‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our first Big Brother 19 noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 1 Power of Veto events. This one was anything but normal thanks to the surprise twist delivered by the Den of Temptation

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

This week’s Veto winner had the chance to change up the noms and force renom to redirect this week’s target and the HoH’s plans. Read on to find out what happened and who are the final nominees for the next Big Brother eviction.

Since the Veto comp ended and Alex won we knew she’d save herself. The group in control pointed at Jason for their new target, but Cody had other plans. Instead of sticking with his alliance of nine, Cody decided it’d be better to flip on two of his allies and try to side with his opponents.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 1

  • Alex decided to use the Veto on herself
  • Cody named Paul as the renom. Paul played his Pendant of Protection.
  • Cody named Christmas as the renom
  • Christmas & Jillian are this week’s final noms

Christmas is PISSED and Paul is PISSED. This is great. Christmas is yelling at Cody now she’s back downstairs yelling at others. Great Feeds. Turn them on. Flashback to 12:44PM BBT to watch.

Gallery: Houseguests Fighting After Veto Meeting

Before the meeting Cody pitched to Jason and Alex, separately, that he’d keep Jason safe and Alex’s ally Jillian safe by nominating one of his own numbers. He told Jason that he could have Christmas to go after next week with his blessing. Cody also told Alex that his team looked to him as their leader and would vet any plans with him first. Oh things are going to be fun.

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      • I’m waiting to see Cody’s game go to crap! Let the 4th of July start now…oh wait, it already has for Christmas! haha

      • Wonder what the serpent bite was for Ramses? Guess he doesn’t have to replace Paul if nominated…

      • I think that if Paul had been put on the block, he would be the one to replace him.

      • I think he has to force someone to put him on the block or something like that within the next two weeks. He’s really upset about having to do that so soon, because he fears he’ll be sent home once he’s there.

      • I am seriously worried that it isn’t going to. It seems like he STILL has people being loyal to him which is crazy because he clearly just showed ha can’t be loyal to anyone else.

      • WHAAAATT Cody’s game going the crapper? LOL I can’t wait to see it unfold too.

      • I was beginning to think this site was gone forever but I finally found it LOL.

    • I knew he would try to nominate Paul. He’s been after him since day 1. And I’m glad Paul had to reveal he had safety. Then the others can see he lied about getting it.

      • But Paul can now see who he can trust and who he can’t. He was grateful for the insurance.

  1. Whatever happens Cody have his days on the house numbered, I don’t think that nobody will trust him.
    Anyways, I feel (and I hope) Christmas has a good chance to stay in the game.

      • Exactly, plus I think that Christmas already made more bonds than Jillian, I’m sure that Paul and Elena at least will vote to keep her, and maybe other houseguests of the HoH crew.

      • She’s a what? hahaha She going to be mad at Cody if Christmas stays and Jillian goes home!

      • That’s the question for another day. I just don’t think Alex is going to vote out Jill.

      • I don’t either…but if the votes end up evicting Jillian, Alex will be mad at Cody, who promised her he had enough votes to keep Jillian over whoever took her place.

      • Votes to evict Jillian: Paul, Elena, Josh (not sure about this one), maybe Dominique
        Votes to evict Christmas: Ramses, Jason, Kevin, Alex, maybe Jessica and Mark?

        I don’t know about Matt and Raven,

        I think that after this vote Cody will be in jeopardy.

      • Josh will vote out Jill, I think since he considers Christmas his mama figure.

      • I hope Christmas convince Matt, Raven and Mark to keep her, if Jessica is smart she can work with her, but unfortunately she had a target on her back for her showmance, so probably she will keep Jillian over Christmas.

      • Mark will be under pressure from Elena and Christmas. I hope he can think what’s the best move for him. I like Mark and Dom together better actually hehehe.

      • Mark will vote to evict Jillian as will maybe Raven and Matt…it’ll probably be split overall and Cody the deciding vote! Ramses, Kevin, Alex and Jessica will vote to evict Christmas. Oh yeh, and Josh will vote to evict Jillian. Cody will still be in jeopardy.

      • There’s a chance to Mark will vote to keep Christmas, he said that he wanted to work with Paul, and now I guess that everybody knows that Cody is not trustworthy, I’m sure that Mark is not dumb and he will work with Paul and not with Cody (or that’s what I think hahahaha).

