‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 2 – Update: Players Picked

Houseguests are preparing a simple plan for today’s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 19 and it hinges on some luck if they want to see everything play out just the way they hope. Paul has his target right where he wants him, off the Block, but can he keep him out of the comp?

Update: Veto comp began at 4:07 PM BBT… Results are back! Find out who won the Veto.

Cody Nickson on Big Brother 19

Paul sent two pawns to the Block last night by nominating Alex and Josh with his sights set on Cody Nickson for a good ol’ Backdoor, but nothing is rarely so easy on Big Brother. The upcoming PoV player draw could go a few ways and Paul has an ace up his sleeve just in case.

Christmas was revealed to be this week’s Den recipient and has in her hands the Ring of Replacement, a chance to swap out any of the randomly drawn “extra” players for an upcoming Veto comp, including today’s. Sounds pretty sweet for Paul’s plans and almost looks like a slamdunk but there’s a few catches that could still sink things.

The DoT power has some limits. If Christmas is drawn for the Veto then she can’t use her power because she’s already in the action. So say Christmas and Cody are drawn then it’s too bad for Paul, Cody will play and Christmas being on the list will probably just make it easier for him since she can’t do anything too physical, which it could likely be.

However, the odds aren’t bad for Paul’s plan as it’s more likely Cody won’t be drawn though it’s obviously not impossible. (Players pick is over. Scroll down for the update.)

So once we get pass the draw it’s still not a sure thing for Cody to get Backdoor’d. There’s another wrinkle. Ramses applied his curse so he’s now the third nominee on the Block. This is good and bad for Paul. Should things fall apart, like say Cody gets drawn and wins the Veto, then noms will stay the same and the house can send Ramses out. That’s Paul’s back up plan, but that’s not the only bad way it could work out for Paul.

Ramses is the third nom and playing for Veto and I bet he eats up one of the three “extra” spots making this even easier for Paul’s plan. If Ramses wins the Veto and saves himself then I’d bet there will be no renom since Ramses was not one of Paul’s noms. We’ve seen this situation before and that’s probably how it’d be handled again, but we don’t know that for sure. So if Ramses wins Veto and saves himself then either Alex or Josh will have to be evicted.

With that dilemma in mind Paul pulled Ramses in to the Lounge right after noms and explained to him that he had to throw the comp or he’d have a whole house of upset HGs coming after him. Ramses agreed, but from what I heard he soon spoke privately that he wouldn’t do that and I don’t blame him. He’s in a tough spot. Maybe he will be willing to throw it, but here’s a case where I think that idea falls apart.

For even more fun, stack all these issues on top of each other. Say Christmas is drawn for Veto and Cody is drawn to play. Then Ramses sees that if Cody wins the Veto then he can’t be renom’d. Cody wouldn’t even be willing to use it on Alex because then Jessica would go up, obviously. In that case Ramses would be stuck on the Block and in danger of eviction. No way! If Cody is playing then Ramses isn’t going to be throwing this one.

While the odds are good for Paul’s plan to Backdoor Cody this week there’s still plenty of chances for a hole in the bottom of his boat. Team Feeds for the win!

What a great season! You’re having fun with this, right? Well we’ve got the Veto players draw coming up this morning then the comp should happen sometime today. Last week it was midday but there have been night time ones too. We won’t know until the Feeds go to Cat Loops and we’re be in a holding pattern until the results are back. If the players pick is a drama-dud then there will be a lot less to keep us on the edge of our seats, but with Ramses in the mix there’s still a case for anxiously waiting.

What do you hope will happen today? Want to see Paul pull of his plan or would it be better for Cody to get a chance to keep fighting to stay on Big Brother 19? Share your thoughts below while we wait to see what happens next.

Update: Players were picked! Cody did not make the cut nor does it sound like Christmas had to use her power. Veto players drawn were Matt & Elena. They will join Paul (HoH) plus the Noms: Alex, Josh, and Ramses. Jason is hosting. Alex says she’ll play for it instead of throwing it to Paul. Matt & Elena didn’t sound interested in winning & being involved in the process later.

Update 2: BB’s producer for the comps tweeted his recommendation for Feed watchers to go enjoy their Saturday. I’d guess it’s either going to be a late comp or one that runs long. We’ll keep you posted with immediate results either way.

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  1. While I like Paul, if his plan does succeed then a lot of the Drama would be sucked out of the house by Cody leaving. And while I do wish BB would stop changing my feed to the Cody/ Jessica make-out show – keeping Cody around does provide an element of train-wreck that we all love to watch. At least this week should be very interesting.

    • Don’t fret, if Cody goes he’ll most likely be back in a few weeks from a Battle Back.
      Hey maybe one of the upcoming Temptations will be the opportunity to bring someone who has been evicted back

      • But would “America” (Yeah, us Canadians get to vote also. Thanks big brother “Americas Vote” hmm…. what about me??)
        Oops 🙊 Sorry, where was I!? Ohhhh right would “America” vote for Cody to go back in?

      • We only get to vote on who gets the DoT twist each week. That could be a consequence to whoever wins it.

      • We, Canadians eh do get to vote as well eh. I’m just saying they say “America’s choice… Who do you want to see….. blah blah”
        But in all honesty, I’m totally kidding! I could care less that they say that. I’m not offended :-) at least I can vote & I am happy I can be involved in the voting. PLUS……
        I mean it’s kind of good that Canadians can vote because America did vote for Trump so who knows how are you guys would vote for in the BB house!!!
        LMAO 😂 just kidding…!!
        Too Much??
        With all due respect him for all the Trump supporters, I am a joker! A Toker! A midnight smoker!
        No but really, I’m just being silly 😜
        Captain has me as a Facebook friend, as well as someone named Karen, not sure who she is on here? And they will both tell you I am very lighthearted & I love to make people laugh!

      • Karen is KSJB, who lives in Oklahoma. She’s dealing with some personal problems at home right now and is basically not able to post here. Both Capn and Karen have me as a FB friend too! :-) I’ve seen you post in BBN the past few years as I have. I, too, love to make people laugh. And not take BB so seriously since it doesn’t affect our personal lives whatsoever. :-)

      • Exactly! It does not affect my life at all either way. But I do like it to go my way sometimes LOL

      • We can vote, but it says ” America’s choice” but it’s Canadas 🇨🇦 choice to LOL 😂

      • That does fit with the suggestion that players choosing temptations could override competitions…

      • Or one of the consequences for a player receiving a temptation that viewers have voted on. Oh I’m really getting excited to see if that’s what one of the future consequences are. So viewers please keep that one in mind when voting!!!

      • Very very true! Although the last consequence for Christina’s, no wait that’s me Christmas’s temptation was pretty stupid! Frog suits! So again, technically (just like Paul’s reward) Christmas received two rewards LOL she got to turn her enemies into frogs!

      • Paul’s was nominating someone to have one week of safety for that week only. He nominated Josh.

      • That isn’t what happened at all. Josh won safety for 1 week during the first HOH competition. It had nothing to do with den of temptation.

      • Could be…maybe that’s why Grodner was so vague in her response about Battle Back to Matthew???

      • Pardon my ignorance but who is Grodner??

