‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 6 ‘Temptation Competition’ Results

The latest Big Brother spoilers are back from the Feeds after almost TEN hours of competition and we’ve got the results revealing which HG will be safe from nominations and eviction along with which one of them has earned a special spot on the Block this week for coming in last.

Temptation Competition on Big Brother 19

With Jessica and Cody anticipating being the big target they were sure to want to compete this week, but they’d have to get in a long line. Everyone but Christmas decided to participate so we were in a for a long wait to find out who won.

As an interesting twist on the week already it sounds like Josh might not be quite such a well obeying puppet for Paul’s game after all. An early morning talk with Christmas revealed that Jessica and Cody weren’t the only HGs to have a reason to be worried. Josh revealed to Christmas he’s eyeing Elena to be evicted despite Paul’s suggestions otherwise.

On to the latest results to help us prepare for Friday night’s nominations ceremony. Find out who is safe and who is in danger now:

Spoilers: Temptation Competition – Week 6

  • Cody won the competition!
  • Jessica came in last. Jessica is now the 3rd Nom.

Wow, they pulled off their perfect scenario here. That’s a good move on their part. Now Jessica gets a secured spot in the Veto comp as the 3rd nominee and Cody is off the board for target options. Josh is saying he’ll go for nomination Mark and Elena. He’s trying to convince Paul that Elena is the best target this week, but Paul isn’t having any of that.

When Josh won HoH this week did many of us really consider he’d willingly keep Cody and Jessica in the house together? Not this guy right here.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

The Power of Veto competition is coming up on Saturday and we’ll have your spoilers then. Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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    • I’d bet Christmas uses her veto temptation and stops that right away. Only real guarantee is if Jess wins it herself

      • I don’t think Christmas would waste her Temptation on that. according to her chat with Josh this morning she’s on board with saving Jessica and Cody for another day and getting out ELena

      • Would be interesting then if one of Jody wins HoH next week and puts up Josh and Christmas

      • I think Jessica has said as of last week she’s nominating Alex and Raven with Paul as a backdoor option, and it sounds good to me!

      • Cody may still try to talk her out of Alex and they have discussed Josh and Christmas in the past.

      • Depends on how the Veto plays out. For instance, say Josh wins the veto and takes Jessica off himself to ensure ELena goes home. This could really turn things around. Martin would go right back to Cody Christmas has already established a semi bond with Jessica. Josh and Mark have already patched things up. If Josh saved Jessica Him and Cody could call a truce and suddenly you’ve got a five person alliance that’s pretty strong. Could turn the game upside down.

      • It will require a lot of work on Jessica’s part lol but she does seem to be able to reign Cody in. So maybe she could convince him for the short term? not probable I know, but it would be a great house divided it that were to happen.

      • Can you just imagine Cody and Josh in a room together, Josh talking non stop,Cody staring at the wall stone faced? lol

      • That was before the Temptation comp that put Jess on the block rather than Josh placing her there. But he feels without Elena, Jess won’t have that person to lean on other than Cody. With her isolating herself, she’s not as much of a threat to Josh.

      • If Josh does that, he is dumber than a box of rocks!! Get one out this week and next week get the other…. Even if Jessica wins the power of veto…she’s still the 3rd nom and should stay on the block!!

      • Christmas doesn’t want to use it but if Cody gets picked she could have a lot of pressure to use it. I think Christmas should’ve never told Paul her temptation…

      • It makes ZERO sense for Christmasn to use her temptation prize if she really wants Elana out…..Having Jessica get off the block just help Christmas hold the door for Elana while she walks out the door.

      • Uh her veto temptation is done. Its was only for 3 weeks and she didn’t use it….Its not even something she has to consider anymore

      • Christmas might use her power and remove Cody. She is dumb if she does that. If she wants Elaina out, then, Jessica getting off the block will accomplish that! Christmas will get 2 votes on her side to evict Elaina. Show some good faith by not using her power. Paul is going to insist she use it stop Cody. This is a waste just the same because Elaina, Mark, Josh, Christmas, Cody and Jessica are all on the chopping block! Paul wants Cody and Jessica evicted first but, the other 4 will follow shortly!

      • She doesn’t have a power anymore. It was only good for 3 weeks. Thats exactly why its never been discussed, Paul knew she had it….

      • Yes she does. She has it for the entire season unless she uses it then it’s gone. But she has all season to use it. And I know that Paul knows. That’s why they were discussing if Cody gets picked that she should use it and replace him with herself.

      TE PAUL AND THE YOUNG GUY WITH LIL GREY HAIR. wait, no, alex and paul

    • Josh messed up the nominations though. Think about it, he put two people who are on the chopping block like him and Christmas. Paul could not care less if Mark or Elaina get evicted although, he would prefer Jessica and Cody go first! He knows they are the only threats to him! Now, if Josh put up Matthew and Jason or Paul and Alex then, he would have made a huge move sure to rock the house and break up the big alliance and further his game!

      • Jessica of course.
        Paul is safe this week so production doesn’t need to gift him with any of the comp wins.

      • Its pretty pathetic that EVERY YEAR mental midgets need to start these retarded theories that production is always helping someone to win….You would think with all the mental gymnastics idiots have to go through to create these theories they’d be pretty tired of being wrong since ZERO of these supposed fixing the game for house guests has ever actually been right….

      • Evil Dick was the first to tell the truth on BB production shenanigans and they have gotten worse through the years. If you think Paul hasn’t gotten help in this game then you are the one who is gullible.

    • There is still a chance even a slim one if Jessica can win VETO then, she can take herself off the block!

  1. Interesting stuff! There’s not a chance that Paul will agree to be a pawn. He will threaten to put Josh up next week if Josh goes ahead and puts Paul up as a pawn.

  2. Wow,
    Josh u go boy!!!
    Tell Paul to blank off. That’s great news, hopfully he will have a back bone and ” do” what he wants to do, not what Paul’ wants!!! If he stands up to him this will really have a effect on house.

    • Lol. Nominating Elena and Mark was Paul’s plan last week. Josh is doing nothing new with that. Josh wanting elena out instead of Jess will be the bomb. If it happens.

      • So if that is Paul’s plan, why is he telling josh to put up jess then??
        The fact remains that ” Paul’s” hoh was a failure because he didn’t put any body out. He knew about curse, but failed to get jess not to use it.

      • I think Josh is playing Josh’s game. He’s already said he’s doing what’s best for his game and they better support him because he’s supported the other HOH’s.

    • Yes if Josh had a set of balls he would tell P to shut up becuz this is his HOH and not P,s ,and if he did not shut up him and Kevin will be going otb,but unfortunately Josh has no balls or backbone to do that

  3. According to Joker’s, Josh just flat-out told Mark that he’s going up as a pawn. That should nullify the nom since it’s a blatant rule violation. Screw that giant baby, Josh!!

