‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 6 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the big Temptation Competition played out earlier today.

Nominations on Big Brother

That Temptation comp took over nine and a half hours. Have mercy. Once the Feeds came back we were rocking some good talks in the HoH room as Josh made quick moves to reveal to Paul his target had been set on Elena. Earlier in the morning Josh told Christmas he was going to keep that plan a secret until whether or not he had Elena on the Block for Thursday night. “Whhhzzzzz” is the sound good plans make when they go out the window.

Paul said he wasn’t willing to be a pawn to go up next to Mark which was just fine by Josh’s thinking. He wanted Elena up there and brought her in for a talk after promising Mark he was just a pawn. Elena didn’t take that story as well as Mark did. She refutes point after point made by Josh, but it’s not going to do her any good.

Big Brother 19 Week 6 Nominations:

Well Elena isn’t happy and she shouldn’t be. Josh wants Mark or Jessica or one of their allies to win the Veto. Getting Jessica down and leaving Mark and Elena on the Block together would narrow the HGs’ choices. But Mark camtalk’d that if he’s still got Elena up on the Block, even if Jessica is there too, that he’s going to get Elena out. Lets see what happens next!

Gallery: Nominations Are Setting A New Target

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  1. You’re quick Matt. I hope whoever wins the veto lets things stay as is and we get Jess out. It would be very interesting to see what Cody would do without her. Will he keep himself isolated and just do the comps or would he try to build some alliances beyond Mark. With a DE looming in a couple of weeks, could be interesting

    • Elena needs to leave. She is a big negative in the house and playing everyone. She is trying to be Paul. We have enough of 1 Paul. Quite frankly, I hope Paul makes an ass of himself the next days that he is put on the block as a backdoor. If that were to happen and we can finally rid of ourselves of that jerk then the game may be able to recover.

    • I agree.

      Plus, whether Cody gives up or not,
      It will be interesting to see him, Mark and Elena all gun for Josh next week, when he can’t compete for HOH. And how much of a shoulder Paul offers Josh when they do (after Josh reared up at Paul this week).

      Poor Paul. He may have thought he had a little reprieve after Cody and Jessica leave, but he will just have a new set of troubles. His wolf pups will be licking their chops in his direction.

      Ahhh, grasshoppers….

    • Well we know for sure Cody will take Jessica down but only IF he gets to play for the VETO. My concern is who will mark take off the block if he wins the VETO? Elena will take herself off the block that is a given. Plus what will Christmas do if she wins the VETO? As for the rest of them I think they will leave the noms the same.

      • Mark is so paranoid he’d take himself off the block I would think. As for Christmas it depends if she’s ready to openly declare war against Paul. I don’t think she is so she’d leave the noms the same but it would be interesting if she used the veto on Jess.

      • Christmas has me watching her moves a little closer now. I wonder what her game is and if she is trying to break up the Josh/Paul bromance.

      • I’m not sure who she would have behind her as a leader of the charge? Not many in the house like her and she has been named as a target by some. Still too early? I still think that Alex will be the one to take a serious shot.

      • I think Alex has slowly been building a small army to attack Paul when the time comes. I believe right now she has Jason and maybe Kevin on her team. I wouldn’t be surprised that Christmas doesn’t join the Alex Avengers and take out Paul.

      • And if Cody’s still there without his babe, he’d be a vote. And if Christmas joins in, Josh may follow although he couldn’t be told until the last minute

  2. Ok, 2 things:
    1) Glad to see that Josh didn’t follow the Paul’s wishes, but…
    (Maybe an unpopular opinion but I hope Elena wins the veto).

    • Actually this was the order Paul had listed last week for eviction — Jess, Cody, Elena, Mark.

      • Well let’s hope Paul shuts his ‘yap’ & that he allows his ‘minions’ to start playing for themselves. Or just stop the game all together so Paul can get his check……… stupid is as stupid does!

      • Why are you all afraid of someone playing well? It’s a joke. He has minions because hes playing well. Why is that a negative on him? If anything you should be annoyed with the floaters… I’m sick of the Paul hate, it’s embarrassing to real bb fans.

      • I love Paul, he makes this season very interesting and yes he has followers. That’s how you get far in this game and he is playing this season very well so far. Josh should be more grateful because if not for Paul he would already be out the door

      • Exactly. Josh probably would have been kicked out long ago. It does annoy me he’s targeting Elena, but not because its what paul wants, but because it’s smarter. Jess is safe then it makes sense but if not jess should go.

