Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for the Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition this week after the new Head of Household made his picks and the house worked to secure its first Backdoor of the season.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

There was an opportunity here heading in to the comp for Cody to get a chance to play but instead Matthew and Elena were picked to join in the challenge. With that draw there was no need for Christmas to put her replacement power in to play. She’ll save that for another day.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Well no surprise here as Paul had asked everyone to throw it to him, but apparently Ramses didn’t throw it (no surprise) and that’s got Paul very upset. Houseguests had to eat a lot of food they thought was nasty, but that might have been as a punishment when things didn’t go well. That competition took about 5 hours 40 mins to finish from the time the Feeds went down. All individual performances, no surprise given how long that all took.

Gallery: Veto Comp Reactions

Things look real bad for Cody. Paul is planning to save Alex Josh (Paul now says he’ll save Josh instead to avoid anyone being tempted to keep Cody) and renom Cody in her place. He’ll be evicted on Thursday night unless something crazy happens. Well there goes a good source of our drama in just the second week. Don’t win the first HoH, kids!

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  1. how stupid and boring……lets just give the win to Paul….glad I stopped watching

    • No way, it is just getting good. Sure hope there are no surprises and Cody goes home….for good. Would love to see Paul or Christmas win

      • Depends on who they evict in the coming weeks. Cody could be this year’s Victor for the Battle Back.

      • What show are you watching? The only time Cody talks is around Jessica. The only other time he talks is when he is bulling Josh.

      • This week he’s speaking considerably less because he’s in sulking mode. But in the first week, he seemed to talk constantly. Maybe just to Jessica, or maybe I was annoyed by his pompous, over confident camera-speeches, but he’s mean and gross and every word out of his mouth makes me want him to shut up.

      • That comment I will strongly agree with. There have been others that I didn’t like. A few of them won. But I really really can’t stand Cody. You took the words right out of my mouth.

      • why?????????
        Paul was given a gift from day one.
        as for πŸŽ„ my gosh she should be out!!! Can’t play in half the games cause she is injured, awe poor baby, notttttttttttt!!!!

      • She already admitted live that she needs big surgery w/6 wk recovery.

        Anyone with class would go home.

      • Why would she go home? If she can stay, injured, and still win, that’s quite a feat, don’t you think?

      • why should Paul win /he won 50,000 last year/he shouldn’t even be there

      • Paul’s play last year was fun to watch. Sometimes I like Paul and sometimes I don’t like him at all. But he is fun TV. I thought he deserved to win last year. He is a good player. It is not his fault that some of the players don’t have any idea what they are doing. When they believe everything Paul says. How can you say you have watched for years and still believe someone fully? It happens every season. I have watch every season and I still shake my head at some of the players.

      • exactly, how can you fully trust someone, plus someone always flips a crucial vote and lies about it duh. They should know Kevin is lying and playing both sides. which brings another point if you never watch the game what makes you want to compete (kevin) and how can you fully understand the game or know little things that would be obvious to those that watch. or certainly if i never watched and wanted to compete i would do a binge watch to learn something. anyway cody needs to learn his lesson. why make such a major play week one. now that you are on the chopping block you are hoping for a battleback but don’t you think paul would stand the same shot at a battleback too and might would win. oh not to mention the temptation was still out there and you didnt know who had it. assume if a temptation is offered it will be taken. too many variables in the air to play your hand like that and have the house not trust you anymore.

    • Boring??? There’s been more excitement in the first two weeks then there was all last season. Boring is the last thing I would call it.

      • I agree. As much as Cody is not liking him. His maverick move would have been epic. Paul is being smug and knowing the game so well. I probably would have done a Cody move. Paul is the master of manipulation, and a trickster. The guy really knows how to play people. We shall see if any of the house guest have guts to put Paul up after his time has run out from being protected from being on the block? For now life is good for Paul…he could sail his way to the finals.

    • People like you are not a true fan, true fans appreciate the game and anyway it plays out not just when their favorite player is ahead.

      • Ignore that Mrs. Whatever….she obviously can’t handle it when someone has a different opinion than her. ;-)

      • I love this game and so do all my nurse friends. I wish I could be on big brother…and as far as Paul goes I over him. And I think Cody and Jessica deserves each other. Been watching bb since day 1 and will continue to watch…go paul

      • I’m a true fan, have watched since the first season. But come on, if we didn’t get hyped up when our fave is in a bad way or the one we can’t stand is flying high, what would be the fun in watching? We want to root for someone. If the fans didn’t care who was ahead, we have zero emotion invested in it and that would lead to low ratings and BB being doomed.

      • News flash, Bigbrothers ratings suck and they’re on their last leg…

      • If you don’t like Big Brother why do you watch? I have read the BB is renewed for the next 2 yrs. from Julie Chen on The Talk.

      • I couldn’t have said it better. Like you I have watched since the first season. I love it. Sometimes someone I don’t care for wins but that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to the next season.

    • I’m beginning to think this Paul’s show bb seems to be setting him up to win! But it’s not boring I dislike Cody & Jessica and I can’t believe Jessica sided with Cody after knowing him a couple weeks she obviously does not want to win the πŸ’°

      • It does feel like it’s fixed/ just give Paul the game now/sucks!

      • every season someone says it is fixed production does lean in certain directions but I believe that is for ratings and drama after Paul’s safety is up he will be fair game just like everyone else. I for one hope he can hang on for a while

      • Paul was the reason that I couldn’t get into watching Bigbrother last season, one of the biggest douchebags I’ve ever seen…

      • I kinda feel like production really doesnt like Cody either. they play like serial killer music every time Codys face is on the screen lol. Not that I blame them. Hes a douche

      • He has the coldest facial expressions. I don’t believe he could fake sympathy or empathy for the good of his game at all. You have to know that big brother is more than physical and mental, you have to have some social skills for people to vote to keep you and vote for you to win in jury. You need people on your side.

