Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

We’re back on track with our Big Brother 19 Live Feeds and the latest results. Now we’ve got the spoilers to reveal who won this week’s Veto comp and what that could mean for the week ahead including what may become of the Halting Hex.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Paul has sent Jessica and Cody to the Block, effectively calling Jessica’s bluff that they were safe from that situation for several weeks. Jason is also up on the Block after losing the Temptation Competition. They were joined by Kevin and Raven. Christmas hosted.

Before the competition was held Jessica told HGs that neither she nor Cody bothered to study and they didn’t plan on trying to win the Veto. She was mocking them for having stayed up all night to study saying it was a pointless effort by them to do so. Ouch!

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

This was the “BB Storm Watch” competition where HGs competed in the raging “weather” to answer blanks in the teleprompter. It was a lot of fun to watch last season so I’m hoping it’ll be a good one this year too.

HGs discussed the results and it sounded like Kevin and Raven tied for second while Cody was just behind them in the score. They’re surprised since he said he hadn’t studied. Paul wonders if someone was helping Cody and suggests maybe it was Elena. The guy is always working on lining up those targets!

Paul won this comp last season too, so no big surprise as he definitely knew these topics from the studying. I think it’s safe to say that Paul will likely save Jason and since he’s the 3rd nom there’s no renom. Earlier Paul had said he might try to get Jessica down to pressure her to not use the Hex, but talks have shifted since then.

If Jason comes down then Jessica and Cody will be set as the final noms for the week and she’ll use her Halting Hex on Thursday night sending this week into the waste bin.

Update: As of Sunday morning, Paul is back around to wanting to save Jessica, renom Elena, and then convince Jessica not to use the Hex. It’s an easier task with Jessica not on the Block, but I still don’t see her doing it. Jason agreed to this shift in plans.

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  1. Wow. I’m watching the feeds, I haven’t spot anything yet. How did you found out ?

  2. So is the plan now to use the veto on Jess and force her to use the HH to save Cody, or what? It’s been confusing to follow what’s going on.

  3. Yeah, not a surprise at all, given Paul’s experience with this particular comp. It’s not like this week matters anyway.

  4. Matt and Paul are talking in the HoH, they can’t believe that Jess’ power can only be use during the live show.

    • That’s exactly what Paul should do. I’d pull Jessica down and make her come to a decision regarding the man who’s ruining her game.

      • He did talk to her. She’s going to use it anyway to save him. I’d call her bluff and pull her down anyway. Cody might blow up and she may change her mind

      • Cody needs to go he is disrespectful, He needs to learn how to speak to people and not be so discriminatory or a bully. Jessica needs to wake up .

      • Paul needs to go. He is D%*#…. I can’t believe everyone has rallied behind him, he his obnoxious and rude!

      • I can’t see any downside to this for Paul. Either she uses up the power or Cody leaves. It’s all good.

  5. I’m not surprised. I totally called that he would win the HoH since it was something that needed studying so no shocker he won this too.

  6. Well see how this shakes out. I wonder what Paul.s plan moving forward is?

  7. Am I the only one tired of Paul? Maybe I should quit BB, maybe I don’t get the bandwagon and sheep mentality ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

    • Actually, its pretty popular to dislike Paul so you’re probably in the majority there. Whether the Anti-Paul status is its own bandwagon or not is anyone’s guess.

      • What I dislike is lack of opposition, he has no competition as of now, all the moves he did worked perfectly, has all planned out to final 3-5 for sure….

    • I don’t dislike Paul, just the sheep that are following him. I wish I could not like Paul, but at least he is playing the game.

      • Is Paul playing the game or is production helping him…. too many things said that lean toward production helping him win

      • Remember: Paul has played the BB game before. Case in point: Paul had also played the tilting boards with balls; knew what to study for in the recent veto comp (he won it last year, also) with the weather-storm alerts and more than likely, most all other comps. Compared to some of the newbies who say they never saw BB before . . .

      • Yea, like Jessica winning that temptation was sketchy. Production gave her that one.

      • I looked online before the temptation was announced and Alex was winning by a lot. I have no idea how Jessica ended up winning that.

      • Aside from safety (which is a huge help), how do you think production is helping him?

      • Production has had it in the bag since he was cast this season. That have data that showed Paul as viewer gold last season and he was good DR. Notice how much camera time he has had this year and the long periods he spends in the DR. Producers are in his ear constantly about game play. He was guaranteed a month of game play with free 1st week pass and then a free 3 weeks of safety. Really sad how they have screwed the pooch on this season, but the ratings are good, so what do I know?

      • I agree. He shouldn’t be blamed because big brother asked him back and the others are slow

      • I guess I like to go against flow. Last year I did not like him at all. Towards the end I thought he was alright. I loved Pablo and his Secret Service punishment. I was rooting for Nicole to win.
        This year I actually like Paul….LOL

      • Agreed, I liked him better when he was an underdog with Vic. That punishment was what won me over, too.

    • I don’t like him either but you have to respect his game play. Paul takes the time to think his moves out in advance unlike the rest of the house guests. Smart for Paul is to pull Jessica down off the block as a show of good faith towards her and her game play. This is a test to see if she would waste her HH on Cody.

      • yeah I understand…Its like alot of people thought that Cody had the advantage in the Battle Back comp..Cause Cody had just played it even tho Julie said it was a different board…That kind of advantage??

      • The House got to choose Paul as their champion didn’t they? Potato or Pohtato if you want. Depends on who you are rooting for but, Julie Chen gave Cody that pick of competition because the house got to pick who to put up against him! Actually, it is utter BS! Cody already won the right to enter the house besting the other evicted house guests. In previous seasons, that has been the case. Now, they throw another roadblock to get into the house for the winner? Utter BS! You know it is not fair and right on all levels! If we are to be objective, they are favoring Paui in this case. Cody should NOT have to win again over Paul to get into the Big Brother House. He already earned it when he defeated the other evicted house guests fair and square! If the situation was reversed, Paul fans would be raising outrage over it and I would agree because it would still be utter BS!

      • ahhhhhhh What ur saying needs to be told to Production not to me…If u got major complaints about the Battle Back call CBS…

      • You were alluding that Cody has this huge advantage forgetting the fact that past house guests just needed to win to re-enter the Big Brother House and Paul was picked by the house. Again, Julie Chen gave Cody the option to choose the competition to decide it. Their rules. Just stating the facts. You are free to disagree which is your right but, Cody did not get an unfair advantage. Actually, he got screwed over yet, still won!

      • Man, you are all on the Cody bandwagon, even though the guy is a total douche.

      • I did not ” ALLUDE” to anything… I made a comparison concerning advantages and used Cody in the Battle Back as an example..Again I did not say that “I” felt like Cody had an advantage..I said “alot of people”….U either took my words out of context or twisted them to suit ur point…either way ur wrong about what I said in my post…

      • With the battle-back comp, I was hoping the player the house picked to play against the evicted winner, was then evicted her/himself. That would have meant Paul would have been out!!! Dang :-(

      • Or maybe the fact that Jessica got the temptation last week? I call BS on that. No way she was the America choice.

        It might be scripted at time, but I don’t think it’s all decided for a player. It’s at most a decision to keep drama in the house.

      • If the Producers rigged Jessica winning the temp, which I agree they did, you have to admit that Paul was guaranteed more money than the others to come back and that he would be in the house at least the first month.

      • I agree with you! I looked online and Alex was winning by a lot. How did Jessica win?

      • On this weeks veto comp with the weather: they had the same game last year; he played then and won. He played this week, and won. Surprise?? NOT

      • How can he have an advantage over ALL the other players just because he was on last season? The way I see it, he is at a disadvantage because those that watched last season knows how Paul plays.

