Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 5: Monday Daytime Highlights

After a mildly-dramatic Power of Veto meeting, the Big Brother 19 houseguests gave us one explosion after another for the rest of the afternoon. We had Jessica vs. Raven, Matt vs. Christmas. Josh vs. anyone who would listen. It was quite the day. Read on for all those details and more.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 31, 2017:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs slow to get up as BB gets more upset with them. Jason and Kevin are up and chatting. Jason notes how Paul is pushing him to cause trouble at the Veto meeting.

10:45 AM BBT – Cody discovered there was vaseline in the ground coffee. (Paul did it overnight.)

11:05 AM BBT – Jason and Paul joking about what Jason could say in his speech as one of the nominees.

11:10 AM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto meeting.

12:04 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Paul saved Jason. No renom required.

12:05 AM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that they have to win the comps next week or they’re done for. Sounds like she’s planning to use the Hex again.

12:10 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody talk about how many opportunities they have next week to keep themselves safe. She says if they don’t win any of those competitions next week, they deserve to go home.

12:15 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody she’s not packing her suitcase this week. He laughs.

12:27 PM BBT – Josh tells Alex he thinks Jessica is going to use the Hex since Cody didn’t give a speech and she used hers to joke. Alex says she doesn’t think she’s going to use it.

12:28 PM BBT – Matt is using the trash can to drain slop. Slop that people are going to eat.

12:30 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody think Jason made some jabs during the veto ceremony only because Paul told him to. Apparently Jason said something about Cody not wanting to participate any longer.

12:34 PM BBT – Jessica says she’d nominate Raven and Alex and veto Alex to backdoor Paul.

12:38 PM BBT – Matt and Raven talk about the vote this week. Matt says it’s an easy decision for him to vote Cody out. Raven says she’s going back and forth. Matt says they don’t even know for sure IF they can even vote out Jessica. Raven says Paul says they can.

12:43 PM BBT – Kevin wonders if it’s going to be a null week. Jason says he thinks so and they’re both going to stay. Raven say that if Jessica was smart she wouldn’t use the Hex. Jason says they’ve already established Jessica isn’t smart.

12:46 PM BBT – Jessica confronts Raven about how it looks when she walks into a room and people point to Jessica and then change the subject. Raven tries to tell Jessica that hasn’t happened but Jessica doesn’t believe her. Raven tries to explain and wants to look her in the eyes but Jessica refuses and tells her she’s too pissed.

12:48 PM BBT – Raven pulls Cody and Jessica into the lounge to explain that they weren’t talking about Jessica or Cody when she walked in. Raven asks her to please not be this way with her. Jessica remains silent. Cody asks Raven why she’s so against him in this game. Raven says the whole house is against him. Raven says if she doesn’t go along with the house, she’ll end up with a target on her back.

12:51 PM BBT – Jessica tells Raven she just doesn’t have anything to say to her right now.

12:53 PM BBT – Cody tells Raven he was hoping that she’d respect them enough to let them be in jury together. Raven says she has to play the game for her mom and can’t risk a target on her back. She asks Jessica for a hug. Jessica gives her a tap.

12:54 PM BBT – Raven leaves the room. Jessica tells Cody that Raven is never going to go against Paul so Cody needs to stop saying anything about Paul in front of her. Cody tells Jessica he is so glad she is the queen of controversy and that she takes everything head on. He says “Gosh, it makes me proud to be your boyfriend.”

12:55 PM BBT – Raven tells Kevin, Jason and Paul what Jessica just said to her. They all agree they weren’t talking about Jessica. Kevin says he wants to go tell Jessica they weren’t talking about her.

12:58 PM BBT – Jason goes into talk to Cody and Jessica. He tells them that they weren’t even talking about her. Jason says Raven is crying. Jessica says the whole house has been conspiring against her the whole time and when people pretend they aren’t it’s frustrating.

12:59 PM BBT – Cody asks Jason when has he ever gone against him. Cody says he’s been loyal to him the whole game and has never once said anything against him. Cody asks what was up with that speech. Jason says since Cody returned, he feels like nothing is the same. Cody says he and Jason are the closest personalities outside the house and he’s surprised that Jason jumped to the other side of the house.

1:01 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica that it’s fine that he’s not down in the trenches with him but when he gives a speech like that against him, nothing is gained from it. Jason said it proves plenty for himself and his game.

1:04 PM BBT – Jessica asks Jason what his wife would do if she was in the same situation. Jessica seems to think a 40-something-day showmance is the same as being married with children. Cody tells Jason just not to take it to a personal level.

1:05 PM BBT – Raven is in tears about the misunderstanding she had with Jessica. Kevin is annoyed that people get so testy over people talking. He says it’s impossible to avoid people in the house.

1:07 PM BBT – Kevin comes in and tells Jessica they absolutely were not talking about Jessica.

1:12 PM BBT – People keep interrupting the talk Jessica and Cody are having with Jason. Jessica says she’s never seen so many people scared of two people. She says it’s like they have weapons or something.

1:13 PM BBT – Jessica goes to talk to a crying Raven. Jessica tells Raven that she’s sorry she’s upset but the house needs to relax and that the whole “don’t talk to people” thing has to end. She said Jason was in there trying to defend Raven and people kept coming in like they are now. Jessica asks if they can go talk in private. Jessica tells Raven she doesn’t want her to cry over this and reminds Raven that Jessica is the one being attacked by everyone in the house.

1:15 PM BBT – Jason has to explain to Alex what he was talking about with Jessica and Cody.

1:18 PM BBT Jessica and Raven hug.

1:19 PM BBT – Kevin and Paul go into the storage room to find out what Jason and Cody and Jessica talked about.

1:21 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul go into the storage room so half the house is in there now.

1:24 PM BBT – Jason is questioning Cody’s military service because of the tape on his dog tags. Kevin has his doubts too.

1:26 PM BBT – Paul tells the group Jessica can use the Hex and they’ll declare war (haven’t they already?). He says using that will delay them getting to jury and they’ll be everyone’s target (they already are).

1:29 PM BBT – Matt talking to Jessica and Cody. Jessica tells Matt that she feels like a lot of people are playing the game by bullying. Matt says he wanted to make sure he told them that he has no personal issues with them at all.

1:38 PM BBT – Matt tells his group that he’d like for them to not attack Jessica and Cody all week and try to get her to not use the hex. Josh gets upset and says Jessica keeps attacking him so why can’t they attack them. Christmas tells Josh to shut up and then says just leave them alone and if she uses the Hex, they’ll regroup.

1:40 PM BBT – Matt is really trying to get everyone to understand that Jessica is just defending Cody and everyone else would do the same.

1:46 PM BBT – Paul says if Cody blows up again, she won’t use it. Paul says he’s not going to pump the breaks on torturing them. Josh doesn’t plan to leave them alone this week either because they’ve attacked him all week.

1:48 PM BBT – Paul looks at Josh and says “let’s make him snap.” Paul tells Christmas that Jessica wants them to be nice this week just so Cody won’t blow up. Christmas suggests they start questioning his military service to make him mad.

1:50 PM BBT – Josh puts on a tutu, grabs some pots and pans and gets to work.

1:54 PM BBT – Paul telling Matt why keeping the peace this week isn’t the way to go. He says she gets most upset when Cody blows up and if they get him to blow up she might not use the Hex this week. Matt says he will just always take the path of least resistance.

2:05 PM BBT – Paul tells the group that they can leave Jessica alone, but they have to keep Cody on edge. He says they’ve got to get him to crack. He calls for “emotional warfare.”

2:13 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul coaching Josh on what to say to Cody to make him blow up.

2:18 PM BBT – Matt says this is not a good idea. He says they’re putting people in physical danger now.

2:20 PM BBT – Matt says they are trying to get someone who has killed humans in combat to snap. Christmas says if he’s as disciplined as he should be then he won’t physically harm anyone. Matt asks Christmas how she will feel if Cody punches Josh. Christmas gets really mad at Matt for lecturing her. Christmas tells Raven to let her out of the F-ing room and to get Matt off her ass.

2:30 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that if she was watching as a fan, she’d be rooting for Paul, but since she’s in the game with him she wants him out. She says if he’s in the final two with anyone other than Cody, he’s getting her vote.

2:46 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that her biggest fear with using the Hex is whether or not it’s in his best interest to stay. She says he’s gone back and forth of wanting to stay and go and she knows that he’s better than this game and she’s scared for him staying in the game. She says she doesn’t want to later think he should have gone this week. He tells her that he needs a better week than this one and that he can’t go out like this. He promises her that he will 1,000 percent be in control this week. She tells him just to be smart about what he says this week.

2:48 PM BBT – Jessica says she’ll ask him again Thursday if he wants to stay. She says she doesn’t want force him to stay. She says if he does decide to go, she has a Plan B in place. She tells him that she made a deal that if she didn’t use the Hex this week she’d get two weeks of safety and that whoever wins HOH would target Alex. Cody doesn’t respond.

2:50 PM BBT – Josh yells into the room that Jessica and Cody are in that Cody should have thrown the Battle Back to Cameron. Jessica tells Josh to please stop talking. Josh starts cam talking to Cameron saying he should have fought harder to to get back in the house instead of the guy who has no social game and has to me muzzled by his girlfriend.

2:52 PM BBT – Cody says he doesn’t buy any deal they say they made with Jessica. He says he only acted like he wanted to go home because he thought lost her. So now he’s good to go. But Jessica keeps bringing up Cody going home, almost as if she wants him to tell her not to use the Hex. Josh keeps trying to bug them but they’re ignoring him and start making out instead.

Read what happened next with our Monday overnight Feed Highlights Report for the second half of the day’s events.

Paul and the others’ plan to make Cody snap is a scary and risky one, that I can’t imagine production allowing to move forward, but we’ll see. At any rate, I don’t think Jessica will be holding onto the Hex this week. She knows she has way more to lose by not using it this week. There is still that hint that she wants to hold onto and let Cody go this week, but she will most likely be saving them both this week.

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  1. Paul is a disgusting game player. Ots a game and he os making it very personal. Plus what credit do you get for making someone self evict or be removed by production. This is not what this game is about paul is ruining it for me. I understand paul dont like cody but this all started because he was trying to play the game and paul countered by turning the house. And now that cody may counter nack its time to force a self evict. That is not right and not what anyone outside the house wants to see

      • Nope it was different first evil dick was not instructing the whole hous to bully one person he was bullying the whole house 2 he never asked anyone to join him in his bullying endeavors. Cant ccompare paul to evil dick. Completely different circumstance

      • Am I missing something that paul is doing? From what I’ve seen on the feeds and read here hes just trying to get people to tease Cody. Did something else happen??

      • You don’t watch the feeds and clearly haven’t read much here. Not even Paul has ever said let’s tease Cody. He literally declared emotional war fare against Cody and everyone jumped at the chance.

      • Not me. I hated it, called him out on it, and didn’t watch the show for 3 years or so because I hate that CBS supported that dude. That dude had anger management issues, and CBS loved the bullying.

      • I am with you jimbo. I stopped watching the show and did not watch the next two seasons because it was disgusting behavior. And I think Josh and Paul are disgusting human beings that need to go now.

