Big Brother 19 Friday Fight Night: Mark Vs Josh & The Pans

Josh Martinez and Mark Jansen already have a heated past on Big Brother 19, but pickle juice and hot sauce have nothing on how serious things got last night on the Live Feeds that left us questioning if both would still be in the game come morning.

Mark and Josh face off on Big Brother 19

Things were already on high-stress setting for the targeted alliance of Mark, Jessica, and Cody so Josh’s decision to pile on an agitated Mark didn’t take much to push him over the edge.

Flashback to 7:40 PM BBT 7/28 Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now to watch) to find Josh mouthing off in the kitchen to a captive audience. The Nominations Ceremony just wrapped up about twenty minutes earlier and the fighting between Cody, Jessica, and Paul kept most of the HGs huddled in the kitchen area.

Josh had already been yelling and mocking Mark since Feeds came back. He was calling Mark out for not standing up for Dominique when she was targeted and then for hiding behind Cody since his return. Josh is pushing all the buttons he can find for Mark.

Suddenly Josh escalates things grabbing the pans and banging them together just like he had done for a good while on Thursday morning when he was pretending to be expecting to get evicted. Now he takes the pans and starts slamming them together as he walks over to Mark who has been sitting in the corner. Mark wasn’t going to take it anymore.

Mark leaps up from his seat and rushes Josh. Josh quickly tries to back up but Mark is on top of him fast. Mark reaches out and grabs the pans, yanking them away. For a hot second it looks like Mark is raising the pan up, but it may have just been part of his swing to take them away from Josh.

Gallery: Mark Rushes At Josh Over Pans

Amazingly, Kevin pushes in between Mark and Josh. He’s a brave man. Feeds cut. Whoa. That looked bad. Real bad. A few minutes later Feeds return and both Mark and Josh are still in the house, but now on separate ends of it.

You’ve really got to watch this moment to get the feel for it, but this was a tense event. I’m yet again shocked that as bad as this looked to be, neither of the guys actually hit each other. In fact Josh later made an effort to call it out that Mark only grabbed the pans and didn’t touch Josh directly.

Big Brother later called both of the guys individually to the Diary Room and lectured them. It sounded like Josh is allowed to do the pots and pans routine, but he can’t get in Mark’s face again. Mark also went around on an apology tour for losing his cool.

Friday just might have been the craziest night of angry HGs on the Live Feeds so far for Big Brother 19. Don’t miss the details on what happened when Cody and Paul started their out shouting match earlier in the night. I imagine there’s a lot more to come from this group as well while we’re building up to a Halting Hex event on Thursday night.

What do you think of the Mark and Josh incident? Were both guys in the wrong? Was it worse for Josh to taunt Mark or for Mark to react so strongly? Share your thoughts below and tell us what you think.

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  1. I totally get that production wants interesting TV and think they have to have muscled up hot heads and b**ches in bikinis to do that, but this year, the mental fortitude of these players is questionable. Meagan quit early, Cody looks like he is going to explode, Josh and Mark fluctuate between tears and wanting to beat the crap out of each other, (steroid withdrawl?) Elana walks around talking about wanting to bash Raven’s face in, which I can’t exactly figure out, and Jessica and Christmas have gotten in each other’s faces multiple times. Why so angry? And in a memo to production, Kevin is maybe the best houseguest ever! He’s fun to watch on feeds, he is working both sides of the house, and has magically managed to be in every conversation, and yet disappear at the same time.

    • Kevin with his 7 kids has most likely had a lot of practice breaking up fights. There were 10 kids in my family, and that was just beyond a Friday night in our house.

    • Totally agree except for Kevin. He’s an egghead who happens to luck out. IMO

      • Not sure if I like Kevin but I like how he is playing the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he he this season.

      • He told Jessica they are flipping the votes because felt bad for her seeing everybody else being aholes. He explained in the DR. He’s not the not the same with other phony players in the DR. Also I never heard Jessica in the DR talking mean about anyone even she had some power in this game for a little while. When was no Cody she and Kevin got closer

      • I am not blaming him for spilling the beans. I understand why he did it. Hard to say whether or not I would spill the beans if I was in the house. Kevin is playing the best game of the ones that are laying low. That is what I was talking about.

    • Fantastic analysis, this is the biggest house of bullies I have yet seen on the American BB and I can’t believe Josh hasn’t been kicked out, it seems to me he initiates a lot of it. And pots n pans? Really?! How old is this “man”?