        Seriously hon, my memory is shot! I have been a huge huge fan of big brother since the very first season. I have never missed an episode. I remember having to tape them on a VHS recorder if I wasn’t going to be able to watch them that night and sometimes they didn’t record so I would have to borrow my sisters VHS cassette to Watch it LOL anyway, my whole point being, these super fans! It blows me away how good their memory is. Yeah, most of them are in their early 20s so of course that plays a big factor. But still, even then my memory wasn’t that great. I’m a super fan but, my memory sucks! So even if I wanted to the game as a super fan, I would be a super fan who knows nothing about any of the past players really, just the game itself I would now LOL 😂 Seriously 😒
        Blah blah sorry 😐 Just started yapping away on my talk to type. My bad 🤗

      • I would much rather him coming back be a consequence to a temptation because it’s so obvious he will win. I would really like to see Cameron or heck even Glenn from last year get a second shot

      • Fingers crossed 🤞
        Cody walking back into the house would be/provide so much entertainment!
        Although I did feel very very bad for Cameron being a super fan and only lasting 12 or so hours, so I was hoping he would get a chance to come back to the game but now I would want it to be Cody, again simply for entertainment purposes. And then hopefully Cameron can come back next year. Or, we are happy to except him here in Canada for big brother Canada 🙃
        Wayyyyyy better than that meathead that tried to get back in the game but we took/chose Tim and Nikki :-) and that was a great decision! They were so entertaining!

    • I have a feeling production has a HUGE twist up their sleeves. I predict another vet is coming back. With this “temptations” theme is a canvas for something nuts! Lol

      • I’m not a huge fan of vets coming back with the exception of Paul but I think the ratings went up last year and this one, if thats the case then we may as well get used to it as a norm

      • Well, they did it (brought back vets) is seasons 13 & 14, then it was all newbies for seasons 15,16 & 17, so vets returning for seasons 18&19…not too shocking. Maybe next season will be a season of ALL vets! It’s about time for another All-Stars BB.

      • Ok. I took a break from season 7to15. I felt players were getting less intelligent and more air headed so i quit watching. I liked 15, hated 16 and 17, (almost took another break), lol but loved 18. So maybe vets do call for an interesting dynamic. ( shoulder shrug).

      • I would love to see an all- star. I was also thinking what if they bring back the 1st-3 evictees of seasons. There has been some big personalities evicted early! Lol BBBB early evictee redemption ! Lol

      • I made that suggestion many time before. Anyone that never made it to jury. BB second chance.

      • There I went back to BB11. That’s 21 name, pick 16 in there and you have a season. All players that never made it to jury.

        – Bronte D’Acquisto
        – Tiffany Rousso
        – Jeff Weldon
        – DJ Paola Shea
        – Brittany Martinez
        – Amber Borzotra
        – Nick Uhas
        – Kaitlin Barnaby
        – Howard Overby
        – David Girton
        – Kara Monaco
        – JoJo Spatafora
        – Jodi Rollins
        – Wil Heuser
        – Cassi Colvin
        – Keith Henderson
        – Monet Stunson
        – Kristen Bitting
        – Andrew Gordon
        – Braden Bacha
        – Casey Turner

      • DAMN Captain! Thats impressive! Hell, you should audition and play yourself! Wow

      • What was the girl’s name that got evicted first season 16. I was so sad for her. She seemed like such a great fit for the show.

      • Yeh, sorry…forgot all about Jodi…whenever I heard people talking about Jodi, I thought they were saying Joey! LOLOL DOH. Now I remember Jodi! Before, I was like, draw me a picture would ya! Thanks Capn!

      • Also the surfer boy that went out after her. No one liked him and I didn’t understand why. They should brought back. He was loud like paul but I thought he was a good kid.

      • Jace! Thats it. I felt bad for him. Everyone just turned on him out of nowhere. I felt so bad. He just wanted to be friends with everyone. Like josh but a little less annoying.

      • Ok…that was the buy back instead of Battle Back (the first 4 to jury instead of first 4 evicted) battling with rest of HGs. Battle Back is where the first four evicted battle each other two at a time, winner of each goes until last is standing.

      • That is an interesting concept….bring back the first 3 evictees and give them another shot. I like the idea better then bringing back a second place person who got to play all last year.

      • most viewers don’t care about the first three people evicted. the reason they bring someone like Paul back is because he has a lot of fan support and will get people to watch

      • This season weas completely ruined when Paul entered the house, this season is hard to watch because of Paul. I can’t beleive Paul is considered a fan favorite, I guess most people would consider Vanessa a fan favorite as well. As far as the game is concerned the only person playing the game is Cody. Cody tried to get strong players out when he was HOH, but the show has made sure that Paul would be safe for the next three weeks. I hope somehow Cody does not get evicted this week, or if there is a battle back he wins that competition. The only person who is not one of Paul’s puppets is Cody.

      • You think that the consequence of the DoT #3 will be that an already evicted HG or another vet will get to return ?

      • Doubt it will be James….Paul and James were not “teammates” They did not even form a “friendship” to speak of….Possibly Victor but he got his modeling gig going on so kinda iffy on him…I think it would be a female vet if one came back..

      • naaaaa she is busy with a new baby I think…It would have to be a female equal to Pauls popularity and underhandedness That would be Davonne…lol…

      • All I know is if Vanessa pops back up I’m done for the season I am not doing that again

        ETA also Frankie.

      • Oh I sincerely hope not! I didn’t want any vets this season, but was not upset when it was Paul, however, Pauli Calafiore is another kettle of fish all together. They bring him back, they might as well bring back Jeremy McGuire from BB 15!! Ugh! I’d seriously want to shoot myself at that point!

      • Oh wow. Now thats a twist! That was one narcissistic houseguest. That will be some GOOD tv!

      • Oh no! Jeremy was one of the worst bullies of all time on BB! He was terrible, plus his best bud on the show was Aaryn. Yuck!

      • I thought meant for entertainment value. Lol I just dont think Cody is a good enough villain to carry the show. The audience should “love to hate” the villian. Cody cant accomplish that. He doesn’t talk. Jeremy wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to me. Remember they come down a few notches after being kicked out so i don’t think his edges would be so rough. They would be smoothed just enough for us to tolorate him. Lol

      • Didn’t he hook up with another player that season…don’t recall that being Aaryn.

      • I’d take watching Amanda for another season if it would promise to make Cody and Jessica leave with no chance of returning.

      • I wouldn’t mind Zach from Season 15….I think……he wore the pink hat. I always thought he should have gone further in the game…..but NO to Grande….can’t stand him….enough to not even remember his first name and I had to think of his sister’s name to even remember the last name……lol.

      • That would be fun! Anyone have the time/notice anyone from last season’s BB all of a sudden “quiet” on Twitter/social media?

        I want Howey to come back. I have him on my Facebook, we actually chat from time to time. He’s super nice! Never forgets my birthday and is just a funny guy! Would love to see him come back or Jannelle!

    • I disagree, even with Cody gone, there is plenty of very emotional players left in the house to create plenty of drama.

      • Yeah, I think Cody is dark drama, I like a villain with a great sense of humor to cause funny, chaotic and surprising drama. I think Cody is a drain on energy.

      • But he creates it. Can you imagine the couples plus Dominique how boring. Kevin is funny but no drama there.

      • No way hon. Kevin creates plenty of drama! Didn’t you see what he did to Ramses? Kevin is the entire reason the entire house thinks Ramses was the flip vote that saved Christmas! He told a tale that is the tallest I’ve ever seen… wow!

      • There’s some already brewing with Dominique. I think she wants Elana so she can have Mark.;-)

    • He’ll probably battle back anyway in a few weeks… After Pauls Pendant no longer protects and he starts to get comfortable and a little lazy.

