Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 3: Friday Night Highlights

Well that was an interesting night! The Big Brother 19 Houseguests were treated to a late night competition for the Power of Veto following nominations that rattled several HGs but didn’t allow much time for answers before the battle for safety had arrived.

Paul Abrahamian argues on Big Brother 19

Catch up on Friday’s daytime events report including the return of Christmas.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 14, 2017:

4:45 PM BBT – Alex and Christmas continue their game talk as Christmas tells her everything she learned from Cody. Alex says she believes her, but still won’t reveal her nom plans.

5:15 PM BBT – Christmas asking who voted second because she could reverse engineer who voted for Ramses. (Unless she knows something the other HGs don’t then that doesn’t make sense.)

5:25 PM BBT – Feeds go down for Nominations

6:27 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Nominations are complete. HGs scattered around. Dominique hiding under her covers. Jessica in the Lounge.

6:30 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jessica she should be okay because the votes seem to be stacking up against Dominique though he doesn’t know what Dominique did to upset everyone.

6:45 PM BBT – Elena worries she’ll look responsible for the noms after having made the deal with Alex during the competition. Mark feels good that they can swing the votes to keep Dominique. He’s nervous that Jessica can’t win the Veto.

6:55 PM BBT – Mark is frustrated and suggests Christmas is lying to them if she claimed Cody didn’t name any names in their talk. Matthew agrees that it’d be strange for Cody to have told Paul names but not Christmas.

7:00 PM BBT – Dominique tells Mark that she thinks Matt, Raven, and Elena all knew. She remembers that Elena advised her to go talk with Alex earlier that morning.

7:10 PM BBT – Dominique feels Raven and Paul were in on it too as they were looking suspicious earlier after visiting the HoH room.

7:15 PM BBT – Christmas admits to Paul that she voted against Ramses. She again is asking about the order and wants to know who went second. (At this point it’s clear she likely learned something while on the phone about the first 3 votes being against Ramses and wants to know for sure who went second – Kevin.)

7:15 PM BBT – Dominique suggests to Mark that she was targeted because of her skin color.

7:25 PM BBT – Mark tells Dominique if he gets HoH next he might put up Matthew and Raven. He wonders if viewers will be unhappy with him for that.

7:30 PM BBT – Mark goes to Alex. She asks for the truth behind the claims Cody made. Mark tells her that Cody didn’t tell him so he couldn’t be blamed. (I definitely saw that conversation.)

7:35 PM BBT – Mark promises Alex that he didn’t vote against Ramses.

7:50 PM BBT – Mark wonders if he’s to blame for Dominique’s nomination and he feels a little guilty over the situation. He tells Alex that if HGs are planning to get Dominique out then lots of people are lying to his face.

7:55 PM BBT – Alex promises Dominique that Elena actually stood up for her to protect her.

8:00 PM BBT – Paul promises Mark he’ll do his best to save Dominique this week. Paul warns Mark there could be consequences for his own game (Mark’s) if he tries to hard to save her.

8:15 PM BBT – Jessica talks with Christmas and says she’s being sincere in her interest in Christmas’s well being. Jessica says she hopes they can smooth things over.

8:20 PM BBT – Dominique believes it was jealousy (Elena) that led to her nomination.

8:38 PM BBT – Feeds cut after showing the DR door.

8:48 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Veto players were picked! Jason, Kevin, and Christmas were drawn to join the competition.

8:50 PM BBT – HGs are in a panic about what’s going to happen. Paul assures everyone that if players are picked then they’re about to play. He tells them someone is probably getting evicted on Sunday.

9:00 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto comp.

12:32 AM BBT – Feeds are back.

12:33 AM BBT – Josh is upstairs congratulating Alex on how things are going.

12:34 AM BBT – Alex is camtalking that Jason won the Veto and she got second. Alex says the whole plan is going just right.

12:35 AM BBT – Paul arrives. Alex says she plans to get Jessica saved. Paul suggests Mark as the renom because then Mark won’t be torn over who to campaign to save.

12:40 AM BBT – Dominique tells Christmas that Cody was telling her (C) lies.

12:55 AM BBT – Paul continues to suggest there’s a Sunday eviction about to happen.

