‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 7 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the final Temptation Competition played out earlier today.

Nominations on Big Brother

The original plan for Alex was to send Mark and Elena to the Block with Cody in the BD spotlight, but the Temptation twist ended that plan for her. It didn’t take long for Alex to come up with another idea after Mark was taken off the table with his comp win earlier in the day. Matter of fact, Alex had more options than she knew what to do with, but soon she settled.

Big Brother 19 Week 7 Nominations:

Paul offered to go up but Jason kept turning him down and said he wanted to compete because he was sure it’d be a physical comp coming up. Okay, Jason, go right ahead. These HGs…

So Alex has her noms up there but the real target remains Cody for the Backdoor. That all hangs on how the Veto draw and comp goes.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  1. I really hope Matt goes to the jury house on Thursday. It will be best to keep the nuisance alone.

  2. This move is the same with Jess nominating Josh and Ramses then win PoV and not use it … geez louiz

      • I think that move was genius.
        If Jessica had won Veto it would have been executed perfectly!

        Look at it from their point of view, (putting your feelings aside for them) they knew Josh would either nominate or back door one (or both of them if they did not win the safety) No doubt in their minds. So they put the game in to their own hands and fought as hard as they could.
        Jessica and Cody didn’t let ANY one ‘control’ what happened to them last week.
        I think it was the smartest decision & could’ve been one of the “Best Moves in BB History” if Jessica won the Veto Comp!
        I said last week that if Cody or Jessica didn’t win the HOH that they should do exactly what they did.
        Yes, Josh said he was targeting Elena but Jessica and Cody had no idea & even if Josh was able to speak to Jessica and tell her his plans, they would’ve never believe him. They had zero reason to trust him and Jessica is no dummy. She would’ve known that even if Josh was telling her the truth & Jessica was truly not Josh’s target, it wouldn’t have mattered b/c Paul would still be targeting Jessica and Paul would’ve gotten his way.

        They know Josh is VERY spiteful, immature & listens to Paul. There was no way Jessica would’ve been saved. Zero chance (aside from having Veto)

        If Jessica had won the veto comp, Cody and Jessica’s ‘moves’ would’ve been one of the best in BB history! Without a doubt!
        Jessica and Cody put the game into “their own hands” instead of letting Josh/Paul control what happened to them (aside from the votes.)

        I know you don’t like Jessica and Cody, but if you put your feelings aside, don’t you think it was the best move for them? The only chance they had? Do you honestly think it was one of the stupidest things anyone has ever done?

      • I completely agree, but you have worded it so much better than I tried to on another post. This is why I should stick to up-voting instead of commenting!

      • I couldn’t wait for Jessica to leave, but I agree with you that it was the smartest move for her to make given that she KNEW she and Cody were targets, and she doesn’t have a strong enough social game when she’s down (thinking of Evel Dick or someone who is able to back themselves out of a crazy odds corner) to convince people not to re-nominate her or vote her out.

        I would say that I would have done the same thing, but that’s a lie. I would have gunned to win the competition, F*** Cody.

      • Well it’s nice to see/read that even though you dislike Jessica, you can look past that and see a good game move when you see one.

      • Also, I think it was far from the stupidest things that a BB player has done (thinking of Marcellas and Mike (Season8))…Even with feelings aside (Jessica being very condescending and immaturely aggressive/ b*tchy throughout the game, Cody being ego-maniacal and out of touch with reality), their worst game move was to isolate themselves as soon as Cody got back in the house.

        Jessica was doing a good job of “re-integrating” when Cody was gone. As soon as he got back in, she should have told him (since she still wanted to be associated with him) that he needed to go to certain players and explain/ apologize/ build a bridge with key players. And then from there, even after her winning HoH should have limited her Cody-only time. They should have individually been building strong bonds.

      • Agreed! That was the move that sunk them. Being out of touch with the rest of the house also led them to being blindsided by the vote to get Ramses out too

      • Oh I totally agree with you there. I think Jessica and Cody made a lot of big mistakes and the biggest one was isolating themselves especially the second time around. However, look at the game now! It’s full of immaturity, and all the Hgs are just as pathetic as the next!

      • It was a good move. Josh would have never got the votes to evict Elena even without the blow up.

      • Right! Thank you :-)
        Jessica/Cody haters can’t see that there plan was brilliant! It didn’t work out but if it did, it would’ve went down as one of the best moves in the history of big brother.

      • If, If, If
        How did that move work out for her? Oh right, she’s gone, we can’t ask her.

      • But she would’ve been gone regardless! So what difference does it make!?
        The executed a brilliant plan and half of that worked, and they just hoped the other one did as well. Whether it did or didn’t made no difference to her staying or leaving! There was no way Paul would allow Jessica to remain in the house! So it doesn’t matter what Josh wanted
        IF IF IF Paul didn’t get safety the first week! IF changes everything!!!
        At least she was playing to win

      • Sh*t hon, sorry! I didn’t realize how long that was. Hope it was worth the read! LOL XO 😘

  3. What is wrong with Jason? Not 36 hours ago he and Mark were talking about how Paul was running the house and how he needed to go, and now Paul plays his hand and Jason drinks the kool-aid. These people are so frustrating!

      • I don’t think Jason has a strategy; I think he’s one of the summer campers. When the boss man says jump and you say ‘how high?’, that’s not strategy, that’s stupidity.

      • Aside from Cody, who isn’t Paul the boss of? Not just Jason.
        I definitely agree with you though

      • The next time Paul says “jump”, what they should say is “you want somebody to jump, you do it.” But nooooooo ……

      • So true! Unfortunately for whatever reason Paul has a stronghold on all of them! It’s like he knows something about each of “their personal lives” and he will “reveal it” if they don’t listen to him. It’s pathetic!
        Jessica had been telling them for weeks to “Wake up! Paul is controlling your game & you are all just handing Paul the $500,000!”
        They are all starting to talk about “Paul’s Control” but they still do nothing about it!