    • We’ll see if BB decides to reinforce that rule. Isn’t that one they tend to let slide?

      • He thinks she’s stupid & she’ll buy his line of BS. She’s not buying it for one second. He’s such an idiot & as someone else (maybe you!) said, he’s playing Christmas’ game.

      • Was it me?
        OI know this morning Josh and Christmas were plotting who they wanted to evict and Elena is on the top of that list.

      • Nope he’s playing his game. He doesn’t trust Elena because she’s a flip flopper and plays both sides. Can’t wait to see her on the block.

      • Did see Jess cry once and I’m sure Raven has laid on the tears, you know, because of those ‘terminal’ diseases

      • Oh I forgot Jess made Raven cry the other day. Then Raven turned into a mad woman. Lol

      • You have your opinions & I have mine. I can’t stand Josh & haven’t since his first pre-game interview. He’s an entitled, spoiled man-child who can’t deal with people who don’t kiss his rear. The sooner he’s gone, the better.

      • I don’t like him either but he’s HOH. So might as well get someone else out I don’t like. I don’t care if Jessica or Elena goes. They’re both nasty.

    • I don’t understand. Don’t all the HOH’s go and look for a pawn. Heck Jessica did it to Ramses. I must be missing something.

      • My point was that it’s a blatant violation of the BB Rule Book to clearly tell ANYONE that they’re going on the block. The HoH can allude to it six ways from Sunday, but they CANNOT explicitly say, “I’m putting you up.” That rule rarely gets enforced, but it does exist.

  4. I want Jessica to leave. But I do want Josh nominating Mark and Elena.
    Whether Cody self evicts or not, Josh will have 2-3 people on him hard next week when he can’t be HoH.

    After his insubordination, will be interesting to see how much of a shoulder Paul offers Josh, with them gunning for Josh. The cracks will be putting some daylight between them.

  5. It’s inevitable that Mark or Jessica goes home next eviction. Hopefully Mark is the one who packs his bags this Thursday. While I’m not the biggest fan of Jody, I think it would be HILARIOUS if they somehow beat the odds and ran over Paul’s ‘army’ to the point where Jody makes it to final four or so. As long as they keep winning comps, they can do just that. But that’s like flipping a coin and getting tails 50 consecutive times, which is hard. Hopefully the BB gods answer my prayer πŸ™

    • That’s what I want, too. Not because I like Jody, but because I’d rather the game stayed interesting rather than just speculation for who is getting second.

      • Same.
        I’m not rooting for them by any means.
        But I would like to see them at final 4 atleast. They could possibly beat Nicole and Corey.

      • They are stragglers to be fed to the lions like Josh and Christmas! How can Elaina and Mark not see that they have been excluded? Just like Jessica not seeing in her HOH that punishments were given to her and Cody only? Hell, the whole house is against you, how can you miss that?

      • Jessica is the 3rd nominee. If she doesn’t win veto she’s toast. Doesn’t matter what Christmas and Josh want. Paul’s followers are not gonna betray him with a vote for a girl that can’t win comps.

    • I will settle for Cody and Jessica lasting long enough to evict Paul or two of his minions ahead of Jessica and Cody! That would really be awesome! It is not impossible, just hard to contemplate right now! Jessica needs to win VETO to survive this week. Next week anything can happen!

  6. Well this is interesting. Cody stays. Jess is the third nom. So Jess and Mark are the noms.
    I thought Cody would go home, but damn. Congrats to him for getting to jury.

      • Paul wants Jessica out. Cody is safe now so too bad. Hopefully Jess wins the veto. Elena said that Paul volunteered to be a pawn and josh said no. How stupid can someone be. I give him no credit.

      • That’s true, but I still watch this horrible show with the hopes that something good will happen and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

      • I would have stopped watching this cast but dear Dad needs me to explain everything their doing, he’s almost 80 and can’t understand all the whispering.

      • Can you get closed caption? Does that have to do with a more recently manufactured TV? I don’t think any of my squared screens are new enough to get CC – closed captioning. drat!

      • Of course he did….spoiled brat. He is going to be so pissed this week. I love it. Paul is the worst player in the history of BB..Yes those dumb girls a few seasons ago were racists, but they had no power over anybody. Paul has way too much power in this game.

      • “Paul has too much power in this game” and “Paul is the worst player in the history of BB” are conflicting views. I understand not liking him, but game wise he is pretty good at BB. Just my opinion though.

      • I just don’t like him. I did like him the first 3 weeks last year and then he started to be a snake. He didn’t even relax this year. He went right to snake mode immediately.

      • That’s fair. I liked him more last year than this year as well. For now he’s playing hard so I’d rather watch game than the showmances kissing in corners all day. I think the game will get a shakeup in the next 2 weeks or so.

      • I think we’ll see it at the first DE which should happen after next week, then there’ll be no more Temptation Comps

      • I agree I think after this eviction next week will be the DE. Should be interesting to see the fallout from that.

      • I like the hurried conversations when there’s a DE in the hallway to work on the new HoH before the noms.

      • Same. Paul will probably be in the most danger during that because he won’t have time to work his social game. Whoever wins next HOH will be vulnerable for the DE.

      • Hopefully these hg’s will be thinking what if there’s a DE and have some plans made of what they might do. Often I find someone I like ends up going home in a DE

      • Yeah. I hated losing Bridgette during the DE last year. I’m sure they will speculate on it. They already have and most agreed can’t be this week because of the final temptation comp would take too much time. They will be expecting it I’m sure.

  7. I hope Jess gets evicted. I wanna see how it will effect Cody. I don’t think they
    will evict Elena out over Mark and Jess. I’m glad that Josh is thinking for himself, but I don’t think it’ll work.

    • It all comes down to tomorrow’s Veto. If Jess wins it, then they won’t have a choice but to choose between Mark and Elena.

      • Yep, but I see Mark being evicted over her. Mark is a bigger threat in competitions & he’s attached to Cody (though he’s trying to distance himself right now). Also, Paul still has most of the influence and Mark was his 3rd option last week.

      • I don’t think so. I can see Cody doing that. He already said he knows he’s not going to win. Mark is very emotional though. I don’t think he’ll campaign against Elena, I also don’t think he’ll tell others to keep her over him.

      • I think Mark is a dumdum and he will ask to get evicted over her. even though she is not that into him.

      • I guess it depends on how many ears Christmas can get in. It’ll be her vs. Paul.

      • Which is funny because they were once on the same side.
        If she turns on him she’ll have the reigns on this game.

      • Not so sure she has much support, a fair number of them don’t really like her and think she shouldn’t be there

      • Yep, before Cody came back in there were a few people that waned her out next.

      • I don’t think she’ll win that war of influence. Matt/Raven consider Paul #1 ally, Alex has secret AMF alliance with Paul, Jason has been sick of Christmas for weeks for continually shaming him over the accident. They will just use her going against Paul as an easy reason to make her the next target after Jody and Marlena.