      • I don’t like the mix of vets with newbies…… one or the other.
        I am sick of how star struck Americans get.
        We have crews & shows filming a lot where I’m from……. I say who cares?
        I couldn’t care less who is starring cuz they are just ppl.
        I’m not a hater…..altho I didn’t think much of him in his season I think less now!

      • To complain about a show I don’t care about and insult those that do? Nope, not why I’m here.

      • Yes, cuz you’re a ‘real’ BB FAN as opposed to people like me that are not a Paul fan?
        Yep! You got that one, eh?
        What makes you an authority on who is a fan & who just complains??
        Hope you enjoy the rest of the season……. and that Paul does everything you ever dreamed of!

      • I’m a real BB fan and you’re giving him too much credit. Look who’s he’s playing with 90% are brain dead and don’t know how to play. Put some real players in and Paul wouldn’t look so great.

      • I agree. I find the complaints about the “Harassment” annoying also. It’s about winning the game in any way possible. Following the rules while doing so. If it isn’t against the rules. Anything goes…

      • First post that made any sense. My two cents says Josh is doing exactly what Cody did that got him into trouble, going against his alliance. He may be the best thing that’s happened to Cody and Jess, it’s putting a target on him and taking it off them. This is Mark/Elena’s chance to show the Paul group that Josh can’t be trusted and turn it around on him…and for no reason, he has nothing to gain by doing this.

      • Real BB fans know Paul is only doing well because he had 3 weeks of safety and because this cast was selected specifically for Paul. BB18 cast NEVER let Paul run the house because they were all much smarter than these dummies.

      • I smell production all over this. Are you kidding me?? Elana?? Smh this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I knew it.

      • I’m curious to why this is production to you. He hates Mark and also think he has no brain. So why not taking the brain behind the muscles.

        Btw. I agree it’s a very bad move.

      • If you look at Josh’s reaction during the live show, you can see the wheels turning in his head when he realized that America loves Jessica enough to offer her the Halting Hex temptation. He knew he didn’t wanna America hating him for booting her ass :)

      • Listen, if that entered his head, he had help getting there from the people under the stairs. Believe or not, there’s a lot more is a lot more than meets the eye.I’m starting to get disinterested again. It’s why I skipped 7 seasons. I can’t deal with the BS

    • Production. How do you go from going to the DR to ask if you can do their slop for TWO WEEKS to them being your number one target?? Yea right this show is starting to be a joke.

      • I agree, this is a total joke, ok, Elena is a good physical and mentally competitor, but take her out over Jessica?! That’s absurd! It would be great if the production don’t put their nose on the show. Probably, if Elena (HOPEFULLY NO!) goes home, everyone will turn on Paul (that’s cool), he will be this “new underdog” and in the end he’s going to win. This is a completely joke!

      • Because he sees the way she plays both sides. She’s a flip flopper and he’s making a smart move.

    • I hope she does, too. I want Jessica to leave, and a very upset Cody and A scorched Mark and Elena to gun for him. It will more interesting to see that, I think.

      • They want Elena out, well both Josh and Christmas does for sure but hard to say who will actually go home this Thursday.

      • don’t know why you actually think Christmas is going to be loyal to Josh over Paul… If Elana goes home it is because she is not drama in the house..boring to watch…BB wants drama, so in my opinion, BB will convince Paul to let Jessica stay and Mark, who is also boring but will create more waves with Josh’s wishes, will go home. IN MY OPINION, BB pays these contestants for Drama and as Paul is using them for carrying out his “role” BB is using Paul to carry out their script.

      • I can’t argue that, it is quite possible you may be onto something there.

      • and so is America for giving her the den of temptation last week. It definitely wasn’t for her game play.

      • Now why does this person have to be a creep because they think Jessica is a cutie pie? I will admit she is a very attractive female but her attitude and actions makes her even more uglier. I am sure there is a guy out there who you may think the same thoughts so would that make you a creep too?

  3. OMG!..Are you guys watching ‘feeds right now? (Josh/Alex talking) Alex talking about Jess touching her Whaaat? ha!..then they cut off the HoH cam.

    • Yeah I heard Alex talking about that before… Jess ain’t no sexual predator LOL! blows my mind that Alex even calls her that (she called her that earlier)
      the rivalry between those two is kinda ridiculous

      • I had to check several chat rms and confirmed what I heard…and yes She’s been grabbing her va jj

      • If so, has she said it bothered her? Because if so and she kept at it, that is f’d up.

