‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Paul Drops The Axe On Alex

Paul tells Alex the bad news on BB19

Paul Abrahamian made a surprise move last night in the Big Brother 19 Veto Comp. After having spent the past few weeks positioning himself as an “I’m just as surprised as you!” ally to Alex and Jason he managed to get the rodeo clown out the door and maintain trust with Alex only to dash that strategy with one move.

With Alex’s game on the line there was a chance she could win her safety this week and disrupt Paul’s plan to get to the F4 with his three weakest minions. For whatever reason Paul ended up winning the Power of Veto, giving him the choice to keep noms the same or, well there was no “or” for Paul.

There was no easy way out for Paul as he’d have to leave the noms as Josh set them or he’d mess up his plans, but if he left the noms alone then he’d mess up his arrangement with Alex. Oops. Time to give Alex the bad news.

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Paul calls Alex in to the Lounge and lets her know that he’s “in a little bit of a pickle.” Paul explains that he can’t use the Veto or he’ll be “throwing [his] game in the trash.” He pitches that if he uses the Veto to save Alex then Josh will go to Jury later and he’ll lose his vote. After that he and Alex will team up and sweep to the end. Sounds good, but wait, there’s terrible news ahead! At the end, Paul says, he’ll lose Christmas and Kevin’s votes too, supposedly though he doesn’t explain why. Add those three to what Alex will have from Jason, Cody, and Mark and that’s six votes right there meaning Paul has lost to Alex.

Paul says he’ll still help her campaign to Josh and Christmas to keep her because then he isn’t actively working against them and risking his own game to save hers. Paul tells her that if she had won the Veto then he’d have probably gone but he’d want her to do it even at the cost of his game. Alex is crushed but not angry. She tells Paul he has to do what’s best for his game, but she’s frustrated because she put him before Jason and now it’s come back to bite her.

Their talk goes on and on as Paul keeps lying while promising Alex he wouldn’t lie to her in this position. He even builds a comparison to his connection between Victor last season and how he is with her this season.

Paul says she deserves to be at the end, but if they go together then he loses. Now, he says, he could beat Josh if he got there. Alex says Cody told her Paul would do that. Paul denies that being his plan before now. Somehow Alex seems to be believing all this nonsense from Paul. Considering she’s been listening to him for months now I guess it’s no surprise for that to continue.

Meanwhile, Josh knows Paul is talking to Alex and he’s upset. He knows Paul is lying to her and he’s frustrated. Yesterday Paul had suggested blaming a loss of Josh’s jury vote as an excuse Paul could use, but Josh had said no. Paul just did it anyway and while Josh doesn’t know that for sure, it’s a safe bet that he expects Paul to have done it without his permission.

Josh says he still has his goodbye message to cram in a reveal like he did with Jason, but I’ll be interested to see if Josh tells Alex sooner than that.

Back in the Lounge the talk continues between Alex and Paul. Alex is disappointed and tells Paul she would have taken him to the end even if she thought she would lose to him. (Good grief.) Paul says if this was his first time playing then he’d do the same, but he can’t make that mistake twice.

Paul keeps going but you can tell Alex is over it. She tells him she doesn’t need to hear anymore of his reasons. Alex promises Paul her vote in Jury and says she’ll get him Jason’s vote too. They break up their talk and Paul goes upstairs with exaggerated retells to Josh and Christmas that Alex was mean to him. Paul starts fake crying and gets hugs from the trio.

Well Paul did the best he could in covering his tracks, but I’m still surprised he put himself in this position. Josh will likely take advantage of the situation to make it clear to Alex that this was Paul’s doing but we’ll have to wait and see just when he tells her. Josh is becoming more and more agitated by Christmas and Paul so maybe we’ll see him make a rash decision here in the next few days. Fingers crossed from some Feeds fun!

What do you think of Paul’s move here. How do you think he should have handled the situation?


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  1. Alex won’t believe Josh over Paul. If he tells her anything, she will assume that he’s lying to try to screw over her god.

  2. I won’t celebrate until the witch is officially out. Hopefully Josh then Christmas next. What horrible human beings.

    • Don’t me wrong, I am a Alex fan or well I was. Once she started doing what she did to Kevin I lost respect for her and her game. With that said, Paul has been the most disgusting player this season. Sure he will win but at least have the gumption and the testicles to be a man an admit what your doing.