      • We can only dream! I’m no longer holding my breath in anticipation for one of these dummies to finally wake up and get the snake out! This Alex HoH is just another Paul HoH. I’m beyond sickened and frustrated with these HGs!!!!!

      • Yes his strategy is “put their dumb assess on the block!” Hahaha “let’s get the mother f..ers out!”

      • The HGs (except for Cody, Jessica & Dominique who are interested in fighting) are not interested in winning. They are interested in ending up as Paul’s deputy at best.

    • Right! They all have said things about Paul “running the show” yet they all continue to allow him!
      That’s why I call them “mindless morons” let’s just give Paul the $500,000 and call it a day!

      • Have you noticed – Paul is running the house using a bit of the methods in the Stockholm Syndrome –

        1. Positive feelings by the victim toward the controller
        2. Negative feelings by the victim toward family, friends, or authorities trying to rescue/support them or win their release
        3. Support of the abuser’s reasons and behaviors
        4. Positive feelings by the abuser toward the victim
        5. Supportive behaviors by the victim, at times helping the controller
        What do you think? Is this creepy?

      • I think #2 would be like Mark trying to get Jason to see they have to get rid of Paul, and then Jason turns around and falls on his sword for Paul. Mark could have set Jason on the road to “freedom,” but Jason just sh*t-canned that idea.

      • People who you met less than 2 months ago in a game where you are trying to win $500k are not family or friends. If you think that in the game, you won’t get very far. Very few players get to the end with early alliances intact

      • I agree. Here at my computer, I wouldn’t necessarily consider people I just met “friends,” and certainly not family. But I’m not cooped up with them 24/7, either.

      • I can see that. It’s like when people complain about how “you JUST met them!!!”

        Okay, but they’ve spent 24/7 together. It’s a bit different than when you meet someone and see them occasionally.

      • Possibly! I don’t know if he has done #2?!?
        Although he does exhibit Stockholm syndrome, he is also just playing a game with a bunch of mindless morons so it’s not difficult for him! LOL

      • I am pretty convinced Paul will finish 3rd….is all CBS production….lead you one way then you are surprised at the end!

    • I think Jason must at least realize there’s zero chance of Paul leaving while Alex is HoH, so best to just play nice for the week.

    • Think about this, maybe it’s because they are going to be Paul and they don’t want him in the pic comp

  4. SMH I hope this goes very poorly for Jason. It would be what he deserves for such a boneheaded move.

  5. A note for the Canadians, if you normally watch BB on Global at 8 p.m. DST it has been moved to 10 p.m. Sunday. It is on CBS at 8 but delayed on Global

  6. What?!? Jason tells Paul that he (J) wants to go out because it will probably be a physical Comp!
    So another words Jason is telling Paul you suck at physical comps?? LMAO
    Of course Paul is not going to argue that! Sure Jason, go up that’s fine! SMH

    • Every competition begins with Jason talking about how excellent he is in X-skill required for said competition, and is immediately followed by him getting eliminated.

  7. Paul really wants Raven to stay in the show. I see those two going to the end together.

    • If he does, he’s a total idiot. Against ANY of them, Raven wins just due to the sympathy factor. Heck, it’d probably be 9-0.

      • The hg’s are fed up with Raven and make fun of her ‘injuries and diseases’ Other than Matt, she does not have any automatic votes.

      • I agree! She’s nothing but a con artist! Or at the very least has Munchhausen syndrome & needs some serious help before she hurts herself badly!
        I still can’t believe Matt is with her, although as each day unfolds, Matt becomes more and more of an idiot! I can understand now why he believes everything she says!

      • She’s got a nice body, and is pretty hot when she doesn’t wear stupid hair. I don’t think Matt is getting ready to pull out a ring any time soon.

      • She is hot when she doesn’t have her fake hair in?? Seriously! She either looks like crap or is wearing a pound of make up! I don’t know, maybe she is pretty but I can’t look past her personality and her lies! She is a disgusting human being.

      • Matt is such a mystery. He has a good education including a masters and had a good job as a financial analyst. He was able to travel the world for his job and live in major US cities. He quits his job to body build ( I can even understand this, he has no kids so take a year off). Then he moves back home takes a job he dislikes in sales and applies to be on BB. He seems like a match for Xmas, age, body building, world traveler but he picks Raven? I’ve never heard them have a serious talk, just hiding under the sheets every night having adult activities. Is Matt just needy for sex? Is he using Raven to advance his game because he knows the sick girl is the last target?

      • Honestly I don’t think Matt thinks at all LOL I think he just got unlucky with the pic of the girls and ended up with Raven. Once this horrible season is over and Matt sees Raven for who she truly is, is not going to stick around! He is going to run as fast as he can as far away as he can from her!
        Even if she was telling the truth! LOL
        He is strange, at least in the house! And like you said, have they even had any intellectual conversations!? No, it’s always Raven just talking about her fake terminal diseases and illnesses!
        How he isn’t tired of it is beyond me! I guess because he’s got a “bang buddy” so he’s just sticking with it for now

      • But with the pressure of a ‘live show,’ America is watching, Julie Chen is standing right there, Raven just gave a speech about how she’s dying, i think everyone feels the pressure to vote for her because they think America wants them too.

      • I disagree. I think they are all on to her. I at least hope you are wrong!
        If Raven won I would lose it!
        She is a con artist!