      • Even if you don’t say to stop its still not cool for Jess just to assume it’s ok to do that just because they are both girls. If a guy did that he’d be in jail… Not saying Jess should get locked up or anything but just illustrating my point.

      • I’m not saying it is or it has anything to do with gender. People do things jokingly, affectionately without thinking it’s wrong. I never saw it, for all i know they both did kit. Of course it’s wrong, not to mention weird.

      • Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean you specifically… I was just speaking in general terms..

      • Well, I’ll say it: I think Jessica should be arrested (or at a minimum, be evicted from the house) for her sexually pervert actions of touching penises, poking fingers in men’s butt holes and putting her finger in Alex’s VJay. (See 11:35PM BBT).

      • production has lost all credibility, they pick and choose what is within the rules and when to enforce – ruining the show

      • I have no idea. It’s the first time I’ve heard about it, and it’s from Alex mouth.

      • Me too. Way too personal if you ask me regarding what Jess did to her, even though I’ve not witnessed it.

      • Isn’t it? She even mentioned about one of her family ..what was that all about? that’s when they cut the cam.

      • The convo between Alex/Josh was more serious, than the ‘butt gate) fiasco. It’s like..’I’m gonna tell you something, I haven’t told any one” She was very serious about the incident, She didn’t like it at all. She even said..”I could destroy her if I want to but I’m not going to..Well, she just told America. lol..I guess we’ll hear more about it tomorrow’s ‘update.

      • Butt gate? I’m curious, does that have any correlation with people poking fingers up buttholes? I remember that happening but can’t think of who.

      • although, I suppose it could have been the same thing here, maybe a finger slip. also Paul didn’t like it and its Paul (pretty down to earth) why would Alex?

      • That’s what I’m sayin… what makes her think it’s cool go around and do that? And why would she even want to?

      • It’s definitely strange, but people are strange. Who knows why she wants to, but someone should say something to her. She acts like she’s above everyone. And she probably doesn’t realize how weird this is.

      • I agree, one of them definitely needs to pull her aside and explain that it’s inappropriate and making others uncomfortable.

      • Definitely, let’s hope. But, If production can step in to stop taunting why not this?

      • Idk… Maybe they think it’s just horsing around and don’t realize that it’s making ppl uncomfortable? That’s the only thing I can think that would really make sense.

      • Thank you Lav, I didn’t know any of this and I’m disgusted… people are outraged by “bullying” but we will never hear a peep about this. Matter of fact ppl were already laughing about it and making fun of both Paul and Alex last night. Smfh… sick!

      • I’m just now watching bbad and there’s a chunk cut of fish. I gather the conversation was taking place.

      • “11:35PM BBT: Alex telling Josh that she could destroy Jessica. That Jessica shoving her fingers in her Vag was unacceptable …”
        So Jessica is finger raping and performing heinous sexual acts on her house mates … and this is acceptable? (I ask rhetorically/incredulously!) As someone else stated, if a man was doing this, he’d be kicked out, and the LAPD would be at the door to arrest him! Jessica has her gall to lecture Cody about being a representation of her family! (Wed nite epi when she was verbally butt-reaming Cody for his temper outbreak with Paul.)
        Now I know why Jess hates Alex: either because Alex rejected her “love” advances (gag🤢), or she thinks that what she did to Alex will be shameful if her familys find out. IDK … I can’t phathom this behavior – especially without follow-on discipline. Her employer should be considering firing her; my God, what a horrible PR image to bring back to the table for this company’s VIP Concierge position – really?

      • And sticking her fingers up Matt and Paul’s butthole and she was grabbing Ramses penis and he was very uncomfortable. He kept telling her to stop and she kept on.

      • Cyril,
        Sorry you are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get yours facts right!!!
        ” Meanwhile Alex said she didn’t like Jessica fingering people’s asses because a cousin of her was raped and murdered.
        Do not see any talk of grabbing her v j!!

      • Lynn,
        I stand half corrected;”
        Stolen from a another website:)
        lex says she doesn’t like it when Jessica sticks her finger up her backside or touches her vagina because her cousin was raped and murdered. Feeds move to the loud kitchen.
        Key word being ” touches” as opposed to “fingering” big difference? Yes no?

      • If a guy was doing what Jess has been doing production would of been involved big time. Especially when Paul, Matt, Alex and Ramses have told her to stop and she keeps it up.