    • I agree, Mary. I am rather disgusted by the clowns who run the show. They rig a lot of things. I recall last season when Cory all of sudden seemed to know exactly where the pipe key was as he entered the challenge… that was pivotal for Nicole to remain in the game. I’m certain production told Cody he wasn’t allowed to nominate Ramses and angering a very touchy crowd of fans. Thus tying his hands. These ‘America’ votes on temptations are probably not on the up-and-up, either. They lost a fan in me. I’m sure they give as much phuqq as I do about their WWE-level, shenanigans.

    • Oh come on. Paul has another week of safety, after that he’s fair game. He will become a big target. Give it a chance. He’s going out soon.

      • Let’s hope so. They are drinking Paul’s kool aide for now. If there are true fans and competitors, which seems there are this year. Perhaps someone will step up and take him out. Right now, Paul is building his posse on After Dark. Saying follow me I will get you to jury. Someone show pick up on that….jury not the win that Paul will take home ppl.

    • I beg to differ Mary. It’s been quite explosive from the beginning.

      • Cody is first player who did not involve house with what he was going to do. I liked him from day one and don’t want to see him go. Paul was only saved for ratings I didn’t like him last year and don’t like him this year hg are fools for following him. I hate when he refers to himself as ‘your boy” the boy needs to go and keep Cody.

  2. It’s all going too well, how are these morons gonna screw this up I wonder.

      • Just watch, they’ll totally lose sight of the goal and shift the target to Ramses.

    • They aren’t considering the possibility of a Battle Back. Being that there are a lot of super fans in that house this season, you’d think one of them would bring it up (don’t give the guy we can’t stand a chance to fight his way back in). There’s been a returning player midway through the game for quite a few seasons now. Hell, there were 2 chances last year (and Vic won them both).

      • I kind of understand them not considering it. If they constantly worry about someone making it back in then they’ll just be in constant fear and not go after the people they really want gone. It wouldn’t make sense to not target the people they actually want gone because someone might come back.

  3. Cody deserves it. He came in too hot – and thinks he is a true competitor when actually he failed at doing the exact same thing Paul succeeded at. I don’t look at this as Paul’s game. I look at this as a house majority that has a common thread – dislike for Cody and Jessica… and who are grateful to not have attention on them. Every season many come together when there is one player that just rubs everyone wrong- Cody was that player. He thinks he is superior. He put the fattest, not as attractive people – in one group then aligned himself with babes and jocks. He is a mean boy. And nope – there will be no sadness for his departure. But, there will be anger for his return in a bounce back chance.

    • He only failed because production gave Paul 3 weeks of safety. And yes before you say anything I know we voted. But you know production knew he would get the votes for the first temptation and guess what they made the first one the best.

      • You know that it’s still possible Paul wouldn’t have been evicted if he would have been otb with Jillian… I’m not sure that temptation is the reason he’s still in the house. He locked xmast, Kevin, josh, mark, Elena , matt and raven easily.

      • He failed and isolated himself from his alliance because he did not tell him his plan. He assumed they would just do it.

      • Usually an alliance sticks with what the HOH wants. When Paul first came in they all talked about getting him out. And if you watch the feeds he said he didn’t tell them so that way they wouldn’t have to lie.

      • If it isn’t best for their game they shouldn’t do it, regardless of what the HOH wants. Once the replacement nominee is named, the HOH’s power is done, unless there is a tie in the vote. But you should be honest with the alliance you want to move forward with, if you want that loyalty.

      • Exactly!! They gave it to Paul!! They should have waited to bring that Temptation out weeks into the game!

      • Yes usually the better ones come later when you had a chance to get to know the players. I know production doesn’t control who wins comps or how we’re going to vote or for that matter who’s going to win the game but they do kind of manipulate things. Which I don’t blame them because they do want to produce a show that makes good tv. Just hoping he goes after safety.

    • I agree with you 100 % Cody is a mean guy and I hope his daughter does not grow up unattractive or overweight they is no telling what he would do! Jessica don’t want money she took a man’s side that she didn’t know three weeks what an idiot!

    • Absolutely right! He came out too hard and played the high school bully. There is truly something wrong with this guy. You can’t even take him and Jessica seriously. He’s a miserable guy. She so vacuous.

    • You nailed it. He called everyone he didnt feel was his equal the “outsiders” that REALLY hit me the wrong way. I despise people who treat others beneath them because they think they are superior in someone. I used to beat guys like that up when I was a kid. LOL everyone deserves respect whether you find them annoying, dorky, nerdy, etc..dont have to be BFF with everyone but mutual respect should be there. Its not with Cody

  4. Not so much ‘Don’t win first HoH’ as it is ‘Don’t win first HoH when production throws a returning player back in the game and gives them every advantage they can’.

      • Yes, Cody guessed wrong, but he also guessed right. He guessed wrong because his alliance bailed, but he guessed right in going after the real threat, Paul, who at that time had stated that he was going to shoot for the couples. Just because his alliance disagreed doesn’t make him wrong — his error was teaching the other Paul-cult flowers that “their boy” was dangerous. Did ANY of these people watch Paul at all last season?! If they did, they just have stars in their eyes and not brains in their heads.

      • Damn typos! getting late. Should read: “his error was not teaching the other Paul-cult followers that “their boy” was dangerous.”

