‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 5’s Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Paul held all the power this week and that’s given him the chance to let his mind run wild with possibilities. Would he save Jason and move on with his targets on the Block? Maybe he’d leave Jason and swap out Jessica to make a push for his Hex’d deal with her. Read on for the latest spoilers from inside the house.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 5

  • Paul decided to use his Veto on Jason
  • Since Jason was the 3rd Nom there is no renom
  • Jessica & Cody are this week’s final noms

So Paul flipped through his playbook and went with saving Jason. That leaves Jessica and Cody on the Block and likely makes it out of the question for Jessica to not use the Hex this week. At least she’ll hopefully be forced in to making the wiser game decision here since she seemed to be contemplating not using it to let Cody get evicted. Yep, Jessica just told Cody after the meeting that they have to win next week’s comps or they’re done. Sounds like she’s back to planning to use the Halting Hex to save both of them.

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  1. After reading yesterdays Highlights, it seems to me the only one with a half brain in this game is Jessica. I say half brain…. She realizes Paul needs to leave for someone else to win the $500k and she realizes that the “house” hasn’t done anything for her. When will the rest of the house get their head out of their a$$e$.

  2. I would’ve pulled Jessica down – there is a long time until Thursday. Cody might’ve decided to fall on the sword or Jessica might’ve decided save her hex for her own self preservation next week. Low risk shot at saving this week from being a wash.

      • I really doubt she will being on the block herself. She’d be dumb not to as then, I’m thinking they’d vote out Jessica over Cody. It’d be a win-win. They’d get rid of the hex and a threat at the same time. I think the only way Paul was going to get that to work was to take Jessica off the block.

      • She’s really not the brightest bulb in the lamp so I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t use it.

      • I don’t think she’s dumb at all. She just put her trust in the wrong people. I think she’s learned her lesson and won’t trust what Paul and his minions say any longer.

      • Fool me once shame on you…. fool me twice shame on me!
        How many times has she been fooled? She’s a bit too trusting.
        Smart but maybe not as Street wise as she needs to be.
        But, yes, I think she’s on to the trust thing now! Hopefully.

  3. Good for Paul, that was the best move to do. The chip fall where they may.

    3 exciting days of feeds coming up.

    • Good for paul?????
      How ????? Please explain!!!??
      It’s a waste of a hoh!! They could have tried to get rid of a couple, or be more stragic, but nooooo mr hard headed paul has a hard on fir Cody and now it’s a waste!!
      What happens if jess or Cody get hoh this week?

      • exactly….It will not make the coming week easy for the “house” as there will be discord but the threat of the HEX is out of the way…

      • I also think this is the best idea. It solidifies the alliance because he took down jason. He told people to compete and then saved the person from being on the block

      • Why can’t people understand that,i mean don’t you always flush out the temptations

      • Who says either one of them two will get HOH? The big concern is what will happen if Mark got HOH.

      • You are right….. which way will the wind blow? And will Elena start flirting to sway him back to the foursome….. unnamed foursome.
        Not many alliances have names this time! What’s up with that?

      • Oh baby….. they better get the HOH…..or Elena!
        Maybe loyal Josh should vote with those guys & him leave Paul for Elena…. cuz to me (by their interactions) it looks like he might like Elena?? No?? Yes?? A bit?

    • Here is a kicker, did Paul find out something inbetween his talk with Jessica and the VETO Ceremony? Something to make him take Jason down off the block and leave Jessica up there? My guess is found out that she was going to use the Hex regardless if she was on the block or not, so why take her down and let er stab him in the back.

  4. I like Jessica & Cody but if she is thinking of not using the Hex it would be a good chance to get rid of her & get rid of Cody next week.

  5. If the HH isn’t used, they need to vote out Jessica. Makes more sense than to vote out Cody. Jessica can rally the minions to her side while Cody, not so much.

    • Jessica is not going to rally anyone to her side because they all will just follow Paul as always! She was never going to get a better deal with throwing Cody under the bus! Now, they have a chance to go after Paul and get him out! Using the Halting Hex is the best move for Jessica even if she was not using her head!

      • I agree i never saw it being a benifit for jessica to get rid of the only person she knows to be 100% LOYAL to her in the game by not using the hex. She can only assume next week would be better as she doesnt know where hoh pov or temp safety will lay. It may llay with her cody mark amd or elena in which case she wouldnt need it.

  6. Well, phew, this was the only thing that really was making sense to me. I know Jessica will move into target number one (and I am sort of authentically with the argument the house will be hard selling to her, she would do super well in this whole thing if she didn’t have to worry about Cody) and that even though her target is Alex (who I’m giving until two weeks into jury before I consider her a totally lost cause) and probably will just end up with Josh if Jessica wins HOH next week because none of Jessica’s plans fully work in execution.

      • Hard to tell with all the fighting, but last I heard of the plan was to put up Alex and Raven and then backdoor Paul if she, Cody or Mark get veto. If not vote ouy Alex. Not sure they can do thay right now even against Raven, bit that will be the play.