      • I am right there with you! I didn’t like Raven from the very first interview, before they even entered the BB house. I am not a Paul, Josh or Raven fan, but I would be beyond disgusted if Raven won this season!!!!! I really wish production would make a compilation of the MANY lies that she tells & also show EVERY attempt she has made to get sympathy! It would be great if next Friday’s show was about exposing all of the HGs, especially Raven, to the people that don’t see the feeds and only see how BB production wants to portray them!

      • Right! BB is essentially allowing raven to CON America & Canada! Raven is going to get people’s hard earned money sent to her go fund me page! It’s disgusting! & CBS NEEDS to put a stop to it!

      • Oh it would be great if Friday’s show was a show showing all the viewers exactly how pathetic these people are! That would be great! With Raven on the top of the list just because she is actually taking money out of people’s pockets!!

        We can at least dream the show would be just that!

      • You’re right. We can always dream! Haha Yes, That’s my main problem with Raven, other than I find her annoying, is her use of ailments and other health related issues for attention, sympathy and always for financial gain. In and out of the BB house. She is using her “terminal” illness so people will empathize with her and just give her the 500K. I don’t like people like that at all! She is undoubtedly the fakest one on here!!!!! I have a feeling that Friday’s episode will be a repeat of last year’s “special” episode. Basically, a complete waste of time. Hahaha Until then, I would still prefer to dream of it being all about exposing the HGs true colors! 😁

      • Unfortunately I think you are right, Friday will just be a recap! But of what? LOL there’s nothing to recap

    • Gag 🀒
      I do not want that girl to get $50,000! She is a con artist!

      You do know that every time she sneezes some of her brain comes out right LOL

    • This is what I’ve felt from the beginning. Raven and Paul knew each other before big brother. If he is going to lose again, why not help a poor sick girl and be a hero. Little dies he know how much raven is disliked. If Paul wins I will be very disappinted. Raven I wouldn’t watch.

      • They had a photo made at an event that Paul attended Jessica and Liz work at the same business. .Kevin had a 5 minute encounter with Derrick…Big frigging deal on all counts..

      • I wanted to believe it was just a fan event, hopefully it was. The first we saw them they were whispering and Raven mentioned them meeting and they smiled and the alliance has been rock solid. There is no reason If Paul keeps saying he wants finals with josh or Alex/Kevin/Jason for him to beg the others to keep Raven safe? It should be easy if he doesn’t have a deal with her to just plants seeds about her like Elena and Mark.

      • Big brother is running the show. Why is chris’s still in there. When she hurt her foot that was her doing. She should have been brought out.she isgettin g special treatment which isn’t fair. B.B. Has really mssed up this year.she
        can’t compete in any physical games. Except rub on kevin and him returning the favor
        This is the worst year and I will never watch again, also these people can t. Keep from using the F word and the constant BULLYING that we try to teach our kids not to do.

    • Paul does not want to be sitting beside a floater if he makes final 2… Paul wants to sit with somebody that played the game as hard as he did…A competitor …That’s why he chose Nicole over James last year…Paul respects the game and those that play it…but I do not believe that Paul will make it to the end this season..

      • Nicole didn’t play the game last season, she was a floater and it seems like Paul may make the same mistake. A lollipopper floater to the end with him. I know Josh is a contender.

      • Sure Sure and if there is a “Pan Clapping” comp..I am sure Josh will win… While Nicole spent lot of her time in that corner bed..it was what she did when she got up and joined the game that counted….

  8. I would live for Jason to be evicted under an Alex HOH… punish them for being Paul’s mindless minions

    • Cody has as much chance of getting 5 jury votes as the Patriots have of going 0-16 this year.

      • If he makes it to the end it will be only because he wins at least one comp per week and the HGs will respect that. Only if Paul is not next tot him of course.

      • that is an insult even if she is young and thin. Alex working with Paul and now betraying Kevin is making me go mad. I want Cody to try and get the big targets out for at least two weeks.

      • Haha…betraying Kevin! Kevin betrayed Paul and Jason by telling Cody that they would align with him. His shadings has come to the surface and he is not trustworthy. Plus he is rubbing around on Christmas like an Unmarried man.

    • I want Cody to win not because he is my favorite but I just do not want another long boring predictable week like the last 2. The show is dragging.

      • The unpredictability starts when he gets eliminated. Mark and Elena are obvious targets, but this house alliance will start to fracture soon, unless Cody is still around.

      • It seems like Paul has his seeds of doubt lined up, first Jess and Cody, then Mark and Elena , then Kevin, Matt, ….he will have more lined up till he get his ultimate final 3. Just knowing it is Cody, Mark and Elena is 2 more weeks of predictability.

      • I want Cody to win the whole show. My favorites are turning to be two idiots like the rest of them.

      • Right there with you, Cody winning would be amazing. I don’t care who people are fans of, it’s hard to deny that would be entertaining because of how much absolute steamrolling he would have to do to get there, as he has no true ally. Maybe Mark or Elena wouldn’t zero in on him if they had power, but everyone else would, and even Mark and Elena might do it just to keep in good graces with others in the house. For example, is anybody else skeptical that if Elena pulls a player’s choice chip this week that she’s going to say “Cody”? Knowing how it’ll sink her ship with everyone else in the house? Nobody truly has Cody’s back anymore so if he won it all, it might be the greatest accomplishment of all time in this game. Year after year people (fans, viewers) choose to want a player out basically because they’re mean. This game, as Matt Boyer put it with Allison Grodner, was never a big group hug. Nobody needs to be nice, there’s $500 grand on the line.

      • No, but it means that there will be some excitement over who will go home on the other side, perhaps finally some real splinters in the group.