    • Right. Just give Paul the check. I want to return to the game bring played with everyone starting on a leveled playing field – not vets, no family members.
      The only advantage is knowing how to play the game because you are a superfan and you know how the game is played or you are totally green and you learn the hard way.
      It’s hard to say if production has a hand in any of the game moves bit it’s hard to dispute because it’s so obvious.

      • I am sick of the vets coming back too/ let someone else win

  5. I hope he rethinks this saving Josh idea because someone (well Christmas or Dom) will think about Alex being a bigger threat than Cody because people like her and most of the house doesn’t know thay Jessica irrationally hates her so they might think for a week, she has 2 allies to Cody’s one. And perhaps more. I mean Kevin, Jason and Jessica (if she follows Cody’s orders) will actually vote Ramese out.

    • Without Alex I don’t think they would have enough votes to change anything.

      • I guess I just fear Jessica pulling a my bad with Elena and Raven and selling them on something and their boys following combined with that Jason is the only one thinking about a buy back and so he and Kevin might want to just not vote for Cody in case (because Cody will be with them on return) and vote for Ramses. That would mean only Christmas and Dom are voting out Cody. Mind you this is all on Jessica being apologetic and willing to kiss ass when Cody will be telling her to vote Ramses because Alex and Jason will be the only ones he trusts to protect her.

      • I think if it was someone other than Jessica, that would be a possibility. But Jessica is insistent on playing the victim, and I don’t think that is going to change by the vote on Thursday. She also, as evidence by not getting people to vote out Christmas, not very good at manipulating people, she’s too self-centered for that.

      • I also think that the house guests are so gung-ho about getting Cody out that it just isn’t going to happen. I could be wrong of course.

    • Alex hates Jessica as much as Jessica hates her. It’s not irrational. They just don’t mix. It happens.

  6. that lasted too long.
    At least he gets to nominate whomever he wants and we could move on. Hopefully he’ll go soon.

  7. its all for not because cody will probably just be coming back in the battle back comp next week

  8. This is perfect, only thing now is to make sure the house sticks with Paul and actually evicts Cody.

  9. Well, this should make the Battle Back episode more fun. Cody should have no problem beating Jillian, and he’ll more than likely be able to best Cameron. Unless they evict another strong competitor in the coming weeks, Cody will just be returning to the game.

  10. Too bad I was hoping for a Ramses win. Oh well Cody goes. Didn’t care for him but I like the drama he created. I hope Kevin, Jason or Jessica win HOH. Because Alex will be safe with them and she doesn’t have to go after the other side yet. Let Jason split up one of the couples. She can also keep Paul on her good side since he seems to be controlling the house. Then when his safety is up she kicks him out.

    • Yeah, it really doesn’t look like Alex trusts Paul, and he’ll prove it to her when he goes back on his word to pull her off the block this week.

      • He’ll hand her some line of BS. Just like he did when he told her he was nominating her.

      • I think the opposite is true.

        She was just up in HOH room and suggested to Paul to not pull her off. Paul was going to ask her and she beat him to it. She didn’t want to have to vote against Cody & she sees that Jason isn’t trustworthy so the team needs to force his vote to Cody by leaving Alex up there whom he – Jason – would never vote against

    • It would of made things interesting but Alex would of went home so I’m glad how it went. Because Alex is going to be in the house for awhile.

      • Yep, I love Alex, and she Adds something to the House, whereas Matt, Raven, & Eleana Do Not….

    • Apparently Ramses Will be OTB next week, because he didn’t listen to Paul, & almost WON the Veto….Please Paul, don’t turn into Paulie BB18!!!

    • Why would Alex be safe with Jessica as HOH? Unless I missed something because I don’t have the Feeds I didn’t think that Jessica liked Alex.

      • Yeah, Cody if evicted should be entering the house that week. Too bad, actually I want Cameron to have a second chance, Sigh.

      • Yeah same here, I feel bad for Cameron! I think he might stand a chance against Cody in an endurance comp, but it doesn’t look good for him.

      • Yeah I pray to the BB Gods something happens this week so Cody can’t be evicted. They are dolls and pins in the Den of Temptation, right? I might use them.

      • They are gonna have a Battle Back, so someone that has been evicted is coming back!

      • Who told you they are? I’m waiting to hear for sure before speculating this scenario. I think it’s more likely that one of the evictees comes back as a consequence of one of the DoTs!

      • This season is far from boring, but Paul’s numerous advantages and everyone’s trust for him have me rolling my eyes suuuuper hard.

      • Granted…I love Paul he, & Victor were Awesome last year on BB18! And I believe Paul should have won! BUT, I wholeheartedly believe that Big Brother should have waited 1 to 2 Years before bringing him back on the Show…It was Far too Soon! The newbies in the house Worship the Man!!! This Season “Could” go the way of Derrick’s Season, when he Ran everything?!

        Even with Miss Nicole, last years Winner of BB. they Waited a Year, or 2 before gearing the Game for her to win it

      • I used to be a fan, but he just acts like he knows far more about the game than he actually does. I’d sooner listen to a superfan in the house than someone who played one season without much previous knowledge of the game.

  11. So, I’m assuming Alex wins the next temptation…if she cancels this upcoming eviction, does that mean we’ll only have Cameron, Jillian and Cody competing for the Battle Back?

    • If Alex wins the Halting Hex, I hope she keeps it until she really needs it. Hoping for her or Jason win the next HoH. It’s about time that side of the house comes to power.

      • Same! I’d hate to see the showmances and Paul dominate this season…however, the odds are in their favor and she might have to use her power sooner rather than later. Team Goon Platoon!

      • I guess Oddball Alliance is out of the window. First time hearing Goon Platoon tho haha.

      • That would be fab. I was just thinking the same. DE that early, expect the unexpected, how you like dem snakes?

