Big Brother 19 Episode 19 Recap: Josh Sets His Sights On A New Target

The Big Brother 19 power stayed on the same side of the house when Josh won Head of Household this week, but Josh isn’t quite feeling the same as his team anymore. He’s getting bored with targeting Jessica and Cody, so he sets his sights on someone else.

The episode picks up right after Josh won Head of Household and he’s already in tears and Paul is already plotting against Cody and Jessica. But it’s not just Jessica and Cody who are sweating. Mark and Elena are a little worried also. And rightly so.

The majority group convenes and immediately bring up how not happy Mark and Elena seem that Josh won. Mark comes in, so the group shuts up. And then Alex comes in and announces to the room that she also noticed Mark and Elena don’t seem happy. And Mark is in there. Oops. She does her best to cover with Mark by telling him he is just clearly playing both sides.

Talk then turns to the temptation competition and Paul decides everyone should play in that just to make it harder for Jessica and Cody to win safety.

Josh’s power trip starts early, so he decides to talk to Elena about how she and Mark voted against him last week when Ramses was voted out. Elena tells him that she was just doing what the house wanted, but Josh is a live wire and Jessica and Cody as targets are already drifting away in his mind.

But Paul is still focusing on Jessica and Cody so when Josh mentions Elena’s name Paul is all ehhhh nah. But Josh has Christmas in his corner saying “I love Paul, but don’t do everything he says.” Josh lets Christmas know that he flat-out wants Elena out. And Christmas doesn’t try to talk him out of it like Paul did. She and Josh agree that Paul is too close to Elena and that’s a problem for them.

Not know that Elena is on Josh’s radar, Cody and Jessica decide to focus on winning the temptation competition and veto. So they both have to play the temptation competition and Jessica thinks it’s best one of them win and the other loses to ensure the one not safe can play in veto. And everyone else (aside from Christmas) decide to play in the temptation too.

The Temptation Competition ends up being the house black out competition that fans might have seen during Big Brother Over the Top. They all have to go throughout the dark house, avoiding haunted house frights to decipher clues. The person who solves the game fastest wins safety.

Let me just say, that competition is so much fun to watch. It was so fun that I didn’t even take notes while watching. So let me just say, if you didn’t watch it, go back and watch it. So much fun.

It’s time to find out who each person did in the competition. Mark finished in 7:06. Kevin finished in 3:11. Elena’s time was 12:31. Jason’s time was 12:07. Jessica’s time was 15:00. Raven finished in 9:00. Cody’s time was 3:00. Matt finished in 3:42. Alex’s time was 3:06. And finally, Paul finished the competition in 3:34. Cody won safety and Jessica becomes the third nominee.

It doesn’t take long for the others to figure out that Jessica threw the game so she could definitely play in veto. And Mark and Elena realize they’ll probably be going on the block now that Jessica is already up there and Cody can’t go up.

And this all helps Josh with his plan to target Elena this week. But of course Paul isn’t just going to let Josh have his own HOH so he keeps pushing for Jessica to go. But after a heated talk with Elena about being a pawn, Josh is even more convinced he wants Elena out, but Josh still will need the votes at the end of the week.

But first Josh has to pull the trigger on his nominees. At the nomination ceremony he indeed goes with Mark and Elena as nominees. So it’s Mark, Elena and Jessica on the block ahead of veto. Will Josh or Paul get what they want this week?

Temptation Competition Gallery


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      • Me too, but I just wonder what Kevin has been involved in the past Nothing would surprise me with him. He reminds me of Paulie from the Sopranos though someone else here said Fredo from the Godfather LOL

      • Kevin did make a comment about where he’s lived, the neighborhood. Like this (horror comp arena) was no problemo compared to his neighborhood where he used to live.

      • I enjoyed him saying to the monsters at the end…”you all did a great job”. I’m sure they appreciated that gesture after all the hard work setting up the comp.

      • I was thinking the same thing. I agreed they did a great job and it was classy for him to mention it. The man is so old school cool it’s crazy.

      • yeah, I expected his time to be a lot worse. Sure he moved fast but he made a few mistakes as well.

    • Codybot competition…No make friends..must put heart in box. Codybot win everything! Cody Bot get girl and destroy everyone else!

