‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 3 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after late night talks led us to this week’s decision by the new Head of Household.

Update: Veto comp is arriving early! HGs pulled players just before 9PM BBT then the Feeds cut for the competition.

Nominations on Big Brother

Alex is calling the shots and she’s got a plan, but first she has to work in a sacrifice to the earlier alliance that she’s hoping to infiltrate. That move is upsetting her allies, but do you think it’ll backfire?

Big Brother 19 Week 3 Nominations:

  • Alex nominated: Dominique & Jessica

Jason and Kevin really didn’t want to see Jessica going up. Jason wanted Matt & Dominique while Kevin said letting Jessica hit the Block was playing the week for the other side. Now Alex has said her target is Dominique with Christmas as the backup, but she’s also mentioned hoping to get Jessica off the Block. It’d be an interesting week for her to start off like she’s playing with the other side then end it with two of their own in the hot seat.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday Friday night! That came up way early! What do you think of Alex’s picks here for the nominations? Was the Jessica nom the right choice or just playing in to the other side’s hands like Kevin suggests?

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  1. I don’t like either of the two, but Jessica should go. Dom was feeling so safe and look at her now. I can’t wait to see her face.

  2. Alex keeps talking about these big moves but chooses obvious targets… Not saying that it’s a bad idea, I definitely don’t think big moves are for the first few weeks, but it’s just so weird how she keeps talking down about how timid the other houseguests are yet she’s doing the obvious move…

    • Unfortunately, there are really no threats left in the house other than Paul and he can’t get nominated. The whole house is full of followers.

    • Im really hoping either jessica or alex wins the veto, because alex is (im pretty sure) going to save jessica if she wins the veto, since she doesn’t want to listen to the other side.

    • Alex is so soft and does not realize she is on the bottom of the totem poll in regards to Paul, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dom, and Xmas. Alex thinks she is one of them and she is not. She played into their hands. Jessica will go home unless she wins POV, and it will be a wasted HOH for Alex. Hopefully Alex goes home now cause she clearly is not seeing this game three dimensional, not big brother winner material.

      • That’s not even an alliance anymore. This move has served its purpose, with Mark and Dominique splitting from Matt and Raven, and Elena left somewhere in the middle, not sure of who to side with. Christmas’s game is also sinking, with no one really sure they can trust her anymore. No one involved is even upset with Alex as far as I can tell. Dom/Mark are too busy feeling betrayed by Matt/Raven.

    • I agree with you but she’s not in a position to make big moves this early in the game. She doesn’t have the numbers back heretherefore she’s risking too much to make too big of a move. Putting up Jessica and Dominique keeps her safe and secure with Paul and his stupid alliance for now.
      & I think putting up Dom is good, and potentially Christmas is even better. Those are strong players

  3. How can raven compare her foot injury to chrismast!!! What a self centric and selfish person.

    I would be shy to talk about my foot to her.

    • Raven is constantly turning things around so the attention is on her.

      • Very sad. I guess that growing with a serious health condition like she as (notice that I didn’t use the word terminal, wich to me apply to something like pancreatic cancer), she use to have all the attention. So still today, her things are always more serious then anyone else.

        But good for her, she has a bunch of poeple that will give up their game to give her the 500k.

        I did really like Matt. Now he’s a joke to me that he plays this game for her. Not to win!!!

      • I’m not sure what it is called that Raven has but, it is a problem with her digesting food properly.
        It can be dangerous and affect her pancreas among other things.
        Sorry, not full of knowledge hear about it but I know it starts with a P LOL

    • What happened to her foot? Ravens I mean of course.

      Perhaps she is talking about her disease?
      I’m not sure what it is called that Raven has but, it is a problem with her digesting food properly.
      It can be dangerous and affect her pancreas among other things.
      Sorry, not full of knowledge hear about it but I know it starts with a P LOL

      I’m not sure what you’re talking about, therefore my response could be stupid, but I’m OK with that :-)

      • Boo-hoo.…
        She seems to be a fan favorite, but for some reason she rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know, she just seems a little fake at times plus, she was BFFs with Jessica. Always cuddling with her and what not when Cody was HOH and then she quickly turned her back on her!
        I don’t know, people like that just irks me. So unless I’m missing something and Raven/Jessica had a raging argument LOL then, I have lost respect for Raven for that among other things

  4. My take on the noms…..Dominique is somewhat of a pawn.. Jessica is the house choice for eviction…I think Christmas will be backdoored if Alex can manage it…I think Alex “big move” would be to get Christmas out who is a major decision maker/player for the other side..Or Alex could decide to shake things up totally and backdoor Mark..Its gonna be interesting especially if Alex get the Halting Hex..