      • Good play but Paul has to not win (not really lose) the Temptation Comp. Not be the winner of the VETO comp. Just for shits and giggles here, lets say Paul wins the Temptation comp, he will be safe this week. Alex is on the block and either by her (house guest choice) or by chance Paul’s name gets chosen to play in the VETO and he wins, he will take Alex down off the block. We can always play the what if game.

      • Yes, but that is the biggest flaw in Jessica’s game to me, she doesn’t really seem to plan for contingencies or develop plan Bs. Like, even with the vote last week, pre the veto, she only checked in with her allies (only one of whom was lying to her) and nothing of the other part of the house. She forgets if she doesn’t know the gossip, Elena will similarly be excluded. She would have gotten her answer pre veto if she had asked Jason, as he’s a terrible liar. But then she didn’t monitor how Cody verified the day before which I think is kind of how he really loss Jason . Like after that, I never heard Jason even broach the alliance idea with Alex again and just her repeated nos wasn’t stopping him.

  7. We all know it’s the Paul show – I’m really bored with it now. The only true threats that Paul can’t run their HOH is Cody and Jessica and I’m sure he will make sure they are out as he tells everyone what to do and the no backbone cast does it.

    • He kind of did run Jessica’s HOH. He made sure her pawn got evicted instead of her target.

    • I can’t wait till the house finally gets a brain. Who do they think Paul is going to set his eyes on when he gets the four chosen outcast out. They are just the stupidest group of people so far to compete on Big Brother.

  8. Paul did Jessica a favor by making her use the Halting Hex. For a while, there he had Jessica ready to throw Cody under the bus and possibly making the biggest, dumbest move on Big Brother if that was possible! Thank you, Paul. Now, Jessica and Cody need to focus on winning HOH next week and then, go after Paul and his minions! Game on!

  9. Paul is such a disloyal and manipulative jerk. I really hate him. Jessica should use the halting hex. And then I hope Cody or Jessica win HOH next week and put Paul and Alex on the block. And I hope Paul goes home.

      • Yes big brother but it does not mean you have to be a complete douche bag. Nobody is this manipulative and horrible. He likes when people flip out and get upset. He is such a heartless jerk.

      • You don’t watch BB very much, do you? To win you have to do a lot of that. One season the person that was a lot worse than any I have seen in watching every season of BB. I can’t remember her name. (I have a hard time remembering names.) She won!! I was very very disappointed but it was still a great season. If everybody told the truth would you really watch BB? That would really be boring. I would get bored watching.

      • But it is wrong to bully people. He has been nothing but a nasty person from day one. He is constantly torturing Jessica and Cody. He is absolutely disgusting .

  10. oh me…the discord has started and its not even Thursday…lol…Gonna be a long 10 days (or more) of chaos if Cody and Jessica use the HEX and stay….

  11. I very strongly disagree that the halting Hax can cancel an eviction while not canceling the HOH. The HOH should also be canceled and should be at least be allowed to play to try to become HOH again.

    • That was my opinion as well but it seems not to be the case . Paul has to sit out the HOH this week..

      • I think production will allow him to play because if he sits out and Jody win or Mark Paul the star is at risk and for dumb ass reason production thinks they need him. Send the boy packing damn

    • go back and read where site guy and whomever wrote about the Halting Hex and it’s dos don’ts and cans and can’t dos. Up top of discussion entries about a thread or two before this. The Halting Hex has to be used before eviction voting. The ‘live’ eviction is ‘halted,’ and play goes on. The next play would be HOH, in which, AS USUAL, current HOH CANNOT participate in.

      • BB is never “fair”.I know that. We are allowed to voice our opinions, aren’t we? Everybody else does. Don’t you?
        I figure you were talking to me. If I misunderstood you I am sorry.

      • I might have misunderstood you. When you say “most of think is unfair” I thought you meant that it should be fair. Which like we both agree, Big Brother just isn’t.

      • I guess we both misunderstood. I agree with you. If it was fair wouldn’t BB be very boring. I have watched since season one. I am elderly but I love watching BB. I love Survivor too!

      • I’ve been watching since season one as well. :) I liked the wide range of ages they had back then. Wish they would go back to casting a wide variety of people instead of bringing old people back. This has definitely been a crazy season so far!

      • I totally agree with you. Remember they use to only bring Vets back with new people just every now and then.Or when everyone was a Vet. Now it is almost every season. I also liked the wide range of ages they had and the variety of people. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  12. UH OH.Jason did in fact question if Cody was actually in the military…Jason says Cody never takes his dogs tags off..wonders if the dog tags are real or if they really belong to Cody…bad move Jason…A small mole hill just turned into a mountain…

  13. Why did Asshat Paul not have to put up a replacement nominee? Also Paul’s continual threats about Cody are getting old and sick and just mean. At first not a fan of Cody’s but the man fought for all of us and is a veteran and probably has some PTSD issues and Paul just needs to go! The hate he spills toward Cody is just sickening to watch and hope he feels the hate when he leaves! Paul really has little boy syndrome and is a horrible excuse for a human being!!!