      • And if I was in jury, I would think about how I was evicted and how it could have went down. I would talk to the other jury members and vote the way I feel. I would refuse to vote for someone that controlled the house and did exactly what Paul has done this season. I didn’t like Derrick in his season and he played it way better than Paul.

  3. Paul just trying to get ahead of Alex finding out the truth from Josh. Don’t think it will work in the long run. Once she has time to think, Josh does his GB message and she gets to jury; she will have Paul’s number.

    • Always thought Alex would figure it out since she came in as a “gamer”. Paul has had her hook, line and sinker from the beginning

    • It part of the game. Every season people get promised F2 or F3 deals. You know the stakes when you enter the game.

      • Exactly. People don’t enter the game and spend the rest of it being honest to everyone all the time. There’s never been a winner who didn’t concoct stories and lies.

    • You mean once Josh does his goodbye message, she will realize how fantastic of a game Paul has played and how he deserves to win?

  4. Paul is forgetting that he wants josh out next and if josh goes to jury 1 week before the finale, Paul may be screwed

    • Most members of the jury don’t respect Josh to begin with. If he’s bawling and unable to keep his sob stories straight no one will believe him anyway.

    • If Paul leaves at 4 he only get to see the jury at the Dr. Will round table. Josh won’t go to the jury house at all. Alex or Kevin whoever is next will only get 2 days in the jury house.

    • Unless something changed, Paul thinks he can win against Josh. BUT THEN he went against Paul (an automatic cut). So he is not sending him out the door 4th. To bring Kevin & Christmas to Final 3 (the 2 weakest competition players) would show me his insecurities not game play, if I was a jury member

  5. Paul’s scary, in a dictator sort of way. Seeing him talk to Christmas and Josh last night and pretend to “be there” for Josh as he “gets emotional … ” and then to have Christmas back him up … ugh! I was neutral on Paul at the beginning and now I can’t stand Christmas either. Come on, Josh. You’re our last hope to get the dictator out. At least put some cracks in his regime by voting to keep Alex.

      • Didn’t Paul whisper to josh about voting in the DR hallway? I thought the votes went as planned? Paul voted to make sure Raven went, josh voted to make Paul look good. Paul = control freak

      • No he talked to Christmas and she followed the plan. Josh and Christmas were in hallway same time but he obviously changed his vote.

  6. OMG. So he just beat Josh to to the punch and now Alex will believe Paul no matter what Josh says. Instead of crying, he should have taken the initiative himself.

    • alex is going off about how much she hates paul right now in the backyard to the viewers. BUT she is still going to vote for him to win and try to get everyone at the jury house to vote for him too. she is literally rattling off reason after reason why paul is a greedy, counterfeit scumbag (her words), but still wants to vote for him to win.

    • Josh tried to talk to her first. She said no 3 times. SO he went upstairs and it was perfect time for Paul and his lies.

  7. I hope Josh wins the next veto so he can take out Paul before F3…at this point, that’ll be enough of a big move to cancel out his meatball behavior to win the game.

      • Christmas has just as much of a shot with the mental comp…i wouldn’t readily give it to Paul. If he won either HOH or veto, which is more likely I think, then he’s safe. Josh only has veto to depend on if he wants to take Paul out, so I agree the cards are stacked against him…still, a F3 without Paul would be so refreshing, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Kevin or Josh win at this point.

    • …. and I hope the producers finally stay out of Paul’s game this season! The only time they hurt his game was setting up the goodbye messages to Jason! Beautiful!!!!

  8. I cant beleive Josh didnt blow up on Paul when Paul is questioning him. EDIT: OMG IT WAS A PLAN . I CANT

  9. I really don’t care about how Paul handles things or what he does or says. Really wishing Josh or Kevin would have blown the whistle on Paul but really think it’s too late for any of that anymore !! Omg if Xmas wins that would be horrible. She didn’t earn her spot as a competitor, should have been let go & is just a mean b i o t c h

  10. OMG!! did you see Josh’s eyes bug out when crying paul started to talk as the devil??
    Guess Josh just got a clear view of part of real paul!! Way too late, tho.