      I just don’t find this season entertaining at all as every twist seems designed to agitate certain personality types right out of central casting, frathouse anyone?

      I really like Kevin, we need more of his maturity and less of the neighborhood bullies.

      • that’s the thing… not sure he is a man… at least mentally. maybe physically… there is a reason why he is always on the bottom of the polls for most liked…

        I like Kevin as well.. from the start of the season would love to see him and Alex team up and get Paul as the third wheel.

      • I will admit, when I watched all the interviews before the show started, Kevin was my least favorite, and Cody and Meagan were my favorites. I guess that goes to show that first impressions can be deceiving.

      • actually I liked kevin from the start… mostly cause of his manners, and he reminds me of all the older guys like Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Bing Crosby etc etc… grew up watching them thanks to my parents being older when they had me…. I admit to liking Cody and Meagan on first impressions too. They have my respect as veterans, but social and game wise…. nope.

      • Don’t forget that Josh’s rant on megan was a big reason she self-evicted. Granted, I don’t like that she did that – but Josh has been verbally abusing others all game. and then when someone (jody) actually fights back, he cries like a little girl

      • Bruno, you know Megan has bad PTSD!! And when the house got mad at her and I think ignored her!is when she went into the room and never came out!But the people who run the show knew she had this!

      • I have to wonder who is administering psych test this season.
        Clearly Josh is unstable. I agree with others that he is a serious bully, worse than everyone else in the house combined and multiplied!

        Shame on CBS for allowing such behavior when bullying is a focus of their own public service announcements.
        This is a perfect moment and example to call it out for what it is and show that it is unacceptable even on their own reality tv shows.

        Added shame on BB for allowing him to continue on the show.
        If he is so concerned about his family watching, Josh should wonder what America is thinking of a family that raised the man/child who thinks that behavior is ok!

    • THANK YOU!! I thought it was just me thinking it. Cody has ZERO personality & is a total d**k! Go back oversees! The smooching screen time he& Jess makes me want to vomit! Mark is classic steroid W/D. I like Matt & Raven, but the last HOH showed they share a brain. Love Jason & Alex! Would like to see them or Maven go the whole way. Kevin’s getting better to watch , never seen anybody fly under the radar better. But I didn’t like that he warned Jess about the vote. Paul is Paul; God I hope these kids figure him out soon! He’s again way too over confident. He’s gotta sink himself soon. Can’t wait to see that!

    • Hey Is Raven the one who is getting caught up in lies! ?? She telling some people one thing about herself and something different to other people?

  2. To me the worst part is everyone else staying passive over all the time that josh was bullying Mark. People should have stopped him. He was really wrong in doing what he did.

    • Exactly. I said the same thing in a previous thread. Not only do the other HGs enable him, some (Paul and Alex) encourage his childish behavior.

      • Agreed. I lost a lot of respect for Alex in how she was sitting there laughing. It isn’t funny when someone literally says they are going to sh*t on someone else

      • Alex bends with the wind … if you watch episode with Jillian eviction she was red hot mad with Josh, then later on she is buddy buddy with him 😨😨😨

    • I don’t know, if I was in the house I would be in there stirring the pot and encouraging Josh to do more of this crap. The more I keep the target on him, the less likely chance it will find me.

    • With all those campains about the stop bullying …I really feel production is wasting a great opportunty to make a statement. Josh should not be allowed to bully anyone or be sent out the door. end of it . Its neither funny or entertaining . It sends a wrong mesage. and it is F&*() g annoying to hear him call people meatbals…and all other names he can think of before going to cry because someone stood up to him

  3. It was all so dumb. Josh needs to go and sleep for the rest of the game. Paul is trying to keep him around so he can do all of the dirty work for him. Josh may not go anywhere anytime soon unless Paul gets evicted sooner. Hopefully Paul gets evicted within the next couple of weeks.

    • Josh needs to go. Finding no enjoyment with his emotional state. He needs a doctor and medication.

      • I think his antics, if done just to get Mark and Cody worked up and distracted from the comps is a good thing. The more he distracts them the better chance he has of winning one.

    • Agree in Paul’s complicity, master puppeteer in almost a creepy kind of way.

      • why are they all listening to Paul? I can’t stand him. he already had a turn at the game last year and didn’t win. he shouldn’t be there. I think Josh needs to go home soon! he is a sick man!

      • I cannot stand him either but no one stands up to him but CODY. It is like they all want to get to end and hand the check to him.

