Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 11

Kevin is waiting it out on Big Brother 19

We’re nearly down to the very end of Big Brother 19 spoilers but there are still some important events along the way including what took place over the past few days. Setting us up for the season’s F4 were the HoH and Veto competitions. Nominations were mostly a formality in the eyes of target, but don’t tell her just yet or you’ll ruin the surprise.

Head of Household:

Alex was the outgoing HoH and as the house’s main target she had no way to protect herself in this competition. Of course she didn’t even realize she was in danger thanks to her blinding hatred for Kevin, her assumed target this week. Nope, it’s her, and she’s going to need the Veto to survive another week.

As for the comp itself, this was the BB Comics themed “The Revengers” with past HGs returning to star in a short video used as a basis for questions in the challenge. The winner here secures a spot in the F4 and that honor went to Josh. Kevin later complained to Paul that they could have won that one but instead it sounds like both of them threw it. Read More >>


With Alex vulnerable this round she’s the obvious target for the rest of the house. It was an easy choice for Josh at that point even if he was pondering a flip on Paul. No need to alarm anyone though with that thought which made these noms a simple decision.

No surprises here as Josh sent Alex and Kevin to the Block, but as before, don’t ruin the surprise for Alex as here we go for the THIRD straight week of Kevin being presented as the pawn and the other nominee being groomed for eviction. Sheesh. They never learn. When the noms were over Alex put on a big show of tears and that soon sent Josh in to his own round of crying. Oh the fake drama. Read More >>

Power of Veto Competition:

Alex’s last shot at safety but again with her blinding obsession with Kevin she probably didn’t feel the fire flicking at her toes here. She’ll realize that mistake in a few days.

This was the return of the BB Comics and with its zip line in tow there was no way Christmas would be allowed to play. She had to sit out which took away one competitor. Next you’ve got Kevin with colorblindness and you’re down another challenger. That left Paul, Josh, and Alex to play for the win.

I’m surprised that Paul went for the win here with his delicate position of “I had nothing to do with it!” in jeopardy, but with this being an individual comp there was no easy way for him to know if Josh could pull off the win. Instead of risking Alex getting another week of safety Paul went full bore and took the win. He’ll have to out his game at some level here, but if not I’m sure Josh will do it for him again this week. Read More >>

When it comes time for the Veto Ceremony the plan right now is for Paul to decline to use it. He’ll have to explain himself away to Alex and he wants to do that by blaming Josh and Christmas, of course. Christmas has already agreed to it, but Josh keeps saying no way. Later last night Paul and Christmas agreed that they could just blame it on Josh anyway without his permission. Yikes.

That should catch you up on everything since Thursday’s episode ended. The PoV Ceremony is coming up on Monday and we’ll get the latest results when it’s over.

Don’t forget the next eviction will arrive two days early with a special Tuesday night elimination. Unfortunately we won’t see that play out until Wednesday night’s not-so-live eviction. That also means Feeds will be down for about two days next week for all that to take place and potentially remain a secret, but it didn’t last year and I’m sure we can expect a slew of fake spoilers too. With so few possibilities it’s easy to guess and be right later.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. I can’t wait until this season is over. At least I have the option of not watching the feeds as this season drags to an end. I pity Matt and Branden who have to watch and summarize. It’s been a long season for me, I assume feels even longer for them

    • Me either, I want too see how it ends
      How are you today Alison ?
      Cannot believe they let me make my disqus handle
      AG@Ojiwaza lol

      • I do tend to leave a path of destruction in my wake
        You cannot fight your true nature, catch you later, thank you for your comments
        How can I be Alison, when you are Alison, it violates the Pauli Exclusion Principle

    • Was just thinking the same. Will just come here for updates and watch the live shows here out for most part. Are they with CBS?

    • I am at the point that BBAD is still recording but I am deleting it. That time of year where the house slows down and not much happening in the house. These feeds and the edited version for TV is what is in store for me the rest of season 19. On a good note, there will be a season 20 after the BBC version. Safe to say that Paul is the winner much to my despise but hopefully we will never have to see him again.