      • Remember before the babes (and Paul) came along, there was the three guy crew! Cody might hold Mark and Matt to that deal. Matt could be persuaded but I think Mark is more loyal. But let’s see hehehe.

      • Why would she vote Jillian out? That would be stupid since Jillian and Jason are her only real allies.

      • Yes, that’s why I said what I said, answering to Dan who said “Paul and Alex want to cut the showmances I think voting out Jillian is a good plan.”

      • I don’t think Alex will vote to keep Christmas over Jillian. She’s relying on Cody who promised her Jillian would be safe no matter what. That’s going to hurt Cody more if Jillian gets the boot after all because Cody wasn’t able to keep his promise to her! hahaha

      • yeah, as much as I am not a fan of Christmas, Jillian is being such a drama queen, even if she’s up there 3 times. And I love the plan of cutting showmances

      • Mark’s eyes are wide open on who he can and cannot trust. He’s seen Cody’s true colors. He had a good talk with Dom and Paul last night and they basically told him the same thing, separately.

      • Ok I didn’t catch that. What I caught, Mark was upset with Christmas and Matt. He even had a talk with Cody about showmances.

      • Yep, but it also made him question Elena’s feelings toward him because she isn’t being as open with him as he is with her.

    • I do agree about Cody, I mean, everyone’s gonna agree that he’s an asshole. What’s worst is that since he is a Veteran and a Texan, I am offended because I live in Texas and most of my family’s Veterans

      Speaking of which, I couldn’t wait until the host tells Cody that Megan was in part of the army and what he and Josh pulled sent her having war flashbacks…literally.

  2. Cody isn’t going to last very long in this game, I give him 3 weeks tops

    • I’d say the same, but BB players past have proven that you can get far in this game, even while being heavily disliked. Evel Dick, Frankie Grande, Dan. You just gotta play your cards right.

      • Big difference between being disliked and turning on your “friends” without a second thought.

      • True, but I get the point. If Cody turns out to be a comp beast, he’s going to be next to impossible to get rid of. Plus, a mastermind can talk his way out of anything. That’s what got Frankie out of his jam in BB16 (winning the BotB single handedly after Caleb refused to compete with him), and Dan’s Funeral is still the best move in Big Brother history.

      • That BotB comp was designed to difficult for two people. For one it was relatively simple, so Caleb actually helped.

      • Next week he can’t play for HoH. He needs Mark to win it or hopes getting put up straight so he can fight for veto.

  3. Because he didn’t give him a friendship bracelet after he acted like an ass?

  4. Now let’s see how good Christmas is at this game. If she can pull it off (with the help of Paul, I bet) then let the hunger game begins next week.

    • I don’t think so. I think Paul will get most to vote Jillian out before Christmas.

      • At the moment it’s too close to tell.
        Josh will vote out Jill, Christmas is his mama figure.
        Elena will vote out Jill. El & Chris are Thelma & Louise (both would fall off the cliff later on)
        Alex will vote out Christmas or she’s a ….
        The rest? Debatable.

  5. this may be one of the most entertaining starts to Big Brother ever. Production sure did a good job this year making sure paranoia hits a boiling point early on

    • I call bull shite!!!! They have favored Paul from the beginning!!!!!
      They new he would win this first contest!!! America is stupid like that!!!!!! This sets up paul for 3 free weeks!!!! Bull crap!!!!
      Please name another season with a twist like this in first week? That’s right!!!!! None!!!!!!!!!!!
      Paul was set up to win:( its sad, hopfully in 3 weeks they screw him!!

      • America voted for Paul to win the pendant…don’t throw your blame at production. And even if Paul was on the block, everyone is talking about how they can’t trust Cody after putting an ally up, and they want Paul to stick around. Nothing is set up for Paul, in fact, he even walked in with a HUGE disadvantage, of having to single people out, AND being such a great player. Just because he’s safe for 3 weeks because of a twist doesn’t mean production is setting him up to “win the game”

      • There’s a reason why the 3-week safety was offered after Paul just entered the house. Even tho it’s America’s votes, of course the Prods knew his legion of fans would vote for him to win it.
        But that’s as far as what the Prods could do, the rest is up to Paul. So let see how smart and cunning he can be after the safety’s gone.

      • well what would you have preferred they offer instead? Stop an eviction? The only one that wouldn’t save Paul would be the one to compete in a comp, and even that still could have changed everything

      • I have nothing against the Prods actually. A lot of people always complain about the prod manipulation and such, but not me. They need to do what they think the best to keep the show interesting.

