Big Brother 19 Episode 3 Recap: It’s Big Brother At Hyper Speed!

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 19 had one major theme: everything is happening way too fast this season. But before we jump the gun like this season, let’s start from the beginning of the episode.

The episode picks up right after Cody nominated Jillian and Megan for eviction. Paul is shocked that he wasn’t nominated, and rightly so. “What part of almost won last season isn’t clear to you,” Paul says in the Diary Room. But for some reason Cody is just focused on getting Megan out.

Megan is immediately in tears and in the Dairy Room telling us that she doesn’t know if she can handle this game. Jillian and Josh are having similar feelings. I don’t know about you, but it seems way too early for so many people to be freaking out this much. It’s going to be a long season for them. Well, for some of them …

Speaking of things happening too fast, we’ve already got a house full of showmances and a montage about that to suffer through. *Mutes the TV*

Let’s get back to the good stuff. Josh is still complaining about being in the house and being homesick. And things don’t improve when he volunteers to be a have-not only to find out that he’ll literally be sleeping on a bed of spikes.

But that drama is nothing. Let’s get to the real drama. Jessica decides to start calling Alex “Pao Pao,” after BB16 Paola, but Megan apparently hears “Panda” instead, and goes and tells Alex. So that’s decidedly racist and Alex is not happy with Jessica. When Paul finds out and tells Jessica what is going on, Jessica decides to go set things straight with Alex.

Jessica tells Alex that she did not say anything racist and that Megan is just trying to stir the pot since she’s on the block this week. Alex believes Jessica and begins to doubt Megan, who was one of her main allies.

Alex decides to call Megan out so she goes to the kitchen and confronts her in front of everyone. Despite what Alex believes, Megan stands by what she heard. Alex is done with her, though. What ever Megan’s plan was with this, it definitely backfired. Megan is now public enemy number one.

It doesn’t take Megan long to know she’s in way too deep, so she heads to the Diary Room where she decides it’s impossible for her to calm down. She ultimately decides she can’t continue the game and never reemerges from the Diary Room.

Production fills in the other houseguests that Megan has decided to leave the game. They tell the HGs that due to a personal matter, Megan will no longer be participating in the game this summer and Cody will have to name a new nominee the following day.

It’s Den of Temptation time! Jessica is up first. She heads into the den and finds an envelope with her name on it. She has not been chosen by America. Kevin is next in and, he also didn’t win the power. Josh is next and didn’t get the offer either. Christmas is next. OK, this is going to go on forever. Let’s cut tot he chase. Paul is the one who got the temptation. He receives the Pendant of Protection so he’s protected for the next three evictions. That also means one of his housemates will be vulnerable the next three weeks.

Paul has to blindly select which of his housemates will be cursed. He chooses a number at random, cursing the unknown houseguest. The HGs find out that the temptation was accepted and that the next time they’re called into the den they should be worried…

But before we find out who is cursed (which won’t be in this episode), we have to find out who Cody has decided to nominate in Megan’s place. Cody decides to make Alex the new nominee. So it’s Jillian and Alex on the block ahead of the first Power of Veto competition this season.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Find out who won the Veto & who went up at the Ceremony.


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  1. Voting for the next Temptation is already open. Remember you can vote tonight and tomorrow morning again.

  2. And we now know what the consequence is. Ramses has to pick between one
    of the next 3 weeks and put himself on the block for that week. We don’t
    know yet if it is as a 3rd nominee or one of the 2.

    • That was the consequence of Paul’s temptation??

      I called that tonight!!!! I told my husband it would be Ramses or someone along those lines. Production manipulated. My guess anyway! I didn’t think it would be ANYONE in a showmance!

      & wow 😳 3 (or 4?) showmanses already! Crazy season so far.

    • No, POVs are always shown Wednesday nights.

      EDIT: Or Tuesday night. Whatever episode is before the live eviction episode, anyway.

  3. Great recap, Branden.

    Wow. We agree on something twice in a row. This is one crazy season.

  4. They were being so unfair to Megan, it was a misunderstanding ! I hope either Cody or his showmance Jessica get targeted next as karma !

    • YES, it was just a misunderstanding! And Alex and Jilian were really stupid to go off on her like that, and just like that Alex went on the block in her place and Jilian is still up there. Before this episode Alex was my favorite, but after this “dumb move’, I`m not sold on her yet, she lost a ally for no reason.

    • I totally agree. Jessica should have been honest with what she said and then the misunderstanding would have been made clear. It was totally unfair to Megan. And it was a bit harsh that Alex took Jessica’s word over Megan’s, when Megan was supposedly her ally. Several people knew what was actually said and one should have spoke up and helped clear up the misunderstanding. Megan may not have even pulled herself from the game if this confrontation didn’t happen on top of the other. I feel really bad for her.