    • My son was just as confused when raven was crying then walked out smiling and flipping lol!

    • Was LMAO at Josh’s expression of horror and saying It’s like he just saw the devil. Paul really does represent evil very well and BB has been like a bad horror movie this season

    • I think that was one of the few times I have actually laughed out loud while watching a tv show by myself! Usually, I’ll just smile or a little chuckle, but Josh’s expression made me actually belly laugh! Ahh! I needed that!

    • That look on his face had me dying. He was like Danny Torrence in The Shining when he’s having the vision of all the blood coming out of the elevators.

  11. Look below from jokers. Why doesn’t Josh just go off on Christmas and Paul. They are treating him like dirt. When Paul wonders why everybody looked at him this season with his disgust he can look at this..

    5:01 PM- Christmas and Paul continue to berate Josh and talking to Alex. Josh is getting heated saying, “Send me out next week”They continue to berate and be angry at Josh. -amIsane
    5:10 PM 4:58 PM- Christmas taking Pauls side. Saying Josh talking to Alex is ***** up their game. -a

    • Exactly. I was just reading that. Wow. You have to hope that eventually Christmas and Paul will go too far and Josh will break.

  12. It’s all moot. Paul convinced all four that it is best if they all self evict! Look, Christmas is shaking her head, yes paul, your right!

    • Perhaps Christmas inhaled to much of the those fumes at the Nascar races she worked. What a moron she is. Her personality changed throughout the game.

      • She actually never even worked one race! She’s decided that she’s in love with Paul and intends to tell him once they are out of the house.

  13. Any farmers or meat eaters out there going to slaughter some animals out there soon?
    You can keep the meat for burgers, hams, steaks, chops, filets, sirloins, and such.
    Feel I need some blood to send to someone so there’s blood on their (his) hands. :-)

    • That was so funny Paul went from bawling to laughing as soon as Alex left , that was unnerving and Josh was surprised

  14. I am so tired of Paul, i hope this season is the last that i ever see the attention seeking mean little man

  15. Omg am so sad. Paul is such a snake. Why can’t Josh and Alex get rid of Paul. I dislike Christmas

  16. What the heck alex???? You know josh would not nominate chrimas. And at that time, you wouldn’t had want Paul on the block. I’m sure you would have demand to be a pawn for him. What did you expect josh to do? Choices are limited. Same also as if Christmas would had won!!!

  17. Poor josh, he did vote to keep raven and raven is 100% sure it was Paul!!! To expose Paul he should had vote with them!! I sure that even if alex tried to explain to raven that the vote against Kevin was josh and not Paul, raven won’t beleive alex!!!

    • Hopefully once matt, jason, raven and alex are in jury they will talk and realize Paul played them. I they compared stories they’d have everything they need to see what Paul did.

    • Yep. And what’s with Alex cam-talking and wanting America to vote her AFP?? I mean, seriously, can she be so stupid as to think that’d happen?

      • Just remember, most people don’t watch the live feeds. Alex had been portrayed on the TV show, for the most part, as fun and lovable.

    • I’m not. He was always happy and giddy enough in his role as Paul’s droid and being on the giving end of blindsides and evictions. What goes around came around and bit him in his whistle nut.

      • Yep, and saying what he said in regards to Kevin’s wife and daughters is inexcusable, whether he said to Kevin or not. He’s going to walk into a harsh reality once this show is over. From what I understand, he has made his family’s life hell with his comments.

  18. You can’t tell me that this show is not scripted. All of these people cannot be this stupid to keep Paul calling the shots. Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!

      • It does seem weird that she would hurt herself like that and be allowed back in to the game. Plus a doctor won’t clear her to run if she was really as hurt as she said she was.

    • This show is not scripted
      Guess I can say it lol
      Is it the truth ?
      Can’t say I ‘ m not a philosopher or conspiracy theorist
      It is pretty wild to watch, I’d like to think that I would do better, but so did they before they started .

      • I think all of us here say we would do better and I agree they probably said the same thing before getting in the house. But you have people that are essentially rats in a cage. They are in a situation that is already stressful in that they are supposed to form alliances and trust others but still watch their back for the knife, all the while planning their own back stabbing moves. On top of that, you have production getting in their and undoubtedly stirring it up. I personally know that I could not do it. I would likely crack. Its easy for us to “arm chair quarterback” from the outside looking in, but we are not in that house.