      • Does she do that? I watch the feeds intermittently so may have missed it. I’ve always thought she should have had to go, but didn’t realize they are getting sick of her too.

      • Yah, Jason, Kevin, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, and Alex have all talked about her behind her back. She can be really aggressive and snappy at times. An example was someone had like a sore back and she chimes in about her foot. Kind of like the Raven disease fatigue we have.

      • Of course he has influence, you saw how he rallied them against Cody and Jess less than a week ago.

      • Where is he now??
        He played to hard and now he might pay fir it.
        It seems that josh is intent on having 2 other people before jess or Cody. Paul doesn’t want that;)

    • Well votes for Elana could be Cody, Christmas, (maybe Kevin) and they only need one more (I think).

  8. This season… wow! Josh is now trying to convince she will only be a pawn, she is not buying it.

    Josh is playing his own game? Who would have thunk it?

  9. This is interesting. The end game will probably be Jess goes home, of course. But there’s some possibilities of interesting gameplay.

    Putting up Mark and Elena is going to show them where they stand with that side of the house (although they may not take the hint, what with people whispering in their ears that they get to play veto and win so that Jessica doesn’t come down). The thing is, this has the potential of beginning to form rifts in the group. That’s the problem with demonizing only two people (well, four with Mark and Elena). In order for Paul to keep his minions aimed properly, he needs to come up with more targets after Cody, Jessica. Elena, and Mark. Yes, he’s made a start with Matt (and Christmas) but it’s still in the nebulous stages, and if Paul pushes too hard, people might see too much.

    The really interesting part comes when we have to consider: who would Josh put up if Mark or Elena come down–I’m genuinely curious. Not Christmas. Possibly not Paul (although that would be an interesting game move). I think Paul would push for Matt–and that might mean Matt breaking with Paul (whether or not Matt goes up).

    But I think we might have the potential for some interesting group interplay within the pack. And I’m looking forward to it. Big brother is such a boring game when there’s a supermajority making all the decisions.

    Of course, this all depends on nominations and the POV. And how the spin doctor sells it to his pack.

    • It is too late for the stragglers to think about fighting back now. Unless, they put Paul on the block. That would be the ideal situation and put Matthew on the block as well. You take 2 votes from that side so, they have 4 votes available their side and you have the votes to evict Paul if he remains on the block. Josh, Mark, Elaina, Christmas are all goners if Jessica is sent home this week and Cody next week! They will be next! Nobody is left! How can these people not see that? Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew and Raven are pretty tight and will not vote out their partner. That is 6 sure votes. Only way to break it up is if you evict people from that group! Evict 1 and they are down to 5 votes, evict 2 and they are down to 4 votes. Now or never. If they do not put Paul on the block now, there are no votes to evict him down the line except, when it is down to 4. Those remaining will take him out because 3 will compete for the final 3 competitions in the game. Jessica needs to win VETO!

  10. I am so stoked! Congrats Cody! Now Jess needs to win the Veto so we can watch Paul have a tantrum

    • I would LOVE to see this happen.

      Seriously, Elena brings nothing to this game. Let her go before jury. At least Cody and Jess have attempted to play the game (sure, it wasn’t GREAT gameplay, but I give them credit for trying to stand against Paul).

      • Jess better make sure she’s not pregnant, first. I can’t take anymore of their sexual escapes in the house..plus..she walks around like some diva. I am so over her and Cody.

  11. Wonder if Christmas will use her veto thing if Cody gets picked to play..thereby taking his spot.

      • Lol, maybe I should just fly a banner over the house just to make sure he gets it!

  12. Honestly it doesn’t matter what Josh wants. If Jessica is still on the block Thursday Paul will send her home. Paul, Matt, Raven, and Alex are 100% on board to evict her and Jason and Kevin will follow Alex/Paul so that’s already 6 votes. If Jessica wins veto then Mark/Elena was going to be the target anyway.

      • People are already sick of Christmas. The votes I already listed will go with Paul, not the girl in a cast who probably can’t win any comps to help them down the road.

      • I think we may see more of Kevin this week if Jessica goes up. I don’t think he wants her out.

      • Jessica is already nominated as the 3rd nominee. I know he’s prefer to keep her but I don’t see him going against Alex and Paul. They both want Jessica gone bad and will work on their groups to secure the votes. (Alex with Jason/Kevin) and (Paul with Matt/Raven). That’s already enough votes even without Kevin or Christmas’s vote.

      • I hope so you’re right, but don’t think his vote is a guarantee. If Kevin could throw in a hinky vote, I think he might.

      • The first week he voted against the house. I think Kevin has a bigger possibility of doing this then any other houseguest.

      • Actually the first week he voted with the majority to save Christmas. He was following Paul’s lead. Keep in mind he voted against Alex/Jason side of the house that week. The following week he cast the rogue vote at Paul’s direction. He has always voted with Paul this entire season.

  13. They need to keep Cody (I know he’s safe this week) so he could get rid of Paul,”no blood on their hands”.

  14. Anyone that says Jody isn’t playing the game doesn’t know what they are talking about. Sometimes being ignored has its perks. Hoping Raven doesn’t go to jury.

    • Hoping the same thing. Unfortunately she didn’t lose as I hoped. Josh won’t put that nuisance up.

    • Oh Jody is playing the game I know that.
      Cody just screws up too much
      And Jess is screwed because of Cody.

    • Jessica and Cody have totally been playing this season! For sure :-) I totally agree with you! And I also hope Raven goes home this week!
      But pretty much nothing has gone the way I wanted it to this season so I’m not holding my breath!

      • That would be great but they would need more numbers. Do you Josh and Christmas have the numbers? Could they pull anyone over to their side? I’m not Alex because she is not leaving Paul’s side! So that would mean no Jason or Kevin either. Matt and Raven are not going to budge! So who does that leave? No one unfortunately! I think Kevin and Jason would be willing to flip against Paul however Paul has Alex wrapped around his finger and Alex seems to have Kevin and Jason wrapped around her’s.

      • I think they would have mark Kevin and maybe Jason. But I did not want Paul in jury house. A) because I don’t want to see him the rest of the season and b) that’s what he wants

      • If he renoms Raven, I think Kevin would vote out her. Also Jason is getting tired of Alex. Read where him and Kevin don’t tell Alex everything. Alex is horrible on feeds. The other night she painted Jason’s nails and last night he was trying to sleep and she pulled his blanket off him. Only in his boxers. Someone said she hit him in privates.

