Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 9

The latest round of spoilers for Big Brother 19 this week reveal who had taken control, who is on the Block, our latest target for the week, and what went wrong with the Temptation twist. Catch up on what’s been going inside the house since the last episode of Big Brother.

Paul Abrahamian is worked up on Big Brother 19

Head of Household:

HGs were greeted with an endurance competition to kick off their week and what better way to do it then play like a bunch of weiners and hide in a hot dog. This was a new comp design and it worked pretty well as we saw HGs hanging on to oversized buns lifted in to the sky and tilted around in a wall-style approach.

The HGs made it about an hour and eventually the competition came down to Alex and Jason once Paul and Raven had fallen. At that point it really didn’t matter for the their plan to target Matthew and Raven. Jason took the win after Alex finally willingly dropped. Read More >>

Temptation Twist:

Four apples remained on the Tree of Temptation but with half of them bad and guidance from Paul to avoid it the call to the twist went unanswered. Yes, the entire group decided against accepting the twist this week. I’m not sure that’s happened before with everyone turning something down like that.

That means there will be four apples left to pick from when the chance comes around next Friday for the latest twist’s last installment. Maybe once the group sees it’s imploding we’ll have a little more action on that front. Read More >>


With Jason calling the shots we knew which direction he’d aim. Matthew and Raven were heading up to the Block, but before they went the group made sure they felt good by telling them they were pawns and the target was Kevin. Easy enough. Until it wasn’t. Read More >>

Veto Competition:

The Big Brother house was torn apart on Saturday with the hide & seek Veto competition and things got messy on several levels. Kevin was drawn to play in the comp, which worried Matthew and Raven a little, but the win went to Jason. Read More >>

While the house was being put back together Paul decided he wanted this week to go differently in that when Jason would renom Kevin in Raven’s place he wanted Kevin to leave. All these wins by Jason and Alex had him worried and he wanted to get rid of one of their supporters instead. Another round of easier said than done. This should set us up for some great drama come Monday afternoon. Read More >>


We’re down to just two Have-Nots this week and that honor goes to the first two who fell in the HoH competition. Matthew and Kevin are on Slop and HN room duty this week.

That should catch you up on everything since Thursday’s episode ended. The PoV Ceremony is coming up on Monday and we’ll get the latest results when it’s over.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. I do not understand how these HGs are getting away with breaking HN rules. First Paul takes all pillows and blankets to pile on his bed. Then Elena and now josh turning on both shower heads. But the worse is Josh eating under his blanket 2 nights in a row. And these are the ones that have been caught.

    • Elena got evicted in a double and if my memory serves me right, she wasn’t on the block at the time of the infraction. Same goes for both Josh and Paul. Had they been on the block, they each would have gotten one extra vote for eviction.

      • I never realized you have to be OTB at the time of the infraction. I’ve always thought the infraction could occur at any time, but it is only when you are OTB that the penalty is revealed and enforced. I learned something today, WW, thanks to you. :D

      • I have never heard that you have to be on the block to get a infraction. If that is the case, do things wrong if you are a HN and not on the block

      • I am not saying that is the case but seems like every time their on the block and they do this, they get a penalty vote. Remember Audrey, she ate some pizza while OTB and got an extra vote but no one else got in trouble for breaking the rules that season because they wasn’t OTB. Just a keen observation from a few years that I have watched it.

      • I see what you’re saying. It is very possible that they watch a little closer if an HG is OTB and are more apt to penalize them at that time. Thanks for the clarification, WW.

      • No problem, for example, Matt says if they leave the noms the same this week, he will eat regular food and take a penalty vote. Lets see if he actually does that.

      • I didn’t know that he said that until I saw it on a newer thread. If Maven is OTB after veto, he’s going to ask them to evict him anyway, so a penalty vote will not hurt him. He’s a doofus.

    • From what I understand, Josh got called out, and he never got warm water even though he tried the other shower head

      • He wasn’t going under the other shower head. What he did was turn it to steaming hot and that keeps the HN shower from being too cold.

      • I don’t know, other than what Josh said to the other HGs when they asked him why BB told him “STOP THAT!” He said he tried to turn on the other shower knob, and said it didn’t matter because the water was still cold.

      • Suggestion to AG. If a hg doesn’t follow the HN rules they lose their voting power.

      • They need to do something. If there isn’t a penalty, then who is going to follow HN rules.

      • Both Paul & Josh have eaten under the covers. I think Paul also slept in the HOH room when he was a HN. Matt may be eating cereal and he is a HN.