      • Mythbusters did the ‘Chinese’ water torture, someone bound with water drops on the forehead .. Long story short, people that took it lightly were thrashing to get out within 15 minutes
        I blame Adam he set the precedent lol

    • I don’t know about scripted but challenges are rigged/ set-up to favour a specific player. The Producers are very involved in where they want the show to go and who they want to win.

  19. Foreal they must be stupid for letting Paul has the control!!! Josh figured it out and still allowing Paul to called Ethel shots!! Why??? Josh should have put Paul up instead of Alex. Alex would have forgive him

    • Josh can’t do anything by himself. Josh can nominate Paul but no one will vote him out and then Paul will go after Josh. Christmas was Josh’s closets ally and she sides with Paul.

  20. Let’s say be some crazy chance josh gets the vote to be a tie and breaks the tie and keeps Alex, would alex go back to Paul or side with Josh?

    • No doubt she would go back to Paul. He would spin it that it was his plan all along. He’d turn the target onto Christmas at that point (because if Josh broke the tie and kept Alex, it’d be difficult to paint Josh as the bad guy, but you never know). Paul could walk up and punch Alex in the face and he’d have her convinced he didn’t really do it.

  21. I think Paul deserves to win IT IS A GAME n HE IS PLAYING THE GAME n KICKING ASS doing it!!!!!!!!! He is doing what is needed to do ask ur self what would u do to win

    • I’d rather play honorably, not embarrass myself, my family and lose than lower myself to the tactics Paul and his minions used.

    • Kicking ass is the part of Paul’s game I don’t like. The bullying and harassing other houseguests is unnecessary and mean-spirited. I don’t know how Paul can live with himself with the way he treats other people. As to your last sentence: I definitely would never sacrifice my integrity and good name just to win money on a TV show. All that shows is you have no self-respect at all.

    • BB19 should forfeit the winnings because I don’t think any HG deserves the $500K not even Paul. (Donate half of the $500K to the Harvey victims in Texas and Irma victims in Florida) Too much bullying and berating other HG instigated by Paul. Then eventually Christmas getting involved as well as Alex. Putting in a vet that was a F2 from their season and giving them advantages is ludicrous. I believe production is helping Paul. These other HG are clueless to how the game plays and how Paul is lied to them and manipulated them to further his game. Now at F5 Josh is starting to wake up but is afraid to make a move to get Paul out. Keeping Christmas in after breaking her foot and having surgery is totally wrong. She is not medically cleared to compete in most of the competitions. Christmas should of left the game and come back next year for BB20. HG throwing these comps are so ridiculous it’s beyond stupid. What happened to the real competing against each other? Then that speed stop & go race that Christmas the HG with a broken foot wasn’t cleared to participate in and all the HG threw the comp and she became HOH. That was plain stupid. What’s wrong with Paul’s minions? Even at the F5 they’re still throwing comps at Paul’s string pulling.

  22. If production wanted for Josh to take Paul out then they would not allow him to win veto. This is all to get the fans excited that changes will be happening, but I predict it will all be the same. I do wish for Josh to say something to Alex before she gets evicted and she can tell Paul that he is a snake and won’t vote for him.

  23. Dumbest players this year and the biggest liar and BS’er – Paul the creep, despicable lying turd. Cannot stand seeing him!

    • He said tonight he felt he had to play cutthroat and has enjoyed doing it. I certainly hope so for his sake, because very few people have enjoyed watching it.

      • Part of Big Brother is the lying and manipulating and backstabbing. You are trying to get people to do what you need them to do without giving away your true intentions. So that part of Paul’s game did not bother me. However, the way he treated or had his minion’s (Alex, Xmas, Josh, Raven, etc) treat the people on the bottom and even Kevin to this day is just wrong and did not need to happen. If you take that part out of Paul’s game, then I would actually think he is playing a great game, but sometimes it is hard to separate the two.

  24. Come on people we already know who is going to win The Puppet Master –PAUL. The rest of Big Brother is just for show. It has been Fixed for quite sometime. The producers have all the say in what goes on. Why do you think , they spend so much time in the diary room.