  12. People keep saying Cody’s move was a bad move blah blah blah just because there are a bunch of sheep in the house and their shepherd has a pendant gifted by the Prod in his neck.
    If the HGs can think clearly without fanning and no pendant, it would be considered a brilliant move.
    I don’t care about Cody or Jessica, but I stood by Cody’s decision, coz I would do that as well if I were in the house.

    • But he tried to create a dictatorship by not telling anyone in his alliance his plan for who was going on the block nobody wants to work with someone like that.

      • you are so right and when paul won hoh he let everyone in his group have a word in what he was doing instead of just doing it and not talking to them and that is all they wanted if cody would have done that from the start cody would have been gold with his team.

    • Let’s say there was no pendant. And Paul went up. The result could likely have been the same – BYE Jillian.

      The crux of what Cody did wrong was NOT TELLING his team & going against one of his own in the 1st week. Very dumb! Paul would’ve sowed the seeds of mistrust & may have gotten the same anti-Cody vote just like he did for Christmas.

      It was week 1. He built a great alliance. Ride it. Play the game and work it against the vet – if you want him out, he had the alliance to do it with in good time. His hyper-active hate and paranoia that Paul was coming for him led him to make this mistake and he will be gone for it.

    • I agree. I don’t like him, but nominating Paul was great. unfortunately he did not know the big secret which was Paul’s great move not telling anyone.

    • Production fixed it for Micole to win, and basically they have fixed and controlled the past 5 seasons, so why not Paul???

  13. I know he is gunning for Cody, but I hope he puts up Jessica. Cody would stand a better chance to come back into the house. Jessica would have a harder time and she irritates me more than Cody does. Even though he is a complete idiot

  14. Can you imagine if Christmas doesn’t come back (πŸ˜”) and that cancels out Paul’s nomination and no one goes home! Paul’s face, now that would be priceless

    • I doubt that would happen. If a self-eviction (Megan) didn’t stop the game – Christmas leaving wouldn’t either.

      And I am glad to say that I think she will come back – she was capable in the comp on Thursday, pulling herself around and getting tickets for Paul. There are things she won’t be able to do, but she is still a force to reckon with

      • I totally agree with you. I love Christmas and she was a beast on Thursday night. But I read something about her having surgery and pins put in. That would require hospital stay and physical therapy. I hope she comes back. I would love to see her take it all the way

  15. This is a game, and my perspective is ALWAYS from that aspect. Too many HGs get personal, when this is really one game of MONOPOLY or RISK that one person wins in the end. The Couples are dead as an alliance, obviously, and my point is they are worse off for a group because of that. Had they re-grouped with Cody (who simply went after two HUGE threats, Paul & Xmas, who were NOT in their core alliance), then they’d still control the house probably all the way to jury. BUT, they blew it up with Cody, and went, basically, to Paul, and, to an extent, Xmas. Paul is hugely untrustworthy, and unlike Cody, will go after THEM (hes already stated its smart to go after the couples) because Paul is not loyal to anyone but himself. No way can you argue that Mark/elena and Raven/Matt are safer in this arrangement, therefore that is why it was a dumb (emotional) move by them. Cody wasn’t going to gun for Mark/Elena and Raven/Matt β€” BUT PAUL SURE AS HECK WILL!

    • And, yes, I know Cody went rogue and made his own nominations without talking to the group. But, they should have cooled down, realized he went after threats to the Couples’ Alliance, and regrouped instead of chucking Cody to the wind. Getting Paul out is simply a smart move.

    • Paul told them as much. They are aware that eventually they will be coming after each other. That is how the game works. Paul didn’t make the others be mad Cody. Cody did that to himself. How was Cody pretending to include Paul and Christmas in his alliance any different?

      • Because a lot of people here don’t like Paul. The old saying “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” is being forgotten.

  16. really dont wont to see the Paul Show. Cody presents good tv drama and makes it interesting for both sides he is trying to play[Alex].

      • People thought Monte was coming back, but although Cody is a great competitor. he is beatable.

      • Monte was never set to come back, BBOTT houseguests went straight home.

      • I remember Julie told them the first night that, once they were evicted, that was it…no buybacks. I’m guessing because of the shortened season, there wasn’t time for it.

      • I remember that, but they change the game constantly and I was afraid it would have happened. I couldn’t stand him. and this season we know that they are sequestered somewhere. I don’t think they have mentioned that yet.

      • He’d Better humble himself or they will send right back out. Production wld have to help him like they did Paul.

      • There’s quite a bit that can happen while Cody is gone…you never know!

      • Yea but he did some serious damage. Its a must that he changes his selfish attitude. He has no social game at all. The problems he’s caused for himself will take a lot of work to repair, which I don’t think he’s capable of.

    • exactly/Paul is getting everything handed to him/ at least Cody was a straight shooter/he wasn’t afraid to play the game/ hate floaters and they always win

  17. So Jessica has decided to kiss some behind and not hang out with cody..

  18. I love that Paul won!! Cody doesn’t understand how to play the game. He is just a blob. Keeping Jessica in the game will keep the drama going. Girl drama is good for the ratings. I still can’t believe that Nicole won. She is an idiot.

    • If I could win 500K and being called an idiot by you every day for the rest of my life … where do I sign up?

    • Nicole Franz? I wouldn’t look at it as though Nicole “won” as much as Paul “lost”. Paul is just a loud mouth street punk. Most folks don’t like punks like him. Even Nicole said that Paul played a better game, but I would have given the win to Nicole just because Paul is what he is. Loud, offensive, selfish, and childish. A punk. :oD

      • Bingo! Exactly! You Nailed it!


    • I agree with you….Nicole winning last yr…what a joke! Cody is an arrogant ahole!