      • Once Cody is gone, that is going to happen. I think it will be more entertaining to watch them turn on each other than to watch Cody get them out.

  9. cody and jess good riddance. jess is dumb, she could have survived a long time without cody and cody offered to go home.

    • LOL, there are BBGods? Do they normally listen to your prayers. If so, I’m going to start praying to them

      • Well, I don’t really know if there’s a BBGod. LOL. No, they usually don’t listen to our prayers considering how we always say every season is the worst season ever. But hopefully the seventieth time is the charm!

  10. Ok everyone wants to get Cody out and back door him personally I think Paul should go he has done nothing but be a Boss and everyone else is on a string yes master no master I don’t think that is a good idea master Please I am so over Paul I want to see him walk out the door before Cody …. As for the showmances Split the rest of them up just like they did with Cody and Jessica ….. What is good for the goose is good for the gander come on Cody take Paul out !!!!

    • Paul should go. He should have been evicted as soon as he came in to the house, Cody tried, but production gave Paul 3 weeks of safety, and since then no one else has tried. I’m all for Cody giving it another try, since he appears to be the only one who will.

      • Putting in a single vet and then having an America’s Vote in week 1 had a 99.99% chance of the vet being the winner. Production gave Paul 3 weeks of safety.

      • How many weeks has it been since those three weeks were up?

        Plus I think it’s fair he got the advantage because being a vet makes him an obvious first target. What’s the point of coming back to get voted right out.

      • It’s called an even playing field. Usually when starting a game you hope you have one. But, alas…… it’s BB.

      • Production gave him 3 weeks just like last year Nicole had some safety provided from your friendly production team.

      • Not really, America didn’t vote on that. It was all because a hg took the temptation that week. No one knew a former player was returning, AND with three weeks of safety. America had no choice at all.

    • I agree about Paul’s antics. He is talking to Alex on Jokers about pushing Kevin’s buttons to get him to wig out and push his temper. Of course Paul would not be doing it himself, but wants Alex to renominate Kevin if needed to see how he reacts. Paul is playing a dangerous game getting folks to push other folk’s buttons and watching from afar,

      • Paul isn’t trying to get Alex to renom Kevin….he’s saying to watch out and not blindly trust the guy like he is only loyal to them. Paul still wants Cody and Mark out asap

    • Like it or not that’s how the game is played. If your favorite was running the house in the same fashion as Paul, you’d be cheering him or her on. The the dummies “should go” not the smartest. Paul is playing the game well.

  11. So basically unless Cody gets pulled and wins veto, this is another boring predictable week? I hope Cody wins or something else happens to switch things up soon.

  12. If Cody wins POV.- Or after he’s gone, will be very interesting to see who starts winning comps, who gets nominated as targets vs pawns (wink wink), who campaigns, where the lines are drawn, etc. The gloves will have to come off. I’m drooling…

    • Well, yeah, since every one else is following Paul, once Cody is gone they’re going to have to start eating their own. Hopefully it will get interesting.

    • The next four evictions after Cody goes are already pre-planned to be Mark/Elena/Matt/Raven, lol.

      Will only change if someone like Mark wins HoH and actually takes a stab at Paul and succeeds, or else Paul changes his mind and wants someone else out first.

      • I agree, but I’m hoping you are wrong, I’m hoping I am wrong! LOL πŸ˜‚
        The mindless morons are getting tired of Paul controlling their every move so, we might not have to wait for another four evictions before we see some changes and Paul is in danger!

      • Paul really wants to keep Raven, everyone says let’s get rid of showmances so why not have the noms be, Matt/Raven/Elena, then a showmance partner goes, why even risk Jason?
        I say Paul wants Cody, Mark, Matt, Elena, then Kevin . Then he will figure out if Xmas or josh should go. I agree it is boring and predictable. I think derrick and Paul play hard but I don’t enjoy the predictability. Let’s hope the DE gets out someone not on the top of Paul’s list.

      • All of a sudden it does seem like Kevin has really irked Paul. Guessing it has to do with Kevin specifying to Cody that Kevin/Paul/Alex/Jason are an alliance.

    • It’s time for something to happen soon. I’m getting agitated and I’m ready for these guys to pull the gloves off! LOL

    • That should be exciting! But unfortunately Mark & Elena still might have to go first, at the very least Mark. Although, “Paul’s mindless morons” might want to start working with Mark, especially because he has proven to be a strong competitor and they could use him to get Paul out. we shall see!
      We may get lucky this week with some excitement! If Cody wins Veto & Mark has safety they could target/evict one of their own!
      If for example it is Matt, Raven (I can NOT stand that girl!) is clearly money hungry so she could start causing some trouble for Paul. Simply because she is a con artist and needs money money money to “pay off her car” oops πŸ™Š she means “to get another pacemaker!” So she doesn’t die from her “exaggerated fatal (NOT fatal) disease!” She wouldn’t care Matt was gone, she would care she could be next!
      And even though she thinks she’s getting $25,000 for “America’s Favourite HG” that’s not enough for her so she could pushing for Paul to go.
      OKAY BAD EXAMPLE LOL Raven isn’t very bright but, I don’t think any of “Paul’s mindless morons” are all that bright! LOL I’m so mean 😳

      A better example is if Jason gets blindsided, Alex, Kevin will wake up and start playing the game. Fingers crossed 🀞
      Blahhhhhh Blahhhhh
      Sorry 😐

      • Ugh Sickening to think about Raven winning BB or America’s Favorite!!!!! Has Raven actually insinuated that she believes she is America’s Favorite? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ˜ πŸ€‘πŸ˜°

      • Don’t worry babe, there is no way she would ever ever ever win it! But yes, she does believe she will receive it and others have told her she will receive it because of her “condition” which is total BS!

