Allison Grodner Interview: Crossing The Line, Pressure Cooker, & BBOTT2

Last night wrapped up an extremely heated week inside the Big Brother 19 house and those fights raised a lot of concerns for fans. This was also the week we got disappointing news that it could be while before we see another season of BB Over The Top. Seemed like the perfect opportunity in our weekly interview with the show’s top brass to discuss.

Josh Martinez wins HoH on BB19

We asked Big Brother Executive Producer Allison Grodner about “crossing that line,” whether we’d get the Pressure Cooker back, and what’s her ideal scenario for the return of BBOTT.

Big Brother Network: Houseguests had several very heated confrontations this week, including a second face to face between Josh and Mark. With the Houseguests’ well-being and safety in mind, how does your team decide where and when to draw the line for what behavior to stop? Is there a limit to verbal attacks or only physical fights?

Allison Grodner: The safety of our houseguests is our primary concern. We are watching the houseguests 24/7 with the ability to intervene at any time. The houseguests know the rules regarding violence and when they come too close to crossing the line we will step in.

This season started off with a series of endurance and extended HoH competitions, a huge plus for Live Feed viewers. We love it. Could this season finally be the one to bring the return of the elusive Pressure Cooker Endurance Comp?

Grodner: Lol. That was a fun one! Endurance competitions are a staple of Big Brother and we are always looking for new twists to old classics. Schedule changes over the years have prevented us from doing a competition that lasts 14 hours like the Pressure Cooker but you never know…

CBS Interactive announced there were currently no plans for a BBOTT Season 2 this fall, but didn’t rule out another season at some point. Do you think we could see still a BBOTT2 in 2018? When do you think would be the ideal time of year if it were entirely up to your team?

Grodner: We enjoyed breaking new ground in the digital space with BBOTT and would welcome an opportunity to do it all again. I think it would be ideal to have a breather between the broadcast and the digital season. Not just for the crew but for the audience.

Thank you!

So Grodner kind of danced around the verbal attacks question and went with the physical altercation scenarios. We know HGs were eventually told to lay off during those fights on Monday, but was the line only crossed once they had enough footage for the show?

As for the long dream of another Pressure Cooker, well it sounds like that probably won’t ever happen again. When they’ve got to get quickly rolling on building up the Friday’s competition that’s not a surprise. Maybe we’ll get it with the eventual, hopeful return of that other little gem, BBOTT2.

What’s your take on this past week of Big Brother 19? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Lame answer to the bullying. I know that they are going to lose a lot of viewers if they don’t address it and NOT just the physical aspect of it. It was not acceptable. I have never missed a season of Big Brother but I won’t tolerate much more like this season. It ceased to be fun and was just ridiculously painful to watch. They might want to take the pulse of some of the older viewers like me….who are done with this nonsense. AND the tv show didn’t even address very much of it….. Evel Dick was bad but this was 1000X worse. If I never see Paul again on tv, I’ll be happy.

    • I personally stopped watching BB15 due to all the racism stuff. I watched some of 17 and now I am watching 19. If they didn’t address that crap and put a stop to it, then I don’t think they are going to do anything here, nor should they. IF they step in and do anything, then future house guests will try to exploit that. That being said, while I don’t like what they did over this last week, I do not view what the house guests did as bullying.

      • Are you reading the spoilers/live feeds? They didn’t address very much of what is really going on….Production has told them to quit – but there is no real punishment….so they start right up again.

      • I watched the feeds. They were annoying, but I don’t consider that bullying. I am more offended by the constant cursing than them acting how they did.

      • Wow. Well, Production thought that it was bullying because they had a talk about “forcing people” out of the house. I guess that we have different viewpoints of bullying.

      • there will be consequences when they leave the house once on the internet it does not go away A lot of people from season 15 lost their jobs and the winner was not invited on the Talk and lost his job so yes Karma is a bitch and she will bite them hard I am a mother if my son was behaving like Josh or Paul for all to see I will be marching in that house rolling pin in hand

      • showmances.Are on every BB I have watched.Some are bad mouthing Jesse and Cody.They aren’t the 1st couple to dance under the covers..

      • Cody has that blank stare like he’s lost.I didn’t like how he done when he was Hoh.He thought he ruled the roost but it came back and bit him in the butt.I think he is just using Jessica to further his game.I Hope he gets voted out next Thursday.

      • I honestly think Cody has PTSD from his time in service. That would explain a lot of his behaviors.

      • There is something really wrong with Cody. He is a sociopath.He’s the kind of nut case that will show up one day at a grade school with an AK47 and hand grenades. I was surprised BB ever picked him to be a contestant. Jason is also a few tacos short of a combination plate. BB and Survivor pick these types to ramp up the viewership.Knowing that tension makes for more viewers.BB will change the story in a heartbeat to get tension going in the house. They knew when Cody was kicked out the first time that viewership would fall….so they brought him back under the guise of a phony competition. Mark my words if he or Jessica are voted out BB will invent some bogus way to bring them back. Only Paul and Christmas make for interesting watching.All the others are like dead fish.BB has always flipped the script (I.e. CHEATED) so unlikeables could get back in the game to create more havoc/drama thus more viewers,thus higher advertiser rates,thus more money for them.

      • John, If you think Cody ruled what do you think about Paul! He has that whole house under his thumb! He has a God Complex! Couldn’t stand last year and he worst this year! The worst show on TV

      • If you don;t like it…TURN IT OFF. The choice is yours alone.I agree that Paul is a loudmouth but he is also sharp as a tack about game play on BB. I appreciate that more than someone like Cody who has no clue how to play the game.

      • BlueDesert, I did shut it off.But I can’t be all wrong because a lot of people are saying the same thing as me.why is everyone shocked about the Jess and Cody together.Every season there’s one couple that get down under the covers and limbo…

      • I just Googled, and Andy won BB15 (I don’t remember this stuff). I DO remember Aaryn that year (she’s really unforgettable), but don’t remember enough about Andy and why he was controversial. Could you refresh my memory, please?

      • Yes, Jessica is going to get a lot of hate for talking about wanting to drown a housemate. All the nasty crap she has spewed and people are worried about this? LOL

      • Rolling pin in hand… that would be entertaining!!!! Mama don’t play!!!

      • I just told Ellablue let (rolling pin in hand ) become a thing and I hope to never hear meatballs ever again !!!!!

      • Honey I agree with you. Josh is I can’t explain. But if that was my child when he got home his bags will be packed for Paul I liked him at first but when he had everybody loadout Ramsey just to get under Cody and Jessica’s nerves to keep Josh in the house that pissed me off because Ramsey did nothing to anybody I love that little boy he reminds me of my son so kind and caring and loving. Yes you did

      • His name is Ramses (like the king of Egypt in 500 BC) NOT Ramsey. He was the most boring player every to play on a game show. I was surprised he wasn’t voted out FIRST.

      • I think production said something because Jessica and Cody were talking about taking their ball and going home. It would mess up the timeline.

      • Annoying to the point of bullying. Paul’s intent was to cause harm, not necessarily physical but emotional and psychological harm. Banging pots, yelling and shouting, and cursing at someone can cause damage to their psyche. What they were doing could have caused either to snap and… anything could have happened.

        They don’t know how much anyone of them could take, folks that snap sometimes are surprised at what made them snapped….

      • And that was Paul’s end game. He wanted Cody to snap and get evicted all because Jessica wouldn’t do what Paul said and not use her halting hex. Jessica didn’t use it and it pissed off Paul. He’s not used to people not following him blindly. And for people to say this was not bullying, they are part of the problem.

      • well said I wonder now if that is why bulling is so hard to fight people just dont see it

      • Good for you. Called my daughter after the show and all of us are quitting watch BB. It was their family time together but not anymore. The 11 year old had bad dreams after the show last night. That WAS BULLYING.

      • If banging pots and pans yelling and shouting at you and cursing at you would cause you psychological harm you must be a really weak person. That is almost laughable

      • Humph! No one knows what can set someone off, their trigger points. No one knows what goes on in another person’s mind, no one knows what one has gone through where something as simple as a certain sound could make a person go off. What is weak/laughable to you is strong/serious to another. The mind is a tricky thing.