    • I have to say I did love that haunted house for the block contest. That looked quite scary. Here’s hoping they used the evicted house guests for the real ghosts. I realize some were fake.

  1. Josh targeting Elena at this point will be second biggest bonehead decision of this season,Cody made the first and now allow any chance of Cody and Jessica advancing in this house would be a big time fatal mistake period,even being on the jury these two would be angry and toxic,would only serve to poison the well,so why..poor clueless Josh can’t see through Christmas constant prodding,she wants Jess and Cody to stay because that makes them bigger targets than her,BB 101..and Josh’s reasoning behind trying to evict is almost insane,being drunk on week of power is no long term plan to win BB,just the opposite.

  2. Paul until now has been pretty adept at handling his group but he’s not reading the situation well. Meatball doesn’t do well when he feels disrespected. Paul ordering him around is not a good tactic, Christmas realizes this and is feeding Josh’s feeling of being disrespected. Paul needs to change tactics here for this week at least. Josh is HoH, let him feel like his opinion matters. In the end, Josh won’t get his way, Elena will still be there but the cracks are starting to show

  3. Wins one HOH and suddenly he’s Albert Einstein,self proclaimed King of BB,not even King of the kitchen,maybe pots and fans but not the whole kitchen,that would be too generous.

      • True,a moment in the sun but there are some storm clouds forming on his horizon for this one hit wonder.

      • Some of the others may be asleep at the wheel but Paul is wide awake and he smells trouble already with this guy.

      • Yes,even more important he nail the Benedict Arnold of the house,she so wants to be a player but she’s overplaying her hand for someone that only has one good leg left,not smart.

      • I know, why now? It just doesn’t make sense to me. unless she thinks she can slide on over to JOdy next week if Jess stays and one of them gets HoH?

      • I agree! Christmas better watch her back (or should I say foot) because she’s scheming with Josh and Paul will find out. They will be sitting side by side on the block next week wondering what happened.

      • I don’t think he will because Christmas is talking out of both sides of her mouth! Says to Josh, yes let’s vote out Elena but then agrees with Paul voting out Jessica!
        Christmas agrees not to use her power, but then Paul tells her to use it so she does!
        at the end of the day, she is just like the rest of the mindless morons in the house! Worse actually because she’s just there…… Not doing anything! A close tie with Raven and Matt!

      • Yeah, up until Josh got the HOH from pure luck, I think Paul would’ve taken Josh far, even the end (if he of course makes it that long!)!
        But, we know how Paul feels when someone says “NO” to him!
        I think this HOH will end up doing more harm than good for Josh!

      • Do you think Paul is getting any bad vibe what Christmas is doing. She’s always talking to Josh, always in HoH. I know good players always see that as ‘red flag.

      • I’m not sure. There was an instant when the three of them were in HoH and Christmas said there were 4 targets and any of them going was good that he flinched but other than that I haven’t seen anything. He’s usually pretty observant so I would be surprised if he doesn’t notice. He keeps sleeping up there to guard your boy so hopefully he catches on

    • As always. taking advantage of josh to flip the house without Paul finding out she did it, but Josh will snitch. Probably trying to get rid of Josh so she can be Paul’s right hand CS.

      • If that vote is 6-2(7-3), lookout Joshmas you’ll be moving up the depth chart of targets.
        Maybe I’m not watching enough of the feeds, but I think Christmas has a wrong read on who is voting for their plan.

      • I haven’t watched much today, so i am wondering if Christmas actually has anyone else voting for Elena. Kevin does everything Paul wants to float along safely and jason and Alex are a pair, even though I wish he would get his brain back from her. Cody will vote Elena and that’s it.

  4. Wow so if Jess doesn’t play the temptation and then foolishly throw it Jody would be around another week. She shot herself in the foot lol.

    • No, that wasn’t it at all. Jessica was going up, but probably would have been backdoored so she couldn’t play for veto. Elana is only Josh’s target. The rest of the house wants Jessica out.

      • I am just thinking if she doesn’t put herself up somebody else loses the temptation and I don’t think Josh backdoors her.

  5. Josh, you’re the real meatball. Jerkisa has got to go.

    Next week, probably DE. House targets should be Cody first and then Paul… but they probably won’t be that smart.

    • they’ll try, but Paul is good at winning veto when it counts. They should back door him this week.