1:00 AM BBT – Dominique continues to quiz Christmas as to whether she’s betrayed Dominique or if she ever would. Christmas says she hasn’t and she wouldn’t.

1:05 AM BBT – Jason tells Alex that putting up Mark is too risky of a target and they should put up Raven instead. Alex says they need to make sure this is a strategic move and Jason says it doesn’t get more strategic than using Raven right now.

1:15 AM BBT – Kevin arrives and wants to know Alex’s plan. She says she’s thinking of putting up Mark but worries about her promise to Elena. Kevin says to go with Matthew instead just to mess with the other side.

1:25 AM BBT – Paul tells Raven and Matthew that he’s done with this group, but isn’t joining the other. He warns them that either one of them might be going up. All three agree that they’ll vote out Dominique, but won’t be telling Mark.

1:35 AM BBT – Dominique tells Kevin that her talk show with Cody and the hinky vote against Ramses is being blamed for her nomination but then says it’s a personal attack against her.

1:40 AM BBT – Mark tells Elena his feelings are hurt by her flirty behavior with the other guys and he suspects she doesn’t feel the same about their relationship as he does.

1:40 AM BBT – Paul lets Jason know that Mark is still fighting for Dominique so he and Alex should talk with him that he’s just a pawn. He tells Jason they have Matthew and Raven’s votes for sure.

1:45 AM BBT – Raven promises Dominique that she won’t vote her out against Jessica.

2:05 AM BBT – Dominique admits to Elena that she did bring up jealousy concerns that she (E) might be getting upset at Mark and Dominique’s relationship. Dominique insists this situation is based on a personal attack against her.

2:15 AM BBT – Mark continues to try and protect Dominique saying she’s not coming after anyone. Alex promises Mark he’d be a safe pawn if he went up. Mark says he doesn’t feel safe going up and thinks Matthew would try to get him out. Paul and Jason promise they’d never vote him out.

2:30 AM BBT – Mark admits he doesn’t see there being a chance to save Dominique after all this. Alex promises him it’s nothing personal against her, but a group effort as the result of her talk show event that upset the group.

2:35 AM BBT – Jason pushing again for just renoming Raven if the Mark option is an issue. Mark says it’s Alex who is pushing this.

2:40 AM BBT – Paul goes to get Elena as Mark requested before he’d agree to being the renom. Paul asks Elena to come calm Mark down.

2:45 AM BBT – Paul also promises Dominique that he won’t vote her out up against Jessica.

2:55 AM BBT – Elena says she doesn’t want the responsibility for Dominique being the target. Jason again suggests to put up Raven.

3:05 AM BBT – Alex tells Jason to shut up about Raven and stop making that suggestion.

3:15 AM BBT – Mark still isn’t comfortable going up so Elena offers to be the pawn. Mark isn’t comfortable with that either.

3:20 AM BBT – Mark yields that the votes are there against Dominique this week so why does he need to go up. Elena chimes in that she doesn’t really want to send Dominique out now, but she doesn’t like how Dominique keeps throwing her name around.

3:50 AM BBT – Mark talking again with Alex and she suggests it’s a done deal for Dominique to go this week. He wants to go after one of the “snakes” and Alex likes that idea but says she doesn’t have the support to make that move now.

4:20 AM BBT – Jason has a new idea… put Raven up!

4:25 AM BBT – Mark says he won’t vote against Dominique so if that’s a problem then put him up against her.

4:30 AM BBT – Jason just thought of something… maybe they could put Raven up as the renom…

4:40 AM BBT – Paul promises Mark the best move for him is being the pawn to take him out of the loop for campaigning. Mark really doesn’t see how this is good for his game.

4:45 AM BBT – Jason went downstairs to wake Raven. He wants to talk with her about being a pawn. (I swear this isn’t a joke.) Raven rolls over and goes back to bed.

5:00 AM BBT – Mark says he still doesn’t like the pawn idea and is too close to having the votes against him to go. Elena says it’d be easier to vote out Dominique if he was up though. Jason agrees with Mark that if he isn’t comfortable then he doesn’t have to do it. Mark says they should get out Ramses or Christmas instead and leave Dominique as an ally and number for their side.