        There is always that neighbor that “he was such a happy person, we didn’t think he would do such a thing”. There is “why didn’t he just harm himself and not a stranger, the whole family, if he was feeling that way”, etc… The “all s/he did was….. how could that have set him/her off?”

        Paul’s intent was to cause harm so he didn’t think it was such a weak plot or else he would have given up when the first attempt didn’t work.

        What I find weak is when one tells another their feelings, the other is so hurt, s/he must make the other hurt AND these are strangers who more than likely would never interact after the summer. Cody told Josh he doesn’t like him, leave him alone. Misery loves company.

      • Get a life, you don’t know Paul outside of the house, you talk to people that do and they will tell you just the opposite of what you said. This is a game, just like Survivor, people will say and do things in the game that they would never do in real life! Team Paul all the WAY

      • It wouldn’t cause me psychological harm but it would most likely cause them physical harm. I would never tolerate anyone doing that to me.

      • Cody has been thru 2 boot camps,10 years military, 2 deployments. Police academy, he can take down a guy twice his size & break bones before any security could get there. He has killed lots of Taliban with no remorse. I have no idea why Josh has not been attacked yet. Just shows Cody’s restraint. CBS is lucky so far. Paul started the whole attack on Cody on Monday & yet they did not show it all on tv just to make Paul look better.

      • Worth repeating “The show that was broadcast thursgay august 3rd confirmed paul was directing his goons to harass and intimiidate, the stated goal being to make cody snap, hoping for a violent reaction, so jess would disavow herself of cody. The show did not show even a bit of the worst of what was said, only confirmed paul directed it all, and, it is all out in cyberspace for he world to see. The eventual damage control, to their individual reputations, the members of the goonsquad attempt to effect, will never be completely done. Awful for the goonsquad members to have to live with their actions, sad that they may be remembered merely as cautionary tales.”

      • Please over look haters gonna hate something, including me. Cody has been my favorite from day 1, he tried to be honest, but so much for that bs. He is so open, he does deserve someone better then this girl tho.

      • Bullying is making fun of someone and saying things to hurt and intimidate. If it makes you upset enough to quit trying for 500,000 bucks or you feel you’re going crazy….it’s bullying

      • I didn’t say I disagree….I love watching them get into it and pick on each other!!! Lol

      • Yesssd, the foul mouths are realllly over the top this year..can hardly tolerate the feeds

    • Evil Dick was MUCH, MUCH worse than anything on this season! I love this season!

      • I agree Evil Dick was worse. People forget this is a game and it is ok to get an advantage

      • Evil Dick was the worse…problem is some people can’t separate tv from reality…and for some people what they see on tv is what they are living…not a good scenario.

      • the only thing i don’t understand is you can’t lay a hand on anybody, but you can dump liquid on somebody…isn’t that way worse than shove or push? i mean pickle juice in the eye has to sting!

      • not only pickle juice it was mixed with hotsauce that makes it almost like pepper spray ,and it could possibly cause blindness,that was basically assault and they should have been tossed right then and there

      • funny how most people are choosing to forget that when they are talking about bullying

      • Your comment is very far off base. Evil Dick spoke up about what happened Monday. ED condemmed the behavior of paul and his goonsquad. The show that was broadcast confirmed paul was directing his goons to harass and intimiidate, the stated goal being to make cody snap, hoping for a violent reaction, so jess would disavow herself of cody. The show did not show even a bit of the worst of what was said, only confirmed paul directed it all, and, it is all out in cyberspace for he world to see. The eventual damage control, to their individual reputations, the members of the goonsquad attempt to effect, will never be completely done. Awful for the goonsquad members to have to live with their actions, sad that they may be remembered merely as cautionary tales.

      • Evil dick should just keep his mouth shut….after all he started the bullying on Big Brother and got away with it. This season is harassing just like all the other seasons. The rest of the house did nothing that Cody and Jessica did not deserve. They are all about threatening physical violence all the time…constantly wanting to smash someone in the face, etc. The rest of the house was simply aggravating them. Cody is a hot head with no personality (he admitted he cannot get along with anyone) and Jessica is a diva that thinks she is above everyone else…including Cody. I personally will be glad when they are gone. I do not like vets being brought back in to play BB but it doesn’t mean they should be bullied….and Cody and Jessica are the bullies this season.

      • Also, if I had been in the house with Evil Dick I would be insisting on an aids test….just saying.

      • If that’s true, that shows what a total hypocrite Evel Dick actually was. His ranting and screaming and psychological bullying was far, FAR worse than anything Paul has done. I truly believe ED was borderline psycho.

      • Paul and Josh should be shown the door. What they are doing is psychological and emotional attacks on Cody. He’s a decorated Marine, no one should be talking to anyone like they are talking to him. No one has that right to bully and manipulate another person. If this was a woman they were attacking, everyone would be upset.

      • You are so. Right !!! Josh shouldn’t have made past the interview! And Paul never should have come!

    • Some of my friends that have watched for years are pretty disgusted by it and are thinking of turning it off. They don’t even read the recaps here or watch the live feeds. I told them it was actually way worse than what was shown on TV.

    • No viewers will be lost. People love to complain like you. I guess you didn’t see season 8? Haha This is great entertainment. There is a door they can walk out of anytime. 😜

      • Haven’t missed a season except part of the OTT. And no, it isn’t the way that the game is supposed to be played. There is something called “maturity” and decency missing.

      • This not Entertainment! this is down right bully and Paul picks and chooses who he wants to bully next! The show isn’t fun to watch! So that’s not Entertainment when alot of people are saying they stopped watching because of the two idiots who bully!

      • He also made several homophobic comments toward Dustin, attacked Amber’s ability to be a mother (as well as her substance abuse problems), made fun of Jameka’s religion and so on.

        Rose colored glasses my friend.

    • This should not be allowed to happen. Paul and Josh should be shown the door. Instead, Josh is the HOH? Looked like the fix was in.

  2. When Mark almost hit Josh over the head with pan is personally what I think crossed the line. Unless it was staged, he only missed because Kevin intervened. As for bullying, I don’t buy Mark claiming to be the recipient. At least not in the house. He was instigator, imo.

    • So, grabbing pots and pans and banging them close to someone’s face while screaming at them is acceptable?

      • Nope. I don’t believe it was. (but Josh did totally scratch on the 8 lol) But that doesn’t excuse Josh’s behavior with the pots and pans. They are all bullies. I’m not defending Mark, I’m just not a fan of the pots and pans.

      • Oh he definitely double tapped and was a baby about it lol… and you are correct, that doesn’t justify Mark doing that. My only point is I’m tired of everyone’s fake outrage about this bullying crap. What’s good for the goose and all right… I’ve said it several times already banging pots and pans is a far cry from bullying.. annoying as hell? Absolutely, but not bullying… not a single person in that house is innocent… well, maybe Kevin lol

      • Speaking of Kevin I came in on the end of him talking to Paul and Jason about not really having kids and producers giving him a script, any idea what that was about?

      • It was in live feeds but I didn’t catch it in context…that caught my attention tho! He said he would never name any kids he had the names producers gave him.

      • Hmm… that’s odd. I mean anything is really possible lol
        I don’t think he would lie about his children but I could also be completely wrong..

      • I don’t either. And if it were true he wouldn’t be talking about it. Just curious what that conversation was really about. He said he would show them the “script” , they looked in his duffel bag and started cracking up.

      • Wow I missed that on the feeds. I wonder if it’s true. That would explain why he’s all over Christmas and told Jason I think I’m in love. The way he’s been acting I thought his wife is going to ask for a divorce when he gets out. Now I’m going to google him and see what the deal is.

      • Ha, was thinking the same. Early on I wondered if she was actually his daughter (the twist they sometimes have on show) but given the conversations they have had recently clearly not, lol. Initially just seemed like they treat each other like family but agree, seems some flirtation going on now. Again, tho, I only heard last part of that conversation and if it was true it wouldn’t make sense he would share that with other house guests, and even if the whole show is scripted would expect production to tell them to stop. They were probably just messing around but was checking if anyone else saw that and could fill in rest of conversation. Also, besides being stay at home dad, was it said what he did prior to that?