  6. Awesome to see Paul’s deception from the week he got Ramse’s out bite him in the backside! Hope they are all close to finally figuring out he’s been behind every dirty play of the season!

    • Joshie is going to be so disappointed when he doesn’t get his way. I see tears coming. Another hard lesson for his BB journey.

  7. Alex showed herself to be a “mean girl” in this evening’s episode, a term she previously used to describe someone else.

    • It started last week. She is an idiot. Paul wants Elena and Jason on his side, not Alex and Jason.

      • True that! Plus, I don’t see that girl turning on him at all! I think she is afraid of the Little Man, like most of the HG’s! 🤢 🙄

  8. Vote Jessica out. Then get Cody out. Josh should have listened to what Elena was telling him. He was more interested in revenge over their vote to get him out. She was telling him the truth in her argument but he refused to listen to her very logical argument.

    • So, in other words let’s watch after this week three more weeks of predictability!
      💤 sounds super entertaining to me! Not!
      Do you not want to see Paul and his circus clowns 🤡 flipping on each other? Do you not want to see 97% of the house playing?
      Yay, so over the next 2/3 weeks (depending on double evection) we see Cody, Mark and Elena go! Then we have a couple weeks of Paul’s mindless morons finally playing & then it’s over?!?!?! SUPER!!!! Great season! Not!

      • I just don’t see them voting out Elena. I see them voting Jessica out. That’s just my opinion.

      • I 💯% agree with you, I don’t see them keeping Jessica at all!
        but, regardless of things need to change now! They needed to change 4 weeks ago!
        This game started off fast & we were all super excited! We thought finally BB got it right with a good cast! But, unfortunately they are just a bunch of duds! Mindless morons following Paul around like a lost puppy dogs 🐶 & BB should’ve never brought Paul into that house! I still do not understand the point of bringing one vet back!
        it’s pathetic! I am embarrassed 😩 for all of them!

      • If Kevin hadn’t taken the $25,000 on the first day, assuming no one else did, Paul wouldn’t be back in the game. That was the consequence of taking that $25,000. Nobody claims it, no Paul back in the game.

      • But what are the odds no one at all claims it? especially when no one knows who claims it?
        BB knew someone would for sure go for it. I think just under half the house went for it?

      • That’s the question, we don’t know and may never know. I’m sure they were betting on someone taking it.

      • For sure, without a doubt they knew someone would take it just like they knew without a doubt that America (& Canada) would vote for Paul to get the 3 weeks safety because he is a vet, we saw him as an underdog as a threat to the house. Naturally we wanted to see Paul shake up the house etc.
        BB was betting on we would give the safety to him. They know after all these years how the fans will vote.
        Just my opinion 💜

      • I voted for Jessica to get the HH because she was the underdog (for lack of a better word) but aside from that I haven’t voted for anything either. I usually don’t.
        I don’t want to support something I don’t want to see in the house.
        Anyway blah blah blah! Sorry 😐
        Thanks for the good talk :-) have a wonderful day 😘

      • I’d be curious to see Ramses confronting Paul regarding Paul being the one who orchestrated him being voted out over Josh by Paul lying and saying Ramses’ won the $25k on the finals night. If I were Ramses I’d have a few choice words to say; especially after Paul had initially given Ramses one of the “friendship” bracelets when he entered the house. “Friendship obviously means nothing to you so here’s your crummy friendship bracelet back”!!
        Then just walk away. Paul sure would have a hard time defending lying about him!!

      • LOL those friendship bracelets were one of the most stupidest things BB has ever thought of! That was laughable!
        Yes, unfortunately Ramses won’t be able to question him because he’s not part of the jury

      • I wasn’t referring to jury. I was referring to the end of the season when they announce the winner and reunite all the house guests.

      • Your opinion is 100% correct. I do not see Jessica being saved unless BB does it somehow!
        So sadly, I think she’s done!