  19. Paul and his cult followers attacking Ramses for playing for the veto is ridiculous, and another reason Paul is hard to take. Of course he is going to go for veto — he’s on the block! That makes them angry at him?! No way Paul wouldn’t play hard if on block. Do recall, Paul was the world’s biggest d-bag at the beginning of last season when he THOUGHT he was in control (he wasn’t). He only became phony “friendship” Paul after he was slammed to earth after being so arrogant. Well, he’s back to being d-bag Paul again, because that’s the true him.

    • You Nailed it! Exactly!


    • Paul is still a dirtbag, that’s all he’ll ever be. Fans seem to think he’s an entertaining dirtbag though. :oD Nobody on the block ever tried to throw a POV. How Paul could be so stupid to think the kid would do that and then throw a tantrum just shows what a big baby paul is. What is appearing to a be a weak sauce house right now better grow some ‘nads, flip on paul, and toss him out. I’m tired of this being “The Paul Show”.

      • Wasn’t it Johnny Mac who threw the Veto comp a couple of times while he was on the block?

      • That statistic would be interesting and I wonder if JMac was a pawn more than anyone? One of my favorite HGs, tho! So funny. I’ll bet the Capt knows.

      • Yeah, I think you may be right here. I know he was nominated like 8-9 times in his season! Or something ridiculous like that–the only person who has been nom’d more is Victoria from BB16!
        Anyhoo…so Johnny won 4 POVs in BB17, winning only half the number of noms he received; not sure how many of those he threw. I think he might have thrown a BoB (battle of the block) comp too, if I remember right.

        The reason Ramses veto loss was so crucial is b/c he wasn’t Paul’s nomination. It was like the Roadkill last season. If Ramses had won and taken himself off the block, then noms would have stayed the same and Alex would go home. That is why people were so pi$$ed he did so well. I think he came in 2nd right behind Paul’s time.

      • It appears that Josh and Alex just DID throw the POV comp. I stand corrected! :oD

  20. God i hope Paul doesn’t get to beside himself and star getting on my nerves. He needs to lay low for a while and shut up! He’s planning to bully Ramses. I dont like that.

    • Like Ive said, remember what a jerk he was when he falsely thought he was in control at the beginning of last season. He was really hard to take, the he went to “serve” Paulie and changed his act to phony “friendship.” The guy can be funny, but, sorry, cant forget the jerk in him.

  21. I don’t think it will be a Battle Back. With the temptations, my thought is they will give someone power to bring back one evicted HG. If so, give it to someone that will bring Cameron or Jillian back and definitely don’t give it to Jessica. Or the special episode is to bring back several veterans and it’s s battle for one to enter the game. That would be an interesting twist.

    • Wow those are the best suggestions I’ve ever read on this site. That would be fanatic!

      • I did mention this as being part of the temptations consequences, that holder of DoT would get to choose who to bring back. When Matthew B here interviewed Grodner about a possible Battle Back and she wouldn’t answer that. She just said, “Expect the unexpected!” Reason I also said be careful who you vote to receive this temptation.

      • That’s good to know. They shouldn’t do the battle back. I’ve always hated that. Victor breathed new life into it, but I don’t want it at all this season its stale. Did you see Hot Messica last night talking to Paul? Lol

      • I sure did lol. I really like Paul. He’s well beyond his years with maturity and wisdom. I forget he’s only 24! Thats a baby! At first i was like, PLEASE PAUL don’t get the big head and act a fool tonight but his conversation let me know he still leveled headed. Good kid

      • And that Ramses smh. I dont blame him for not throwing it bcz he doesn’t trust them but it was surely a stupid move. You have to be able weight out consequences. You have no power or alliance duh the scale is tipped waay to one side. Too funny when he walked right in on Paul talking about him. Lol i feel a little sorry for the kid though:-(

      • He BSed Jess the whole time and after she hugged him and left, he pretended to be Jess and put an imaginary gun to his head. But really, most of the talk he had was the truth on how to survive the BB house once you were considered a non-entity of the house who got exiled into being alienated, ignored or used as a pawn.

  22. Alex has told Paul she wants to stay on the block next to Cody because she owes Cody something and doesn’t want to have to help vote him off. Soooo Paul is pulling Josh off the block.

  23. I have missed so much….I keep falling asleep. Sometimes their conversations are so boring. But then I miss all the good stuff lately too because of it. ;-D

    I have to catch up now. Yippie!

    • I am crossing my fingers that someone will be brave enough to get Paul out of there Asap!!

      • There will be no peace while he’s in there. But you can’t say that it’s been boring either with him there. I hate when it gets down to six players and seems to drag on forever at times.

      • Paul is this season’s Vanessa Rousso. Please, HGs, get rid of him a lot sooner than at the finale!

    • Yep. Paul has one more safe week. Then the weak sauce house of followers better flip on him and give him the boot. I, personally, had my fill of his punk-axe mouth last season. Really didn’t need more.

  24. Don’t listen to Matthew (sorry Matthew). You CAN win the first HOH. Just don’t go on a power trip, don’t go rogue with your moves, don’t alienate the houseguests, and don’t target a houseguest without support. Doing those will make you a target once your HOH reign is over. First HOH isn’t a bad thing. It all depends on how you play it.

    • Well many former hgs have said they’d wished they hadn’t won the first HoH, but it could be good as well. Matthew just stated what happens when things don’t go well for an HG as the first HoH.

  25. The last sentence said “don’t win the first HOH kids”,because Paul wants to Backdoor Cody. Well Nicole last year was the first HOH and she won bb18. It’s just Cody was making speeches at the noms ceremonies like it was week 8 of big brother. He should have just nominated and keep it at that. I get it….he wanted the noms to know why he picked them, but he should have chosen his words with a little more tack. Now his words are biting him in his butt. Plus he did have to nominate 5 people. Wow.