      • Why not he has lied to everyone else but Paul about winning the $25,000,that lie got Ramses evicted so if he would lie about that he would lie about having kids too

      • That’s why I said anything is possible and that I could be completely wrong

      • The weird thing is I saw it earlier today but seemed to have taken place a couple days ago . Sorry, don’t know time, but a few seconds later when Christmas entered room, someone asked about the date. She said ‘tomorrow is the 3rd. They were in room where Kevin and Alex sleep but indicated Paul was still HOH. So, I am not sure why it showed up today, other than sometimes my feed seems to have paused. Maybe it was one day delayed and she had date wrong.

      • Did you catch where Jason was speaking with Alex, and said that BB had recruited him? Alex made the comment that he made number 7?..I think…

      • The “bully” term is used so loosely these days, but other than aggressively annoying, do you have another term for it? Not being argumentative, truthfully asking. Because imo , it’s more than annoying and it feels threatening as an outsider, I’d flip if someone did it to me.

        I think Paul, telling / forcing Josh to turn it up to a 30, is ridiculous. Paul is the puppet master, and Josh is his doll. Lol

      • As far as actual flipping I’d just yell at them and then cry… Though I am 6 months pregnant…

      • Aww, congrats! :)
        Trust me I get it, being pregnant is an exciting time but also very stressful and emotional.

      • No worries, I personally don’t find it argumentative to have a discussion even if we don’t agree :)

        You hit the nail on the head about the term bully being overused/misused. To me what they were doing wasn’t bullying. They were being nasty, aggressive jerks.. do I like or agree with how they acted? No, just like I didn’t like or agree when Cody and Jess were being nasty aggressive jerks. Noone was flipping out like this when they were jerks. It’s nonsense imo. If you (not you in particular) don’t like certain players fine.. but trying to ruin someone’s life outside the game for how they play inside the house is what crosses the line imo.

        Another thing, when I see ppl on here say that the kids of the show producers should be bullied in the most extreme form so their parents learn it’s not ok to show bullying on tv… well, you kinda lose your moral high ground.

      • This has been a very fun discussion, thanks you! Someone wishing something negative on someone like that, the producers and their children is extremely immature and inhumane.
        I disliked Cody and Jessica at the beginning (I still don’t like them) yes Cody was an asshole and got in people’s face, and Jessica is ridiculous but I dislike Paul’s gang even more.
        When she got the he, I was like What part of America! Lol how in the heck? Lol oh well. It’s all about the show, and as someone said above there have been worse. Aaryn and Amanda, I can remember Amanda walking down stairs in the kitchen while Elisa (I think) was upstairs and Amanda was just screaming at her.

        This is a game.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying too! Lol… These stooges have NOTHING on season 15 which was by far the most disgusting and disturbing to date.
        And I agree, it’s just a game. (That none of us are even competing in lol)

      • Aaryn and Amanda, etc were bad…but what they have left off the air this year is much worse.

      • that seemed cowardly…i wish josh had said “you know i’m a little tired, why don’t you do it this time paul”.

      • Josh is not my favorite by any means but he enjoys harassing Cody and Jessica. Paul didn’t force him to do anything.

      • I agree! Many times these days if you look at someone in a way they consider mean or mad, they cry bully when in fact it is just their own FEELINGS about it. “feelings” my new least favorite ‘f” word.

      • Mark didn’t handle that so well….there were at least 3 other people that saw him scratch….leave at that…if Josh is a sore loser use it against him down the road….like all the other good players do…situations that accumulate to use against them when they need to evict them….Paul knows the routine.

      • Paul is completely to blame for that ,he told josh to do it ,paul is a scumbag ,Ayatola Paul the dictator.

      • Didn’t seem threatening to me so much as antagonistic. Like na na na na boo,boo, lol. Josh isn’t mature but Mark, Cody and Jessica all were pretty brutal to him. So annoying them isn’t same level as to what they took it. Just my opinion, of course.

    • I think the key distinction between Mark and Josh is that Mark apologized to Josh pretty quickly after the pickle juice thing occurred (without being called to DR, it was of his own volition). He’s expressed remorse on multiple occasions and has since never done anything to cause problems for Josh.

      On the other hand, Josh has been pretty relentless despite Mark’s pleas to keep things civil. At the end of the day, Mark snapped, which you as well as everyone else would if they were eating nothing but slop for 2 weeks, sleeping on a spike bed (that Josh kept removing the cushions off of so Mark would suffer sleep deprivation) while someone incessantly bangs pots and pans over your head for several days without any ability to get away. That’s not to mention Josh is constantly flirting with and kissing Elena directly in front of Mark (without any protest on her part).

      Mark made a stupid mistake that he’s made his best efforts to rectify. Josh has not reciprocated that in the slightest.

      • Interesting points. I saw it differently though. Both share same trait reacting emotionally. With the exception of first week, I saw Josh as more of fighting back rather than starting it. The infamous pot and pan showdown started with Mark attacking Josh verbally.
        Next, I would not, contrary to what you say, take a pan and try to beat someone in the head with it because I was overwhelmed with my living situation or for any reason. As for Josh flirting with Elena, you’re joking right? She is hands on with everyone and she and Mark are supposedly on a game show and just met weeks ago, so time to grow up, lol. Lastly, Mark apologizes and ‘makes his best efforts to rectify’ to whomever is in power. I find him whiny, dull and kind of a baby to be blunt. All that said, respectful of other’s views. I’m not convinced any of this is real anyways!

      • Josh wasn’t in power when Mark apologized, it was about 30 minutes after the hot sauce incident (and Mark allowed Josh to get his retaliation in with the condiments) when Josh was in the hot tub yelling at everyone.

        Also, you’re mistaken regarding the pots and pans. Josh started the pots and pans hours before eviction. That most recent bout of it? Sure. But that wasn’t even close to the first time he had done it.

        As for the Elena thing, do you not see a distinction between Elena mindlessly flirting with Paul (she doesn’t really flirt with anyone else and I’d be glad to hear your examples to the contrary) and Josh intentionally kissing her and rubbing on her to upset Mark? It’s not about the actual act itself, it’s about the intent.

        And if Mark wanted to beat Josh with that pan, he could’ve. A 50 year old man isn’t going to stop that walking muscle from doing what he wants and to suggest otherwise is delusional.

        Finally, it’s interesting to hear that you’re omniscient and thus are completely aware of how you’d react to every situation without even being put in those circumstances. That’s an amazing ability.

  3. I love that you always bring up the pressure cooker comp – we want it back!! Also would love for another BBOTT, but would be nice to have a lil break – I got a lil BB’d out last time.

  4. This season is over the top. They are promoting bullying and that is not right for kids or adults. I have watched since the beginning but no more.

  5. This is a game. These people have seen Big Brother and all that it entails. With that being said this type of behavior has been allowed and encouraged. Jessica complained and talk of self eviction was raised and only then did producers ask that bullying behaviors calm a little. I watch knowing it is a game.

  6. If Cody would pick up pans and walk around the house banging them together, I’m pretty sure that the crybaby Paul group would whine and complain and say they feared for their lives. And Cody would be forced to stop this unacceptable behavior… but it’s ok for Josh to do it, and it’s ok for Paul to tell Josh to do it.

    • I believe that everyone would say they were afraid for their lives. And the fact that Paul is like encouraging and forcing / unleashing Josh is terrible.

    • Of course but the excuse would be Cody’s background. He is military and that’s dangerous. I wish they used that reason to tell them others to quit.

      • So true….Josh is a wimp hiding behind the BB rules of play…on the outside…Josh would have been toast.

      • No he wouldn’t because he wouldn’t even try. Josh knows he is under protection in the house (not Paul’s but CBS’). On the outside, one look on Cody’s face or Mark’ body and he would have crossed the street and turned around.

    • I would love to see Jess and Cody grab some pans and bang them 24/7 until they leave!