      • The owners of this show, and it is a show, dressed as a game, may do as they wish with their creation. Bringing back any previous houseguest and, giving them safety, by audience vote or otherwise, for basicly a third of the entire season, is, I feel, at best unfair to the first-time houseguests of season 19. Many love Paul because he is naturally loud obnoxious and entertaining. Quoting/paraphrasing from the “Desiderata”, ….”avoid the loud and boistrous for they are vexations to the spirit…….but listen to them for they too have their story…..”. I find it impossible to relax around people that are always “switched on”, and see the only differance between Josh and Paul being that Paul is a cool kid that is super smooth versus Josh being, well, not so smooth. Regardless of how each of them is percieved, they are both, to use the description Kevin used, cartoon-ish (from Buggs Bunny) Tasmanian devil-types that NEVER stop being loud. Me, given a choice, will place a whole lot of distance between loud people and myself. “Drunk and loud” is for when someone is drunk, and potentially, loud. And nobody has even mentioned how hypocritical Paul is for returning for a second, non-allstar season. Paul was furious that former housegusts got a second chance, and Cody may now feel the same way. Paul does not respect James Huling, and now Paul may be becoming what he despises; a former, fan favorite houseguest, that not only returns, but is given safety for a third of the season, and so far, not even on lop or a have-not as a price for his safety. Show arranged for advertisers to be gauranteed good ratings? Thats called the BUSINESS part of show business.

    • Her true colors shinin’ true.
      J/k. Of course she’s pissed. But she needs to think smart and fast. She can’t be like Josh.

      • I could see her being pissed before she was pissed…strong women don’t take things lightly! LOL

      • That’s the problem with strong women. But she’s a tough and smart cookie. Time to work those muscles.

      • From I read and hear on the feeds, she is not in danger (as of today obviously).

      • This will split that 9 person alliance up. Now just have to wait to see who goes with who. From the feeds I still think Mark, Matt and Cody stick together. So Mark, Matt and Jessica will vote out Christmas. Then the outcasts which will be Alex, Jason, Kevin and even if Josh doesn’t vote her out that will still be 6 votes and Cody breaks the tie and sends Christmas out. I’m hoping Christmas stays because I think she will be better for the feeds. Jillian seems very boring. But we’ve only seen week one.

      • It’s a long time til Thurs too..anything can happen! I’m enjoying the fall-out and can’t wait to see their faces when Paul revealed the secret behind the pendant.

      • yup, as we’ve seen things can change a lot … and often… between veto and eviction

      • Yep. The feeds have been exciting today. I’m glad Paul had to reveal his safety. He’s been lying to everyone and trying to blame Ramses for winning it. Now let’s see how people feel about it. But it won’t happen right away because of Christmas and her blow up. Things need to settle down first.

  6. I have a theory. Since basically two people are leaving this week (Megan and either Christmas/Jill), the Prods might make a battle back between Cam and the evictee during Thursday’s HoH. Whoever wins, he or she will get back to the game.

  7. Glad that Paul is campaigning for Xmas to stay but it’s a long time until Thursday and sometimes he can overdo things and get annoying so I hope he plays it smart. And BTW I like Paul

  8. lol….Jessica says the Paul cannot win any comps this week…Paul is “SAFE” from eviction for 3 weeks…Paul can relax knowing this.. I didn’t say he should “let down his guard” I said he could relax…Paul has something the other HGs don’t have…time to plan

    • Wait… could it mean since he’s safe for three weeks, he couldn’t become HoH during these three weeks?

      • Doesn’t mean that at all. He could win HoH, but Paul isn’t gunning to be unless he has to gun for that position!

      • Now he does. You know, new Paul is mellow and behind the scene as he wants us to believe but once the gun is loaded, old Paul is going to come out with a bang (and on Jason’s back!)

  9. I liked Christmas and had high hopes for her but she and the others aligned with Paul made a HUGE mistake.

    • AHHHHH…not sure about that….I would think that anybody who aligned with “Cody” made a big mistake … Cody not only screwed himself He made the rest of the house look like liars…

  10. Sorry if someone already mentioned this but Ramses, Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin would do better aligning and keeping Xmas rather than Jillian because Xmas is a bigger target than the rest of them and is more likely to win physical comps over Jillian.