    • He didn’t have to make another nomination because Jason wasn’t his nominee so there was no nomination to replace. It would have worked the same when Ramses had to nominate himself.

      And I will probably get some hate for this but I cannot hold it in: serving in the military does NOT make a person a saint. Cody is at least kind of an asshole and being a veteran does not grant him (or anyone else) a free pass. I’m sick of people thinking that military service is some sort of magic protection after coming home.

      And isn’t assuming a veteran has PTSD offensive? It is a mental/psychological disorder, shouldn’t it be wrong to assume all military members suffer from it and are mentally ill?

      • It is not offensive to say he could be! My dad was a veteran and PTSD is nothing to be ashamed of!!! Some veterans have trouble dealing with what they have been through and for you to act like it is something they should be ashamed of is OFFENSIVE!!!! War and death is hard and difficult for even the most hard hearted individual!! Also acting like a gang mentality like Paul and the others are is sick and not gameplay! With bullying in this country and gang violence I do not think it should be something that is promoted on an 8 o’clock television show!!! You never know what a man has been through until you have walked in his shoes!!!

      • I never said it was something to be ashamed of. But it is technically an illness and I don’t see how assuming all veterans deal with it is okay. I thought the *assuming* was offensive not PTSD itself.

      • Sharon: The HG’s have to sign paper work confirming that they don’t suffer ANY medical issues that would hinder their or anyone else’s game. If Cody knowingly has psychological issues, BB would not cast him. It’s called a ‘waiver’. So, to suggest that he suffers PTSD is far fetched if Cody was signing the truth=> that he didn’t (suffer PTSD) on the waiver. If every game show casted a vet, their would be no need to play the game, just give the vet the money.

      • FYI, Some veterans do not always realize they are suffering from PTSD until something triggers it. I did not assume he has PTSD but by some of his actions it is not far fetched that it is a possibility and nothing wrong or ashamed of if he is! Being in that house with those people could bring up lots of bad memories!

      • Also did not say just give them the money but the cruelty of Paul and his little minions is uncalled for and is like a gang mentality! Megan was one example of this house not being a good place for her and that was before the gang mentality took over!

      • Exactly why I’m anxious for Paul and Josh -who are both cocky bullies – to be booted out, one way or another. I don’t find Jessica or Cody either one to be particularly likable but I would do the Dab AND the Nae Nae (sp?) if they were able to get Paul or Josh out. Particularly Paul because Josh, while an annoying ass, is not liked or respected by anyone in the house so he isn’t likely to sway anyone to do anything.

      • Then if a veteran thinks bad memories may be brought up then why go on the show? Meagan at least realized this early on and did what was best for her.

      • I respect Meagan for that and feel sorry that Josh was so horrid to her. BULLY. Cody was unkind but at least said his hurtful comment and left it alone after that.

      • I never said anything about having PTSD as “wrong or ashamed of”. If BB triggers your diagnosis of Cody having PTSD… well it would have been triggered sooner or later. What exactly is your point?

      • As a vet, I agree 100%. Stephanie, you took the words right outta my thoughts

    • She irritates me so much. She thinks she is much hotter than she actually is. And she is manipulating by milking her health problems. Actually, so is Christmas. Trying to think if there is anyone this season that I actually like and respect. Jason is okay. Kevin. Alex as well. And (don’t hurt me) I actually think Mark is kind of sweet.

  14. This might sound silly but what if the Halting Hex has to be used from productions vantage point? Megan self-evicted leaving them short one person, what if the Halting Hex is a way to “make up” that loss? This way they can keep their double eviction? Just a thought.

  15. I hope Cody or Jess when the hoh next week. However, there is no point in putting Paul up yet (except to just make him sweat) because they don’t have the numbers to evict him yet. Best to start picking off his minions, so when they do strike he doesn’t have the numbers to save him.

  16. Paul is a really rely really NASTY and VILE and Hateful person! He has a Napoleon complex! BB should be ashamed that he is doing the things he is doing in the house to a veteran suffering some symptoms of PTSD! Gameplay is one thing but Paul is a horrid LITTLE spoiled boy ! Shame on CBS! Yes Evil Dick was awful it he was awful to everyone and did not act like a gang mentality and to a veteran no less!

    • Sharon, get over your veteran obsession. This is a game. What you do/did on outside doesn’t mean a thing. If you can’t handle maybe you shouldn’t watch. I’m a veteran and so is my husband. Cody is a self proclaimed non social jerk and you bringing up possible problems he may have and people should be nicer to him is totally insulting to at least us.

      • So was my mom and father so get over yourself!!! Also I never said be nicer to him so learn to read, but no one should be terrorized by a pack of rabid dogs with a pack mentality!!! NO ONE! Your comment is insulting that you think bullying is ok! Hope you do not have children because this world does not need more kids with parents that think bullying is ever acceptable like you do! I think bullying is unacceptable period!

      • that might be a little out of line msg boards with open discussions and differing opinions in no way represent a person’s parenting skills etc…i do agree however bullying in any form is never ok

      • you are a veteran? LOL wait a minute! maybe you are! (welfare vet!) go to Canada, get more welfare.