      • I didn’t get the point of them using that as a strategy because they all have to live with the mess and the noise. I haven’t watched season 8, but everybody says evil D was trying to annoy everybody with the pots and pans which makes sense if you want to annoy the whole house. When Josh was doing it, it looked like he was trying to copy that, but a pointless strategy if they only wanted him to bother 2 people.

  7. Hate the bullying . Hate Paul and Josh. Worse season ever. Last night was my last night watching

      • Season 15 was terrible. Amanda was extremely bothersome. And Aaryn was extremely racist. Wasn’t she the one who drank nail polish remover by accident?

        The problem with this season is they blindly follow Paul, does whatever he suggests or asks, and regardless of what they do, Paul is the instagator and none of the sheep can think for themselves.

      • Wait till Cody and/ Jessica are gone….then what? Will they all look at Paul and finally see that he will like to your face, instigate trouble and not be loyal. Things will be different when Pauls enemies are gone..Watch Christmas…she’s onto Paul and k is how to work people

    • I understand how you feel I just hope this HG grow a pair and get Paul out otherwise just give him the money e spare us the agony

      • But he’s really not playing the game himself! He’s telling everyone in the house what to do! He’s directing a show! He’s a nasty man who lost last year and couldn’t believe he lost because he set it up but the people voted for the girl!! Now he wants the money and. He will do anything to get it!

  8. I look at Dr. Will, Janelle, Derrick and then I look at Paul and this cast- hmmm – no, this is NOT good game play nor should it be allowed. This is getting close to season ??2?? and the “incident”.

  9. Bullying is not ok! It is a family show and this season is over the top.I am a Big Brother watcher from the start on and this season makes me question if I should continue.

    • If people don’t like this don’t watch! This season is not bullying!
      Evil Dick was a bully!

    • I’m more upset about the sex, Jessica grabbing crotches and sticking her finger were it doesn’t belong….I watch this with my daughter, who is 12…it used to be a family show, she can’t watch anymore…it’s not supposed to be porn or light porn, it’s disgusting!! And to top off all the violent things Jessica says that she wants to do to people ie: drowning Alex, slamming her head in a closing door, strangling Christmas and the list goes on…But, I am a big fan, personally and will keep watching…because….this is a game, except for the sex

      • Sex, crotch grabbing, and finger sticking is not on the episodes. If you watch the live feeds it’s unedited, so anything goes. Unfortunately.

      • Yes!!! Which incident would you like to flashback to and I’ll do my best to hook you up! Jessica is down right nasty. Let’s also not forget to add to the list her and Cody BOTH plotting to purposely ruin Josh’s rep – this was BEFORE the bully crap blew up – they are accusing him of being a sexual predator and all these people seriously take time out of their lives to sit here and take up for poor Jessica and Cody? Give me a freaking break!

  10. I can not Believe that BIG BROTHER is ALLOWING all of this BULLYING to go on ! i have watched the show since day 1 and i have never ever been more disappointed in this show as i am this season , and yes i understand it’s a t.v. show but BULLYING IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE and for CBS and the producers to continue to let it happen is just plan WRONG ! I think both Paul and Josh should be KICKED OFF THE SHOW FOR ALL THE BULLYING they are doing !

    • What about Cody and Jessica threatening people and getting in their faces for not doing what they want? That is just as much “bullying” if you think this “bullying” to the point of expulsion.

      • they never threaten anyone all they have done is gotten in there faces and yelled ! they haven’t really called anyone any names like the others have

      • Telling Jason he will lose his sh*t on him and the rest of the house if they don’t vote Josh out? That is threatening. The night Christmas wasn’t voted out, he charged at Josh and Mark and Matt had to hold him back. Cody was really a bully to Josh first.

      • that may be but now it has gone way too far and something MUST BE DONE ABOUT IT !

      • Then they won’t have a show or a cast because the majority would have to be kicked out. Cody, Jessica, Paul, Josh, Raven, Mark, Christmas…. Slippery slope…..

      • Maybe they didn’t do it to their face, but Jess told the feedsters world that she would like to grab Alex by the hair and drown her in the pool. You complain about the others but that’s ok with you.

      • Just got that, duh lol. Guess maybe I got a little too far in that drinking gamve.

      • Well Branden came up with the perfect description on another thread. Mob mentality. I agree with that term. I was saying they crossed the line where it’s like bullying but I like Mob mentality better. So I’m all for banning the word bullying. Lol

      • That’s so right, Captain. It’s apparently fine for Jessica to touch Paul inappropriately, threaten to poison HG food, and make any number of obnoxious statements about how she would like to physically harm others. But hey, as long as she’s a coward and doesn’t say these things to their faces, it’s ok. People are using the wrong B word here for sure. ‘Jody’ is probably the most toxic and humorless ‘couple’ in BB history.

      • Jessica also said she wanted to twist Christmas by the neck and again last night she wanted to put Alex’s head between two doors and keep slamming it. She’s a peach.

      • Are you watching the same feeds? You must be mistaken. Jessica and Cody haven’t even called the others names? I seriously can’t even reply to your comment because I can literally give you timestamps for Jessica verbally day dreaming about killing Alex, down to details. Before Josh did the bully episode, Jess and Cody plotted to ruin him OUTSIDE of the game by trying to convince others he’s a sexual predator… meanwhile Jessica has stuck her finger in Paul’s BUTTHOLE… not once but twice… she is nothing but a “grown” woman who doesn’t know what being told no is. She is nasty.

    • I am soo sick of hearing the word BULLYING, switch the tv and go watch cartoons or something

  11. It is not just the “bullying” that troubles me, it’s the gang mentality. Paul should quit being a coward and do his own evil bidding.

      • Production is wrong…but their in the business of entertainment and ratings…my concern is…when do they know when to draw the line…they can’t predict when one will explode…it’s a slippery slope.

    • Your right….that’s what make him devious….he is the spark that lights the fire….but the sheep follows the shepard….Matt wasn’t to comfortable with it…and I know Paul has put that move in Matt’s eviction resume.

    • Yep, Jessica and Cody have been rude, and I haven’t seen anybody pretending they’re angels, but the mob mentality from the other side is disturbing.

  12. I am done with this show. My 9yr old and me watched but with all the bullying we are done. Goodbye BB

    • So the porn was perfectly fine for your 9 year old? It was the bullying that made you leave?

    • You let your 9 year old watch BB? Strong language and sexuality on Big Brother…I guess the ‘pots and pans’ incident is a little too much for your kid.

    • I would absoutelty HATE for your child to be cuddled next to you on the couch when all the sudden he or she asks why Jessica is holding Codys penis in her hand during the live show.

  13. Someone please, I’m drawing a blank, What was the Pressure Cooker Endurance Comp?

  14. I think that Cody and Josh need to be removed from big brother that’s where all the fighting is from that’s what I think.

  15. Strange people have a problem with the “bullying” but are perfectly okay with the soft core porn show a la Jess and Cody.

  16. if I have to watch Josh one more week I may be done! He is so out of line it drives me CRAZY.
    Way to much bullying for me. I don’t mind competition but this is getting way to personal and mean for me. Paul you are just as bad with your manipulation. Does nobody have a mind of their own?

    • Totally agree, I think people forget what he did to Megan as well, she did nothing to him and he went off on her. I think Josh may have a mental issue.
      I loved Paul last season and was excited to see friendship back, but this season I went from cheering for him to not caring about him at all. I am cheering for Kevin now..

  17. Guess we could play the game like on BBAD. Every time bully is said we can drink!! It’s Friday let’s get drunk!

    • I would be trying to walk in a straight line like Jason after twirling in that ballerina bowing comp

    • So sick of the bullying accusation crap. I’ve watched bb since the first season, and the live feeds since they started and this season is nothing compared to many other seasons. People are so overly sensitive these days….. oooooo you hurt my tender feelings…. boo hoo. Buck up buttercups. Stop trying to protect yourselves from life and how it really is. So what, ohmygoodness PANS WERE BANGED! People were called meatballs and losers. Boo hoo… it’s a game, they know it’s going to be harsh. Smh

      • The irony of it all… Cody is being portrayed as what he hates the most… a victim lmao!!!