      • Lololol I was reading the post & the blah blahhh ‘sorry!’
        I went back up & sure enuff it was tinalee!
        Too funny!

        I did a bigger post a few mins ago. Lolol
        I guess I had something to say! Hahaha!

      • That’s super funny! Me and my blah blah sorry!
        I just can’t say what’s on my mind & leave it at that! I have to explain it in full detail and go to great lengths to help others understand exactly where I’m coming from LOL it is the writer in me :-) (Plus – talk to type) LOL πŸ˜‚

  13. I have stopped watching and just read the post. The reason..too much bullying, too much of Paul running the game, Josh’s crying when he gets back what he dishes out. Cody and Jess needed a hotel room. Raven knows Paul personally before the game. Hate comeback players. I’m waiting for BB to have a game with all 2nd place winners…to be called
    “BB 1st Losers” season. That would be worth watching…this season….not. I hope BB has figured it out we don’t want to watch 60 minutes of bullying. I refer to the show as…BB plus Paul and his love sick puppies. Make BB great again.

    • Okay. But didn’t Paul come in second to Nicole last season? You ready for another season of Paul?

    • yeah right…I had a photo made with Willie Nelson at a Farm Aid concert. .but we didn’t become lifelong friends..

      • Me and Phil Vasser go way back. We had a pic taken at a meet & greet. I think I’m probably in the will now!

  14. Feeds are interesting. I was starting to think Christmas just wants out, but she’s still playing. Not sure I agree with her strategy of calling Mark out like that, but he is such a weasel, I can’t blame her. Also, I’m not sure Christmas realizes yet just how much Kevin is into her, but I have a feeling things are about to get even more uncomfortable with those two.

    • Oh please I sure hope not. And it was uncalled for what she did to Mark. It was nothing short of an ambush.

    • Christmas was all about that wokeness (sorry I love that word) last week, talking with Josh about Paul running the game and the subtle comments. I thought Christmas was about to start rallying troops but then she wastes her Ring to prevent a guy from playing the veto… literally the whole house was unified against Jody, Jody was going to go home at some point and they weren’t even coming for Christmas, she wasted that thing.
      She’s doing a great job of keeping her options open though, unnecessarily calling out Mark and burning that bridge is a great move smh

      • Wokeness is a great word! I wonder most of the time how much the meds are influencing her behavior. It may not have been great strategy, but Paul is sick of Mark too.

      • Christmas is at the bottom of the heap but, too dumb to see it! Maybe, she will be on the block next time out! Minions at the bottom will be the first to go!

    • Yep…Kevin is having a meltdown right now. I noticed in the SR earlier that he kissed Christmas on the cheek and then touched her other “cheek.” I think he is feeling some guilt about alot of things right now. Lying about hinky votes and blaming Ramses for the 25K.. Christmas is doing alot of flirting with him as well.

      • Mmm. I didn’t see that. Not excusing her behavior if she’s flirting, but she may think he’s just being flirty too, and that’s not the case.

  15. *facepalm*
    Jason… really? He volunteered over Paul. If Cody had gotten picked for veto and won and pulled off Elena, and Paul was left on the block? Some people might’ve gotten WOKE and made a move or something idk.
    It’d be kinda funny watching Jason go home after volunteering himself like that, I don’t understand these HGs willingness to potentially fall on their own sword

    • Or that these HoHes are so willing to put up their close allies as pawns. Like ffs, don’t nominate someone you wouldn’t be okay with seeing get evicted. It can’t get much simpler than that. It most likely won’t bite Alex/Jason this time, but who knows next time. It already bit Jessica (though calling Ramses a close ally was a stretch, he was still someone she really should’ve been protecting).

  16. once codys out is this season even going to be worth watching anymore? Its going to be more of the Paul show. Im bored!

    • It has been two boring weeks, Cody goes and then two weeks of Paul trying for Mark and Elena …then his next target Kevin? First time I’m hoping BB has a twist like those safety deposit boxe in HOH?

    • It’s already unleashed…… all I saw was the camera following that little short man with a stupid beard.

      Ok I hate beards! Or dislike them. IMO

  17. I wanted Raven out this week after a hopeful dream scenario where Cody is picked for Veto, wins it, saves Elena, Raven renom’d alongside Jason and Matt… but now, I think I want Jason out. I’ve tried to like and cheer for this guy but I’m sorry, there’s loyalty and then there’s idiocy. Paul can’t turn around and use it against you that you didn’t volunteer to go up if Paul is volunteering and all you have to do is either say “ok” or be quiet and let it happen. Jason has been Alex’s close ally and there’s a chance (even if a small one) he’s evicted on her HoH. Let’s see it happen. I’m so sick of Jason’s overprotection of Paul who doesn’t need any of it.

  18. I’m not a Cody fan but I hope he stays and takes out some of Paul’s peeps the are crazy for keeping Paul what r the doing

  19. I think Kevin is having a little meltdown right now. Possibly feeling guilty about all of the flirting with Christmas and Elena..and people starting to figure out his game (lies) and I think he is missing his kids. He looks very out of sorts right now.

  20. Looks like Kevin’s 2-timed game play is catching up with him…He was pretending to be in Jody’s corner…pretending to have Paul as his F2, pretending to have Alex and Jason as his closest allies…Like Josh would say “Boo Boo, you played yourself!”