  11. These convos on live feeds are getting good! They’re all scrambling to Paul now who were planning to vote Paul out if he didn’t have that pendant of protection! LOL

  12. Can you imagine the drama in the next few weeks as we have multiple temptations in play that could stop an eviction, play in any veto etc? Going to need a scoreboard to keep track of who has what. Cody had to make 5 nominations this week which is crazy. Things could get crazier, hopefully!

      • No Joni. No. Cody needs to stay as long as possible to create drama or put the viewers to sleep.

      • You like watching diarrhea pour from his orifices? hahaha He’s crapping more than just bricks right now because he had no Plan B at all!

      • If this was a typical season of BB, then he wouldn’t need a Plan B. The twist is what screwed him here. And it’s created a lot of drama for the feeds, which is a win for us.

      • You always need a plan B in BB…Cody forgot to expect the unexpected is all!

      • Eh, yes and no. In BB, Plan B usually refers to “what happens when this person wins the veto.” This would be more like Plan C. Or, heck, Plan E the way this week’s been going.

  13. Kevin is sooo funny. He’s wondering why no one is outside, then is only concerned about the laundry! haha

  14. Alex telling Paul they want to nom Cody & Jess next week is a HUGEEEEE mistake. You know Paul is going to use this info to keep Christmas and vote out Jill. C’mon Alex. The snake of last year is still in this year! Sorry Nicole, wink wink!

    • I’m laughing at how many are revealing their hands to Paul…it’s crazy! :-)

      • They will find out sooner or later the true snake in the garden of the temptation. Don’t they know the Prods base the entire game concept on the only one HG they bring back? Hehehe.

      • Initially…but they’re counting on Paul playing it off well too. Which he is…just great t.v. for Prod as they knew it would be bringing him back over anyone else! :-)

      • If your role is a villain you are damn sure to play it well. I will, hehehe so as I said, kudos to Paul.

      • He plays it very well, especially when he feels slighted or has been lied to! :-)

      • Btw do you read reddit, Joni? They have a lot of theories there. One of them is that the Prods know they want to bring back Paul, that’s why they cast Cody as the anti-Paul.

      • I don’t read reddit, but knew why Prod wanted to bring Paul back after it was revealed. Had no clue about why they wanted to cast Cody! Because they knew it’d be good t.v. once Cody had some power in his hands? Was a loose cannon? I think the protection pendant worked out perfectly as they’d hope if the majority of the hgs tried getting Paul out immediately.

      • Cody forgets what he’s said to certain people that he should have remembered saying…which leads me to believe he lied to him. Not a good thing to do to Paul..LOL

  15. Paul’s weakness is he can be naive. I like him, but he was backstabbed by Nicorey last season and trusted Cody’s alliance too much. He could have been gone in the first regular eviction if he didn’t have safety. It sounds like now he is using that social game better, and he’ll need it.

      • LOLOL…that was me in the past. Now I don’t care about who I wish to impress or prove myself to! :-)

  16. So far Paul, Matt, Raven, Elena, and Dominque appear to be locks to vote out Jillian. Paul has been rallying votes for Christmas to stay while figuring out what happened since feeds came back. It appears Kevin and Josh will go with him and maybe even Jason too. So at this point it looks like 8 votes against Jillian so far out of 12. If that becomes apparent Mark and Jessica probably go with the flow to fix things with Christmas. Things certainly change constantly but I’m calling 10-2 vote with Jillian going home.

  17. Just watched the feed/drama at 12:44 PM, Was that Christmas yelling at Cody dropping F bombs. Ha! Love it! She should stay. lol..Well, Cody is messy.

      • I’m still on the fence with Raven and Dom. When I think I like them, they do something ridiculous that make me question why. If you get the live feeds, check out camera1 at 3:00 p.m. when those two get together. LOL

      • I watch Dom with Paul in the last hour or so and I like what she had to tell him.

  18. Just got back from my second cousin’s christening, but I was keeping up with all the updates via FB and Twitter. Holy hell, do we have an explosive season already, lol! But there’s one thing that’s confusing about these HGs, so maybe someone who was watching the feeds can help me out here.

    Why is Cody’s team acting like this is NEWS to them?! Sure, Paul and Christmas were kept in the dark, but Jessica freakin’ NEW what his plans were. She found out last night that he considered those two to be “expendable.” Heck, BBN even has an article about it. And they guys all knew that he was planning to make a deal with Jason and Alex to save the couples and Dom while offering up Paul and Christmas. Are they pretending because they’re around other HGs or did something change since last night or is it just the usual BB Forgetfulness?

