master all season.
    Raven: I was helping Paul pull his strings
    Mark: Everbody was doing the same
    Cody: I didn’t.

    Alex chuck knuckles with Cody

  10. Mark elena jason cody not paul
    Alex raven matt chris/josh paul
    Kevin decides imo and Paul is bout to screw him

  11. I am saddened for Kevin, but he did not do well in the comp.
    Paul was told to try to get one wrong answer, so it won’t look suspicious.

  12. Jury segment TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!
    😂 Bwa ha ha ha! Lovee it!! Raven has become more delusional…didn’t think it could happen!!!

    • Raven “the puppet master” is beyond delusional!!! I can’t believe she STILL thinks Paul, Matt, & her controlled the game!!!

  13. Dom gets my vote for AFP. She was the first hg to get bullied, lied on, and isolated by the house. She also was the first hg to call out paul in front of the house and correctly identified him as the snake.

    • Your view on Dominique has been my position for a long time. But somehow, I’m now rooting for Kevin. I like Dom too.

    • not sure on this. When I rewatched a season, the first comp was endurance and it took 7 1/2 hours. Standing on a log stump, holding onto their key, jumping over a ‘rabbit’ running around the center and they had to jump the pole it was on. It “rained,” dusted, rain, dirt, and rain on them.

  14. Paul gave Kevin his word he was not leaving this week. Why? What a snake I am sorry when you give someone your word and your lying right to his face upsets me to know end. Tell the man the truth why lie, or tell him he does not know how Christmas will vote.

  15. They should have just let Cody go on home. He is useless, arrogant and could care less. Paul is playing the game..everyone this season is so pissed at Paul. He deserves the..but, I can see certain ones who won’t be able to put the personal feelings aside.

    • I think Cody is for sure going to vote for Paul though, he has said all along. Cody said the best competitor will get his vote.

  16. Jeesh! Where’d he been keeping those socks????????? And that suit???
    All he needs is a gat gun up his sleeves.

    • She is smiling and twisting her words. Very much into him. I’m sure she is a fan and will give him the $25,000.

    • Sorry, but they cant keep casting people like Kevin, they must pick 14 people that wants to play the game, and not people that wants to go sit around and do nothing like Kevin

  17. Glad kevin can have some conversations again. Doesn’t have to try and give ice cream to a camera or talk to a pillow.

  18. I think Julie may have taken a Valium tonight. Her speech is a little messed up. I love her dress and shoes.

    • Would be sooo dam funny if Cody did get the AFP…Since Paul promised all his other ride or dies that they would get it…It will be all Pauls fault that they lost it….Game over…

  19. Paul did not need to lie to Kevin. Paul deserves to win and I think he will, but he almost blew it by playing too maniacally.

    • I wish in his GB message Paul would have been straight up with Kevin instead of lying again. KEvin deserved better. PAul wasn’t kind behind Kevin’s back in the house and the things he said about him. Meanwhile Kevin paying Paul compliments as he heads out the door.

      • Yes. I think Paul has been at least as shady as Nicole, but the difference is the other 2 clearly do not deserve it over Paul.

  20. Pleeeaaaaaaase vote Kevin for AFP. He was just too matured all through, fatherly to all, endured harrasment, respected each person’s game and lasted with great social game.
    He wasn’t just carried along but his social games and general behaviour towards other houseguests took him far.

  21. Also I’m voting Alex for AFP. I don’t really have a clear favorite so I am just giving it to her since I felt bad.

  22. So I’m a little confused… Shocking I know LOL

    What is tomorrow’s episode? And then there’s Sundays and Wednesdays episode, that’s it? No Thursdays? So another words finale is Wednesday?

    AND I asked this yesterday, I’m trying to get a consensus on who people are voting for for America’s favourite houseguest. Right now I am getting 50/50. Cody/Kevin and then I just read a few people are talking about voting for Jason! I would’ve voted for Jason had I known he was in the running but I thought after his stupid joke people would not be voting for him. I am happy with Cody or Kevin, but I want to throw my votes to whatever one more people are voting for. So, blah blah blah blah blah! Who are you voting for? Who did you vote for?

      • I was thinking the same thing. If Cody is receiving all these AFP votes and he’s still acting like a pr*ck in he jury house, then he doesn’t deserve to be AFP. I’m going to also vote for Kevin.

      • Agree. Thought time in the jury house would change him, but him walking away while they were filming because Matt asked him a question… He seems like he’s just mean to his core

      • Compared to the rest of these HGs, yes he is. He’s the only one (besides Jessica) that didn’t want to just hand Paul $500,000.