    Cody said earlier tonight to Elena that the top 2 he is gunning for are Kevin and Paul. Alex and Paul talked earlier about how shady Kevin is being and when to take him out. Paul and Christmas compared notes about inconsistencies in Kevin’s recollection of making a deal with Cody, and talked about Kevin’s motives. Kevin likes to sing…this is like a reverse of Drake’s song…”Started from the bottom now we here…” then got top the and f*ckd it all up…

  21. I think there should be a rule that if you get called out more than 5 times a day for singing, 1 penalty vote against you at your next live vote eviction

  22. I know a lot of you don’t like Paul…but these decompression sessions he’s giving the other house guests is impressive…even with Cody. The fact is he HAS been through this before and the repercussions after the show…I’m glad he did this, it does show that he is human and that this IS a game. It’s got to be tough when they get outside.

    • That’s why I don’t get Paul-haters…yes, he is loud and cocky (I would say confident). No matter what, he does seem to have a good heart and stand up for what he thinks is right. I would love to have a friend like him in real life. it’s also amazing that he is that mature at just turning 24 years old versus most of the other house guests.

      • 100% agree. He is wise beyond his years. I just watched him talk with Kevin and was also very impressed. It wasn’t just what he was saying to Kevin, but the way he steered the convo so that Kevin didn’t spill his guts right there…encouraged him to do it more privately in DR.

    • I saw that Patti..It was amazing. It was the best advised a Vet could give a newbie. Post Big Brother.experience, Positive/negative. How to deal with the cruelty of the. ‘internet/social media..etc..I was impressed.

    • Also – I hated Paul throughout the first part of his 1st season…until I started watching the live feeds, and saw the kind of person he is. Now my top 5 of favorite BB players.

      For the record, Rachel moved down in my list after she said Jessica’s anal poking was funny and not a big deal because it was being done to a guy but should never be done to a girl. Umm…and patting Alex’s p*ssy was ok?

    • Yes advise was good, howerver, he went on & on & on…. then went into the kitchen…… on & on & on……. over to Cody…. ‘come to me if you need to talk motorcycles) ya, right. I’m sure Cody will get right on that…………
      come on that was (imo) so fake. Cuz Christmas (I think it was her) mentioned she was going to go in there to see if he was ok then of course Paul just had to put on his ‘super cape’ & then went around telling the other HGs what he did.
      When Talking to Kevin….. Paul just wanted to know cuz he’s nosey & needs a handle on everything ppl are feeling or talking about. Kevin was fine with just chatting with Elena…. Paul & his big nose tried to find out but Kevin gave zero!
      I viewed Paul’s actions as one big egocentric player. I do like what he said to josh tho. But he went on & on…..last nights feeds were all about Paul.
      So I guess now that the Jess/Cody show is over Paul’s it?? Really??
      Yes, I don’t want Paul to win. Yes, it’s a game & he’s playing well but his ass is grass in a week or 2 & I can do a happy dance.
      And what’s with Jason insisting to go up over Paul??
      Are they smoking weed in the house now? Or just giving them cookies?

      I know Cody has a very slim chance…. 10% as Kevin mentioned. So


      I know I know……. and go Kevin too! That’s about all I can stomach at this time. 5:20AM & haven’t slept a wink. I’m going to be so tired tmr.

      Signed; not a Paul hater…. I just don’t want a vet to win. And it’d be great if BB could find the talent so vets don’t need to come back. It’s stupid!!


  23. I love underdog stories, and really wish I could root for Cody (although I couldn’t since I’m already all for Paul who was the UD of last season and now one of my faves)…but his psychopathic and blind hatred for Paul before he ever met him on top of knowingly ruining Jessica’s game, on top of saying he is not just playing a game, on top of exuding hatred and anger…dude is just not likeable to me. I really wish this season was like season 14, where there were multiple favorites you could root for and not just ones you knew.

    • I want at least 2 HG to speak game with Cody, Kevin does. We need one more to speak with him and get him off his butt & back into the mix. Why he is laying around like a broken hearted idiot is beyond me. I hope all that blinking he’s been doing is actual thinking.

  24. Just for fun, for anyone who is checking out this site tonight, AND not on the hate Paul level of Cody lol….Umm…have you seen Paul’s video of singing Heartshape Box acapella? On his Instagram…#swoon

  25. Does anyone else admit this season’s Big Brother isn’t as interesting due to it being so predictable?

  26. Just read the interview Raven did before the show started. She basically admits to being fake……….

    What makes season 16’s Frankie Grande your favorite player?

    I can see why people don’t like him, but I really loved Frankie and how much he just loved Big Brother. He was such a super fan and I love how he was just a character. I’m a character and I can relate. Maybe his game play wasn’t the best, but I just love his enthusiasm for the game.

    • Here’s a quote from Cody in the same article……LOL

      My least favorite player is Paul from last season with the beard. The guy is loud just to be loud. He would’ve been out immediately if I was in the house. I don’t think I could’ve lived with the guy.

      • Cody hating Paul is what ruined his game. Most people hate someone but most people realize life means working and living with people who don’t always like. Adults know how to be nice and get along with people they don’t like because that’s what good people do in life.

  27. I wonder if Matt won veto would they convince him to take Jason or Elana down so Cody could go up. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

  28. So everyone hates Paul….why….because he has control of the house. I find it amazing that people who watch this show every year hate the person controlling the house. It happens every single time. It’s called playing the game. I don’t think Paul is a bad guy….I don’t think any of them are bad people…but the house is a different world and you need to be cutthroat to win it. You can do it quietly (like Derrick) or you can be out there (like Paul) but someone will always be the leader. You don’t have to like what they do but the level of hate on this page for Paul is pretty pathetic. Why should he be on the block? Saying it doesn’t make it a reason. He controls those people and they follow along and until they decide to break away then more power to him. Perhaps you should put your “personal” feelings aside and see that he has, from the beginning, played an excellent game.