      • This is a game, they are in a game that is 80% or more mental. How can any sane person call others involved in a real live “lie, backstab game to win” like this digusting human beings. Have you spent money to research their backgrounds as citizens? You’re way out of touch with reality. I’m gonna go out on a limb here since extreme appears to be your MO. Must be living that California Lib life

      • Evil dick didnt get the whole house to attack one person. Evil dick attacked the whole house that is the difference oh plus when evil dick did it he didnt try to get people to do it for him. There is no comparison in the antics of paul vs evil dick.

      • Great point!

        And BB is not politically correct. To anyone that is? Please, just move on. Watch something else.

      • It was totally game. You’ve clearly never given any attention to past house guest experiences and understanding on what it takes to win and how difficult and cut throat this game is. The fact is most leave it in the house and move on, something to consider. I can only think of 1, maybe 2 people who won without being ruthless ar some point. Lisa for sure, maybe 1 more questionably. I find your logic totally vile, but clearly from a confused perspective. The Inability to separate real life from a ruthless game tells me you should not watch anything but PBS

      • I never said i was done with the show just because i dont like someones antics or like how they play the game doesnt mean i dont like the show. Notice i didnt say paul is a disgusting person i said player. How he plays the game is not a direct reflection of how he lives his life. Just expressing my opinion and i will continue to as i watch the show and feeds. Love how its ok for people to express that they dislike someone so much they mute the tv but the second i express that i dont agree with paul i should stop watching.

      • Nope not at all its entertaining i just dont feel that pushing someone to violence is the way to go about winning.

      • Well if thats the case just have 16 people enter the house than bring paul in and everyone of the 16 self evict that how entertaining self evicts are

      • I love Paul. You are disgusting (feel good?) He’s playing a game, well, this is a tactic. He’s smart. And Cody went overboard first. The fact that any of you personally attack players is gross. It makes me cringe seeing the comments. It makes me want to avoid this site. These are people on a TV show. Everything you say should be game related, not personal. You don’t know them. Stop watching if it twists you up inside, and maybe take a good look at yourself.

      • I said disgusting game player not person. I think that the game should be separated which is why if you reread my comment it does specify game player just saying

      • I think intentionally trying to get someone to snap is incredibly dangerous and stupid. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the game.

      • I think intentionally trying to get someone to snap is incredibly dangerous and stupid. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the game.
        P.S. if you think inciting violence to win a game is acceptable maybe it’s you that needs to take a good look at yourself.

      • Hahahaha ! Exactly ! I don’t understand if you don’t like it don’t watch this season.

      • Can someone point out to me where i said i dont like the show what i said is that i dont like the antics of trying to get someone to punch someone that is not how this game is played. Im not one who lets one person ruin the how for me and will continue to watch the show.

      • I agree, it’s a very childish, disruptive, explosive type game , I would not go along with taunting and bullying Cody .. that’s very beneath Paul. I’m team Paul but I don’t think this is a good game move .

      • This is my point exactly what credit does he get. If he makes it to final 2 is he gonna say oh yeah remember how i had all you guys push cody to his breaking point until he punch you josh in the face yeah that was stratigic. I mean come on

      • If he makes it, he deserves it. Manipulating Josh is a game move. Low? Perhaps, but anything that happens is on Josh or Cody. They are adults.

      • If Paul was the underdog I would be in his team but how dirty he plays is disgusting

      • But, even Jessica says:2:30 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that if she was watching as a fan,
        she’d be rooting for Paul, but since she’s in the game with him she
        wants him out. She says if he’s in the final two with anyone other than
        Cody, he’s getting her vote.

      • She doesn’t hear all his conversations as we do. She may be just as disgusted.
        Paul is the puppet master. Other than Jessica, Cody and Paul nobody else has a backbone or a mind of their own they are minion’s not to be compared to the cute little yellow guys.

      • As a fan, I never rooted for Paul. I never liked him. But that’s me. I don’t care for Cody either. Messing with people is part of the game, but I do have a problem with pushing a combat vet to snap. I work in mental health. To me, there are always certain lines in life that you don’t cross. If you want to operate from the gutter, it’s your business. A girl could easily pay for college and a new car if she worked as a high class hooker through school, or she could take some work-studies and a part time job at McDonalds with student loans out the ass. Which choice would you rather your daughter make? The end game is the same, but which path would you want your child to make? That’s kind of what Bitzlove is trying to say.

      • Point of fact is that if you do not like paul being a bully, and you change the channel instead of speaking up, you are just allowing a bully to torment without restraint. A community condems a bully. Stops the bully. Attempting to incite violence, as the spoken, stated, goal? Sure, production said stop, but WHO DOES THAT? Matt gets points for just being civilized enough to call christmas out on, ” how are you gonna feel if josh gets punched?”. Christmas blew up on matt for even asking! Is it her medications unmasking her true self as being a vicious sociopath that is unconcerned if others suffer physically as long as she gets what she wants? Same goes for the entire group that wants cody to snap. CBS is allowing paul and company to attempt to incite to violence a combat hardened U.S. Marine. I will not change the channel. More effective is to simply boycott all cbs advertisers. Who is with me!?

      • I think Cody got to alot of these people on here and they think this is “real life” LOL

      • Nope cody wdidnt get me interested in this show or this site been watching the show from season 1 episode 1 and reading this site since season 13 when i discovered it existed. Keep trying though. I will continue expressing my opinions as i watch the show and feed no matter how many people disagree with me. And once again i dont think the show is real life nor should anyone be judge in real life by how they acted on the show though im sure many paul fans feel that cody shouldnt be accept back to the real world with open arms and opinions

      • People do get caught up in these things. Some excuse basic common decency for players they like or bash players who are just defending themselves because they don’t like them. I can’t stand Cody. I didn’t like his arrogance from the first episode, but I don’t like the idea of the whole house being coerced into pushing a person to crack. I always have an issue when people gang up on one person. Not just on this show but others as well. But that’s me.

    • I don’t think Paul is making it personal. Cody tried to back door him and Paul is justifiably going after Cody. His tactics are not out of emotion, they are strategic, even if they appear to be wrong.

      Paul is playing the game. He plays it a little too much for me, but he is taking the lead, risking himself and trying to control the house.

    • Not a good idea for Paul or anyone to question Cody’s military experience. Matt is right! Me as a combat veteran of OIF and OEF with four tours would take great offense with the questioning of my military service. I know if they push too hard and bring up the loss of life Cody will unleash the wrath of Hell on them. I watch very little TV and do very little socialization because of my experiences but enjoy Big Brother. This season really sucks due to Paul rallying the house to attack Cody and to now start attacking his military service is bull. Cody doesn’t bring it up and play off of being a combat veteran to gain support or sympathy so don’t bring it in the house. Just a warning!

      • While I think Cody is a tool, I am 100% behind what you said. Whether we like him or not, he served his country, he’s a combat vet, and at minimum should never have these fools question his service. I would think by now that if he was lying, it would have been discovered by now. Like the ‘vet’ who made it to the finals on America’s Got Talent….who lied about serving. My father was in the army and was stationed for a year in South Korea. My husband served 3 years in the 82nd. I don’t care if Paul teases him about being a crybaby, or a hothead, or whatever, but I take serious offense for Paul, or anyone else, to belittle his service to his country.

      • We don’t know that he served. He may have gotten kicked out of there too because of his attitude.

      • I agree I take offense to questioning or harassing him with his military service. They might not like what happens if he snaps. Thank your father and your husband for there service as well as you for supporting your husband as a soldier’s wife. I know it is difficult at times. My wife reminded me of that for 22 years.
        Semper Fi

    • All you people riding Paul’s D because of his game play, if you were in the house and were smart and savvy enough to get MOST THE HOUSE to follow you and do what you want, you’d damn well do it, so stop riding him because he’s a good game player. Yea, he’s hitting some low blows, so are Jessica and Cody. FFS, even JESSICA said she would be rooting for Paul and he is getting her vote if it isn’t Cody.

      • Ok first of all i have on many occasions gave paul credit for coming in and manipulating these people to the extent he has where they do his bidding and worship the ground he walks on. That is good game play whether you like paul or not. With that said i will not recognize last night as game play. Even he did not see it as game play until later in the evening. He saw it as oh i cant get him out this week so lets make him take himself out by self evict or violence. It wasnt until bb told him to knock it off that he changed his motives. So yeah most of the time it has been good game play by paul yesterday was disgusting. You will not get me to change my mind about yesterday just saying

      • I don’t think Paul is all that great of being a Puppet Master as the other house guests are just that stupid. If they casts more players that had any sort of personality and IQ about 100, it wouldn’t be so easy for Paul to lead them. It’s not just Paul either, we’ve seen this on many seasons. There have been a lot of boring seasons where people were afraid to make any moves and just followed along like sheep. Just one season I would love to see people rally to get all the most competitive players out first. This would level the playing field for the weaker ones. I know BB will throw in their twists and turns, but just once, I’d love to see it.

    • No your right its a chicken move on Paul’s part because deep down he is afraid Cody can actually beat him

      • Exactly! Cody is the only one with the guts to swing at paul right now and paul knows it as cody swung at him week 1 and i feel if paul didnt have the safety cody would have been able to explain the move to his alliance and have their backing to get him out. However it was not the case and now anytime cody or jess and maybe mark and elena are hoh paul has to worry if he is going or if a key alli is going. Paul is doing this out of fear not friendship

  2. Unfortunately these are lowlights not highlights. This is getting too nasty, I think a lot of these HG’s will look back at this afternoon and be embarassed by their actions

    • This season is starting to take a BB18 turn and it’s really starting to worry me LOL!

      I think tensions are just way too high and HGs are getting emotional. I think it’ll be over by tomorrow.
      If Jess or Cody win HOH next week… oh lord… we’re going to see DRAMA

      • I m rooting for Jessica to win HOH and use her hex. Matt is getiing disgusted by Paul’s behavior and could turn on them. There maybe a Paul exit sooner than later

      • Temptations are gone , xmas is the only one w one left and it’s like switch veto or something . No one will vote paul out , she doesn’t have the numbers.. it would be a waste of yet another hoh , double eviction hopefully !

    • Yep…Paul has certainly devolved from Beloved from season 18, to Detested in season19….

  3. Raven sure can cry on cue. Paul tells her to cry and she does in seconds. Then somehow even though his followers know he told Raven to cry , he convinces them Jess made Raven cry.

    • Yes when people are acting a part they can often cry on cue. I think Raven has been playing a part here with her 2 ‘terminal’ diseases and this is not the first nor the last time she has or will cry on cue

  4. My question is why can’t Paul do his own work? He ask Josh, now everyone else to yell and bully Cody while he watches. It is one thing to have Josh bang a pan, little annoying, but 9 people bullying Cody to try and make him punch them because he is war vet and Paul thinks Cody will snap? Sick!

    • Paul will not do it himself because, it will make them a target and he will not be a target if Jessica or Cody wins HOH. They will go after the ones who made their life a living hell this week. Gotta say, Great move on Paul. It just shows what a great game player he has been doing

  5. So let me get this straight. If they use the halting hex this week they can use it again. Please tell me I’m wrong because it never worked that way for anything else and now all of a sudden it does?

  6. Matt is the smart one in this particular situation. I just wish he’d get off his butt in other parts of the game. Also, I think everyone will get a warning from Production to knock it off because they are making a direct threat to make someone “snap.”