    • I hope Cody goes and stays gone, but I see your point about the feeds. His icy demeanor rattles the other HG and makes emotions run high. However, I do not like him as a HG for those very same reasons, so I’d be pleased as punch if he doesn’t win a battle back shot.

    • Unless of course there is even more drama from Jessica after Cody leaves.

  2. Will ramsey eat up a spot in the draw or will he add a spot and than also draw. So instead of 6 there would be 8.if that is the case codys odds of playing increase significantly as 8 of the 8 of the 14 players play

      • Im just thinking how we all know how production likes to stick there nose in the game a stir up as much drama as possible and making it more likely that cody plays will do just that

      • Got a feeling production don’t like Cody either. I hear he has said some horrible stuff in the house.

      • Last night Paul said 7. The 2 nominees, himself, the 3 players they pick and Ramses. But I don’t know if he actually knows or was just assuming.

      • Yep they only picked two. So Paul doesn’t know everything like he thinks he does.

      • I glad it’s just 6 players. If it is a long comp, it will probably be something they play one at a time. Too bad we can watch on the feeds.

      • I know. I can’t wait to find out who wins it. It would be funny if Ramses wins and takes himself off. Paul would be screwed. I hope that happens. Feeds would be golden. Drama!

      • That is what I am hoping for. Paul thinks he is running the house….well I guess he is since the show pretty much is catering to him. However, Ramses needs to win the VETO to protect himself and screw Paul for telling his to throw it. We have seen numerous times the pawn gets voted out. Ramses being a Big Brother Fan, he should recognize this and win that VETO.

      • The only thing Paul knows is how to get a giant eagle tattoo on his chest,he reminds me of my grandson,thinks he knows everything about everything ,but in reality he knows jack s–t about nothing.

  3. Matt, I’m reading your summary above and scratching my head. Kudos to you for working out the possibilities. It hurts my head trying to keep up. LOL

    • Haha, yeah, I had to think on this awhile. Started writing then had to go walk around to think out the scenarios and come back to get it right (which I may still not have, but I think I got the bulk of it).

      • Ok Matt. You forgot one possibility. What if both Jessica and Cody get chose for veto ? Christmas could remove only one, the other would play. Let say Christmas remove Cody and Jessica win veto, nomination won’t change.

        Unless Cody piss Jess off Monday morning and she decide to dump him. LMAO

      • Of course, Jessica would have less chance to win the veto, but GD it, you know how these thing can go.

  4. Omg I’ve never been this nervous for a veto pick. Ramses is in a pickle. I want to say he shouldn’t throw it but at the same time, he should. This is one hell of a season. They knew Paul would make another good season.

    • If I were Ramses, I would tell team Paul that I will try like heck to win the veto and then “with the team Paul blessing” take Alex off to ensure the house plan – I gain some credibility by actually playing the game and taking one for the house. If I try but lose, well at least I could be given some credit for my plan. If I take myself off, I’m just pretty much dead meat. I might be missing something because my brain doesn’t do well with too many forks in the road – like maybe only three.

      • Agreed. Ramses won’t go anywhere if he stays on the block and could gain some cred in the house for helping backdoor the target victim. Plus Ramses trying to win the veto just helps the odds against the intended victim cody.

      • Oh come on. How many times have they planned to vote someone out and went another direction……too many to count. Ramses needs to win that VETO and take himself off the block. He is a super fan so hopefully he is not stupid.

      • Lol i hear ya. Your plan is pretty good though because it would be an excuse if others gauge that he is really trying to win in the comp. Especially if its that spelling one. You cant hide the fact you’re trying hard to win in that one. Lol

      • Yep – Ramses tried and lost and the house is well aware that he went against them. His feeble effort to cover himself was pathetic. Bye, bye, bye.

      • Omg what if they bring Pauli back. Now that will be a good villian! Cody is just boring as a villain. It’s like he’s too bad, not just bad. Lol

      • Idk, pawns go home right, Cody isn’t going down without a fight he could still convince a few and flip the house. If I were Ramses my butt is going off the block if I win.

      • He needs social skills to pull that off, he’s not capable. He would need at least half is old group back to pull that off. Cody is a horrible player. HORRIBLE

      • See your point, of course, and not a good idea in almost every instance, but Ramses will pay dire consequences anyway for using it on himself in this case and if he looks like he’s trying to win it and doesn’t, the others will see and it will be goodbye soon anyway. At least if they think he is on their side for this plan, there’s a chance team Paul might “return the favor”.

      • That’s an idea. I couldn’t imagine ever not saving oneself with the POV but that is interesting, only because the house majority hates Cody right now and he isn’t doing anything to win them over/probably won’t.

      • if you win the veto, you have to use it on yourself. there’s a word for someone who would win a veto, and use it on themself. it starts with an R, and rhymes with restarted.

      • I like the strategy you’re using here, but could you imagine (in some alternate reality) if Ramses did win POV & used it to pull Alex down and then ended up getting evicted come Thursday??!!

        It’d be Marcellas Reynolds all over again, i.e., going down as one of the stupidest BB moves of all time.

      • Totally agree that the Marcellas move was an incredibly stupid move especially because it was entirely emotional. I think this is more of a strategy that is worth the risk and also, I think it is very likely that Ramses will not win the veto – this will provide cover for looking like he tried and maybe throw a spark of favor his way.

      • Gotcha! Yeah, if he says I’ll try & then take Alex down, he gets points for trying… :) Nice.

  5. finally BB has begun great for those of us on the live feeds very good CBS.

  6. I’m watching bbad and Jessica and Cody are so arrogant that they think by them not talking to the other houseguest is somehow PUNISHING THEM! Those two are a piece of work.

    • Both of them are so freaking arrogant that they actually think that their poop don,t stink,but it does just like their personalities.

    • Yeah, I loved BBAD the night Paul won his HOH. Cody and Jessica were whining and Cody started talking about how it wasn’t fair that Paul got the temptation, and he called it “bullshit”.

  7. Even if cody does the win the veto he can’t really use it to try and gain any allies like Alex. He knows that Jess will be the replacement. If noms don’t change, who would get the axe? Josh?

      • Although I think Alex would be the smartest eviction because she is definitely the strongest player of the three. I think you’re right & Ramses would get the boot.

  8. Dominique likes Mark. She’s trying to get in between he and elana. She thinks elana doesn’t like her. It’s all in her head. She needs to hush before she gets herself in trouble. She’s trying to hard to get in Mark’s head but Mark isnt buying it I believe so when it comes down to it Mark will secretly cut Dominique. She will have an eviction similar to Day’s.

    • This is reality tv. Someone as ugly as Elena would never get Mark irl. Mark doesn’t like Elana. But they are trapped in a house together, and they are shameless hoars.

      • I don’t think she is ugly, but I don’t find her overly attractive either.
        Her mouth looks like it should have hinges on it, and they could use it to scoop up dirt.

      • Lol something isnt right with Mark’s mouth too lol they’d have an interesting looking child together. Lol

      • I definitely wouldn’t say she’s ugly. I mean, she’s no Christmas or anything, but Elena’s somewhere between average and above average at any rate. A little less makeup probably wouldn’t hurt though.

      • I think she’s cute. Very voluptuous! She has bedroom eyes too. I love how stares at people when they talk. Its sort of cute. Lol

      • I agree, mg, she’s a very attractive woman. Plus, she does have a spunky personality as well! Little Texas tornado when you pi$$ her off. She was the one that confronted Cody about the “supposed” conversations he’d had with everyone! No one else did, but she called him out and said “well, I know you didn’t talk to me, so who’d you talk to?”