      • If you had watched last night, you would have learned some new venom coming especially from Christmas. According to her, we haven’t seen the “cu*t” Christmas come out yet, so we should stay tuned. That, and a lot of F-bombs from Paul, who was curious why BB showed his comic cover as him having a potty mouth.

      • well, she apparently does not realize that we have already seen “c*nt” C’mas…. she is really in her own bubble-
        they have all taken up dull paul’s method of gameplay…lemmings

      • Until last night I kinda felt sorry for her…but, she’s a prize A Bitch. Had she spoken to me the way she spoke to Josh last night, she’d be needing an orthodontist as well as a foot doctor.

      • she’s done that more than once, and i want him to punch her in the mouth even if it means getting kicked off! as much as i can’t stand paul and was hoping anybody but him would be okay, i’m having second thoughts!

      • Out of the 5 that’s left, Alex will be leaving, which leaves 4. I’m HOPING that Paul’s plans go haywire & the asshole gets booted before F2. At this point, I’d rather see Josh or Kevin win over those two. If Josh does happen to make it to F2, I hope he tells the jury that he did ALL of Paul’s dirty work for him. God, if Paul & XMas get to F2, I’ll be VERY unhappy. Production needs to smarten up when choosing cast for next year!!

      • I agree with you. When she was talking so badly at Josh I wanted to put my fist in the TV and just knock the sh*t out of her. I was hoping that Josh would tell her to just shut her mouth.

      • It’s sad that I’m rooting for Josh (the bully) or Kevin (the- who knows). Paul, Alex, and Christmas (who shouldn’t have been allowed to continue playing the game after breaking her foot) have made a farce of this show.

      • So wrong Christmas was allowed to stay. It’s not like there’s another season she could have competed in. Not fair to the other players. All the so-called moves throwing her comps making those morons think it’s gonna help their game. Sad part is that the jury will space out and think she’s da woman. 😱😱😱

      • Maybe because he’s constantly looking at himself in the two way mirror like he doesn’t know it exists when we all know he does. As much as it kills me, he’s truly playing a great game. I can’t believe how he has everyone under his spell. Just call him the pied piper junior! Too bad every time it seems Chrissy and Joshy coming to their senses they fall back into their Snow White spell! Even Alex acting like it’s fine to be messed up the you know what. Only redeeming thing that can happen will be if the after show calls Paul out on everything and the HG’s eyes pop out of their heads and they slap themselves and say – I coulda had a V8! 🤣🤣🤣

    • will be a relief when its over…And I would not care to attend any meet & greet or an event that “any” of the BB19 would be present…Kevin possibly but his stupidity has shown through along with the rest…Some BB15 HGs were barred from attending certain events ..
      Maybe that’s what should happen to the cast of BB19….one can hope…

  2. So, off topic. This week is the final of TAR Canada and my good friends nephew is a finalist. Go Kenneth and Ryan!

  3. I hope Alex goes out the door it sounds like she didn’t even try for veto poor Kevin he tried but he told Paul he was color blind which would be why he didn’t win veto although he tried. does anyone really know why Alex hates Kevin so much

    • She did try. I heard she had a time of 14 minutes roughly and was excited until Paul’s time came in around 12 minutes. She finished 2nd since Josh made a ton of mistakes and Kevin maxed out at 45 minutes.

    • Because he’s old, bores her with his stories, and according to her, he doesn’t deserve to be there. Just wait, Alex, your time is coming when you’ll be called too old to do something & your stories will bore everyone. It happens to us ALL. Kids seem to forget that, yet the years fly by SO quickly and one day they’ll be 55, thinking THEY still look 30. Ha, ha, ha!! Jokes on you assholes.

  4. “the plan right now is for Paul to decline to use it. He’ll have to
    explain himself away to Alex and he wants to do that by blaming Josh and

    If Alex falls for it again…She is this seasons Meatball and not Josh.