    • Matt was right. Trying to mock Cody for his military service and trying to get him physically violent is too far lol

      • Good for Matt! I knew he was a good guy! I expected way more from him this season so hopefully he will start to realize he is not aligning with good people!! & he will start playing the game and start getting rid of people like Josh and Paul! Fingers crossed

      • Eh I don’t know. When the fight broke out it looked like he was supporting Raven when she lost her mind on Jessica LOL. I was proud of Matt but he seemed to be in support afterwards

    • I agree. I hope Matt goes to play with Cody and Jessica and try to get Paul out. I say this just for fun since production wants Paul to win.

      • I was happy to see Matt be the voice of reason but it seems like now he is going along with the plan, not actively partciapating yet but not stopping it and not stopping Raven.

      • Everyone seems to be pointing fingers at Paul when Cody is a bully himself. Rewind back to the first episode and watch them over. Cody is not sweet and innocent. Matt just needs to align with himself and get Cody, Jessica and Paul out.

      • Exactly! Cody was awful! I don’t agree with pushing him to snap at all…but, isn’t that what Cody was doing to Josh?

      • Cody is definitely a tool. I don’t like him at all. But I have a problem when a group gangs up on anyone. Especially a combat vet. It’s one thing to not get along or not agree or to argue, but it’s a whole new low to push a person to snap. Cody has been Cody’s worst enemy in this game. Jessica would be smart to get him out this week.

    • I 💯% agree with you and have been saying the exact same thing!
      Raven is super fake! Sassy, & phony, her little “poor me” routine is getting old! She acts like a sweet southern belle but really she is a FAKE biatch! She is lucky that was Jessica. That could’ve gotten pretty nasty! There could’ve been a catfight! Good for Jessica for keeping her cool and walking away because, sorry to say (NOT so sorry) but Raven is going to be very surprised when she gets out of the house and realizes she is NOT “America’s Sweetheart”! (Far from it) and she has completely embarrassed herself! her family and friends! She’s probably going to lose a lot of customers because of the way she acted. Parents are going to realize she is super fake and they are not going to want their children to go to her dance studio!
      I know if that was me, and my child was attending her down studio, I would walk in after she was back and see right to her face when I thought of her! And pull my daughter from there!
      Anyway blah blah! LOL I totally agree with you! Production needs to put a stop to this! Paul and Josh need to have a stern talking to about their immaturity and bullying !!
      BB should not condone bullying in any shape or form! SMH 🤦‍♀️

  7. Wow….this article really proves the d-bag way Paul likes to play. Its a game, but I don’t respect that. “Torture” them? Really? I said it the whole time — last season Paul turned into “friendship Paul” only AFTER he almost got evicted be his true d-bag self the first few weeks. The Paul Show on CBS should just be renamed: The How to Bully Show starring Paul and Josh. Remember, this is not things that just happen — this is PLANNED by Paul. He’s a low dude.

    • It’s worse watching it on the feeds. I really, REALLY hope CBS decides to show this side of Paul and the minions on Thursday.

      • What is really sad is that Paul was so beloved from last season, & this season he has all but Squandered all that good will?! And for what….A Reality Show Game???

      • I honestly don’t think Paul was all that loved. It was just that he was attached to Victor, who probably was the most favored newbie of BB18. Plus, there were people who didn’t like Nicole and were probably just jumping on the Paul bandwagon because of it.

      • Honestly it was that underdog thing, but I agree with you…I liked Victor more between the 2 of them, but Paul did bring the entertainment. He has just taken it too far this season tho.

      • You know that this scene probably won’t make the cut!! Production will be sure to edit it in a way that Paul still comes out looking like the good one!

  8. Cody didn’t give a speech during the veto meeting….why did they get him for the show? He clearly shows no care for the game, at all. Why don’t you give the chance to someone who actually wants to be a part of Big Brother

    • It’s beneath him to play, as this is not a game to him, it’s “real life”. In real life, he would look at it as a shameful display of grovelling. He’s a jerk.

      • But Paul’s planned “emotional torture” is not jerky? If I had to weigh the two, Paul wins in a jerk contest.

      • AT least Paul actually wants to be there and wants to play the game. Everything BB related, all Cody does is go “I don’t care”

      • It’s Big Brother! Hi! Welcome to BIg Brother, where MIND GAMES is part of the game!

      • “Torture” and “emotional warfare” are Paul’s words. You can like that too, but it says a lot about you.

      • Cody is the smug, arrogant, d-bag house bully who thinks he can intimidate everyone with the threat of violence. He has personally attacked so many people (saying he’s going to tell everyone Josh is a sexual deviant) and Jessica wonders why they are alone?

        I have no problem with the “bully the bully out of the house” tactic. Cody brought all of this on himself by his own actions.

      • If what Paul and his minions are doing is considered torture then you must live in fruit loop dingus land. You were probably a Rachel fan huh?

      • Paul called it “torture.” Don’t say I called it torture…those are your “Cult Leaders” words, not mine. Maybe read the article. That’s what Paul “intends” to accomplish.

      • Yes he did call it torture but is he really torturing? I read it buddy, you use these quote marks like you know it’s not really torture, which it isn’t. Maybe use some common sense lol. And I don’t have no cult leader henny. I’m a bb fan who loves the drama, it was the producers who brought Paul back not me. Id much rather see a season with no returnees or an all stars. You are probably one of those people that condoned what Aaron and Gina Marie did huh?

      • I feel sorry for you, could have you supported if you are the one been bulled. we are trying to educate our children not to bully other while they watch and see how grown up are bullying other

      • Lol try educating kids with something outside of a show like big brother… That is scary if you rely on this show to provide education for kids…

      • Hun there is much better ways you can teach your kids than using bb. If you are that gung ho, why even let your children watch this show? LOL

      • finally something that made sense. Yes!!! Cody has been bullying since day one but, Paul seems to be getting all the hate. Cody is not innocent! Hate on him and Jessica too. Jessica is just as rude as Cody.

      • Yes, didn’t you read the article either?! Paul intends to “torture.” His words, not mine. geez

      • Why should he give a speech. Just to be belittled by everyone except Jessica. I am the first to admit his social game does not exist and he made a mistake in week. But to make the game this personal is wrong. For all of those people saying it is just Paul the Player I beg to differ. Paul knows exactly what he is doing and I would bet a lot of these traits are part of his character outside the house as well.

    • Really, he is a waste of time, ya wanna talk about a bully, look no further than Cody

      • 100% agree! Cody and Jessica bullies since day 2 in that house. Paul now starts. I am not agreeing with Paul but, hate on Cody instead of kissing his ass.

      • For sure, AND how many times have you seen Paul threaten to quit the game when things are against him!! That would be ZERO, and twice now for J & C

    • Cody didn’t give a speech b/c it was not needed. Paul wasn’t gonna to save him and Cody is safe bvecause of the Hex. BTW, Many players have not given an actual speech at the veto meeting or even at homs (other than saying hi to people they know).

  9. And then everyone gets butt hurt because Josh tells Cody he doesn’t care about “America” because he didn’t give a veto speech. People all over saying “HE SERVED FOR AMERICA BLAH” (which keep note, during the first two weeks, these same people argued Cody was not a marine and was a disgrace to America). Josh by “America” means the fans of Big Brother. As a player of BIG BROTHER, it is totally disrespectful to “America” and the Big Brother game to not give a speech during the veto ceremony, as it shows he does not care

      • So when BB says “it’s time for America’s vote!”, they’re referring to the whole military and the whole country of America????

      • BB wouldn’t exist without the sacrifices of the military. I give my vote that America is more interested in the military than BB. And defending Joh — is that really what you want to do? wow

    • Yes, how Big Brother has come to symbolize ‘merica and is no longer a silly game of people misbehaving in a house is beyond me. You can disagree with people’s behavior for sure and I am doing that today but lighten up. America will still be here tomorrow.

      • Remember, Josh brought up “America.” So, if you want to smack the one turning BB into America, the words came out of Josh’s mouth.

      • Josh meant America as BB fans, not to represent the U.S, the military and what may be American or un-American.

  10. I am really rooting for Cody and Jessica on Thursday. As long as Jason, Kevin and Alex are safe I really don’t care what happens to the rest. I don’t like Cody and Jessica and wish for them to get evicted but I hate Raven and Paul. Although he is playing a good game, I don’t like him and Raven is the most annoying woman in BB history. I think Aaryn is there with her. Not even Rachel annoyed me this much because at least she played and won comps.

  11. I am absolutely disgusted with the bullying taking place in the house right now. Have been viewing jokers feeds. Paul practically assigning a part to everyone to make Cody snap. Really, is this BB now? Question his military service, call him a coward, etc. Paul telling them to use certain terms to set Cody off, and they all do Paul’s bidding. I liked BB in the early years before they brought back vets.

    • Does Paul think Cody will self evict and leave Jess alone with these crazy people?

    • Paul was acting like he was going to do it too. Josh was the only one who called out Jessica and Cody, and instead they just started making out so I think that the whole ‘make Cody snap’ plan failed and they dropped it

    • Because none of them like Cody for fighting against them with the same aggression. It’s fighting fire with Fire

      • Maybe, but questioning someone’s military service, just struck my nerve for some reason today.

    • Why doesn’t the coward Paul do and say things to Cody’s face. Let’s see what happens then. I really hope Cody punches Paul in the face and evicts himself. It is better than Jessica not using the hex and him getting evicted.

      • He just kicked him out of the HOH room. It was good, but he only did that because house guest can’t physically fight or they get thrown out. Paul was hoping Cody doesn’t want to get kicked out. Next HOH will be interesting to see Paul kissing people’s behind again.

    • So no one had a problem with Cody bullying Megan, Josh, and threatening Paul in his own HOH room?

      Bully Cody is getting back everything he’s dished out.

      • Nobody really seems to care about that anymore because “Paul is running the house”. Nobody seems to understand that 2 wrongs don’t make a right

      • I’m not saying Cody is in the right here. But neither is Paul lol! They are both being nasty in the house

      • Josh was the one that bullied Megan. He just told her that he didn’t like her. That is not bullying but just stating his view bluntly.

      • Jessica called out Megan in the first two days she was there. It was on episode two before she self evicted herself.

      • I always have a problem with people bullying other, no one deserve to be bulled. that said I had a problem when cody was bullying other as well as others bullying him. what a bad picture to our younger generation.

      • The only wthing he did to megan was nominate her and say the reason was he didnt like her. When did that become bully behavor. There are people i dont like and they know it so am i a bully? Josh is the one who verbally attacked megan

      • Thank you!!!! that is exactly what I have been saying. I do not feel bad for Cody one bit. Jessica also bullied Megan. Them two I will NEVER feel sorry for.

      • They seem to have set the tone for the season in that first week. Too bad the house hasn’t turned it around

      • Sorry, there was no equivalent in the first two weeks. Cody nominated Paul then Xmas. Oh, the horrors! Sorry I missed the planned “torture” done by Cody and Jessica.

      • Not surprised you missed it. And again you don’t read, when did I use the work torture? Cody pushing Josh aside in the HoH comp and calling him a loser, telling Megan he nom’d her because he just didn’t like her, going after Paul when he nom’d him, betraying his alliance. Buy hey, guess you weren’t watching.