      • Jessica (the HG, not you) is as much of a complete douchebag as is Cody. Hopefully the two of them will be gone before jury.

      • It was all gameplay (not that it was right). As long as Megan was to blame, no one else needed to clear it up. Paul could have said something, but he wants everyone to be fighting and targeting anyone other than himself.

      • My thought exactly. Yes, it was a misunderstanding. And maybe Jessica would have been more willing to step up and help clear it up had Megan admitted she might have misunderstood, but instead she insisted that she heard “Panda.” In no way would it benefit anyone else to clarify, so just let Megan take the heat and walk out the door.

      • My problem with that is that you could tell that Megan was really upset about the whole thing. Someone should have tried to check on her and make sure she’s OK and try to understand her side of the story. No one did that. Yes, it’s a game and I understand that but they were making it personal. Saying that she was calling Jessica a racist & making stuff up on purpose. That’s wrong; as she wasn’t. One of them who knew what was said (and there several there), could also have spoke up and said, maybe you misheard? They all just let Megan get all of the blame when it wasn’t all her fault. That was wrong.

  5. What is the ‘Dairy Room’, do they get milk there? Gotta watch that spelling, proofreading helps.

  6. Anyone else think Cody is hella a male Chauvinism pig? Notice the people he pegs as most like himself are only the people who a stereotypically beautiful by American beauty standards.

  7. I am hoping someone points out that referring to her by a nickname for the only other asian female contestant who would have been on the sequester videos is kind of issue too. Of course the show will probably be playing up her jealousy over Cody’s need to work with Alex next episode to set up Cody’s downfall.

  8. Feel as a viewer tonight we crossed the Rubicon with bunch of barbarians,never seen so many cold hearts under one roof,only Paul and Kevin showed any real concern for the well being of Megan,for the others this was all a big joke,would rather drink pool water than lounge with Cody and his clique..apparently BB Season 19 cast were chosen from ‘Westworld”,maybe next year we will get real human beings.

    • Totally agree, several of this group are the most heartless people I’ve ever seen! I’m also looking forward to Cody kicked out of the house, hopefully prior to JH.

      • Followed the next week by this year’s version of the red-headed terror.


      • Cody singled out Megan because she’s inot a ‘model’ type,got news for him and Jessica,real beauty and substance are not measured by a woman bikini size,that comes from within.

      • I see I’m not the only one who noticed BB casting had minimum bust size requirements, really BB? Would it hurt to have a few normal looking people for just one season? Possibly even somebody other than a size two?

      • Well lets not forget. Cody has killed people. He’s not only a marine. He’s a psychopath who loves guns.

    • I had tears watching it. That poor girl was tortured from the beginning. Even her so called friends turned on her. I cant believe what I saw.

  9. Very upset with the bullies this season. There have been mean spirited cast members before but never like this. I am saddened at the way Megan was treated. Singled out by cry baby paranoid Josh. Put down by the devil Cody and then attacked by Jess and Alex. She didn’t deserve any of it.

    • I already miss last season, this group is awash in rotten apples, pun intended, the season’s house theme is irony if I ever saw it.

    • And Megan came to play the game….at the end of the day she was just creating some drama, but this is what big brother is about…. while all the others are just doing the typical showmance thing. I wish production had tried harder and made her stay.

      • I didn’t see it as creating drama. She seemed to think that’s what she heard. I believed her and I am not convinced Jessica isn’t racist. It could have been discussed quietly and alone if it was just a misunderstanding.

      • I don’t think she was causing drama either. I fully believe that it was a misunderstanding. Megan thought she heard “Panda” and was honestly telling Alex because she thought she should know that the other’s were calling her names. Whether it be “Panda” as she thought or “Pao Pao” which it actually was, it wasn’t right by Jessica to be calling Alex any names. Megan was just being a good friend. Jessica (Or someone else who knew what was said) should have been honest with what was said and then I think the misunderstanding would have been cleared up. Now, Paul telling Jessica what Megan said was definitely all about causing drama.

  10. I find it interesting that Alex may go home this week after blowing up on Megan. Such an emotional decision. Had she handled it quietly, or made Megan feel safe while they planned to vote her out, and things would be different.

  11. I don’t care for the way the HGs treated Megan. It was obviously a misunderstanding since she heard Panda instead of Paopao which I find equally insulting. It is one thing for them to say that she looks like her or reminds them of PaoPao, but to always call her by the name when she is not around.

    • To be honest, In my head I have been calling ALex “PaoPao”…they look like twin

      • She does look like her, but I think they know if they start calling her that to her face she won’t like it so they do it behind her back. Paul was there, but didn’t correct Megan when he heard her tell Alex what she had heard. Saying that she looks like her is no big deal.

      • But this is what Paul does best too. He likes stirring the pot as well but he has a better way to do it.