  9. Goodbye Jess in a few days you can go back to bottle after putting yourself on the block lol

    • By putting her self on the block was not a stupid decision! It was the smart one! Unfortunately she didn’t win the veto, but if she did, people would be singing a different tune and saying great move by Cody and Jessica!
      Jessica would have been put on the block regardless! Josh would have been pressured by Paul for sure! So even though Josh is targeting Elena, he still would have put Jessica up! Unless they decided to back door her.
      Also, Jessica was guaranteeing herself a spot to play in the veto! B/c if they did decide to back door her, if Jessica was picked as a player in the veto comp, Christmas would’ve used her power and Jessica would not be able to fight for her life in this game!
      I do not understand at all how it was stupid of Jessica to do what she did! She was going up one way or another, she’ll latest went up on her terms guaranteeing her Veto! Super smart move!

  10. The best part of the episode was Alex putting her foot in her mouth. I agree that the comp was fun to watch but I get annoyed at how whiny they always are. Everything is so overly dramatic and “scary”.

  11. I finally watched tonight’s episode! I don’t understand why Josh even said anything to Jessica during his nomination speech. Who is he trying to fool? He’s not going to get Cody& Jessica to trust him, and the rest of the house needs to vote so aside from Elena/Mark, Who is he trying to fool??
    Elena! Why is she picking fights with the HOH!? And her immediately talking to Josh asking if she is safe is not a good luck! However, Josh”s reason for using her as a pawn was super stupid! Why not just say yeah, it’s because you voted for me. End of story! She did do a good job defending herself against Josh (like that’s hard) but, again why piss off the HOH! 😜

    • Agree. But from how I see it, Josh seems to be shifting the target on Elena, and finding a reason for the House to vote her out. If everything goes his way (which is less likely but hopefully it does), it will be a big move added to his resumé. It will also expose the cracks in Paul’s majority alliance so if anybody besides Paul wins the next HoH, he’s likely to go up and go home. Keeping Cody and Jessica in the House seems a good move (for now) for some Houseguests because they’re both bigger targets. Anybody with a strategic mind would outweigh the benefits of such a move.

      • yeah, I think there are good points and bad points for Jessica to stay in the house. And I think it’s better for some HG’s games if she remains in the house where as not good for others.
        Unfortunately it’s not good for Paul’s game so sadly, (unless something huge happens in the next few days) Jessica will be going home 😔
        You are right though, it will finally show some cracks in Paul’s alliance if Jessica stayed! I just cannot see any of them voting with Josh.
        Christmas is Josh’s closest ally, and she will still do as Paul tells her to!
        It would benefit me big time if Elena went home because she is the only HGs “name” remaining that “talk to type” does not understand!!! So I always have to go back and edit! LMAO 😆
        Elena is wasting precious minutes of mine!

  12. Was I the only one that heard Elena actually say “I’m going on the block on my birthday LOL” (or something along those lines)
    She actually said “LOL” Who does that!?
    Or is that normal and I just don’t know that it is actually used as vocabulary now?? 🤷‍♀️ 😆
    I use talk to type clearly, (my long messages) 😂 and I once was talking to my husband and I actually said “Comma” LMAO 😆 But I noticed it immediately, Elena seem to be using “LOL” as her normal vocabulary!?!? 🙄

    • During her intro on the first episode she had a # hanging on her wall as decoration, she said because she’s a millennial. She probably would say lol.

      • That’s right, I forgot about that. My oldest daughter is 20 years old (I had her young) & her and her friends do not talk like that at all.
        It’s even more strange to me because Elena is a radio personality, saying “LOL” on the radio is strange

      • I thought she would be interesting to see in the house as a radio personality, but when she showed her # and was proud to be a millennial I knew she would be a follower. I think that’s why there’s so much “voting with the house” every year now, because they’re all afraid of being singled out or offending anybody. Of course not all millennials are like that, but the ones that are more worried about fitting in instead of just doing what’s best for them. There’s a line between having a “social” game and being a groupie. That’s all there is in the house this season Cody the loner with Jessica, and Paul with his groupies. That’s probably how it’s going to be every season now unless they get more players that can use their own brain instead of # whatthehousewantslol🤓

      • Too funny! I don’t know, my daughter and nieces and nephews and my daughters friends etc. they are not like these millennial’s. They have minds of their own’s, they are not followers.
        I just don’t get it! They need to do a complete 180 on their casting! It’s ridiculous

      • Yes they do need to change their casting. I don’t even care if they mostly recruit because if they fill the house with super – fans, then they will probably try to copy strategies from previous seasons. I started watching in season 11, and it was interesting because as a viewer it was clear who was together and seeing the power shift every week. After season 15, every year there’s more and more just going with the majority, even voting out their own friends and alliances.

