Allison Grodner Interview: No Returning Jurors, Heated Season, & Bonus Big Brother

We said goodbye to a hot week in the Big Brother 19 house and there was plenty of excitement for the Houseguests heading in to this next one too. Jury has arrived and the second chances are out the door with Jessica’s departure. Will that be what it takes to wake up some of these sleeping campers? We talked to Big Brother’s EP about that and more.

Houseguests celebrate after a BB19 live eviction

We asked Big Brother Executive Producer Allison Grodner not only about the sloth game style, but the angry side of things too. Fans are angry, Houseguests are angry, everyone’s getting angry! So what’s going on this season? Is it really worse than before? And lastly, we want to know more about next Friday’s special episode. We didn’t get much but there’s a tidbit in there for us.

Big Brother Network: Julie Chen revealed there would be no returning Jurors this season, a first after several seasons and we’re excited. Do you think this will finally be the kick in the pants these HGs need to get up and start playing?

Allison Grodner: I think they got the message that there is no second or third chance. They need to play hard from this point on because there will be no re-entry into the house.

The vitriol among Houseguests has been high this season, but Big Brother isn’t known for being a group hug. Do you feel that Houseguests are getting more intense year after year or are viewers becoming more sensitive to fighting in the house?

Grodner: I think the tension in the house is different year to year. Last year had a couple of moments but the year before was relatively tame. BB19 is one of the more volatile houses for sure because the houseguests have united against a common enemy and you have big personalities like Josh and Jessica who have hated one another from the beginning.

A special episode is coming up next Friday. What can you tell us about the bonus Big Brother show?

Grodner: There will definitely be surprises and a special guest.

Thank you!

So another special guest, huh? Last year it was Ziggy Marley so maybe it’s another performer coming to visit the Big Brother 19 Houseguests. Who do you think it could be?

What’s your take on this past week of Big Brother 19? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Last season the special guest was Ziggly Marley…This year will be Neneh Cherry or Jody Watley.

  2. Special guest will be DR. Phil for the most disfunctional group of houseguests in years…….or better yet, EVEL DICK to stir things up

    • Can Cody handle the tongue lashing from Evel Dick Donato? That just might set him over the edge he has been teetering.

      • Kevin would be okay. He grew up in a tough neighborhood where you couldn’t walk down the street without a tongue lashing. That was just from the GrandMothers.

      • I think Dr. Dick is disgusted with the way the other housemates have treated Cody and Jessica. He has said as much from time to time on Twitter. I think Cody would be just fine. Paul on the other hand would get a well deserved lashing.

    • LMAO πŸ˜†
      Yes, bring Dr. Phil to the show! He needs to first pull Raven from the game! And secondly dr. Phil needs to CLEARLY explain in “great detail” to all of the HG’s (aside from of course Cody and Paul) that they are playing a game for $500,000!!!!!! and that if they won $500,000 they could go on a lot more nicer vacations than the BB Jury Retreat”
      These people are unreal!

  3. Christmas should not be allowed in there she’s only a vote useless you’re just giving Her a free pass they should’ve just let her come back next year Paul is nothing but a geek freaking in the people at his bidding To perform giant mistake having him back in the game since last year he was annoying last year he’s annoying this year the meanest bullyingest people after 15 years I might hang up my Big Brother hat along with many many people I’ve talked too and seen on the Internet

  4. One more thing, who in their right mind would _______ about Alena? Somebody cover that chubster up!

  5. How could she talk about big personalities without mentioning Paul? The person who has completely sucked the life out of the show and the other house guests?

  6. I would love for evil Dick but that won’t happen. I would love to see Zingbot.
    Maybe there will be another eviction.

  7. before I type my BB wish list to Alison I need to say something to all of you watching this season.

    RTV contestants are CHARACTERS on a TV show! They are ordinary people trying to win money or fame or glory in a GAME! This season has had a fight every episode since week 1! There has been back and forth power and new comps. oh and no jury buy back! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU ALL WANT?

    If you stop watching you were never a fan to begin with.
    Now on to the wish lis
    all finalists
    no twist

    All new players
    All fans
    No twists

    • IMO, this has been the best season for a long time. Lots of action, no matter how good or bad some think it is

      • Really?? Best season in a long time? How long have you been watching BB?

        I can see how some people would think that but IMO it is a terrible season when 97% of the house is not really playing the game. It’s been the Jessica/Cody vs Paul show with a bunch of “other people” who do not have a mind of their own! Huge disappointment thus far!!