    • Truth is, there is a Panda in a zoo named Pao Pao. Alex being Asian, that could have very easily could have been taken the wrong way. I agree that even after the blowup, they still referred to her as Pao Pao and yet Jessica never told Alex exactly what she said either makes me wonder about her. I would keep my eye on Jessica this season.

      • I can’t stand Jessica and Cody. I liked him the first week, but I’m hoping wither of those two gets the consequence.

    • Calling Alex anything other than her name is wrong in my opinion. Now I agree if they had just said she looked like her, that’s understandable but calling her “Pao Pao” behind her back is completely wrong. And then when Jessica went back to Alex to clear things up, she should have just apologized and told Alex she referred to her as “Pao Pao” because she reminded her of Paola, that would have been the end of it. But they all just treated Megan wrong and didn’t clear up her misunderstanding. And I truly think it was a just understanding. Megan was treated unfairly, which lead to her leaving the game. I feels so bad for her.

    • I definitely see how Pao Pao could be taken as racist or derogatory as well. And I really don’t like Jessica enough to want to defend her, but I’ve been known to refer to houseguests by nicknames of another past houseguest that they remind me of either in appearance or gameplay or attitude. I think it is just part of having watched the show in the past and always making comparisons. Alex not only looks like Pao Pao, but she kind of has some similar personality traits as well.

      • I do the same as a viewer, but I think calling someone in the house by another person’s name because they look alike is not correct. Saying she looks like her will be different. just know that Megan heard Paopao as Panda and it was a misunderstanding and that should have been said to Alex by Paul or Horrible, obnoxious Jessica.

  12. BB Canada 5 started with bullies as well, and said bully Neda was taken out by one of her own. I expect the same to happen to Cody “I just don’t like you”.

    I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to others for no reason at all. Josh. Cody. Jessica. Alex. All of you treated Megan like pure crap, and for what?

  13. I am disgusted with every single one of these HGs. Not a single one of them stood for Megan. Jessica called Alex, Pao Pao, and that was racist. Jessica made the racist comment. Raven also referred to her as that as well. So both Jessica and Raven are racists.

    I am particularly disgusted with Matt, Dominique, Raven, Paul, Josh, and especially Jessica. They we all there sitting together when Jessica made the racist statement. Megan was the only one who did the right thing and actually tell Alex that Jessica had made a racist statement.

    Jessica should’ve been honest and fessed up to what she said. Megan misheard Pao-Pao, as Panda. And all any of them had to do was simply say “No, she said Pao-Pao, not Panda.” And it all would’ve been cleared up, and Megan would still be in the house.

    Not one person had the balls to do that. I at least expected Kevin to play Devil’s advocate, as he has 7 kids, and he’s probably has experience in settling arguments of he-said, she-said all the time. But he chose to just let Megan be falsely accused of racism. And that right there shows how little character these people have.

    Way to go CBS. You cast 16 awful people, and 1 good person, and now the one good person you had is gone.

    • I totally agree as well. Megan was treated so badly and no one even tried to stand up for her. So far, I’m totally not impressed with this cast.

  14. I can’t stand these people. They should be ashamed of themselves with the way they treated Megan. They could have easily talked in private to her and worked things out, but in every case there was yelling in her face, and NO ONE stood up for her. What a bunch of cowards and just mean people, like watching a bad movie.

    I am not even convinced Jessica is not racist, I think she very well may be, the whole exchange was biotch central anyway. The pain in Megan’s face was genuine and we will never know all that was said to her nor if it was her decision to go but I don’t blame her 1 bit for leaving. Anyway, at this point I don’t even feel like watching, it just upsets me how they all act.

    • I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Derrick, but I feel Megan needed somebody like him there. Not only would he not been quick to immediately blame, but he would’ve gotten down to the bottom of it. He would’ve cleared everything. He would’ve laid down the law after Josh yelled at her. I feel even Vanessa, to certain extent, would’ve gotten to the bottom of it, and cleared everything up, before judgement. And thats what this season is lacking. I though Christmas would be that person this season, seeing how she showed compassion with Josh. But she just stood there and did nothing. Very disappointing.

  15. I knew it would not be anyone from the showmanses that got the consequences of Paul’s temptation. Production manipulation!?!
    Ramses so far is not all that entertaining (at least not on any of the episodes thus far. Perhaps I could be wrong, and he is entertaining on the live feeds?) so, no big loss if he’s gone?!? IMO…..!
    I assumed it would be someone that wouldn’t be a big deal if they were gonzo …. !?!?

    • I don’t think it’s manipulation on productions parts. The bottles were numbered and not in order. I think the number on the bottle is their number based on when they entered the house. I could be wrong, my memory isn’t what it used to be, but I think Ramses was the 2nd person and the bottle Paul chose was numbered 2.

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