‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Punishments Arrive For Houseguests [PICS]

Houseguests were treated to the infamous Big Brother prize swap competition this weekend for the Veto which means we have some winners and some bitter losers. Well, most aren’t bitter, but one sure is. Read on to find out who will be wearing some silly outfits and how long their punishments will last.

Alex Ow the Park Ranger of Big Brother 19

Three of the Veto players earned a punishment and one more Houseguest got to join in on the “fun” by assignment. Let’s run through what happened with all of them and how long you can expect to see them on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Big Brother Park Ranger: Alex Ow

Alex ended up with a park ranger punishment thanks to Elena. Elena won the Veto comp, but instead of taking the medallion she took the $5K from Alex and left her with this “prize” instead. Alex has to carry around camping gear for one full week. When she hears a bugle horn from production she has to set up camp, cook hotdogs for all the HGs, and then breakdown the camp site. Naturally Big Brother has played not-so-nice by sounding the horn just after she finished the routine the first time and there was also a night time call.

When the HGs are on lockdown Alex has to set up camp on the skybridge that’s designated as the “BB Campground.” Otherwise, the tent and gear is set up outside near the exercise equipment.

X-TREME: Jason Dent

Jason’s punishment also lasts one full week and it’s going to be X-treme. He’s dressed up like a stunt man and whenever Big Brother prompts him to do something x-treme he has to get excited and shout “I am X-TREME!” This seems right up Jason’s alley for his attention seeking and professional career already so you know he’s gotta be thrilled.

Tandem Skydivers: Paul Abrahamian & Christmas Abbott

Paul got stuck with the paired costume and he picked Christmas to join in the fun. For only 48 hours the two HGs will be sharing a tethered experience of wearing skydiving gear with helmets, goggles, and a jumpsuit. Considering Christmas is on her scooter this won’t be particularly easy, but it was funny to watch Paul walking along and pulling Christmas who was just being dragged along. Now that Paul is a HN Christmas has to sleep next to him until this is over, but it won’t last much longer.

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  1. D-Bag Paul tells Cody he doesn’t have to keep to himself, But the minute Cody starts talking to somebody Paul wets himself, and starts saying Cody is trying in integrate himself back in the game, isn’t that part of the game to try and stay? Paul is a little wuss with little man syndrome!

    • Of course it’s part of the game. Being ‘duplicitous is part of Paul’s game too, and that’s what he’s doing…not a likable strategy, but common in BB.

    • Well,Cody hasn’t been exactly father Christmas either this summer and why this sudden interest in “integrating” himself back into the game?,never bothered with such while Jessica was there,yes his sidekick ‘Bonnie Parker’ has left BB and now he is facing eviction,called reality finally sets in but a little late for Cody to start singing “Cry Me River” to the remaining house guests,that ship called “Opportunity” sailed long ago.

      • People aren’t allowed to talk to Cody, you saw what happened when Kevin was talking to him. This season has been ridiculous.

      • So Elena, stupid player #1, is on the block but did not take the POV, which would have given her safety. Enter stupid player #2, Matt (also on the block courtesy of losing the temptation challenge), who will also not use the veto on himself, but instead will remove Jason from the block so Cody can be backdoored. I question whether SP#s 1 and 2 have a single brain between them.

      • Matt really doesn’t care if he goes to jury. I know usually it is a stupid move but everyone wants Cody out so bad he is probably fine. Besides, he probably doesn’t want to look like a hypocrite since he gave Mark crap for using it.

      • Yep, Matt is floating major in this game. It’s been stated so many times that he came into this game to test the waters…once he saw what/how it went down with Cody the MAN (or so he thinks) – then Matt decided his best option is to float to Jury, make some great money while doing nothing and having a great summer in a cool pad…with Raven…not a bad gig if you can get there. Pretty much same thing James did last season. I love James Huling….but you can’t convince me he played last season. He floated, had a showmance that ended badly later on. But made some summer money.

    • Yep. Pretty stupid since she’s on the block. And even worse she asked Alex before the punishment not to give each other the punishment and Alex agreed. Then she went ahead and broke the deal and gave Alex the punishment. Does she not realize she’s on the block and Alex is HOH. SMH. Hope she gets evicted.

  2. Elana should be evicted for being on the block, and not taking the veto. If I was in the BB house, and saw her do that, I would evict her. She is not taking the game seriously. I hope the $5K ends up costing her $500K. Not cool. Play the game.

    • It might not be cool but it’s all part of the game called Big Brother. Expect the unexpected. It keeps the drama going in the house.

    • She has said herself, she is not there to win, but to stay as long as possible for more air time, to help her further her entertainment career. In short, she justs wants to be discovered…..

    • Most of them do not care for that $500,000. A shame really when so many applied to be on Big Brother and some of them probably will atleast, try and play! However, most treat it as a paid vacation and nothing else! Nobody should be just allowed to float week after week doing nothing! They should evict one house guest who does not make even a small move in the Big Brother House! If they do not want to play, why pay them? Evict them first! Change the format to two house guests evicted, one the non-playing house guest and two on the block put by the HOH! The non-laying house guest would be also, given a chance to compete for veto! If he fails to win VETO is automatically evicted!

    • I respectfully disagree. I would not change my target because of this.

      I would remember she did this for future reference. But I would stick with the plan I had when I was not mad. :)

    • Yep she deserves to go. Mark even told her it was a stupid move. Would love to see her walk out that door Thursday.

    • I’m for giving Cody the boot and make Elena sweat it out one more week. On the other hand, I’m just about done with Kevin playing both sides.

  3. Big Brother was too outrageous and rediculous with these “punishments”….hey, 24 hrs of it would be more than enough of this!! CBS…Some pranks are just not that funny IMO. More challenges….less pranks please.

