‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: ‘Paul And Christmas Are The More Expendable Ones’

Houseguests became increasingly suspicious of Cody’s pending decision on who could be sent to the Block as the first final nominees of Big Brother 19. It became clear to us out here where Cod was heading in his selection and last night he explained to Jessica the motives behind his plan.

Jessica and Cody have a late night talk on BB19

Early on Saturday Cody spoke with Matthew that he wanted to make deals to protect the couples and Dominique. Well that’s only seven of the group’s nine members. Paul and Christmas aren’t in a showmance, aren’t a couple, and aren’t Dominique. Watch out, guys.

Soon Cody was talking with Alex & Jillian then Ramses, offering both groups a possible deal in exchange for their safety. Both agreed though almost immediately said privately that they would still plan on putting Cody on the Block next week no matter what deal they agreed to with him.

Catch up on my review of Cody’s renom plans from yesterday as we listened in on the Live Feeds and narrowed down Cody’s options until it became clear that he was planning to go after either Christmas or Paul. Of course we know what Cody doesn’t. Paul isn’t going anywhere for at least three evictions.

Once you’re caught up there then Flashback to 2:41 AM BBT 7/2 on Cams 1/2 to hear Cody explain why he’s about to do what we now expect for the Veto Ceremony. Get the Free Trial to watch this now.

Jessica: I feel like I’m starting to understand your long game a little bit better.

Cody: What do you think?

Jessica: So, from what you told me today, in your strategy, and this obviously stays between us. I won’t mention it. In your strategy, Paul and Christmas are the more expendable ones.

Cody: They are the…

Jessica: In case of an emergency, please use…

Cody: [takes Jessica’s arm] When it’s me, you, Elena, Mark, Raven, Matt, and Dominique together it is cool, calm, collected, fun. Everything you’d just expect from a natural, like good group. Whenever Paul or Christmas is around, the amount of anxiety, game fear, all that increases. I just watch and it f**king it skyrockets. And then, anytime that I believe there’s any kind of distrust sown in between the group it’s either one of them. This is not just me observing. This is like conversations I’ve had with everyone.

All of you guys have like graciously, like f**king blindly trusted my game without, you’re like, “it’s Cody, he’s f**king he’s the dude, he knows what he’s doing.” They are the ones sowing the confusion and distrust and saying whatever they f**king say, I don’t really ask for specifics, whatever, and they are the ones just creating this f**king fear. That’s all I’m going to say on it.

Jessica: I get it. I understand what you’re saying and I mean, I don’t disagree with you. Okay.

Cody: Cause you’ve seen it too.

Jessica: I feel, um, a loyalty to Paul, especially because he gave me a bracelet on the first night so it’s hard for me to… I guess you could say Paul is my Alex, but I understand where you are coming from and we do have to think long term.

So, basically it’s “kneel before the mighty Zeus,” something Paul and Christmas haven’t done to Cody’s satisfaction and now they’re on the outs with him. Gotta love what Cody delivers for us on the Feeds.

The conversation ends there as they shift to kissing instead of talking. And if you really want to push your limits, scroll the timeline ahead to the Live Feeds at 3:10 AM BBT on the same cameras (1/2) to find Cody and Jessica getting busy under the sheets. You’ve been warned.

Gallery: Jessica & Cody Overnight Talks

Well it seems pretty cut and dried that Cody is planning to go with either Paul or Christmas for the renom. Obviously he can’t evict Paul since viewers voted him to receive three rounds of safety so this Veto meeting decision could be determined by the Pendant of Protection.

I would assume Paul can’t touch the Block, but if he can go up but secretly can’t be evicted then it’s over for Jillian. If instead Cody names Paul as the renom and Paul whips out his pendant preventing that move then we can expect Christmas to go up on the Block.

This is going to be a fun meeting. Power of Veto Ceremonies are typically held on Mondays while Veto comps are usually Saturday but that went a day early this round. I’m expecting we’ll get the meeting today and the spoilers to go with it sometime this afternoon. Get our free Big Brother App to receive the notification alert when it happens.