    • HOH is power and safety, plus the HOH room with drinks and munchies. The first one can suck, sure, but it can be survived with minimal damage when handled properly. Be sure to ID the least popular and weakest HGs real quick! :oD

    • I dont think they should avoid first hoh, you have to reeaally careful with it. I hated nichole but I must give her credit for how she handled that first HOH. I think it may have set the tone for her game. She handled both her hoh’s like a pro. She was smooth as wine. Euk! I hate having to give her credit. Lol but I’m fair

  26. Exciting first week, but mostly because Cody did all the wrong things to make it exciting. Cody will probably win the Battle Back, but can Cody realize when he re-enters the house how to talk to people that trust him and only turn on somebody when he can 100% get away with it with either little or no repercussions with HGs still in the game? The first couple of weeks are usually less exciting because they are all getting to know each other. Nothing is that annoying to each other, YET. So, usually to keep the peace and not make yourself a target you have a group, you make group decisions, you try to get very little “blood on your hands”. Paul actually did VERY well with this HoH, and it’s going to be boring, but he’s got the entire house saying, “Let them take out Cody”. Very successful in my opinion. However, next HoH has to go to Alex’s side of the house 100% to start thinning numbers over with the couples, and Paul knows it and from what I gather wants it just as bad as I do to keep them fighting and him safe.

    • I agree. I think whoever cancels an eviction is given the consequence that they have to bring back an HG that most of the current hgs disliked rather than do a battle back. What say you?

      • U may be on to something Joni. With the timing of the Hex cancelling eviction, perhaps the consequence is ANOTHER eviction gets cancelled. And maybe the person will get to choose or maybe it is random as to whose eviction is cancelled.

  27. Lame! πŸ˜’
    They all through it to Paul! ( aside from Ramses!) That’s not a win! Damn Ramses, I really wanted him to win although I was concerned if he did win it then Alex would go home over Josh and that would suck!
    But what right does Paul have to give Ramses crap for playing to win the veto!? He doesn’t know Paul anything!
    I wonder why Paul who was very clear to everyone except for Josh that he was going to save Alex but then changed his mind once he won the veto comp (technically by default!) Lame πŸ˜’ Well, I don’t completely wonder because it was said in this post but, why would he think people might be tempted to keep Cody around over Josh? Paranoid much! That should prove to his alliance that he doesn’t trust them.
    Why is the house letting Paul run the show!? I guess because he is HOH and just like Cody, he could go from the top to the very bottom by the next HOH. U

    • It wasn’t just Paul that was upset with Ramses after the veto comp. When the feeds for BBAD came back, Raven, Matt, Mark and Elena were all pissed at Ramses. You’re right though, nobody “owes” anyone anything on BB, but at the same time… You can’t single out Paul for treating Ramses like crap. Like he’s the first HG in BB history to treat someone like crap. I have a funny feeling you’ll find more people in BB that have treated someone like crap (deservedly or no) than people that haven’t.

      • You may have a point here, Carvin. Big Brother does seem to bring out a person’s inner villain. What does that say about us & the fact that we love it so much?? ;) hahahaha

      • LOL. BB houseguests are allowed – even encouraged – to do things the rest of us wish we could do and get away with. It’s the voyeur in all of us that loves this show.

      • Oh I totally agree! I’m not saying that Paul is the first big brother houseguest in history to act the way he’s acting. Not at all. But it’s just current time so I am referring to him. And I did not know others were mad and said things to Ramses also. Thanks for letting me know.

    • I dont think there’s anything wrong with throwing a comp if you’re working together in an alliance and you all have the same target. My problem is when they expect someone on the block to do it thats not in your alliance aka ramses. I dont think that’s fair. He’s not with their agenda, let him play fair and square. If he wins then he deserves to have things go his way, you don’t like it, win power, take him out next. That simple.

      • Yes, very true. But I just didn’t like how Paul was telling them to throw it to him. Ordering them around.

      • Dont have a problem with ASKING, but I do with telling someone what to do. I hate any form of dictatorship. If I were Ramses, I would have stood flat footed in Paul’s face and told him hell naw.

  28. The house guests would be idiots to let Paul win. He’s immune so it makes sense to work with him until they can strike against him.

  29. I absolutely hate it when people intentionally throw comps for no good reason! Everyone of those players could have played/won and still taken Josh or Alex (aside from Ramses)
    So, Alex also through it? I won’t be impressed if she also did it!
    Paul clearly just want to inflate his ego, and everyone is giving it to him! Why? It makes no sense! They need to get rid of Paul immediately or he is going to be in the final two again! Like Paul needs more of an ego! Even though he shouldn’t be bragging because everyone through it to him so, big deal! You won by default dummy.
    I totally get people throwing HOH Orveto comps b/c in the beginning of the game so they can just sit back and technically float without getting blood on their hands! But in this situation, there’s no reason to throw it!
    I wonder if it was obvious? Like everyone went over their time and was disqualified? Because, then how else would they throw it?!

  30. I’m pulling my subscription if Cody goes home. I knew from the start that if Paul got in it would be the Paul BB Show. Cody did was smart to make a game play to get Paul out! Cody knew Paul would run the house if he stayed and he has. Sad that so many of these players don’t see that they are being played like a puppet! So sick of this show!! Cant Production actually have a game that is exciting??? Production has set this game up for Paul to win!!
    Paul has had his chance! Christmas is injured so she will skate through! Everyone else is floating!. What really pisses me off is the Attitude from America against Cody. Yea, I know Cody is no the most polite person, but for all us that know Cody has been defending our country. War changes people, and not in good way, and for that reason I am not going to pre judge Cody. I don’t know him, but I can see some very similarities that others exhibit when returning form Afghanistan, Iran, Desert Storm and even those that have been to Vietnam. I for one will give him a second chance.