      • Really!? Well I am sure Jason’s wife is going to have a few words with Alex LOL Alex is so far shoved up Paul’s butt that she is allowing Paul to control her game! I expected way more from her.
        I know people are talking about getting sick of others, and perhaps they should approach Jessica and Cody and work on getting someone else out but, unfortunately I think Paul’s my list morons just cannot seem to come together and really talk about Paul! Do you need to have a good long talk about him/getting rid of him but they are also afraid the other will tell Paul! It’s the Paul show! Lame

      • Let’s hope Jess stays per production. Paul had threatened he would walk if Jess stays. I feel this was said towards production

      • Shocking! Paul’s now telling production want to do LMAO
        Who am I kidding, he’s been telling them what to do since day one! It is the Paul Show!!
        I do hope Jessica stays but, it would look a little fishy if she did.

      • Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever if Raven was voted out on Thursday??? OMG! I wish

    • So true! Has Raven done anything at all? Her n Matt have got to be the most useless players EVER other than boosting Paul’s ego of course. Neither of them have any business in JH.

  15. Josh and Elena’s conversation is going in circles. Put her up if you want to, no justification needed. Ugh! Not then smartest move but whatever!

      • I know he doesn’t care about them but if he or Jess remain and one of them gets HoH, Mark and Elena will slide on over and be votes for what he wants

      • Mark and Elena are straddling both sides anyways. Mark might vote on Cody’s side. That is the best they can hope for. With Cody being safe, Cody should try and compete in VETO if chosen. I have a feeling Christmas is going to use her power to remove Cody if he is chosen for VETO. Jessica has to win VETO and save herself! Cody might not be able to compete for VETO.

      • Actually wouldn’t Jessica winning help Christmas get Elana out of the house. Not sure why Christmas would want Jessica on the block.

      • Elena isn’t on their side. I mean I guess sorta but, she’s going where it safer and that’s with Paul between her legs.

      • Yeah, I didn’t word my comment right. You are correct! She does go to whomever is in charge. But she has said in the DR room that she likes Jessica! But because she could ruin her game, she has to disassociate herself with Jessica! I mean I get it because of Paul’s attitude! Not allowing any of his circus clowns to talk to them! So they all feel threatened that if they do speak to Jessica or Cody going against the “Masters” wishes which will put a target on their back! But, Mark and Elena are too little too late!

  16. I will believe it when I see it!

    If/when Josh goes against “Paul’s wishes” and does really encourage the house to evict Elena, then I will believe it! For now, I think it’s just Josh talking outta both sides of his mouth!
    I hope it’s true, and if so, Josh will be vindicated somewhat for not being just “Paul’s circus clown” at least but it won’t excuse his behaviour this season!
    Perhaps this will be a Josh’s turning point! Haha!! I can’t believe I’m even saying that!

    • Josh has been saying all week he wants to talk to Jody but Paul said no He feels bad about what he did to them

      • Josh feels bad? Well that is good! I hate to say it because honestly I do dislike Josh and I have since day 2 however, he seems to be the type of guy who is easily peer pressured but ends up feeling badly. I think deep down he is a good person but Paul is bringing out the worst in him! Although, Josh did a lot of things in the beginning that had nothing to do with Paul. I think Josh was actually bullied as a child, and probably still pushed around by people.
        I seriously can’t believe I just said all of this LOL Josh has been my top one disliked houseguests of all times! But now this……
        It is pathetic that Paul will not allow Josh to talk to Jessica and Cody! Who does Paul think he is!? Unbelievable! Josh needs to tell him to beat it and that he can talk to whoever he pleases! All of Paul’s clowns 🀑 Need to stand on their own 2 feet and do as they please!
        A point goes to Josh for feeling bad and wanting to talk to them!

  17. Okay, just in case there’s anyone who doesn’t know, BBAD is on, despite the feeds being off.

  18. Thank God. Now some semblance of order for the house. Josh really should backdoor Paul. I think he may get enough votes to get him out once and for all. This is a great night.

    • Paul volunteered to go up as a pawn and josh said no because he is scared Paul could get evicted. Jacka** is what he is.

      • I agree completely. Of course he was. He just doesn’t want Josh or anyone to think that he never mentions himself as a pawn.

      • Like how he told them this is not his HOH so he is not advising anyone. Uh huh, Paul.

      • I just commented something very similar! Very true. Paul would never volunteer knowing that he would be an actual pawn. He knew Josh would say no!

      • Seriously! Paul actually volunteered to do something? He didn’t order someone to do it for him?
        He probably only volunteered because he knew Josh would say no!
        As for Josh saying no, what an idiot!

        I guess they are in a bromance!
        They are cuddle buddies in the HOH room

    • Now would be the perfect time to get rid of Paul and, Josh would have the numbers. Cody, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Kevin, Christmas, Jason and maybe Alex?? Depends if she is willing to keep working with Paul!?
      Of course not all those numbers will be able to vote because they will be on the block but, I really think they would be able to get Paul out if he was on the block

  19. Josh is proving to be the idiot they are all claiming he is. You don’t leave a strong team in the game. At least take one of them out. As for Christmas, I have no idea what she is thinking other than she is not on Jody’s radar but Josh, and Paul are. This is called taking your eye off the prize.

    • Christmas is trying to break off the 9 person alliance that will never make it to the end. They are just helping Paul win.

      • Yeah, and I think she’d have more support than people think. Jason and Kevin have already discussed Paul and his position in the house. These people are starting to wake up.

      • They’ve talked about Christmas too and they are loyal to Alex who is super loyal to Paul. I just don’t see it. Also Christmas can’t always compete so she’s not a good asset if lines are drawn against Paul. Logically just don’t see any scenario for now where people rally to Christmas in the cast over Paul.

    • Agreed, strategy wise taking out Elena makes no sense. It’ll just cause Mark/Jess/Cody to band together. As for Christmas she has somewhat of a relationship with Jessica and knows Elena is more loyal to Paul. I get why she is trying, but if she’s not careful and Paul finds out she could be the next to go after Jody and Marlena.

  20. JOsh can put up Mark and Elena but if Jess is still OTB, he won’t have to votes to get either one of Marlena out.

    • Omg… I totally read that wrong! I thought u said if Jess comes off the block… I feel like an idiot now lol

    • Just get Jess out and if she wins the veto, maybe xmas will take it from her and bye bye jess !!! Or Elena … dang , she acting like a total non team player !

      • I don’t think that’s what Christmas’s ring can do – I think if someone is picked to play in the veto competition, Christmas can use the ring to pull that selected person down and replace them with someone else. I think.

  21. Finally somebody playing their own game and not Paul’s game…I didn’t think Josh had it in him to play his own BB game…even if Christmas is planting the idea this is how BB is played…

  22. I’m wondering if this sudden switch to play in their own game versus Paul’s game might have something to do with them realizing that They may have gotten a bad edit following Paul’s leading the charge to Harass Jody?

    • I want Jessica to win the veto but not as a fan of hers, just because I hate Paul.