  5. I don’t think we even need leaks for the information to be honest. Here’s how Wednesday eviction episode goes. We will see the Josh waffling on whether to take the shot at Paul, Paul wins the veto, Paul makes the plan for how to not use veto, Alex is evicted 2-0. Paul wins HOH over Christmas and Kevin. There is your Wednesday episode. :)

    • Don’t forget the goodbye message from Josh to Alex saying ‘Paul made me do it, I didn’t want to, I love you, Tiger, it’s all his fault.’

      • This was my thought as well. Paul pulling a fast one, to keep his hands clean. I would like to see Christmas reaction to it. She said, she would go off if that happens.
        Yeah Right….

      • She won’t go anywhere except out the BB house door. Paul will cut her like he’s using a Ginsu knife. Possibly even Thursday night.

  6. Kevin, is no comp beast! So why would you have to stoop too such levels of harassment? Im sorry, but this just shows your character, in and outside BB. If I was Kevin, it would be hard to do, but I would totally ignore them. Don’t give them the time of day, or just laugh in their face. “Guys I have seen this operation too many times”. I know what you are trying to do. Which is why I’m winning AFP. Lol…..

    • Kevin in the diary room: I’m a people person and not sure if I can take much more abuse and not having anyone to talk with.
      Alison Grodner: We can offer you your own reality show if You stick it out.
      Kevin. Deal. Have a good day.

    • And that’s the despicable part of Paul’s game play (which has rubbed off on Christmas, although it doesn’t seem to have taken any real effort). The game for him ended a long time ago. Now it’s just get them to harass each other until they pray to be evicted.

  7. These HGs think they have Wednesday to do their talks with Alex explaining their reasons to evict her. They don’t. The eviction will be Tuesday. They are going to be surprised and caught off guard, possibly having no chance to do their spiel to her. They’d better get busy!

      • Oh, me, too. I would love to see them all paranoid about the impression Alex leaves with. You know they will be thinking they’ll wait as late as possible to let Alex know she is being evicted and it might just be too late.

      • Well, Josh blew his chance to alert Jason (at Paul’s insistence), so the same can happen to Alex. They can commiserate together in the jury house.

      • That jury house has got to be getting very interesting. I would love to be able to get a real feel for the atmosphere there.They have shown so little of it this season, just like the family edits, only one so far, Jason’s.

      • Especially with these HGs. Give them a chance to look back on the season, hopefully with more objective eyes. The one big hope in the jury house to encourage them to do that: Cody. Finally he’s in a place where Paul can’t shut him up.

      • Well, me too. But who else is there? Everybody else still thinks somebody else sent them packing. Paul’s hands are still squeaky clean.

      • I think the Jury Round Table discussion will be very revealing. I don’t think Paul will come out smelling like he just walked out of Bath & Body.

      • I hope you’re right. Possibly Mark, or maybe Jason, might come up with “what (or who) is the common denominator behind all of our evictions …” but that’s a huge assumption that that would happen without some outside prodding. And if it’s Derrick who leads this season’s round table, he might just do some prodding.

      • The thing about that is, if the HGs are not bitter and as you say, figure out who the “common denominator” is, that should be good for Paul. If they are bitter about it, it might not be good for Paul. So we’ll find out soon.

      • It definitely is. I think the job of the moderator is partly to help the HGs think game and not personal. But Natalie admitted that she voted for Nicole because she wanted a woman to win, so obviously sometimes it doesn’t matter.

      • You have friends? haha
        If he makes F2, he absolutely should win. After finally getting to see the episode on On Demand, although it was very entertaining and funny, Jason was butt hurt and acted like a spoiled brat sore loser when he went out. I wanted to see more. lol Since that could be an indication of the mindset the jury is dealing with, I’m not so sure I would bet on it, Cy. You are a brave, confident man. Good luck! :D

      • Well, you can tell I was commenting from my notifications. I didn’t see tr8ppngs comment. Great minds!! haha

      • I wish they’d make a show out of the jury house….or @ least do a few 1-hour specials so we can see what’s going on .