      • It seemed like cushioning the beds started when Paul became HN. People followed, just like they have been doing the whole game.

    • I read it that way, too, at first, but I knew I didn’t miss the veto ceremony. The writer used past tense which does make it sound like it was a done deal, but the ceremony has not taken place.

      • Well you know that Paul is all powerful so maybe he slipped in and wrote that hoping no one would notice that there hadn’t been a Veto Ceremony.That way he gets what he wants. LOL

      • Doesn’t need to be confusing. We’re discussing past events and one of them being Paul’s suggestion of a plan.

        Considering the discussion continues with stating the Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday then it should be clear that it hasn’t happened yet.

      • Well, I’ll admit I’m not a writer (I was a math major, words and writing aren’t my thing lol)…Maybe my Rainman brain was reading too literally….I think I would have understood better if it said “in the event Jason renom’d Kevin in place of Raven, Paul is now leaning toward getting Kevin out”

      • It was the way you wrote it….sorry. Sounds like I wasn’t the only one confused. Thanks for clarifying Matt :)

    • That would be very disappointing after all the storm Jason has weathered. Alex, Christmas, Josh and Paul have been relentless and he had resisted.

      • I don’t buy it. I’ve read a lot about “fair use” and that fall into it big time. If CBS think there’s a problem with those lyric on his arm, they need to change lawyers. I believe the nicotine patch explanation. It’s always a small square and it’s most of the time between 2 lines. What the hell would it be hiding, one word in the middle. Nope, I really don’t buy that explanation. Why don’t you ask Grodner next week.

  2. Xmas says she was told by production that she has to cover her butt….I don’t get it considering #1 Raven’s sloppy a** is hanging out of her shorts every single day, and #2 Xmas has the best butt of this season, and any other season I can think back to

  3. Rachels first season…Her wardrobe consisted of very low cut blouses/tops which did not leave much to the imagination.. She was called out by production and told to cover up…I remember a conversation she was having with another HG about it as to what she could wear and what she could not…

  4. Jason has the fight of his life coming up today and tomorrow till the Veto meeting – and possibly beyond. Finally someone has the cahones to cross Paul’s wishes. Finally. Hang in there, Jason … BB fans everywhere are pulling for you!

    • Really hoping that Alex wins the next HOH. Jason is toast if she doesn’t. His loyalty to Kevin has put the biggest target on his back.

      • Alex does need to win the next HOH but Paul will find a reason that she needs to throw it…Alex does not realize just how bad she does need the upcoming HOH…

  5. What do you think Matt’s thinking right now ( as he lovingly crunches on his cereal)?

  6. I love that the 1st two HGs off the wall are getting the HN punishment…it should be motivation to stop floating

      • Anything Maven made/ gave me I would thoroughly wash, sanitize, inspect, and probably start from scratch. They have some of the grossest habits I’ve ever seen.

        Exhibit A: Cummy dish towel
        Exhibit B: Raven serving Alex banana bread this morning with a clump of her hair in it
        Exhibit C: The used condoms in a drawer

  7. How much would you love it if you had a roommate, and ANY where that you touch in the place you two shared had at some point been covered by your roommate’s bare butt cheeks?

    I wish I had Raven as a roommate….Bwahahahaha totes j/k!

  8. I cannot believe the disrespect Paul shows to DR and production yes some of the other guest have mouthed off’ but they cool off and do what they have to do. Paul totally doesn’t listen when he is told to put on mic, stop horsing around and no sleeping. Yet he is still there bullying. Wonder if Vic will still be his friend?

    • Paul feels entitled, BB brought him back into the House this Season to Win the Game that he lost last Season. Big Brother has bent over backwards to give Paul every Advantage Available in the Game also.

  9. Why can’t the others play their own game. All they been doing is Playing Paul’s game. No one has the guts to play their own game They are scared of Paul. Which makes me sick to my stomach. Buy the time they figure out Paul was the puppet master it will be to late to get him out. Christmas try to act like she had her own game but she let Paul tell her what to do. Cody was the only person had the balls to try to get Paul out. But they turned on Cody. This is the worst little brother Iv ever watched. Disgusting.

  10. Is anyone disgusted with Alex Paul and Christmas yet for their pettiness trying to torment Kevin. Then they turn around and talk about how well liked they are.

    • Yes they’ve been doing it all season. Their excuse with Cody and Jessica is that they were “bullies”, but what has Kevin done to them?

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