      • My exact reason too. Get Paul out of that dang house. It could be a completely different game is Paul was out.

  23. I really think Elana is being a big baby, a lot of ppl left their live for this game, what makes her special, yes I agree Matt and Raven don’t deserve to be their either, but at least they are not flip flopers,,,,, Put Elana up for sure cause she can talk Josh into anything knowing he likes her…. she just uses A LOT of ppl…. give me a break, she just wants exposure, well she got plenty of it showing her a** and Brest every chance she got.


    • I really wanted to shove my foot right through the TV and into her mouth. What the heck is she on tonight? And so what if she quit her job to come on BB. Whose fault is that?

      • Well unless they’ve got a really great vacation package from their employer I would say most of them had to quit their job before they came in. It doesn’t make her special.

    • Actually since he can’t put up Jessica and Cody. If Josh decides not to put up Elana, would would be the nominees? Mark and who????? Now that would be interesting.

  24. Is it just me or does it seem strange that Christmas gets to leave the house for surgery, Dr’s appts and still gets to play? Who Says People Aren’t Filling Her in On Things? I feel she should have been eliminated and maybe cone back next season.

    • She would be constantly chaperoned when she is out of the house, except when she was in the OR of course.

    • I totally agree, I don’t think it is right at all, she should have been forced to leave this house

  25. Okay, I need a refresher: Christmas has the Ve-Toad temptation (when Jess Cody and Jason were in the Toad costumes and had to hop for a week.)
    Her ‘power’ is to: take off one player from playing the veto comp and ‘play’ in their place. The removed player has no opportunity to get veto. The player being taken from play could be one from nominated, loser of the temptation comp, or one of two pulled from the ‘name bag.’
    So, do I have that right?
    So, Christmas could take Jessica off the veto comp, Christmas ‘play’ in Jess’s place and that nullifies Jess being able to play the Veto Comp and win ‘freedom.’

    • I think only the person chosen from the name bag can be replaced – not the two nominees or the temptation challenge loser.

      • Yes, Josh told her she will go up as a pawn because she is a great competitor. She said no I’m not, and mentioned many others who are better than she is. She knows that Josh is full of Sh**. Paul was blahblahbbing away as he always does and then the feeds went back to dogs.

  26. Paul needs to stop running the house and let them play their own game he needs to go fast, never liked him anyway

  27. Anyone see Julie’s interviews? She did not like Josh’s behavior and she is pulling for Jess

  28. Production wants Raven to stay to the end so she can have enough money for her operationssssssssss.

  29. Why does Alex always have to volunteer to go on the block, damn give the girl a break, I tried believe she is playing the game and knows exactly what Paul is doing.

    • No doubt! Just like a lot of Paul’s clowns have been saying, why doesn’t Matt ever volunteer to go up!?
      Or Raven!? Or even Paul!

      • They use a pawn when the HOH REALLY wants one person to get evicted, so they seat a pawn next to the target (someone they are fairly sure no one wants to vote out). That strategy can backfire, though, like when Paul flipped the house and Ramses went home.

      • Well not only that, I think they want one of their own on the block for the love comp, trying to get better odds Cody don’t get picked

      • LOL I know what a pawn is used for! Too funny! I have been watching big brother religiously since season one. I think you misunderstood my question.
        My question was meant as in “why use a pawn when they could just put up Mark and Elena?”
        Now I know they did put them up and a pawn was not used. I just don’t understand why they were even talking about it to begin with!? Make sense now? LOL too funny! 😁
        Great answer though! If I didn’t know what one was, I would know for sure now. πŸ˜†

      • Jess is on the block so they want to get rid of her. The rest of the noms are just pawns.

      • So why wouldn’t they just put up Mark and Elena?

        I know Cody won the safety and Jessica lost so she is the third nominee.
        I don’t know if you saw my post Wednesday night I think it was. (Probably not, seeing as I post πŸ’― times a day) LOL But, I said the best case scenario for Jessica and Cody if they didn’t win the HOH would be to fight in this comp and one of them win and one of them lose, that way the loser could play in the veto for sure and not get backdoored or hope they could flip the house (or at least the majority) & screw Josh with his HOH and vote out someone else who was on the block.
        So far they have my best case scenario oh because they didn’t win the HOH.

      • did you forget Christmas Veto replacement? Ch could take Jess off to not play veto comp but Ch has to take her place.
        Wait a minute— So Ch plays veto comp instead. Does that mean that if Ch takes off Jess, CH plays comp in Jess place and then Ch loses comp., that then Ch is on the block? That would be great!!!

      • LOL, funny theory with I think sarcasm? 😜

        Christmas cannot use her power to take nominees off the block, I am pretty sure that’s why Jessica lost the comp. so she would go up as the third nominee and be able to play in the veto competition. Or else Josh could have nominated Mark and Elena hoping Jessica did not get picked or if she was picked Christmas could then use her power and take Jessica’s position in Veto & then she could be back doored.
        I said on I think Wednesday/Thursday morning that Cody and Jessica’s next best thing from winning HOH would be if Cody/Jessica won the safety and Cody/Jessica lost the safety thus guaranteeing one of them would be safe and the other one would be guaranteed to play in the veto and fight for their lives.

      • Really? Most people on here are saying Josh wants to get rid of Elena!?
        I know Paul is telling him it’s going to be Jessica but I know Christmas agrees with him so if that is the case, we might not have a unanimous vote on Thursday! Could get interesting

  30. Josh is probably giving the longest nom speech ever! And I got $10 that says he cries during it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ poor meatball!

  31. But she is onto Paul, Alex has already told Jason not to tell Paul everything and be careful what he is telling him, I can’t stent Paul, never did like him, I don’t like Jody or Marlena either…. I can’t stand watching them suck face all day and then Jess has no care cameras are on and already saying she may be preggers ummm excuse me, didn’t she say she had a reputation to uphold….

    • I honestly think they are all onto Paul except for Raven and Matt lol… I just think they all want Jody out first.

  32. I’m tired of the whole target Jess and Cody, it’s getting old. It’s time for someone to start flipping this house and make some of Paul”s sheep start playing. It’s easy to talk s*#$ when you’ve never been on the block!

    • Hahaha I’ll probably be up half the night. But I don’t have to get up at any certain time tomorrow. It’s already 1am here.

      • Well if feeds aren’t back soon I’ll be up if there’s action until probably 4-5 am. Just like the old days when I’d close the bars and go out to breakfast. Lol

      • The fields are not back? They are still out from this afternoon??? I hope you’re not paying too much per day LOL I would demand a refund! How is everyone getting all the info they are getting? Oh, I guess BB after dark? Are the nominations going to be on BBAD then? Because they haven’t done them yet have they?

      • The feess came in fir a shirt bit after the comp, then feeds got cut for noms.