      • Yep, they think they have everything planned out. Would love to see them caught off guard. For the rest of the season.

    • Supposedly because there is a 3-4 ft drop off at the end of the line and that would be too hard on her foot (or even on one good foot).

    • I thought she said she was going to just land on her butt and hop? If she really went against doctors orders and played in the last veto, I bet she would have done the same this time if she needed to. There was no need for her to win veto. After she was icing her foot and said it hurt after the last veto, I think she is resting it till she needs to play and she is thinking f3.

  8. By the looks of the above photo, it looks like Kevin checked out of Big Brother 2 weeks ago…Poor Kev, the last few weeks in the House can be a Bear, especially when you’re surrounded by vipers, who treat you badly…

  9. Paul and Josh I starting to clue in that they are not being perceived as well as they thought. Comic stripe depicts them as the bad guys and not Cody and Jess.

    • Yeah, paul is obsessed with Cody and Jess. He still talks about them all the time. Paul is a narcissistic sociopath

      • I wonder how much Paul wants the 500k and how much he wants the fan love. He loves to rattle in about how many letters he hit and how many different people all over the world loved him after BB18. Maybe he is worried Jess and Cody will be getting more of those letters then him this year?

  10. Hated the bb players this season, so disappointed with these idiots and followers.I think the only ones who really came to play was Jessica,Cody and Paul.And Paul figured that out fast,and that’s why he got rid of them fast.The other player[dim -wits]followed the leader.,grinned and backstabbed each other,and stayed true to the snake Paul! I thought eventually one of them would wise up after Jessica and Cody got booted.Not these dummies,I didn’t like Kevin’s game either but of all the ones left i’d rather see him win than any of the others,they all bullied up on J&C the whole game and then .had the nerve to talk about loyalty when they were voted off.

    • from Jokers: (Christmas, Josh, Alex and Paul)
      12:35 PM12:04 PM- Cody was the dickhead of the season. Paul says, are you sure we aren’t the di** heads of the season? Josh says maybe they have a misconception of the season, because according to the comics they are the Di**heads of the season.

    • Wow, I’m surprised he went for it this early. I thought they would delay telling her as long as possible. It’s going to be a long two days, but they think it will be three days. That’s why I’m shocked Paul told her so soon, especially considering how Josh has been acting lately.

      • Paul needs a few days to work on her jury vote? He tells her the day of the eviction..sends her into jury mad as a hornet. Talk to her for a few days and send her to jury confused and unsure what to think.

      • She just told him that she feels like he set the whole game up for the four (K J C & P) to win she is not happy…..

      • Would love to see her put her feud with Kevin aside and at least talk to him. She has nothing to lose. May see that Paul set them both up. Pull in Josh for a final 3 alliance.

      • Do you think Paul has been tipped off about the early eviction this week? That is why he is talking to alex early?

      • I wouldn’t think so, but he has been feeling something brewing like an unexpected eviction for a couple of weeks. But I haven’t heard them mention it since DE.

      • Here is just part of the convo between Paul and Alex from Jokers. Will make you want to take a shower when you’re done reading. Talk about slathering it on …

        Paul: I lost last year. I didnt think i would make it to jury. I didnt think i would make it all until i found some people I could work with. You always had Jason, but for a long time i was on my own. Even everyone that worked with me, they had their own thing going on. So its been a really rough and tough journey for me. And I … I dont wanna disappoint people again. Even though this is what I wanna do i know i am securing a loss because I know if i keep you that you would beat me and win in the end. You made Elena make that promise to you and Mark and Cody they would definitly vote for you over me. If I pull this move, then he walks, and then them two (Christmas and Josh) they are bitter and salty they would be pissseeeddd.. Christmas is very salty. I dont want you to think Im being selfish, but I dont want to secure a loss to you. We made it down to the wire, but I think i actually have a chance to win this year. But it sucks because I built a good friendship with you. In the off chance something went wrong, i would be the target next, not you. They have been hinting at it.

      • Did Elena really say that she Mark and Cody would vote alex? Cody and Elena said on exit interview they were for Paul. Mark said Jason, then alex.