      • They attacked/questioned Cody’s military service and were trying to incite violence. What you described is just what was shown on the broadcast version.

      • I watch the feeds and watched the whole encounter on Monday. No one was trying to incite violence, they wanted cody to lose his temper and pissed Jessica off thereby getting her to not use the hex. Nothing that happened was bullying. … annoying yes, but bullying nope. My husband was a marine, but just because someone was in the military doesn’t make them any more special than anyone else. I know plenty of real jerks and abusers who are former military.

      • It his being “in the military” that has everyone up in arms. Cody is a self centred and ignorant man. From the outset he had nothing nice to say about almost everyone. Other BB’s have been much worse than this….so if people can’t stand it….don’t watch it. What happened to Megan was sad and I didn’t like it but she made the decision to leave. BB should have seen that coming. People forget too easily how other seasons have gone. This one is certainly not the worst.

      • After what Cody been thru in the service I think I’ll would be a little off my balance!! And with getting harassed by Paul and mentally challenged group , I wouldn’t push Cody to far!!! Not one of the HGs have serviced in the armed forces!! They better walk softly!!

  18. Paul, Josh and Christmas and Alex are disgusting. They should be disqualified for bullying Cody and Jessica. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEIR BEHAVR. iN THE END IT IS JUST A GAME YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACT LIKE AN ANIMAL. Paul is horrible!!!

    • And we mustn’t forget how Christmas was coaching Josh how to “properly bully Cody!”
      Matt stepped in, tried to shut it down and Christmas told him to shut up!
      I expected more of her! I thought she would be one to shut it down

  19. the way production has allowed the house to act this year is disgusting. Allowing psychological warfare at the risk of invoking personal injury to someone all for the sake of ratings will bite them in the ass. At a minimum they are going to lose a lot of their longtime viewers. Worst case, someone will get hurt and they are going to have a big lawsuit on their hands. I for 1 have watched since the beginning but I am done. I do not gain any enjoyment from watching people attack and berate other human beings. As for the notion that it is just a game; I think it stops being acceptable game strategy when the outcome could result in long lasting harm to one of the contestants

  20. In my honest opinion if Mark would punch Josh it would be well deserved. Josh is taking it toooo far and Paul should get told to stop inciting the others to bully people. He’s apparently to chicken to do it himself. Get Paul and Josh out of the house so we can enjoy BB the way it used to be.

  21. Hope they have BBOTT2. Loved it and it gave me more of my BB fix. Maybe start it in January.

  22. Verbal attacks are part of Big Brother you have to lie manipulate intimidate people to make it in the game. The only thing that crosses the line is when you take it personal (taking about people’s children,Family or military experience)
    Everything else is fair game if you can’t handle a verbal attack then the Big Brother house is not the place for you

  23. Ok, so maybe I’m super behind in knowing this, but Kevin’s parents were cocaine kingpins in Boston? How did I miss that?

  24. You can’t physically assault another contestant so why are the producers allowing verbal assault to the extent of bullying. People wouldn’t act like that in the real world because somebody would smack them in the mouth, they are doing this because they know that there are no repercussions. That is why the producers should separate them like they do with possible fights. It amazed me that they let Josh bang pots in Mark’s face and let Josh antagonize him and as soon as Mark takes the pans out of his hands, then they step in. Many unfortunate people will tell you that verbal abuse can at times be worse than the physical kind and to think that these people are expected to just sit there and take it is sad and pathetic. Shockingly, at times there is almost a gang mentality going on when everybody is ganging up on others. I wouldn’t even say that I like Cody very much but that is never an excuse to bully somebody. There was even an article written saying that Josh being a bully is fine because it’s been done in previous seasons. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE HAS BEEN A BULLY DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

      • No he took the pots because he was about to snap. Who wouldn’t if they were being antagonized like that.

      • No doubt he was dealing with that from the second he got up actually before he even got up. I can’t believe Mark didn’t react sooner.

    • If you can’t physically assault someone why is Mark still in the house? He threw hot sauce and pickle juice in Josh’s eyes… Sounds like physical assault to me.

    • Nobody is forcing them to stay in the house. Julie always says, the door is closed, not locked. All you gotta do is push it open and walk out.

    • It’s the 19th season of BB. Is this your first season? There’s a Book of Rules of BB. Everything we saw on TV is allowed in the game of Big Brother.

  25. CBS did not eject anyone , so there was no line crossing. Yes they may have warned 1 or 2 passionate HG. Its all good from my seat.

    • I agree, I don’t think it crossed over where someone should have been ejected from the game however, I do believe several of them crossed the line.

  26. I thought if you were a Have Not you couldn’t eat food only slop. Paul had a cookie , jason a chip and elena a bag of something under her blanket.Even when Jeff took a sip of some thing he go a penalty Jenn was put on block. And then there’s bb19 no one gets in trouble for eating while there Have Nots. Why make any one a Have Not if your not going to give them a penalty or a Penalty non or put them on the block . you have done all the above before.

    • On BB Canada they are always getting in trouble for even just accidentally eating something without realizing it. Example someone is eating grapes & a HG just reached over and pop one in their mouth not even thinking.
      And they always air it It’s funny!!

    • When was that ? Because on thursday night at midnight the week for have-nots stop and they have like a 24 hours break before the new have-nots are named.

  27. A major dodge of the question. A houseguest’s “well-being” is more than just keeping them from physical violence. Paul messed with Cody’s coffee, changing out the decaf he drinks because regular gives him headaches. Paul wanted to increase the caffeine specifically to give him and headache and get him agitated to force him to crack.

    • I agree! A lot of people have downplayed this incident but as an avid coffee drinker (I need my coffee in the morning!) it’s exactly like you said, headaches but also fatigue, body aches, depression plus plus plus! BB needs to perhaps google “Is there such thing as caffeine withdrawal, and if so what are those with drawl symptoms”

    • They put decaf in the regular can that Cody makes. Cody has been drinking decaf the last few days without knowing it. In fact when Raven was going to get some coffee for Paul, he asked who made it, she said Cody, Paul said said make a new pot because we switched Cody’s coffee to decaf.

  28. Kind of danced around the question…… She totally downstairs on the question! I was interested to hear her thoughts on when the line is crossed!
    Typical of that she downstairs room the question completely!
    “A” for effort Matt!

  29. I personally find the mob mentality of the season to be disgusting. It’s nothing short of bullying plain and simple I needs to be addressed and squash before it becomes the norm.

  30. I think that kind of bullying should NEVER be tolerated. That’s not game. That’s torture and the worst imaginable programming. I was the hugest fan but this time it is downright disturbing.

  31. BB19 Worst Ever! Josh DID cross the line with Mark first and second time. In past Josh would be outta there. Sick Sick of Paul. And, WHY did they allow Christmas to stay (gone 4 days, can’t compete, lost a lot of information but was allowed to vote Eviction Night…. Wrong Wrong. Plus she said she couldn’t study cause her mind was foggy due to pain killers! Groener lost what little respect

    • Didn’t Mark cross the line first by throwing pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s eyes?

      • Thank you! I don’t blame Josh at all for going off on Mark that day. Hot sauce in the eyes might as well be a punch to the face imo.

  32. My family and Friends always got together at my house for Big Brother nights. We decided we will no longer watch Big Brother it has gone to far on bulling and disrespect, it became like a gang war this season, we will not be watching next or any other since they seem to want this. Rather watch an old black and white

    • Continue to have your family and friends over. Just find something better. It is hard to let go of a show that is quite addictive, especially after you’ve already know the characters.

  33. What happened to Cody’s decaf coffee that was switched…did he notice he didn’t have a caffeine high….how did Jessica get a pair of cat ears…..nicer than alexs….Jessica is a pig for grabbing at codys
    Packer….Elena has to stop rubbing her boobs….she is fat and was pigging out on Josh’s kit Kat is simply obnoxious…always talking about her ice cream and wanting real food is nasty

    • LOL! Elena is on slop and not allowed to eat Kit Kat. She hid it for when her slop weeks are over. This is how she plans on losing weight. Yes, Elena does grab her uppers a lot especially when Josh and Paul are around and Christmas was rubbing them last night to get Kevin excited. I think he was into the music instead.