      • Haha here too, nothing good really gets going till night time, there are some nights I don’t sleep haha…

      • I am pathetically a night owl! Pathetically because I will sit on here until 2,3,4am Reading comments and replying!

      • I’ve been this way since I was a little girl… The internet has only made it worse now in adulthood lol

      • Same! Except I am not a big Internet junkie. I will go on Facebook but just to check my notifications and what not. I don’t go through my timeline because I have 500 friends! You know because I truly have 500 friendS πŸ˜† My phone doesn’t stop ringing and beeping! My friends are always pounding on my door! LOL anyways, I went off topic there clearly LOL I also go to a few gossip sites once in a while like TMZ. But that’s pretty much it unless I’m googling something or looking for a movie and I will go to YouTube. I have Instagram & Twitter, but I never use those accounts.
        I am more into TV.
        However, I am always on my phone/the Internet/BBN because I refuse to order the feeds! I would never sleep LOL so I come on here to read all the blogs and comments etc. anyways now that you know my life story LOL sorry blah blah blah talk to type!

      • LOL, no worries :)
        Yeah all my friends and fam think I’m so weird bc I’m only 32 and have zero social media accounts lol. I used to have FB and Insta but deleted both like 5 years ago. I tell everyone if you really want to get a hold of me just call/text lol
        This site and a few other gossip sites I go on regularly and read/post/comment.. Fills my nights when I can’t sleep.

      • You don’t have a single social media account? That is a little strange, not in a bad way :-) just very unusual! I enjoy having Facebook because I can stay connected to friends and family that I can’t see often or ever. There’s only so many of my 500+ friends that I can see you week LMAO

      • I have a Twitter that I’ve never posted on and nobody knows I have.. I use it strictly to see what people are tweeting about shows I like πŸ˜‚
        I just honestly got so sick of not only nosey “friends” on SM but also annoying people that put ALL of there business out there… I don’t care what you cooked for dinner and I don’t want to hear about how your man cheated on u for the 20th time lol

      • Yes, it is super annoying that Facebook is just filled with nonsense. I miss how it used to be. It’s filled with junk like people posting what they had for dinner and 1000 pictures of their baby! Although I don’t get the status updates about friends husbands cheating… my friends better step up their game! That’s pretty juicy stuff! LOL just kidding! That’s pretty pathetic people would post that. What drives me crazy is people that I know who are unhappy, negative people, struggling to make ends meet but they are always bragging about how great their life is! It’s so fake!
        I am like you called me two weeks ago because you didn’t have enough money to buy groceries but now you’re posting a status about how you’re planning your trip to Mexico! As if! You can’t even afford to get your passport nonetheless actually pay to go to Mexico! Or people who have terrible spouses but brag about how great their life is and post pictures of flowers their husband bought them! Stuff like that drives me crazy!
        Be real! Or just don’t say anything at all. I personally have a great life but I’m not on Facebook constantly or ever bragging about how great it is! Because I don’t need to tell everyone. If that makes any sense at all? I just mean there are so many fake people bragging about their lives, trying to make other people jealous of their lives when really they are the ones unhappy! Or there are so many people that try and outdo each other, you know what I mean? it’s like “yeah yeah OK, sure! Good for you! 90% of the people on your Facebook know what you’re saying is BS but, sure go ahead! Whatever makes you feel better!”
        I don’t know if any of that made sense LOL but I totally know what you mean, social media is reality but, these people we have as friends can make it such a fake reality!
        or on top of that there’s other friends (& again, I am referencing my over 500 friends LOL like I have 500 friends! But it’s people from high school or previous jobs etc.) but there’s this other Side of social media where people are always posting negative statuses! Poor Me! Or my life sucks! Or they just constantly bitch about everything down to the lady standing in front of them at the grocery store!
        People like that annoyed me the most on Facebook! I surround myself with positivity, if you think negatively then you are just bringing that into your universe which is only going to cause more negativity for you! I want to tell those people to shut up, appreciate what they have and stop looking for drama and negativity! Enjoy what you have right in front of you. Don’t sweat the small stuff!
        Sorry blah blah blah! Talk to type – I am just yapping away! PS. Sorry if there are errors, talk to type likes to AutoCorrect when it should not be auto correcting anything and sometimes I miss it so, sorry I was just yapping away and not even really paying attention.
        Nice talk LOL πŸ˜‚ I hope you had a few minutes to spare hee hee 😜

      • Same here. I’m retired but was bored so now I work two days a week and of course the night before there’s always drama on the feeds. I go to work on 2-3 hrs sleep.

      • I don’t work, my husband has his own company and works from home so I have the luxury not to work. I know if I had the fees I wouldn’t sleep LOL I spend hours a day here! That’s bad enough LOL but I try and stay up-to-date on actual events in the house instead of the highly edited TV episodes. I haven’t really been on Facebook in weeks LOL

      • Yup, Mark and Elena up with Jess. But he’s trying to go rogue on Paul, he’s acting out your boy. Think he’s moved from baby to terrible two’s

      • He must be hungry. Is anybody checking on him? He needs his toys (pot’s/pans).. well, Jess is still the target. Too bad the ‘robot escaped.

      • Apparently he drank too much last night so he could very well use food.
        Yeah I wanted the babe and her robot both up. Oh well can’t have it all– your baby as HoH and those two on the block so 2/3 ain’t bad

      • Yeah, I was reading some comments a while ago, and it didn’t sound like he’s with the program. lol..thank God!

  33. Paul’s “Circus Clowns” 🀑 are always complaining that Matt never goes up on the block as a pawn and doesn’t offer much to the group however, maybe they should open up their eyes…….
    When has Paul offered to go up as a pawn!? When has Paul done anything for the group!? Aside from ordering them around!
    As if he ever would offer to do anything for them!
    I hope this week his Circus Clowns 🀑 Figure it out, and realize this is the week to get him out! Before jury. Seriously, wouldn’t that be the best move the season!? (NOT like there is many to brag about but still) LOL

    Nothing has worked out the way I have wanted it to this season (boohoo me) and so far his mindless morons continue to follow him around so I’m certainly not going to hold my breath!

      • Hoping now that josh, Kevin, Alex, Christmas etc. know for sure they are making it to the jury house, that they will start actually playing/not listening to Paul!
        Apparently Josh was annoyed at Paul. Josh was telling Christmas that he told Paul he wanted to evict Elena & Paul told him absolutely no way! So Josh was pissed about that. I don’t know how pissed LOL but enough to bitch to Christmas about it

      • Unfortunately, I think your fingers are probably going to go numb. Josh won’t do that.