      • I haven’t been entertained much this season. I like when there are at least two sides playing.

    • I have one more week to hope Paul gets evicted by Josh and Christmas or even Kevin if he stays. I hated Vanessa and wanted her out and my wish came true towards the end, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I did not waste my whole summer watching this crap.

  25. Paul Jong Un is eerily well at lying! I most certainly believe him when he says that he is a psychopath!

  26. Oh man I really wanna see Josh not make the F2…I know that is what Paul’s plan A is likely but I hope it does NOT happen lololol Fk this Josh kid.

  27. I’ve just decided I’d like to see Josh win this season of BB. And the only way he can do that is make it to final 3, win the final comp, and take xmas with him to final 2.

  28. Are these people that stupid……? BB there are so many people who want to play this game and wasn’t chosen because you chose these people! 😏😏😏

  29. The only thing that will save this season unfortunately is a F2 of Kevin and Josh. Pretty sad that’s the only two that’s left I would want. And I really don’t even want them. Just hoping the Dictator and Santa go out 4th and 3rd and I don’t care what order. The way they were treating Josh today on the feeds was disgusting. But it’s just a typical day for them. Too bad the feeds will be down when Santa attacks Kevin which is provoked by the Dictator. It’s all planned and I’ll bet production gives their Prince a wonderful edit.

  30. PLEASE!!! Someone pour some chlorine into the gene pool!!!
    These people cannot be this stupid…. Can they?

  31. All he has done is play the game. I don’t understand why everyone is mad at Paul. I don’t like or dislike him but I do know he has worked the game the entire time he has been in the house. He has not lounged in bed with a woman he hardly knows and had public sex. He has been playing the game. It requires the players to lie and plan blindsides and throw each other under the bus. You don’t go in there to lose the money you go in to try everything you can to win the money.

    • Paul’s problem is that he does not know how to separate game play from personal attacks. Game play involves doing your own dirty work, and not instructing other houseguests to “harass and badger someone until they crack.” There’s no game play in that; that’s just cruel and mean. There is no game play in wanting to drown someone in the pool (Jessica’s wish), or cut off someone’s head and shove it down the garbage disposal (Alex’s wish). Game play does not involve violence, threatened or actual. That is what has been wrong with this entire season, and Paul has controlled it all.

      • Yes so true. Xmas too talked about slicing off someone’s head and hitting josh if he wronged her and so on. And Paul has used emotional abuse as a way to control and manipulate. Plus how can you respect someone who cries and then smiles a second later.

      • “Game play involves doing your own dirty work, and not instructing other houseguests to ‘harass and badger someone until they crack.’ There’s no game play in that; that’s just cruel and mean.”
        I disagree. That is game play. It may not be honorable game play or the game that you (or I) would play, but it is game play. If he did his own dirty work, he would have been evicted right now. Or even if he made it, he would lose because of bitter jurors.
        This game brings out the worst in people, which is the point. You see people for who they really are. Josh comes off to me as the bully that goes home and cries at the end of the day. Paul is scary, because either he is a sociopath, or completely desensitized to the game. Likely in his case its a little bit of both.

      • Game play, by definition, is about winning the game. Paul has done a masterful job of eliminating other players while insulating himself from repercussions. Of course, he has been aided by the fact that the other players seem to lack the ability to assess and advocate heir own interests within the context of the game. Alex defies reason. It’s like she has Stockholm Syndrome.

        Of course, the risk of manipulating the game is that you’ll be resented by the other players and lose should you make it to F2. If Paul makes F2 and a majority of the jury vote for Paul to win, he “deserves” to win. If not, he doesn’t “deserve” to win. it is really just as simple as that. Unless there is some kind of “moral terpitude” clause within the rules of the game. It’s an amoral proposition.

        That said, I am not fond of Paul on a personal level. And the other house guests are a testament to human gullibility and stupidity.

      • I agree with this completely. The personal attacks are part of gameplay. It is an unfortunate part of gameplay that I could do without. The players that do it, I tend not to like or root for. It just seems this season has been mostly these kind of personal attacks, which has made it a season that I have not enjoyed.