There should be some early 4th of July fireworks going off if Cody sticks to this plan. You might remember how Paul reacted the last time an HoH betrayed his trust and targeted him. Good Feeds ahead! Support our site & efforts by getting the Big Brother Feeds Free Trial now & watching along.

Update: Cody has started pitching his deals. Oh my this is going to be good! He told Jason that he’ll keep him off the Block and will put up one of his own this week. And for next week, Cody tells Jason that he can target Christmas if he wins HoH. So… if Cody plans for Christmas to be here next week as an offering to Jason then Cody is planning to try and renom Paul!

This is going to be amazing Feeds. Do NOT miss this action. Get yours now and be ready to watch.



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  1. I hoped that they would’ve explained how the Pendant worked a little more clearly. But I’m guessing it’s the latter of what Matt has mentioned. When Cody nominates Paul, Paul will reveal the Pendant to the whole house and then Cody will name another renom, who will most likely be Christmas but I won’t count Jason out of the danger yet either. If Jason goes up he’s out, but if Christmas goes up I say Jillian is out.

    Cody’s game is one hot mess but I really like it. It’s not fun if we always know ahead of time who the noms and renoms are gonna be and we’ve already had the whole week mapped out by the end of the veto comp.

      • Yeah… the sign is very telling when not even the underdog side of the house wants to work with you

    • I do have to agree I’m enjoying the suspense. We don’t usually get much of it since everyone is so looselipped all the time with their plans.

      • I can’t wait to see the reaction when the feeds come back!
        I am expecting some serious backlash from Paul at Cody’s betrayal. Should be fun-fun-fun!

  2. is it possible that if Paul pulls out pendant that Ramsey who is cursed goes on the block??

    • We already lost a superfan, don’t put it out in the universe that we’ll lose another this early in the game

    • I think that’s absolutely possible. Ramses got something bad out of this, but we’re just not sure what yet. I guess we’ll see in tonight’s episode, but that’ll probably be too late to prepare us.

      If it does in fact work like you mentioned then it’d be amazing to see Cody try to nom Paul, not get his back up option in Christmas, and then a 3rd person goes up instead. I don’t want to lose Ramses necessarily, but it’d be such a messy blow-up-in-his-face for Cody that it’d be spectacular to watch.

      • Won’t it ever. I’m itching to see everything blow up in Cody’s face and the wait is almost unbearable. But I’ll survive it..LOLOL

      • Shouldn’t be too much longer, Joni. The feeds have been off for a while now, hopefully, they will be back up soon so we can see some early fireworks in the BB house!!

      • I am a bit worried. I wouldn’t want to be in that house with an angry Cody. Can’t imagine he’d handle it well. Where’s the panic/safe room? I’d lock myself in there, lol

      • I wish that pendant would work like an immunity idol in Survivor. After the vote, Paul get up an announce his pendant, none of the vote toward him count, so Jillian out automatically.

      • I’d love to see Jillian bounced this week. She does nothing for me on the feeds.

      • Thats why I am asking. He is nowhere to be found on social media. So that means there is a 10000% chance they are doing a battle back. Megan being all over social media immediatley after leaving the house only confirms this to be 100% the case.

    • He did an exclusive interview with US Weekly magazine three days ago allegedly. Maybe he’s holding off as part of his deal with them.

      • Could have been via text or email — and previewed/reviewed/edited by BB on both sides of the interview to make sure nothing is leaked to Cameron or the public….they have done that in the past, if memory serves me right.

      • But he’s nowhere to be found on social media. The first thing you do when you leave the BB house, is you go straight to social media. So is Megan on social media, and Cameron? There are 100 social media platforms, and he isn’t on any of them. Did Us Weekly ask him about Megan? Bc if they didn’t, they are still holding him for a battle back. Surely he would have weighed in on the subject by this point.