5:30 AM BBT – Dominique tells Alex she wants everyone, everyone, together because she has something important to share. She begins talking about snakes and how they need to be familiar with their territory so they don’t run in to things. This snake reference will be a launching point for Paul in a few mins.

5:40 AM BBT – Alex reports up to Paul, Mark, and Elena that Dominique is calling Paul a snake and how she (D) wants to call a house meeting.

5:47 AM BBT – Dominique has joined the HoH discussion. Voices are being raised as Paul is arguing loudly with Dominique. Paul is mad at her for calling him out on things and suggesting things when she doesn’t know what’s going on.

6:45 AM BBT – The arguing continues! Things remain heated with both Paul and Dominique trading off moments of getting defensive. Most of the house is present by now.

6:55 AM BBT – Dominique finally openly calls Paul the “infiltrator” and warns the HGs to watch out for him.

7:05 AM BBT – Dominique calls it a night and leaves. The rest of the room stays to discuss. Doesn’t look good for Dom as everyone agrees she didn’t name names to back up her claims when she should have been considering she’s on the Block.

7:15 AM BBT – HoH crew starts to break up and head downstairs to go back to bed.

What a night! This group is fired up and probably not being helped by Paul’s suggestion that someone will be evicted on Sunday, but we don’t have any reason to believe that’s true. They’ve got days to go before this will be resolved so settle in!

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  1. Kept wondering why Christmas was wanting to know who voted I know. She heard Julie on the phone say what the vote was when it came time for her vote..there were two already cast for Ramses..those two votes were Jess and Kevin..if she can get someone to tell her who that 2nd vote was..then they have the other vote flipper..this week and last..Kevin! But, I am sure most of these smart BB fans figured that out already! I don’t know why they all of the sudden can’t remember who voted 2nd..Paul knows everything that goes on in that house and he told her he couldn’t remember..although, I am sure he does and since he is working with just about everyone in the house he doesn’t want to rat out Kevin…just yet!!

    • BB screwed the pooch with that one. Conspiracy theory: Christmas is going to have a change of heart today and can’t continue. BB will promise her a spot in a future season.

      • We will see. I just don’t understand why someone won’t tell her the order of the vote..they do a practice run before the live show. She has asked a few people and no one seems to know!

      • It’s because her vote has always been the most obvious so far this season. They determine the vote order based on how they expect each player to vote, so they can make the suspense last as long as possible. So, people whose votes are pretty easy to discern go earlier, and wild cads go later, and they always try to spread the votes out so they get the longest amount of time without the rest of the votes being an anti-climax…

      • Paul doesn’t want it known. Paul TOLD Kevin to stir the pot by throwing R a vote.

      • Yeah, I know that Paul told Kevin to vote for Ramses..but she has asked quite a few others and no one seems to remember! I would bet that someone other than Paul knows who voted 2nd!

      • They probably really don’t remember. Except for Paul who doesn’t want to tell her because he ordered Kevin to make the vote.

      • She should just ask Jessica, since she should remember who she passed on the way back out of the DR.

      • That should happen, but who knows. I thought Christmas would have been smart enough to keep her mouth shut.

      • Unless we’re going to start seeing 60-second checkers matches as competitions, I don’t know what competitions Christmas could possibly play in considering her injuries. You might be right, that she leaves the show prematurely. If that happens, it seems like we’ll need another past player to enter the show or a second battleback competition will occur after the next set of 4 people gets evicted!

    • Finally!!! Can BB19 stop drinking the Kevin juice? Why is Kevin never on the block? Just because Paul trusts him doesn’t mean everyone else should. And I agree with Alex, Paul and Elena- Dominique did all of this to herself. The questions in her talk show were so dumb and unnecessary. Jason is going to end up being the next target over the whole Raven elimination thing.

  2. Christmas knows that the first three votes were for Ramses based on a production error? Thaaaaaat sucks.

  3. I had such high hopes for Alex. I thought she was going to make a big move but she’s just playing Paul’s game. Too many sheep in this house.

    • You can tell during the group discussions and even the flare-up between Paul and Dom that she was just sitting there knowing that she was in over her head and not knowing what to do about it.

      • They can’t even see that Paul is splitting the group because he wants them to turn on each other when his safety is up. everybody wants to be Paul’s friend or work with him. At this rate we can just skip to finale night and hand Paul the prize.

