Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results

A special late night Power of Veto competition arrived early and surprised Houseguests and Feedsters alike. Now we’ve got the spoilers to reveal who won this week’s Veto comp and what that could mean for the week ahead of another surprise for HGs, the Battle Back.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Houseguests didn’t see this coming as they were suddenly called in to the living room and the chips were drawn not long after Alex had revealed her nomination picks for this week. Jessica and Dominique were sent to the Block, but three more players were picked to play as well. Jason, Kevin, and Christmas were selected to join in, but HGs were waiting to find out if Christmas could really join in.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jason won the Power of Veto!

Gallery: Veto Competition Reactions

After the Feeds came back (Flashback to 12:32 AM BBT 7/15) we saw some happy HGs but Dominique didn’t look too cheerful. Upstairs we had Josh congratulating Alex before she was alone and started camtalking. Alex revealed Jason won the Veto, as she said had to happen for her plan. Alex got second.

Paul was quickly upstairs talking to Alex about her plans. She said she wants to get Jessica off the Block. Paul pushes now for Mark to be the renom since Mark would otherwise want to save Dominique. We’ll have to see what happens next.

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    • I’m sooo behind. Why would Mark be a replacement? Jason pulling Jessica off the block?

      • Jason seems to want Jess down, but he has no say in who goes up and probably wouldn’t mind Mark

      • I guess Alex would want to eliminate as many numbers from the other side as possible, so pulling Jess off and replacing her with anyone from Paul’s side would be the best way to go for her.

      • Still would want Jess out in case Cody comes back. That’s me, IMO Alex plans to work with Cody if he comes back.

      • Which I think is a very bad idea for her to work with Cody. But I agree on getting Jess out in order to do that.

      • Original plan was to pull Jess down and put up Xmas.
        Dom is the target this week. Alex confirmed to the cam yesterday, apologizing to Dom’s fans.

      • I watched feeds all night and as of 6:30AM ET Alex, Paul, Mark, Elena, Jason were still in the HOH room trying to convince Mark to be a pawn. He was not happy about it. They were up there going back and forth for hours. Hard to turn the feeds off but I finally had to go to bed. Lol.

      • Mark has the votes to stay if everyone else votes Dom out…so why is he worried? Even the other side wouldn’t have enough votes to eliminate Mark like they would Dom. I’m pretty sure the couples left would not vote Mark out over Dom.

      • Oh I know that…but they’re going to be at some time…better to be a pawn now knowing who the real target is and majority is in agreement with that than later when it becomes a double jeopardy! :-)

      • Sorry, I’m watching Alex trying to convince Mark to be the pawn. I don’t buy it.

      • I don’t either…but he’s not thinking about the strategy here either…he’s thinking personal as he usually does.

      • Strategy ??? WTF ? She is making enemy that will take her down later. Mark will not take this lying down. If Mark win HoH next week, Alex is on the block.

      • Mark would be a very tempting target for everyone! So I do not blame him for not wanting to be pawn as pawns go home sometimes! Does not matter about alliance as really most people are out for themselves. There are a few who may lie down for Raven to win?

      • & he threw a fit when Paul wanted to put him up as a pawn even though Cody was a 100% go home target! At that point they didn’t know anything about Ramses’s “consequence.”
        I like Mark, but he can be not a team player sometimes. I actually really like everyone in the house. Aside from Josh! Don’t like him at all! Want him gone now! But, I don’t even have a problem with Jessica. And for entertainment purposes, I hope Cody does come back and Alex, Christmas, Jason, Ramses, & anyone else? Start working with him. I hope Cody comes back and wins HOH that week. In a perfect world for me :-)
        I don’t want this to be like two years ago when every single person hated Vanessa aside from myself LOL I certainly won’t and cannot defend Cody like I could with Vanessa because I personally knew Vanessa so it was easier for me to defend her character and at least try and help “people” understand her but with Cody, I don’t know him personally (or maybe I do) 😉 however, I do see a very different side to him. I don’t know, I always try and find the good in everyone, and I always give people second chances. Plus I believe Cody is HOH was totally unfair & that he essentially got a consequence for Paul picking the temptation and Paul essentially received 2 rewards! I just want Cody to be given a second chance. And he can either prove me wrong or prove a lot of other people wrong! Regardless though, I just want to see it. You know what I mean?

      • Keep in mind, though…that’s just one strategy she’s playing on…the other, which is her initial one, is to break up the showmances.

      • Jason thinks he has say in everything. He is a loudmouth and he drives me nuts. He will push for Christmas to be the renom..he wants her out!

      • Yep…but I’m thinking back-up plan if Mark goes up instead…LOLOL I have kept Alex’s initial plan to break up the couples in mind for days now if she got HoH. She’s confusing people on purpose when she chose Dom as her target this week. It’s really not! LOL

      • Yes, but Jason isn’t HoH. I have a good feeling Alex is wanting to put Mark up and possibly get him voted out because she wants to break up couples. Her strategy to doing so is working so far, except convincing Mark to be a pawn. She’ll get her way eventually…LOL She has the numbers to vote out Mark more than Dom. Dom is not in a romance and others like her, Jason, Ramses, Kevin and Paul also want to break up the romances. Paul suggesting to Alex to put Mark as opposed to Raven will do just that! :-)

      • Yeah, I think regardless of who goes up Jason could care less. He doesn’t really have anyone, and the few people he sort of has are the same people Alex sort of has so, he knows those people won’t go on the block
        He said to Alex even before the nominations that if Jessica was nominated and Jason was picked to play the veto and won, that he would take Jessica off the block. Alex didn’t seem to care, in fact I think she wanted Jessica to be pulled off the block. She told Jessica she was not her target and would do everything in her power to keep her safe.