  3. Yeesh I know I sound prudish but these people have known eachother less than 2 weeks and they’re already going at it under the sheets for all the internet to see?! And it doesn’t help that Cody and Jessica have this icky chemistry. Ugh.

    • Seeing Jessica laying the kisses on Cody to comfort him in the bathroom yesterday was just odd. They’ve known each other for days but behave like it’s been a long term relationship.

      As for last night, at one point Cody looked up as though to check if the camera was on them. Some HGs really don’t understand night vision and how the cameras will lock in on that behavior, but Jessica for sure would know. Guess they don’t care. No skin off my nose, I figure.

      • Elena knows about those cameras even when she’s not in the dark and actually tries to cover her face as well as Mark’s but you know what she’s doing with Mark because you can “hear” her! Geesh! hahaha

      • Yikes what is with these people just jumping right into it for all the world to see?!

        I wonder if they recruit based on high levels of both narcissistic and exhibitionist tendencies!

      • Aren’t those minimum requirements for someone who wants to be on camera 24×7

      • LOL! Yes I suppose so – I guess I’m more shocked at how quickly these people are going at it with complete strangers.

      • Nope, it’s how the world/new generations are these days. No qualms about putting it all out there for everyone to see. Social Media has really changed the way things are in that respect.

      • Oh no, they’ve been going at it too? Holena grosses me out, like to the max! LOL

  4. If Paul is nominated, does he have to let the house guests know that he’s safe for 3 weeks, or can he let them know if he gets nominated over the next 3 weeks?

  5. Some live feeders who aren’t BB Network followers didn’t know how the Pendant worked either. They were surprised to hear about Paul being safe for 3 evictions too, while I was laughing at what Cody was planning to do when I know it’s going to be a big shock if he goes through implementing that plan. I also laughed when Cody said to Jessica the same thing Mark said to Paul and Dom, that many “here are starting to show their true colors” which meant different things to them. Cody basically is demanding deals from hgs that aren’t wanting to make deals with him, so he’s mad (waaaaa), whereas with Mark, he just can’t deal with “fake” people, Cody being included in that scenario and doesn’t know who to trust at all anymore. Very interesting moves about to be made.

    • I have a feeling Mark is going to be led astray by Holena. I hope he realizes she isn’t into him soon but I doubt it. The power of bewbs is real, at least to him! LOL

  6. Cody is so self-absorbed. The reason there is mistrust and some unsettled feelings is he is not communicating. What is the point of having an alliance if you’re not going to work with each other. It’s fine if you want the final decision, but you should at least tell people your decision. I know Paul is safe, but I hope Christmas survives this as well and then Cody goes next week.

  7. Guess I’m not able to watch BBAD unless I pay more to my cable company to have it added on to my already expensive service package. Other networks have been dropped by my cable service too. Another show I followed actually moved their show to another network when they found out viewers like me couldn’t watch it anymore without paying an extra fee. Wonder if CBS will do the same eventually when it comes to Poptv.

  8. Mark is genuinely sweet to Ramses in an older brother – younger brother way, so I very much hope whatever goes down lets Ramses stay long enough for that dynamic to develop further, as I’m sure that Cody and Jessica will froth to no end when they see that kindness, that trait being one that eludes both totally.

  9. Feeds are about to blow up. Cody just sat down separately with both Alex and Jason making the deal that I will keep you both safe along with Jillian and we’ll throw in Kevin. All you have to do is not come after my inner circle of Cody, Jessica, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, and Dominque…LOL. He told Jason we can target Christmas next week. He is 100% going to try and nominate Paul. Mark, Elena, Jessica, Matt, Dominque, and Raven all think he is nominating Jason or Ramseys. The fallout should be glorious.

    • Okay does this idiot know what he’s doing?
      Making random deals does nothing in his favor.
      Clearly he never saw what happened to Paulie

      • Yah, all he wants is you 4 outsiders (Kevin, Alex, Jillian, Jason) to come along for the ride and lets get to 11. Then you can go after my alliance of couples and they go after you guys, but all of you work through me and let me win because I have a broke down truck. This guy is so clueless. His game is about to be put on blast.