      • So damn frustrating…..but I have been saying since he walked in the door the first night that he will suck and it has been true.

    • It’s too early for her to go against Paul. Numbers aren’t there and she’s smart enough to know it. Instead she’s lessening Paul’s numbers and has him on board for it… win win for her. She knows she has to go against Paul eventually.

      • She’s going to wait too long and then Paul is going to use his numbers to get rid of her.

    • She played it smart. It is in her interests to get one of the players from that side of the house out. Might as well let Paul pick which one.

      • I don’t think it’s that smart. If you are trying to get one of the players from that side out why choose the one that is not in a showmance and her own alliance seem to have a problem with? She’s just doing Paul’s dirty work.

  4. Better get Jessica out before Cody comes back, everytime they wait they never get the chance again………

  5. 7:15 PM BBT – Dominique suggests to Mark that she was targeted because of her skin color.

    Seriously? I thought we were past that.

    • When all else fails and/or you refuse to take personal accountability, play the race card!!!

      Did you learn nothing from the previous Presidency??!!! LOL!!!

      • Could say..Wow the current Presidency has a bad habit of not taking responsibility for bad decisions/actions,,constantly placing blame on others..But I won’t do that cause this site is not a political forum.. need to keep politics out of the BB forum.

      • And I could say that at least they don’t constantly play the race card, but I agree this is not a political forum 😸👍🍾

      • Please. The discussion is about Dom playing the race card. We all know the Presidency to which that relates. LOL.

    • I really thought Dom was better than that…. didn’t expect her to stoop so low and try to use that card.

      • Yeah that card. People like you will never know what it’s like. Look how they treated Davonne in her season sending Jeff to follow her around. And how they did Candice and Howard. You guys acts like it doesn’t exist. News flash, it does

      • I don’t have to be black to not know what it’s like. With that said, Alex did not put Dominique on the block because of her color. Dominique is making a false statement and using that as the excuse as to why Alex did. It was unnecessary, period.

      • Well maybe she really felt that way? Because you don’t know what it’s like to be the most HATED race in the WORLD. Even with the feeds you can’t see everything because they do cut off and switch between house guests so you can’t say for sure nothing was said regarding that. I just hate when people say race card. Because you cannot tell me, out of all the discrimination that us blacks face, you know exactly what it it feels like. You just can’t I’m sorry.

      • If it’s anywhere close to being bullied most of your life, then, yes, I can at least empathize. But I didn’t let it hold me back or make that an excuse for not moving forward either.

      • I agree with the Candice and Howard one, but Dominique knows exactly why she’s in this position and she knows it has to do with her mouth and not her being black. And Davonne struggled a bit with getting along with and trust people, plus she didn’t hold back when she felt someone was in the wrong- which unfortunately goes against the “groupthink” of the BB house at times.

      • Been around for years now and frankly makes me ill when it’s used, more so when one of color feels slighted. It’s demoralizing if you ask me.

    • Um excuse me we are never past that. It’s a very shame that in close to 20 seasons no African American for two can make it to final 4 or higher it’s becoming absolutely ridiculous. And CBS is completely wrong for that. Think about it davonne had to play twice to get to jury not even going there about Candace or Howard or neeley this needs to change or I’m out

      • Well, Danielle Reyes is regarded as one of the GOATS of Big Brother, and probably is the best female big brother player of all time, and she is African American

      • They do not get far because they engage in crazy behavior or alienate most of the other house guests? This is still a social game. Look at Survivor, Brad Culpepper was a beast in competitions and still lost out in the end! He did not have a social game! You have to be liked by the other house guests to last till the very end!

    • Alex Ow who nominated her is Asian and also, a minority? Too easy to play the race card. Maybe, Dominique should have been paying attention to the game instead, of blaming others? A lot of house guests come into the Big Brother House thinking they will be on vacation, get paid big bucks and have a chance at winning $500,000 easy without doing anything! It is far easier to blame someone else than take responsibility for one’s actions?

    • Yeah, this isn’t that one season where they had that redheaded guy and Arian (sp), I haven’t seen any issue with people making prejudiced remarks in this season. I don’t see her being black as being the reason, she even said that the talk show and the hinky vote were the reasons why she is going up, but then backtracks. She and Paul were working pretty closely at one point. Once again, another player shoots their own selves in the foot for being a bigmouth..