    • The surprise was that Paul was able to save himself, something no one knew about and all who knew the plan or sort of knew what the plan was are now scrambling to save face. Cody chose to put Paul on the block first instead of Christmas and when that backfired, he chose Christmas. They didn’t expect the reaction they got from Christmas at all either! hahaha

    • Actually, neither Matt nor Mark knew he was going to put up Paul. Cody had told them he was trying to make a deal with Alex & Jason to keep the showmances safe, but never said he was putting up someone from their own side. They all thought he was going to renom Ramses and Cody let them think it until the end. In fact, Matt, Raven and Elena were all seriously upset about Cody’s decision & no longer trust him.

      • Thanks. I also went back and rewatched conversations to see what exactly was said.

  19. I hope Cody and Jessica both stick around long enough for the following to happen…

    May Paul go full throttle to win all possible HoHs and every possible competition for the next three weeks just because he doesn’t need to and doing so will annoy the living daylights out of Cody and Jessica.

    May Paul use the powers he earns winning said HoHs and competitions to give out favors to whatever HouseGuests seem to make him laugh at any particular moment. This caprice will be artifice, however, for in truth Paul will use considerable forethought and give out the favors to whichever HouseGuests will screw up Cody and Jessica’s respective games the most at that particular moment.

    May Jessica develop a large, unfortunate purple blemish with a three-dimensional quality that makeup cannot fully rectify.

    May Cody’s eye, cast away from Jessica’s blemish, repeatedly fall upon Alex’s posterior and linger there just long enough to send Jessica into a full tizzy, replete with sputtering and phrases lifted out of bad articles in Cosmo.

    May Alex use Cody’s male attentions to secure his vote against Jessica, put up “as a pawn” and may Alex wink as overtly as a court jester to a stunned Jessica when she is unanimously voted out.

    May Julie Chen offer Jessica skincare tips when the studio lights cast an unfortunate shadow under her three-dimensional blemish, not realizing the cameras have not yet quite cut to a commercial.

    May Cody, during the same episode, come in last during a rustic-themed HoH competition yet demand a do-over, stating “My stick is obviously so much smaller than everyone else’s,” spawning memes and gifs galore. There will be no do-over but there will be many squirrels comparing nuts images.

    Please, let it be.

  20. I love that Cody’s plans to backdoor Paul were thwarted. 😂I hope Paul targets him if he gets HOH next.

    • I wish Paul never got that thing to keep him off the block for 3 times.

      I don’t care for Paul that much….he is not as much of a-hole as he was last year. But, I have others I am rooting for. ;-)

  21. Poor Megan though. Josh went cuckoo for cocoa puffs on her, and then Cody put her up because “he doesn’t like her,” that fight happened because for both racist and misunderstanding, and when she left, Cody has, like, 0 remorse! I mean, what a f*cking arrogant bastard!

    And I hope he finds out about her and her military gig, because since he is also a veteran, if the host or other tell him about it, he REALLY would felt like a douche

    I’m happy Paul got out of the have not and a temptation

    And man, Alex sure is savage, I like it

    • He won’t care about her Military…which I really have to wonder about. I think she exaggerated.
      I do feel sorry for Megan. But Cody wasn’t the only one that gave 0 remorse for her. From what I saw and heard on Big Brother AD and the live feeds it sure seems like she had a lot of enemies for really No reason.
      Josh was the Nastiest to her. I straight up can’t stand Josh! He is on my Sheeett list.

  22. Just a thought. But, I wonder if they are going to have it where I think it was 4 houseguests that have been evicted can battle their way back. Do you think they will do it this year. I hope so since I like Christmas.

  23. I like Christmas, but it would be smart for some players to get rid of her now.

  24. I hope Cody stays in the weeks to come…..he brings something different to this game.

  25. Ah the big bad marine is scared of a girl. Come on Cody you scared that a girl is going to make you look bad on national television. I always thought that the marine’s were not afraid of anything? Then Cody seems to be afraid of a girl and doesn’t seem to keep his word. I thought that you were supposed to keep your word as a team mate and cover your six but maybe he missed that part of the teams lesson.

  26. Why was everyone against Megan? Did I miss something? Besides her rainbow hair!

  27. PAUL, your not my boy, I know he is safe for three weeks but “GET RID OF HIM” HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE ON THE SHOW, understand producers. Stop bringing has beens back on the show, let us watch a season with new players and discover what they bring to the game.

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