      • Exactly. I think we can all remember the Detonators of season 16. Devin detonated the whole bunch in one swift move! hahaha!

      • Yes it is b/c we all know how Paul is after a betrayal!

        This is going to be fun-fun-fun!

      • :D Bring the popcorn in a to-go box, Dan, coz this is going to be a bumpy, but hilarious ride!!!!

      • Paul is very good with his words. The fact that most of these people have been blindly following Cody and trusting him they will be in shock after veto. Paul vs. Cody will be fun to watch, but with Cody misleading his group and making deals on the other side AND Paul being safe for 2 more weeks it will be easy for Paul to make his case and steer the sheep to his side.

  10. If Cody is going to get rid of the one who person on his side who truly wants Alex gone, then that is Jessica. That would be some stone cold stuff to get rid of his boo, but I can see him doing it, then thinking Alex should come warm the bed of her valiant knight. This would also explain his desire for a hug. *barf*

    • This is when I wish we were on OTT gameplay…veto ceremony shown live on all access .

  11. Oh…gotta grab my popcorn…Cody is going to put Paul OTB…but, we know how that is going to go!! Have a feeling that Christmas may be going this week..or it could be Jillian. Now where is my Orville Redenbacher!!

  12. It sounds like it is all going to boil down to how the Pendant works…if Cody goes through with nominating Paul then either Paul will whip out the Pendant or it will all remain a big secret with Paul staying safe even if he gets the votes to evict which will produce even more paranoia in the house…very curious to see how it will all play out! Me thinks it is gonna be a pretty interesting summer…

  13. that’s not really fair for Christmas but it is what it is.
    I think Christmas would stay over Jillian, at least I hope

    • I don’t know. She is definitely more of a physical threat than Jillian.

      If only Christmas had taken the comp challenge instead of relying on a vote that 1st night…Jillian would have (most likely) went home then.
      Sucks, coz I like Christmas too.

    • Jillian is harmless and they all know it. I think at this point if it was between those 2 it’s quite possible Christmas will be walking out the door.

      • I think it depends on what Paul wants. If he chooses to try and save her I think he could easily sway Kevin and Josh to vote with him and then probably talk to the other 2 couples + Jessica and say it doesn’t make sense to weaken their numbers and leave the other side intact. If Paul wants her to stay I think he can rally the votes.

  14. Paul has a small core of very loyal people. I see Kevin, Mark, and Christmas as his inner circle at this point. Cody’s alliance has no idea he is betraying Paul and you can tell Paul doesn’t like how Cody doesn’t share information with the “alliance”. I think once Cody officially stabs him in the back Paul will let loose on Cody and with the knowledge he’s safe this week as well as the next 2 weeks all those people are going to flock to his side. Cody will most likely become the new house enemy after Paul is done this week.

    • Yeah, I can definitely see Paul blowing up Cody’s game if Cody betrays him! hahaha! The 4th of July fireworks just might come early in the BB house.

    • I think thats why Paul coming back was a big mistake. He’s really good at this game when you think about it (minus the Nicole/James mistake)

      • I hear what you’re saying, but I really liked Paul last year so if a vet had to be back I’m glad it was him. Looking at it now, if Paul wasn’t here I’m not sure if anybody would stand up to Cody and how he’s trying to play. I was completely against a vet being in the game, but this far in I’m willing to deal with Paul if it means Cody is gone.

      • I like him too and I’m personally happy to see him back. But honestly this feels like a Boston Rob scenario- a super strategic and social player returning to lead a group of idiots to their demise.

        This sounds like a stretch but Paul is pretty much Boston Rob as far as gameplay. People like him and he has no qualms holding back.

      • That’s a really good comparison. They definitely both have that charismatic charm and are good strategic players.