  6. I think the question Dom should ask herself is not why me, but why not me. She thought if she was nice to everyone then she would never go up:? Not how the game works. Nobody other than Mark has good reason not to target her.

  7. “5:15 PM BBT – Christmas asking who voted second because she could reverse engineer who voted for Ramses. (Unless she knows something the other HGs don’t then that doesn’t make sense.)”

    That could make sense if they didn’t hang up the phone fast enough and Christmas heard Julie says 3 votes for Ramses before going to commercial.

    • See this is yet another reason why they should have released Christmas – or any injured player – from the game when they are forced to leave the house!

      • It will happen, but later in the season. Everyone is too distracted right now to focus on Kevin about anything. IN fact, I think that this is how Kevin is getting away with these Hinky votes.

      • I wonder if he would rat on Paul. Probably not. Paul is the only one who knows he won the $25k

      • Absolutely idiot if he told Paul. Paul is a snake as Dom truthfully told the others…..of course these jerks don’t believe her. Ugh. I don’t know why we are going through this season when CBS should just hand a half million to Paul now.

      • Remember when Paul was organizing his plan to get Cody evicted? There was a scene in the HoH bedroom where Paul, Kevin, Matt (I think), and Mark (I think) were talking. Ramses enters the room, and then leaves within about 5 seconds. Paul expresses suspicion, but rather than go to talk to Ramses himself, Paul basically directed Kevin to do so, as if he was Kevin’s boss. Kevin’s old enough to be Paul’s dad, yet Kevin dutifully obeyed. I’m not saying Kevin is afraid of Paul, but he definitely defers to him…or at least did so then.

    • Exactly…and I am sure production told her not to say anything..that she can ask around who went 2nd..but not WHY she is asking..and I can’t believe that everyone is telling her that they don’t remember who voted second…they just keep shrugging it off. Kevin has now flipped the vote twice..with no repurcussions.

  8. This is Saturday and we are what? 5 days from eviction. These people are going to get crazier by the day. Get the Veto ceremony going so they can lock in the noms and cut down on some of this craziness, at least it would clam down Jason.
    Matt, great capturing of Jason and his cluelessness.

      • They had the veto competition a day early and they have the battle back coming up Friday. When else are they going to do an eviction? And why would they do the veto competition early if it wasn’t going to be an accelerated week?

      • Unless they’ve already been filming battleback on existing competition sets like last year…

      • Well, Julie said 4 people in Battle Back with the 4th person being ‘next week’s evictee’ and she also said Thursday would be a Live Eviction so doubt that there will be a Sunday eviction

      • Has there ever been an off-schedule eviction without Julie telling us ahead of time? They’d want people to know so that they tune in for it, as I imagine some viewers occasionally skip Sunday/Wednesday episodes thinking they’re less important.

      • I thought evictions were always broadcast live on CBS on Thursday evenings?

        Don’t tell me another rule has changed.

      • in 18 season,s,, i have never seen a sunday eviction even on DE nights it has always been thursday ,or wed if the show doesnt air on thursday

  9. It it really hot out there now? I almost wonder if because last week was so hum drum once they were clear that Alex was saving Jessica (do you think anyone has told her?) that they said lets give them the whole weekend to over analyze everything because they will.

    I weirdly hope she goes with Kevin’s suggestion to put up Matt with no reasoning. Just to mess with them. And by Monday she might be just to that state.

  10. Anybody with half a brain in there should know these 2 votes with Ramses were fake. This idea of stirring up fake drama is just lame.

  11. I know no one will want to give Cody credit but he started this with his little bomb about Mark and Dom to Christmas and Paul. Pretty brilliant work.

    • O thats not him. Alex would have gone after that side anyway. They’re just using it as a platform for their choice. A reason. No one believed him.

      • Alex may have done it anyway, but it works out better for her when the other side is already a little wary of Dom/Mark. They’re less resistant to the idea than they otherwise might’ve been.

  12. It absolutely amaze me that nobody is raising the specter of keeping Jessica. Seems everybody forgot that Cody might come back. They will live to regret this.