      • Yes I believe so. Again because Jason said if he won the veto, he would pull Jessica down.

      • True, but I don’t quite understand why Alex is targeting Dom begin with!?
        From what I understood (which clearly is not much because I am a day behind on your feeds updates) I thought Dom was not high up in that alliance!?
        The only threat I saw from her was her closeness to Mark but that would just make Elena an equal target!?
        Plus Elena doesn’t like her that much because of her closeness with Mark therefore that would leave another opening for Alex to create an alliance with Dominique!?
        I am clearly missing something!?? Read on and the answers will come to me? Or did I miss something before?

      • Paul is controlling Alex’s HOH. Dom and Paul had a Showdown . He wants Dom out. Any Pawn will work. Dom is out!

      • I didn’t realize until tonight/Sunday nights episode that Alex and Paul have a side alliance. So, it makes perfect sense now!
        You don’t think people Dominique can maybe, just maybe get herself out of this if Jessica is still on the block?
        I mean, I know she dug herself a huge hole, and I don’t know why she would do that when on the block!

        So yeah, doubtfu that she has a chance to stay but, stranger things have happened so, I wouldn’t 💯% without a doubt say she is definitely going home, especially if Jessica is still next to her.

      • Yeah Jason told Alex before she even did the nominations that if he won the veto/got picked to play, he would pull down Jessica.
        & because Dominique is Alex’s target, putting up Mark would be less numbers voting to keep Dom.
        Very interesting! I am a little behind on reading the feeds on here, but I don’t quite understand why Dominique became a big target for Alex. I know some people (Paul etc) were not happy with one of Dom’s “talk show” comments. I think she said something along the lines of “the organic alliance” but she didn’t really elaborate and I myself am a little confused as to why Paul ETC were not happy about it! I didn’t quite understand!? It’s not like it’s a secret about their alliance.
        I still don’t understand why Dominique is Alex’s target. From what I knew (which clearly isn’t a lot) Dominique was not high up in that alliance therefore I believe Alex could have potentially pulled her in to an alliance. But, then there’s the problem of Dominique’s closeness to Mark. So I get it, plus I don’t get it. LOL 😂

      • I am so behind also Joni!
        Even just being a day behind is difficult enough!!
        I still do not understand why Alex is targeting Dom aside from she is sort of in Paul’s alliance & I don’t understand a lot of other things either. Sometimes it’s just easier to watch the episodes and forgot about the other 163+ hours a week of gameplay, drama, lying, cheating, arguments plus plus plus that goes on! (No, I couldn’t do it! I want to know everything!) 🙃
        Reading all the info on this site and commenting and posting takes up a good chunk of my day, (& I managed to click on my notifications this morning and reply to two of them, I still have over 20 to read) oops 🙊
        I love this site & all (most) of you but I couldn’t imagine having the feeds! How do people work, eat, sleep, shower…….?!?! LOL
        I am very thankful for this site LOL 😂
        PS. Half of the reason I am so far behind is because of my pages and pages of long ass comments! I could never just shut up or keep it short and sweet! I am sure most of the people on here just scroll on by my posts!! 😬
        Although I have talk to type, so “talking” (for example) this message to you only takes me minutes, I also have to go back and reread it because talk to type changes words on me all of the time so, if anybody does happen to read my long comments, I want them to at least understand most of it LMAO
        OK, I will shut up now hee hee 😜

      • Alex does not care who goes as long as it is not her or Jason! She said in the feeds she would not pull a CODY! Meaning she does not want to become target after her HOH! She is playing smart! She made friends with Paul and maybe even MAVEN showmance to get others from constantly targeting her. She is trying to get along with most people now instead of not socializing like Cody which also made him a target! She is also letting people know so she does not upset the house like Cody did! Watching the 3 rigged production shows CBS shows viewers tells you little except obvious stuff!

      • Yes, I completely agree. It is a very smart move for her. She doesn’t have the numbers to make any big moves although getting rid of Dominique isn’t too bad of a move. And after watching last nights/Sunday nights episode I found out that her and Paul are now in a secret alliance. That’s great for her! I really like her and I want her to win!
        What do you mean by “watching the three rigged production shows CBS shows viewers tells you little except obvious stuff??

      • Alex and Jason are probably final 2 but he will not get that far so her secret alliance with Paul may reach final 2? Jason did mention to Kevin about final four with himself Alex Paul and Kevin . Lots of speculation rumors etc CBS shows viewers what they want not necessarily the truth about game play. What house guests real plans are. You mostly see obvious stuff like who wins HOH veto who is nominated general funny stuff in house etc Whatever is good for TV drama! Cbs can do what they want for the most part! I am just saying that unless you watch the live feeds you are not going to learn much by watching the 3 shows on CBS and reading rumors online!

      • Hope not. He’s just a loud mouth kid! Always the same reactions to people’s general comments.
        Always walka around like he either owns the place or is mad. He’s such a fake!! He’s like Peter…. ummmm Brown was it?
        Very annoying!!
        And SMS aka short mans syndrome!!!!

  1. Well seems like a done deal for Mark and Dom. Can’t believe Alex’s HOH turns out to be OK-ish. So does this mean Dominique will get casuals’ votes for Halting Hex now?