        It’s just super disappointing for me personally. I have watched BB since day 1 ☝️ of season 1 ☝️ & I always look forward to the next season. Unfortunately this season has been a huge let down! Most of the HGs have openly admitted they are just happy to make it to jury! Really, you’re not there to try and win $500,000??? Unreal!
        Watching a bunch of mindless morons not think for themselves and do everything they are told to do by one person who had his 15 minutes of fame is truly not entertainment for me personally. Sure there’s been some drama & some heated conversations but those were fake, those arguments wouldn’t have happened if they were not told to attack the other side of the house. “Psychological warfare” I believe was the term ordered by their “Master!”
        Great for Paul, he’s playing the game and can easily make it to the end because for whatever reason he has total control over 99% of the house! But, this is a game! Everyone is supposed to be fighting hard to win this game for themselves. They are not playing this game! Most of them are just happy to be there and even more happy to extend their “summer vacation” to the “BB Jury Resort” Gag 🀒
        I want to see action, I want to see people backstabbing, blindsiding, fighting for their own game, not someone else’s!
        But, there is still time so I am hoping for the game to turn around & for these HG’s to start turning on one another and turning on Paul or else they might as well just give Paul the $500,000 because if any of them go to the F2 with Paul, none of them have a resume behind them to even try and beat him!
        I was really hoping once they safely made it to the jury house that they would start playing! Sadly not yet! But I guess there’s still hope……
        Fingers crossed πŸ€—

      • As i was once told, ”””If you don’t like the way things are going,feel free to jump in and change things”.

        With that in mind, if you don’t like how this game is being played, then apply for your chance to be on the show and show us how it is done.

        No, I am not being mean or sarcastic but clearly stating a fact. It is easy to sit in a chair and be a armchair quarterback but it takes real guts to get out there and do something.

      • To each their own!
        Just wondering how I could possibly jump into this game at this moment and change it?
        As for applying, I’m Canadian so that squash of that! BBC doesn’t need any help, so far so good with the first five seasons.
        Unfortunately I have a back injury therefore I would not be cleared to play. Or I would’ve applied a very long time ago for BBC.

      • I understand all about injuries keeping people from doing things they really would love to do. As for me, YES, I did jump in and try to change things but the people involved me are like those HG’s this season. They don’t see what I see.

      • Even so…… But in all fairness, I guess some people find different things entertaining than others. If you ever have the time, go back and watch the first few seasons! So good!

      • I think it has been so predictable. I guess I am spoiled after watching Survivor the last few seasons and seeing all the shocking evictions. These Big Brother HGs are weak and very much followers. If Paul went on Survivor, he’d be screwed.

    • Sounds good to me! I would love to see an All-Star season!
      I have WANTED IN A BIG WAY a season with NO twists, NO Temptations, NO America’s choice, NO outside influence whatsoever

      **Your wish list is perfect! I would like to add to it.
      I would love a season of previous HG’s that ‘seemed’ like they would be a lot of fun & there to compete but didn’t get the chance (Evicted first or second week) or they messed up their game somehow. Example: Jessica – Super fan, spunky and not afraid to speak her mind, Good at comps, knows what’s going on etc. I think she could’ve done well if there was no Cody!
      A season of players like her that did not make it to jury.

      **As for your question “what the hell do you all want?” I agree with what you said above that however, my problem with this season is most of the HG’s are not playing AT ALL! They’re not even floating, they’re just “happy to make it to jury” & that was “their goal!” So they are just there to help further Paul’s game.
      β€’β€’It was pretty much Cody/Jessica vs Paul w/ Paul’s “mindless morons” doing everything he tells them to do! Now that they are all ‘safely guaranteed jury,’ I was hoping they started playing the game however, they are not! Example Alex wins HOH…. Why target Cody? He would not go after her if he won HOH, in fact he would likely work with her. It’s disappointing Alex is NOT thinking about herself in this game!
      It’s not like “the entire house” TRULY wants Cody GONE, a lot of them have said they would like to keep him around as a shield/target, and/or said there are other people they prefer were evicted but they just listen to what Paul tells them they “want!”
      I just want to see more (ALL) of them PLAY for themselves & target people that are a threat to their own game, not others games! They are all just giving Paul a cakewalk to the $500,000.
      Make sense?

  8. I think they should bump up the prize to $1 million to the first place winner and 2nd place wins like $100k maybe there would be better game play. $500k to Jessica is a couple years of work for a bottle service girl like her.

    • Funny you should say that. My husband and I were just talking about Jessica being evicted before jury. And how she makes more money working at her job “14 Sessions SBE – Event Company” per year than winning BB!!