  34. So when the whole house bullies Megan, triggers her PTSD and makes her have a panic attack, sends her yo hospital, and has to leave the game, nobody cares. But when they bully the original bullies, fans get concerned. Smh.

    • Exactly. Some of us haven’t forgotten how Cody treated another HG, and vet no less, when he had the power.

      • That has already been debunked by Evel Dick. He said Paul admitted on video that he was responsible for Megan leaving the game. Cody gets blamed for it by Paul fans which is wrong on all levels. It is on video according to Evel Dick so, hard to lie about!

      • It’s not about who was ‘responsible’, especially if we have only Paul’s word for it. The issue is what a tool Cody was when there was no reason for it.

    • I’m pretty sure the only person that bullied Megan was Josh!? Several times because of his paranoia and insecurities! He targeted Megan!
      Yes, Cody wasn’t very nice when he said he didn’t like her but let’s not forget Megan said to Cody “she hates all Marines?” So, essentially she saying she doesn’t like Cody so what reason did Cody have to like her? And he was just honest! “I put you up because I do not like you!” I don’t recall Cody saying anything more than that to her. I could be wrong!?

      Everyone there thought she was a dog walker, no one knows what her career was before that or that she had PTSD or was sexually assaulted. (Which is horrible and I am compassionate about her situation!) But that HGs didn’t know, they still don’t know.

      She wasn’t bullied by the “whole house.” She tried to make Jessica look like a racist (one of the worst things to say about someone! This could have destroyed Jessica’s life outside the house if it wasn’t brought to everyone’s attention and straightened out! Remember Bb15?) telling Alex she was referring to her as a “panda” (My daughters are part Chinese! Panda is a very racist remark!) which was completely untrue! Whether Megan didn’t hear Jessica properly or not is an answer I don’t have!
      However, if you don’t hear someone properly you don’t go around, (especially on national TV but anywhere for that matter!) accusing someone of making a racist remark! Megan didn’t say Jessica is a racist, but that’s what she was implying!! So, what did you think would happen?
      Paul got wind of it, told Jessica, Jessica approached Alex to set the record straight and Alex went after Megan.
      Megan did it to herself!She was either trying to start a rumour or she really just miss understood it, & that is why Megan left the house!

      You have to remember the HGs still don’t know why she left the house. They all just think she left because she was caught in a lie. I’m sure once they all find out they will be compassionate like the rest of us were once we knew why.

      • What about when Cody said he will tell everyone outside the house that Josh is a pedophile/sexual predator…Jessica laughed and went right along with it. Now, that is something that would destroy him and Cody was saying that because he doesn’t like him…hahaha, ya that’s real funny

      • I watched the panda feeds very closely and Jessica has said Paopao which can easily be mistook for Panda especially if you are not deep into what the others are saying. Megan made an honest mistake and was kind enough to go tell her. Alex overreacted and Jessica kept her mouth shut. Thank you for reminding me the other reason why I can’t stand Jessica and Cody, but I still want her to take Paul out. I didn’t know Megan had said she hates all Marines.
        Megan did nothing wrong.

      • Jessica also referred to Dominique as Da’ referring to Da’vonne. Hmm, see a pattern there?

      • Yes. I remember that. She wants to be called Ariana. that’s why she dressed up like her last night.

      • ..and she also called Josh a baby..We all know that’s not true..see a pattern here?

      • 100% agree about Megan. I don’t want the Jody monster taking anyone out, but it could get super interesting if Alex and Paul get closer to the end.

      • Megan was not completely innocent here, she did something wrong. She assumed something and ran with it!

        If she did misunderstand it then fine but, why not pull Jessica to the side and express her concerns? & also make sure that the “horrible accusation” is a correct one because Megan “was not deep in the conversation” so again, before repeating it without knowing if she heard it correctly, Megan should’ve spoke to Jessica or at least someone else who was 100% involved in the conversation to make sure she heard it correctly! Then speak to Alex about it but again, if Megan wasn’t trying to start a problem, she should have spoken to Jessica about it!
        Instead she runs off ‘immediately’ to tell Alex. What did Megan think was going to happen? She had to have known there would be an argument about it and Megan would be in the middle because she was the one “repeating what she thought she heard!”
        Megan completely brought this on herself! I don’t understand how you can’t see that?
        When Jessica found out, she didn’t go seeking out Megan to have a full-blown argument defending herself, she did the right thing and approached Alex immediately explaining that she did not say what Megan said she was saying!
        Alex then went after Megan asking her why she would lie and Megan really didn’t have much to say. She just stood there like she was busted! Jessica did say a few things but it was mainly Alex getting mad at Megan for lying to her!
        In my opinion Jessica had every right to do it! I was surprised Alex was the one freaking out so much on Megan and not Jessica!

        If anyone accused me of being a racist whether they misunderstood or not & did not talk to me to confirm what it was that I said or at the very least talk to the people that were around me to make sure that person heard correctly , I would have lost it on that person. Alex and Jessica especially held it together a lot more than I would have!
        Don’t get me wrong, I do feel bad that Megan has PTSD and she was sexually assaulted! And I do feel bad that all the pressure of the house made her leave, but she is not an innocent victim here.
        Megan completely brought it upon herself!
        I think she did it on purpose to make Jessica look bad b/c Megan was already becoming insecure with in the house!
        She clearly did not know Paul heard her therefore she thought she could just tell Alex and it would remain between the two of them! Or at least it would remain within their alliance thus put Jessica in immediate danger!
        Because if not, why wasn’t Megan speaking? Why wasn’t she apologizing and saying she misunderstood. Yeah she sort of did but she wasn’t making it very clear, she was just standing there like a zombie who was busted! She didn’t try hard to apologize and say it was just a big misunderstanding! And that she was truly sorry! So that made her look even more guilty in my opinion.
        Anyway blah blah LOL stupid talk to type 😜
        Sorry! Friendly debate :-) and I don’t even know why we are talking about Megan anymore!? She’s long gone. And again I do feel bad for her and I know she was under a lot of pressure me leave due to Josh picking on her for no reason whatsoever! And then Cody putting her on the block! I know it really messed with Megan’s head but she wasn’t doing herself any favours by starting rumors, especially terrible ones like that!
        Jessica was not at fault whatsoever in my opinion :-)
        You know what I’m sayin lol πŸ˜‚ Hello Jell-O, :-)

    • It probably made money. Or broke even at the very least. I highly doubt it lost any money. It probably just didn’t net enough money to justify an automatic renewal.

    • But what really happened with Megan? The only person that believed her was Josh I believe? Yes Alex did yell at her because Megan lied and said Jessica called Alex a panda but beyond that, I don’t see how Megan was bullied the entire time?
      Cody did put her up on the block and he did say it was because he didn’t like her but Megan told him that she doesn’t like Marines! So she pretty much is saying she didn’t like him! So I don’t see the problem with what Cody said. He was just being honest! So unless I missed something?? I don’t get it.
      We have to remember that the HGS thought/think she is a dog walker, they have no idea what she did prior to that. They do not know she had PTSD or was sexually assaulted. And I’m sure once they are out of the house, they will be compassionate!

      & please don’t get me wrong, initially I was pissed she left but, when I found out why, I totally understood!

      • Actually, it was Paul who said something to Megan. Paul acknowledged on video that he was responsible for Megan quitting. Evel Dick said that in one of his tweets in response to Paul fans blaming Cody for making Megan leave the game!

      • Paul said what to Megan?
        Yes Paul was partly responsible for Megan self evicting but, I thought Paul’s only role in that situation was telling Jessica what Megan told Alex!? & good for him for doing so!
        Paul told Jessica what he overheard Megan tell Alex. Jessica immediately went to Alex to straighten it out, she didn’t go confront Megan for saying it. She went straight to Alex. (good for her!!)
        Jessica could’ve went off on Megan, but instead Alex was the one who confronted Megan. And Megan in my opinion got busted in a lie and it just became too much for her so self evicted.

        I am super sympathetic for Megan!