    • I agree, just think if Dom leaves with Mark as the pawn. Cody wins Battle Back. He would have a warmer homecoming than expected: Jess and Jason for sure. I think Alex, and by extension, Ramses would be willing to work with him. Mark and Kevin, in my mind are floaters and would gravitate to him if he got HoH. And Paul might be inclined to work with him if there was a common target.
      Yup, could live to regret it

      • The one person out of EVERYONE in the House that I want Cody to tell to “F OFF” is Mark……he and Matt were awful to Cody and hopefully Cody remembers that.

    • Keeping Jessica make since her game has already blown up. But her being respectful to the house guests has definitely helped. She finally left the man made island She was in.

    • They over think things. Here you have a clear shot at your arch rival and you don’t take it. Did she forgot how long Jessica stayed on that wall?? Shes a formidable opponent to Alex. She prob could have won if she wasn’t eating slop all week and sleeping on spikes. You must observe these things. Smh

      • I think it is because of Jess thin frame. I am always cold and will die if cold water was on me for that long. She lasted a lot longer than I thought she would, but she did have a long sleeve shirt on. Alex barely had clothes on and was the real champion even if Elena and Jason jumped off.

    • Easy to see, Cody told Alex that Jessica and himself would team up with her, that is 3 strong players, she bought it….

    • I would love to see Cody return, but am not confident that will happen since Julie said the house guests will be allowed to block a battleback player from returning.

      On the other hand, the producers want drama. Since they had no problem rigging things so that Paul could enter the show and win everything, they surely could rig it so that somehow, some way, Cody returns no matter what.

  13. Is Matthew even playing this game? It seems like he hardly ever gets mentioned in the feed recaps, and even in the rare instances he does get mentioned it’s usually other people talking about him and not him actually saying or doing anything. He was my favorite hg early on, but after the first week or so, he seems to have completely faded into the woodwork…

  14. I like the talk show I find it very unique. Dom was out of line the way she went after Cody with those questions. I don’t like Cody game in the big brother house, but like what Cody did for this country and respect him for that. Dom needs to realize she is on the block and insulting your house guests will only further separate her from the rest of the house.

    • So….Dom has a talk show, she asks questions but she is ONLY allowed to ask certain questions? I don’t get it. Why is she to blame for the answers Cody gave?? Is that not a case of shooting the messenger? These houseguests are clueless.

      • If it is just a talk show for fun, anything game related should be off limits. Granted I didn’t watch the feeds, just read recaps, but she kind of threw her alliance UTB when she mentioned the “outsiders.”

      • I dislike Dominique but that whole talk show thing is ridiculous. I think she should make them controversial like the cody interview. I fast foward through those on bbad anyway.

      • You answered your own question. Only Domarosa knew what she was going to ask. If she had gone to the alliance and said, listen, let’s grill Cody and get as much information as possible and they all agreed to the questions, that would be one thing, but she went rogue.

    • Domarosa has made her bed, consequences be damned at this point.

  15. Whoa! Dom and Paul at it with each other??? Bye Dominique. But they will all regret if Cody returns and Jessica’s still there. I dont get these ppl. They complicated things so much for themselves. Why not get out Jessica. It would have have been so much easier for alex. Dominique is waste of an hoh. You’re enenies are still in the house. (Jess and xmas) and looks like they’re teaming up. Smh

  16. Mark is crazy. There’s no way I’d be a pawn on that block. That can EASILY be flipped.

    • That is really hilarious! I could not believe what I was reading. Imagine, letting yourself be put on the block. I hope he does…what a goof.

    • Only way that Mark would go home is is Paul ordered his minions to evict him. I really don’t think that he has any plan to do that.

      • I think Paul wants to work with Mark and Matt. It’s probably the reason he wants Dom out so badly.

      • I just don’t see him doing it. He already has a target that will be easily voted out. Going back on his word would hurt him.

      • Mark was the only one who was onto Kevin about voting out Ramses, and he told Paul of his suspicions. Paul could want him gone before he has a chance to press Kevin about it, since Kevin squealing could ruin Paul’s credibility.

  17. IN short:

    Paul IS overplaying. It WILL come back to bite him. The house WILL get sick of it.
    DOM is NOT DAY, even though she thinks she is.