      • Wallace Nelson, anytime you want to find out, just let me know. USAF myself and USN Seabee for my husband. Just shy of 30 years between us. We served in combat so you could have the freedom to be a douche. You’re welcome

      • Oh and a FYI, though I’ve never needed it or used it, many of our AMERICAN soldiers have to rely on some type of welfare during their service. So, while you’re trying to an ass to me for some reason, you’ve managed to insult a huge population of our service personnel. Good job, ass wipe.

      • you have a base nature. you are not capable of making a statement without using vulgarity to supplement your base words. you also may not understand this reply.

    • Frankly Cody is speaking of marines not getting along and i once again must raise a flag here i have known many and they are like a boys club you cannot get membership card for so once again i have to believe its just cody and his personality…just my opinion

    • I think production is well aware of what’s going on, and even may have someone on staff continually evaluating the HGs behavior. If anyone was truly concerned about Cody (or any of them, for that matter), they would have them removed from the game.

    • Sharon, I agree with you 100%. maybe these people on here who look down on the vets should leave this country! I hear canda is offering better welfare than what they get here! so, please all of you who badmouth a veteran, LEAVE! (Vietnam veteran)

      • Wallace nelson you are a huge douche. First you insult a vet and her husband, then you try to stick up for vets. You should hang with Paul and Josh. You could make a great 3some of douchebaggery.

    • YEs it is BB but the gang mentality of Paul and his minions that is going on in the house right now to verbally “torture” another houseguest even if it is Cody is sickening! THis is a new low for CBS and BB! WHat has this show become where this even allowed???

      • I do and it is nothing like what PAUL is doing right now! THE house is acting like a pack of vicious rabid dogs.

      • Amanda torturing Elissa..verbally……….Remember that…???? So it has happened….Evel Dick was good at verbal berates…

      • BB has not ever really been nice think back to season 2 think it was Shannon scrubbed the toilet with Hardys electric toothbrush with a whole gang of them laughing and cheering her on (wow not nice)there was Amanda ,Frankie and hell just last year Paulie just to name a FEW if you think on it there have been a lot of gangs led by the bully and a lot of them were way more brutal then Paul also as far as Cody and paul goes I think they both act like spoiled entitled brats and there is just not enough room in the big brother house for both of those 2 egos I think Jessica put it very well the other night when she told Cody she was sick of their dick measuring contest and to be fair Cody drew first blood in this contest

      • Exactly what I think. Shameful that CBS is allowing Paul to remain in the game when he has straight out said he wants him or Josh to provoke Cody and Mark to the point that they put their hands on them and get thrown out. Paul egged Josh on to do that whole pan banging crap and Josh is oh so happy to do anything to get a pat on the head from Paul. They are serious bullies. In my opinion, THAT is not legit game play

  17. Paul trying to get the house to harass Cody/Jessica for the next few days, I’m not into that. He needs to cool it, imo, He’s going a bit overboard and I think he has let it become a personal issue between he and Cody and is trying to pressure the others to help him with a personal vendetta. I hope they stand up to him. Not cool, Paul.
    I’m just going by what I’m reading. Others watching might have a different perspective.

    • That is the kind of a person Paul is. Spiteful, vindictive, just cruel. As much as I dislike Cody, at least I don’t see him plot against people in an evil way. He’s just stoic and emotionless.

    • I agree, I like Paul, I don’t like Cody. However, this is going too far and I agree with some others who have said that this could backfire on Paul. Take it too far and some of them will start to question whether Cody deserves it. Not excusing Cody for any of his behavior to date cos he has been insulting, threatening and bullying. But just play the game and don’t stoop to this level.

      • Cody has a scary look in his eyes most of the time….like a former Marine who might have PTS…or just a hot head??

      • My dad had eyes that darted like that…… he was a great guy & not a military guy either. Does that mean my dad was scary? Yah, only when he got mad tho….. about 2xs in my life. Never abusive tho. And I don’t think Cody is either.

      • Exactly. If truth be known, Jessica was using his military related issues, according to her, to call the dogs off of Cody. If he is so messed up that he can’t handle things in the BB house without his girl going to bat for him, she should do him a favor and let him be evicted. She unintentionally simply invited Paul to use it to his advantage. My prior opinion isn’t based on anything to do with the military. I just don’t like the plan and think Paul is taking things a bit far. I don’t feel sorry for Cody. I just don’t enjoy what I’m reading.

      • Yup, there’s a point when it does get mean and when its this many people deliberately going after one person it becomes bullying.

      • I read over on Jokers – seems like Paul has upped his relentless meanness, but other HGs are beginning to notice and pull away from him. Would be nice of one of them has the guts to put Paul OTB next week.

      • We’ll have to see what happens when this dies down. My guess is he’ll still have the needed support to not get voted out if nom’d for now but this could very well start some questions in his group. Can’t imagine participating in this and not having regrets or being embarassed by my behavior later.

      • From what I read, Paul has gone full-blown animal instinct, and is hardly acting with any human decency anymore. That’s scary.

    • Paul has now made it a “personal” matter…He has lost sight of the “its only a game” BB slogan…Paul is not in my opinion gonna be in the house much longer..