    • Yeah, but Cody is the one who was laughing and telling other HGs that while he was still serving… He and his buddy would volunteer for all the crap jobs like cleaning the latrines or working in the kitchen (KP) just so the drill sergeant didn’t have anything to threaten them with if they got in trouble.

      I don’t think war changed Cody. I think it brought out the prick that was always inside him.

    • Well said! And I agree! Cody did shoot himself in the foot by playing too hard too soon and going against his alliance! That was dumb on his part especially putting up Christmas. And also not confiding in his alliance with what he was going to do. That was not a smart move! So I do believe it is somewhat his fault, but not completely……I also believe his “run” as HOH was BS.
      Technically Paul got 2 rewards. First one being the obvious 3!weeks safety! And the second one NOT having to tell anyone about his safety and therefore Cody getting totally screwed during the Re-Noms! & Paul also got a freebie to find out who he can trust and not just because of this temptation!! & not having to tell people immediately. I also think there were two punishments for Paul taking that temptation. The obvious, Ramses punishment but also Cody got punished because he tried to make a big move and it got thrown right back in Cody’s face therefor that was a second punishment in my opinion!
      I just miss the more organic big brother without these stupid twists and Temptations. I miss the game being played fair.
      And I also completely agree with you about Cody fighting in the war and that making him appear to be stone cold. When they showed his interview tape on the first day, he had tons of personality and then talking to his Little girl, he was sweet and happy. I just think he was super pissed Paul came back in the house and, he isn’t want to kiss ass!
      I myself haven’t seen anything wrong with Cody on a personal level. But, I do believe he is a good person. Again, his video on the first day showed him as a completely different person. Very very likable! It wasn’t until Paul entered the house, then Cody went cold for lack of better words. He didn’t kiss Paul’s ass to get the friendship bracelet! Good for him!
      The only thing I disagree with you on is the entertainment, I don’t watch the live feed’s but I read about them on here and I watch some of the big brother after dark. It is super entertaining already in just one week. I think if Cody goes, it could get boring! Hopefully there is a battle back and he prevails! That would be sweet justice against Paul. But again, I do think Cody did dig his own grave for especially nominating Christmas and not speaking with his alliance about what he was going to do so therefore he made his alliance look guilty and they all had to scramble to prove to both Paul and Christmas that they had no idea. They all were guilty by association initially. If I was a part of an alliance and the HOH went and did something outrageous/bold that quickly, I would be pretty pissed myself! That would put a big target on my back and it would be unfair. Make sense? & his/Cody’s alliance members didn’t know him very well, but they thought they could trust him. But with Cody doing what he did, it was a eye-opener to his alliance not to trust him. It makes sense. So I believe Cody did do a lot of this to himself. But I don’t think he’s a bad guy!

    • I am not sure if my last comment made a lot of sense LOL my talk to type kept screwing up and jumping all over the page plus changing words so I was trying to fix it but some sentences might be out of place! LOL Oops πŸ™Š
      Hopefully I caught it all but who knows, it could make no sense whatsoever. Sorry LOL

    • America hates Cody because he’s a bad guy. James was in the military, and wasn’t scum of the Earth. So that’s no excuse.

    • Good perspective. Never looked at it that way. There is something definitely wrong with Cody and I dont mean that as an insult here. War does change people but should he be in the big brother house?,i dont think so. It’s not for him. That environment is mentally brutal, so is war, but that game is in a breed of its own. He’s not mentally fit for it. This public humiliation is going to take some time to get over.

    • These people that works on production should just create a fiction show, go on somewhere else….What they do should not be done with BB, this is supposed to be real life and not scripted. I like Paul but I dont like him because of what Production does.

  31. I read in one of the comments I believe it was yesterday that once Cody wasn’t nominated, he didn’t think he was being back doored and thought m Josh or Alex was going home. Is that true?
    Does he think he’s back in with Paul? Or does he know he is going to help on Thursday without a doubt?

  32. Very pleased to see Paul victorious. Cody will be getting backdoored, right on schedule. Cody was one of the worst players in BB history. He was toxic to the feeds. Poison to the show. And pernicious to the house. Cody essentially played Devin’s game. But lacked any of the charm, humor, or good looks that made Devin an enjoyable character who is still looked back fondly. Cody did this to himself, and he nobody to blame but Cody. And I can’t wait to see Cody leave in his frog costume. Why, because “I just don’t like him.” LMAO!!!

    • I totally agree and I’ve likened Cody to Devin as well but you summed it up better. The only people in America that seem to get behind Cody (even a little bit) are the Paul haters who need all the hope they can muster since Paul is taking this season, along with the $500K check all the way to the bank!

  33. This is redemption for Megan. You don’t nominate someone simply because you don’t like them. And guess what Cody, America hates you.

    • Ramses got the 1st curse (nominating himself to be OTB) and the 2nd curse was the frog suits for Cody, Jessica & Jason.

      • Technically, Kevin got the first temptation, and the curse was on the entire house by getting Paul in exchange for Cameron.

    • Ramses was cursed – had to nominate himself for eviction this week or in one of the next two weeks. He has chosen to do that this week, I believe.