      • Agree. He is the real bully in the house and NO ONE will stand up to him but Cody

    • And I think I remember (not sure where or when) Josh saying that Christmas was his ride or die–and honestly, if that ever gets to Paul’s ears, he’s going to drop Josh like a set of pans in the BB house.

      • It is obvious Paul would like to take him to end cause he is easy to beat. he will not want to take Christmas, Alex or Kevin. I stand by these words

    • Annoying to watch,YES! Immature, Yes! Keep them off their game & entice a swat, OK strategy. The other houseguest aren’t saying anything b/c they all want them to go off & self evict.

  4. I can’t stand Josh! He is so annoying and the house guest I hate the most. Please send him home soon! Josh thinks he has friendship but no one likes him and he is just a number.

    • Knowing that he’s as much a joke to all of them as he is to us helps me get thru watching him lol

      • They may see him as a joke – but they sat there passively as josh literally said he is going to sh*t on Mark and other vulgar stuff. They are complicit in enabling Josh to be such a jerk. If Paul stood up and told josh “no” – he would stop. So why doesn’t he? Cause Paul doesn’t care – it wasn’t alright for cody to berate him (paul – and I agree) but it’s ok for josh to do far worse to mark?

      • It’s really not up to anyone but production to tell Josh to stop. He’s a grown ass man. Even though he acts like a 2yr old psycho.

    • Then Elena blames Mark for saying something but she was totally down with the pickle juice. Shes playing for the cameras, worried about what America will think. When your fake we see it. You dont have to marry Mark but even if he was a friend I would have stood up for him, esp Since shes the one sharing a bed with him. Josh mite would have calmed down a hair….. Well maybe not… but still. I bet even Jess n Cody would have called Josh down,even without there prior beef. Paul set Josh up to do this crap bc he wants self eviction and Josh is so dumb. Paul thinks Josh will get fan fav??!! Just like he thought the whole snake thing was funny with Dom. It Was Not!!! I hope anyone gets it but Paul wins.. Maybe Matt n Raven will use the few brain cells they have n take him out since they seem to be under his radar. Nah.. prob not

  5. Just an old man’s point of view, Josh better not push Mark much further , he is one big dude who could do some damage before anybody got there to pull him off. I guess production put him up to it so it may just be part of the script.

    • I can’t believe production would give Josh permission to bang pans in the future. So childish and annoying.

      • That’s not what the article says. It says he IS allowed but can’t get in Mark’s face.

      • I thought that when Josh returned from the DR that he told the other HGs that he could no longer bang the pans…Thats what I understood him to say..

      • I thought he said he could still do it, but at more of a distance. I may have heard that wrong though. I was a little surprised he got the okay on it, so maybe he didn’t.

      • The second time he came out of the DR he said he has to stop. They were asking him what and he said everything then they went to fish for a second.

  6. I feel like mark will watch all of this back and be like wow…where’s my passport…Cody will watch it back and be like…wut?!?Jess will watch it back and go beg her parents for forgiveness, Elena will be like am i that mean girl?Raven will be like..oh i was on BB19…Matt will be like i need some new shirts..Kevin will be like i dressed up like a mermaid and grapes whaddaya want from me..Christmas will be like damn i’m kinda pitiful…Alex will be like everyone is right i am a tomboy, Cameron will wish he was there, Ramses will be like i was the most genuinely fun person there…how did i get evicted? Jason will be like i am kind of tall…derp…Josh will apologize to his parents,Dom will just pray more and Paul will wonder where is my friendship…after watching weeks of feeds, the shows etc..i must say i wonder to myself why do i come back year after year….the answer? i just do

    • Alex will be more like, “dang I shouldn’t have been that dumb to go to the final two with Paul” LOL

    • I suspect they’ll defend their behavior as normal with 500k at stake, bullies always find a reason to justify their actions; I’d love to hear some opinions from former players but I think their contracts don’t allow it (correct me if that’s wrong but I never see it unless it’s an official interview).

      • PS he can’t stand Paul or Josh and has some interesting tidbits about “production” manipulating the game.

  7. If you were looking at this pic and didn’t know the whole story, it makes it look like Mark picked up the pans and came after Josh.

    • yeah… that’s what it looks like… but even just watching the gif it’s obvious that Mark wasn’t going to hit him… though I think Josh might need a good smack up side the head from time to time…

  8. Ok I admit it – I like the arguments and drama that comes from them. But I don’t want anyone to get hurt. And enough injuries already. I think next time houseguests go face to face, they should be threatened with expulsion or expelled if it is bad enough.