      • Oh, for sure. That’s one reason why he would be a great lawyer. No offense to you attorneys out there.

      • I would love to see how those two would handle each other in the BB house. It would be good experience for his future court room antics. I’m not sure he is equipped to deal with someone like Vanessa. But I would love to see her dress him down while she is boohooing just to see how he reacted.

      • Alex: (all part of the same convo, but a bit out of context): Alex: if you take Josh .. he wont win but Christmas maybe. You can definitely get to final two by yourself but you will have to take one of them two and that is reallyy Sh*tty. We can be friends outside this game but now this is really Sh*tty.
        Now read what Paul says about the competition.

        Paul: Paul: Alternatively i think with this, A. Im almost (i dont want to talk about this but i will sound stupid). When i talk about my game. when i walked in, i felt alone bec i came in an experienced player and i had noone to talk to. I couldnt really celebrate the way i wanted because nobody could relate. I had to always be composed. The only one that made me TURN up was Cody bec he got under my skin. But every week WE hustled and now the competition is gone and all i have to do is beat Kevin Josh and Christmas. If i take Josh to the end, i think i can win.

      • He also said to Alex: “I like you. You’re like a female version of me.” Gag me. Can’t make this sh_ _ up!

  11. The more ‘vile the HG’s are, the more visits BBN gets. It’s good in a way. > 500 visits in less than an hr? Business is booming. lol The idea is to click the link/news articles on the site. After venting about a HG or tired of reading the thread, it’s good to read some of the articles on the site. I highly recommend “15 Celebrities that has Bad Breath’’s a good read. ha!

      • There are also some pretty gross pictures on some threads, there is this one thing I don’t even know what it is but I try to scroll past it really fast, lol … oh and it’s not Paul.

  12. From Twitter:
    Paul just told Alex he thinks he can win if he takes Josh to final 2.
    Alex says “that’s exactly what Cody said you’d do”

    #Whoops ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    You know that chaps Maestro’s behind that Cody, of all people, predicted his end game. Ahahahahahahaha.

    • Well that would really pi** him off, lol. I really don’t think he is going to keep Alex’s love when she goes out the door.

    • Now everybody’s realizing why Cody had to go. Tit for tat. Competition Paul wasn’t counting on. “And now the competition’s gone …”

  13. Thank you everyone with the feeds for the juicy info. I hope Pauls game blows up tonight. Will make for a great week of Big Brother.

  14. Oh HAPPY DAY!!!!!! Alex finally realizes finally that Paul has used her…Finally toooo little tooo late….Now Alex go talk to JOSH AND TELL HIM WHAT PAUL HAS SAID….And Paul has made his point and shutting up right now would be in his best interest…The hole has been dug and he needs to stop….She has tried to tell him its cool and is hoping he will leave…but he keeps on…and on…

  15. In past years we have seen one weak/floater player make it to the end, like Victoria , but has there ever been a year that 3 were brought to the end? Steve getting out Vanessa and taking Liz, get him a win, but would Paul surrounding himself with 3 weak players, one who could not compete in many comps, make him look like a master player to the jury.

  16. Paul breaking the news to Alex that he isn’t pulling her off the block. Instead of being honest he’s just slathering on all the self-righteous BS we have come to know and expect from Paul. You see, it hurts him so much more than it hurts her.

  17. somebody at Jokers is doing a great job of scripting the conversation… between Paul & Alex They ain’t missing nothing…

    • Yes like the fact it sounds like Paul wants to give alex money for her vote. I wish BB would call him out. They called Corey or Paul out last year. This year BB has not been calling them out for so many rule infractions.

  18. They all should really compare notes on Americans favorite player too. Paul has promised that to everyone too! Just now he promised it to alex, but he has promised it to josh, Christmas Kevin, and Jason.

  19. Paul- It’s not about the money. I dont care about the money.
    Alex- I do.
    Paul- It’s not that I dont care about the money


  20. Paul did his job, told her she going, promised her the world and got her jury vote (and she promised Jason’s too). Ugh. Maybe Paul should be a lawyer like his mommy wants.