    • Well if Dominique gets evicted she won’t be tempted with it, it’ll be whoever receives the second highest amount of votes

      • The temptation will be given before the eviction ceremony. She could make it a non-eviction week and then the battle back will bring someone else back in.

      • If the consequence is the battle back winner coming back into the house, it’ll be on Friday’s episode, thus Julie saying “the houseguests will be able to stop the Battleback winner from returning to the game”. It also makes sense for it to be on Friday because last year they had 5 Battleback competitors, this year they only have 4, which means they need a time waster

      • But they can play it this week during the live show if they so choose. The voting ends this Wednesday and the winner will receive it then or the morning of the live eviction.

      • Dominique. And now that she’s on the block she’s secluding herself which is the same thing she called Jessica out for doing. Get out and mingle if you want to stay. Play the game don’t hide in the bedroom.

      • Ok thanks! I hate assuming anything just like if Mark was on the block people would be tempted to send him home! Alex only cares about herself! Maybe Jason or Paul for her final 2? I would never seclude myself if I was in the house. Part of the game is socializing not just comps as you cannot win alone! I think she partly got a bad deal. If Paul wasn’t looking to get her out I think she would be safe. I could be wrong though? Are others just following Paul no matter who is HOH and seems to be controlling the house! Next week we shall see if others take a shot at Paul or maybe they wait a few more weeks till jury. I want Christmas to defy the odds and win a mental comp or mental/physical comp and win HOH! Some comps are crapshoot too! She can do better than some even hurt! More mental comps will come and she will have good chance to beat most when they come! I like her toughness and no quit attitude! I will be surprised if she is still playing after 4-6 weeks if she gets out of her cast though! People will make excuses for an easy cop out to keep the target off themselves!

  2. So, been away today and come back to find out that Dominique is the big move. Really????

    • Dominique is not a big move… but whatever, Alex did not need this HOH to begin with so any move made wouldn’t have been a good move anyways.
      And one can argue Dom is a better move than Jessica/Ramses, which was the majority alliance’s agenda last week

      • Thing is, imagine you being on the receiving end of a weird talk show host talking to you about gameplay when you are not very close with said host.
        That among other sketchiness…

      • Oh I get that, but there are just too many people here this season that wear their emotions on their sleeve. It’s freakin Big Brother, not the Bachelor or Bachelorette show. LOL

      • It’s lover’s paradise this season with 3 showmances. Guess how many will last…
        (Hint:BB18 had 3 showmances, none of them lasted)

      • I have enjoyed the bromances on BB more than the showmances for sure. And many of those have lasted.

      • Alex spoke to each houseguest getting a feel and their opinion, and Dominique name came up as a red flag.

      • Alex wanted to get rid of a number from that group. She also knew they wanted Jessica up. She put Jessica up knowing she wanted to save her but not telling the other group. Then Dominique created some distrust in the other group so Alex thought she would target her because then she could get rid of one their numbers and keep one of hers (Jessica) and wouldn’t put a target on her back. She’s playing a very strategic game. She can’t go after any of the core 7 without having the numbers. And she had Paul’s support too which is good since all that group worship him. Alex will dwindle their numbers and come out with her hands clean. Did you get all that? Lol.

      • No one has to answer questions or appear on Dom’s show. Don went up because she was the easiest target for Alex. Don was not a friend of Alex or an ally and virtually no one was going to care if she went up. But Alex would love to see Christmas go. She might be too afraid to make that move.

      • Yes, thank you. That makes the most sense. Dom feels betrayed and is fighting mad. Too bad she didn’t win Veto. Maybe she can sort of feel how Cameron felt being evicted before he was ready to. No one is ever ready to be evicted. But she will have a chance to battle back next week. Don’t think she’ll beat Cody, but she’ll at least have the opportunity! I don’t care for Dom at all. She just hits me the wrong way. Her “show” was not a platform to talk game at all, but she went there anyway, so she really needs to reflect on that.

      • We all understand what she is trying to do. It is about the result that we disagree. It’s a huge risk. Alex and Jason are not thinking ahead. If Cameron or (God forbid) Jillian come back, it will turn out ok “maybe”, but if Cody come back. Bye Bye Alex.

        Plus the way she went about it the last few, she has pissed off lots of people on the other side (Mark-Elena-Matt-Raven). They are all agreable right now because she is HoH, but next week, if one of them HoH, she will probably be one of the biggest target out there.

      • Nope. If Cody comes back I guarantee he’s working with Jess and Alex. He told Jess to trust Alex and work with her. He also said on his exit interview that he would never campaign against Jess or Alex if he were on the block with them. And Alex hasn’t pissed anyone off. Nobody is even mentioning her name. Watch in the feeds the private conversations with the couples. They’re all backing Alex.

      • Yes ofcourse he would work with Jess who he wants as his GF! Someone here said otherwise with no reason why as I asked for it. He respects Alex and when he wins Battle back unless the Hex stops it which it may then some wild drama would be crushed! Cody will target his 2 biggest former Allies Mark and Matt! Also Josh! Alex has done nicely since Jillian eviction to play nice and get along with people even before she won HOH! Elena should have won HOH! Hate those deals finish the comp the right way! Reminded me of last year and it cost James the game letting Nicole win HOH! Nicole also got James to go after Paul and Vic and it blew up Jatalie and Nicole ultimately won the game because of those 2 moves! Also Cody said he would never campaign against Raven! They all seem afraid to go against HOH? Alex and Jillian were bashing the girls big time privately when Jillian was still in the house! Alex realized she had no choice but to play nice or she would have gone home after Cody! Elena would have stayed up and won HOH and put Alex on the block this week! Things change fast in the BB house and that is what most fans can agree we all like!