      • It is not a show of good faith but, an effort to nullify the effects of the Halting Hex! All Jessica needs to do is use the Halting Hex and ignore Paui. Whether he takes her off is irrelevant because she is safe whether on the block or not! Paui is just trying to save his HOH and not because of the kindness of his heart!
        Are we all dupes to believe that BS? Next week, 4 people will be trying to win HOH against Paul and his minions. If one of them win, all they need to do is put up Paul and Matthew. If he wins safety, put Raven as replacement! If Paul does not get off, offer Alex and Jason deals of safety in exchange for voting out Paul!
        They may just take that offer. And putting Paul and his minions up for eviction strip that side of 2 votes and guarantees at least, one of the minions get evicted or if Alex and Jason can be persuaded to flip evict Paul in the biggest blindside.
        Alex would be dumb not to take a very good chance of evicting Paul for good!

      • She won’t change her vote with mark elena Cody and Jess in the house. Even if codys side does win HOH they don’t have the votes to get Paul out. Jason Alex and josh would all vote out any other pawn. Raven would be gone

      • I’m actually watching Christmas sneakily putting together a gang behind Paul’s back. I think she’ll be the one to mount the evict Paul plan eventually. Alex isn’t a leader, Chris is.

      • Two things here, 1. What part of I don’t like Paul do you not get? 2. I said he should take Jessica down to show a sign of good faith and to test her to see if she would use the Halting Hex. Plain forward and simple, so what part of that did you not get?

      • Problem is that Alex is riding Paul’s coattails to the final four.

      • Listen to some of the comments he makes and read what other past guests say… productions is definitely helping him. How can you respect that?

      • I have to agree with Nicole on this one, please share any details you might have.

    • Last year I was glued to the feeds this year I have to walk away listening to Paul run the house. He acts like he can make production do what he wants. This is why Jessica should of kept her mouth closed he will do whatever he can to bully her not to use it.

    • This week, Paul wasted his HOH and all that effort for nothing! Jessica should not listen to him because there would be 4 people lined up against Paul and his huge alliance next week! If she listens to Paul, evicting Cody will reduce their number to 3 without Cody and favors Paul and his alliance. Win HOH next week and put Paul on the block and convince Alex and Jason to flip the votes! That would be a huge blindside to get Paul out of the game! Not impossible to get Paul out of the game. Nominate Matthew too! That strips 2 votes from the big alliance right off the bat. Just need Alex and Jason to flip to seal the deal!

      • I don’t think 4 will be up against him, because Elena and Mark saw how the rest of the house felt and will be afraid for next week.

      • Mark is in I believe and I think Jason and Kevin are getting tired of Paul too.

      • He’s not wasting his hoh. He did got the goal he wants : flush the temptation. That’s a very good move.

    • 4 comp wins for Paul now in this season alone. That makes 10 total comp wins for Paul throughout his BB tenure.

      • Whatever you have to tell yourself to make peace with Paul winning $500K this year.

      • Its only a farce if the other HGs were also trying to play the game and Paul still won all the comps. I mean granted, just about all “Reality TV” is partially scripted or at least led in a certain direction. Still, Paul is the only person that is playing the game 100% right now. Plus, he’s one of the few people I don’t often fast forward past while watching my BBAD on DVR.

      • well I cant stand him did not like him last year do not like him this year but he has played before so thats an advantage already its easy for him to play the game he hated the fact that veterans cut him in his season and yet has no problem doing it himself I just dont like double standard but that s just me

      • He didn’t have a problem with Nicole winning last season. He and Nicole are actually friends these days. I’m guessing that there have been returning vets in the past seasons of BB you haven’t had a problem with. I mean, if you don’t like Paul, that’s fine and you don’t have to by any means. But, he’s not receiving any favoritism that other returning vets haven’t received.

      • Hey, I didn’t like him either for the first few weeks of last season. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe it was Paulie trying to force Paul to do his bidding (when they first evicted Victor), but something clicked and I started appreciating the humor and fun that he brought to the game.

        Before last season, it had been probably 3 seasons since I’d actually laughed out loud while watching BBAD.

      • I don’t like outright lying like that whopper about Ramses winning the 25k. Can’t wait til they all learn the truth about two faced Kevin when it’s all over.

      • Yes, and he beat all the vets, year but one. Nicole was the favorite last year.

      • And he lost by one vote. And it seems to be davonne vote that was a bitter vote instead of who played the best game.

      • He has said he won’t win but he wants to stay in the game as long as possible..He loves the game..

      • Yep, he expects to be nominated and voted out any week now. He agreed to come back simply because he loves the game. I wonder if he gets a kick out of how many people hate him for no real reason, lol.

      • I don’t think he actually believes he’s going to be voted out. It does look like he has so many advantages and production probably is helping him but I’m really disappointed in the other house guests. They have. I game at all

      • I feel the same way when at times Cody and Jessica are on all 4 feeds cameras for some 30 minutes or more…

      • drama its all about that they will focus on whom or who brings more to the table oops feeds

      • I agree. I’m over them. The majority of the house seems like they have no idea how to play

      • Some of those comps became easy when production allows other HG’s to help you and of course throw the true/false questions.

  8. Not shocking, they probably did the same comp he won last year so Paul would have all the power this week when the Hex f*cks him over

    • If the Hex is used Pauls HOH and Veto are null & void..If all 3 nominees are safe from eviction…If thats the case Paul has no power this week..

      • unless he decides to use it and pullsl Jason down and leave both up there if he knew for sure she (Jessica) would waste it this week.

      • He hasn’t mention it yet, but indeed that would much better for him to take Jason with no replacement instead of mucking around with Jess.

      • I would pull her off. If he doesn’t she’ll use it for sure. If he does pull her there’s a chance Cody will have another blow up and upset Jessica and she’ll keep it for herself and Cody will get evicted. They were very close to changing her mind and Cody gave up already and told her to use it on herself and let him get voted out

      • I did not mean that the Veto can’t be used …just that it won’t matter if the Hex voids the entire eviction…all 3 would be safe anyway…

      • Good point but that is if all three are on the block and she decides to use it. If not, then all three have a chance of going home. Decisions, decisions.

      • My point is production WANTED Paul to have all the power this week just for Jessica to use the hex and wash it all away. It builds up to more drama

  9. Paul to Elena/Mark- You (Jessica) are preventing nine people from getting to jury from saving one person no one likes

    I’m rooting for Jess and Cody on this one.

    • I thought Jess said that if Cody was really like this in real life… She didn’t want anything to do with him, and then he told her straight up that this is how he really is.

      They need to pull Jess off the block, and let her decide if the guy who is killing her game is worth saving or not. Spoiler Alert: He’s not.

      • Actually Paul want to convince Jess to not use the Hex and assure her that it is Cody going. He actually has no need to put somebody else in her place.

      • Save Jason for what tho? Mark and maybe elenas vote? No ones voting him out so just leave him lol

      • Whether Jason is in danger of being voted out or not is not the big issue here, so why chance it. Leaving both Jessica and Cody on the block and testing to see if she would use the Halting Hex or not is. Plus having Jason of the block only means that Paul and his side continues to have the numbers so why chance losing one if you don’t have too.

      • I’m not sure how that works. The temptation competition said that the loser would be a “3rd nominee”. Wouldn’t that possibly mean that unless Jason is pulled off the block (the comp loser)… That if Cody or Jess is pulled down, someone else has to go up?

        Either way, I’m really hoping he pulls her down and convinces her to let Cody go. Its really the best thing she can do for her own game now.

      • I am thinking by pulling Jason down off the block would just as if Ramses came off the block. NO replacement.

      • Yeah, that’s what I think too. However, if one of the regular noms come off the block (Jess or Cody this week)… Someone would have to take their place (unless I’m missing something).

      • I would be surprised if it’s a DE. Usually this is annoncรฉ the week before. As well, with the new temptation competition for the next 3 weeks, I don’t see how this would work.

      • He should pull her off and tell her she’s gonna be the target over Cody if she does use it. I wish she would cut him loose. She has a better chance to win without him

      • I don’t disagree, but it does not bother me that Jess saving Cody would stop some of the people from making it to jury.

      • I’m not big on showmances in general, but I really don’t like that Cody is dragging her down with him. If she had just come into the BB house and waited before “jumping into bed” with Cody, she could have really been a contender. Now, she’s stuck playing damage control and even if she saves the Hex and lets Cody go home… I’m not sure the one extra week it buys her is enough time to repair the damage.