    • YES!! They are letting Josh, Cody, & Mark get away w/ way too much! I was surprised nothing was done after the drink& condiment exchange @ the pool table. Expulsion might be the only thing that will calm these muscle heads& immature jerk down.

  9. I can’t believe how stupid these people are they do exactly what Paul tells them to do!!! Paul’s little puppets. And Josh needs to get hit upside that brainless skull can’t stand that cry baby!!! And why are the people letting Josh go around bullying???

    • I think he wishes he was Derek. But Derek had class & didn’t brag all the time how the HGs are letting him puppeteer the whole game. I hope it all comes back to bite him in the ass!

  10. Josh is the worst ever, I would’ve killed him by now for sure, hell with the game. It’s hard to deal with a retarded person like Josh

  11. Josh and Mark fight look liked a drunk Betty Crocker vs. Popeye,two grown men trying to pass for adults,not working..hep.

  12. I want Paul out along with Josh, Christmas & Raven. All Scum Bags. Kevin is the best, along with Mark, Cody & Jessica. My 4 favorites.

  13. Josh needs to be fined for attempting to damage CBS property. He’s way too childish to be anywhere without his mommy.

  14. IMHO – Josh was the one in the wrong. It is one thing to taunt and play the game hard. He went over the line – and for what, because Mark is a loyal guy to Cody. May be misguided, but his loyalty to a fellow “dude” is admirable.

    And why do I say “crossed the line”. He directly threatened him several times and said he was going to “sh*t on him” (quote!). He was out of control and his diarrhea of the mouth was some of the worst I have ever heard on BB (granted this is my 1st year with feeds – I have watched BBAD & BB for years). He has no class ad is the only person I want out of the house

    • I think the game would be quite different if Paul was running one side, Cody was running the other side, and Josh was gone.

      • Probably. which is why jess’s screw-up of not pulling down ramses and putting up a pawn who would never go home (Paul?) is really coming back to bite her

    • I think Josh is a spoiled brat who is used to getting his way, having things handed to him and being rewarded for doing little to nothing. He doesn’t have that in the house so he loses it. I have had the opinion since the first episode that he is lacking in the mental decision making department.

  15. Is the veto comp underway yet, is it over, what’s up with that, does anybody knows who won it or didn’t win it?

  16. If you would have asked me in the beginning of the summer how I felt about Paul being parachuted back into the house I would have vehemently been against it. It feels too much like Production is trying to go back in time for a do over of what they felt should have happened when crowning last season’s winner. And while I still feel that Paul’s inclusion on this year’s cast is like throwing a piranha into an aquarium full of guppies I am slowly coming around to the realization that this little island of misfit personalities needs someone like him in the house to keep things moving. Left to their own devices this is a group that wouldn’t know their left foot from their right elbow and still needs to be taught that water is wet and the stove gets hot. Left to their own devices this is a group that would have taken our guilty little summertime pleasure and turned it into an excruciating marathon of waiting for it to be finally over.

    That having been said…

    I would pay good money to get Josh an up to date CAT scan. There’s more going on with that one than being an immature mama’s boy. He presents like someone who’s had his oxygen supply compromised through a near drowning or some such other misadventure. Or perhaps multiple concussion syndrome,,,

    • Well I can see your argument with them being left to their devices without Paul, I feel if he wasnt there we would be seeing different personalities/ gameplay from a lot of them. Thats just how life goes, you put people in situations and they will react. See how quick Jessica was changing without Cody. I think if Cody and Paul go out things will change drastically as they are the two dominant forces.

    • Oh stop! He’s clearly purposely doing what he’s doing. Last week he had many long conversations with viewers on camera about how this is all an act. He is laughing about what he gets away with. He bursts into tears in the storage room and then when the other guest leaves, looks at the camera and laughs. It’s all an act.

      • Personally, that makes him even more scarier to me. That he is consciously willing to be that mean and then laugh about it? I get this is a game but I truly don’t believe you have to abandon all your morals and couth to win this game. His strategy is a choice but is not a great one imo.

  17. This is random, but did anybody else see that Nicole and Victor are dating now…

    • Hahaha! Josh will never be adorably sweet like Lenny; too much of a malicious coward.

  18. I’m sorry, but Josh’s family should be embarrassed. People get upset, yell, may even get in faces. I’ve seen and done so myself especially when provoked, but I can’t take the taunting and borderline bullying he is doing to multiple house guests. Then he runs to the DR like a little boy crying about it. If only Jessica would have went with her gut and nominated Alex then cut a deal with Ramses. Josh would be out the door, and like Cody said he might actually have gotten some boos. I would boo his a**.