  21. Does anyone else want him to lose by just one vote? He told Alex it would crush his sole to lose by his ne vote again.

  22. The thing I don’t understand is Paul keeps telling everyone he can’t win cause he is a vet and no one will vote for a vet to win. But wasn’t Nicole a vet and she beat Paul? Open ur eyes people!!!

    • He’s lying. He hasn’t stop lying to win 500K. He just lied to Alex just now…He’s gonna win the game. lol

      • I love that Alex said Jason will think Paul planned it but she will straighten him out. Bwahahahaha!

      • lol Isn’t that something? I haven’t been watching feeds. I’m sick of the HG’s this season. I only come here to read.

      • I haven’t been watching them either. I only come here to read, too. Do I remind you of Raven? You are my idol. lol

      • Poor Josh. He goes into APSR to be alone. Paul comes in, asks why he’s down. Josh says he needs a minute.

        After Paul insists on talking anyway, Paul gets called to DR. He tells Josh If anyone tries to join him, to tell them gee just needs a minute.

        Paul doesn’t want Josh talking in the heat of the moment.

        Paul did tell Josh not to let Xmas yap at him like that.

        Sewing seeds of a bitter fruit.

      • Oh and Paul asks Xmas why Josh is having a pity… He (P) just had to do the hardest thing he’s had to do all season.

        Have mercy!

      • And Josh told Alex he wanted to talk to her. She declined. Told him she doesn’t want to talk game anymore, that Paul told her he’s not using veto and she doesn’t want to cry anymore.

      • I called her as slow as molasses the other night. Tonight I’m just going to apologize to molasses.

    • Paul is using every trick in the book to get “feel sorry for me” votes. Who knows in the jury house how much that’s working. And once Derrick starts the round table discussions how much that perception will change.

  23. Why is everyone a Paul hater. It’s only a darn game. I’m not saying he played a perfect game, but I think everyone is over reacting. He played an excellent game. You can’t blame Paul for everything. These people in the house are adults. They know how the game works. They’ve watched it and we all have seen lies, floaters, etc…in the house. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s ridiculous. Blame Paul for everything.

    • Paul doesn’t know how to separate game from personal. Personal attacks have no place in this game. That’s why.

    • I can’t speak for all Paul “haters” just me, here it is. Paul did the following: A. He was an instigator, b. Unlike ED, he didn’t do his own dirty work, and c. He had the person shunned when they were about to be evicted. This is personal, NOT gameplay. I hope whoever he takes to F2, he loses by 1 vote, AGAIN!!!! Dejavu baby.

    • Clicked it, WHAT A HOOT!!! The Lion King. monkey holding up baby lion, (?simba?)
      the throwing baby lion over the cliff to the animals who all cheers and holla. haha

  24. go read the latest on jokers. Paul told Alex he is voting her out but he has no choice because josh and Christmas are making him and told him that he will not get their votes in jury if it comes down to that. Paul said he doesn’t want to lose again

      • At this point I think he would be better off with Raven. No emotional outbursts, no having endless talks to convince her. She was on board with whatever he said.

    • Cuz up until recently Paul could easily (weasily) manipulate him. Hopefully, the player’s about to get played!

  25. I hated Josh for a long time, but he is starting to grow on me a little. I don’t think he would take Paul to the end if he won.

    • I’ve never seen a jokers where almost all the active players are at the bottom of the popularity poll and the evicted are at the top

  26. alex gets sh!t canned yet swears to paul he has her vote and she’ll talk Jason into voting paul
    MAN, WTF

      • I read an interview where he decided josh was lying in the good bye and paul was telling the truth!

      • How will they ever make it to a decision finale night, lol. Think Cody will take over Paul’s role as leader?

      • This is part of an interview dated 9/8:
        Do you see the events that happened Thursday night impacting your vote as a juror at all? Why or why not?