  4. I smell production. There’s no way elana went from someone Josh was willing to do slop for TWO WEEKS in her place to his puplic enemy #1 in less than a day. It doesn’t make sense. And I dc who doesn’t agree so don’t bother. This is BS. They may as well script this show. Smh unbelievable

      • If Elena goes home she will join to my list of “favorite players that didn’t won”:
        -Rachel & Janelle (BB6)
        -Janelle, Will & Danielle (BB7)
        -Keesha (BB10) (But Dan was my favorite too)
        -Britney (BB12)
        -Daniele, Porsche & Kalia (BB13)
        -Dan, Britney, Danielle, Shane (BB14)
        -Queen Becky (BB17)
        -Shelby & Alex (BBOTT)

  5. Josh is stepping up. He’s evolving before our eyes. I bet his family is proud. Watch the live feed.

    • Are you kidding? His family are not proud of anything he did. He win this hoh by luck. But theirs everything to be ashamed of what he did in the house. He compared his self with Mark losing his parent. He has family but he’s just away from them. I’m sorry to disagree but josh is a very baby child that need to grow up.

      • I’m talking about in terms if playing the game. At first all he did was cause drama and cry about missing his family. Now he is setting up a secret alliance with Jason and Alex and is reading the house very well. That’s a huge step from a few weeks ago.

      • I forgot to say his pot and pan show. Plus his meatball insult are… not tv material

    • Is that sarcasm? His family being proud of him? Just because he is in a position of power therefore doesn’t like to be told what to do, means nothing after everything he has said and done thus far!!
      Josh says one thing and now he is some great player because he had one thought of his own!
      No disrespect to you whatsoever, but Josh needs to do a lot more then target Elena to be stepping up his game!

  6. Why is Josh so set on targeting Elena over Jessica? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about this! And hopefully this happens! But, I’m just curious why? To hurt Mark? Or is there another reason?

    Also, there has been so much talk about Jessica being possibly pregnant. Do you think Jessica and Cody might be just using this as a ploy to keep them in the game so they can go to jury together at least?? I know they have spoken about it in private but, that doesn’t mean anything…… it could still be BS.

    • I think he is afraid of her teaming up with Matt and Raven to take them out later on. She is also tight with both sides. But Alex made a good point. Cody & Jess in jury hurts his chances of winning.

      Also, idk if Jess is pregnant. Honestly, I really don’t care. I don’t think either them are that bright so I wouldn’t be shocked.

      • It’s only Saturday, the big alliance will work on getting out Jess first. It’s the consensus, and it’s obvious Alex is already doing that. Why do you want two sour p’s in the Jury house.

      • “Every time something happens i can’t fathom its production!” Are you a conspiracy theorist about everything or is it reduced to only tv?

      • I didn’t say “every time” but this I do. It’s all about what’s good tv. Theres a recipe for it. Taking Jody out now in the game it may get boring. Paul seemingly has the majority under his control. The only contrast is Jody. They must give us a good show. It will go that way whether we like it or not.

      • The better answer was explained above. Don’t get me wrong, I know this game is not reality! It is somewhat scripted and very much manipulative however, I think production would be afraid to tell Josh to do anything because he is so stupid he would blab about it 😉

    • I think part of the reason he wants her out is because he tried to hit on her and wasn’t interested in him.

  7. As for Josh……wanting Elena out before Jessica, why? I didn’t know Josh had a brain! However, I will believe it when I see it!

    That said, as much as I absolutely despise him, Josh I believe is the type of person who doesn’t like to be told what to do when he is in a position of power!

    • It’s because Jody is so isolated, and it would be better for him to take out someone that voted him out but also is tight with all sides of the house. Otherwise, Elena comes for Josh as soon as Jody is evicted.

      • Production. It makes no sense. He went to the dr and asked to take her place as a have not to this?? Production

      • Reslly? Elena would go after josh? As you said after 2 other player maybe. But I believe she would go after Jody, Alex and Paul before josh who is a very good floater to bring to the end.

      • That makes perfect sense! Also keeps a bigger target in the house having both Jessica and Cody. I just didn’t know Josh was smart enough to think that far ahead LOL

      • Jessica and Cody have won comps. Elena has not. If they win again Josh could be the target.

    • If he has ever been in a position of power before. Youngest in the family, sells online, but it is his families business.

      The house got what they wanted Jess/Cody on the block, with Cody safe it is still the house plan to nom Mark & Elena. I just think he is making the nom’s personal for him.

      Now remember Paul’s words “after VETO the house has the power.” Josh picks 2 names, Cody is one of them and is likely the only one to pull Jess down. Christmas uses her Ring of Replacement and pulls Cody out of the veto comp and it will be up to Jess to save herself. House can now vote how ever they please.