    • A super hard-on against Cody. What a very small little bitter ballarina!
      Again…. Paul you didn’t play in the bowling ballarina game….SO WHY ARE YOU WEARING THE TU-TU? Ya freak?
      Ok ok….. maybe that’s not nice either but can you see how he gets under my skin???? Eewwwweeee….. Grrrrrrr……..

  18. Paul says he hates bullies. Then he proceeds to try to rally the house to agitate Cody and annoy him to his breaking point so he gets aggressive LOL!
    I understand his strategy, I just think it’s pretty funny how he says one thing and does another

    • Codys best quality..loyalty was overshadowed by his inability to control his emotions.

    • Now that’s a guy with some issues it would not take long before I would want to take a pot and a pan and knock his ass out that is a very childish person

  19. Paul is covered, sounds like:
    If she doesn’t use the Hex they VTE a house threat and the bitter evictee doesn’t get a jury vote.
    If she uses the Hex, at least he pulled down his ally, Jason, forcing Jessica and Cody to be the sole possibilities.
    That bought him credit with his group. They’ll be even more trusting of him later even when he evicts them.
    There is a big target in the house who isn’t him, while he has to sit out the next HoH.

    • “That bought him credit with his group”

      Good point. Paul is already thinking of the jury votes and he can use this week to help him…Still hoping Alex backstabs him and wins the game!

    • Exactly. He’s in a good position next week. Plus, his allies know they can’t get rid of Paul just yet because then Jody/Mark will steamroll them. They need him to fight against Jody/Mark.

  20. Can we talk about how horrible of a person Paul is? Cody tried to put him on the block 4 weeks ago and Paul is STILL acting like a vindictive sociopath.

    • Uh. This is a game. Cody and Jessica are obviously against Paul. How does trying to protect himself in the game that they all came to play make him a “vindictive sociopath”?

      • Because he’s trying to control every person’s reaction to every single event so that multiple people in the house are not allowed to feel any happiness, and then trying to convince everyone that Cody and Jess are the evil people/bullies. Lol he’s being a textbook sociopath. I understand it’s a game but this is far beyond the game, it’s personal. It’s Paulie from last season.

      • Listen to Matt/Christmas talk about this tactic. They aren’t being sociopaths about it, it’s strategy. For Paul it’s literally bringing him joy by causing other people misery. It’s unnatural to watch

      • I’ve compared Paul to Paulie more than once. Believe me, I’m no fan of Paulie. But I don’t think he was a sociopath either.

        And about getting joy from misery, ever heard the word schadenfreude? That’s literally what it means. It doesn’t make someone a sociopath. Maybe an asshole but not a sociopath.

      • Paul is acting without concern for others and for consequences. That’s the definition of a sociopath. It’s clear cut.

      • Agree. Paul is not a vindictive sociopath…he is playing the game. I don’t get all of the hate for Paul..he is playing for his BB life..he knows he is in trouble if Cody, Jess, or Mark get HOH this week since he can’t play. Jessica constantly whines about being lied to..Cody scares the hell out of people with his scary temper and Mark is a big flip flopping crybaby..constantly asking people if he is OK with them…Elena..I don’t have her figured out just yet…Just about everyone in the game will be a bully at one time or another..that’s the game!!

      • So if Paul was so smart? why not try to get mark and Elena out then? Why focus on Cody Jess?
        She told Paul point blank, I have power don’t f with me. He did now he is screwed:)

      • I have a suspicion that like Cody, if Paul is evicted, production has s twist to put him back in and then the feathers will fly

      • I guess people forget the kind hearted reason Cody gave for nominating Megan…he just didn’t like her. Great game play.

      • I was thinking the same thing ! By Cody saying that, I think HE was being a bully!!

      • Mocking a man for his bravery and courage is NOT part of the game. It’s bullying and anti-patriotic.

      • Service members are no different than anyone else. There are great people, and complete sh*t people. As someone who served, it blows my mind how civilians get down on their knees to suck off random people.

      • Easy!!!!
        Ever since Cody tried to backdoor Paul, Paul has had a hard on for Cody!!
        Then Paul fails to knock Cody out of game:) remember?
        Since then that’s Paul’s mission get Cody out, get cody out, so this week result is 0, nanda, zilch, nothing, for Paul . Why didn’t he try to break up the other couple?
        Because he was focused on getting Cody out!!!!

      • How is he NOT the sociopath here? Are you watching the live feeds? Look at houseguests ratings in the past week, Paul’s has plummeted and Cody, Jessica, and Mark’s have risen because they are now victims.

  21. Wow. Paul is becoming more and more evil. Now he is egging on the others to taunt Cody and to question his military service. Just wow. This guy is totally evil.

    • I think how he’s turning Elena against Mark is pretty harsh (and funny), he’s making Elena look like an absolute fool. He’s trying to do it to Jessica, but not working as well.

  22. I think Matthew may be starting to rethink his position with Paul. For now he needs to stay with him for numbers..But, I see him dropping out of that alliance very soon. He never wants to cause a stir..he gets pissed when plans don’t go like they are supposed to…he is playing a very quiet game for now.