    • Now that Christmas has said too much about the vote from the hospital, she is in trouble. Alex was going to backdoor her all along, but now there could be lots of voters who will want to say good-bye to Christmas in July. Dominique would’ve been my choice for eviction. As of now, Christmas has put herself in jeopardy. In many ways, it’s expedient to let her go anyhow. The Big Brother game isn’t an ideal atmosphere for recuperation.

      • No. As mentioned, Christmas opened a can of worms about the votes given to Ramses, and it has put her into a vulnerable position. She said too much, and right now, people in the house who would have supported her are questioning whether they want her to stay or get backdoored. The majority already know that Alex intends to backdoor Christmas. The household has the expedient excuse of her injury.

        Also as mentioned, Dominique is the one whom I would choose to evict this time if I was a voting player. Not Christmas.

      • I do not think the house needs any excuse to evict anyone. They should evict people who help their strategy to win the game.

    • Backdoor Christmas?! Big move?! C’mon – she’s been in surgery and can’t compete in most comps?!

      • So she should win out of pity? I think not, she should have been removed from the game when she had to be removed from the bb house overnight. Also, the pain medications alter your thinking, so yes she will say things she would not normally say in the game if she was not on the pain Medes. Not fair to her or the other houseguests.

    • I know right I bet she was shocked. Really hope jessica gets pulled off and dominique goes home. I really want to see her reaction.

      • you don’t like Jessica why? She did not do anything. She caught all the hell because of boyfriend which I hope gets back into the house. And anyone in their right mind would try to get Paul out, if they don’t that moron will win. 😖😖😖

      • I cant list them all here. You wont have time to read it. First off, I prefer an independent woman. Hate the kind that throws themselves at men, but that’s personal, lets talk game. Once she learned Cody screwed ALL of them, does she do damage control?… No. She goes and expect everyone to protect her and her man’s game, then disown them when they don’t. I don’t care if they go after Paul, but duh you need the votes. This is why you discuss stuff with your alliance. She was too self centered to gauge that. It’s a prominent narcissistic personality trait. She knew Cody FIVE days at the time. An independent woman would have cut that fool off so fast, he’d forget her name. Typical pretty girl syndrome, cute on the outside but ugly in the inside, needing a man to carry her.

    • ^^. I don’t care for her either. But I can’t stand Josh, he is mean, loud, and screams over other people, he is rude and rather dumb. He is a crybaby, and an all and out azzhole. Can’t wait till I don’t have to listen to that stupid mouth anymore.

  5. Big Move? No
    Good Choices? Yes
    It’s smart to play the middle right now. I would be happy to see Jessica win POV & not sorry to see either Dom or X walking/crutching out.

    • She needs to be really sneaky if she doesn’t want the both sides playing to blow up in her face.

      • Alex isn’t a smart person. Don’t care for her. But Jason was right, raven did take her ears

    • Well with Dom or Xmas out of the way, Paul loses a number. I say its good.

      And the funny thing is Paul himself is willing to cut either or

      • Yes..he doesn’t mind..There’s too many cooks in the house. I think he can handle a ‘fall out’

      • Paul is recruiting everyone to be his foot soldiers. Cowboy and Ramses are probably on the bottom of his list.

  6. The Jessica nom was expected and if she doesn’t get the pov or the last den of temptation. She screwed. I can see why Alex did that because going after the biggest threat [Paul] is not a option yet.

  7. I don’t want Jessica and Cody back In the house together. Together they are sickening. And she is really messing up his game. He is the only choice to win the Battle Back. I don’t see Christmas or Dom as a threat at this point. But if Cody get back I , Alex will wish she got rid of Jessica, because she will have Cody take her out

    • Remember, Julie said the houseguests get to block someone in the battleback competition. If Cody wins it, they surely will block him. I can not imagine Cody getting back in the house.

      • That’s why I’m voting for Jessica right now. If she gets the last temptation she won’t block Cody from getting back in.