        I actually like Elena, she’s got cahonies and she’s nowhere near ugly.

      • Yeah, and if you throw in personalities… She’s infinitely more beautiful than Jessica can ever hope to be. Actually, I’m going to go off on a tangent here but…

        If we go by a combination of looks and personality… I like Raven. I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen someone that seems so genuinely concerned about people in the BB house.

      • Ya know i dont want to be mean but since we’re talking looks, for the sake of conversation, Jessica doesn’t look all that cute without makeup. I hate to say this and I wouldn’t if she wasn’t such a B; She resembles the thing from Lord Of The Rings. She works a miracle with her makeup. Elana wears a ton of it but actually dont need as much in my opinion. She has beautiful bone structure.

      • Yeah, I mentioned maybe she could use a little less makeup, so I’m with you on Elena.

        Its hard for me to try and be unbiased when it comes to Jessica because here personality is so ugly that she’s not going to be very attractive to begin with. Still, maybe she will get to win a Veto comp before she’s sent packing so we can see if she calls it “her precious”

      • HA HA HAAAA! Thank you! I was trying to remember what the trademark line was the thing said in the movie but I couldn’t think of it! Lol too funny

      • I couldn’t remember his name either, lol. But I knew exactly who you were talking about! Now if only she would start having 2 sided conversations with herself, it would be perfect!

      • Mark and Christmas make a much better looking couple. Mark is blinded by the breasts.

      • Yes he does like her. He’s already been talking about what they’ll do when they get out of the house. Watch the feeds.

      • Ugly? Why would you say that?
        And he does like her…a lot. Not sure what show you’re watching, but Mark is seriously interested in Elena. That’s pretty obvious.

      • Yeah Mark does like Elena, however they are not compatible, in my un-expert opinion. Teddy bear Mark needs a motherly figure (Christmas or Dom) while Elena needs sugar daddies.

      • You could be right…or wrong. Honestly, the showmances don’t rate on my BB feed experience. I could care less who Mark likes or dislikes, I’d like for him to play the game with his own mind and not be lead around by *any* part of his anatomy, (head,nose, heart or lower) hahahaha
        and just make his own decisions!! ;)

      • But currently he’s a sheep led by your boy Paul, that should make you happy, right? hehe.

    • I saw that conversation last night…yeah she said she prayed for it, and god told her to start stirring some s**t…She’s a problem.

  9. Cody and Jessica need to be kicked out of the game. They have shown nothing but bad attitudes, and grumpy demeanor. There are thousands of people who love to be on the show, and would have a good attitude about it, and have a smile on their face. They are proving that they do not deserve to be in the big brother house.

    • Just think how terribly boring a house fun of Sally Sunshine’s would be. We villains, victims and heroes to make things interesting.

      • *snoooooooooze-fest*
        Although I do not like either Jessica or Cody, they are not as bad as some previous HG, e.g., Jeremy, Amanda, Andy, Aaryn, Gina-Marie…well, how about MOST of the cast of season 15!! hahahaha

    • Their behavior isn’t really all that different from previous HG. At least they’re not as bad as Big Meech from last season!! Or Audrey and her creepy blanket persona! haha

      • Hey, at least Audrey manned up (womanned up?) and took her eviction like a BB player. That’s more than we could say for Megan. But yeah, she was a little freaky in that blanket.

        Seriously though… I had actually got to the point where I forgot Big Meech’s name. Now I have to start all over again! lol

      • Big meech? Come on now. She was funny as F! Audry yea. That’s why they need to go like her. For some reason I want see Jessica stay and go head to head with the girls.;-)

      • Yes, Big Meech! Do you not remember the days upon days that she spent in the London BR crying and sleeping?? Big Meech is one of the reasons production imposed the 10 am curfew! Yes, she had her moments of being funny, but on the whole, she was an emotional mess who had her 1st breakdown in the house b/c Frank liked Bridgett better!

        As far as Jessica going head to head w/the other girls…yeah, I could go for that. Love to see mean girl finally get picked on by their peers. Lets them know what it feels like.

      • Overall I’d have to say big meech was waay better entertainment. She had me laughing all the way out the door. Her, Paul, Pauli, and Victor good tv.

      • We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree here girlfriend. ;)
        Michelle was literally one of my least favorite HG. I hate emotional wrecks that cry and complain when they get caught in lies or doing shady bizness… Michelle was that girl. Just never liked her, especially she threw a DR hissy fit when Frank didn’t like her & then how she reacted to Paul being mad at her for backstabbing him & Vic.

        She was just cray-cray imo! :)

    • So everyone should hold hands and sing kumbaya then whoever pulls the shortest straw is evicted? Good show!

      • No, but Cody has no personality other than a spoiled brat who cries, pisses, and moans whenever something doesn’t go his way. Anybody with half a brain would have to think that Paul would have been tempted first, and maybe its not a good idea to go after the returning “Fan favorite”.

        Added: He certainly doesn’t add to the show when he’s crying all over.

      • So if it’s not a good idea to go after the Fan Favorite vet, then what? Become a sheep and let Paul win this time around?

      • No, but if Cody had watched a few season of BB he’d have known production *always* gives the vets a few weeks of safety…

        Going after Paul right away wasn’t a smart move. He had a HUGE alliance. He could have picked off the other side and then said to his group, okay let’s take Paul out.

        At the very least, he should have talked to his group *before* renoming Paul, but he didn’t and that’s just a few of the things that has ruined Cody’s game this season.

      • I don’t recall last year the vets were given safety. Nicole almost went home the first week.
        Going after Paul right away was the smartest move. Even your boy Paul admitted it on the DR (episode 2) after he wasn’t nominated.
        But of course the same diabolic Paul went mad after he’s backdoored. He threw temper tantrum and got his way.
        At the moments all stars are aligned and Paul the shepherd is on high, but as he says, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so yeah.

      • The vets were given safety by being part of teams…three newbs w/a vet to each team. That way the newbies on that team fought to keep the vet on their team safe. They did it in season 14 by making the vets “coaches” at first. Then, after the vets had established social bonds with the newbies, they told the HG the vets were coming in as players, but c’mon, we BB fans already *knew* that was going to happen. The coach thing was just a way to give them safety for the 1st few weeks…

        Now, in Paul’s case. He was the only returning vet, so they invented the temptation and (from day 1) they said the 1st temptation is 3 weeks of safety. Paul didn’t throw a temper tantrum to get that…America voted and gave him that as production knew they would, therefore, giving Paul the few weeks of safety production has given every returnee in past seasons.

      • Paul threw temper tantrum after he was backdoored. He said so in his DR that’s his plan. Anyway we are going to talk circle so let’s agree to disagree and sing kumbaya my love … kumbaya.

      • Hey you’re absolutely entitled to your opinion, but you asked me how the vets had safety last year and I explained it.
        That’s all. I’ll happily agree to disagree. No harm no foul! :)
        I even upvoted ya to show no hard feeling. haha :)

      • Not about the vets safety last year. And I didn’t ask either. I just stated I didn’t recall. You can vetsplain all you want.

      • So now your memory is refreshed then right? And you see how the vets were helped, right?

        Oh and btw, Nicole did not almost go home last season in the 1st week…she was HOH the 1st week!!

        have a terrific day! :)

      • Well, no. If Nicole didn’t win that coconut challenge, she would be Glenn-ed! Hope this refreshed your memory.

      • Go for a ‘big fish week one? A returning Vet via Production, with a built in fan base? (America vote) Not a good move that early. Build consensus/PR first. Make sure if you fire, you don’t miss. He’s a bad strategist.