  4. I can see why Paul picked Christmas, look at the alternatives. I have to wonder if there was any gameplay in his decision or if he thought of trying to get some distance between Kevin and Christmas.

  5. Paul is a whinny person with little man syndrome. The more he talks this season , the more I dislike him.

  6. Elena wants exposure to further her entertainment career, but the more she’s on camera the less I’d want to hire her if I was in the industry.

    • I’ve worked just the local radio station and have been complimented on my voice.

      I don’t think I could stand much of listening to her /her voice / her attitude & etc. on the radio. Would have to change stations. Soon. Sooner. Before she even came over the air waves. I would know cause dogs would be barking and ears would be bleeding.

  7. They have to resort to these gimmicks as it is too boring as it is already! Might as well accelerate the eviction today and evict Cody and have a quadruple elimination day! Remove 4 house guests at once! You know the minions are not going to even target Paul till they are down to just 4 people! That would be 6 boring weeks!

  8. Kind of wish Cody played so he could have gotten a punishment where he must show nothing but emotion for 24 hours

  9. I think that some of these punishments over different seasons have been too extreme, including this one with Alex. The waste of food is also kind of offensive. If Elena had taken the punishment instead of breaking her deal with Alex, she might have earned some respect.., now if she goes on Thursday out of pure spite, do be it. Not a good ‘career’ move imo.

      • Yup, I would ship Elenas ass out the door so fast for taking her safety for granted.

    • I think Brittney’s Goal Orientated punishment is the worst. Shelly’s punishment wasn’t as bad. Paul’s was kind of funny, to say the least, but the hot dog one isn’t bad really, just really tedious and exhausting for Alex (taking a book from Shelby’s Caddy costume punishment).

      I think that the costumes are kind of lame as well. X-treme-itard and the tandem duo costumes are just not interesting. I liked the V-toads better. I am hoping for one more special one later, like with Cody Dino or Adam Elf (a punishment for coming last in a comp).

      • It would have been more interesting if say, Alex had to make 2 hotdogs each time that 2 other HG had to eat right then. Sharing the pain, so to speak.

    • I’d bet anything that if Elena got that punishment, she would not carry it through. I see her as a whiny baby and I cannot imagine she would carry all that stuff around.

      • She would probably have carried it through just to keep her stipend, but you’re right- she would have whined and cried the entire time.

  10. I like that Cody genuinely enjoyed himself last night and is taking the house temperature to see if he can stay. He’s still got fight left in him.

    I am ready for him to go but he has perspective now, it seems, and could probably do better for his game, now that Jess is gone. Both did better alone. Together it’s like they’re toxic. Idk.

    • I’d love for him to stay and Elena get voted out this week. He has become more social and I’d like to see how far it could take him, especially if he were to win another HOH. I also wish they would do some individual thinking instead of being so afraid to go against Paul.

    • Look at what you’ve done! you made a lot of people happy..lol..His attitude has changed tremendously…but it’s too late, he can go now.

    • He never bothered to adjust his game. He promised Julie that he would change his social game if he got another chance to get back in the house, and he never did. He became more isolated, and got even meaner. He got lucky bc production gave jessica the hex, and production gave him a battle back with 3 weak opponents.

      • Cameron was pretty competitive in my opinion, he just couldn’t finish the job down the stretch. Dominique and Jillian were pretty much done for as you said. I think it would’ve been more interesting to see Dom get the HH bc it would’ve stopped that week’s eviction, and it would’ve been very ironic for the HGs.

        Also, it’s hard to adjust your social game when virtually the entire house is against you when you return.

  11. Raven and those cheap ass extensions …I hope she gets too close to Alex grilling hot dogs and catches the dam nasty things on fire..sooo nasty looking….

  12. When Cody is done, so am I. Paul ruined it for me, because he is so hateful and uses everyone.

  13. How many times will Paul direct a HG to go tell another HG something before someone tells him to STFU? I don’t think any HG (outside of Cody) has a spine or an IQ over 10. Why anyone in that house would want to keep Paul longer than the 3 weeks he was guaranteed safety (which was complete BS) is beyond comprehension. Paul’s groupies are embarrassment to mankind.

  14. Reading updates these past couple days is so frustrating. If Cody had even a half decent social game he could be rallying Marlena and Maven to be a strong group again against the other side. Mark and Matt had a conversation today about when the best time to go after Alex/Jason would be, AND IT’S LITERALLY RIGHT NOW. Matt could save himself and have four votes to evict Jason THIS WEEK. And all five of them would then be competing in the DE HoH, for great odds at keeping momentum. Marlena should be trying their absolute hardest to keep Cody in the house this week as a strong ally for themselves moving forward.

    It’s just so… argh!

    • They’re all playing, “So Long As It’s Not Me” – for second place.

      Josh is smarter and better spoken then he lets on, regardless, he did this in large part to himself by blindly following Paul’s orders when the targets were Cody, Jess and Mark. What goes around will come around for all of them eventually.

    • Thanks Capt, I tried to post but it went into moderation.

  15. Playing catch up here. I’m loving these punishments, Alex’s, Paul’s and Christmas’ more than Jason’s! :-)

  16. This show should be called’ do whatever Paul wants ! Because he hasn’t done anything else. Besides giving out orders. At least for everyone else but Cody. Did try to get him out. May I ask why is Christmas still on the show. All The comps that I have seen this year. Is to fit what she can do. It’s like they are abominated her. That’s not how the show should be. If everyone can’t do it. Then she should be eliminated from the shore

  17. Worst BB in history. Production has blatantly rigged this game for Paul to win and it’s so obvious. The spineless house guests that follow Paul around and do all his work is pathetic…

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