      • Oh right! It’s all loyalty! That’s why his people saved him, because he so loyal! What a meatball LOL
        What is up with these people and meatball?? Meatballs are good! If someone called me a meatball I would say thank you πŸ’œ
        Great! Now I want meatballs

      • I agree however, she isn’t completely wrong. Look at what she’s up against LOL πŸ˜‚

  34. I read somewhere Raven said she has a Boston science implant in her I have a Boston science implant and it is used to control nerve pain. It needs to be turned off and on when you swim or shower and it is connected to my spine. I have doubts she has this type for stomach problems

    • Have you heard about the disease she has? I can’t remember the name of it but, she has stated that it is dreadful and eventually fatal however, that is not true! She has all the HG’s feeling super sorry for her! She is constantly talking about herself. She said she wanted to bring awareness to her disease however, she has done nothing but talk about herself! She hasn’t brought any positive awareness to this disease.
      It is in curable which is unfortunate, they do need more neurologists and specialists and more funding but, I only know this because a lady messaged me who has the exact same disease as Raven! This lady told me the only real issue with this disease is it’s hard to digest food so you are on a very strict diet! Don’t get me wrong, regardless of the severity of someone’s in curable disease it still is horrible! So I do feel badly for Raven however, she has made it seem as though her days are numbered.
      Reaven has a pacemaker in her stomach. I don’t know exactly what it does however, she says it has 15 levels and she is currently at level 9 & once it gets to 15 she is going to just be living every day like it is her last. So another words once it gets to 15 there is nothing anyone can do but sit back & she will pass away. Again this lady I spoke with said that it is complete BS! It is in no way fatal & people have been blogging about it online and Raven is being blasted for her lies!
      If everything that I have read is not true and her disease is in fact fatal then I will truly feel bad however, from the sounds of it I am 99% sure she is lying to the house! She is playing with peoples emotions and they are all heartbroken for her!
      She is always telling them she needs money. For what I’m not quite sure but she’s always saying she needs money money money so, Paul has offered to make shirts for her, Christmas said she is going to do a fundraiser for her and Cody even said he would get a second job to help her fight for her life! Does Raven not realize when these people are no longer in the game they are going to be told by their family and friends that Raven was BSing them the entire time?? Does she not realize she is gone probably hated by most of the HG’s for what she has said and done!? She is a piece of work! Disgusting and deplorable behavior!
      she thinks she is America’s sweetheart and everyone in the house is always telling her that she is going to get America’s favourite HG. She is going to be in for a huge shock! When she leaves the house! does she not realize people are watching her on live feeds and that they have Google!? LOL what an airhead! How could she possibly think the people that watch the show are going to think it’s cool/OK with her lies! And to make matters worse, everything is about her! Poor Me, poor Raven! Give me sympathy, give me attention! Even when Christmas broke her foot, Raven got super jealous from the attention Christmas was receiving! So Raven took a tumble and all of a sudden she could barely walk on one of her legs! She was using Christmas’ crutches, hopping and limping around but when Paul got the Snapchat glasses, Raven had no problems whatsoever running around the backyard after him! Then after that she was back to limping! She is a horrible person! I thought Josh was bad but she is 100 times worse! And I can’t believe I’m saying that because I dislike Josh more than any other HG in history! Fortunately for her, I only have readabout everything she has done on here, I have not witnessed most of her behaviour first hand! I think if I did, I would probably punch her in the face if I saw her!
      Wow! Sorry hon…… I just went on a huge rant LOL talk to type, I am just yapping/bitching away like we are talking on the phone LOL my bad

      • Right, so you already know.

        Did I misunderstand your question and ended up giving you a LONG spiel of what you already know? LOL sorry 😐

      • I TA. I was just saying I have RSD in my left ankle. So I have the Boston science stimulator to control the pain. Not for stomach problems like she says I am wondering if she has it for pain from dancing? A lot of girls have chronic problems from years of dance.

      • All I have doubts about her digestive problem if she eats popcorn like I witness the other night. She was shoveling it into her mouth like there was no tomorrow. Popcorn is the worst for your digestive problems. That’s why people use it for diets

  35. I have been thinking that there really been no fixes in the game until now, but now I am sure that the there ARE. It is just too obvious that Production has been fixing things all along. There is no other way that there are these sequence of events would be happening. Production, we have your number, now!

    • I don’t disagree with you, BB unfortunately has been somewhat scripted and fully manipulated for years now just like every other reality show now but, what made you only realize that now?

  36. Wait! WHAT?!? Josh is actually thinking for himself? Wonder how long it will take Paul to stop that “nonsense”. LOL I’m actually surprised that Paul allowed the conversation with Josh and Christmas to occur without him being there too. These people are so stupid to keep Paul around that it actually hurts my brain to watch sometimes.

    • LMAO πŸ˜†
      I was reading your comment and thought I had written it LOL that is exactly what I was thinking! Paul actually let one of his clowns talk to someone without him being around!! Especially the HOH CLOWN 🀑

      • Everyone with their own brain thinks like this. I have never ever seen a Big Brother season like this ever and I have been watching since season 1. It’s like their brainwashed for real.

      • Right! It’s insane. I too have been watching it since season one faithfully back when I had to record episodes if I wasn’t going to be home (which was like every episode because I was a teenager! )on my VHS player and praying I push the power button on before I left or I set the timer on properly LOL
        This is by far the worst season ever!!! All because Paul got his 15 minutes of fame last season and now has an agent who put it in Paul’s contact for him to get 3 weeks safety and ended up being able to easily control a bunch of circus clowns!
        They need to stop bringing back vets (& their agents!) & start making BB organic with no twists and Temptations! No America’s choice, zero outside influence!
        I know so many people who used to watch big brother religiously that no longer do because it’s so fake now. I still have hope that it is not as fake as a lot of people think! So I continue watching and every year I get more and more frustrated!
        BBC is great! Five seasons in and although I haven’t liked a lot of their twists, it has been so much more real, excellent casting, great challenges etc. they have really made BB Canada a great show to watch!
        Sorry! Blah blah Rant Rnt Rant OOPS πŸ™Š

    • You do realize if it wasn’t for Paul Josh wouldn’t even be in the house anymore

    • Shocker! Although I thought they were talking about using someone as a pawn!? I didn’t get that, it didn’t make sense to me because why not just nominate Mark & Elena!?!
      Thanks for the info 😘

  37. Josh is back to wanting Jess out. Raven and Matt convinced him. Christmas where are you?

    • She can’t seem to help it, she can’t stand it when she’s not calling the shots

      • I’m so confused, all of you are talking about Jess but I don’t know what she did. What did she do?? LOL

      • Went on and on to Josh about her being miserable for weeks now and doesn’t know why Josh wants her gone. But he just didn’t tell her Elena is who he wants out (even though Paul doesn’t). Keeping his options open just in case.

      • Oh, someone told me she wouldn’t even let him speak. He was trying to tell her she wasn’t his target but she just went off on him and then stormed out. I’m confused LOL I’ll see it

      • Started griping at Josh for wanting her gone this week instead of who he nommed. He was trying to tell her that was meant for Elena’s and Mark’s ears, but she wouldn’t stop talking long enough for him to explain, so he just walked away from her instead.