      • Why not? I would. Last year everyone was so gun-ho in kicking the vets out, hence the Messiah was born.
        And in F3, there were 2 vets versus a newbie. And a vet won.

      • The problem in this case is that a lot of Cody’s team actually liked Paul right off the bat. So when he secretly decided to go after Paul, a lot of his team were not happy. Then, when it became apparent that Paul couldn’t be nominated… Well, that’s when it all fell apart for Cody.

        Truth is though, even if Paul had ended up on the block… Cody would have still alienated part of his team right off the bat. A little Devin from BB16 anyone?

      • If Paul were actually on the block with Jillian, and Paul wasn’t evicted, might as well award him the 500K right and there.

      • True enough, but during the first week, you’ve got HGs that are star struck by Paul and that could have lead to anything happening. I would not have been surprised if Paul had been eliminated in that scenario, but I would not have been shocked if he hadn’t been either. When you have lots of BB fans that are suddenly HGs fanning out over Paul… Common Sense would (or probably should anyway) say to maybe wait a week before taking that shot.

      • Common sense according to Paul’s fanning fans aka the sheep, sure. For others, the earlier to get him out, first week or whatever the better.

      • Right … and really bad gameplay to keep that secret and literally blindside your whole big team – why? Because he thinks he is above all of them – nobody is going to follow that – well , except Jessica.

      • Exactly. If your big super game changing move involves having to keep your entire team in the dark so you can take a shot at somebody you personally don’t like… Well, you should probably not try to play Big Brother because you’re most likely going to really really suck at it.

      • too true, Linda. That was Cody’s downfall imo. His timing sucked yes, but not talking to his group first… *smh* now that’s just bad game play!

      • Well, the question is ‘Is it a good move?, and you say ‘it’s the smartest move. I say, it’s a bad move…I guess we’ll find out next week.

      • If Cody is evicted this week, it got nothing to do with smart or bad move, hun. It’s got to do with that pendant in his neck. People can’t seem to see thru biased eyes.

      • Sorry, I meant that it wasn’t a great idea to go immediately after them. I know I didn’t make that all that clear, but that’s what I meant, lol.

        TGJ summed it up nicely just below.

      • Of course not, but they shouldn’t isolate themselves, nor should they nearly self-evict as soon as the house doesn’t swing their way either!

      • But did she actually self-evict? Josh blew up on Megan then apologized to her. Kevin was upset with the DR person then he apologized also. Plus teddy bear Mark had a meltdown with Christmas.
        It’s their choices and how they want to play their games, consequently they would get evicted by that or whatever, at least they aren’t sheep who follow the leader blindly.

      • Huh???

        I was referring to Jessica taking off her mic on the feeds, saying she couldn’t take this house anymore and that she wanted to go home. She then proceeded into the DR and was there for over an hour. When she came out, she’d decided to stay.

        That’s what I meant by my comment.

        I am not sure what you mean by your statement above. Of course every HG has the right to choose how to play, but I would not consider self-eviction a wise strategy for playing BB. Would you?

      • Yeah I meant Jessica as well, hun. Did she self-evict? All talks at the heat of the moment. If I were in the house I would probably think of self-evict a million of times.

  10. I have never been so anxiously waiting for a veto draw before. This is only week two and it’s already one exciting season. I’m loving it!

  11. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks…

    For this season, is Christmas officially Paul’s new Victor? Or are they just working together towards the common goal of Cody’s eviction, and then all bets are off?

    • No. Christmas and Paul aren’t a team. They will each end up as the ‘leader’ of their respective teams though. As usual, this is only my opinion.

      • You think they’ll end up on opposing sides? Idk, I see Alex as having that position, not Xmas.

      • I see Alex and Paul as a team. Christmas has her own agenda, which has been bubbling to the surface the last few days. She has caught on to a few of Paul’s strategies, and has been gathering her own info., and I believe she realizes she is not part of Paul’s long term goal.

      • After the veto picks tho that might change. Paul might really start trying to get her on his team b/c she has that temptation and we all know how persuasive he can be. I mean, he had Paulie trying to *be* him last season! haha

      • IMO, the house will do best to send paul packing when the numbers get down to 10 or so.

      • You’re probably right, but will they? Look at Dan in season 14. He actually won his season, but still made it to F2 in season 14.

        Paul is a good talker. People also like him. I mean seriously, look at Pauli Calafiore last year, he actually started morphing into Paul for a few weeks there!! haha The point being, Paul is a smart guy who knows how to use his charm to further himself in this game.

      • Wow, I forgot about that morph job – that was sooooo funny! Thanks for the memories.

      • Right?? Egads! For a minute there I thought I was seeing double. hahahaha!

        It was weird and kind of creepy too actually.

      • I must be missing the “charm” part. I always saw “fast talking punk” from the moment I first saw the guy. :oD I’ve seen plenty of guys like him. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    • I don’t think she’s his Vic per se, don’t think anyone could quite fill those shoes, however, I think she could be his ride or die this season if Xmas stays long enough for them to continue building their relationship. She has shown him he can trust her by telling him she had the temptation this week…and he showed her last week he had her back by campaigning non stop to keep her over Jillian–that’s the beginning of a good F2 imo.

      • Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m thinking. It seems like they are getting along very well so far, and they definitely seem to trust each other at this point. They do both have strong personalities, but then Vic wasn’t the most laid back person in the house last season, lol. I wonder if Xmas, Paul, Mark and Elena might not have the makings of a F4. I’m definitely interested to see where these relationships go in the next few weeks.

      • But, on the plus side… She won’t be seen as a physical threat to others, so she’s probably not on anyone’s list for eviction any time soon.

      • No I don’t either unless she’s great at mental comps and a big player like Paul helps her…

      • Physical limitations? Yeah, I thought so too, until I saw her in the Candy Crush competition. She was more active and athletic in a cast than almost all of the others without one. I don’t think she’s going to be as physically limited as people think.

      • It will be up to the doctors to decide (on a case by case basis) on whether she can compete in competitions. That being said, she definitely went all out on that competition. She is more than capable of holding her own even with her foot injury.

      • IKR! Did you see her using her weight to roll (float) across those balls?!
        A-may-zing! You have a great point. Christmas is a superior fitness trainer, she knows how the body works both inside and outside. Just b/c these girls are skinny, not fat or even average sized…does not mean they understand how to get the most out of your body like Xmas does. She’s practically the Bionic Woman 2.0!!! I wouldn’t necessarily count her out of any comp just yet. ;)

        Plus, BB isn’t all about comps and Xmas has a decent social game as well. She is *still* a triple threat imo.

      • Hmm, Christmas starring as the new Bionic Woman… Yep, I’d watch that!

      • She is a bad ass woman, no doubt about it. Did you see after the HOH challenge on BBAD that Paul was calling her a bad ass? He said the most bad ass thing about himself was that he got his nipples tattooed, lol.

        She is definitely on a different level from almost every other female in the history of BB.

      • True enough, but to be honest… I kinda like a gal with a little ink! Janelle, definitely was a competitor though and was actually the person I had in mind when I said almost every other female.

        I really can’t think of another to be honest, lol

      • I actually liked Rachel, but I’m not sure I’d put her on the same level physically. I didn’t get to see all of that season either, so I’m only going by about the last half.

      • Idk, Carvin, in season 13 RR won 5 HOH comps and 2 POVs! That is seriously impressive!