      • I thin they would give her a break if she cut him loose. Paul would honestly vote out mark and Elena first

      • No, the spoilers already say that Paul is convincing her that he would put Alex up but he intends for Jessica to go home next eviction.

      • I don’t like showmances either, and Jess did much better without Cody in the house.

        I don’t think another week would do anything either, unless she goes on a winning spree . She is already a target of “the house,” and that will not likely change. Especially since Elena just went back in after being blindsided (which was disappointing).

    • I’ve always rooted for them. I can’t understand why Jess would even think to do something the house wanted her to do when none of them are on her side. Why get rid of a number for you if you don’t have to. They fooled you twice- shame on you. Don’t get fooled a third time, stay strong Jess!

      • .yeah…listening to Cody has worked out really well for her…she needs to keep him around for the great social game he plays…hes a riot when he blinks..

      • I’m surprised that his blinks are not listed in the Flashbacks here on Bigbrothernetwork right along with a time stamp so people can rewind and watch, lol.

      • I will say that that hard stare really is a military thing. One of my brothers was in the military back in the day (Marines), and from time to time, he still has that stare. Only time I ever saw it soften was when he looked at our Mom or one of his kids.

      • Makes sense. I was in the Air Force, and I know just from hearing other people’s stories how much harder it is to be a Marine. I can understand the stare because they are trained to be hard. Same can be said for Army Special Forces from what I hear.

        I’m just thinking that maybe Big Brother is not the type of game to put him in. I think CBS would have done better putting him into this coming season of Survivor.

      • Well maybe he will still get a chance st survivor this season, would like to see it happen just to see if he finds himself a jungle bunny

      • I’m on and off rooting for them, but do I agree with you 100%. They want her to not save Cody to buy her what, one more week of safety? I think Paul is upset he can’t control Jess. So he continues to turn people against her. She did stick with Cody so that did not help.

      • I think Paul is upset that Cody and Jess are the only hg’s that want to vote him out

      • I disagree. The moment he walked out the door she was in a better position. They voted dom out over her. The whole house wants Cody mark and Elena to go. Cody is one vote for her and he’s guaranteeing a target remains on her back

    • Next week Jessica wins HOH puts Josh and Raven up, Jessica wins POV replaces Raven with Paul. And Paul goes home

  10. Im not on the bandwagon . But im not a hater either. I just appreciate that Paul is playing the game. He makes good tv. Hes fun to watch. I dont critic his etire cause whatever makes em happy is fine with me. They gotta ride out the time in that house and it isnt easy.

    • Totally agree,can’t hate someone for playing the game,some of the other house guests seem to think they are on vacation in Cancun or somewhere.

      • I totally agree also. He won me over about the 4th week last season because he is fun to watch on TV. Unlike what a lot of his haters say… The expression, “What you see is what you get” really fits Paul. Sure, he can be loud and a bit obnoxious at times, but so could my friends and I when we were that age. Watching him play BB is like watching raw energy just shoot all over the place.

        This season, he is the only one who’s really playing (Kevin and Alex are starting to as well). Plus, if all the current HGs watched BB last year, and are honestly be manipulated by Paul as opposed to genuinely liking him… Well, that’s their own fault.

      • Yeah, I just got done typing how I DVR BBAD and often fast forward past almost everyone but Paul. I can always count on Paul for at least a little bit of entertainment.

      • Paul is trying to win 500,000 and Jessica too busy rolling around in the bed with Cody to actually have a game plan,she’s waiting for someone to hand her the money,doesn’t work that way on BB.

      • You can’t play Big Brother by just hiding in a room with one other person. She’s not playing the game. She’s being led to comp wins (hey you brought up production favoring people so lets REALLY be honest) and she just keeps doing stuff that is completely stupid for her own game.

      • I don’t know bout that…Look at the winner last year..Niciole won and she spent 90% of the season in bed..

      • But on the other hand,the other house guest actually liked her,not so with the Bride of Frankenstein..

      • I think the houseguests actually like Jess….. but not Cody. And she’s the only one other than Paul playing the game. IMO

      • Go ahead and think that, but then think how Jessica earned that temptation when she was so unpopular.

      • Exactly. Not even trying to study the walls or compete in the temptation battles.

      • They’re confuse. They probably though they were cast for batchelor in paradise!!

    • Exactly! I enjoy watching Paul play..if he has all of them running to him for advice..then he must be doing something right! I don’t get the hate for Paul…You go Paul..friendship!

  11. Jessica and Cody remind of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI,as i recall,that did not end well either,Jessica “let them eat cake” attitude will be her undoing.

  12. Theyโ€™re surprised since he said he hadnโ€™t studied. Paul wonders if someone was helping Cody and suggests maybe it was Elena.

  13. Christmas is telling Paul that she is convince that Jess will roll the dice, play the Hex and hope for her or Cody to win HoH next week so they can both make jury.

    • Last night Paul discussed to the group the idea of making her not use the Hex’ They really want Cody out. It’s only Sunday, and I think they’ll work on it…you know,…What Paul wants..Paul gets..Ha!

      • Absolutely, it’s silly to me do anything else. Not only is he her ride or die, at the basic game level he’s a bigger target.

      • I’m not soo sure. She was close and Cody told her not to save him once. I hope she wises up and plays for herself

      • Indeed, that’s his plan. The question is, is Jess smart enough to play to win or play for love.

      • I’m having a hard time to get an opinion this one. I have mixte feelings. It’s smart to keep the hex for her and have Cody evicted this week, get the pression off of her. Anyway he’s bad for her game. On the other side Cody is an alliance for her, he can win comp and will never put he in danger.

      • She’ll save him alright, she’s thinking ahead to post BB, showmances ruin everything, how many of us made the best decisions in life when we were in love? Or thought we were.

      • At the most, it will save her one week but, destroy whatever chance she, Mark or Elaina have in the game! Dumb move! Paul does not give any gifts! What he gives is poison to those willing to drink it! Or a razor blade to slash their own necks! Ignore Paul and his BS proposals! He is trying to save his HOH that is why! He knows he screwed up calling Jessica’s bluff.

      • Where have you been lol. Cody is the reason she is, has been and will continue to be in danger. Getting rid of him would be her best move.

      • She will probably pick love. I doubt they last outside the house more than a few months.

      • Jessica would be stupid not to use the Halting Hex. She and Cody as well as Jason is safe! No need to over complicate. Next week, Paul cannot play for HOH making him a huge target for Mark, Elaina, Cody and Jessica. If they win HOH, put Paul and Matthew on the block and strike a deal with Jason and Alex for their votes to evict Paul! If they agree and Paul remains on the block, he can be evicted from the Big Brother House and those house guests remaining can play their own game!

      • Take Elena and Mark out of the mix because they know working with Cody is poison.

      • They are not, under any circumstances, going to side with people they hate to get rid of someone they trust… and save Matt lol. Jess has been a bit ch to Alex and this would be the what- 4th invitation from Cody for Alex to work with him? They aren’t going to budge, simple as that.

      • Because even if she does use it, her or Cody still have to win the next HOH. If they don’t, they’ll be on the block again, and THIS time they’ll send Jessica home for going against the wishes of the house. Jessica has to learn that in big brother, the house always wins

      • I understand all that..but if Jessica and Cody are on the block and she don’t use the Hex one of em is going home…So if she wants both of em to stay in the game she has to use it..

      • But Jessica has to realize the reason why she is seen as an enemy is because of the connection she has made with Cody. They were perfectly fine with Jessica, in fact some of them loved her, when Cody wasn’t around. Cody comes back and it’s back to normal

      • Jessica sees and knows that Cody is a jerk of all trades and his actions have turned everybody in the house against him and her…But she thinks if she can keep him in the house that she can change him and make him a likeable person. It .Ain’t gonna happen…It can only get worse for her if she keeps him in the game..

      • Kyle, why are you trying to deny us the glory of seeing the HH in action? Do you want what will be the cause of a glorious moment on the feeds to go to waste?