      • Awww OK, that makes sense. Hopefully she will calm down enough to have a sensible conversation with Josh. For some reason I think Josh actually likes Jessica! I don’t know if it is a secret crush. Perhaps that is why he has been bullying her! He acts like a child & that’s what boys would do when they were young and had crushes on girls. Pick on them and call them names LOL πŸ˜‚

      • Can you blame her??
        She has not had it easy!
        Yes, she has done it to herself but she’s also tried to make things better. Plus, she is a super fan and she does really know how the game is played. She’s trying not to take it personal, but it has to be difficult when every week you are fighting for your life & everyone turns their back on her!
        AND when she knows every HG is being played by Paul and controlled and she’s trying to tell them all that but none of them are listening! That has to be super super frustrating! She is feeling like we are feeling, “come on people wake up and play of the game!”
        & on top of that she knows that Cody is not good for her game but at the same time she cares for him a lot. She knows a different side of him, a loving side of him (NOT just a silent weirdo sitting on the sidelines waiting to pounce LOL) so she can’t just turn her back on him after he has (in her eyes) done nothing but protect her (he has done more harm than good but she doesn’t know that) Cody is the only person in that house she can 100% trust as long as she is in that game.
        Where was I going with all of this? LOL oh right, so can you blame her for being miserable? LOL πŸ˜†

      • I don’t blame her, no, but she brings a lot of it on herself by going right back to isolating herself with Cody whom she should have learned is what got her in the situation she’s still in now. She didn’t need to put a target on herself further and act condescending towards him if she wanted to gain any support in her staying in the house.

      • Jessica smart, not so smart sometimes but smart! Hopefully once she cools down, she can go back and talk to Josh and let him explain.

      • If he put Raven up I think the house would actually vote her out , but for now they are votes for paul and needs them , Matthew and Raven . As soon as Cody and Jess leave then it will be interesting who goes after who.

  38. I think while Josh sleeps, Paul lays next to him whispering subliminal messages into Josh’s ear!
    Paul is your master, listen to everything Paul says!!
    Paul is your master, listen to everything Paul says!!
    Paul is your master, listen to everything Paul says!!
    Paul is your master, listen to everything Paul says!!
    Paul is your master, listen to everything Paul says!!

    Who am I kidding! Josh will listen to everything Paul says all on his own! LOL πŸ˜‚

  39. Alex is sharing a personal tragedy with Josh and cams keep going in and out due to the intensity of it. She is just trying to let Josh not to let personal crap get in the way of the game. She is letting him also know not to apologize to Raven or to Jess whenever they use personal stuff in this game.

    • I know… That was hard to listen to :( but she’s right, everyone in there has their own baggage and personal tragedies/struggles… But those 2 are the only ones that try to use it as a guilt trip so the other HG will feel sorry for them. Gross!

    • This is a question, not sarcastic at all but, what tragedy/personal story or whatever is Jessica saying?

      • Does she live? Or does she just talk about it? She was very close with him and she is on the reality TV show they both watched together all of the time. I don’t know, I’ve never heard it so I am just curious if she is as bad as Raven?!?

      • She talks about it in conversations to people just like how she does her DIary room sessions.

      • Well, I don’t see a problem with someone talking about their dad’s death. It was only two years ago I believe? She is young & was super close to her dad!
        This has to be very hard and very emotional for her to be playing the game Jessica and her dad watched together religiously!
        It has to bring back a lot of emotions! Memories of watching BB with her dad, and now being on BB and wishing her dad was still alive to see her play.
        My dad passed away when I was young! It was difficult but as I got older it actually became more difficult! And when I am doing things that my dad loves to do i.e. fishing, I enjoy it but I am always emotional so, I can totally relate!
        Plus, Jessica talking about her Dad is certainly nowhere near as bad as Raven talking about her disease and lying about it! And using it to gain sympathy! & making other people feel terrible for her thinking she really is “just living every day like it could be her last” when that is completely untrue!
        I don’t know about you!? But that is 1000 times worse then Jessica talking about her dad!

      • The way I see it is you like Jessica and you don’t like Raven so one sob story is fine the other is using her condition to score points in the house.

        If Jessica is using her dad’s death as a strategy in the game, its no different than if Raven is using her illness.

      • I dont think anyone believes raven at this point.Still jessica used it as a strategy.And lets not forget the ahem pregnancy…. just to get to jury.

      • She’s not as bad as Raven, but she does use it to further her gameplay…which both of them need to stop doing! :-)

      • What about Alex story to Josh about a relative of hers, that shouldn’t have been mentioned on live tv.

      • Cams didn’t catch that in time. But she was giving him an example of what’s worse than what Raven and Jess are using to help further their gameplay and for Josh not to let that sway him…since she wouldn’t use her cousin’s tragedy to do that.

    • I just heard it, I can definitely see why it was too tragic to discuss. Josh was the one that didn’t want her to reveal the story and told her to stop. Alex pretty much revealed what happened and even gave extra details. Big Brother was actually late in disrupting the feeds if you ask me.

      • Alex shared this with Josh and nobody else…trying to prove to Josh why he shouldn’t let other’s personal issues get in the way of gameplay or be used as a strategy to gain sympathy votes.

  40. What a shock, Cody won the comp and is safe. And Jess or Cody will win the veto next so they are both safe. I’ll be just as shocked then too. NOT!

    BB is getting predictable. How can that be?

    • except xmas has that ring, can’t she swap out Jessica and not allow her to play?

      • Xmas has some sort of veto thing , she can either take someone’s place , like is jess gets picked she takes it or whoever wins the veto she can snag it .. not sure

      • ok, i guess i don’t understand the ring, i thought xmas could swap out anyone

  41. Man/Child wants this woman out because she stirs something in him, how many times has he commented on her brests & how nice she looks? Sat night Elena purposely threw her jacket off, so she knows she makes him hot and bothered. Josh cam rambled most all night & makes as much sense as a meatball with macoronni .

  42. I wonder where everyone’s head is and if they left their brains home. Paul is running this house and no one see this? Cody was right the first week, trying to get Paul out.

    • Thats been the theme in here for the most of the time. Hell yes CODY! Stick it to these LOSERS next week!!

  43. cody should tell josh… put paul and alex and jess and cody work with josh later. but bjosh WOULD DIE CRYING LIKE A BABY WITHG SUCH GUILT…

  44. Did we really believe that this was goin to actually be Josh’s HOH?? No! He’s Paul’s personal puppet.

  45. Well, Jess and Cody are alone. Maybe Mark with them. Maybe. But Elena does work all sides. The bigger danger is Elena because of that, to the house in general.

  46. listening to these cowards bash on Cody, and Jessica behind their backs all the time is nauseating !!!!!

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