      • See, I didn’t see the first half and when I finally started watching, I just saw this “poor girl” that was seemingly being picked on, lol. If she did that well though, I’d put her up there with the rest of the best.

      • Oh yeah, Rachel Reilly coined the phrase “floaters grab your life vests!” hahaha!
        She’s a major player in BB history!

      • You can on youtube Just youtube bigbrother season 13 and you can watch every episode.

        You can do that for every season. Just last year I watched BB 2 & 7 all over again just to see Dr. Will in action again. haha

      • Okay, you just took up a big chunk of my weekend… I hope you’re happy (because I am, lol)! Seriously though, thanks for that because I am definitely going to check it out.

      • LOl!! Oops, tell your friends and family…my bad! haha.
        Love youtube…you can see every season of BB there. Every year I go back and watch old seasons…I like to compare players, etc… it’s a hobby of mine. Yikes! I really might watch too much BB!

      • Hey I can’t say anything. It took me a while to convince myself that last season of BB and BBAD were taking up too much room on my DVR, lol.

      • You really might, but I’ll bet you are not alone … and I go back and watch to see the DR sessions with Will & Boogie and also just to hear JMac laugh!! aaahahahahahahha!

      • I *loved* Chill Town’s DR sessions when they would pretend to call someone on the phone like the Jerky Boys! Too freaking funny!

      • Tell me .. were Will & Boogie the only ones who were featured together in the same DR all the time? Can’t remember others.

      • How in the heck did I forget about Danielle? Okay, yeah I definitely agree with this one.

      • Yep, 5 POVs and 2 HOH’s in one season. In fact, she tied Janelle for most POV’s in a season.

      • That’s exactly why I like Paul – he can make fun of himself so easily and honestly and it’s usually pretty dang funny.

      • Yeah, going back to the start of last season… One house guest has probably not made me laugh out loud as often as Paul. Of course, Vic helped out a bunch last season too, but I think Paul just has a genuinely fun time goofing around. He’s going to go all out for the win, but he has a ton of fun along the way. To paraphrase an old network slogan… “Paul is must see TV” whether you really like him (which I do) or you dislike him.

      • Oh wow!..that’s Christmas? She could be in ‘Sports Illustrated mag’

      • Yep. Check out the ink. hehe. She’s pretty famous I’ve found… Cy, she actually has twice as many instagram followers as Paul does! lol!

      • Well, seriously… Who would you rather follow? I mean, I like Paul, and he’s cool and funny, but Christmas… Uh… She’s like hot and stuff, lol

      • Should be noted that Paul before he entered the house last year probably had 20 followers. Christmas already had all these followers before BB.

      • Well yeah, Capt. I thought that was a given. We’re only two weeks into the season… haha

        She’s hot, but I doubt she got a half million followers in 2 weeks! ;)

      • The first week, we don’t know a lot about the players, but when she blew up on Cody, (rightfully so) dropping ‘f bombs every sentence, I said..’this girl is ‘game’ lol I also observe her on feeds, she knows how to talk to people. She’s scheming, but not too obvious. We need players like her on BB.

      • My husband and I are right next to each other on different laptops and different websites, but when the Christmas pic came up, I saw he was “eavesdropping” and now he just upvoted you! Gotta love em.

      • Well, she is wearing a nice bracelet there, and that bikini is a nice shade of…. Oh, who am I kidding? I also upvoted her, uh I meant the post of course!

      • Yeah, I have to be honest… I didn’t notice any of it either when I first upvoted Christmas… Darn it, I meant upvoted the post I swear, lol

      • Of course he didn’t… hehe At least he’s honest. You got a good one there, Linda! haha

      • Well, Linda you can catch him in the act & tell your husband I’m the one who posted the pic! hahahahahaha!! So he upvoted the wrong person. ;)

      • Yep it did for Paul & it also puts Xmas in a better position w/Paul as well b/c you know now he is going to want to keep her in his back pocket b/c she has that temptation that she can use ALL summer… He might need her help at some point and he’s going to want to keep her close. Guaranteed.

      • Definitely, and he will be her best chance in physical comps that the doctors don’t allow her to compete in. It just makes sense for them to stick together as long as possible.

      • Agreed. In truth, winning BB does not necessarily mean you have to be a comp beast. In fact, if you look back on the entire history of BB, most winners were *not* comp beasts. In fact, Will Kirby has never won a single competition in *both* season of BB he has been on, and he won season 2 and came in 4th season 7.

      • Technically Will did come in 4th in season 7 but he set it up for Boogie to win. I consider him to have one both seasons,

      • :) haha. You may be right. Maybe he was thinking of Mike when he told Janelle the truth…which caused her to end him and his game.

        Never did understand why he did that, but you may have a valid point…hmm

      • I think they planned it that way. Will had already won and really didn’t need the money

      • I’ll never forget Will’s veto speech when he was otb w/Chicken George and he told the other HG that he “hated them all equally” and then asked them to remove him from the game!!

        ROFLMAO! Craziest speech ever, but it freaking worked and they kept him!!

      • That was hilarious. He even told everyone in season 2 that he was lying and not believe a word of what he said.

      • IKR!!!! It was like…WTF?? But Will was so-so-so charming about being a bad guy, and he had a phenomenal social game.

        I *hated* him for a lot of season 2! I mean, detested him!! Ugh! Him, Shannon & Mike were so obnoxious to other Hg, but I had to admit he had an unbelievable social game and he knew how to charm his way back into people’s good graces right before eviction.

        At the end, I knew he deserved the win, but he was *not* a nice person in achieving that win, that is for sure.

      • TGJ I hated him and Mike in season 2 and was mad he won at the time. I have since come to appreciate what he did in both seasons. Will is to me the best player of BB of all time.

      • Exactly my feelings. I’ve actually watched season 2, 5 times and I’ve watched season 7 three times. Each time I watch those season, I pick up things Will Kirby does that makes his game so phenomenal. He is a brilliant social game player…and like you, Jeannie, I hated him at first, but I have since come to realize what a magnificent BB player he was.

      • He’s one of the best. I didn’t like him either. I think it’s because of ‘Boogie..I’m a Dan G fan.

      • You think Will not being liked was because of Mike Boogie? Lol! Wow! Will Kirby is better than I thought. Cy, Will made *all* the decisions in Chill Town! Will was the mastermind behind all the evil deeds. You’ve seen season 2 & 7 right? He’s brazenly evil & simply does not care until right before eviction and then he turns on the charm… it’s a mind boggler! But somehow, he always seems to convince just enough people to vote his way.

      • Oops forgot to say…I’m a Dan fan as well. :)

        His BB funeral was classic. I still think he deserved that season, but Ian had less blood on his hands than Dan did. Dan played a flawless game in both his seasons if you ask me. Not many cans say that.

    • I don’t see him as a bully. He is actually just a loud manipulator. Manipulating is part of the game, I just don’t like how loud and obnoxious he is.

    • Any luck at all, they will make at least part of it a mental comp. Then we probably won’t have to worry about Cody again.

    • Well, I hope not. Hopefully it’s a nerd or cosplay kind of Veto and Ramses shines thru.

      • That’s what I would really like to see happen. From your mouth to productions ears. Lol.

      • Me too!! And battle back with Josh. But with BB history, battle back will include Paul. and Paul comes back.

      • Hopefully Alex wins. I think that will be the best thing in order for Cody to go. Josh can stay he is annoying and Ramses is safe compare to Cody and Josh. Alex may be at risk of leaving if she doesn’t win or someone uses it on her.