      • I wanted a no vet season too, but since it’s here I’m looking at the silver lining…It could be worse and we could be forced to watch the second coming a the “Messiah Jozea”!!!!!!! I’d self evict if that were the case!! haha

      • Yes it was a big mistake. I can’t believe all the people saying they want a only newbies season and then vote to keep Paul safe. What the heck, Now get to put up with him for 3 weeks. Paul should be the FIRST voted out. Thanks to everyone voting to keep him safe(said sarcastically)

      • If Paul can help in getting rid of Cody then I am glad he was brought back. The season just started and the show keeps you guessing. Hopefully the voting to evict will be more interesting this season.

    • I see Kevin and Mark. I don’t see Christmas in that circle. (My point of view only). I think Paul is on to Christmas, and wants her to think she is part of his inner circle.

    • I’ll be surprised if Cody has any allies after this, with the exception of Jessica, but I see her pulling slowly away. She doesn’t strike me as one who will go down with the ship, she’ll jump ship and than means she’ll jump to the next guy who can further her game.

      • They’re trying to be Brendon and Rachel.
        Only differences is Brenchel have chemistry (no pun intended), Cody and Jess are just a one night stand.

      • They are so distasteful. Watching them interact gives me the willies. Jessica is a dope. She seems to be oblivious to the fact that Cody doesn’t give a sh*t about her. The convo is always one sided. She asks questions about him but he doesn’t reciprocate one iota.

      • Cody seems to be emotionless.
        That kinda hurts in this game and in reality.
        How are you gonna bond with people with that?
        Remember the awkward convo with Paul in the beginning?

      • Yes. He has all the emotion of a pet rock! Even dipsh*t Corey knew he had to crack a smile now and again!

      • Right? Last night on the feeds they were doing the Dom show and everyone was there with the exception of Cody. He was in the bathroom sitting there with his 10,000 yard stare and I made the remark he is trying to decide which emotion to pick and use next. CodyBot

      • Agreed. She even said before this not knowing his intentions that her and Cody have separate games and she doesn’t agree with how he’s doing things per say. She’ll be able to jump ship pretty easily.

      • I saw her say that and it kind of surprised me.

      • Yeah, I think she might even jump ship after Paul gets nominated. She told Cody she was loyal to him last night.

  15. I am starting to think that Paul can go on the block and the negative is someone replaces him on eviction night. So I think Ramses will go up but he doesn’t even know until eviction night or he would just replace Paul if Paul is evicted.

    • That would be awesome. Nobody would have much of a chance to process that twist.

  16. This veto meeting is going to be epic, can’t wait for the aftershocks on feeds. Cody is so damn full of himself, it astonishes me. I’m loving this season so far, keep the drama going people!!

      • Cody is blowing up his own game, imo. Paul will be there to continually fan the flames the rest of the week, though.

      • Agreed. Wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of the week everyone talks about Cody the way they are about Josh currently. Paul usually picks a target and keeps fanning those flames as you said.

      • Bingo!! It will be interesting to see if Paul can stay on the block, without revealing his safety and then when voting comes around, all votes for Paul will be null and void, kind of Survivor style. So many different scenarios can play out.

      • According to CBS Paul cannot even be nominated so they’ll know right away. That is why the feeds are going to be explosive today!!

      • OKay, thanks. I wasn’t sure about that. :)

      • Yeah, the rules state cannot be nominated or evicted for three weeks!! Hahaha! Cody is in for it. He’s going to be responsible for 5 (yes 5!) nominations on his HOH!! That has to be a record of some sort! ;)

      • BB has been so boring for the last however many years, we deserve the drama! LOL

      • I agree and what’s great is that so many of us agree about how awful Cody is. Makes reading the comments even more fun.

  17. Go Cody go! Whatever you guys think of him, his move actually makes sense. Paul is the vet, should get rid of him asap, and Christmas is a very strong competitor, physically and also mentally and she’s good socially as well.

      • We, the outsiders know things that he doesn’t know inside the house. That’s why he’s making deals with Jason, Ramses, Alex and Jillian to make up the numbers. I have a feeling he might still stick around a bit.