    • Makes sense to me. She was flying low while actually gaining a lot of info about the houseguests through her talk show. She’s a good talker and she knows how to work people, better to get her out now before the end

  3. Btw, shout out to my late night crew here:

    Who wants a PaulExposedParty sooner rather than later?

  4. I think getting Dom out is a smart move. She is a floater and really doesn’t do anything but stir things up. Her game is weak. Sooner than better in my opinion. Even if Cody comes back Jess isn’t or Cody will not be that powerful. It will still just be the two of them against everyone else.

    I think they need to start looking at Kevin. People are thinking he is shrew and all but all I see him being is a minion of Paul and will follow whatever he says.

    • I keep getting a black screen. I am at work and I was looking forward to watching the feeds. Grrrrr

      • oooooh that happened to me last nite during the comp…I was sooooo pissed…I called CBS today and they helped me fix it…

      • We had a huge electrical storm pass through last night. Lost power for a few seconds. Got everything reset, it goes out again from another outage. Takes forever to reboot everything. So I gave up and went to bed. Had to work today and when I got home and went to sit down to catch up, another electrical storm comes through and knocked the power out two more times. Storm finally passed but I waited for a few hours just to be sure..LOL So with all that said, I had not only a black screen, but a totally blank one too! hahaha

    • I was up until 6:30AM. I love when they’re exciting to watch but I don’t get any sleep. Going to just clean house today then take a long nap. Lol.

  5. Have you guys seen Jason tonight. He’s on Alex ears. Very Pro-active with the game. Is this a new Jason?. He’s dictating Alex the targets. Ha!

    • He’s learned the game it seems. Didn’t think there was hope of that at all last week with him being Cody’s puppy dog and Kevin’s main audience…LOL

    • Yep….I am guessing that Jason is on Pauls radar now…Jason may make it jury..but no farther…As I said just a guess..

  6. I am not getting it. Why pull Jessica off the block?

    Besides, I know that they do not know about the battle back yet, but I would love love LOVE to see both Cody and Jessica having to compete in the battle back on Friday. ;)

    • I think Alex was hoping Jessica would fight for it and take herself off. Just my guess. Who really knows. It’s just been crazy lately! More so when you leave most of these idle at their own devices without consulting with Paul..LOLOL

    • awwww Don’t know..unless its Jason being in Alex ear..Even Paul has changed his mind about Jessica being evicted (I think)…I am confused about the big move Alex had planned on making…unless she puts up Christmas there are no really big moves this week…Paul is not an option..So I can’t fathom what her “big move” will be…

      • Getting out one of their numbers is a big move. And she’s doing it with everyone’s approval. Therefore she doesn’t have a target on her back and she’s in good with everyone.

    • Alex knows Jessica is a number for her side right now. She’s trying to get rid of a number from the other side while adding a number for her side. She’s playing a smart game. And if Cody does come back that’s another number for her side.

  7. Paul Matt Raven discussing Christmas and possible eviction/renom ??? I can see it ..cause Christmas has such a serious injury that she “should not” be in the game and in a sense Christmas is being really selfish ..Christmas is at this point a “vote” not a competitor ….Personally I don’t believe that she should be allowed to continue but higher powers (Production) see it different..

    • She’s giving Big Brother a show? I agree on letting Xmas go, but Grodner says it’s a social game as much as a competition type game. So who knows what direction they plan to take this.

      • She is really not giving BB a show…Shes a liability not an asset..its sad to say but Christmas and her opinion are mute at this point…Like I said its selfish on her part to insist on staying…BB would gladly let her return next year I have no doubt..

      • I’m with you. She broke 10 freakin bones, has a cadaver bone replacing one of those, screws, plates and pins in who knows how many others. Full recovery will take a year. Like, how, even with a boot, can she compete, not to mention the swelling she’s having to endure too. My gawd! What is BB thinking?

      • What is Christmas thinking?? Again shes being selfish in staying..I give it 2 more evictions and she will be gone..

      • I think, with more mobility that will be required of her, she’ll be screaming to go home, since she won’t have much time to rest her leg. Pain killers only work for so long before they wear off before you’re able to have the next dose.

      • It won’t hurt less at home than in the house. Doesn’t matter where she is.

      • No, but she won’t be stressing out as much either and will be much more comfortable at home than being cooped up in the BB house without any extra devices to help in minimizing the pain.

      • She got drawn to play Veto this week. I wonder what she will do with that situation.

      • Not to mention the pain killers she has to be on! Any type of post-surgery saps your energy and challenges your pain levels. I guess $500K makes you rise above the pain/discomfort?

      • Sorry to disappoint your mutiple wi-fi personalities but this makes it 4 websites that you troll on lol. You’re the the foreskin of local news websites! Haaaaaaaa! And you said you won? Your invested tim in 4 seperate websites makes you your own loser bahaaa!!

      • They’re all out of the loop, except Paul. He knows what’s going on. (possible target) They’re all confiding to Paul, some how it makes them feel safe just to hear his bs HA!..

      • Yeah but Andy can be in three rooms at the same time. I had to use the quad cam a lot.

      • Haha you know who else does that this season is David. He’s in one room and I’ll switch cameras and there he is again.