      • I don’t think it will be so simple. As this is the season of temptations, I expect the houseguest’s return will be the punishment attached to someone accepting a temptation. And of course production wants the person back in, so they’ll make it a temptation that has no chance of being turned down. Maybe it’ll even be the punishment for accepting the Halting Hex.

  8. Anyone else watching the feeds? I’m so lost as to what is going on with all of the drama going down. Dom has apparently played some kind of race card, Mark is scrambling around, Christmas seems to be in shaky territory?????

    • I just saw that in a conversation between Mark and Dom, he said he’s done with Matt and Raven, and then Dom said that it’s unfortunate but someone always goes after the black person on Big Brother, and I think people are suspicious of Christmas because she may know something about the votes? She told Matt she could figure out who else voted Ramses out if she knew who voted second.

    • lol I haven’t been on feeds. Thanks..I’m gonna flashback..any idea of the time?.

      • Not a darn clue, hopefully Matt will give us times tamps at some point.

      • As in people are really starting to question her, especially with the Rams vote. It’s making a lot of people paranoid.

  9. It’s not a bad move. It’s a ‘safe move’. I thought that ‘talk about ‘big move’ last night was bs. The only big move there is ‘Paul..and that’s too ambitious. lol He’s gonna let her decide this one. ‘It’s her HoH’ what Paul said. Stepping back is good…who knows, they could end up working together, or try to take each others head off…I think we’re in for a good game.

  10. Newbies crack me up. Especially the ones who “think” they know the game. I hope Paul wins Veto…..

  11. I’ve been hearing players and commenters mention “the other side” many times now (especially here, but in other threads too). What “other side”? To me it seems that everyone is lumped together (except for Jess) and that there are no clearly defined sides – just vague groups that change depending on the opportunities available.

    • Basically there are 2 sides to the house.
      The outsides: Alex, Jason, Ramses, Kevin.
      The other side: Christmas, Paul (He’s kinda the leader I guess), Dominique, and the showmances.
      Then theres just jessica and josh

      • Kevin is not the “outside” to be precise. He seems to work with them but he’s really royal to Paul only. Kevin voted to evict Jillian and Ramses, two of his “outside’ compatriots.

  12. I wonder how Alex and the rest would feel when they watch this and realize Ramses was telling the truth all along. Hmm sneaky Kevin!!

    • ya and when Alex sees that Jessica did say racist name about her and she jumped on that girl right off the bat by what the lying Jessica blamed her for lying about her saying the names. Jessica is a bullying liar she lied to Alex and tried to lie to Christmas that she had nothing to do with Cody going after her when she was jellous about Cody talking with Christmas and told Cody she wanted her out of the house

  13. it’s the same thing every season i thought Alex would have put up Mark and Matt why help the guys take the women out and why do people trust Paul as soon as his protection is up they should evict him the people that say they watched the game come in the house and do the same thing every season first get most of the women out and the women help them take out most of the women they should go after the strongest players first and no one should ever trust Paul i was so glad he lost last season

    • I was team Nicole, Corey and Paulie last year. I was rooting for that alliance hard. Most hated Paulie last year but I really liked him. I didn’t like Victor or Paul. When Nicole won I was happy but I do think Paul got screwed cuz he played the best game.

  14. I’m totally confused about what is really going on. Just watched that whole conversation between Dom and Alex and after that Alex and Jason. So who is this person that Dom keeps talking about that is targetting her? It’s Alex right? I heard her tell Mark Dom is her target this week. Who is the real target this week?

    • Dom is Alex’s target (though a backdoor of Christmas/Mark would also work for her). She wants to weaken that side of the house, but in a way that won’t cause massive backlash against her the following week. Her own allies (Jason, Ramses, Kevin) don’t want Jessica gone.

    • Matt and Raven from what I gathered.. I think more so Raven because of the way Raven treated her. She said she was over compensating in conversations & her questions. Dom said she was trying to make sure she was feeling ok bc she thought she was about to go up. It’s all Paul though!!! Hes not content with power. He’s got to bust up alliances. I really hope she see through his crap 💩 and sends him packing as soon as he’s not safe…

  15. I hope Cody gets back into the house and teams up with Alex. I had respect for Mark and Matt but they lost it when they decided to become Paul groupies.