      • Saying you dont like someone is not bullying. You dont have to like everyone. If someone doesnt like me i would rather they tell me to my face

      • Really? You sure about that? Maybe I was posting my neighbor Tanya’s opinion. L0L

      • Jessica also yelling at Megan her second day there in the kitchen. Yep, Cody and Jessica bullying. I do not like neither one.

      • Well Cody was a douche to people. Maybe not a bully but he wasn’t friendly either.

        You want a real bully? *turns to Josh*
        Yup him

      • Paul better be very careful,Cody could have PTSD and if he snaps people could be seriously hurt or even killed,if that happens Paul and BB could be held accountable ,why production is allowing this is extremely stupid and dangerous

  12. Paul’s plan to make Cody physically violent really wasn’t cool. I do think there’s a limit to where arguments and stuff should go. Don’t try to get someone expelled LOL! Take them out fair and square.
    Paul’s side and Cody/Jessica are neither likable at this point. I know that picking favorites isn’t really a good idea at this point lol!

    • He’s not trying to get him expelled. He’s trying to get him to crack so Jessica becomes scared and she doesn’t use the hex to save him

      • True I forgot he said something like that. But if they dig that low in his skin do you really think Cody isn’t going to get up in Josh’s face?

      • Paul said he wants to have cody break to get physical knowing that would get him expelled. He is just covering it with a if he crack jess wont use the power statement

    • Lol i wont be able to pick favorites for a while but right now im cheering for cody to stay calm and collected and not allow them to escalate him to the poimt they are trying. If they want cody put get him out fair and square. I think pauls upset because he is once again waisting hoh but this time he was warned ahead that a jess cody nom would be a waist

    • Totally agree, was not a fan of Jody, but what is happening this afternoon is so out of line for BB. This season really sucks.

    • Don’t tell that to this crowd. They love that he is torturing them. They think its cool. Whatever. Paul is the Cult Leader — he has many followers. Jim Jones and Charlie Manson could learn lessons from Paul.

    • Yep. This has raised my opinion of Matt and lowered my opinion of Paul/Christmas.

  13. The crazies always come out in these blogs. Remember when Caleb was the biggest stalker since OJ Simpson and needed to be jailed immediately!! Yep, people went on, ad nauseum, how Caleb was scary. (roll of the eyes) Now, Cody SHOULD be tortured, and Paul is just so cool. yoi

  14. You know what I find funny about all this? All this plotting and scheming by Paul and the Minions to make Cody lose it? You know what it means, right? They’re running SCARED. Yes, the big, bad alliance is afraid of an alliance of 2 (3, if you count Mark, and do any of us really?). This is absolutely hilarious, and yes, it’s predictable. Because this is what cowards do. Children pick on others when they don’t get their way. Grown men and women suck it up and deal with their circumstances.

      • Fine, and I could accept that if they didn’t try and bully their way into getting exactly what they wanted. I feel like I’m watching teenagers right now.

      • Cody also tries to do the same thing though. Remember when he told Jessica he can go intimidate Jason to get whatever he wants? Or when he called Josh a loser? Or when he told Megan he didn’t like her? There’s bullying all over this house and nobody is in the right, but I can say Paul is SLIGHLTY doing it in favor of the game. I do believe 80% of what he is doing is personal, but not all of it is

    • And honestly everyone is wrong. I like Paul, but I can agree he is out of line right now with everything he’s doing. But everyone is trying to defend Cody like he’s an angel, which is not the case either

      • I think Cody has been wrong in his actions before and Paul is being wrong in his actions now. Both have done unlikable things. I wish they didn’t have to go for personal things like that but I guess you go stir crazy being locked up in that house 24/7

      • being locked in a house won’t negate basic instinct and human nature either and it just has to be looked at like the experiment it is, we don’t all have to agree all we must do is repect each others opinions too bad the house guests have lost sight of simple respect.

  15. Watching and reading updates and here’s something I don’t understand. Paul, Xmas, Josh…etc. are talking about how Cody “attacked” them, “bullied” them and they aren’t going to take it anymore. Now, I’m not a big Cody fan, but when did he attack or truly bully anyone in this game?

    • Cody told Megan he didn’t like her and that’s why he nominated her, he called josh a “loser” during the 1st HOH comp, and he made comments about transgender people nobody should say

      • Ok… I hear you, but that doesn’t justify what’s going on in the feeds right now.

      • Yes but people cheering for Cody and Jessica is hypocritical considering everyone was against them weeks ago

      • That’s how Josh started bullying back on Cody. Cody and Jessica started it. Therefore, Josh is trying to finish it.

  16. I really don’t understand Jessica. She acts like a married woman for many years with a guy. She needs to explain his flaws, defend him towards other and make sure he is ok all the time.

    You usually act like that when you have been in a couple for many years and you try to protect your family, your roots. NOT after 40 days!!!

    • Yeah it’s weird lol! She needs him for her game though at this point, she’s always going to be the ‘outsider’ from here on out so in order for her to last, she’s going to need a shield

      • Sorry to disagree. But she wouldn’t need a shield if he wasn’t their. She was not a target anymore when he left. They have problems with Cody. Not her.

  17. Don’t you see? Matt disagreed with the Cult Leader, Paul, and was IMMEDIATELY reprimanded and attacked for it by Paul and his Cult Followers. His Cult Leader powers are so good, he has minions here attacking, too. They buy that “torture” and “mental warfare” are cool because Paul said it. The Paul Cult Show starring Paul on CBS.

  18. Watching feeds right now and Jessica is telling Paul what he is doing in the house and how he is playing a psychological game on people. Right on!

    • To be fair, Jessica is too by trying to portray herself as the victim in every single conversation she has

      • I don’t like Jess and Cody, but right now she is telling Paul how he manipulates the house to do what they want and how Jason didn’t come up with that speech on his own. She knows Paul feeds lines to people and tell them what to do. I am so into Jessica and Cody getting rid of him.

      • Paul will not go home next week, there is no possible way. I already explained this because of the Temptaion Comp

      • It’s not even that, it’s just because of the temptation comp they threw out, Cody and Jessica will once again be forced to send somebody home the alliance does not care much for. Josh and Elana are both expandable to the alliance

      • Well, if they would stick as a 4some of Cody Jess Mark Elena, it is atleast possible. Divided — forget it. Thus the Cult Leader Paul’s obsession with breaking them up.

      • Paul has done the same, starting in week one when he played the victim card while Cody tried to put him up.

      • Because he was the victim….Cody’s whole alliance was the victim because he blindsided all of them

      • He said it in the diary room. I had to play the victim to turn this around. He did it on purpose.

      • Paul was just going after those who went after him. Jess makes everything about herself and was telling everyone about how they were ruining her game. It’s all about her and she can do no wrong.

        Now that I think about it, she’s not that different from Josh. He goes off on people, and can’t take it when it’s directed towards him. Jess was so rude the Christmas (earlier in the season), but was telling Christmas about how mean she was to her (J), like she felt so attacked.

  19. Its sad when the main players- Paul, Cody, Jess- are unlikable in their own ways. Its sad because they’re actually playing the game. Everyone else is a fruitloop dingus

    • Absolutely, house guests need to play the game and why oh why didn’t Zach get a come back to the house invite?

      • But it was Paul’s fault. If only he would have taken James over Nicole, he would have won. (I do understand his reasoning for why he didn’t take James – He felt he (J) was undeserving to win that much money for not even trying, although I don’t feel like Nicole got out of her cuddle party much more than James..) Either way, aside from the vote, the power was in Paul’s hands, and he made the wrong decision. That did/does suck, but I don’t believe that he deserved another shot! If anything, they should have allowed the ones that was evicted on the very first day, to have another chance. I can’t remember the guy’s name from last season, the pet groomer (ex cop), but HGs like him should have been given the opportunity! Not someone that had the power in their hands, made the wrong decision, but still won money while coming in second place. That’s just my opinion.
        But in all honesty, I don’t know how well I would have liked Cameron… He was quite annoying!
        Either way. It is what it is. Paul or no Paul, we all would’ve found something or someone to gripe about regardless!!
        It does seem like more and more of the HGs, in recent seasons, no longer have morals, standards or even empathy for others. Is that what the youth has become, or just coincidence? Maybe it’s traits that BB production desire?

        I hope you all have a great week!!!!! 😎

    • Ah, that phrase will never get old…

      … unlike a certain meat product that this season’s biggest dingus keeps mentioning…

      • Josh will never be Zach! Zach, even at his worst, was not even close to being as annoying as Josh. J is a despicable, spoiled baby! I do believe that Josh has some underlying issues though. Maybe needs some type of medication? Being in the BB house for this duration of time will most certainly bring out people’s crazy, but Josh was already losing it the first few days!

  20. I honestly believe once Cody and Jessica go home this whole game changes. If Paul goes home, nothing really changes. It’d still be the whole house vs Cody and Jessica. What people don’t understand is that THE WHOLE HOUSE is against Cody and Jessica, even Mark was at one point before he became a total flop

  21. That whole conversation between Paul and Jessica makes me wonder if BB is going to make this rivalry about Paul vs Cody or Paul vs Jessica lol because I’m thinking it’s actually Jessica and Paul who are the rivals now

    • Jessica hasn’t gotten her due credit thanks to her association with Cody but she got some skills even if she hasn’t taken advantage of those skills up to this point…bless her heart

      • There’s no going around it, she sucks at the game, but she isn’t blind to what’s going on. I don’t know, her reads on this house are either spot on or completely off, like there is no in between LOL

      • She has no idea how to weild power i think in her situation she is doing pretty well but thats also not to say i really don’t like her from the day she made a remark about alex back in week 1, alex and kevin are my 2 faves this season just because they keep it cool

      • Hell I thought Alex and Kevin were cool too, but the fanbase is also going against them now

      • People just need to remember it’s only week 5. I’d fake some puppy love for Paul too this early…

      • This was exactly my point. They act like nobody will turn against Paul later on. They will, but right now it’s too early

      • I keep hoping it’ll be sooner rather than later. I mean, they have the numbers. If they all decided to get rid of Paul now, there’d be nothing he could do (outside of the Veto) to save himself. The further in they get, the harder it will be.

    • I don’t see where the love for Jessica comes in. She’s assuming Paul is running the whole house because the house is against her, but anybody could assume that. Not to mention she’s a terrible game player

      • It’s more just the fact that she’s acknowledging it publicly, and she’s calling him out on it I think.

      • Exactly! Like she trusted the others in the house way too much. If she wanted Josh out she should’ve placed Raven beside him. She don’t even interact with anyone else but Cody so why she think the whole house would help her out?

      • Cos she tried to play nice for a couple of days when Cody left and they didn’t all come running to embrace her

      • Paul IS running the house (well, his side of it, anyway – even Paul admits that he’s the puppet master and that these people don’t think for themselves).

    • That is the whole point of the scripted soap opera. She is the damsel in distress but fights her way to the top, while Paul is the villain trying to bring her down.

  22. Honestly everyone is taking this to such a personal level it’s insane.
    Cody was a dick, now Paul is using people to do his dicking for him.
    It makes Cody miserable, and in the end it makes Paul look better because he didn’t have to do it himself.
    Saying things like this advocates bullying and makes it okay is completely wrong. It’s just tv – and good tv at that. I’m sure Paul wouldn’t do this outside of the house, whereas Cody is “playing the game as if it was real life”.
    If you were fighting for 500k and you knew your opponent was super tough physically but weak AF emotionally… Which side would you attack?
    Seriously you guys need to lighten up sometimes.