      • Good job. I think I’m giving the rest of mine to him too. At least he’ll be safe for 4 weeks.

    • I swear I’m disappointed in my girl Christmas. She went from a motivated speaker and Miss perseverance to throwing her Ally Dominique under the bus! This is not Christmas Abbott. Sad thing for Christmas is, Paul been stabbing her in the back the whole time. Spreading rumors she’s too bossy and she talks too much. But I guess she’s playing Paul too lol. just found out last week she’s engaged to be married on September 3rd in Raleigh,N.C. Love to see Paul’s face when he finds out the real truth about Christmas.

      • He doesnt like Christmas. He said he doesn’t want be affiliated as her close alliance. I knew all along Christmas was fake. Just was waiting for it to manifest.

      • Who knows if that is true as some have said online she broke off engagement before entering BB house. What did she say about Dom? Trying to catch up with latest feeds! Paul is definitely backstabbing Christmas Dom etc Christmas has done nothing to Paul! They are not in showmance just friends! Christmas shares her big secrets with Paul and he shares only his BS mostly! He did not even tell her he told Kevin to throw hinky vote against Ramses! Paul is playing EVERYONE! Someone posted online which upset me that Xmas was a whore and was in love with Jason and wanted to have sex with Matt! Anyone know about where someone got this info from? More rumor lies?

  8. Jason complaining that Paul is telling Alex how to run her HOH…Funny…Jason is telling Alex how to run her HOH….. Go figure…duh!!!

      • I think its called “sidekick idis” u know its like when a friend gets HOH and the “friend” thinks that he/she is entitled to make decisions…Jason would be a complete disaster as HOH..The HGs would revolt and selfeviction would be their best option..

    • At least Jason has been with Alex since day one. Paul uses everyone HoH, even going back to last season. He tries running every week. Jason and Alex friends from the beginning when Paul was clearly against her. Now Paul trying to be her ally. Paul is a fraud, but good at it

    • They better all wake up Jessica and Cody are gonna team up! Possibly one of them win HOH. Just dumb… just dumb…

    • He’s counting on Cody coming back, he thinks Cody wants to work with him, doesn’t understand that Cody was using him.

    • If you like Alex it’s a smart move. Jessica is a number for her right now. And Alex is getting rid of one of their numbers. If Jessica stays up then it’s too risky that she goes. Then Alex would lose another number and the other side would keep their numbers. It’s a smart move for Alex I think. Alex even said she wants Jessica gone but not right now. And if Cody comes back as much as you don’t like him he will be another number. Alex will be in a good position to get to the end. Just watch.

      • agreed 100% and if Cody comes back he will most definitely go to working with Alex, and he’ll keep Jess off her back

      • No way, Cody will not align with Alex. Try to remember what he did the last few days before he left.

      • That’s good now, but she is not thinking ahead. Sware to you, she will regret it later.

      • See I don’t think so. I think she is thinking long term. She’s working slow and steady. You don’t evict someone that can help you even if it’s only a few weeks.

      • IDK, obviously we will have to wait and see. But don’t take me wrong, I like Alex, I’m not convince she’s doing the best move for her game.

      • Oh I know you like her. I could be wrong too. This game changes day to day. But I’ll tell you one thing. Players like Alex are the reason I love this show so much. Wish there were more players like her. Watching how she’s playing on the feeds she amazes me.

      • I do not like Alex but she is wising up the past 10-12 days! Otherwise she would be leaving this week! She does not like Jess but they need to work together or go home! The other side has the numbers but things are changing quickly! Hope others start playing harder soon! After Battle Back comp things will get plenty more interesting!

  9. now. It’s going to be a long week of campaigning. I can’t help but feel this is bad for Alex’s HOH reign.

    • I said the same thing. Not a good move. She’s put a target on her back. Now she may not make it to jury.

      • Well so far, nobody seems to be mad at Alex and Mark was wants to be done with Matt and Raven. It’s setting in cracks within the group, which is exactly what she wanted.

      • No I get the dynamics. I’m worried who goes out that door. Got a feeling, if Jessica stays, Alex is in big trouble. She’s (jessica) Alex’s true enemy in. Jess and the girls mainly XMas will get together and get her out, shes the strongest girl . the girls never use that to their advantage and work together, they take eachother out. I’d go for Jessica back up xmas. Long term damage is my concern.

      • The problem is Jessica is alone and nobody likes her. It would be different if she were persuasive and a physical/social threat but instead she’s an outcast. She will always be a target as long as she is in and especially if Cody comes back.

      • Wouldn’t count on it. Jessica’s social skills are improving, plus don’t forget how she stayed on that wall. Thats after she ate slop all week and slept on spikes. I’d get her out. She will peak soon.

      • I agree…once Cody comes back (pretty good chance), she’ll work with him and whoever he decides to work with, minus Alex.

      • The best thing for Alex to do is leave Jessica on the block and let the other HGs decide if they want to save Dominique. It won’t be Alex’s fault if Dom goes instead. If she uses the veto on Jess, then she may be a target for a few of them, but she has Jason, Ramses, Elena and Paul on her side to get rid of Dom and probably Kevin. Then she’ll have Jess and Cody if he returns.

      • I have concerns about the Jessica/cody/Alex situation. It wont work. Petty jealousy will prevent it. One week tops.