      I have a final three in mind and I did not write their names in this comment. I think they will be the ones to take out the others when the group is rid of JODY.

  8. Sorry one more thing LOL
    I’m just reading the comments and shaking my head. Josh has ONE ☝️ thought on his own,
    ONE☝️ move that Paul hasn’t told him to do and all of a sudden Josh is Stepping up his game! Using his head! Blah blah blah!
    With all due respect to those of you that think Josh is stuffing out of Paul’s shadow, it’s one thought he has had on his own this entire game! If Paul orders him to push for Jessica, he is going to push for Jessica! And next week when Josh is not safe, he is going to be right back up Paul’s Butt!!
    I truly hope I eat my words and Jessica is safe this week! Josh does get someone to use the veto on her if she doesn’t win it herself!
    Awesome! But I will believe it only when I see it.
    As I said in an earlier comment, Josh is just thinking for himself right now because he is in a position of power and, Josh doesn’t like being told what to do when he is in power!
    The second he no longer has power, he will be nothing again! And let’s not forget, he won this HOH by pure luck! No skill, talent, strength, brains! One lucky bounce

  9. I want anyone but Cody to win POV and take Jess off the block or leave her up there!

  10. Wow, Elena quit her job for BIg Brother? I was wondering how some of these guests do it with their employers especially doctors like Will.

  11. I want Jessica gone but after Elena throwing a fit in the HOH room–I wouldn’t mind her going.

    • Elena was making sense. She isn’t a “strong” competitor. Josh was loosing that argument. Elena had very valid points and Josh could not come up with reasonable responses. That is why he called Paul upstairs.

    • Jessica has been at the top of their list for a long time now I believe
      There seem to be a lot of haters on here but on the joker site, a lot of people seem to like Jessica/Cody. My guess is because they read all the feeds so they know a lot more than people that just come on here and read the blogs!? I don’t know

      • I think the Jody popularity is from the viewers who are sick of The Paul Show. Count me as one of them.

      • I was hopping for a change of scenary this week. Josh is weird but he’s not what I wasted. Maybe??? A big maybe… Mark or Elena would had been interesting. Jason, Kevin or Matt as well.

        But josh? Worst case scenario.

      • No way 2 weeks ago Jessica was number 1 to get the temptation. But she grows in me after all the “woof woof” show from the “mob” as Matthew said. Yes for this week she’s a number 1.

  12. From the sounds of it, (and of course depending on who wins the veto comp) we might not have a unanimous vote on Thursday!

    This might be the demise of Paul and his pack of “Circus Clowns” 🤡

    Who would vote Josh’s way? Elena ✅
    Who would vote Paul’s way? Jessica ✅

    There’s still over 5 days, anything could happen! It could get interesting, or it could become another repetitive week of everyone listening to Paul!

    It will be strange if/when Paul and his “Well Trained Puppies” break up! We will start having to refer to them by their actual names!!
    I don’t think I know all their names…… Josh, Paul, Matt, Raven, Alex, Kevin, Jason, Christmas with a side of Mark
    (Elena would have to be gone to ensure Paul and his “Mindless Morons” break up…………finally!)
    Did I forget anybody!? LOL 😝😆

    • Hi tinalee,
      Not sure what to make of Joshs push to get Elaina out behind Pauls back. Just thinking if production is stepping in because they want to keep Jessica in the house. She is the most popular houseguest on all the polls. There is still a lot of game to play and BB would like to keep her in the house.

      • You are exactly right. There’s no way this occurred organically. This is for show. Josh just the day asked if he can be a have not in elana’s place. That’s a HUGE sacrifice. Now he all of a sudden believes she’s his biggest threat…come now give me a break! Only a few ppl here on this site isnt fooled by this and you’re one of them. Something is definitely fishy here.

      • Think you guys are right….production has no problem persuading Josh on taking this direction so to keep Jess in….even if Jess leaves tho…you can imagine what next week will be with Cody by his lonesome…. a lot of drama for sure.

      • Oh there’s definitely a lot of drama about to erupt. It’s why they, (production)shhh, dont tell anyone, took this hoh. Lol Jody drama is getting old. They need new seeds planted, complicate things a little, shake things up, break up that huge alliance. I know how it works.

      • Josh can be persuaded by a cheeseburger or a light breeze, so production would have no trouble.