      • It won’t be any kind of glorious moment. Everybody knows what it is, they don’t care anymore. Paul literally said “use it or don’t, it doesn’t make a difference to me”. He does not care, nobody else cares. The only one who may slightly react is Josh, and he reacts to everything. The Halting Hex will halt the eviction and there will be another HOH comp, and more than likely one of Paul’s allies will win again. The end. Repeat of the same week we just went through. If Jessica or Cody win, Paul will manipulate his way to get like 2 people to play in the temptation comp and he’s safe for the week. In fact, Cody or Jessica may get f*cked over because they may send one of them to try and compete with Paul and they’ll be on the block during one of their HOH reigns! Either way Paul wins next week no matter what and it’s another boring repeat week with possibly more making out with Cody and Jessica. The one difference would be Jessica will go home first this time, so is it best for her game?

      • And until it does we’ll keep hearing the haters blathering about production fixing the game for Paul.

      • Don’t worry. There are quite a few of us “haters” (ugh, I’m starting to lose the taste for that word – it’s used too often) who don’t listen to conspiracy theorists. Besides, there haven’t been as much “fixed for Paul” complaints lately as there have been “fixed for Jody” complaints. Both claims are BS.

    • I asked this the other night. They’ll realize it when they’re sitting in the jury house and looking back on it.

    • When Helen Kim calls and tells them its time…It will happen when that red phone rings …

      • She was waitibg for the right time to take out Amanda but the latter was five steps ahead.

        It was a wonderful sight to behold.

      • She voted out and evicted her own alliance members if you recall leaving Amanda out. If she allows Paul to evict Cody, she will follow Helen as among the worst Big Brother house guest to play the game!

      • Actually it gets pretty easier towards the end. In the beginning it’s all about numbers. It’s near the end where the bigger threats are targeted

      • True. But I think that once someone puts him up, the others will come around and realize that the only way to actually win is to get him out. But then again, who knows with this group? lol

      • They all love him right now because if you think about it, he’s getting all the blood on his hands, but the house is still getting what they want

      • Yes, he is getting the blood on his hands. But he’s also got them convinced that they’re doing what “they” want, when in all actuality, they’re dong what HE wants. He’s manipulating them all so well and has them convinced it’s in their best interests. Very good player, but he’s also very dangerous.

      • You can’t manipulate puppets. I wish he wasn’t running the house but unfortunately he is because no one else wants to. They don’t want to play

      • Paul’s side would be dumb to let him go at this point. They need him for game play and strategy. He needs to get out mark, Elena, Cody and Jess for them. They count on him for wins and advice and honestly they need to at this point because the only one even making an attempt at long term game is Kevin. These hgs don’t play

      • I think they’d have the votes. But they’re all too scared to put him up. He’s got them all convinced that he’s “helping” them. I think if he went up, they just might realize that he needs to go now if they have any hopes of winning the $500k.


      • He’s tried to screw Jess and Cody about 5 times and Elena and Mark 2 or 3 times. It would be better to talk to ANYONE else. He is the LAST person they should talk to right now.

      • They want to be screwed, and love talking to him. I don’t see them on ‘feeds complaining..well..except Jody of course.

      • …Cody tried to screw everyone by betraying his whole alliance and trying to backfoor Paul…

      • I’m still amazed how quickly everyone turned their backs on Cody that week. Like, no one wanted to talk it out like adults? Really? That should’ve been our first hint of just how cowardly these people actually are. They’ve been just looking for someone to follow from the beginning of this game.

      • I don’t think it was quick at all! You backstab 2 people I your alliance when you have a house full of hg’s to choose from?

      • Who should they talk to Cody? Who drug them from the top to the bottom in one week 2 separate times lol. Mark and Elena built themselves back up after he was voted out and now they are right back on the list. Codys poision

    • Because he’s the only one in the house that’s made a plan and its worked lol. They know they’re dumb

  15. Paul’s paranoid is really starting to show. He now wants nominate the HOH aquarium fish eviction!

  16. Ya know, I honestly think they all know they need to get rid of Paul. But none of them has the parts to do it. They’re all waiting on someone else to do it. Jessica should have put Paul up when she had the chance. She put Josh up because she doesn’t like him. But he’s insignificant, really. Just a loud mouth that no one really likes. None of them are playing smart, really. I mean, any one with half a brain and knows the game, knows that the returning player should be out ASAP. Perfect nomination speech would be something like “Paul, you’re a great player, but you’ve already had your chance. It’s our turn now.” LOL Or something to that effect. But honestly, I’m just an armchair player. Sitting at home, watching these fools make themselves look silly. lmao

    • I think the majority actually like Paul on a personal (or friendship) level. They don’t want to get rid of Paul until at least jury. Remember the first week, Paul said all he wanted was to get the jury experience. I mean, sure he really wants to try and win, but maybe the other HGs are just allowing him his wish of jury.

      Plus, it should be relatively easy to get rid of Paul when they finally decide. After all, Paul is by himself in terms of being a vet. Its definitely not like last year with several vets. Granted, I don’t want to see Paul gone, but they need to do it if they want to win.

      If I’m being honest though… I like Keving and Alex, but unless some more of the HGs change their game… I’m probably done with this season when Paul gets evicted.

      • Kevin is a rat…playing both sides..I guarantee you he will tell Cody and Jessica that Paul is going to try and make Cody miserable over the next couple of days. He spoiled the blindside..I am getting tired of Kevin playing the house Dad. Let people play their darn game!

      • Yeah, I remember him saying that. But I didn’t believe him then. Nor do I believe him now. I think he’s pissed that he lost to a vet last year. I like Kevin and Jason. I had hopes for Alex, but she’s just becoming one of Paul’s minions now. I so liked her better when she started thinking for herself. And Paul didn’t like her really, until she became HOH.

      • I don’t think Jason is smart enough to really be dangerous. I hate to say that, but he doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind about anything.

        I think Alex and Paul working together is a good thing right now. I think she still is thinking for herself, but she realizes she needs a small alliance, and Paul is the closest thing to a comp beast this season has. Paul wants to win, don’t get me wrong. However, he also just really enjoys playing the game. He really is a fairly smart guy and he likes planning and plotting and working out things a few weeks in advance. He is like a Dan or a Derrick in that regard and I appreciate the game play.

      • You’re right. Jason really isn’t really smart enough to be a dangerous player. Unless, of course, he’s just biding his time. Maybe it’s because he’s from Iowa and I live there. (But he really needs to wear different shirts. The rodeo clown shirt is starting to annoy me. lol).

      • You just made me look at Jason in another light. If he is really biding his time and even putting on an act (in regards to how he’s acting so far)… He is the best game player this season, hands down, lol.

        I also agree that it would be nice to see him change shirts! :)

        For what its worth, I remember watching BB 15 and my reaction of Judd. I’m from Tennessee, and I just cringed watching the way he acted, lol. I seriously think people from certain areas act like Steretypes just for the heck of it.

      • I grew up in Arkansas. Raven is from Arkansas. She is definitely cringe-worthy. I live in Iowa now, and most don’t act like Jason. But I really do think he just might be biding his time. Playing the big, dumb hick role until the time is right. Doing just enough to stay in the game, but not enough to put a target on his back. I think Kevin’s social game is really good. Everyone likes him. He’s the “daddy” of the house. But I think he’s gonna get caught playing both sides of the house. He did tell Jessica about the Ramses vote. When Paul figures that out, Kevin’s days will be numbered.

      • Yeah, I really didn’t like to see Kevin tipping Jess off to the vote. I thought that was endangering his game needlessly. I don’t know what Paul would think about that to be honest. I mean, Paul has told Jess numerous times that he has nothing against her. Its just that she is associated with Cody.

        So maybe in that regard, Paul would understand why Kevin told her. I mean, I hope he would because I agree that Kevin is playing well other than that, and he’s a likable guy.

        Raven… Where to start with Raven? I really liked her at first because she genuinely seemed to care about people. I mean, that’s not great for playing BB, but she seemed like a kind person. She still does, but she just really doesn’t have any game in her that I can see so far. She does still seem to be well liked by everyone, but other than that… Yeah, I’ve got nothing, lol.

      • She really hasn’t done anything, has she? They all like her, but I think she’s starting to get on their nerves with her medical issue talk. I liked her at first too. But she’s really not playing the game too much. Just hanging on Matthew (who also isn’t really playing the game either). They just listen to Paul and do what he tells them to do.