      • Jessica does not feel comfortable working with Alex, though or anyone else for that matter. She’s waiting for Cody’s return and will most likely team up with Paul, not with the rest, though. Cody will play a different game so he can get Paul in a better place and right where he wants him before trying to eliminate him than he did before. He first has to eliminate some of Paul’s team members first, though.

      • She has everyone’s approval. And with the way the votes have been going she doesn’t trust everyone to vote Dom. Jessica is a number for her so if Jessica did get voted out she would be down a number and the other side would keep their numbers. She’s making a great move.

      • Jessica has nobody. she doesn’t want anything to do with the other side and vice versa. Jessica is a number for Alex right now. They’ve already talked about it.

      • I’m happy that there are a FEW people paying attention to what is really happening in the house.

        I have no “horse” in this game, I just want to see smart game play.

        Originally I was under the opinion that it would be a bad game move for Alex to win HOH this week. Boy, she has proven me wrong!

        Very strategic, very smart game play.

        Think about it like this. Without even evicting anyone yet, she has blown up the main power alliance in the house.

      • “Without even evicting anyone yet, she has blown up the main power alliance in the house” Bingo. She infiltrated a group with a target that wouldn’t make anyone have any distrust in her (And no, this was not Paul’s influence since she wanted Dominique gone since the first week and she didn’t let him control her nominations). With that, she allowed paranoia to seep through the cracks of the alliance and allow Mark and Dom to not trust Matt and Raven, Dom to call out Paul, and for Dom to actually not be mad at her with the implication that her alliance solely influenced the nominations.

        Viewers always want to see flashy, huge moves but rarely notice subtlety which is why I preferred Nicole over Paul last season.

      • I totally agree with you. She is playing a very smart strategic game. I loved watching her on the feeds all night. Slow and steady wins the race. That’s where Cody went wrong.

      • Looks good now, but if Cody come back it’s going to bite her in the butt if Jess stay. Cody won’t be on Alex side and will bring Jess back with him.

      • Nope I disagree. Cody really likes Alex. He told Jess when he was leaving to work with Alex. If he comes back he will work with Alex and Jess to get the couples out. Just watch. He don’t have anyone else to work with. That’s just my opinion.

      • I think he’ll be too wrapped up in Jess to even think about being around Alex anymore.

      • Exactly. Why don’t people see that. She’s playing a very smart game. And keeping Jessica even though she wants her gone shows she is playing strategic and not personal. Jessica has nobody on the other side therefore she’s another number for Alex. And getting rid of Dom is another one down on that side. Plus now they’re all turning on each other. I’d say Alex’s HOH is very successful.

    • It’s one of the best moves. She’s keeping one of her numbers and getting rid of one of their numbers with everyone’s support. She’s coming out of this with her hands clean.

      • Very true! Good move by Alex! Paul’s idea though! Alex did not have specific target. Xmas was the original back door plan! Mark was back up renom! Paul and Alex are in secret alliance together!

  10. Listening to Paul pushing Mark into being a pawn, and then saying “no one is forcing you”, I just wanna have someone put a sock in his mouth

      • Pushing. He shoots down Jason telling Alex who to nominate while doing the exact same thing himself.

      • Ok. I like Paul but he needs to shut up and stop trying to run the house. It rubs ppl the wrong. I dont have feeds so thats why i asked.,lol thanks.

      • I mean, it’s natural to push for what you want in that house…he just does it in such an aggressive way that it’s hard to call it “suggesting” lol

      • I agree he does think he runs the house. Then he knows exactly what Alex wants to do but goes up in the room and says when everyone is there “Fill me in” like he’s so innocent. Can’t stand him.

      • What’s Paul doing now?? Smh lol That’s my boy but i think he needs to have a seat. I trust you so whatever he’s doing must not be cringy. I dont have feeds

      • IDK, haven’t had a chance to watch today.

      • Watching the big fight/house meeting that happened early this morning, pretty juicy!!

      • Yes. It wasn’t a fight per se, but Paul has the upper hand. Dom is a complete moron who thinks she speaks on God’s behalf.

      • Just saw it! Lol Paul walked her ha! So did Ramses! Lol she tried to intimidate him. I dont care for Ramses but i was rooting for him in that confrontation.

      • Yup and she dug her own grave, toodles Dom/God.

      • LOL! Wonder if God to her she’d be out next?? She thought she was sitting pretty till jury for sure.

      • LOL! Wonder if God told her she was going home next. She thought she was sitting pretty till jury.

      • Love him most of the time, irritated by him some of the time, would miss him a lot of the time if he left.

      • I’m clearly in the minority and it’s starting to be a drag tbh. Like last year, hated Nicole and was beat up regularly for saying so. Oh well, such are BB fortunes. :)

      • Well, I agree with you about Paul and I agree with you about Nicole. I don’t bother to read the posts from the people who say the same things over and over and over

      • Early this morning 4-5 PST, Paul was in HOH with Jason, Elena, Mark and Alex (she did get called to DR during that hour) but Paul just kept hammering to Mark “Your safe and the best choice for the pawn, but no one is forcing you” for an hour that was all that came out of his mouth. Elena also started agreeing with Paul.
        I missed why everyone is wanting to keep Jess safe and turned on Dom

      • Omg was he? Smh Me either. I cant stand Dominique and don’t mind her on the block but as the TARGET, is absurd.

      • Paul always tells people who to nominate in a slick kind of way. Alex is not dumb, but Paul is a great manipulator.

    • It’s called playing the game and Paul is playing it full tilt.