        But I don’t think she miss heard, I think she did that on purpose.
        Without a doubt! And because she was in an alliance with Alex!
        Thankfully Paul was able to call her out and clear Jessica’s name!

      • Again, Jess did go off on Megan in the kitchen. Megan didn’t lie, she thought she heard panda. Notice Jess didn’t admit she called Alex PaoPao

      • Right, but Alex was really the one getting mad at Megan. So why is Jessica the bad guy?
        Jessica didn’t deny calling her PaoPao. I specifically remember Jessica telling Alex that is what she said. The reason why I remember that is because I was thinking Alex might be offended and I was also thinking America/Canada could still take that as a racist comment because they are both Asian!
        My husband is a quarter Chinese, our three daughters have Chinese blood in them. In my opinion Jessica didn’t say anything racist at all! And I’m not saying you said that either but, she didn’t deny what she really said. Without a doubt in my mind Alex was told what Jessica really said

      • Um…. Megan didn’t lie.
        She misheard.
        She thought Jess was being racist but Jess wasn’t

      • Wow, I didn’t know that. I never understand why she quit.

        They will be embarrassed about their behavior… Josh’s blow-up towards her was uncalled for; Alex took her argument out of context, so did Jessica. I doubt Cody telling her he didn’t like her had much of an effect, it was in direct relation to her not liking “him”/Marines.

      • If someone said to me, I don’t like blondes I would take that personal (for example)
        Nothing went to far in regards to Megan telling Alex that Jessica said she was a panda! If anything, Megan took that too far! You don’t go around saying terrible things about people that could affect them outside of this house! She made it seem like Jessica was a racist! How was that not wrong? I was surprised Jessica kept her cool and Alex was the one that freaked out.

      • Why should Jessica and Alex be embarrassed about their behaviour towards Megan even once they find out why exactly she left. Jessica and Alex were not in the wrong at all. If Megan was so concerned and truly thought Jessica made a racist remark about Alex then Megan should have approached Jessica like an adult instead of running over to Alex which of course is going to blow up! It was totally calculated but backfired in Megan’s face.
        I don’t know what you mean by Jessica and Alex took her argument out of context?? Jessica was talking with people and said Alex reminded her of PoaPoa (because they do look similar) Megan then went and told Alex that Jessica called her a panda which is a racist remark. Paul heard it being said to Alex so he told Jessica. Whether Megan misunderstood, I don’t think she did! I think Megan didn’t think Alex would approach Jessica about it but would instead work hard to get her out and tell others what was said! I honestly do not know how Megan could have not heard it correctly! And again, I don’t understand what you mean about context!?

        How can Jessica be blamed for being furious and defending herself?? Jessica had every right to be angry! Accusing someone of saying something racist is one of the worst things you could ever do to somebody! Especially when that’s not what they said at all. If Paul had not told Jessica about it, and it was not cleared up then Jessica could have been known as a racist! And, when Jessica was told by Paul what Megan said, instead of Jessica going to freak out on Megan, she went directly to Alex to let her know that is not it all what she said! Then Alex approached Megan and freaked out on her.
        I completely remember it because I found it strange that it wasn’t Jessica yelling at Megan. Jessica had every right to yell and scream as much as she wanted at Megan! Remember BB15?
        Sorry, this is not me attacking you at all :-) just simply giving my opinion on that situation. And sorry for the long comment LOL talk to type!

    • I was outraged because I didn’t even see Megan do anything to anyone at any point in the game. It was very confusing why HGs chose to pick on her.

  35. I left in the afternoon while they started playing and now come back to dogs. I thought they would have been done by now. It is possible that both the temptation and veto comps are back to back.
    Mat tit would have been nice to ask about the way they choose to edit the show to focus on a specific player more and favoritism which is unfair to the HGs and annoying for the viewers. I know the rigging thing will never be asked, but that will be a great question as well.

  36. Let’s be honest- everyone here sucks
    Paul- Too controlling and is getting way too drunk with power. Even as a fan of his I want someone to take a shot at him- AND NOT SUCK AT IT!!
    Cody- Too anti social and takes this game WAY too personally. Not to mention he had every opportunity to make a smart move. But due to his ego, he doesn’t.
    Jessica- Relies too much on Cody and gets petty when he talks to Alex. She may be smarter than Cody…. but then again unless you’re Josh, everyone is
    Kevin- Doesn’t make a move when its the right time. I give him kudos for not playing like a petty person but he needs to start thinking for himself.
    Alex- Blindly follows Paul…. I hope she’s thinking of getting rid of him and this following Paul is all an act.
    Josh- (fill in the blank for me, I’ve milked enough)
    Matt- Bland and a follower.
    Raven- Too volatile towards Jody (yeah I’m not a fan of Jody but still….)
    Mark- Too emotionally attached to Cody and Elena
    Elena- Is more interested in boys rather than game.
    Christmas- Kind of the bystander effect going around here.

    EDIT: Jason- Crap forgot about him…. oh wait no wonder I did lol
    So yeah….. everyone here sucks….

    • What about Jason? Also, I like Kevin but I feel like he’s out of place. He even said that he never watched the show so he don’t know how to play it tbh. I don’t know how Cody and Kev made it on the show, they don’t fit in at all.

  37. Everybody but Josh must be in the Temptation Comp, this will probably last all night.

  38. I think I am going to ask for a refund for Fridays! This is taking forever! I guess with just about everyone competing it does take a long time. How long did Julie say these comps were going to last?

    • It’s still down! Wow 😳
      Why are they not showing it on the feeds? I thought they did show some competitions, especially if they were long ones?? Maybe I’m wrong!?

    • On Twitter they are saying or someone said that Cody knocked out Paul! Flat on his ass KO’d! LOL

      • No not at all! I said “LOL” because it’s not true!
        If you knew me, and you see my posts you would know I am fully against any violence whatsoever! Including verbal attacks and bullying!

  39. I don’t quite understand Allison’s reasoning why there can’t be a super long comp? Nothing has changed since season one, they still air BB3 nights a week. So I just don’t quite get what she meant??

  40. Are the feeds still down??
    When are they doing the temptation comp? I thought it was today?

    • Why do you think the feeds are down? The feeds always go down during comps. It’s just the HOH they show (sometimes).

      • Right! But I was just wondering why they were still down silly.
        My comment was removed, do you know why? I
        asked “are the feed still down?? When are the….” But I don’t remember what else, that’s all I can see. Weird, I wonder why it was removed.

  41. I agree lame answer for bullying. You tell us watch our comments REALLY but you allow bullung on the show???? REALLY. Well iv watch from day one. Eveil Dick was bad enough but this 19 is beyond excuses. I will stop watching. NO if other shows allow this we don’t need BB 2NDshow . I’ m just saying CBS GROW Up.

    • I am confused……

      Who tells us to watch “our comments?” BBN? This site is not run by CBS! This is Matt’s site,

  42. She is really the lowest of all of them. They build the show for this, let people in who are right on the line of stable, and need it to escalate every year for ratings. They don’t lose viewers with bullying and fights! On the other hand, do you really expect her to be honest? We’re still watching!

  43. Oh, Grodner, never change.

    Well, at least we can say she finally let America’s tv-only viewers see Paul for who he is.

    • Good Lord..he is not that bad! I have seen way worse throughout the many years of this show. Just because they follow his lead..that is not his problem.

  44. I pay each month for 24/7 feeds?? CBS, don’t you understand what that means?

  45. I don’t know where to start about how upset I am over last nights episode. That was bullying at it’s worst!! Those people are horrible!! You have a Marine, obviously suffering from PTSD and he’s being attacked like that!! I recognize the symptoms of PTSD, I live with it every day. I can’t believe this is going on. I hope others are as upset as I am!!

    • I don’t know if you are referring to yourself or a relative with regards to PTSD and I don’t know if Cody has it, but a question that I have then is do you feel that someone with PTSD should either put themselves or be placed in Big Brother? It would seem to me that such a game is the worst place to be?

      • Not the best situation to be in. I’m mostly recognizing the anger and the isolation he imposes upon himself. I might be speaking out of turn here, he did comport himself fairly well during this latest attack. I’m just very upset that this is going on. Paul and Josh should be asked to leave. Interesting that Josh wins HOH. What do you think tr8ppng3?