  13. I will respect josh if he has the guts to nominates Paul. I think he could have the votes to get him out this week.

    But it won’t happen.

      • I feel a Christmas vs Paul showdown approaching. But if she swings she had better not miss. I wouldn’t mind Josh going for Paul even though I’m rooting for him, it would make more sense than Elana. That’s absurd! Elana is a slave, you don’t take out slaves, you take out leaders.

  14. I’m confused as to why Jessica was upset with Josh after noms? He didn’t put her up, she went up automatically.

    • It was from when he was tormenting her during the comp she won to be HOH. She said he was one of the few people who knew it was the anniversary of her dad’s death. She felt he should have respected that and should have known better than to try to upset her.

  15. This nom…has started some distention in the ranks….Christmas is starting to plant some seeds in the Paul negative category….we know Jody wants him out if they have a chance and opportunity….Paul will definitely start the case that Josh has to go with his minions if he doesn’t follow his plan to get Jess out…oh oh.

    • Paul needs to be as quiet as a church mouse this week if he doesn’t play and win the veto.

      • Yes he does….he will see how this plays out cause you know he isn’t going to let Josh’s wishes play out….he’s going to flip the vote and get someone other then Elena out….and show Josh that he has the power in this house….which is easy with Josh’s resume.

  16. I have been a fan of big brother since the beginning. I am very upset that bullying has been allowed on the show. I realize its a game but the extent of bullying is beyond acceptable!

  17. Does anyone remember that Executive Producer Allison Grodner had a petition against her after Season 15 for allowing and even encouraging sexual misconduct. Maybe that’s why Jessica has not been called on her conduct of putting fingers in Matt and Paul’s butthole and in Alex vagjj, and touching Ramses privates and them telling her to stop because that made them uncomfortable. If is was from a man’s actions the man would be gone.

    • There will be zero outrage on this for two reasons 1. She’s a woman and ppl don’t take it serious when a woman sexually assaults someone, especially since she violated 3 men (and Alex). 2. Everyone hates all the house guests except for Jess and Cody. There will be no public backlash or even mention of it which is disgusting and sad!

  18. So again everyone who could play in this competition played. So it was 9 people trying to win against Cody and Jess and again they couldn’t pull it off. What LOSERS. Go Cody and Jess.

    • Like rooting for the underdog….but that was the plan…for one to win the Temp comp and the other to lose it so…they can try to win the veto and pull the other one off without a renom….playing out good so far…but they don’t know about Christmas’s temptation which Paul will probably make her use if Cody get’s picked for the Veto.

      • I am not sure she will now that she and Josh are gunning for Elena. She is really pushing the fact that they shouldn’t be doing what Paul says. So I would really be surprised if she did use it. I am beginning to wonder if they will go to Cody and Jess to reveal their plans so they have the votes to get out Elena.

      • As a matter of fact if they get wind that Paul is trying to change things up if they win the veto they might be tempted to pull Jess off the block.

      • And one more thing what if she were drawn to play in veto anyway then power would be useless. Cause she couldn’t replace anyone if she is already up there.

      • he did and she used it when all its used up and there is only them against the 2 and they cant win??? you are right bunch of loser you want them out cause you know they are better then you

  19. I hope Cody wins the Veto & takes Jess off the block allowing Josh to back door Paul – don’t like Paul – he is a snake and supports bullying.

  20. Its sad that I WANT Jess to be vetoed.
    I dunno just interesting change of pace.
    Jess goes, too predictable. Paul gets his way again.

  21. Paul has completely ruined the game for me !!! He has caused to much drama !! Don’t care if I watch it any more !!

  22. paul needs the a$$Tard suit to wear the rest of his time in the house. Paul is the reason for all the fights. hes worthless as f*ck

  23. i have no use for that pisstard josh either but i hope he backdoors paul this week and then the rest of the house backdoors josh next week so the real Big Bro season can start in 2 weeks. this whole season has been slop so far

  24. This is the first year I have ever disliked houseguests as much as I do Jessica and Cody….which makes watching it really hard sometimes!! So I was wondering if I’m alone in my feelings about Jessica and Cody or do others feel the same?

  25. Jess will go home because if she or cody doesn’t win veto she’s toast. Josh what are you thinking? Elena comes after you once and you’re gunning for her? Cody and Jessica have had it out for you from day one. Christmas needs to stay out of it. Paul’s right. jess needs to go. If Josh let’s Jessica stay in, she or Cody will win hoh and put Josh and Paul on the block. THINK Josh, you meatball.

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