    • Ppl keep acting like they stabbed Cody in the back but it’s vice versa. All of them wanted to work with Paul and Cody agreed, then blindside a whole NINE person alliance and betray them. Thats not how you play big brother. Idk why ppl want that dummy to come back. I hate this battle back mess. It should be you’re out, you’re out! No one that dumb should get to come back. I’d rather a stranger planted in the game.

      • I don’t like Cody. But giving Paul three weeks of immunity is the real joke. And the producers knew Paul would win the first vote against a bunch of unknowns. I’d like Cody to come back just to see if he could take another shot at Paul. But Cody probably would try to make a deal with Paul if he were to return.

      • I would like to see Cody return also, but with the house being able to block a battleback winner from returning, I can’t imagine Cody not getting blocked. If somehow Cody were to return, he would have to make some serious changes to his approach and mend relationships, because, as it currently stands, no one (other than Jessica) likes him. What would be the point if he gets back in the house…and gets nominated and evicted the following week.

        The whole thing with Paul was rigged. Unfortunately, Cody did not anticipate that the producers would fix it so that Paul could not be evicted anytime soon.

      • The thing with paul being safe for three weeks was not set up by production the week before bb told viewers what the three tempations was going to be and in what order they would happen then America voted paul to have the first chance to take it or leave it. I hope the next one goes to Josh and you know he’ll not allow Cody back in the game also production has finally found a way to keep the person that wins battle back from being evicted as soon as they get back by having a special show on Friday after the people for eviction has already been set but the backdoor is still there to be used

      • I’m smart enough to know production wasn’t going to let him be evicted week 1. Hes dumb.

      • I actually like Cody having guts and taking a shot at Paul. He didn’t know he would have 3 weeks of pertection. The longer you keep Paul in the game you might as well hand him the 500K. Megan being a quitter is what screwed Cody. Megan and Josh are the 2 people I dislike the most. Mark wanted Christmas out so bad but then flipped on Cody. I lost respect for the guy.

      • It can be admirable, but his “guts” got him evicted. He should have used another organ, his brain. It was a dumb, non strategic move.

      • Not referring to the other renoms, I’m refering to Paul’s back door plan. It wasn’t wise.

  16. I would consider getting the live feeds but I have been watching Big Brother After Dark and all these people know how to do is drop the F bomb every other word. I’m no prude but it’s gets tiring after a while

  17. Does Anyone know if I can get subtitles on the cbs app. Or if live feeds has that opption bc most of the time I cant hear them. Esp @ nite. Its super annoying

  18. First week Cody took a swing at the cool kids everyone jumped on him calling him an idiot.
    Second week he’s evicted, everyone said because of his stupidity.
    Third week, Alex takes a “safe swing” at the cool kids, everyone says she’s another idiot for not going for blood.

      • Yup, if she nominates Mark/Elena or Mark/Matt, she might be able to get one of them out this week but next week she can’t play for HoH, her only hope is Jason and Ramses. Chance for Ramses & Jason to win HoH against Mark/Matt/Elena/Dom/Paul is not good.
        So she could be nominated and evicted next week just like Cody.

  19. Watching Cody eviction on BBAD replay. (guess they’re playing veto comp now?) Anyway, when Cody walked out of the house to Julie, threw his bag down and stomped over and slapped down in the chair, I got this really strong feeling about him. Like, dude is wound way too tight. Like wife-beater type. The kind of dude who doesn’t properly express his feelings and they build up and then he goes off type. Violent-like. …just sayin’. But, hey, what do I know? lol

  20. Watching the replays of the episodes on BBAD, those hopping sounds they added for the vetoads are hilarious.

    • Who’s on the block? Jess and Dom? Any speculation on what Jason will do?

  21. Another person doing the heavy lifting for Paul. Jessica needs to go because Cody will not want to compete against her in the Battle Back, so it gives someone else a chance to get back in the house

  22. like to see cody back in the game to start up trouble The house needs more game play be sides paul running the house .

  23. why is Alex beef with Dom? Hope Alex keep her head her game is strong so far and her side needs her. She is playing both sides now.

  24. alex in my opinion has no earthly clue how to play this game. She’s lost her way along with the others.

  25. Well, personally, it’s a mystery about what will happen this week….I understand that Paul can sway left and right like a boat when it comes to gossip. But I can understand it was a little payback about what Dom said about her talk show.

    But I think it could be funny if Jessica’s out so it be like Jessica vs Cody in the challenge

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