      • Yah, but to make deals with people on the other side of the house from your group and then take a shot at someone in your group without consulting your group breaks trust. If he had discussed his thoughts about Paul, got their input, and made them feel in the know things might of been different. As it stands he’s playing a very sloppy game.

      • Yep, when you play on your own you don’t build trust with anyone and trust is paramount in BB.

      • Loyalty also is a factor in this game.
        You can’t get by without a loyal ally.
        Problem with Not Califiore is that he’s too emotionally detached to care.

      • Thats why people like Will, Dan and Derrick did well.
        They had that one loyal ally they stuck with (Boogie, Memphis and Cody respectively)

        Heck they even made close friends with their ride or dies. Or look at the Brigade. Strong alliance and eventually greatest of friends.

      • Has Cody said if he watches BB? Going by what I’m watching, he doesn’t have a clue how BB works, or he is that full of himself, he thinks he can alienate everyone and it won’t make a lick of difference, people will follow him, no questions asked. It might work in the military but in BB, no way.

      • He knows Paul from last year, hence his intense dislike of him. So at least he watched last season I guess. For the record, Paul of last year didn’t know anything about this game and he made it till the end.

      • Uhm, yeah. Paul learned quickly that being loyal and building trust was part of the game, Cody hasn’t picked up on that element. It will be part of his downfall.

      • Paul learned a lot also beside building trust. Remember this week last year Paul, Jozea and Co were high on power and everyone watching hated them? Paul was lucky he won the veto and they sent Jozea home. Then Paulie embraced him to become P2, which Paul later ganged up on Paulie. Yeah Paul learned a lot. Cody might as well, just saying, it’s only week one.

      • Cody is playing way too hard…kind of like Paul played the first week in BB18. However, Paul learned real quick to settle down. I don’t think Cody’s ego will let him learn that same lesson.

      • Yup. Thank you for seeing the fact truthfully. People seem to think Paul is a master gamer or something since the first week last year, while he wasn’t. As for Cody, you might be right, time will tell.

      • Both Paul & Victor got caught up in the Jozea fervor & played foolishly that first week of BB18 imo. But Paul did learn from that (after Jozea & Vic went out back to back) and became more adaptable; that’s when he really began to develop his social game. He’s playing it perfectly right now, whereas Cody refuses to even apologize to his group for making this decision without consulting them or acknowledging he made a mistake. It won’t bode well for him if he loses the trust of all the people in his group.

      • Honestly, I think it is all ego. He’s a weird fish that one. Cold as ice. I guess you’d have to be somewhat cold to be a Marine infantryman, but this isn’t Iraq and the other HG aren’t insurgents, ya know what I mean??

      • You could say the same thing for Paul & Vic last year. Paul is the *only* HG who never voted for Vic to go…even when he said he would, he didn’t.

  18. You know whats funny? Paul just had to be himself and he’s earning a lot of love from some HGs. Cody on the other hand is making random deals causing people to be wary of him.

    • That’s what the advantage of being a vet. If Paul of last year joined this season, he’d be probably fighting for that damn apple with Josh, screaming at Megan and ranting at everyone.

      • No, Paulie of last year was cool, calm and collected at the first few weeks. He even volunteered to be a pawn.
        Paul on the other hand, was high on power with Jozea and co this time last year.
        We are comparing week one this year and week one last year, right?

    • Amen, but I don’t think it is part of his DNA, poor thang.

  19. Feeds are back!!!! Let the games begin…..

  20. The best case would be for Cody to nom. Paul only to find out Paul can’t go home. Then next HOH is Paul and guess who he puts up…….Yup, Cody and….Cody goes home!!!

  21. Cody is ruthless.. I feel that Megan has been bullied by Cody and Josh.

  22. At first I was all for Cody but now he seems like he’s just cocky and arrogant. Yes, no doubt, he has a solid plan but at the same time, this will be the same thing as every other season where the masses are following one person and he picks them off one by one. Hopefully Matt or Mark can wise up to what Cody is doing and unravel the game. We need someone to strike against the crowd and make a major move in a big way.

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