    • i think Josh is mentally ill. and i mean that. some type of disorder that creates the high/lows and the ability to go from being a bully to being truly sorry. like manic episodes, super high highs and then the quick emotional lows. and paul takes advantage of that weakness in him.

  19. Ok, so am I crazy or is Jason like a borderline rapist? I was watching the feeds last night and he made a joke about holding down Raven while Matt and Paul took turns. It was disgusting! I used to like Jason but some jokes just go to far…

  20. Unbelievable that Josh is like able to bully and harras anyone he wants but if anyone gets angry at him they are in the wrong. Everything is upside down in this house. Horrible behavior is excused. The producers have decided who will win. It is unacceptable that someone walks into this house and gets a month of freedom from being evicted, is allowed to use an unstable house guest to bully whoever he dislikes and both Paul and Josh get away with their behavior.

  21. Josh went a little to far on his tirade by getting in Mark’s face. If Josh can’t stop yelling and screaming then someone should tape his mouth shut. I’m surprised he’s still in the BB house after the first compition when he eliminated the entire team immediately by grabbing the golden apple. I personally think Cody has PTSD and could loose it at anytime, he’s scary. Love Xmas, only woman without makeup and the best bod. Can’t wait till Thursday, if everyone survives.

    • Why is it that when Maven starts yelling and playing around , production yells stop. But when Josh starts banging pots and pans , or cussing at Mark they do nothing.

  22. Josh is a big bully and his behavior is out of control. BB producers should toss him out, it’s outrageous that they don’t call him out on it. Can’t stand man/child behavior like this. HGs should file a harrassment against him.

  23. I have watched every one of BIG BROTHER and I think Josh should be kicked off he was so bad the words he said to Jessica and Cody was not right. I can,t stand how Josh is . The Looks he gave them, he was completely putting them down and that was not right.To me he was really Harressing them and that’s not right. I had even thought about not watching it anymore cause of Josh. And also the way Paul is to is not right in some things he is doing on the show.

  24. Josh, whom I feel like needs a complete psyche evaluation + medication/(exorcism lol), is the main reason why I record BB and then start it about 30 minutes later so I can fast forward past his DR interviews and basically any other time he is talking! I don’t believe I would have been able to keep my cool like Mark did! I know Mark finally blew up on him, but he didn’t hit him. I would eventually blow up and lose all restraint and lay his a$$ out with that pan!!!!! He needs to be gone soon!!!!!

  25. Everyone is yelling get Cody out!!! What happened between Mark and wacko josh has nothing to do with Cody or anyone else in that house! Producer’s or Julie or whoever use you brain!! This is not GOOD TV! It’s horrible and it’s your fault you put the Mountain Man in there! What’s it going to take to get him out! Someone really getting hurt!!! I don’t watch the show! I get everything I need from
    This !!!!

    • Why is everyone talking about how bad Cody is acting. Josh is 100x’s worse and no one cares. Jessica should have been able to use her hex four weeks like Paul, maybe then it would be fair!!! No one should have a free pass for a whole month. So unfair.

  26. I feel they should remove Josh from they house no one should have to deal with the harassment, he is a very unstable person (child). If they continue to people that is unstable I am going to quit watching this show.

  27. What a group, I wish Paul was not in the house and we had a more cohesive group. I literally hate Josh, he is a BIG baby. Mark there is something wrong with his body it doesn’t fit his face must be the steroids. Cody is too intense not as smart as he thinks. Christmas is useless and should go home. Kevin I am not sure about. The other girls I don’t think much about. Jessica is my favorite.

  28. I have enjoyed watching Big Brother for years, however, I’m not exactly sure why the absurd behavior Josh has been doing is allowed. At this point those that are laughing and egging him on are actually looking like the bigger fools than Josh. Just imagine you had someone in your life who is as unstable as this man/child is. As his mother and family I hope you are completely embarrassed of how he has been raised.

  29. Somebody Anybody in production….Tell Josh to close his big mouth when he eats. The sounds he makes are disturbing and bloody rude.

  30. I have watched BB since the beginning and I am disgusted with this season! We are trying to teach our children to STOP bullying and that is what we are seeing! So surprised a network has NOT chosen to STOP it!

  31. It’s a shame that Big Brother let Josh stay in the game after his bullying tactics especially the pots and pans with Mark and Cody. They are just promoting future problems in future seasons in the name of bigger ratings. Not right.

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