    • I had huge expectations of Matt in the beginning but then he just became a Paul minion. I’m hoping he turns his game around fast and starts thinking for himself!

    • And he admitted it when playing the bowling game too.
      I don’t know how I’d play if I had a chance. Not that I would want to; for real. But I think I’m likeable…… but if I had to live with other ppl (like Kevin that just blew his nose into his guanch after his shower) then I think I’d lose it. Some ppl’s personal care is super questionable. But I’m a neat freak so……. hahaha! I’d be listing ppl off too! Heh heh!

  23. I swear a good majority of people in here HATE good game players. You hated Dan, Derrick, and now Paul. Paul is the only one in the house with good strategy. He’s playing the damn game. It’s not his fault the rest of the house is easily controllable. Y’all complain that the players are “babies” or “bullies” yet most of you cry about Paul and say things way meaner than any of the HG’s would ever say about each other. Team Paul all the way. He’s the only interesting player this season.

    • Paul’s interesting, Cody’s Interesting. That’s it. (BTW, I loved both Dan and Derrick. Hated Vanessa and Paulie.)

      • Granted Vanessa was a bit hard to take but what great t.v.,Derrick was something else that year,played everyone like a fiddle,great player!

      • Too bad they didn’t bring Derrick and Paul back this year. That would have made for some interesting TV.

      • Derrick was my first season with BB and my favorite so far,the house guests seem to be for the most part having fun and god knows Zach made Season 16 must see t.v.,he was like a human volcano,got such a kick out of that guy,Cody and Christine,Nicole..what a year!

    • Paul does not have good game play. He’s playing WAY too hard, too fast and drawing lines way too hard that he won’t be able to recover later. He will likely make it a few more weeks, but he won’t make final 5.

  24. This is a smart move by Paul,not only for him but also for the house,force Jezebel and Rambo out into the open for next week,they would have done the same..sets up a very important HOH and POV,will be huge.

    • Matt’s mad about it though. Paul’s slowly but surely starting to rub people the wrong way

      • I see Matt is annoyed that Paul keeps asking him to do things, but I don’t think anyone has the guts to actually make a move of the minions.

      • Matt is the one who offers to do things. He may be getting annoyed with it..but he has been gladly willing to oblige.

      • He just pissed off Christmas.
        I’m telling you, cracks are forming.
        Even Kevin said he was getting tired of Paul’s Napoleon complex

      • from what I remember earlier about Kevin’s behavior, he slinks around, slinks in and out of rooms where others are talking, listens in, tries to fade into the woodwork and goes and tells the tales and info he’s found out to a few others.

      • Kevin and Jason were talking the other day about how they had to get Paul out. I don’t think Jason will have the guts to go against Alex (who’s in Paul’s pocket), but Kevin probably wouldn’t mind seeing Paul go as long as he’s not the HOH to do it.

      • Guts? It’s called he’s a good person and he doesn’t want to stoop to that level!

      • Maybe so,but somebody has to tell Matt what to do,he has no rudder in this house,just sits around and eats..almost like a ghost.

    • Totally agree,people need to be honest here,Cody hates any and everyone in the BB house and has since day one,their collective crime?..breathing.

      • Well, once production decided Paul was coming back, they needed to find someone who could compete with Paul’s killer instinct. To that degree, Cody was a good choice. This would be a completely (yawn) different game without the competition between the two.

      • Agree,makes good t.v. for sure,BB feeds on drama and we surely got that between these two.

      • How do we really know? There’s so many players that have yet to come out of the gate! Maybe the didn’t get the memo that everyone is suppose to play?

      • How are you an authority on what Cody hates? Did he tell you? Or are you just ‘ass’uming?

    • Uhhhhhhh no, he doesn’t! Paul put the target on Cody’s back. Sure it wasn’t appreciated by the house for him doing his own noms but for crying out loud…. that’s why they have an HOH. THEY ARE THE ONES IN POWER TO DO THE NOMS…. it’s not a written rule to nom who someone else wants up. Most do but I find that gets boring. Cody had balls…. perhaps pre-mature…(heh-heh) but balls non the less. Paul put a hit on him that everyone else ate up…. CUZ THEY ARE FLOATERS!! Can’t think for themselves. Seriously, where does production get these duds?
      Cody has lost it but then maybe take a look at Josh & you’ll forget all the minimalistic stuff that Cody has done.
      Paul & Josh have been extremely & unnessecarily mean about the whole Cody thing!!
      Of course you are entitled to your opinion. But mine is spot on mate!

  25. Is anyone watching the feeds right now?! This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!! And, of course, it’s all Paul’s idea. The guy’s not just a racist and a bully, he’s an absolutely unAmerican a**.

    • Come on,this is BB,not a traveling Bob Hope USO Show,a television reality program,nothing more.

      • Yeah, an AMERICAN television show. Where they are mocking a US veteran. How pathetic.

      • Quit waving your flag for one second and you might actually like the show,Cody’s behavior on this show leaves a lot to be desired.