        Yes, it’ll definitely impact my jury vote. There’s no clear reason why Paul and Alex would go against the final deal.I put most of the jury members on the block or in there. It offsets the fact they were assholes to half of them. I don’t understand their need to bust our alliance. If it’s Paul or Alex up there… unless it’s the pair of them together, I’ll have to do some thinking, but if it’s them and anyone else, anyone else will win in my book.

        Did you ever plan on targeting Paul in the game? Explain.

        In the beginning. The first month. Even the first 44 days… days 44-51 I was on the fence, I was asking Alex which way we should go. That’s where I went wrong, letting Alex decide that Paul was the safe bet. Paul’s entire name is built on not being a fake person, but it took me a long time to buy into it. But when I did and we shook on the finale three deal, it was done for me then. I wish I had a crappy character and could have pretended that never happened and turned on him.

        Who would you like to see in the final two and who don’t you want to see?

        That’s tough right now because I would have said Paul and Alex, but since they put me here, I don’t want to see them. They are the best game players, bar none, but they could have gotten there without blindsiding me, so that wasn’t good. Now I want to see Kevin and Christmas.

    • Alex campaigns in jury for Paul. Tries to convince everyone that Christmas made him do it all. Everyone believes her except Cody. He gets up, takes a swig of something strong and curses under his breath,

      • Think Mark, Elena, Cody and Jason’s eyes are all wide open where Paul is concerned, Alex will be able to convince them of squat.

      • as paul blew sunshine up her ass, she nodded like a bobble head and twirled her rosary like it was her security blankie.
        little miss bad ass is a cowering fool who just had her ass handed to her.

  27. If Josh and Paul make f2 what is consensus on who would get most jury votes? Will they care at that point that he fooled them all? Josh said in his speech he would spill it all. For those of you that have watched a lot of these, does that help Josh?

      • That’s what I was thinking but in Jason’s exit interview he said he wouldn’t vote for Paul. Emotions were high then tho.

      • Forgive me If incorrect. Someone mentioned there may be 3 instead of 2 finalists with the way this week will play out.

      • There are always three going into the finals. There are five now, one goes Tuesday night (we’ll find out who Wednesday night), and then one goes Thursday. That leaves the three who will compete for F2.

      • I hope not. The three will compete together in Round One of three rounds. The winner of R1 automatically goes to play in R3. The other two compete in R2, and the winner of R2 goes on to compete in R3 with the winner of R1. The winner of R3 decides from F3 who to take to F2.

      • The iffy part is the physical component among the rounds, and whether or not X could or would compete. If there’s a question or doubt in her head about that, she may opt to go to jury and let Kevin compete, assuming he’d also lose or that in F2 he would lose to Paul.

    • I think they will vote for who played the best game (Paul) and won’t take it personally, in the end they should realize it’s a game.

    • I hope it would help Josh. He wouldn’t garner much respect from the jury for following ALL Paul’s orders like a little puppy, but most of them in jury have an ax to grind with Paul. ESPECIALLY if Josh spills everything.

  28. If Paul is there at F2, I can’t wait to hear the questions the jury members ask him, should make him squirm for sure.

  29. If Paul and Christmas go to F2 that sends Josh to jury
    If Josh starts playing his tune on the pots and pans
    Cody, please due not play ‘ pop goes the weasel ‘

  30. if, by an act of God kevin wins hoh would alex even go to him?
    he blew up her game, I hope she learns that real quick.

  31. I feel sorry for Alex. She worked really hard at the comps, with wins under her belt. That hotdog stint was no walk in the park, and I understand that going before Kev, who did zip all game is painful to her.

    • But that’s what did her in. She is now Paul’s competition for the win, and he very well could lose to her. So like every other threat he’s perceived in the past three months, out she goes.

    • Okay, I do respect your opinion, but I think it shouldn’t be forgotten how she has treated other players this season. She is absolutely vile and an angry woman who tears other people down to make herself feel better. Her verbal assaults on Kevin this season have made me turn off the show multiple times. And it was not game play. It was unnecessary cruelness to the highest degree. I would be so ashamed if she were my daughter.