    • you are certainly right about Paul. He is getting really annoying. It will be interesting to see what happens next week when he can be put up on the block.

      • Paul is really good friends with D’avonne, so I think Dom wants him to be as close with her and from what I have seen even closer.

      • Well I guess she forgot Day went out on Paul’s hoh and he knew she was going home.

    • Paul was overplaying in his 1st season and still managed to convince the whole house that he wasn’t a threat. Nicole only won by rigging.

  18. Next step for DOM (who is playing DAY’s game) is to play the race card. It’s coming. Watch for it.

      • Ohhhhh right: 7:15 PM BBT – Dominique suggests to Mark that she was targeted because of her skin color.

        Ugh. when I said it I was saying in a way where I was hoping that I was wrong. I’m very disappointed.

      • I don’t buy her color argument. She was welcomed by the couples team, and Cody insisted on her protection along with the couples when he was working on a deal with Jason. .If anyone else has been against her due to her color, where’s the evidence?

    • Dominique doesn’t realize how annoying she is. Paul told her that if she needed any advice game wise to always ask and she said same here as if she knows how to play. She has an education and thinks that makes her better than the others.

      • Especially since Dom told Mark she had never heard of Big Brother before, but saw in 2 dreams she would be in a strange house with people she had never met.

  19. I don’t think that anyone believed Dom over Paul.

    It was her fault for making super vague accusations and denying that she was calling Paul a snake even though she obviously was.

    I doubt that Paul will face any blowback from that meeting.

  20. I don’t understand the “production error” talk. This is above and beyond everything else, a television show that is driven by ratings. Always has been, always will be. And anyone that thinks production is being “hinky” just remember, it’s THEIR show and can do whatever they want to.

  21. I dont have feeds but i was fortunate enough to see the Dom and Ramsey confrontation on YouTube and Ramses handed her azz to her. She tried to intimidate him. Her argument was so moot. Cant stand her.

    • She wasn’t my favorite…but after this I dislike her even more. Especially after she pulled the Race Card! That P’ed me off!

      Now I can’t wait for her to go.

  22. Paul needs to lay low. He talks too much. Just like he did in the final 3. Hush! Get off the radar. His hands are involved in too many things. Im rooting for him to win but it aint looking good. He’s even annoying me!

    • If he stopped talking so much and tried to fly under the radar, they would probably start to become suspicious because that is unusual behavior for him.

      • I disagree. Just float along through a few hoh’s. Don’t input so much. Wait to be asked. If they dont, that’d means they’re not with. U can still gather significant intel shutting your mouth. You don’t want your hand in every single decision made in the house. It’s how Cody and Frank got evicted last season. He needs to pull back.

      • Exactly. At the rate he’s going the sheep are going to start putting 2 and 2 together and come up with Paul.

      • He is. That’s my boy. But now he’s not being smart. You must be subtle with intellectual superiority sometimes. Remember how they used to go find Derrick when they won hoh. Be asked. He can still be his usuall life of the party self, but don’t be so aggressive with your strategic endeavors. If that side wins again next week you’ll see.

    • The rest of them are all such weak sisters I don’t think he has anything to worry about.

      I’m actually hoping – and I clench my teeth as I type this – that Cody returns if just to provide some much needed counter-leadership to Paul, however ham-fisted it might be.

      Even if it’s just Cody and Jessica against Paul and the rest of them, it will at least generate some excitement.

      But wouldn’t it be hilarious if their decision to keep Jessica results in either her or Cody winning HoH after his return whereupon they immediately set about to evict Paul?! The rest of those sheep would turn on Paul faster than Kathy Griffin’s sponsors!! 🙀

      • Well if Paul wins it would leave absolutely no doubt that the show was rigged for him to win,which i believe it is,why else would AG let him come back into the house,they played favorites with that ahole last year and now AG is doing it again

      • It’s because it is true. That’s what ex houseguests are talking about on Twitter. They are also talking about how and why production is helping Paul.

      • If that happens oh well. Pay back or pushing Dominique instead of Jessica. He going to have plenty to worry about if he doesn’t shut up. Recall Frank’s and Pauli’s demise last season? Both were “running the house” You dont want to have a hand in every single decision made in the house. Its not wise.