      • If Cody were to somehow takeover the game and people start following him, the Paul haters would be cheering him on.

      • I agree…I can’t stand Cody (as a game player, don’t know what he’s like in real life)

      • Not really, if it was Cody in Paul’s shoes, what is different? It would still be very boring if Cody controlled his minions, had 10-1 imbalance in the house. If Paul was in Cody’s shoes, I would be cheering Paul because the game would be very boring when it is so one sided! Your bias for Paul prevents you from seeing the big picture. I watch the game for the game play. I am not attached to any one player. A lot of Big Brother fans too. Do not mistake sympathy votes for loving a player. Jessica and Cody got sympathy votes because of the huge imbalance, 10-1 in the Big Brother House! Paul is still acting like a douche even when he has overwhelming advantages in the votes. It is overkill!
        What I would rather have is say 3 groups fighting each other for control of the Big Brother House then, we can have really good game play from most of the house guests!

    • I hear ya! A lot of people here have no idea the premise of this game and what it takes two win. Of course toes will be stepped on.

      • We understand the premise. A number of us watch the game for the game play and when there is not enough game play, it gets boring pretty fast! Sure, Paul is playing as well as Kevin, Jessica, Cody. What about the rest? Big Brother if the producer was smart would reward each week anyone who made a game move!
        A big game move should be given $5,000 and a small game move say $1,000. Make that one winner each week. If they did that, there would be more game play because money is involved. Most of them likes their stipend and nothing more! There is a huge imbalance in the game like 10-1 or didn’t you notice that? That should not be encouraged by Big Brother and they should be moving to destroy that big alliance where everyone is floating practically! That is bad for the game and the show, how can they not see that?

    • Well said. I don’t understand why people want one of the so called followers to win. They comment about how stupid they are. Shouldn’t the best player win?

      • The best player does not always win. Do you watch Survivor? Did you see the last season that just finished? Brad Culpepper won like 6 straight immunity challenges and made it into the Finals but, lost out to Sarah Lacina. The reason, he had no social game. Sarah won overwhelmingly. Now, if you based it on who should have won, he should have! He also, set a record on winning the most number of immunity challenges in one season. Imagine if they allowed the same on Big Brother that the HOH can compete each and every week, the HOH would have won like 6 straight HOHs! That is quite a feat.

    • I like Paul as a player…but as a person not so sure.. He can be rude crude and loud and I don’t always agree with his actions but he is a player of the game…

      • One of the reasons that the voting process changed from season 1 is because viewers cannot be impartial. The people who participate have a hard enough time being impartial but they know the rigors of the game so usually they’re pretty good at voting in who should win. But the public is not they will always vote for the guy they think is the the nicest guy. Or the guy that gets picked on. Or they’ll vote against the guy who actually plays the game the way it’s meant to be played. So that decisions been taken out of the hands of the public. It was the right decision. I don’t know what Paul is like is a person. But as a player he’s good.

      • Fans are biased. Look at Dancing with the Stars. It was ruined by fans voting for their favorites even if they were the worst dancers? Hell, it is called Dancing with the Stars not, Your favorite stars! Think about it, celebrities learn to dance and spend hours and your reward to them is voting them out because of your favorite? The first couple of seasons was okay and most of the best dancers got to the end. However, now it is all a who is my favorite and the better dancers get voted out in favor of those who have two left feet!
        In the case of Big Brother, it is the same. There is the sympathy vote which happens each season. I did not vote for Jessica or Cody with the Halting Hex but, will do so now, if there were a twist to give Cody a fighting chance! How can anyone not see, it is 10-1 stacked on one side and that makes it boring! House guests was put in the house to play the game, not to take a vacation! Only Paul, Kevin, Jessica, Cody are playing the game! They should have evicted the rest to jury and let those 4 duke it out! That would have been better.

    • Paul is a douche bag. Never liked him last season. More so, this season. He has full control of his minions and their votes, 10-1 and he is still acting like a jerk? Cody is one person and Paul is trying to get Josh to harass him? I think Paul is trying to push Cody to hit someone! Its malicious and premeditated and totally unnecessary! Paul has full control of the Big Brother House and Cody has one foot out the door, he should try act like a human being for once!

    • Agreed – Paul is just playing Big Brother. Some are riding coattails (*cough* Kevin and others), some are willfully ignorant to what is going on (um Maven)…But I think that if this was a team of all-stars, Paul would be playing the same game. He just wouldn’t stand out so much. Like Lebron James playing on a youth basketball team. OF COURSE I’m not saying Paul is the best player of all time…he’s just by far better than anyone in this house.

      Also…What if he was never in the house. How enjoyable would this season be? Would Cody be our shining star, everyone rooting for him to win? Would Maven be less “summer-camp grab a**”? What do people want to see?

  29. This might be Cody’s best time to take out Paul if he wins the veto. He should pull out Elena from th e block and replace her with Paul. Get Mark and Elena to join him vote against Paul. That is 3 votes. Kevin could join the number if he is bold enough. Raven will of course vote against Jason. Josh and Chistmas could vote against Mathew.
    That way, Paul will be evicted along Matt or Jason in DE. Then new we ‘ll get to see new alliances and a different game other than the Paul’s show.

    • Cody isn’t guaranteed to play in veto. His chip needs to get chosen for him to play. If he does win and pulls someone off Alex chooses the replacement, not Cody.

  30. I hope cody gets called in the draw for veto player. That would burn Pauls butt for having christmas waste her dumb ring too early.

    • True – but that was the gamble…there was a chance his name wasn’t called last week, and she could have saved it. And I think Cody would have won that comp – even Josh was finding the right numbers. Mark trying to “hustle” was ridiculous (you saw how fast Jessica was compared to him…I can only imagine that Cody would have smoked everyone).