      • If i have to explain this to you,that means you have not been watching this summer.

      • The fact that you can’t enumerate makes me think he hasn’t. Now what atrocious thing has Paul done so far?

      • I envy you, then, because clearly you didn’t lose anyone that day, or at any other point in your life, to either a military conflict or tragic terrorist attack. My best friend’s father was killed on 9/11. He wasn’t a fire fighter. He wasn’t NYPD. He was a worker in the WTC buildings who had every opportunity to get out. Why didn’t he? Because he STAYED TO HELP THOSE WHO WERE TRAPPED!!!!!!! That man was a hero, and those who fight for the lives that were lost that day are HEROES!!!!!

      • I watch and accept BB for what it is,a t.v. reality show,silly and mindless but great fun,if you can’t see that,I feel sorry for you..

      • LOL, and you just totally missed the entire point. Ironically, so did Paul.

      • Do you think Big Brother is the right show for you? It’s been running for years. Casting/format is not gonna change. It’s a social experiment/TV reality game show…so I expect to see good and bad behavior in the house..I love BB!

      • One bad seed isn’t enough to turn me away from a show that has it’s ups and downs. Every season is different. Hell, every week is different. Ironically, it’s not us who suffer, but Paul. His mother thought she was getting hate mail for the racist comment? I shudder to think what will happen after Paul’s little anti-American fest today.

        Note: I do not condone what has being going on with Paul’s family because death threats are NEVER okay, but anyone who thinks that this will be ignored by the public might be in for a rude awakening.

      • yes sadly that is true also! Very true. It’s disgusting behaviour but, it is a social experiment.
        I don’t think big brother production should allow an entire house to go Lord of the flies on Cody if that still the plan or that’s what they’re doing right now? That’s a bit much. Don’t you think?

      • I lost my college roommate on 9/11. I live in rural Utah, most people haven’t been to NY in their lives, but they honored my roommate and our military. Every house now has a flag maintained by the scouts. I know BB is a show, heck it is my escape from rural life but calling someone a fake marine and bullying them is too much.

      • I completely agree! That’s harsh.

        Sorry about your friend! We are in Canada were very affected by 9/11. Our hearts went out to each and every American…! It was horrifying to watch it on TV! Heartbreaking ❀️

      • My husband was an acting Batalion Chief in a fire dept in Canada. He’s retired now….. but I know that that day affected many fire fighters. Many from his dept went to New York to help out & honour those that lost their lives. He wanted to go but couldn’t for whatever reason. One of his biggest regrets.
        Being a fire dept family we all became a little closer that day. Regardless of borders! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

      • best example for human nature, 1 side that does not respect social rules and the other that does…just no stopping human nature

      • being veteran won’t save you from human nature of others its not a fall back or excuse its just fact many humans do not adhere to social rules, alot of police officers feel that on the daily

      • It’s OK for a US veteran to treat everyone else like trash but it’s not OK when the others mock something he says or does? What part of that makes any sense?

    • I totally agree. I’m dumbfounded. How can people agree to bullying? Clearly Paul thinks $500,000 is enough for him to trade any positive values he has in his bone. So shameful.

      • And disgraceful. People DIED defending our beautiful country. My own grandparents served in the military during WWII. One of my grandfathers point blank refused to talk about what he saw over there because he didn’t want to expose his family to the horrors he saw. War is terrible, and anyone who has survived it deserves respect.

      • My husband’s a veteran. That doesn’t give him the right to treat other people like trash, and he doesn’t. I honestly think Cody went into the military with a superior condescending attitude, and his service didn’t change that any.

      • My husband, dad and brother are also vets they don’t behave that way either but they have respect for human beings and their space, i feel like cody didn’t get that lesson…

      • Exactly. That’s what makes me think he went in to the service that way – didn’t get that way while deployed.

      • I totally agree with you, the military is a tight knit community and for them its the norm to have respect and make sacrifices therefore allowing them to bond on a whole other level i find it rather hard to see cody thriving in those conditions if he struggles socially etc. in the bb house

      • You don’t have to like Cody as a person, but to disrespect his service is something completely different. I don’t know your husband or crucial’s family, but I would give them the utmost respect regardless of how I felt about them.

      • that’s very kind, and my family and i would give you the same, they fought for us to be free to disagree and express that, glad we are able to do so properly with respect :)

      • If we can’t have respect for each other, then we do a disservice to those who died for us.

      • You think it’s OK for the HG’s to be harassing & bullying Cody and going Lord of the flies on him regarding his time in the service?

      • Is someone in the house disrespecting The men and women of our countries fighting for our freedom and peace?

      • This whole fight started with the Raven fake crying after Jess and Raven disagreed. Watching everyone with Raven, no way she doesn’t win, they knew she was faking and still they will never vote her out. Paul is playing at best for 2nd. Who is going to give Paul 500k who lives with rich parents over poor sick Raven crying? Ironically Jody said they would vote Paul! If he only knew.

      • What did Jessica and raven disagree about? And the HG’s no she is fake crying but they are still giving her a sympathy? Why?