  34. this site is for people with opinions if you dont like something then pull up your big girl or boy panties and keep your mouth shut.|||||And delete this site we all dont want to hear anyone attcking people on here so just move on and grow up

  35. Cody turned me off right from the start. He could of been strong in comps but definitely won’t be sorry to see him go. Josh is so cringeworthy and annoying to listen to that I hope he leaves soon. Way too many showmanship way too soon. Not good game play. I wasn’t thrilled to see Paul back but Cody had him pegged right, they better get rid of him as soon as they get a chance. Not really feeling a bond with any of the guys but at least the girls are fun to watch.

  36. I swear Paul is probably gonna turn into Paulie if he’s not careful.
    All you need is an “ie” and mysoginistic personality and they’re literally twinsies.
    Then again Cody hasn’t been a friendly neighbor either.

    • Well, that might be apropos, Dan, since Paulie pretty much morphed into Paul in season 18!! hahaha

  37. People speculating that Cody will win the “Battle Back”…I honestly think there is no Battle Back though. Remember how last year Julie asked the houseguests how they felt if they got another shot to get back in the game? She didn’t ask that to Jillian. Not to mention, last year there were 5 competitors in the Battle Back. This year, there will only be 4 (possibly even 3!) evicted houseguests by the time the Friday show comes around. 3-4 people I don’t think is enough to fill up a whole hour show, and I don’t think production is taking any chances of there being only 3 evicted houseguests by the time the Friday episode comes along

    • Interesting perspective. I won’t mind their not being a jury buyback or battle-back comp in the slightest.

      • I’m sure there will be a Jury buyback, since they seem to love doing that every year. I just don’t think a “Battle Back” will be what determines who comes back, if anybody does at all

      • Yeah, you’re right on the jury buyback… wasn’t thinking when I said that. Guess we’ll see soon if there’s a battle back.

        Hey on a side note… You know what would have been an interesting twist to Christmas’s DoT win? Think of this… if the 3 people she cursed were automatically picked for veto! That would have ensured she would have to use it right off the bat!

        Honestly I would have hated that, but it also would have caused so much drama. I’m surprised BB didn’t think of it. ;)

      • Yea, that’d have made things pretty interesting! But at the same time I think that’s a curse on Christmas herself, and that’s not how the temptation twists work sadly, even though imo that’s how they should work. Whoever takes the temptation should be cursed along with it

      • I think there is more to the v toads thing abd I think because she picked the prior she didn’t like they will be safe this week hence v toads ! Why she’s she get two wins ????? She gets a advantage plus punish people she hates ??? I think they will be safe and Paul won’t be able to put them up !!!!

    • I have seen no mention of a re-entry option for the early evictees, nope. I would think that Cameron and Jillian would had been informed and retained. While they may be quietly retaining evictees for an eventual competition to return one to the house, I don’t recall it being it done in secret in the past.

  38. Well, Cody…it will be a Hail Mary pass if you stay. Isolating yourself from the group with Jessica, not a good play on your part. Thought you would be more of a fighter. Especially, if you have Alex next to you. The house at one time wanted her out remember? Yet, keeping the dramatic Josh…could be a thing too. How much comfort is left in the house for him? Ramses, don’t blame the kid for trying to save himself off the block. Paul demanding of him to throw this. Not cool or Friendship on Paul’s part.

  39. Big Brother and the WWE are looking very similar. The Paul situation has all been staged!!

  40. Well hopefully Cody goes home this week, then again Paul could flip it to Ramses. Lets hope not.

    • I think because he’s a v toad he will be safe this week ! Why would they give Xmas two powers ???? There more to this the people she punished are prob safe !!!! Hence v toads !!!!!

  41. The first week I did not like Cidy, I think is his intense glare, but now I don’t want him to go since he makes the house more exciting.

  42. Well, this was the first season for me to ever watch Bigbrother, I got a lot of my friends to start watching it also, only reason was because of Cody. Looks like it’ll be my last season for us to watch also. I guess Liberals run Hollywood, all good… we run the rest of the world. See ya later Bigbrother…

  43. LOVE IT! I love Paul HATE Cody. Cant wait to see the loser kicked out of the house. Look Im all for big game moves but the way Cody treats people who are weaker then himself is disgusting. Hes probably my most despised player to date.. I just think the dude is a weak coward who goes after people who are weaker then himself because that is what cowards do. Yelling at Josh and Ramses really???

    • He’s disgusting! If they couldn’t get him out I wasn’t going to watch anymore. It was painful to watch him.

  44. I think that Xmas winning this power then choosing the people she wants to punish is way to easy that means she gets two wins???? Does that make sense yes they are toads but they are v toads I think because she picked the people she didn’t like they will all have safety And not be able to be nominated or go home ! Then Paul can’t back Dior Cody and and screwed ! This punishment picking makes no sense why doe she get two things !!! I think the tiads will be safe cause she picked them !!! That’s my opinion her picking who wears costumes just way to easy and way to simple

  45. Watch Cody in the pre interviews. You can see his personality more. I like the guy. He’s reading the house guests. Esp Paul. I hope Cody can pull a miracle off. I hate when the show edits to make crickets sounds, or special effects when Cody’s not saying anything. It’s a lil bias. Paul was a fan fav last year. Which means ratings. So they stacked deck in Paul’s favor. Just hope they balance with the rest of the house guests. Its time for BB19’s fan fave. Not BB18!!! These house guests are playing like “super fans”. Not house guests.

  46. Been a crazy season so far
    Well, glad that Karma strikes at Cody

    I know it be boring without him, but we still got 3 bad people in the game

    There’s Jessica who even though she’s a b*tch, I thought Josh pretty much has a tiny point, “She doesn’t need him, she deserves better”

    There’s Crazy Josh that makes me wonder what will happen if he and Debbie from Survivor ever meet….

    And as much as I love anime and cosplaying, all I can say about Ramses were “I smell a Rat”

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