  31. I agree that it is time for Cody to go, even though I am pulling for him. The only thing that upsets me is that these lemmings won’t give him a chance to defend himself in the veto. If they beat him fair and square, fine, but to have to backdoor him twice is weak.

    • Backdoors are so boring. I understand the appeal for the houseguests who want their targets gone as easily as possible, but it sure makes it boring for the viewers. And as a TV show, viewer entertainment should be more important to CBS. I’d like to see veto competitions changed to allow more than just six players. Maybe not the whole house, but the very least if there’s going to be 3 nominees, I think they should continue with the idea of each nominee/HoH pulling a chip for 8 players total in those weeks.

  32. How to do an impersonation of Cody……Blankly stare at the camera for 5 minutes with no expression…… Move just your lips and say, in your best Kermit the Frog voice….. ” I am an Alpha Male” ………Blankly stare at the camera again !!!!

  33. Crazy dream…I got a job as a private investigator. My first assignment was to solve a cold case. I came across an article about the victim’s daughter recalling information on the killer, and I found the murder weapon. I was about to submit this information for the police to make an arrest when the suspect began stalking me, and chased me into a warehouse at night.

    I kept running, trying to escape while he was shooting at me. Suddenly CODY pops up in his marine uniform (minus a shirt), and says “yeah, who needs help now?? You want to make fun of my spare chest hair now??” I was like “No! I’m sorry! Just help!!” He all of a sudden gets all awesome movie star style rambo, pulling out his weapons on the killer, making marine-like moves, and whistling for backup (tons of other marines).

    I am feeling confused feelings right now lol – especially as someone who has never liked him on the show. It was awesome to dream-see him in action! I dream-felt so safe next to him and his camo hat.

    • Hahahahaha !! That would have been a nightmare for me πŸ˜‚ U def watch a lot of bb ☺️

      • I do ;-) My addiction has gotten worse over the years, since getting the live feeds lol

      • Haha ! I almost , almost got them !!!! This was the first season I ever really cared to watch the live feeds . I wouldn’t be able to do anything cause I be glued Til all were asleep ! That’s funny tho, u must have had Cody on ur mind before u went to sleep πŸ˜‚

      • LOL – guilty! I fell asleep with the live feeds blasting. Granted, Cody only stares and doesn’t really talk, but still!

  34. Christmas: ” The Bible says, Do good and don’t gloat.”
    This girl just rambles and speaks a whole lot of dumb but wants to seem educated.

  35. I had so much respect for Alex, but once I heard that message she said to jess after she got evicted, I almost felt like she was being snobby, I still like her and hope she does well, but I’m not very sure who I want to win yet.

  36. I was actually so motivated by disgust with this season that I posted a rant on my blog about it lol. For the first time in the history of Big Brother, and yes I have watched since the very beginning of this show, I am so disgusted annoyed and bored with the Paul Posse that last week I gave up watching the show and just read the recaps and comments.
    Paul is not a genius player and I wish people wouldn’t compare him to Derrick. Paul is not using clever moves and mind games as Derrick did. Derrick had to make friends with people from scratch, remained loyal to one person throughout the game, and was just extremely clever. Paul just stalked in like a cocky little rooster and said hey we should do this.. And every single mindless automaton in there with exception of Cody said yes sir let’s do it! They were all fangirling, and as one entity all became floaters hanging on to Paul’s life raft of doom, thinking it the easiest way to get to the end. I am still clueless on how any of them thought it would get them to the end since only one can be that second winner alongside Paul..um I mean the main winner, and not one of them even made a final two deal with him that I know of, but other Than maybe Alex and that has just been recently.
    Sad thing is on night one I was excited because I thought I was going to like nearly all of them.. They seemed cool and intelligent and.. Yeah noooooope. Never before have I seen so many floaters at once, with not a brain between them.
    Paul has not had to be clever or smart or any other masterful game playing quality. All he has to do is say this is what you should do and they do it. Morons the lot of them. Kevin is the only one I can even stand on screen and even he is getting worse from what I’m reading.
    I don’t like Cody but I want him in. It would give me so much pleasure to see him send Paul home. But likely Cody is already gone unless he plays and wins veto. As for Mark.. Even should he win HOH I think he is too dumb and or scared to go for Paul unless Cody is still in there talking in his ear. Mark is a follower not a leader.
    Christmas is disgusting, again I don’t care how crappy codys personality is, for her to actively push and incite others to attack his military background and the sacrifice he made for crappy humans like her.. It disgusts me and I will never respect her. She needs to go asap. Cody made the right noms that first week.

  37. BB19 season has lost me. It’s boring and a big blah. I don’t care to watch the “Paul and his do-nothing minions” show. BB made a big mistake bringing Paul back, he’s a real bully — loud and cruel plus whoever selected these houseguests should be fired. Worst BB house ever and with the worst attitudes.

  38. This is the worst season in the history of BB. The majority of these people would throw a drowning man an anchor, record it and upload it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Paul has become the new cult leader like “Boston Rob” from Survivor. CBS, haven’t you learned anything from “Survivor Redemption Island”? You are putting Paul in the same position as Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite (Heavens Gate) and Boston Rob. These houseguests idolize him and whoever considers voting him out (Jessica and Cody) are considered infidels, traitors and must be eliminated for the advancement of Paul’s game. Probst commented on the season finale how creepy the season was and was concerned about the contestants mental health. This is not a normal season. It is not healthy to return only 1 vet. If I were a family member of a houseguest watching this, I would already have an attorney on retainer.

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