    • Sorry, but if Nicole could win last season after pretty much doing nothing to deserve it, then Paul should have one last chance. I mean, I loved Nicole the first time around, but that was not her last season.

      Either way, Cody needs to go. If he stays, I can see a few HGs losing it (and their spot in the game) and punching him. I mean, I’m all for drama, but a serious nut case with emotional problems is a ticking time bomb in a game like this.

      • If the HGs are losing it and punching him, it’s not Cody that is a ticking time bomb but the said HGs. Besides, didn’t you hear that Paul was actually telling Josh to goad Cody to make Cody punch Josh? But Josh sanely declined.
        And btw Nicole did win a few comps, so she wasn’t as you said “pretty much doing nothing”.

      • True, Nicole did win a few comps, but compared to how she played the game the first time around… She was a different person last season. Almost like she was too timid to play the game as much as she tried the first time. I respected the heck out of her the first time, and I even quit watching when she was finally evicted for good. It was just too obvious how that season was about to end.

        I didn’t see or hear what transpired with Paul talking to Josh though, so I can’t really comment on that. I don’t think it would take much to set Cody off though, and I think Josh would have gotten hurt in that exchange unless Paul or Mark, or someone of similar stature would have been nearby to separate them. So, Josh definitely did the smart thing.

      • Yeah, but Carvin if you think about it, look how much better Nicole did flying under the radar in season 18 and only making big moves later, e.g., getting Natalie & Michelle to nom Paul & Vic & then getting Vic & Paul to not put her & Corey otb and instead send home Natalie. Those are *great* BB moves. IMO, those moves are what got her the win in BB 18…although, I wanted Paul to win, but if you want to look at who played who, Nicole outplayed him by getting his strongest ally sent home.

        Just giving you some food for thought. Not saying I like what she did! haha

      • Yeah, I can see what you’re saying and I definitely thought Paul was taking on a harder challenge in the finals by taking Nicole rather than James. She did play a good mental game towards the end of the season. It was the first half of the season, that I really felt like I was watching a lesser version of Nicole.

        I can see though, that by flying under the radar, she did end up managing to avoid making herself as threatening as she seemed in her first season. Relying on others to do your dirty work is definitely playing the BB game, so I can give her credit for that.

      • Exactly. That’s what I was saying. Believe me, when her & Corey evicted Vic, I wanted to do terrible, terrible things to them! haha But I also had to admit, from a BB game perspective, it was a good move! Hated Nicole in BB 18, but she did what she had to to win imo, even if that meant losing that sweet side to herself.

      • Franz herself was surprised she she won. At least that’s what she said. She said she felt paul played a better game. But “better” is subjective. A two-bit street punk with a big mouth is obviously not “better”. :oD May not matter how hard he plays, he’s still a fast talking punk that acts like a thug. Not everyone likes that.

      • I think Cody might be the one to punch someone not the other way around.

  12. Hoping Ramses wins and Josh goes. I want Alex and Cody to stay and take out Paul!

    • I think the house would be smart to toss out paul before the numbers get too low, but it looks like cody has really trashed his own game too much to be involved much. Cody is one of the worst BB players I’ve ever seen.

  13. What has Jason done now to have some HG’s so pissed at him? That guy is so annoying and a loudmouth! Wish he would go soon!

  14. That pic shows there is nothing like a frog suit to take down a self-important dickhead like Cody a few notches.

    • Nicole made that outfit look cute! Cody just looks like he would give you warts that would never go away. “Hi Ho, Kermit the dickhead here!”

      • When doesn’t he? Lol that face is made of stone. Paul impersonated his face last night and I rolling with laughter! It was spot on! Paul is a nut. Lol

      • Oh no, I missed it. Would love to see that!

    • Look at his fingers, he is holding onto that utensil within an inch of its life. His fingers are white from holding it so hard. Serious issues with that one.

  15. Cody, at this point just go into the diary room and don’t go out the other door..

  16. Is anybody aware that Gina Marie Zimmerman & Nick Uhas got married….??? I think its an internet joke…but I’m not sure…

    • No, that can’t be true. She stalked him like crazily for over a year after she got out of the BB house! There’s no way he married her! Where did you see that??

      • Pull up their FB profiles…each have several different pages and its on one of hers and one of his…

      • Oh FB profiles?? Nah…anyone can create those.

        Okay, I just googled that question “Did Nick Uhas and Gina Marie from Big Brother 15 get married?” and the only things to pop up was how she staled him from 2013 to 2014! haha! so I doubt they are married.

      • Hey TG, missed seeing you round these parts yesterday. 💋

      • Hey Em, just got back. Had to go to the pet store…I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but my youngest son left the dog food on the floor yesterday & apparently my Snoopy-boo-boo decided he was going to go on a binge fest & finished off the rest of his dog food!!

        It’s so hot here it’s like running errands in Hades!

      • Oh no, that’s horrible. I hope he didn’t over do it, did he throw up?
        I bet it’s hot. It’s really hot where I’m at as well, 100 degree at 6pm. The one saving grace, no humidity. It’s all true what they say about humidity.

    • Yeah, I think I would have been trying to change my name, my number and my address to a remote monastery somewhere to avoid her, lol.

  17. < getting hardly any work done here
    Hurry up production. I wanna know who won the comp! hahaha

    • From twitter, production advice that it will be late in the day and very long.

    • With ‘ya … my cat keeps headbutting me cause I haven’t fed him his din-din – don’t know how he can tell time, but he does – on the dot. Guess I gotta go do that. Now he’s punching me with his wittoh soft paw. He high5s me after. Back soon.

    • I know, they are dragging this out. Get it over and done with!

    • Yeah, I googled it. It’s not true. The only things that pop up for them is her numerous allegations of stalking him!! lol!

    • Thank goodness she has moved on because she was pretty pathetic on national TV going after a guy who wasn’t into her.

    • Good for her. It’s sad when a person doesn’t get “hes just not that into you” . find someone else. Give yourself a break.

    • There’s like 4 billion penises in the world… surely you can FIND ANOTHER ONE.

      • Obsessiveness and mental illness has a way of tricking ones mind.

      • Or two, maybe three! just realize she aint getting his is the main ticket to success! Lol

  18. I am not a big fan of Dominique. She is ridiculous with her mysterious education and career. Unless her income is in the millions I don’t think anyone will care. I also don’t see her doing much in the house.

  19. Ok, so Xmas isn’t one of the players, right? Is she willing to put up Cody if that is the only option to get him on the block?

    • Hey chica! How’s your Saturday going?!

      No Xmas and Cody aren’t playing… how would she put him on the block though? I thought only Paul could do that if someone uses the veto, unless I totally misunderstood the way Xmas’ power works…

      • Hey girl! I thought that was one of her powers with her ring of whatever, she could replace a nom. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how it works. Okay just re-read it and she can swap out players, not noms. How are you today chica?💋

      • Oh ok, I thought that’s what it was but then when you said that I was like, well maybe I’m just confused lol

        Girl I’m exhausted! We had my little man’s bday party earlier so I’ve been outside all day riding go karts and catching a heat stroke lol. Finally catching up on everything that’s gone on in the BB house today. Can’t wait to see who wins the veto!

      • Aww, thank you! He’s 8 now 😭😭😭 getting too old for my liking lol! And yes bday parties are so exhausting and stressful but I know I’ll miss them once he gets too old for them.. Trying to savor them now before the terrible teenage years hit haha!

      • OMG, you are so right. He is getting too old. LOL That is such a fun age, they are still young enough to hug and hold hands. Enjoy it while you can, it goes by so fast. I’m still having a hard time recognizing my youngest kid’s voice, it changed so fast and so much.