        I just really want to see all of these people actually play the game for themselves and not so much for their alliances. Right now, it just seems like a really weird version of “The Dating Game”. lol Yes, I hate showmances.

      • Yeah, this is the first season of BB that I can remember this many showmances crashing and burning before the season actually ends! I generally don’t like showmances for the simple reason that so many of them lately just get wrapped up in each other and don’t really play the game all that well.

        Plus, at the first episode, I really get tired of listening to one HG after another talking about how all they want is a showmance. Okay, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be playing for the $500K.

        For crying out loud… If you can’t keep it in your pants for 3 months, don’t go on the show, lol.

      • Absolutely! Maybe they want to be the next Rachel and Brendon or Jeff and Jordan? But seriously, I think they need to cast people who are married and aren’t gonna be making out with some random stranger on the first night in the house.

      • Yeah, I really don’t get it. I mean there are all the cameras and there are people just waiting to see something on the feeds. You know they’re out there watching, lol. I guess that production goes looking for people who are wanting to be watched when it comes to bed hopping.

        The whole showmance angle apparently appeals to some people though whether its from a sex standpoint or a romance standpoint. Maybe I’m getting too old or something, but I just don’t like the idea of making out with someone on national television 1 day after I meet them.

        Anyway, its been fun chatting with you, but I’m about to crash. I’m sure we’ll run into to each other again around here, lol.

        Have a good evening!

      • Oh I’m sure we’ll chat again. I’m fixin’ to crash myself. Gotta work in the morning. Enjoyed talking with you. Good night!

      • I think it was more than one day…… in my opinion those making out prob think we can’t figure it out. Foolish kids!!

      • The pathetic act is old. The girl in a cast plays more game then her and Matt put together

      • I think he was setting himself up for the next week. What if Cody and Jess win hoh? Him tipping her off guaranteed that they won’t use him as a pawn and Kevin is also aware that Cody doesn’t trust mark and Elena and is just using them. Jess feels guilty about Ramses going home on her HOH. And Paul doesn’t know they Kevin told. It was a great game move for him imo

      • I kind of do too. He’s just biding his time, I think. Letting them all take out the “threats”. Then he’ll sneak up on them. Maybe…I hope… lol

      • I agree, he annoys me too, but I can’t stand seasons when the boring wallflower wins (bb17); if Matt or Raven ends up final 3 I will throw up.

      • Yeah, I really don’t like those season either. Steve winning BB17 was one of the worst finales I’ve ever seen. Well, technically, I hated BB14 for similar reasons, but I knew the Jury was going to get personal with their votes on that one. Still sucked though.

      • Vanessa should’ve won BB17 I feel like. No disrespect to Steve because he made the winning move, but I felt like Vanessa had played probably the most dominant game a female has ever played in recent memory, and even though she cried all the time and never owned up to her moves LOL, she earned that victory. But oh well!

      • Yeah, she played the best game. I mean, I give credit to them for getting rid of her because there is no way either of them would have beaten Vanessa in the finals.

        I will say that Vanessa’s alliance was probably my favorite in the last 6 seasons. I actually enjoyed watching Austin, Liz, Vanessa and occasionally others talking game. That was a really good season of BBAD.

      • Oh Marvin, Austin and Liz were both so lame. I can remember Austin saying All I want to do is make jury with Liz. I still shudder thinking of those 2

      • I agree. It’s so hard to do all the dirt and still make it to the end. She slaughtered those hg’s one by one. Lol bathing in their blood

      • See……you’re even under that snakes spell! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Once he’s gone we’ll finally have a level playing field…..

    • The thing is that Jessica and Cody play the game way too emotional/personal. It was very stupid to target josh while they had a full house of ennemies. At the same time Cody couldn’t live with Alex as a replacement nominee. It’s all personal, not strategical and for sure they don’t think weeks in advance.

      Why did Jessica broadcast her temptation? Biggest mistake. Anyone that have watch survivor knows it’s a mistake to show your advantage. People will flush it. Exactly like Paul is doing. But she needed to say it only for emotional reasons.

      • You’re spot on with that assessment! As to why she broadcast the temptation. Probably a case of “Foot in Mouth” disease. Wonder if she regrets doing it.

      • I doubt she even realizes the gaffe, I’ve lost hope now after the predictable Ramses blindside.

      • She only tild about it because production got onto her about lieing about it to Kevin

      • She only told about it because production told her that she could not lie anout it when she was telling Kevin about it.

      • Well. She kind of lie. She said that she and Cody couldn’t be nominated for couple of weeks. It’s far from the truth.

      • He’s been trying to win Alex and her friendship but it’s not going to work. That’s why nominating Paul won’t work. He’d have to get her vote and Jason’s and she’ll never switch

    • I keep trying to defend Jody (I stopped liking Cody after he told her not to use the veto but I stayed on the Jess train)
      But they are just really bad at the game. Like… they are horrible at the game. What’s the point of winning HOH and POV if you can’t even nominate the correct people LOL

  17. Paul is one of vhe bes players to ever play op 4 (key no work lol). He is confrontational sneaky and able to bring people together by making someone vhe house enemy. He is able to control vhe game openly. So I pu! him 3rd


    • Paul’s playing with people who have never played, how can you compare? Production see’s what they want you to see..

      • I agreed mainly on watching him last season. He didn’t even really know what Big Brother was going into last season, and he still played the game better than a vast majority of former (and especially current) House Guests.

      • I think my annoyance of how the show is helping him this season tweaks my perception of how he is actually playing.

      • He did make it to final 2 last year against 4 vets that had a deal before they even walked in the door. and his ride or die was voted out only to walk right back in and be saved my Paul for what 4-5 weeks? Sounds good to me

    • Will ended up in 4th place in a season of All Stars. He’s above Paul on that list. But thank you for admitting that Paul is indeed the puppet master. Many of his fans seem to be vehemently denying it, even though he’s called himself that on the show multiple times, lol.

    • I’d say the best player is Will hands down. Then Dan and Derrick. Paul wouldn’t be on my list. Hopefully Cody or Jessica when the next HOH and send Paul out the door. Can’t stand him.

  18. Rome is burning but Jessica and Cody can’t see the flames because they are marooned in their room,the truth of matter these two lost control of their destiny and the game a few weeks ago and now seem at a loss on how to get it back.

    • I guess Paul figures at least the Hex will get flushed out…that is is he can’t talk her out of using it..which I highly doubt he will be able to.

      • But he doesn’t BELIEVE it. He keeps thinking she’s bluffing. He keeps saying it. “I’m gonna call her bluff.” Newsflash, Paul – it ain’t a bluff, you should never have won HOH this week because now Jody’s staying and they can both play while you’re sitting on the sidelines.

  19. Off topic, but I just gotta say this. I really like you guys. Y’all make me laugh and really think about the game from different angles. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled BB talk. LOL

      • You can say that again! Paul definitely has a “Neapolian Complex!” In his maniacal little mind, if knows he can’t beat Cody, therefore he has to destroy him!

        Cody came from “nothing” and became something, unlike Paul who will always be just a spoiled little rich kid!

      • I can’t believe Paul said that Cody had little man complex….says the 4’9″ dude with the biggest mouth.

      • Codys the wants to vote him out and is the only one in the house that has the balls to do it. Good reason. At least he’s smart enough to see him for the threat that he is

    • He’s gonna lose it on Thursday when he realizes that he’s gonna have to get through another week with him.

      • Only because he can’t stand being wrong. He is convinced he knows everything about the game. He’s so arrogant he has been in the DR several times (he said) to demand that they tell him what the hex is.

  20. It wasn’t until the other day, reading one of these posts, that I was reminded that Matt and Raven were still in this game. I actually forgot. :-)

    • Indeed Matt is the ‘Michelle’ of this season – for the first month of last summer’s game I thought she was some mythical ceature like Elaine’s ‘Suzy’ from Seinfeld! Lol

    • They have more important things to do than play the game like cereal to eat n naps to take.