      • I’m not sure how much of Cody we see is Cody’s personality and how much could be PTSD. If he has PTSD he should never have put himself in this position and/or CBS should not have let him in. Saying that I can’t excuse his behavior and treatment of people. I can’t find anyone in that house who I would say is blameless.
        Aside from that I hope that things improve for you and yours.

      • Thanks. The worry with PTSD is that most won’t admit they have a problem. It shows a weakness and Marines are not known for showing weakness. Personally, I really like him and Jessica. I always go for the underdog, especially when they are being attacked like they are. No one deserves to be treated like that. Cody was a little awkward in the beginning, he seemed out of his element and wasn’t sure what to do. He seemed to react rather than interact.

      • Sorry to butt in, but, I personally have PTSD and knowing this and myself, I would never do a show like this, ever!

      • I would think that that would be the worst environment so good to hear from people who actually know. Thx

      • Not the right environment for him. I worry about him, especially with the brutal psychological and emotional attacks on him. My husband is a combat Marine Veteran and suffers from PTSD. I’ve dealt with it for over 27 years. Sorry you’re going through the same thing. I hope you have a strong support system.

    • Nah. They deserve it. They were the bullied first. They were lucky I wasn’t in the house. I would gone way farther.

      • They can both play Veto, and Jessica can be pulled of and both safe for the week…but, then they can go for Elena and Mark…so I guess it’s ok, but, would of preferred Jessica or Cody…Still a chance to get Jessica

      • But Xmas is considering using her power to cancel out Cody’s spot if he gets picked

      • Noooo I personally want Jessica to stay.
        As long as Cody is gone or I should say when Cody is gone, I want to see Jessica play! I really think she would have been a great HG this season but her showmance got in the way!

        I hope they never bring back Vets again however, they will so I hope they bring back Jessica next season. She knows this game! & I would’ve liked to seen her play on a level playing field!
        There has never been a super fan like her that is also super pretty! And not dumb! So I would want to see it play out. Yes, I know she’s said some dumb stuff and made some stupid decisions but in my opinion I think she could have won this game if not for her showmance!! She sees right through Paul, she knows exactly what he is up to. Jessica said that if she was watching he would probably be her favourite HG because he’s the only one playing the game! And she said she would’ve tried to work with him if things worked out differently.
        Everyone else is clueless!
        Paul wants her gone for that exact reason! Because if not, he would want Cody gone because he is a physical threat. Paul is more threatened with a mental threat that is Jessica

      • Best possible outcome. Josh can put up Elena and anyone else he cares to (too bad it won’t be Paul) and, once again, Paul doesn’t get what he wants.

      • Yay :-) :-)
        I said last Wednesday/Thursday if Cody or Jessica did not win the HOH then the next best thing for their a game would be one of them winning the temp comp & the other one losing it guaranteeing they get to play in the veto comp & that is exactly what they did! Good for them! They listened to me LOL

    • I really hope that Paul can redirect his attention to Jess. We’ve seen before how they talk themselves out of going after the big targets and they are still there towards the end. Jody needs to be broken up.

      • Exactly! As much as I want the herd to eventually break away from Paul this ain’t the time… get Jody out first then shoot your shot!

      • Paul’s target is Jessica. She is a huge threat to his manipulative game. Can’t have someone in the house that can persuade others.

  46. Who the heck wound Elena up tonight? Good heavens, girl, put a sock in it already. You think your out-talking Josh is going to win you points with him? You have no idea!

  47. People whom have never been bullied will never know the definition of bullying. It takes many different actions to bully, so do not make judgments when it has never happened to you. Just because you watch something play out does not make you am expert on the feelings and emotions that are being expressed or felt. People have harmed themselves for Mich less. No one should deny you your feelings, so do not do it to anyone else, That is for all those saying “I do not think that was bullying.”

  48. What gets me is that Christmas said; we only want Cody to snap a little bit. Now how do you make a Irag veteran only snap a little bit. If Cody would have gave in to the bullying, it would have been more than just a simple punch, someone would have got seriously hurt. And Christmas questioning his military service record is really crossing the line.

    • Nothing wrong with questioning military service. I saw someone once fake military service to get discounts on black friday.

  49. Allison Now that I hear you speak about the show! Your a really don’t care what goes on in that house ,you want rating!! Your the disgrace! Josh is nothing more then a bully and little boy in a man’s body!!! And you don’t think he stepped over the line ?? Then there’s something wrong with you! The show is disgusting and it’s because you won’t stop this BS! You lost another viewer!

  50. I think it went to far this year with the House Guest to Heated up . and I think that they should stepped befor it got to that. I know Now I would never apply again EVER to be on BB . THIS YEAR YOU ALL WENT TO FAR . I think that you should Penalize all the Ones that was Involved Because the House Guest knew the Rules going into the BB House . Im Glad I never spent the Money for 24/ 7

    • Like you said the house guests knew the rules. No one has broken any of the rules. The only person who came close was Mark when he grabbed the pans away from Josh and production stepped in to settle the confrontation down. Attacking people and mob mentality is part of the game and is completely within the rules. They all know this.

      • The House Gust Did Cross the line and they did Break Some Rules Like Bullying and if you don’t think that they did nothing wrong or non of them Broke the Rules You must be like them then . THE ATTACKING PEOPLE ARE NOT PART OF THE GAME LIKE THEY DID THIS TIME THEY DID CROSS THE LINE THEY DID LIKE THE PRODUCES OF BB SAID .

      • So Grodner kind of danced around the verbal attacks question and went with the physical altercation scenarios. We know HGs were eventually told to lay off during those fights on Monday, but was the line only crossed once they had enough footage for the show?

      • Basically any verbal attack is permitted in the game. The only rule that would apply to a situation like this is the rule saying that house guests agree to not engage in physical violence, nonconsensual sexual contact, and intimidation by threats of physical violence. Intimidation is fine just not with physical violence (ex you can intimidate someone by saying you will nominate them). The only example I saw that broke that was Mark and Josh and production stepped in immediately. Production is allowed to step in at anytime for any reason though. That is what happened Monday. The fight didn’t break any rules, but production thought it may come to that point and wanted to stop it.

  51. Anyone that doesn’t consider this week as bullying didn’t pay any attention to what was going on. To call this “just a game” is the same as current bullying in the schoolyard/halls/texting being called “just teasing”. I am appalled that CBS used this shameful behavior as “just entertainment”, but behind the hand “told them cut it out”. Paul should be punished by making him sit out the competition for the next veto or HOH. I am also appalled that no one stood up to this behavior! the crowd stands by and lets it happen, encouraging by their lack of disapproval. The father of “7 children” was perhaps the most disappointing…is this how he raised his children? does he think they are now so proud of him? This isn’t entertainment folks.

    • Huge difference between bullying in schools and this. In schools the kids don’t choose to be there and can’t escape it. Here they choose to enter the game and can leave at any time.

      • There is in the BB house. Do what you need to do to win. If it helps you advance in the game (which I am not sure if this case does) go for it. Everyone agrees to the rules before they go in. They know that this behavior is allowed and may happen.

      • So you are saying, bullying is a “behavior rule” to the BB game. Sounds like something a bully would say.

      • What I am saying is you said Paul should be punished. He can’t be punished as he did not break any rule. You can’t just go around punishing people because you don’t like them. They need to do something that is not allowed.

  52. i’ve been watching and enjoying, for the most part, big brother from the start, but this year is horrible. The bullying and hatred and mob mentality going on and the ganging up on each other, unbelieveable! Watching Raven escalating to the degree of hatefulness she did while being encouraged by Paul who is never at fault for anything, was disturbing on so many levels. And the fact that no one said anything like this has gone too far, we’re acting like a bunch of rabid animals, is just sad. Is this what people have become. Wait until they come out and find out what most people watching I hope think about this. Shame on CBS for letting what happened the other day proceed. They should have shut it down before Paul had everyone run out the door. I look forward to BB every summer. Sadly I don’t think I’m going to miss it.

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