  11. Jason. Smh. I just think this isn’t a good move for Alex. Well, as of now, Alex had better pray Cody comes back to save her, if he doesn’t, she’s screwed. There’s no way I’d risk my game for Jessica.

  12. Mark being the replacement would make the most sense to get Dom out, I am watching the feeds and he is really trying to talk them out of using him as a pawn, but now that dom has insinuated Paul is the snake manipulator I am sure Mark will go up as a pawn.

    • I’d like to see him go as much as I’d like to see Dom. Both of them are useless, IMO

  13. LOL…So, Mark is being targeted by Paul — this after Mark got mad at Cody for trying to put Paul up on the block! Big dummys (Cody’s alliance) should have stuck with Cody instead of running to Paul. I only wrote that 20 times in the last week. Turned out to be correctamundo.

  14. I may be over analyzing here but Alex just might be a genius. She is getting a member from the other side of the house out all while making it appear that her hand was forced and getting the approval from the opposition’s leader. Yes, it’s not one of their power hitters but she knows not to rock the boat too soon and rather start poking holes in it. Bravo Alex!

    …and what’s up with the early veto comp?

    • Yeah totally agree. She can talk smack but is actually playing a very subtle, longer term strategy.

    • She’s playing one of the best games. I think she’s going to be in the F2.

      • You know, after reading hundreds of comments calling her an idiot for nominating Jess and also for pulling Jess down hehe.

      • Can Christmas use the power of replacement to change the nominations before the veto is used?

      • She can’t replace anyone for noms. That’s not what the power is. The power is if she doesn’t get picked to play in veto she can replace someone with herself to play.

      • Thank you. I didn’t understand what that power was all about. So basically it was wasted except for the Toad costumes curse. LOL

      • No she could still use it, it’s good for the season. Depends if it’s a comp she could play in

  15. I was excited for Alex to win, but I don’t really care who goes home this week. I was hoping it was Jessica, but she may come off the block. Alex promised Elena and she should keep Mark safe, so it can benefit her in the next couple of weeks.

  16. Keep in mind that Mark would play against Cody in battle back. That would be interesting

    • That would be awesome but I think if it’s Dominique vs Mark Thursday Dominique will go home further solidifying Cody winning the battle back. Dominique Jillian and Cameron aren’t even competition for him.

      • Depends on the competition. Aside from last week’s POV, none of the competitions have been mental. I don’t know how any of them, especially Cody, would fare.

  17. WHY…would you take Jessica off the block???? Why not vote her out???? She is the viper and they are ignoring her sick alliance with Psycho CODY.

    • I have no idea how Jason thinks taking down the person the house hates helps his game. What an idiot!!! He’s asking to go home next week.

    • Because they can speculate, but not know for sure if there is a battle back and Cody will return. So right now, she is alone in the game. BB 101, rope those people in. Besides, Cody wanted to work with Alex and Jason, they know that, so that’s probably where she will go

  18. I just watched ‘the Domprah show. Poor Dom, she was annihilated, but god is with her. Paul is a snake? and the ‘Infiltrator? lol No way! (-o⌒)

  19. so Alex will have to pick a side… nom Mark and stick with Paul or nom someone like Christmas and take her shot. I don’t think she’ll be able to do much damage with Dom as the opposing nominee. As much as I can’t stand Paul leading this house and I hope for a blowup, Alex probably needs to play it safe here because I don’t see Christmas going home over Dom.

    • You are wise and understands big brother. You can look past your hatred, and see the game.I argued that this other day. It would’ve bbeene best for her game to leave that side of the house alone for now. She’s made trouble for herself, who cares about Dominique. Great comment.

  20. We never actually hear Alex praise Paul and say she wants to work with him in the DR, right?

  21. What is the details of the battle back twist where Thurs night i heard Julie say someone gets to choose a returnee. I dont understand.

      • “someone gets to choose a returnee” is totally different meaning with “preventing HG returning to the house”.
        Hopefully the Battle Back winner can enter the house, otherwise it sucks having won Battle Back then can’t enter the house, especially if it’s Cameron!

      • So someone gets to choose a returnee AND theres going to be a battle back? Im confused. Is it someone in the house gets to decide if the winner of the battle back reenters the house?

      • Julie didn’t say “someone gets to choose a returnee” at all.
        This is what she said (I re-watched the show just now):
        “In the Big Brother first, the House Guests who get the chance to stop their return to the game.”

      • Ok. I understand. My use of the word “choose” was poor. It was in the context of choose to block the returnee. Like a choice. My bad lol. I wasn’t quoting her verbatim, just negligently translating it into my question. Lol smh

    • My guess is that the only way the battle of the block winner will actually return to the game is if the last temptation is taken

  22. Just 2 days ago Mark and Dominique were in Paul’s alliance and now he’s throwing them under the bus. What a joke, Jessica needs to go home this week. How is saving Jessica good for Jason’s game? He’s just putting a larger target on his back for next week.

    • At the moment tho, no one is questioning him or Alex. Ramses or Christmas will be the target next week probably (plus the winner of Battle Back, of course) in addition to Jess, if she’s staying.

    • Why does Jessica needs to go? She`s alone in the game. It will be really stupid to vote her out.

      • He is guranteed to come back, they aren’t even sure there is going to be a battle back. (Side note: Have they even talked about that possibility?) And doesn’t Cody want to work with Alex and as an extension Jason?

      • He wanted to and did work with her before he left. They were on the same side, more so than the couples.