  23. Honestly this season is a hot mess i was so exicited to watch it but now they are all just little followers so follow Paul around until he decides to cut them off like he did to Dom but I have no respect for him anymore and I pray to God that he don’t win but seeing how BB is he will probably make it far but he said he was all about loyalty and it’s week 3 and that all went down the drain so……After Dom gets out and I watch the battle of the back I’m donw with BB for the season.

    • If I was playing, my only loyalty would be to myself. I would tell any lie or betray anyone if I thought it would increase my chances of winning. It is a game and the object is to win and you can’t without being a snake.

  24. Dominique played the race card ….. for real??? I was for her, but I can’t handle anyone pulling the card out when things don’t go their way.

    • I think that there should be a better mix of minorities on BB, but I don’t see anyone targeting her because of race.
      Besides, it was the “Asian girl” that nominated the “Black girl” …. LOL

      • “A better mix”, WTF, there’s an asian, an hispanic, an armenian, 2 blacks and at least one gay, WTH do you want ?

      • So…..if a White person nominated her it Would be Racist!?? Wtf!?? It is a Game!!

        I have no idea what you are talking about. The house has a good mix of minorities! What do you want!? Pffftt!! Lolz!

    • I knew she was headed for trouble from day 1, she was an explosion waiting to happen.

    • I thought the same thing. MamaDa and Z both made it to jury. Her memory is bad or she isn’t a BB fan (recruited).

    • Well, Dominique can not believe “her” god would have put her on the block. So it needs to be because she’s black.

      “My” god doesn’t watch big brother or tells me stuff about the game!

      I have no problem with her faith or anyone’s faith. But.. it’s a bit to much in her case.

    • Not me, I knew if he left it would be better because 2 cams wouldn’t be dedicated to him and Messica and their barfmance at all times.

  25. Thoughts:
    -Paul brace yourself. You won’t be safe for long
    – Dom why cause drama when its not needed?
    – Elena and Mark seem to have a crash in their relationship.
    – Jason…. how dense are you?
    – Matt start taking the bull by the horns. I like you man, but you’re just too passive.

  26. Matt, that was seriously one of the funniest “Play by Play” of the feeds you have ever written! I couldn’t stop laughing, especially your Jason comments…… Too funny! 😁
    What a donk 🙄 Jason is!
    So it’s pretty obvious now that Christmas did get some Intel when she was out of the house! BBPro clearly knows that also, they should be pulling her from the game! I guess the only reason they are not is because she was on the phone I guess, and somehow she found out who the votes were for while on the phone before she voted. Clearly a BB mistake, but there’s no doubt in my mind she knows more than just that! I guess the only reason BB is not pulling her from the game is because they feel it is their error however, they should be pulling her into the DR and telling her to stop “talking about production.”

    • In the live show, right after Christmas voted, Julie said “it’s now 3 votes…”. I guess she could deduce from that it was the vote for Ramses since she also voted him. Knowing the order of the votes tells her who voted Ramses.

      • Right! Makes perfect sense and just another reason why Christmas shouldn’t have been allowed back. At the very least, production should have told Christmas if she did hear anything outside of the house, not to say a word and if she was caught saying anything then they would boot her from the show. She should be booted!
        Don’t get me wrong, I do like Christmas, and I do feel bad for what happened to her but at the same time I just feel this game becomes less and less “organic” as the seasons go on.……

  27. Does everyone know now that it was Christmas and Kevin who voted against Ramses?? & if yes, what is Christmas’s reasoning? & are people pissed at Kevin? Paul is the one who told him to do it, so Kevin should tell everyone that! If you didn’t already?
    & so the ONLY reason Dominique is on the block is because she said something about “an organic alliance?” I am super confused about that! I didn’t understand what she meant? & I didn’t understand why people were so angry about it? and I especially don’t understand why Alex would be mad about it because she has nothing to do with any organic alliance!? This girl is confused 🤷‍♀️ ME – Sooo LOST!!!

  28. Why is Dominique even suggesting that this has to do with her Race…the Colour of her Skin!?? That really P’ed me Off! It made me second guess if I even like her now. I don’t like when people throw out that overused word!! Stuff like that makes the word useless and it’s dangerous….you could ruin lives when you lie like that.

    Very disappointed I her.

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