    • I agree with your statement but the biggest difference is many players admit to the people they help evict their part in the game. Paul has done the complete opposite. Yeah lie to get ahead if you have to but at least be honest to the one your getting out even if it is only in your goodbye message.

      • I think he may be saving it for the finale where he’ll tell the jurors how he got them all evicted.

      • Again that could be his final undoing to wait so long. Then again, it might be his saving grace.

    • I feel like Paul has crossed the line to being emotionally/psychologically abusive. It’s terrible that production lets it happen for the sake of a television show.

  32. It’s just so sad to see how Paul fooled us all last season. He has shown his true colours and they are despicable. Paul received so much help starting from his 3 weeks of safety.

    Disappointing season with an even more pathetic (!) ensemble of players for the most part.

    At this rate only Kevin deserves to win. Cody should be crowned AFP on the live show to give everyone a much deserved wake up shock as well.

    • Kevin doesn’t deserve to win because he isn’t playing. If Josh finds a way to sabotage Paul’s efforts and he makes it to final two with Paul and there’s a bitter jury waiting for Paul then Josh gets my vote.

    • Paul was an @ss last season, did not fool anyone. My honest opinion is the guy who he was last season is the real Paul. Mostly jerky but some conscience and a straight shooter. The character he is this season I think is a combo between his real personality and him trying to be someone else to win. I did not like him personally then and don’t know, but he is playing hard.

  33. Paul and Christmas have bashed and bullied Josh so bad, he seems to have developed Stockholm Syndrome! His poor brain is so messed up, he’s going to need a shrink 3 times a week for the next year or so! I can hardly stand to watch what they are doing to him

  34. As mean and self-centered as Paul can be (And is), I still think he has played an amazing game. He almost single-handily controlled a whole season of Big Brother and has a very high chance of winning it all. He will go down as one the best players ever, albeit a really rude one.

    • Agreed, he is playing a fantastic game, that is unfortunately being outshined by the bullying culture he has created. If he could have taken that part out, he may be considered one of the greats. I have a feeling people may remember this season more for the bullying than the gameplay. Then again in a couple of years people may forget about that part of it. If I remember correctly there were some things Derrick said and did in the house that were of the same type of bullying nature (maybe it was just behind houseguests back though), that people have forgotten about.

  35. Paul is a liar. He should have never been brought back. Alex should have been gone 5 weeks. She is trash like paul

  36. Paul’s only competition this season has been himself. He has schooled everyone in the fine art of Big Brother psychology, and remembered at all times that only one houseguest wins this game. It’s a high stakes game, entertainment, bubble gum for the brain, not much more, except maybe interesting for pop psychologists. People are far too visceral in their hate-filled rhetoric specific to Paul to be simply disagreeing with his gameplay. Why do so many “fans” (read hostile anonymous posters emboldened by sheep mentality) feel the need to be so very vile? Fear the Sheeple.

  37. It sounds like Paul is not going to play the cowards card and split the vote, or is he, he has no reason to now, She understands she may be going home, He should not take a chance,
    Paul is not the best player by far , he is the only player in BB history to have been exempt from 5 eviction in one season though,
    Paul has all the power , like it or not, the only thing in his way is Josh, Kevin will follow paul to the end , and we all understand how XMAS feel about Paul. so he will be in final two or at least three, depending on what happens Wed. One thing I have not seen or heard, why has not XMAS went to Paul and told him about Josh and the things he has brought up about Paul. interesting, Paul would be so mad, if he found out,
    Josh is now the odd man out, No matter who wins the next HOH , I fear Josh will be the target and KEvin the back up. It should play out that Josh and someone else on the block, The only thing that will mess up Paul is if KEvin wins HOH. and Josh wins veto. and then Josh can get Paul out,

  38. To those who think Paul has played an “amazing” game and should win – well when the entire game is set up for him to win with mostly Paul fans in the house – of course some audience members think he has played “amazing”.

    They should have just given him the check the first week and saved you all the torture of watching this debacle of a season. Paul has been an instigator of everyone’s bad behavior this entire season. They were so blinded by his “celebrity” status they followed him and acted/reacted in ways they may be ashamed of when they leave the house and the backlash of the despicable behavior will be something they have to deal with for a long time.