  23. since the veto was sprung on us don’t that mean there will be a eviction coming sunday or Monday so that who gets evic can fight in the battle back since the Friday esp is taped

    • I don’t think so. I think they are building the competitions for the battle back so they just got veto out of the way. I also don’t remember Julie saying the schedule has changed at all either.

      • I doubt it very seriously! LOL Kevin may take over and interview her now rather than wait the night before she’s going out the door.

      • Kevin calls it “Man Talk”. Stuff guys need to know from the guy what knows it.

  24. Paul just admitted to Alex that he doesn’t feel Christmas will be in the house much longer due to the pain level she’s enduring…and she’s messing up with who she’s talking to when her energy is depleted and the pain meds take effect.

  25. Honestly if I was HoH I would not be involving everyone in the decision who gets nominated as initial nominees or replacement. People can voice their opinions but, other than a few trusted allies, I would not be telling people who I’m nominating. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as Cody and do it completely on my own but this group think that is going on just ends up with a watered down nominations and evictee. Just listening to all the scrambling and endless talking tires me right out and I’m not the HoH. Everyone in that house seems to think they get to decide and have to agree with it. I thought Alex would be stronger than that.

    • If I was HoH, I would want input from each person and make my decision from that than be blindsided like Cody did. It really takes a team to get the target out of the house. I would take it all in and tell a certain amount that there’s a possibility of them being put on the block if I decided that’s the best game play for me. And then not say anything more. It’s ultimately the HoH’s decision anyway. If they don’t like it, then they need to fight to be HoH next time if they’re not the target.

      • Exactly, you can’t please everyone but you build your core support and then make a decision.

    • Completely agree. It’s too much consultation. You can’t make all of the people happy all of the time, especially in an elimination game. People’s fuses are getting short from this all-night powwow.

    • Nice try, but Alex doesn’t have POV. The Cowboy gets to use it or not use it. His latest remarks about his veto power have been that he won’t use it. He’s very frustrated and tired of being hounded while the household argues about what to do. Too many cooks… Jason doesn’t want Mark to be the renom. He knows that’s (supposedly) Alex’es call but that leaving the noms the same could be his solution and his one way to assert his bit of power. We’ll see.

      • Good for him. He might just do the right thing in spite of himself. LOL
        Adam was going under the assumption Jason would do what Alex tell him to do.

  26. I’ll be so happy when Cody comes back then they will have Cody and jess all over again. Dumb move alex. I’ll be happy when Paul leaves too.

  27. 💜💕UGH 😑 I really do initially try and make my comments short LOL 😂 But this damn “talk to type” lets me just yap away to all of you like we are sitting together having this conversation over some drinks 🍹 🍻 LOL 😂 Sorry, I drive myself crazy with my own long posts because I do want people to hear/read what I have to say :-) but I know it’s way too long so people will just scroll by… Bye-bye 👋 💞💜

    &……… there goes Paul, running up to the HOH room to kiss Alex’s butt!
    I just read a lot of the comments, it’s pretty clear a lot of people want Jessica gone & don’t want Cody back. But in my real life (reality) I give people second chances (usually) & I really want Cody to get that second chance, I do think he deserves it after his HOH blew up in his face! His only mistake was putting up Christmas, and clearly that was a huge mistake! If he was able to put up Paul, I believe his alliance would have understood why he kept them in the dark. He was protecting them! I believe it!
    If he blows his return then he blows it! Done ✅ But, I expected more from him right out of the gate
    So, for Cody (& for entertainment purposes) I really want to see what happens. I think if Cody does come back, he is going to play a lot differently! He’s NOT going to hide in a room with Jessica! And, I believe he will have some numbers on his side. I think Alex, Christmas, Jason, obviously Jessica, Ramses & maybe a couple other people (maybe even Mark so Elena also…IDK)
    Plus Paul will no longer have his safety, so Paul
    I don’t know, I mean I get why people do not enjoy watching Cody & Jessica, and I also understand they did/said a lot of mean things (Although they were mostly towards Josh and I cannot stand that kid!! & I very much enjoyed Jessica yelling at Josh!)
    Plus on top of that, forget Paul, I want to see Josh’s face if Cody comes back! Sweet sweet revenge! I love it! I can’t keep giving Josh all these second chances! But, I’m not gonna go into detail because this post is already too long like all my other ones 😜
    & just to add to my already way too long typical post, if Dominique goes this week, then really out of the four potential returnees, who is going to be the most entertaining coming back? Cody of course!? I don’t even know anything about Dominique, I don’t even understand why she’s at target this week!? So aside from feeling super bad for Cameron for being a super fan but only lasting 12-ish hours in the house so, of course it would be “nice” for him , he wouldn’t add entertainment. I mean maybe down the road, but not a huge OMG to the house, Cameron is back! And everyone scrambles. That’s no fun!
    But, who knows… Cameron may come back, and a few weeks from now we are all saying “thank God Cameron came back, or else none of ‘this’ would be happening right now! Best player ever!”
    Who knows!!…….
    That’s all! Hopefully at least one person read this ❤️

    • I think this might be my longest post yet!
      Talk to type “my friends!” I’m just yapping away like we are sitting together having some drinks 🍹 beers 🍻& Pizza 🍕 Discussing BB
      I forget y’all have to actually read this so you probably just scroll on by! Bye-bye 👋
      It’s been fun y’all ha ha ❤️

  28. Isn’t everyone sick of Paul being in everyone’s ear. Too much talk Paul!!

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