      • I may do that next summer instead of watching the new season if it keeps going like this. I know I always see people mentioning seasons 2, 8, and the all stars season, I really want to see those.

      • You can watch it on Kodi or other things like that. Google box
        So it can be found online other ways……

  13. That was a super super close comp!! & good/funny/entertaining!
    If Cody didn’t run as soon as he hit the button, he might’ve lost!

    Why were the feeds down for over 9 hours? Setting up the house, yeah but why didn’t they just have the feeds in the HOH room where they all were locked up in? That would’ve been interesting to see them all gathered in the room together! No where to hide.
    Just curious is all :-)

  14. Something I had a laugh about after watching tonight’s episode. Raven searches for “Paranormal Activity”……(Which I completely forgot about until tonight’s/last nights episode)
    Well, of course she does! She is super fake and phoney plus overly dramatic! The perfect person to scam people out of money pretending they have ghosts in their houses!!!! 👻 😱👻
    What a perfect career choice!👻💩
    & would someone PLEASE get that girl some descent under eye cream! Or let her sleep more! 😱😱

      • I try to remember as a person looking on watching BB we don’t no all the details of what goes on but the snap shots we get draws pictures that don’t look favorable at times

      • Oh we know enough about Raven to know if she is a terrible person! Someone that completely over exaggerates their illness is one of the worst human beings in the world! I feel bad she has this illness, But instead of drawing proper attention towards it, she is always just talking about herself! Poor Me, poor me! I need money, I need money! Money money money! She should be ashamed of herself! Playing with peoples hearts like that in the house! These people all think ravens disease is way worse than it really is! Several people have messaged me that have the exact same disease. They have said yes, it sucks but really the only thing that really sucks is being on a strict diet. They have told me they need more specialists and neurologist, something, raven has not mentioned/draw attention to!
        Raven just draws the attention to herself! Whoa is me! Mimi Mimi me!
        I do not like mats game play but he is a good person. I hope he dumps ravens are the second they leave the game and he finds out raven lied about the extent of her illness she makes me sick!

      • I wish I would have read this before I made my comment a few minutes ago she is a scamming piece of poop

      • Yeah, I have had two ladies comment on one of my posts regarding ravens disease. I don’t think there’s anyway to private message in here is there? So they didn’t “message” me, they “replied” to me.
        I told them both that if they felt comfortable they should use this as a platform to share more about the disease and what is needed. Raven certainly isn’t! It’s all about herself

    • Why she is scamming for money on go fund me due to her illness I have read comments some place made by people with the same illness as her that she not being honest about how bad it is .I think it needs some research And I thought she said awhile back or maybe I read it that Make A Wish helped get her on BB don’t they grant kids wishes

      • LOL are you serious, she said Make-A-Wish foundation helped her get on big brother?? Yeah, as far as I know they help children! Not grown adults that own their own companies and that do not have serious illnesses!
        Seriously, her lies just keep getting worse and worse! It’s repulsive! She has a go fund me page??

  15. so, is there still a way for jess to survive this? are there anymore comps besides campaigning that will save her?

    • No. Unless something crazy happens, Jess is 100% going home. Elena has to totally fall apart, or Raven has to piss off the entire house before people even consider keeping Jess in the game.

      • thanks, I thought so but I wasn’t sure. the way josh was acting I thought he had something up his sleeve, but of course I should have known better. for a second I thought xmas would flip the house. did she get cold feet?

      • Christmas has really been doing well being a sounding board for others, laying low and gaining every ones trust. Has a real chance to win.

  16. Looking forward to someone, anyone …going after Paul. Season is reminding me of Boston Rob on Survivor when he ran the entire cast and house to the end.

  17. I kind of like that Josh is having his own HOH.

    Jessica’s constant misuse of ‘me’ and ‘I’ has me mentally correcting her grammar.

    • The misuse of “me” and “I” always drives me crazy, too! The majority of people incorrectly use it … on TV shows and in real life. My pet peeve.

  18. The only reason Elena is being cozy with Mark now, is because she hopes he will use the Veto on her.

  19. This be good time to vote the Red head girl off now that she is on the block. I do not like her or wimpy man. All the men are meat balls. And girls not much better.

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