    • I think Raven(maybe Matt too?) is probably the least liked HG in the game according to Jokers… I can see where people are coming from I guess. I just think Matt and Raven are insignificant and they are the main people I think of when it comes to Paul’s sheep. I wish they’d get nominated so we can see them wake up lol

  21. I hate it that the week is for nothing. How about a season with no first night evictions and no no-eviction weeks. Surely someone at CBS is smart enough to write twists for a season other than these.

    • I’d like a season with no returning house guests. Unless it’s to host a competition. And make them all married so we’re not watching them make out. That’d would be nice. lol

    • Having all these twists and turns gives production the opportunity to sabotage the success of a player they don’t want on the show.

  22. Watching BBAD. Guess what?? Jason is wearing his rodeo clown shirt…as usual. Dude, please. Change your shirt. We get it. Your clown name is Whistle-Nutt. lmao

    • And Paul’s just sitting there taking all the talk in. You can literally see the wheels turning in his head.

    • Production makes them wear certain outfits so it’s consistent in the DR sessions they show on the network shows. Last season everyone was complaining about it.

  23. Expected. Paul’s done this before.

    Meanwhile, I can’t believe he still thinks Jess is lying about this temptation. Okay, yeah, she hasn’t been exactly honest about it, but she’s now dropping so many subtle / not-so-subtle hints that there’s not gonna be an eviction on Thursday, and he’s still not buying it 100%. LOL, get ready for another semi-blindside on Thursday because Paul’s just waking up.

    • I wish she’d tell each person something different, then watch them all try to figure it out, but she’s got no game.

      • Production doesn’t want anyone lying or misbehaving except Paul and his minnion (Josh) who get a pass.

  24. I think Paul’s ego and his holier than thou attitude is annoying but other than that I don’t blame Paul for the game he’s playing. It’s like when Derrick played. I was so frustrated with BB16, I don’t blame Derrick for running the game, I blame the sheep cast!
    Just like here, I blame the sheep cast for following Paul. I think people are wanting to wait until jury to start making moves and I hope that’s the case… but I’m starting to wonder if when we hit jury, if that will instead be when people stop caring and hand Paul the victory?

  25. Wow, its so funny that everything Paul is spewing about Paul can be said about him, too. He really is a jerk…the same jerk person he was in the first two weeks of last season. Then he was forced to change because he almost got axed. Not this year — he’s full speed ahead arrogant jerk.

  26. Hate Paul or not, one thing we can say is that the guy has a very good rhetoric and replica. He’s hard to corner in an argument.

  27. I just realized Cody and Jessica are f*cked even if they do win HOH next week. Did they forget about this thing called “the temptation competition?” If I recall, the HOH can’t compete because they are already safe, so scratch out either Cody or Jessica. Paul will understand that he’s the target and will make sure all of his allies don’t compete, (which may I remind you is the whole house basically besides possibly Mark) because guess what? If he wins, he’s safe, and Cody and Jessica instead of sending home their target (AGAIN) will be forced to send somebody else home, and if they send one of them into the competition to face Paul, and they lose, then the other one of them who isn’t HOH is on the block! Ok, so you may be saying, “well what happens if Paul loses?”. Well then Paul becomes the third nominee, which means either Cody or Jessica will have to nominate ANOTHER person they don’t want nominated, and give Paul another person to campaign against. If someone like Josh is up there, Paul is not going home. So there is no way possible Paul is going home next week no matter what happens, so Jessica’a hex is useless

    • It just means that they’re gonna have to be smart with their noms. They won’t have the votes to get Paul out right now, anyway. Paul’s team, however, would have to sacrifice someone, more than likely the lowest man on the totem pole (a.k.a. whoever Paul sees as the weakest link). Regardless of who that turns out to be, it’s one less vote for their side.

      • I think he’d sacrifice raven or Matt. They’re not useful, smart or bigger targets them him

      • Which would be Josh, who they want to get out anyways sooner or later. Cody and Jessica won’t be doing anything to further their game even with the hex

    • Huh? Very confusing…….

      However you put it or what ur explaining I don’t get it. What I’d like to see is jess’ consequence is that the vet goes home automatically!

      Go Jess & yes Cody or Mark too! She needs them!

    • Paul’s not gonna go home. They would have to put him next to Alex to maybe have a chance at a tie. They don’t have the votes to get rid of him anymore. Matt and raven will protect him at all costs. The Jason and josh may vote against him if it’s Alex up there. But still the numbers are not in favor of voting him out no matter who he sits next to. The biggest mistake Jess made was nominating Ramses. That was the number they needed

    • Interesting theory although I do disagree with a couple things. Cody/ Jessica will likely not play in the competition because either or would be safe. And like you said, they do have the risk of going up on the block. A risk I am sure neither of them is willing to bet on.
      And yes, you are correct that Paul can just tell everyone not to play but there is no guarantees they want. Things can change LOL doubt it but they can! It is highly unlikely he Paul will go home, but Jessica/Cody can just target a minion/number for Paul so it would still be a win for them regardless.
      Regardless if Jessica/Cody win the HOH, even if they were able to put up Paul, they still wouldn’t have the numbers because everyone is brainwashed or something by Paul. But again, regardless they will be getting rid of one of Paul’s allies and once Paul’s minions know they can safely go to jury they may start playing the game!

      And another thought just came to mind!!
      Even if Paul tells his minions not to play in the competition, they would know this would put them in danger of going on the block/going home before Jury so it is more likely some of them might grow a backbone and play, play hard so they can make it to the jury house!
      There is definitely no guarantee because there’s only one more person to Jury

      • Well of course they do, it has been them againstPaul since week one. The rest of the house just saw back and some of them were casualties

  28. Just to be sure, can someone answer this for me: can jessia use the HH on both her and Cody or just one of them? Is it good for more than one week?

    • It stops the eviction completely one time, it’s good for either this eviction and next weeks

    • I think either or her choice, if she gets pulled off I’m pretty sure she can use it on Cody and it’s only good for 1 week

      • She can’t use it on any one in particular. She can’t just stop the elimination as a whole

      • It’s not her choice. If she uses it, she uses it for everyone on the block, no one will be evicted. I
        t is good for three weeks, this Thursday will be the second week and if she uses it then it is done. She can’t also use it the following week, Of course unless she doesn’t use it this Thursday but I highly doubt it.
        But like you said, it is only good for one week

    • She can only stop the entire eviction process so that would include everyone on the block.
      Her temptation gave her 3 weeks, this is week #2 so if she uses it/when she uses it on Thursday, it’s done.
      If for some reason she didn’t use it this Thursday, she could use it the following Thursday but then that’s it. It’s Dunzo

    • it was good for 4 weeks, and paul is bascially forcing her to use it in week 3. she can stop an entire live eviction so no matter who is on the block they are safe, so since it’s likely her/cody this week she can protect both. let’s pretend Paul pulls her or Cody off with the veto, she can still use it, so technically it;s good for one person as well that she’d like to save

    • It is for all nominees on the block because the Halting Hex makes it a non-eviction week. So, whoever is on the block at the end after the veto meeting will both be safe!
      Paul is not able to play for HOH next week.

  29. its not really a wasted HoH getting jess to use her hex now instead of letting her keep it for later is kinda a good thing. if people are scared to put her up because she has it its doing what it was design for..keeping her safe for a long time but if paul puts them up now and has her use it. they will both stay on alert mode from now on

    • Not sure if you are up to date on everything or not!? Maybe I misunderstood your post but, you seem a little confused!? A little behind!?

      Paul nominated Jessica and Cody yesterday. Jessica and Cody are already on “high alert,” (even before the nomination ceremony.) They know they are pretty much alone in the house! Paul was calling her bluff & flushing out whatever temptation Jessica (might have) had.