    • Honestly I agree with you. People need to calm down and realize its a game. While I don’t condone some behaviors (Josh, Paul, Cody, Jessica) its clear that maybe they’ll lighten up after the show.

    • I don’t completely disagree with you however, don’t you think Paul (Josh) is going too far when he is pretty much mocking Cody for his military services? Is Paul really trying to do is get Cody to react in a violent way thus Cody being ejected from the game. Is that how Paul really wants to ‘beat’ Cody!? Not man-to-man, battle to battle in the game!? I personally think it makes Paul look like a terrible person plus a wimp because he doesn’t want to just “play the game” with him! Beat him fairly and evict him fairly!
      I don’t necessarily think Paul is completely like this outside the house, he is “the man” in the BB house, it’s going to his head, clearly! So he’s just playing the part and having people do his “dirty work!”
      Paul has that mob mentality now because of all his position in the house having his minions! But, Paul also walked in the house like he was “the man!”
      When most people get their 15 minutes of fame, it changes them! I think that’s what’s going on with Paul right now. Beyond that I don’t think Paul is a bad guy!
      I did find it quite funny when Josh was banging the pots & pans around, making fun of Cody for having “small man syndrome!” I was thinking “dude, your leader has small man syndrome! You totally have this backwards!”
      Paul was probably cringing every time Josh said it LMAO 😆 So, I did at least enjoy that part!

    • Yes this is a game but why does Paul and his minions have to make it so personal with the jabs? And if this is an acceptable game play strategy, what would you say Would be an acceptable game play strategy for Cody at this point?

  23. Cody saying that he’s gotten all he wanted out of the game and he’s happy. This is Cody happy?

  24. I’m just catching up, watching ‘flashback, Me, personally, (to each his own) I feel like I’m watching a good movie. Say..’One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest…and this is Big Brother. lol..Can’t wait to see “Hell Week…I don’t know these people. Ha!

  25. I don’t think getting Cody to snap is the best idea… i mean this is bullying like come on !

  26. the feeds are SO intense wow
    I think Paul is really shaken at the fact Jessica said she got information from the house

      • If only Jocasta was here so she could gather everyone around and hold a prayer circle, as she recites the Lord’s Prayer in different tongues.

      • Coming soon.. Hell Week..Starring Josh as “Baby Meatball…Paul?..hhmm Lord Voldemort? Pao!!

      • I had to look up Lord Voldemort. I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie or read the books. Does that make me an outcast?

      • Ryan Seacrest call Simon either “Dart Vader or Voldemort. I use those names to some of my friends too. lol

      • You can call me any of them and I’ll answer. I’m going to go look up lotus pose and wooo-saaaa now so I don’t feel so ignorant with you socialites. lol

      • Jello..I don’t think you have any favorite player. It changes everyday. lol

      • KSJB, you’re killing me right now, lol. HP is my absolute favorite series.

      • lol..seriously I have to re- read this..I forgot to laugh.I can see you doing that..True story. lol

      • No, I just have no idea what you all are talking about. Some of that yoga stuff, I imagine. But I had no doubt you knew what cow dung is. I have shoveled it before, yes. It ‘s not that bad unless you accidentally fall face first in it. That’ll make you do a lotus pose and say wooo-saaaa at the same time. Is that possible?

      • I think we all agreed that people need to relax….and just enjoy “hell week. Ha!…I was in Court today for a fix it stupid ticket (tinted windows. I got home heard about the chaos in the house…so here I am, catching up. House is a looney bin..just what Production ordered. ha

      • I’ve been expecting my husband to get a ticket for three years since he had his windows tinted too dark, but so far so good. Ugh, did you get out of it? I’ve been reading. But I’ll have to catch up in the AM. My bedtime soon. :)

    • I’m dumbfounded that people are calling Cody the bully. All he has done was get protective of Jess after the noms when Paul was talking down to her. How is that a Bully? What Paul and his Mob-mentality minions are doing is bullying. With Matt being the only reasonable one. I bet when everyone watches this over at the end of the season they will be ashamed of themselves.

      • These are adults. I don’t really consider any of it bullying. They are not allowed to touch each other, but being obnoxious is part of the game. Cody had his arrogant better than anyone moment, now is the house’s turn. What’s happening right now is Paul’s doing and that’s why i hate him.

  27. What a classless bum Paul is , he doesn’t have the guts to go after Cody so he sends his minions and his minions outside the house praise it? Heck show some guts Paul it is the whole house against those 2 and you don’t have the guts to just beat them next week.

    • And he wouldn’t go and talk to Cody without people backing him up…talk about being a coward.

    • Paul is a pos coward i hate the sob ,and i hope like hell that someone takes his bearded tattooed ass out,the taliban looking jackass,i dont like cody or jessica either but what paul is doing is over the line,and it needs to be stopped before someone loses their cool and kills someone ,these idiots are making it personal now

    • Paul’s attempts to have his minions gaslight Cody are downright dangerous. The thought that anyone in a game can come up with these ideas is really sick.

  28. Please God…. for the sake of entertainment and everything that is Holy, please let Jessica win HOH. PLEASE LOL

  29. Alex saying Jessica is a sexual predator, and Paul is agreeing with her….. is this serious right now? woooooow LOL this is getting ridiculous.

  30. oh my goodness. Think this is the first year since ED was on here that there was so much drama from so many of the houseguests, lol.

  31. 10:45 AM BBT – Cody discovered there was vaseline in the ground coffee. (Paul did it overnight.)

    How is Big Brother even allowing this stunt? Someone could seriously get sick or even poisoned by this! If they did this somewhere else, someone would be in jail already! Paul is crossing the line obviously, his ego cannot handle that Jessica has neutered his HOH! It was his stupidity! He wanted to test it now, he is going thru all stops to stop Jessica from using Halting Hex? Big Brother needs to stop this nonsense otherwise, someone who gets sick might just sue Big Brother. They knew Paul was doing this!

    • I missed the part about Vaseline in the coffee. I thought Paul switched coffee to decaf to cause Cody to get headaches. I don’t get the food tampering. Tricks ok, but tampering seems out of line.

      • If anyone did this to say a McDonald’s, the guilty would have been arrested by the police! This is blatant and if they scooped the coffee and not seen the vaseline and brewed it, someone could have been seriously ill or even died from that tainted coffee! That is thugish behavior from Paul!

    • BB wouldn’t let something dangerous happen. Vaseline is safe. Go read the label on the jar in your pharmacy.

      Personnally, I think stunt like that are childish and I don’t endorse it.

      • Seriously, they are like junior high students. Paul is now putting Vaseline on all the door knobs.

  32. Looks like Paul and Josh are exhibiting the same level of maturity. I hope production puts a sock in them both.

  33. I am absolutely disgusted by the way Paul and his minions are playing right now. Total bullying going on right now and I think they all agree with it. I hope Paul Christmas raven josh and Alex look at their behavior and hope nobody treats them like that. I can’t even watch.

  34. Just kick half the house out and start again. Seriously, I know people hated Frankie Grande, but he wasn’t this cruel (in fact, he only made that one – admittedly stupid – comment about Victoria).

    • These people take cruel to a whole new level. I don’t think I can even watch this anymore.

    • Oh, yes he was. He was vile…lots of sexual nastiness with Frankie. Remember the comment about Victoria using Zingbot as a was disgusting. This is nothing..people always bully in this game..always. If you can’t handle it..get out of the kitchen.

  35. What if Jessica doesn’t get the heck right? Like says it wrong? Would it still work? I forgot what it was as soon as she read it.

    While I’d probably laugh at Julie saying “that is not the halting hex” a la Jeff Probst saying “this is not a hidden immunity idol” on Survivor. I’d also be super bummed if Jody left. I want to see them at least get Paul, Alex, Christmas, Josh, Raven, Jason out before they leave.

    • Ask KSJB, I don’t think anyone has asked her that yet, she can explain it to you.

      • Lol so I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic because I saw her replies down below. but we’ll see if she answers. :)

      • I did the best I could. Thanks for the reference, meanness. I’ll talk to you later!! lol

      • All I know is what I read when someone asked that question a couple of days ago. I wish I knew what thread the answer was under because it was explained very well. Basically, the spell she repeated was to invoke the temptation/curse at that moment. It is not suppose to be used at the time she chooses to use the HH. Does that make sense? I’m half asleep. :)

      • It took me 2 readings but it finally clicked (I’m tired). Yes it does make sense. Thanks!

  36. It was horse puck that production gave Paul 3 free weeks, but they paid the house back by giving Jessica the equally horse puck HEX, that can save her and Cody.

    • She goes to prod. say’s she wants to quit so they give her ways to save her and Cody so she stays! Shes not dumb and they fall for it, if I were prod. I would say ok go

      • Apparently they told her that if she walks she’d have to pay all expenses at this point. Bet she stays, lol

      • She said she was some 12 minutes from her home or 12 miles..and she could call Uber.. nawwww she ain’t going nowhere…

      • Did that really happen? Wish someone would start a Go fund me acc. so she can leave and take her side kick with her.

    • Really, do you blame her…. This is over the top. CBS letting this go on is despicable.

      • Just horrible. I don’t care what Jessica and Cody did, nobody deserves this treatment.

      • Oh my, that is funny. These people have to realize that they all have to leave the house at some point and face the music.

      • Paul will be surprise this time around. He may just ending up PISSED to see folks on the outside aren’t drinking his friendship kool aid.

      • ??? His mother cared enough to speak on his treatment of Dominique. He will care this go round. If not, he needs when he sees his behavior. Game or no game, there is a limit….

      • Wonder if she’ll have to make another statement? The only reason she spoke up was because of the hate mail. While I hope that doesn’t happen again, I do want her to denounce her son’s actions.

  37. Where did the vest Josh is wearing come from? It looks like something they used in either BB18 or BBOTT. I’m guessing it’s part of a costume from a recent comp (unless it’s from this week’s Veto comp), but I honestly don’t remember which one.

  38. I’ve watched BB since day 1 and this year is one of the worst years. These people are adults but they walk around bullying. Paul is the ring leader and everyone of the house guest BUT Cody and Jessica do what ever he wants. Jessica is basically the only one who calls Paul out and that’s why he’s so upset and telling his “dogs” to go after Cody and try to make him snap. How dare then go after his military service??? I Love drama on this show, but this isn’t drama….this is disgusting.

    • The annoying part is how there are no real separate alliances. Everyone is just following Paul. I am watching the show just waiting for someone to go against his demands.

      • that’s what Jessica did by telling him she was using thehex…now he’s the one crying calling Cody childish for walking away… Isn’t that what we teach our children when it comes to bullying??? what a joke Paul is making of himself.

    • Careful saying this people will start telling you to change the channel then lol. Been there done that

      • yeah well if i didn’t enjoy. most of it i wouldn’t hesitate. Jessica is smart!!!! She is trying to play a clean game with ought attacking people on a personal level. That shows integrity.

    • Paul is pissed his HOH is going to be null and void, twice. They are all pathetic for doing it.

  39. I don’t think Pussyslapper and Tinydick realize that even if she uses the HH and cancels this week’s eviction, unless they win HoH on Thursday, one of them isn’t going to make jury.