      • Jess walked into a bedroom and Raven made a gesture to Jason to stop talking. Jess told Raven she didn’t like the gesture. It spiraled from that. Jess said she knows the whole house wants her and cody out and just wants to be able to live out the week without problems. Raven denied the gesture and Jess said Raven was acting sketchy. Raven played up the sketchy comment. She fake cried like Jess attacked her and she didn’t gesture anything but later Jason admitted Raven did gesture to be quiet because the group was discussing Jess .

    • Sounds like Jody are actually starting to wise up as to how this game works.

    • what is she catching onto? That the house is full of BS? And not putting up Alex next week? Or about the house going after Cody like Lord of the flies?

    • Same here, she has a good read on others or what’s going to happen but she don’t make the move when she have the chance, she’s naive and trusting at the same time.

  26. I just read Jokers and Paul is getting ready to Go OFF, Go Rogue, & Lord of the Flies…Like Jessica said its 10 people acting like they are scared to death of Two People.

    So Paul, of course has spear headed a Plan to get Cody to Snap. Raven, Josh Christmas are all Gun Ho about the plan, with the rest of the HG bringing up the rear. I never expected Paul to become the Dictator of this Season, & to conduct himself in this way?!

    But Mark, Elena, Jessica, & Cody have said, & realize that if Paul was not in the house, it would be a totally different game. They need to pass the Info on to their other HG, & get Paul out!

    • And Matt is the sole voice of reason. That guy is going a long way towards redeeming himself.

      Seriously, Paul is officially the villain of BB19.

      • I was shocked that Matt was the voice of reason. Was happy to hear him speak up. Sadly a short time after his speech he seems to be loyal to Paul’s plan now.

    • That Christmas had the nerve to say she hates bullies wth does she think all of them are now! They are bullies of the worse type because cause they think they are victims!!! ENough is enough!! PAul needs to be ejected asap along with Josh and Christmas for basically advocating for violence! This is sick and wrong!

      • Christmas said she hates bullies????
        Then why is she constantly consoling the crybaby victim bully??

      • I also couldn’t believe it when I heard Christmas say that she hates bullies. WHAT??? I wonder how these people are going to feel when they see themselves on tv. I guess I’m a little mean because frankly, I can hardly wait til the show is over and Josh sees how disliked and used he was by these people he thinks are his golden friends. Christmas came on for publicity and she has made herself look really bad. Some of these people have lost sight of the fact that real life has consequences and that they WILL eventually be out of the house and their behavior could come back to haunt them.

    • That’s explained in the column previous to this one. It stops the entire eviction – saves everyone on the block.

      • Thanks a bunch for clearing that up; I thought Julie C. would have already explained it to all the house live.

      • I don’t think that happened – yet. Paul has been asking both Jessica and the DR for clarification about the hex because there had been no clarification and Jessica has been lying about the power.

      • Right! πŸ™„
        Even if someone doesn’t give them the answer, I would think they could figure it out!
        Example this blog lol πŸ˜‚

    • the hex halts eviction so whom ever and how many ever people are on the block simply won’t be evicted, there will be no vote

  27. Paul definitely “leading” the group’s thinking, except for Jessica and Cody.
    LOL at Jessica’s fake eyelashes, fake hair pieces, perhaps fake B**bs too??

  28. Jessica kind of don’t have a choice at this point. Cody coming back into the house was the worst thing for her game imo. She has sided with him this long and now she has to stick it out. She has been so up under him that it has isolated her from the house. The best thing she can do now is make sure Elena is on board and that she (Jess), Cody, and Mark can win the next few HOHs and take out the numbers on the other side.

  29. Paul literally just made the stupidest choices he has made all season! His only chance to get Jessica not to use the HH was by taking her off the block! Dumb move Paul!! He clearly is not as smart as people think he is! He is just fortunate to have a bunch of mindless morons following him around

  30. This is terribly OT, but I’ve noticed for a long time Matt wears a Band-aid on his Boyz tattoo. Is he covering an obscenity or a name or something? Or a melanoma? Lol

    • BB makes houseguests cover up any tattoos that have a recognizable trademark or person. This has happened to other guests on previous shows, too.

  31. This is the meanest house I have ever seen in Big Brother. They are all letting Paul lead them around by their noses! Cody and Jessica should walk out and Josh and Paul should be asked to leave for their horrible behavior!

  32. What the f#*k is Mark doing??? Dude….. you are the lowest in the pecking order when it comes to either side now!
    Mark; which ever way the wind blows! Elena isn’t my favourite but she made a smart move distancing herself from him.

    Jess & Cody need to get a room


    Raven & Mayt make me sick. But Paul makes me sicker.

    Josh…… he’s just a young kid that need to learn. But I do not condone his behaviour!

    Alex makes me cringe too

  33. It was fun watching bb. Not anymore. Since when has bullying become the way the game gets played. Shame on Paul, Josh and Christmas. We r done watching.

  34. they better be careful of Coty, he is a ticking bomb! Serious physician threat to guys and gals if he goes off. I have seen his kind hurt people badly. i hope cans is watching closely

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