      • Oh I know! My step sons are 19 and 17. I’ve been in their lives since they were a little younger than my son is now and it’s like I blinked and they’re practically men now! How old are yours?

      • Yep, that’s exactly right, in a blink of an eye they have grown up. They are 15 &13. The older one is taking Driver’s Ed this summer, yikes. But it’s weird, he isn’t excited about driving, I find it kind of odd and comforting at the same time. LOL I was literally driving to Driver’s Ed at his age and got my license and my first ticket the day I turned 16.

      • Omg yes, I thought our 17 year old was the only one lol! He had absolutely no interest in drivers ed or getting his license. Finally got his license like 6 months after his 16th bday, got his brothers old car and he still hates driving. Heck he made me go pick him up to go to the party today lol… what the heck is wrong with our children lol

      • Girl I was pissed lol! But yep, it was the same way with me and my friends when we were that age… you couldn’t get me out my car!

      • I’m dying at your responses!! “I was pissed” I think I have that in my future too. hahahaha

      • Lol, we have a really good relationship and are constantly giving each other a hard time :)

      • That’s the best!! I love to kid around and be funny and sarcastic. A sense of humor really can get you through life.

      • ITA! Sarcasm is pretty much our family’s second language lol

      • Aw listening to you & YG makes me miss when my boys were younger… *sniff*. They grow up so so so fast. But no matter what, they’re always your babies. :)

      • Awww, they do grow up so fast. I feel like it was yesterday being in the hospital with my youngest. *mwah

      • Yes, enjoy these precious moments, YG! they get so old so fast…then they move out and you barely see them anymore! :(

      • Read my reply to YG below, I figured it out.

  20. Come on BB, let’s get this comp rolling. Don’t they have to be done with it by the time BBAD goes on the air?

  21. It’s hotter than Billy Blue Blazes in California right now. They may be waiting til it cools down this evening to start the competition

    • Yep. 109 to be exact here in Reseda, which is less than 10 min from N Hollywood, Studio City area where BB is filmed.

  22. I thought the veto comp. would have already happened. Feeds on all day and now it’s almost 7:00 in the East and still no comp. I thought Production said the feeds would be down all day because of the comp. Does anyone know???

    • Message above upadted with ‘BB’s producer for the comps tweeted his recommendation for Feed watchers to go enjoy their Saturday. I’d guess it’s either going to be a late comp or one that runs long.’

    • Oh brother do I feel sorry for the HG competing in this comp. Hopefully, it’s not too physical, it’s 109 in the valley today. I cannot even imagine running around outside today… it’s awful!

      • Maybe that’s why they didn’t do it during the daytime hours. Even 4:00 can prove hot there…so hopefully it involves water in the comp! :-)

      • No, I mean it is 109 right now Joni!! I live 10 miles from the BB house!

        Ugh…I feel sorry for the HG!

      • Dang! And I thought it was miserable where I’m at… that’s gotta suck for them.

      • Hey girl! I can only imagine imagine, YG. I just got back from the pet store and it’s like Hades outside. I couldn’t imagine running around out there! Awful! The weather channel just said it’s now 105 in the SFV. Well, that’s down from 109 an hour ago! haha

      • Ughhhh… I hate the summertime! And the thing that sucks about living in South Texas is it’s pretty much summertime year around :( We only have 3 types of weather.. hot, hotter and humid smh

      • Here in the North East mountains, we only have 2 seasons, winter and the month of July.

      • I live 5 years in Denver. That’s what I miss, Colorado. Would love to go back there one day. Hey, retirement is coming.

      • I’ve been to Colorado a few times.. it’s a beautiful state!

      • The part I like the most is that it is 15% humidity all year around. In January, it could be 15-20 at night and 55-60 during the day. An hour from Denver in the mountain, you’re at Cooperhead, you can ski all morning, come back to Denver for lunch and golf in the afternoon.

      • Beautiful place to live, Colorado. Got stuck there once… didn’t realize we’d need chains. *smh* oops!

      • And here in Ontario, Canada we have two seasons — winter and construction

      • hehehe! Funny. Well in L.A it’s usually great weather & blue skies.. that is if you can actually see the sky through the smog! ;)

      • Just kidding. We actually have the four seasons. Summer usually warm or hot but we do get the humidity here too. Today is quite nice in high 70’s.

      • Oh! So jealous of you right now! Usually people say that to me coz California does have great weather all year round, but not today…at least not in the SFV. At the beach it’s probably like 85 and gorgeous, which is why it costs $10,000 a month to live there too! haha

      • That’s funny you say that, I use to go to the race at Fontana in the late 90s, early 2000. The 1st year I was there, I think it was 1996, got at the track on Thursday to get my credential and walk around to familiarize myself with the place. Then on Friday got there early and I was shock to see a mountain north of the track. On Thursday, that mountain was not there. I sware.

      • Lmao! Yep. It’s a little thing called the smog effect. ;) My girlfriend lives up in Griffith park, which is north of the San Fernando valley and on some days you can’t even see the valley it’s so bad. All you can see is this thick layer of grey over the city. Yuck!

      • God, I remember, I spend 5 years in Whitby also. Was working for EDS at the GM Oshawa plant.

      • Wonder how long that plant will stay in operation, they are worried I know and Oshawa so dependent on that plant

      • Back when I was there, they had 4 plants. One was building pick-up, extended cab short box. The 2 of the others were doing Luminas. The 4th one was a parts plant. Do you know what they are doing now ? I heard the pick-up plant was close a few year.

        I know they can close them completely. Part of the Auto Pact, they need to build as many vehicules as they sell in Canada. Cambridge is a small plant, so Oshawa has to live.

      • The Equinox mainly and I did hear recently that they are expecting to do the final assembly on the Silverado starting next year.

      • I’m back. Lost power for 30 minutes.

        i guess that must be the pick-up plant I knew from the 90s.

      • What part of Texas YG? My Aunt lives in Midland. My dad grew up in Odessa and I have a good friend of mine who lives in Houston.
        Anywhere near any of those??

      • Around the Houston area. Lived in Dallas for a couple years and loved it but missed home and decided to move back.

      • Yeah, I moved to Illinois a few years ago, but I hated thew cold & the snow and moved back to California! Growing up in Los Angeles does *not* prepare you for waking up to 3 feet of snow on top of your car!! hahaha. Let me tell ya.

      • Houston 95 hot and humid. I would take dry heat any day but 109 is brutal and kill someone if exposed to it for two long. hope they give them lots of water through out the competition.

      • I know, it’s dangerous hot here. That’s why I thought the comp wouldn’t be until tonight b/c come sun down it’ll be like high 80s or so, much better.

  23. Just read on Jokers Grody told Jess he loved her earlier… did anyone else see him say that?!

    • Love Vic! Those 2 would be unstoppable… hoping if they do another All Stars Vic gets his second chance.

  24. Going to go take a power nap. Wake me if comp is done an hour from now..k? hahaha

  25. I can’t believe how big of a bad sport that Cody is. I hope his daughter is not watching his swearing and pouting. Usually I have utmost respect for a veteran.

  26. Cody was responsible for me winning my tennis game today. Pretty evenly matched with my opponent, he probably has won 60% of our matches but today I won. I just pictured Cody’s head on the ball and whacked the hell out of it. Success.

  27. Wonder if Josh is going to follow through with taunting Cody before the competition. That is so bad but is going to some good tv if he does it! Lol