      Sure, it’s $500,000! A nice chunk of change but minus all the taxes, what will the winner end up getting? Something like $250,000? Still a nice chunk of change to be chilling for free at the “BB Resort” but, it needs to be more I agree.
      Obviously I’m over exaggerating how Jessica makes a year, but she makes A LOT of Fat Cash! She has a super good job! The tips alone have to be outrageous! A lot of celebrities, athletes etc. go there! They had the Grand Prix party there I believe it was last season! That’s huge! Pretty wicked job she has!
      (Not prostitution like people have said!) Stupid!

      $500,000/$250,000 (or whatever it is) I am sure the $$$ is a lot of money for ‘some of them,’ but clearly not enough for ALL of them! That’s clearly the problem, (especially these HG’s) all they seem to care about is making it to jury so they can continue their “Free summer vacation!”
      The only person (that I know of) who has said they “need the cash” is Raven, and that’s just because she is a con artist and money hungry!
      When you have HG’s that actually say their goal was to “make it to jury,” that’s a big indication that most don’t seem to care about the cash! Crazy!
      Do all of these HGs have well paying jobs? It’s like they are all ‘well off’ so they are just there to have some Summer fun! There is no true gaming from 97% of the house!
      That’s messed up! Something needs to be done.
      Sorry 😐 blah blah

    • Oops πŸ™Š
      Sorry 😐 Hon…….
      I just started venting and didn’t shut up LOL my bad πŸ€—

    • Big Brother promotes the brand new movie “the nut job: nutty by nature” in theaters this week. Sounds appropriate.

  9. RE: Raven and her soft porn paycheque of $25,000 or $500,000!
    Matt, I think next week you should ask Allison what she thinks about Raven. If she thinks she has Munchhausen syndrome or is simply just a con artist!?! and if they are going to try and get her help after the game is over and maybe suggest she doesn’t now! LOL πŸ˜‚ Someone that “sick” should be taken out of the game!

    At first it was laughable (& I am still on the fence wondering if I should laugh or feel sorry for her! ATM I am laughing at her still) Raven is so delusional that she thinks she is going to get “America’s favourite HG” does she truly think people can’t see right through her!? Does she not know about the live feeds?! Does she truly think that Americans (& Canadians also) are dumb enough to vote for her!? LOL… Even if we look past all her “illnesses & injuries” & her “sob stories” does she seriously think her “Soft Porn” is worth $25,000!? LMAO πŸ˜† Come on honey, you can do better than that! 😝

    This girl is unreal!
    In all honesty, I’m actually worried for her when the game is over and she goes home (without the $25,000 and definitely without the $500,000) & she can’t “pay her car off” oops πŸ™Š (You caught that also hey Matt!!) “Pay for a new pacemaker” & then she goes online to read “all the great things people have said about her all season” but finds out every single person on the planet saw right through her lies, I’m afraid what she might do to herself! For real!

    So with all of that being said, I do think she should be pulled from the game because she clearly has a mental illness & being on BB is not going to benefit her in anyway after the game! This is just going to get worse for her the longer she stays in the house.

    Unless she really is a fraud, fake, lying biatch, con artist! Then, keep her in the game & let her make a bigger fool out of herself the longer she stays! πŸ™ƒ

    At this point I truly don’t know if I should hate her or feel sorry for her!

    • I wouldn’t say she’s a con artist ( they’re usually smart) or mentally ill. She IMO is just an opportunist. Christmas has a website and is selling cheap products and cashing in as well.
      In all honesty..If I was young and broke and had a once in a lifetime chance to be on a show. Id try and cash in as well. My face on a t shirt and sell it for 49.95!

      • With all due respect I think you need to do a little bit more research. She is definitely a con artist or has Munchhausen syndrome just like her mother. She is not an opportunist, she is a con artist and has been doing it for years and years and years and years. I blame her mother for Raven being the way she is because her mother is the exact same and so is her brother. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Raven or if I should slap her in the face if I ever saw her.
        She is either a terrible terrible terrible human being who is taking people’s hard earned money or she is completely messed up and needs to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital with her mother.
        She said her mom is in the hospital having surgery and not getting out until after BB has ended, not sure! Research it
        Again, with all due respect

    • I just ignore Raven most of the time. However, if she is truly on a mental issue breakdown, what people say about her won’t matter anyways. I also agree, if I was that young and and broke, I would cash in on what little fame (or lack of it) to make money too.

  10. Kevin is a great guy,but he is smart.Also his Dad is serving time in prison for selling drugs and they say he was big in the mob! That would make great movie!

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