      No,it is not a waste of his HOH, the HH is now going to be flushed out, and out of the game for good. Jessica could only use it this week or next week anyway. (It is only good for 3?weeks!) Plus, it is not a secret anymore. She (J) told Christmas and I think a few others what it is. Jessica has “thrown in the towel” (for lack of better words) after yesterday/last night’s drama & she truly wants to repair relationships with everyone and she is not happy with Cody’s behaviour towards Paul yesterday. She is not going to pursue their relationship outside of the house.
      That said, Paul really wants to get Cody out (again) & he (P) wanted to get him out while he was the HOH. That’s not going to happen now, so that’s the only “waste.” Paul does not get to have his way, and Cody is safe for another week. but the HH is now going to be played so of course it’s not a complete waste! Plus, Paul cannot play in the next HOH! Paul doesn’t get to see a ‘number’ evicted during his HOH and he cannot play in next weeks HOH.
      If Jessica or Cody win the HOH it is likely they will put up Paul. Cody definitely will!
      If Jessica wins the HOH, I could see her trying to “play it safe again!! ” Especially because Jessica and Paul had a long talk last night, & it seemed genuine. (She was being truthful and sincere, and I think Paul was also!) Paul told her Cody is ruining her game. (& Jessica is realizing that now!)
      I think if Cody goes next week, Paul will likely target someone else aside from Jessica. But who knows, things change so quickly in that house, you never know what’s gonna happen until it happens! If Jessica wins the HOH, I think she would (like I said, play it safe again) & put up Josh plus a GOOD pawn this time like Raven.
      Paul seems to respect Jessica (I don’t know if that’s for sure!) But it seemed that way during their conversation last night. I could be totally wrong! I don’t know too much about what happened today but I do know that Jessica isn’t distancing herself from Cody. But she might be socializing with others more now! We shall see I guess.
      As crazy as it sounds, I could see (once Cody is gone,) Jessica and Paul working together and maybe even having a F2 deal………. Although, Paul seems to have one with everyone LOL
      Eventually people are going to talk and catch on to Paul’s “BS” His minions will have to turn on him/each other pretty soon! Then hopefully things become more entertaining.

      Wow ๐Ÿ˜ณ That was a super long reply! Thankfully I use talk to type so it just takes a few minutes. You seem a little lost/behind!? So I was just trying to catch you up.

      I hope this was useful information for you? And I somewhat caught you up!?

      • I have not heard of any final 2 deals that Paul made with anybody…I have heard some HGs express who they would like to be with in a final 3/4/5 set up..but nothing has been written in stone that I am aware of…To my knowledge Paul has made no promises in taking any one HG to the end if he gets that far…Personally I don’t think Paul will last through the month of August and I don’t think he expects too…

      • I am almost certain, but not positive LOL that Paul and Alex agreed to a final 2 deal.
        & I am sure, almost positive Paul has told a few people he wants to go to the end with them.

  30. 1st- I am curious after last nights events โ˜„๏ธfeaturing ๐Ÿ’ฅ”Cody & Jessica Talk” ๐Ÿ’ฃ are they doneโŒand just working together? Or are they still “together” but are just not going to pursue anything outside the house? โš ๏ธ
    ๐ŸŽถ IS she singing a different tune today?๐ŸŽถ

    2nd- No surprise there! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒPaul won it last year plus, he studied hard!!๐Ÿ“ so he deserved it. WTG Paul โœ”๏ธ I am surprised Cody did so well ๐Ÿ˜ณ Did someone help him? If he did actually study โœ๏ธ hard, he might’ve won! ๐Ÿ†
    NOW the smartest thing for Paul to do now would be to pull Jessica off the block. ๐ŸŽฏ This is the ONLY chance they will have to ‘try’ and convince her not to use the HHโœ‹๏ธso they can definitely send Cody home on Thursday.๐Ÿ‘‹
    Something “bigger” โ˜„๏ธ(then there a talk last night) would have to happen between Jessica & Cody for her NOT to use it, it’s the best shot they (Paul & his duds!! That follow him around like a lost puppy dogs! ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ
    She isn’t heartless,๐Ÿ’” and she can’t just shut off the ‘strong feelings’๐Ÿ’ช she has for Cody, plus he is a ‘number’ on her side. The only ‘solid number’ ๐Ÿ”ข she has to save herself next week by getting the HOH. ๐ŸŽ–
    There is no way she is not going to use it if she is STILL on the block. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”She has been lied to way too many times for her to trust anyone, especially Paul! ๐Ÿคฅ๐Ÿคฅ๐Ÿคฅ๐Ÿคฅ๐Ÿคฅ
    I don’t think it would be a smart move to pull off Jason instead! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

    Sorry, decided to have some fun with my emoji’s LOL ๐Ÿ˜†

      • Thank you! Thank God for “talk to type” or that post would have been hours long LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚
        It took long enough as it was! I could have done better with my emoji’s but it was getting exhausting LOL

  31. ๐Ÿ˜ฎOMG๐Ÿ˜ฒ
    They now have emoji’s for Paul’s duds!!

    Raven๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ‘ป ๐Ÿถ
    Matt๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿคค๐Ÿฒ ๐Ÿถ
    Jason๐Ÿค  ๐Ÿถ
    Kevin๐Ÿ ๐Ÿถ
    Josh๐Ÿคก๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ“๐ŸŒ๐Ÿฅœ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿถ Christmas๐Ÿคถ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ
    Alex๐Ÿค“ ๐Ÿถ

    Paul’s Sorta followers!
    Elena๐Ÿข ๐Ÿถ

  32. Unless the bearded one in front of you is Jesus, stop following him people! Where is the backbone. The desire to win, competitive spirit and ability to think for yourself. I think it died with my generation. Kidding for all you young’ins in the convo.

    • TOO FUNNY ๐Ÿ˜ ” Unless the bearded one in front of youโ€ฆโ€ฆ” Love โค๏ธ it!!!!!

      It’s like they are all there for a free summer vacation and just happy if they make it to jury so they can continue their free summer vacation and even get paid for it!
      Eventually they are going to have to turn on each other/Paulโ€ฆโ€ฆ I wonder how that’s going to go! They will be lost without their leader.
      Maybe they will just draw straws to decide who is leaving that week! LOL

      • Yeah no doubt! It’s still early enough. Give Paul his check and let’s get a new group in! I’m happy with that. At this point anything is better than the garbage we are watching now!
        But I love the show and have been watching it since season one faithfully when I was a teenager! (Actually I think I was in my early 20s but ssshhhh don’t tell anyone that) LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚
        So I can’t turn it off! I’m just hoping for a big change. Come on BB Production, you manipulate the game now so start doing your manipulation and get these HG’s to wake up and realize they could win $500,000! & let them know the jury house isn’t that great! ๐Ÿ˜

  33. 1) there should only be newbies in a cast or vets in a cast and not a mix. Newbies always claim to want to kick the vets out, never do and they then go far IN EVERY GAME. It feels very rigged by CBS even if they claim it is not. It also takes the shine and authenticity of the new cast as it is over shadowed by the vet lessening the excitement of the show’s newness.

    2) I am fine with idiot selection of a cast, but they are all attempting to play a BB18 game by trying to assume they know Paul. Paul RARELY said the words “friendship” or “pissed” like last season so right there it is a clue it is a slightly different game play. I say slightly because he was arrogant at the start till he had to simmer down and humble after being targeted each week.

    3) BB needs to find another incentive or withhold the comforts of jury from the cast. Few are fighting hard for the $500k. Most are fighting hard for jury the way they should for the $500k. I know the America Favourite is meant to force ppl to play regardless as another prize to fight for, but with everyone resigning to accepting that there is only one winner, means no one is playing the game. There should be a secret prize that may or may not repeat for the final 3-5 ppl so ppl believe their odds of getting something sweet is possible. It need not only be money OR have the cash games nearer the end so ppl at least work for that as it more desperate than jury.r

    • Very well said! Could not have said it better myself!

      They might as well just had Paul the $500,000. I have been saying this for weeks, like you saidโ€ฆโ€ฆ It is like most of the HGs are just there for summer fun! And to hopefully make it to the jury house! All the people who were actually playing are gone or are going! It’s now just a bunch of Paul followers with a few trying to fight but is impossible because no one will budge! No one wants to play the game! They just want to keep it easy and simple so they can stay for as long as possible!