    • They don’t care about jury. It’s the other houseguests that are pissed that they potentially aren’t making jury. Like they deserve it for just being in the house.

      • Agree. And they both realize it’s them against the house of floaters led by Paul. And neither of them is going to win this. So why just capitulate. They might as well fight and take the small chance of making jury over the no chance.

      • Fight hard for HOH and VETO every week and let the chips fall where they may! What is the worst that can happen? They get evicted? What is the upside? If they can win HOH this week and the week after back to back, they can take out Paul or his minions. Atleast, 2 of them will get evicted! Rinse and repeat! If one of them gets evicted, whoever is left in the Big Brother House should still fight hard to win HOH and VETO just like Danielle Donato! Then, you will see that big alliance fracture when it loses its members!

      • I respect that he has the restraint to ignore Josh, stand up to Paul, not believe anything anyone is saying, that he is observant… He may not have much of a social game but there is no guessing with him.

      • Only on this message board. Majority of Big Brother fans support Jessica which is why she won Halting Hex. I imagine with this increased harassment and bullying by Paul and his minions, Jessica and Cody got more supporters now. If there is another twist, they might get it again! It is bound to piss Paul supporters even more! Paul does not know when to shut his mouth! He is damaging himself thinking he is doing good to his game! LOL

    • I hope they stay calm cool and collected and make this effort of the other houseguest a waist of time and energy win hoh and see how things change. If they dont the will be able to remain calm by locking the hoh door

    • Me too as of now. I can’t believe how thing turns. I’m soooo disappointed in Kevin. He’s a father, he his their senior and he’s encouraging and participating in all that.

      • You know who I have tons of respect for now, Matt…. for staying out of it and knowing when it’s gone too far.

      • The whole house is a bunch of bullies. When Alex was sitting there LAUGHING when Josh said he was going to sh*t on Mark. As long as you are on Paul’s side of bullies, it’s OK. But if you are on Jody’s side of bullying – then they are the anti-christ or something

  40. Paul is a bully! He did the same to Dominique and taking this to another level. Josh is an idiot wanting to fit in with the cool kids. NOPE! They will never see Josh as cool, just a tool. Christmas is ridiculous, Paul right hand (Kevin is now the left hand) and just as bad s him (P).

    Cody never hid who he is or pretended, what you see is what you get…. What is Paul’s point? I hope Jessica use the hex and Paul is evicted next week. Glad Matt is finally talking. Why is Production letting this go on?

    • Jess should use the hex. Then fight like hell for HOH. If they lose, fight for safety then veto. Might as well fight against Paul’s legion of minions. Should they get Paul on the block next week against someone like alex or raven, he could go

  41. This is a game, and no one said it would be easy. Funny how when Jess and Cody dish it thats fine. These people just want Cody out, hes a hot head and they dont trust him.

  42. Hey “BOB” you reading all of this? These people are giving you a run for your money!!!

  43. I am all for playing the game, but when someone asks you to stop and you keep on and on it’s considered bullying. It’s ridiculous that these HG are so desperate to get rid of two people they would sink this low. These are grown adults and CBS needs to put an end to it. What are we teaching our younger generation? With all the media coverage discouraging bullying shame on you, “CBS” for allowing it.

  44. I have watch BB since the beginning. I have never seen so many floaters in one season. Not one person has done a thing. And the only reason why someone else has won was because Paul could not play. These people are so frigggggginnn stupid not to get out Paul now. They have no chance in hell winning against him. Are they really all that stupid that they don’t see it. They claim to be super fans but are sad little puppies following Paul around and doing what he says. Paul should win just for that. Stupid stupid people. .

  45. I find it amusing that in the feeds Paul has said several times now that Josh is americas favorite player. Could that be true? Even if a fan was only watching what is on the show and not the live feeds, I have a hard time believing that.

  46. I wonder if this show is going to go on much longer after this season… It’s going super downhill…

    • If Season 15 didn’t kill it … it’s going to take far more than any unpleasantness surrounding this year’s cast to finally put the wooden stake through Grodner’s heart.

    • Just FYI rating have been the same for over a decade. Actually slightly up this season. And ratings are only down about 20-30% from the first couple seasons. Not bad for a show celebrating its 18th year…

  47. Could anybody make out what the screamers were saying? I keep trying to make it out, and I can’t.

  48. WOW. Attacking someone’s military service to somehow win a game? K. Paul musta took it really personally when Cody tried to put him up because at that moment he realized his ‘charisma’ does not work on Cody. LMAO Don’t the others, btw, realize that when Cody/Jess are gonna Paul will create new targets (in fact he obviously already has?). For shame.

    • America 2 weeks ago – “Cody is not a Marine! He is too disgusting to be a Marine! What a disgrace to our country!”
      America when Paul and his gang call out Cody’s Marine Status – “What a terrible human! That man defended our country!”

    • According the EvelDick, Cody served in the Air Force 5 years and served in the marines another 5 years. Paul supporters asking if it was a honorable discharge. EvelDick said probably so, because he served 10 years! Again, Paul supporters trying to grasp at straws. Pathetic attempt to discredit a veteran who served in the US armed forces!
      Unless, these idiot Paul supporters served in the armed forces, who are they to try and sling mud at Cody just because they did not like him?

  49. …so everyone is just blinded and believes Jessica is an angel…when they literally hated her guts for everything she was like 2 weeks ago…

  50. Paul just blew his opportunity to get Cody out. I would have used the POV on Jessica. She would never use the hex just to save just Cody. Badabing Badabing Boy bye!!!

  51. I will say, this season has really shown how hypocritical the hardcore BB Fanbase is

    • LOL, okay, yeah, I’m giving you that one because most of these people only like Jess now because of this whole mess. Me? Well, I was never her biggest fan (and I still can’t say I have a favorite HG this season), but I’ve been rooting for Jody as the underdogs, and they’re against Paul, who is one of my three least favorite HGs this season.

      • Thats what annoys me. People are only standing by Jessica now because she’s against Paul, and they only like Cody cause he’s with Jessica! But 2 weeks ago it was nothing but “Jessica and Cody are disgusting! Who casted them?? Cody is no Marine in our book!” This fanbase is so hypocritical to be honest

      • Sorry, but those people still exist. They’re just being silent now. Rightfully so.

      • Mostly Everyone was like that 2 weeks ago! Mostly Everyone! Check on all of these fourms and all of Twitter, Paul and Christmas were at the top of the polls while Cody and Jessica were at the bottom with Cameron. Why are they loved now? Simple: Because they don’t like Paul. BUT that does not make them good people themselves

      • I don’t see people standing behind Cody and Jessica, I see people disgusted by what Paul and some of the others are doing.

      • Which is ridiculous because she has done the same things everyone is complaining about! The BB fanbase is wild…

      • How so? Did she bang pots and pans in someone’s face? Did she tell everyone to make people’s lives miserable so they’ll self-evict?

      • She bullied people, she has said nasty things about the other houseguests, she has told some people they don’t deserve to be here, she has gotten involved in pointless arguements, every conversation she has she cries “victim, victim, woe is me”, and most importantly, she is throwing her game away to be with one guy she met 40 days ago

      • Well, she was right about Josh and the other HGs have said and done far worse. And she’s not throwing her game away. Paul is never going to keep her safe. I hope she or Cody wins HOH next week.

      • Cody is ruining her game, she is going home next week because of him and her choice to save him. America gave her the hex for HER, not for him

      • Her game is already ruined. And America knew what the hex was when they gave it to her.

      • But they didn’t know she would end up wasting it on Cody. They wanted HER to flip the house with the hex, not save Cody with it

      • How do you know that? That’s your opinion. She is on the block. Of course she’s going to use it.

      • If Paul had any chance of getting her to not use it, he should’ve pulled her off and continued with the “he’s ruining your game” ploy. Perhaps then she would not have used it. But now – with how this house has flipped before – no way she stays up there

      • Exactly, Paul made a critical error. And he’s mad because he’s blown his HOH.

      • She’s not wasting it on Cody! She is on the block also, they could very well flip and vote her out! Plus, sure I agree Cody is not good for her game like I said in my earlier comment but, he is all she has and all she can trust!
        She’s not wasting it at all!
        Again, because you dislike them so much you can’t see past your blindness of hatred and realize she doesn’t owe anyone anything! She is doing what is best for her game today- Thursday, beyond that it just depends who wins the HOH. Even if Cody was evicted this week, that would be one less number/pretty much the only number working with her to win the HOH so the odds would be against Jessica and it’s likely she would just go home next Thursday anyway! This way at least she has a strong competitor with her during the HOH competition!
        I for the life of me cannot understand how that is a stupid move for her by saving them both on Thursday, especially when she has zero reason to trust the house (pretty much Paul and whatever Paul tells his minions) so she could likely go home on Thursday with the HH in her hand!

      • Are you kidding me? She doesn’t know Paul or anyone else in that house anything! She has no reason to trust Paul, plus Paul was lying to her and was not going to get out Alex next week so good for her!
        I agree that Cody is not good for her game but at this point, I don’t know what else you can do!? If he left this week, she would probably follow right behind them next week.
        So she did what was best for her for now and is going to keep Cody and just hope they win the HOH. If not they are goners. I don’t think they care at this point! I wouldn’t want to be playing a game with all these mindless morons who have now turned into bullies!

      • Exactly! Paul told her he would honour her wishes and keep her safe for two weeks and get Alex out next week, he was full of it! So good for her for not listening
        Cody is a number for her, plus she is the only person in the house she can trust!
        Paul wanted her to help him and his minions get out Cody this week but just like she said, why should I make the house happy!? No one has made me happy! Plus, she should’ve said )or maybe she did!?) I have been lied to every single time, I have no reason to trust you or anyone else aside from Cody!
        Paul has no right to be mad at her for keeping Cody safe this week. Whether he’s good or not for her game, she doesn’t owe anyone anything and, he’s the only person she can trust. So even if he’s gone, what difference does it make! She’ll probably be gone the following week.

      • Well, I like Kevin but him being number one is a joke. He’s just floating afraid to go against Paul.

      • Exactly. It is just when a HG says he is going to sh*t on someone and other vulgar stuff like that & other HGs LAUGH and encourage him. It is disgusting what Josh has done – and NO ONE in this house has said anything near what he has.

      • They are hypocritical because they disagree with you? Never liked either Jessica and Cody but, I watch this for the game play and am against a big alliance rolling over the stragglers which has been happening to Big Brother of late! Paul is overplaying it by harassing Jessica and Cody to provoke even a violent reaction to his minions antics! Jessica and Cody will gain sympathy because of Paul’s very bad behavior. He has his minions fooled and this large alliance behind his back and he still does not act like a decent human being? Acting like a jerkoff will not get people to support you. I am sure outside of this message board, Jessica and Cody have more supporters now! Why do you think she won the Halting Hex. I voted for Alex but, next time out, I will vote for Jessica or Cody. That big alliance needs to be broken up along with Paul’s ego!

      • I can’t stand skanky Jess. I want her to win and get rid of Paul whom I detest. Nobody else will do it.

      • I want Jess to stay to get out Raven. No one else will. Raven wins this season if Jess goes before her.

      • Jessica and Cody will only gain more sympathy as long as they are in the game! If there is another twist up for votes, they will probably get it! People forget not all Big Brother fans post in this message board. Social media drives what is happening in the Big Brother House!