      • He could see Matt was still been blind to Paul’s realities and didn’t want to sound overly personal when Elena brought him in to share his opinion. All that changed when the other who could be reasonable came and started comparing notes.

      • I was voting for Kevin but someone just pointed out that Paul would probably like Kevin receiving it because Kevin has played Paul’s game all season. I don’t want Paul being happy! If I can control at least one thing this season & at least one thing go the way I want to this season then great! LOL so I’m not going to vote for Kevin anymore, Cody it is :-)

      • Oh, I thought you were wanting me to vote for Cody! hahaha No, I don’t want that “thang” to have any thing expensive other than a one-way trip out of the country.

      • LOL…NO Cody! I wasn’t too clear on that, was I? At least you read the next reply and I made it a little more clear. No no no…NO Cody!

      • I get it although I understand Cody’s “dry sense of humour and self.”
        I think he is very misunderstood. Cody is just militant therefore he comes across on nonemotional. In Cody’s entrance videos he was a likeable guy, people wanted to root for him in the beginning. But because he went against Paul, someone who a lot of people at least at the time really liked, he became the bad guy. I don’t know, I just understand the guy.

        I would vote for Jason if I thought he had a chance at winning it but I just don’t think he stands a chance so I don’t want to waste my voteS.
        Also for selfish reasons I am voting for Cody because I want to see the look on Paul, Raven, Alex and Matt’s faces! (And Josh is well but I have learned to like him a little bit.)
        But again, I just think a lot of people do not “get” Cody’s personality. His dry sense of humor.
        Yesterday people were ranting about Cody in the jury house but then I watched and I was like what? What did he do? I still don’t understand it but that’s just people’s opinions so it is what it is. I assume it was because of how he reacted to Matt.Cody is a straight shooter, he has no interest in seeking relationships and I think that’s a great quality in a person. I’m the same way, if I like you I like you, if I don’t then Cody is a straight shooter, he has no interest in faking friendships and I think that’s a great quality in a person. I’m the same way, if I like you I like you, if I don’t then I have no interest being a fake person. If someone has done wrong to me then I’m not going to pretend I like that person. Like Cody did, I would just take myself out of the situation and not engage in negativity
        You know what I’m sayin girlfriend?

      • Cuz if I can be enjoy at least one thing this season I want to see the look on Pau, Alex, Christmas, Josh and Raven’s faces when Cody receives it. So selfishly that’s one reason why.
        And because I understand Cody and I don’t think he is a bad person. He has a very dry sense of humor & I don’t believe he is this “non emotional robot” he was pretrade to be. You know what I’m sayin?
        Another reason is because he wasn’t afraid to take a shot at Paul. He saw a huge threat and he went for it. Clearly not a good game move but, he was right. Episode one a lot of us (not saying you babe) liked him. “We” liked his intro video, his looks, his personality in his intro video etc. Everyone was excited to watch him play. (and Matt…)
        I believe that is the true Cody.
        I know he has said some stupid things in the house, but he is a far better person then a lot of the hgs.
        He served “your” country (obviously I can’t say mine because I’m Canadian as you know but I have mad respect for him and everyone else that fights for your country & mine)
        There is no doubt in my mind that Cody along with every other person serving in the military etc. has come back with some emotional scars (some more than others sadly) therefore he has become for lack of better words “militant” and that’s why he comes across the way he comes across. I don’t want to fault Cody for being militant and again, I get him, I understand his dry sense of humour and I also respect his loyalty to Jessica.
        I just don’t think he is a bad person. And again for selfish reasons LOL
        You know what I’m sayin girlfriend?

      • I was voting for Kevin but someone just pointed out that Paul would probably like Kevin receiving it because Kevin has played Paul’s game all season. I don’t want Paul being happy! If I can control at least one thing this season then great! LOL so I’m not going to vote for Kevin anymore, Cody it is :-)

      • PhillyCat is right. My reason is personal. My son was a Marine and he has ptsd also. I know how hard it is for them.

      • Absolutely! But I have a couple favourites (sorta)
        NOT favourite slide other seasons. So I’m just trying to get the consensus to help break my own tie LOL

    • I voted over 100 times for Kevin last night, but since I cancelled feeds, my votes don’t count. They wouldn’t have anyway.

    • Emmy’s show on Sunday.
      Friday – some saying beginning comp for final three.
      In other seasons, they usually had the final two HGs go over the other gone HGs, giving highlights and suh.