    • Alex deserves to stay over him. She has to tell him to suck it up and all he wants is validation, ugh.

    • OMG, he’s talked to the camera in HOH room often enough saying he’s going to blow up Paul’s game. Then he backs down & says he’s going to be true to the alliance he’s formed with him & XMas. What an idiot. He’s sure going to be kicking himself in the ass for a long time to come.

    • They have to move over and make room for me
      Thought you blocked me and I blocked you by mistake
      I am going ‘ what did I say ‘ must have been something stupid
      Hope she’s not Italian, they have vendettas
      All for nothing
      Tablets are hell on me, as I am all thumbs already

    • Next step is convincing herself that She played a great game and America loves her. They will call her Spunky Brewster!

  32. Guessing I am only one that feels bad for Alex? She is just realizing all her wrong moves and trusting Paul. Only one that has done so before leaving house.

      • short version, josh went to alex and said he was sorry he HAS to do it… alex sobs, paul comes and alex goes through all the hg’s she got out for PAUL. she played for him and not Jason or herself.
        meanwhile kwanza goes nuts again on josh, says alex or me. how dare you. josh ain’t afraid. paul says josh turned alex against him and alex says she’ll tell the jury about his game.

      • I HOPE Alex tells the jury how two-faced Paul is. He’s such a worm. I truly despise the guy, and that’s not like me. He unfortunately brings out the worst in me!! I’m usually such a diplomatic person, but this guy, and his blaming everything on other people, namely Josh, has me seeing red. What a worthless human being. I know this is a game, BUT, trying to destroy someone’s reputation and personality cuts to the bone.

  33. I want Paul to take her to end! Have I been played? Seriously tho, before all the drama this season was hoping Paul and Alex would be last two standing. She seemed sincerely wanting to compete against an equally good player in the end and played a fair game until all the meanness.

    • You want Paul to win?? Then you must have the same morals as he does. Trying to destroy someone’s reputation and constantly putting them down is ABUSE, and has nothing to do with game play. He calls Josh, fool all the time. What a complete ASSHOLE. Of all the people putting others down because of the way they look, he should take a long hard look in the mirror!! He’s short, ugly, buttless and has no personality. Plus he’s SO into himself it’s nauseating. He resembles a garden Gnome, and that’s putting it kindly.

      • He most likely is going to end. In that case, would prefer Alex with him other than Josh or Christmas. And for being offended by the put downs by hgs your last two sentences are interesting.

  34. Paul is in Alexs face still telling her lies and Xmas is in Joshs face still telling what to do. They are quit the tag team.

    • Spell check always changes for to four for me
      The edit box gives three word options if you can get close
      Just click the word you like
      I click my name to get the disqus page to answer late replies

  35. Josh is my NEW favorite player! (never, ever thought I’d say that!) I don’t care if he doesn’t blow up Paul’s plans, at least he’s throwing a wrench in them!! Paul and Xmas are literally tag team dogging the poor guy, but that’s okay Josh…you’re just making them show more and more of their true colors! Team Josh!

    • He will be leaving Thursday night unless he can get POV. Neither Christmas or Paul trust him anymore. Christmas told Paul Josh has gone rogue. So, Alex on Tuesday night and Josh on Thursday night. Josh’s only hope is to win POV for Thursday.

    • I’m also team Josh now, too. I HATE to see people abused, which is EXACTLY what the Gnome is doing to Josh. Calling him fool all the time is really getting under my skin. The resident Gnome is walking around as if he owns the BB house. NOTHING would make me happier than to see his ass kicked out before F2. I really wish Josh would smarten up & do what is necessary here. Tell Alex exactly what happened with Jason. Blow his game & let Alex take those facts to Jury. If Josh keeps this up, he’ll be the next one out the door.

  36. I love how Josh says listen Paul, you better be careful cause you might be sitting on the block sooner than you think! Poor Josh, he will be the one on the block. You always get rid of the player who’s gone rogue, whether they’re in you alliance or not.

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