    • How so? How are “we, The hard-core BB found base hypocritical?
      Yes, we want more entertainment- “Yes” we want Paul’s minions to turn on him, of course!! “We” want more entertainment -yes, “we” want an organic game -yes
      BUT “we” do NOT want a group of people following one person around listening to everything he says!, “we” don’t want 97% of the house to NOT play the game/their own game, throw comps, follow a “VET” around, NOT make ANY big moves on their own, “we” don’t want to watch 97% of the house do as they’re told & “we” especially do NOT want 1% of the house telling 97% of the house (during a group “meeting” discussing 2% of the house) to start attacking the 2% of the house by “Personally attacking & Bullying!!” those 2%!
      Would you allow your child to act like Paul, Josh & Raven? Would that be acceptable for them to treat other people in that manner???
      Clearly, “You” can NOT look past your dislike for Cody/Jessica therefore you are not going to “see the truth in this! (Long reply!)
      I am not a big fan of Jessica or Cody’s however, this is “Unacceptable behavior! PERIOD!”
      A game is a game but when it becomes personal attacks, bullying, mob like mentality, that’s crossing the line! Especially the “level” Paul (Josh) WANTS it to go to!
      I love to see drama, I lwant to see drama! But drama as in Paul’s minions turning against him, drama by people scrambling, drama with game talk, even drama with a Game talk arguing/disagreements! “We” want to see more people playing the game, “we” want to see alliances turning on each other and backstabbing each other! Blindsides! Etc.
      But NOT on “this level!” OR the level Paul wants his minions to take it to!
      Sorry, this is long clearly! But I always enjoy a friendly debate. No hard feelings either way! We can agree to disagree!!!
      But please don’t call me and a lot of other people hypocrites because we are asking for more drama! This is not the drama we are asking for!
      Don’t call me (& a lot of other people) hypocrites because we are asking for more drama! This is NOT the “drama” we are asking for! Bullying in anyway is unacceptable behaviour at any age! Doing anything! Even in this game!!!
      Period!! End of story!!!!

      • Holy sh*t that was long! I didn’t realize just how long until I sent it LOL 🙊 sorry! Just giving my opinion regarding you calling people hypocrites & clearly got carried away! All in good fun!

  52. Lol all these people saying Paul is “torturing them!” Lmao!!! He just said it, are they actually doing it? Not even close. This is BB people. These are probably the same people that complain about past seasons being boring. When we finally get action you still complain. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • I think the action has been crazy today and it has been very entertaining in my opinion, but there’s no denying it did get nasty LOL

      • I know but it hasn’t gotten nasty like this in a few seasons. Been watching bb since season one and I want litness. As long as there is no physical violence this is totally fine imo

      • This is nowhere near as bad as the treatment the women gave Bridgette in BB18 or Paulie’s sexist attitude. I didn’t think it was *that* bad today, but there were some ridiculous things like Alex claiming Jessica was a sexual predator that made me eyeroll LOL
        I’m still loving this season. It’s still really good because I’d rather have fireworks than BB16

  53. All of these people signed up for this game, as adults. This is a social experiment after all. You have to rely on the human condition to win. That’s all this is. Stop acting as if Cody is going to slay the entire house. If so, that is on him. No one else. At least Paul is playing. And guess what? It’s a pretty brilliant move if it works

  54. Mark and Josh through all of the chaos are starting to have a genuine conversation with each other. They both agree their actions were totally out of line and they don’t want anybody to potray them as bullies. Josh is also pointing out how he’s only been reacting the way he has because of the way he was treated by Cody and Jessica in the game. I’m so happy these two can see through it all and admit why they are doing what they are doing and know it’s wrong

    • But when Paul tells him to do it again, he will. And if he doesn’t want to be portrayed as a bully, he shouldn’t be one.

      • He’s fighting back. Anybody would do the same if they were treated like that. They are locked away inside that house of craziness, where every action has an equal reaction

      • Yup! Some people are defending it but most people are not. And there is a huge huge haye for Paul now

      • Where were these people when Cody and Jessica were doing the same thing…ugh…

      • Jody’s actions, while not right, pale in comparison to what Josh has said and done.

      • Exactly. For some reason.. ppl love to hate Paul. Give me a break, seriously. This is a psychological game guys.

      • When? Name a time and place. And don’t say Megan because literally all Cody said was “I don’t like you.” Josh was the one bullying Megan.

      • Are you kidding me? Cody and Jessica have not done anything remotely as disgusting as what Paul and his minions just did!
        The problem is, you clearly just DO NOT like Cody and Jessica therefore you can’t look past your hatred/dislike, so whatever Paul does is OK in your books!

    • Pretty much what happened after BB15. And they started showing what what actually going on. Maybe putting on the pressure will convince CBS to stop editing out Paul’s antics.

      • Exactly! I was disgusted watching/hearing about BB 15. BB 19 is about to become a repeat! Not cool at all!

  55. I’m a Paul fan, but the latest plan is a bit much. I can’t believe Paul was going to have others implement it while he watched.

  56. I do NOT agree with what Paul is doing at all! This is a game, he is making it personal!
    That said, Cody was trained to deal with situations like this. Not situations where he’s in the big brother house with a short man and a crybaby victim both bullying him LOL 😂 but, Cody was trained to deal with “heavy” stuff like this mental and physical torture! He should be able to handle this!
    But that doesn’t mean it’s OK!
    Shame on Paul and others!

  57. Paul is in the wrong on every level for what he did. HOWEVER, people are being way over the top about it because they are mad at Paul for controlling the house. Sorry, but that’s the game. Sorry this is Big Brother? Cody and Jessica are just as bad of people, so nobody is in the right for standing by or supporting anybody. They’re all terrible people. Each one of them. They’re all doing what they’re doing for what they believe is right, but we are all watching it. Everyone with a brain knows that everyone is in the wrong. Everyone bashing CBS is only doing it to support Jessica and Cody, who have done just as bad things before…so please stop trying to defend anybody for the actions they do. They are all wron….imo, there needs to be a house meeting to address this to everyone

    • If you think Jess & Cody did anything even remotely as bad as what the Cult of Paul have done/are doing, you need to give your head a shake

      • Yeah, that totally justifies EVERYTHING!

        chug chug chug, keep drinking the Cult of Paul’s Koolaid!

      • He is just as bad is what I said, which means I’m also saying Paul is bad…it’s you who’s on the Koolaid. Are you not reading anything? I’m literally not on anybody’s side, just viewing what’s wrong and what’s right

    • Jessica and Cody are totally outnumbered. That is the difference and that is where it becomes bullying and thus unacceptable behaviour. Paul is a disgrace.

    • I’m sorry but I disagree. I was a total fan of Paul’s until Monday! He crossed a line. His behavior and that of his minions was despicable!! Bullying like that is not okay ever, not even in BB!

  58. Paul is livid because Jessica won’t do as he says. That’s why this all started. He can’t stand that he can’t control her like he does everyone else.

    • No this all started because Jessica decided to call Raven out for a conversation that wasn’t about her as a person

      • Nope this started because Paul can’t get Jessica to do what he wants. And honestly, Jessica just told Raven that she was tired of people talking about her. Raven went nuts but they eventually hugged it out. Then Paul came along to stir the pot.

      • No. you do not understand. This started when Jessica decided to call Raven out for no reason. That is literally the spark that caused all this drama. Kevin even told Jessica the conversation had nothing to do with her and she still made a big deal out of it, and Raven made a huge deal out of it too by crying about it. Those two have started this whole drama filled mess for the whole day

      • No, they were already talking as a group Paul and his minions about provoking Jessica and Cody! This was their plan!

      • Paul told Raven to cry. In addition, this drama was not a catalyst for all that followed – yes, Jessica & Raven acted like big babies. But these people are all adults and they CHOSE to follow Paul’s ridiculous plan. I wouldn’t kick off at someone because two women were crying all over the place – ridiculous!

      • Didn’t Jason say the conversation or the gesture was about Jess. He admitted it about 40 minutes after they started. He said the gesture was not about the veto, it was to be quiet because Jess was coming. I was surprised Jason said it because I believed it was about the veto. Jason said it in front of the big group, minus Jody.

      • But the conversation itself was not about Jessica herself as a person and a game player, it was about what she’d do with her temptation

    • Again, exactly my thoughts! For weeks and weeks. He can’t control her like he can control every single other person in the house, so she is a huge threat to his game as well as Cody even though his little followers would allow themselves to be evicted to save Paul! LOL
      But, I really really hope Jessica or Cody, or even Mark wins HOH on Thursday because, things should change! One more until Jury, sooooo his minions might/should start putting themselves before him! If they want to make it to their second “BB Vacation Jury House Retreat” (cuz it’s like all they care about is their free vacation all summer!)
      Sooooo HOPEFULLY if one of those three wins HOH Paul’s minions will start turning on him! Please please please make this happen! PLEASE!!!
      One of paul’s minions wins HOH then it’s just going to be a repeat of this week!
      Although there is that “temptation competition”…….
      Sooooo, if one of Paul’s minions does win HOH and say Cody wins the “Temptation comp” & Jessica wins Veto, then Paul and his minions have no choice but to turn on each other!!
      Oh what the heck am I thinking, then Mark & Elena go up!!

      • You mean like Victor last year – or any of the jury buyback folks. BB has a tradition of these comebacks. Cody isn’t the first – and why does CBS do it – because it creates drama – which is all they can ask for – to get ratings

      • That’s a valid point. There is also a fear removed when you get silly temptations that give 3 weeks of safety or ability to cancel a vote. CBS does this on purpose. They don’t care who wins, they just need drama. If it were really a plain game – without the twists – probably would be more pure, but also many would not watch.

      • I do agree that I would love to see an organic season! No outside influences whatsoever and no one comes back. No vets

      • & I don’t disagree with you because I do not like the outside influences of this game! However, the same can be said for Paul coming back. He had his chance. Righto? 😘

        & just like I told “Philly Cat” 🐱 because you are the “Grinch…….”
        We just have to love you a lot to help your heart grow. 💜
        We love you “Imperial Survivor” ❤️ ❤️
        Heehee 😉

    • Honestly let him, I can’t stand anybody who thinks walking out of this game is the best option

    • I doubt he does. He is an ex-marine. Dealt with far worse mental abuse than this.

      After Jess uses the hex, will be an explosive HOH. Hope it is something physical so we can see them fighting for it

    • Tend to agree,America will not be singing “Cry Me River” if Cody self evicts,not really..maybe his family but not anyone else,Cody forgot this is a game,not a do or die issue with the rest of us.

      • It’s not a game when it becomes personal!
        Especially with this level of attacks!
        Cody is built to deal with stuff like this, Jessica is not!

    • I was rooting for Paul but this Is too far, way too far. Cody is better than me because would have mopped the floors with one of them by now and gladly packed my suitcase and left.

      • Same here! Jessica and Cody I have to say are superstrong! If I was Jessica I would’ve punched Raven in the face long ago!
        Cody is built for this because he is a Marine, but I don’t know how Jessica is so strong! Good for her

  59. I you are okay with, endorse, or even approve of Paul & the Cult of Paul’s abuse & bullying, you’re probably a bad person.

  60. Anyone talking about self evicting at this point in the game is a BB pretender,they are not serious enough about this show and by being there robbed someone else a chance to play this game that actually wanted to be there,either you are in or out,make up your mind before auditioning,not while on the show.