    That being said, this entire season seemed scripted for Paul I stopped watching when he (Paul) was given the advantage of being safe for 3 weeks.

    Worst season of BB EVER! I hope everyone votes Cody the favorite player and he can throw it in Paul’s face!

    • Again, BB did not GIVE him that advantage – America voted that for him. Why should Paul be ashamed of playing the game how it is supposed to be played. The others should feel stupid for getting played. Cody is a meathead who thought he was all that an a bag of chips and instead he is just the dip for Paul’s chips. Cody and everyone else got played by a master and now they want to cry foul. Lame and GUMPY!!

      • Come on. There was no way Paul was not winning that first vote. He was the only one anybody knew. He already had a built in fan base. Just like Christmas was pretty much guaranteed to win the second one with her Crossfit fan base.
        Just like Alyssa(Rachel’s sister) kept winning MVP.
        I don’t hold it against Paul for getting that advantage. It was in the game and he won it, that’s not his fault. But don’t act like production didn’t know that he would win it.

  39. Question: Do the jury members get to see ALL of the episodes when the new evictees arrive? I mean, do they get to see how the HGs voted to evict? I know they get to see the comps and whatnot but I wonder if they see the same episodes we see on TV, including the eviction and who voted for who.

  40. Do you all realize that paul has been able to keep josh in the game cody almost had josh out paul got everybody to change there mind and that pissed cody and jessica off even more. Paul has played an amazing game that is how you really play big brother you have to get to the end and everybody lies to get ahead’

  41. the big meatball will never win because the jury can’t stand him the only one who has a chance to explain their game and maybe win would be kevin staying under the radar and maybe christmas because everybody in the jury hates paul so much she maybe able to explain what she did to further the game and she was smart enough to aline with paul because he could have one a lot of HOH but had everybody through the comp for different people that’s pretty smart if you ask me and they followed not to bright they should alway play hard for HOH

  42. Josh is a basket case. Bizarre mood swings and his crying at the drop of a hat. He likes to sound like a tough guy when he is alone and talking to himself and the camera. Yet he never follows through and just does whatever Paul or Christmas want. BB stacked the deck in Paul’s favor early in the game. It was unecessary to have given him such an advantage. BB production has the responsibility to get ratings and hopefully entertain the viewers in the process. Expect the unexpected and be willing to try new things? Bringing back a past contestant is nothing new. I was never a particular fan of Paul and I think this season would have been more fun to watch without him. I have always watched BB and probably always will but this season hasn’t been that great and it is playing out that way to the end.

  43. I can’t wait for this season to be over and I have never felt like this before. I cannot stand watching these losers.

  44. I don’t think Josh telling Alex will do anything. I don’t see Alex being a bitter jury member. She will know Paul played the best game and give Paul her vote.

  45. True, Paul has played a despicable game yet it has been brilliant. Why is he to be blamed if everyone in the house believes every word out of his mouth. That is bad on them. Josh has even figured it out and won’t go against him. This is Big Brother people – not who is the nicest guy to get the final two. If I was on jury, I would reward how masterfully Paul has manipulated everyone.

  46. So if Paul used the POV on Alex then Josh would be forced to put someone else up for eviction. Paul can’t go up because he has the POV, Kevin is already there. So would that force Josh to put Christmas up. Would Paul and Alex be able vote Christmas out?

  47. If Paul used the POV on Kevin then Josh would be forced to put someone else up for eviction. Paul can’t go up because he has the POV, Alex is already there. So Josh puts up Christmas. Paul votes Alex out Kevin votes Christmas out. Josh has to break the tie. So he ends up the person who evicted either Christmas or Alex.

  48. Josh is in more control of his game than Paul or Christmas thinks. When he is away from his controllers, he is setting things up. First with Jason outside on the couch and again in the hot tub. Then the big chop on Paul in the Good Bye Message to Jason. He knows talking to Alex will do no good, so again he will use the Goodbye Message to expose Paul. Alex just will not be a bitter jury member instead of choosing a winner of who replaced her in F2

  49. BB19 had the fix in for Paul to one from day one. Better ratings more drama wit paul in the House and it worked.

  50. I hope Paul wins he out witted n out smarted everyone he deserves to win all u haters never played so you have no clue what they need to do stay in the house to the end

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