      I am hoping for a big turnaround! Maybe once Cody is gone, Paul’s minions will wake up and realize it’s now not PaulvsCody/Jessica anymore and they are all targets now!
      I had high hope’s for this season! It seemed like everyone was there to play and play hard day one! People like Matt, Alex etc. have a really really disappointed me! I expected way more out of them.
      I knew from day one that Josh would end up crawling up whoevers A$$ was in charge & would do everything they say! (I didn’t think the rest of them would as well!) That kid needs to be gone! He is just a waste of space and air time! He is a huge crybaby, bully victim, arrogant SOB! This season is bad enough without having to listen and see Josh! He is such a terrible person and like Jessica said, he doesn’t deserve to be in the house!
      Ugh ๐Ÿ˜‘ I am just so frustrated! All the seasons seem to just be repeating themselves and I was let down big time this season! Again, I thought at first they had a really good group!
      Hopefully we see a big change and Paul’s little followers will start playing the game once they know they can safely go to their free “Second Summer Vacation Retreat!!!”
      WAKE UP people, you are playing a game for $500,000! You are not on vacation! And you are not there to just be a number so you can help your leader win the game!

    • They could segregate the jury….. that’d finish off this stupid play until getting to jury!!

  34. I like Paul his year. He is WAY less annoying than last year. But I do hate the vest It’s a bit much.

  35. Would ratings and revenue be worse if production stopped stepping in for entertainment value?
    This is the only reality show I watch because I thought it was more real than fake but these last couple of years I am getting turned off by it.

  36. A long shot but I hope he pulls Jessica off, put up Josh as a replacement Josh starts with his silly tirade of calling folks meatballs. He talks about loyalty and how he is the one that will get Cody evicted, Jessica decides not to use the HH AND Josh/Paul gets blindside and Josh is voted OUT! The following week Paul evicted.

    BB Dreaming……

  37. please explain,
    if jess uses the hex this week to cancel the eviction, how will the jury be staffed? will someone still go home next or will everyone from now on go to the jury house?
    thank you

    • There use to be 7 in jury but the last few years there have been 9. If productions plan is to have 9 in jury this season, if no one is evicted this week, there will still be 12 HGs. There would be 2 more evicted before jury.

    • I had to edit that so you might need to reload. I first put 2 more evicted, but it would be 1 more…if there will be 9 in jury.

      • Lol. We’ll never be able to prove it is blatantly “rigged” for one person to win, but we sure are free to have an opinion about it. There definitely appears to be a whole lot of production manipulation to get their desired outcome.

      • the whole thing sounds a little “coached”
        we shall see if anyone decides to really flip the game, right?

      • cody sitting on that bed, drinking coffee in the dark, mean muggin’ is creepy as all hell.

      • Are you watching the feeds? I’ve never had them. It’s going to be entertaining later today when all of the caffeine addicts start getting caffeine headaches. You know Paul switched the caffeinated coffee for decaf.

      • Yes, he did, and he put vaseline on the coffee carafe handle. Jokers already commented about Cody getting it on his hands this AM. lol

      • they commented that it was decaf days ago, so many switched to tea, I didn’t know paul did it though. that is funny!

      • He just did it last night so they will think they are drinking caffeinated coffee. I’m pretty sure it was Kevin that was with him when he did it. I’ll have to go back to make sure…Kevin or Jason.

      • no, the can was marked days ago “decaf”. they said it was the cheapest. nastiest coffee ever, worse than generic. but then they got caf,
        so, paul did the old “switcheroo” love it!

      • I’ll be shocked if Paul makes it to the end and he works for the fans and BB ratings. After Dingus(Nicole) won last season by spending all summer in bed, it would be a welcome change to see someone who actually plays and works for the money to get it.

      • yep. paul got game! I love it personally.
        just curious ksjb, what time is it where you live and what time do you usually wake up?

      • me too, PA here.
        wakey, wakey hg’s!
        ps, why aren’t you a feeder? no time?

  38. Nothing to do with these results, but, if I see Cody licking that spoon one more time….Don’t forget the toothbrush, I think he must have an oral fixation.

    • matt is obsessed with his veneer teeth and is constantly flossing and picking.
      he hates their floss, why didn’t he bring his own?

  39. Of course this is a waste of a week….I’m pretty sick of these changes. It’s actually a waste of a couple of weeks because by virtue of Cody coming back…the week that eliminated him was a waste. And for those of you who deem to lecture me about it….I’m only offering my opinion. Last time I did that some smarty pants were “well it’s their show”. I’m not an idiot…I know that I’m just stating that every week it’s something else or the risk of it being wasted.

    • I thought previous years, they might have started with a larger group, am I wrong? are they dragging this out?

    • The problem is the house guests are like nails you have to hit on the head to make them move! Big Brother used to be about game play and strategies but, has devolved to forming one big alliance and steamrolling and evicting the stragglers not part of the alliance week after week! It gets pretty boring fast and stale. They should just copy Survivor’s format where the HOH can play for HOH each and every week if they can win it! It ends the BS of house guests floating to make jury and enjoying their paid vacation! Everyone has to play to win because their ass could be on the line!

      • I absolutely agree. Want to change it up. Don’t make the previous hoh sit out. Good or bad.

  40. ever notice that all these fitness buffs hardy work out any more? I know the yard has been off limits lately but they haven’t done anything inside for a while now.
    cody drinks some coffee and goes back to bed, he could be working out.
    lazy mopers

  41. they had an ac fail about 4am eastern, sweaty hot in there, I guess since cody is drinking coffee they got it fixed.

  42. Can someone explain how this “halting hex” works??? If she uses it will there be no eviction? Or will the other person be evicted? Or will there be a new nominee?

  43. I am not a big fan of Paul’s, but, boy, do I respect his game! He’s smart, can look ahead and see the possibilities, and knows how to read people.

  44. I, for one, would love for Paul to use the veto to pull Jessica off the block and put up Elena…Jessica will probably still waste her hex to save Cody but that would be a mistake. The hex was given to her not to Cody and she should use it to save herself. I know she will use the hex if she and Cody are both on the block but maybe, just maybe, she can be talked out of using it if she is off the block. That would give her two more weeks of safety…just sayin’!

  45. that filthy pig matt had raven throw a coffee on him and ruin 1 of 2 nasty shirts and he will not change it? he showers and put on the same filthy clothes( w/out undies) ? who does that?. he makes me want to vomit. he is do dirty. yuk!

  46. I really don’t see Jessica not saving Cody even if Paul decided to save her this week. Like come on let her use it so she doesn’t have anymore leverage to keep herself or Cody safe.

  47. “Update: As of Sunday morning, Paul is back around to wanting to save Jessica, renom Elena, and then convince Jessica not to use the Hex. Itโ€™s an easier task with Jessica not on the Block, but I still donโ€™t see her doing it. Jason agreed to this shift in plans.”

    Thats…. actually not a bad idea. After all Jess has to play for herself and she can give herself an opportunity to play HER game. Plus with her new friendship with Elena, I think she should stick with her not Cody.

  48. I hate Paul I don’t now why BB brought him back he was an ass before and his a bigger ass now I guess BB wants him to win this year since he did not last year what a shame

  49. What does the hex do?? Im so confused?!?! Does it stop the live evicts but they still stay on the block for next week and then possibly a double evict??? Or does it just save Jess n they renom someone else?? ๐Ÿ™

    • From my understanding it stop the eviction of that week and it restart a new week with new hoh and nominies. Paul will not be able to play in the new hoh.

      • Good finally a twist the house can change the odds. But will prob do what Paul wants๐Ÿ™

  50. Really hating the season of Paul. At least there is only a month until football. Maybe next year will be better.

  51. Well you might as well give Paul he win right now as that is what production wants. Boy is this game rigged for him to win

  52. Jess / Cody can’t play the game anyway. They should have nominated Paul next to Josh last week. What a disappointment.

  53. Why is Raven the only one to never be a have not? If it is due to her health issue than she would not be allowed to compete, this is not fair to the other players. I feel like BB/CBS is just trying as hard as possible for Paul to win the money don’t know what they see in him.

  54. Why is Raven the only one to never not be a have not? If this is due to her health issue than CBS should not allow her to have competed in the game, this is not fair to the other people playing.

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