    • I am totally against self evicting but at this point, how much more can Cody and Jessica take? Yes it’s a game! But this has become personal!
      I would not at fault them at all! And again, I absolutely hate it when people self evict!! But in this case, I would understand!

  61. Paul, during the night puts vasoline in the coffee!
    Paul tells Jason to stirs things up during the Veto meeting!!
    HG, this veteran player needs to go, A.S.A.P!!!

  62. This is how you get better game play
    1. Remove the safety nets- Make the veto silver, remove returnee comps, have a twist free season.
    2. Stop recruiting people. Have a cast of all people who have applied.
    3. Make the prize 1M like the rest of CBS shows it just makes it more intense.
    4. AGE DIVERSITY have a 4 20s 4 30s 4 40-50s 4 60+
    5. Make sure they either a. have a significant other outside the house or are religious that way its not kissy kissy love love.

    That would make a great season.

    • Just adopt the Survivor format. HOH this week can play the next week and the weeks after. No sit down for the current HOH. That way, strong players can have a chance even by themselves alone! That would end the BS of having one big alliance rolling over and evicting the stragglers one by one! If everyone can play each week, they have to all try and win it because their ass could be evicted if they lose!

  63. OMG dude I love Kevin’s stories. I wish he was better at comps cause he’s my favorite HG.

  64. The Minions discussing “stand up to bullies.”

    These people have no freaking idea…

  65. The cast this year are all paul followers and he eggs on the drama. It’s sad and I view paul as a bully. He is the type that makes other people do the work for him. Cody and Jessica are the only true players in this house and it’s sad they have the whole house against them. But most threats people don’t like. I really don’t like this cast at all. They will go as worst cast along with over the top cast.

  66. Disgusting! I just watched it all go down on YouTube!
    Raven trying to act all “gangster” LMAO 😂 Is she old enough to swear yet?! She sounds like a little girl away from home so she can now use her swearwords without getting in trouble!
    Paul calling out Cody saying he’s using her because he’s too “chicken to do anything himself!” Now isn’t that “the pot calling the kettle black!”
    Josh constantly saying Cody has “little man syndrome” as he dances around with Paul WHO CLEARLY is a little man with “little man syndrome!” TOO FUNNY 😁 Paul was probably thinking “STFU JOSH I am a little man! You’re making fun of me too!”
    Paul to Josh: “has Cody made you cry” Josh “yes!” Seriously Josh!! You cry all the time, you have been a crybaby since day 2! All on your own buddy!
    I may not be a huge fan of Jessica and Cody’s, but good for them for keeping their cool in the backyard! And after everything I just witnessed, I can’t think of a single houseguest I like!
    I thought Jessica and Christmas had a heart to heart and made up! What’s up with that!? & Why is Christmas teaching people how to bully? I thought she was totally against bullying!! This should hurt her career! More than her broken foot!
    Twitter is on fire!

    • I agree with you totally. I’m surprised that Paul has manipulated them all to this point. The only HG I truly enjoy is Kevin & sometimes Jason. Kevin has some great stories.

      • Yes, Kevin and Jason however I’m trying to figure out if they were involved at all in any of this. Kevin did run to his room to grab a shirt so he could come outside and did want to be a part of it. I mean I guess it does get boring
        Shame on every single houseguest for not telling Paul and Josh and Raven to settle down! Someone should’ve said ENOUGH but of course, no one will stand up to Paul!

    • Tina, you know I have defended Paul & his brash personality, but…I simply cannot defend how him & his minions have behaved today! I was totally rooting for Paul, but after today… I can’t. He reminds me too much of the Paul who began BB18 and I detested him then! II guess he really does need Victor to reign him in and make him likable b/c I am truly beginning not to like him again~!!!
      For the 1st time in 17 seasons of watching BB I am rooting for no one to win this game!!! smh…

  67. Best showmance in the history of BB goes to……………………
    Paul & BB Production ❤️

    • Here, here production will save Paul because his agent has a contract keeping him in till the final 5 or 2

      • Oh for sure! We knew that as soon as he came in the house and had safety/couldn’t be voted out the first night, got to hand out the “friendship bracelets” and ended up with 3 weeks safety!
        Big Brother knew that we (as fans) would give it to Paul because he was a vet, the only person we “knew,” we knew he was going to be entertainment, we knew he was going to be a huge target etc.
        Don’t get me wrong, I get it! It’s ratings but when is enough enough!?
        Seeing him play the game with favoritism/help from production is getting ridiculous! Was getting ridiculous along time ago! It’s just not organic. It’s unfair for the other HG’s and of course poor Cameron LOL poor kid!
        Production could be a little bit more discrete, but for whatever reason they are not so it’s super clear Paul and BB Pro have the best showmants in history!

  68. I feel like the most annoying part is that this house is literally 10-2. (MAYBE 9-3 if Mark’s with Jody)
    There’s not really a major need to try and get Cody to self evict. Jessica and Cody are two people against 10 people LOL. They won’t win in the end.
    I’m glad that we had some huge action today but I just want to see Jessica and Cody get the power next week to knock the house’s ego down a bit, honestly.
    I’m not saying Jody are angels, but I think that the treatment they got today was unnecessary.

  69. OK – I get that it is just a game – but you still develop strong reactions to the antics you may like – or hate – of the characters. I can’t believe I actually liked Paul as a player last season. He is an outright bully and a manipulator – and I can’t believe his minions follow him blindly. For some reason, I wanted Cody to get back in the house because I thought he might be able to help Jessica in the battle against the Paul groupies. But Cody turned out to be a horrible player. How he could convince Jessica to leave the :kid with the glasses” on the block is beyond me. He ruined Jessica’s game with that move. I’m going with Elena and Mark as my faves now.

  70. I’m really not seeing how Cody is accused of bully tactics. When you look at it Josh got into Megan’s face and later Alex went after her. All Cody did was what an HOH does places a person on the block and for his reason states he don’t like her.
    Paul is just pissed because Cody sees thru Paul and in a true Marine style calls the kettle black. Yes Cody has zero personality but it’s a game and Paul was unable to win last year and he will be a failure again. He needs to crawl back to his parents basement and put his silver spoon in his mouth.

      • Yeah Dan, you know I was rooting for Paul all the way, but after Monday…
        I think the behavior of Paul & his little followers was disgusting! All of them, even Alex & Kevin got involved. I had to actually stop watching the feeds because that is not entertainment to me. Watching two people against ten get harassed nonstop is bullying and I just couldn’t watch it.

    • Paul told Josh that nobody can hit him, or they will be kicked out of the game, that big p—— wouldn’t pull that stuff outside the house!

      • Exactly! If this was the outside world, Paul and especially Josh would not be talking to Cody that way! Josh would be pissing his pants knowing Cody was going to kick his loser ass! God I hate that kid

  71. It’s official… I’m rooting for no one
    Paul (even as a fan) I have no faith in him here. He just makes himself the puppet dictator. Why couldn’t he keep his mouth shut and let people run their courses? Should’ve listened to Zingbot Paulie boy.

    Jody are complete hypocrites, act high and mighty in power but play the victims when they’re not. Cody is a douche with zero tactical gameplay, Jessica is just a lost puppy following him

    Marlena- Mark is a crybaby and Elena is fake (and I don’t mean gameplay wise)

    Kevin, Alex, Christmas, & Jason- just hopping on the Paul bandwagon

    Raven- can you please shut up?

    The only reason I’m watching is to see this game implode on these people. BB15 may be mean spirited but 19 is chaotic (not in the good way)

  72. I know there’s a lot of drama going on but best thing I’ve seen all season was Paul’s face when he nominated Jody. The only thing that will be better is when he is told the week is null and voice and he will not be able to pay for HoH next week. Hahahaha.

  73. Dear BB19 cast,

    Grow up will you. This is a game. A freaking game. This isn’t middle school you idiots. This is a game for a half million dollars. Stop being barbarians and be evil geniuses. You folks made yourselves unbearable to root for.

    To Jody, start playing smart and not isolate yourselves.
    To Paul, shut the heck up and sit back and let people tear each other apart. You’re not Evel Dick here. Its a shame I expected smarter from the guy who almost won last season.
    To Christmas, don’t instigate stuff. Start playing the game properly
    To Matt, grow a spine
    To Raven, quit acting childish
    To Mark, quit crying and play your game
    To Elena, have some guts.
    To Josh, get some help. You’re not meant to be on Big Brother.
    To Alex and Kevin, please be saving graces. Win HOH and put up Paul and his minions.
    To Allison, make the game fun again.




    • Too funny! And so true!
      But curious, why do you want Alex or Kevin to win the HOH? They wouldn’t put up Paul. No way, why do you think that?? Did I miss something?
      Cody and Jessica need to win the HOH and put up Paul and Josh! Get Paul out this week! It is time for his minions to start playing the game! Super annoying! Only 3% of the house is truly playing this game! Unbelievable!

  74. So you can’t sing in the house, but Josh can go around banging pans? You can also jack up the coffee and slop? Sounds like when someone put a toothbrush in the toilet. I thought there were repercussions for that. Josh is a one note(meatball) crybaby, with no game, who thought about competing for himself. not the team,who saved his ass only last week, like he did when he took the golden apple early. Jessica is truly naive if she believes if she doesn’t use the hex, she’ll be safe. If she doesn’t use it, why NOT vote her out, eliminating the hex, and leaving Cody alone without any protection except HOH or POV? Her one jury vote probably won’t matter.

  75. Why are they still discussing the temptation curse? Wasn’t the curse the competition Mark won on Friday? I’m confused.

    • Because Jessica still has the temptation to use, and the curse i think was for 3 weeks

      • The curse took effect when she accepted the temptation which are the competitions, i thought. Last night they were discussing the curse as if they didn’t know what the curse was; thats why i asked, isn’t the curse the safety competitions?

  76. Sorry Paul, but it’s time for you to go. I was rooting for you, until now. Getting Josh (among others) to do your dirty work is cowardly and disgusting! Everyone at some point will see what is going on (and I hope it’s soon) and it will come around to bite you in the buttocks. So unless BB does some crazy stunts within the next few weeks (it is BB after all), I see Alex secretly taking over and putting a cabash to your puppet mastery. So long Paul, you had your chance, but you blew it.

  77. I can’t remember when there was this much tension in the house. It has been a long, long while.

  78. Paul is a coward, or he would do it himself, he is so scared of Cody it makes me laugh!

  79. Say what you want about Cody, but he’s the only one in the house that dosen’t kiss A—!

    • I agree! I have said that since the very beginning. He is the only one that will stand up to Paul. And by Jessica saying no to Paul, saying she is going to use the HH on Thursday, Paul is having a huge temper tantrum because he is not getting his own way!
      ONLY 2% of the house doesn’t listen to him and that’s not good enough for him! Pathetic!

  80. I just saw the whole situation, and I said it before and I say it again, I know that Cody and Jessica probably are not pure sweetness, but Paul and his minions went really far this time, one thing is play the game, but other different thing is take the whole situation in a personal level, and this scene is definitely the second situation. At this point I don’t care who wins, but I hope see out asap Josh, Paul, Alex and Raven; they could bring drama and all that stuff to the season, but this -at least for me- was painful to watch.