‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Tree Of Temptation – Week 10 – Updated

Tree of Temptation apples

Update: The Tree twist is over. No one accepted the offer. Dud.

The Tree of Temptation returned to life today on Big Brother 19 for the last round of its twist as we waited to see what Houseguests might do after shunning the opportunity last week.

Well no surprise here, but when the Tree’s announcement was made to the Houseguests, Flashback to 10:58 AM BBT 9/1, no one was interested in taking the bait. Not only did HGs ignore the opportunity at a power grab, they actively and rudely rejected the offer.

Josh yelled “f**k the tree!” while Christmas and Alex flipped the bird to the tree and mocked the announcement from Big Brother. I’m guessing Alex is going to regret that attitude in a few days with both her and Jason wishing they had taken a shot at that Double Veto chance. Oh well.

The Tree will remain open for a little while longer, but I’m expecting it to close later this afternoon without anyone taking an apple. That would be the last chance for the twist and with the season finale in less than three weeks I wouldn’t be surprised for the Summer of Temptation to come to a close.

Here are the remaining options for the tree’s powers and punishments:

  • Second Veto
  • Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes
  • Bounty On Your Head
  • Can’t Play In Next HoH
  • Save A Friend

Nominations are coming up later today. Read who we expect to go up and be ready for those spoilers later tonight along with the Veto comp tomorrow with results from the Live Feeds.


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    • Most likely Jason and Alex, which is why the article states that while unpopular with the HGs, the Tree of Temptation (and specifically, the double Veto) was Jason and Alex’s only shot at staying together past Thursday.

      • Somehow, someway..Jason says heck with it and just picks an apple. He’s the only one who has tried to have an individual thought. Josh has made attempts but always gets distracted and forgets.

      • I can’t wait to see the look on Alex’s face when she is nominated. She will want to rewind and not flip the fingers to those plastic apples.

      • She already expects to go up and repeatedly offers herself to be a pawn. The surprise will be that she’s a pawn-ish against Jason instead of Kevin. Christmas thinks she can talk her down.

      • “offers herself to be a pawn”

        That makes it even worse. Have never been as disappointed in a player as I am with Alex. She was so good early in the season.

      • She lost her mojo? Perhaps she was never as good as we all thought she was? I don’t think physical was ever her thing to begin with, it was her mental toughness.

      • She’s also good at physical and mental comps. She won a physical HOH, a physical POV, a mental HOH, and threw another physical HOH to Jason.

      • come on- you are giving him way to much credit- got in their heads? no one is comparing notes with eachother.. Paul is not some nefarious mastermind- I don’t think so anyway

      • I agree. He just happens to be playing with fools. Put him in the house with other vets and he’d be gone pre jury.

    • Are you serious? It’s linked in the article, available from the front page, and even hinted in the article above. Only thing I haven’t done for you is print it out, turn it in to a mushy paste, and then scoop it in to your mouth on a baby spoon.

  1. “The Tree of Temptation”

    If anyone picks an Apple; every houseguest will be replaced with puppies and kittens. We get to spend the rest of the season watching calico Josh playing with a ball of yard.

  2. Raven is sitting in the HOH room picking her nose! She is digging for gold…Ewww! Had to switch cameras..speaking of cameras..do they just forget that they are always on?

  3. Putting the tree into play before noms really doesn’t make a lot of sense. They should wait until after noms. No one wants to take such a risk as not participating in HOH unless they are OTB and feel very vulnerable.

  4. I think if the current HOH is able to choose an apple, he/she should go for it because they are not eligible to play next week anyway.

  5. These people are really dumber then they sound!!!
    Really? Really? Really? Jason, Kevin, no testicular fortitude in these men!!!! Especially Kevin, wow Everbody picking on u and u don’t get the hint!!! What a dummy…
    Jason, come on smarten up!!

  6. “F**k the tree!” from Josh. Because … well, why not? If I get my hands on a dirt loader, will someone please help me remove him from the house and our lives?

  7. OK since the rest are not in their right minds and to break up all the talk of how stupid these HG’s are, I just read that Jessica will be on The Bold and The Beautiful. Maybe she will play a hooker.

  8. From Paul’s first day in the house, he has played the “Cult Leader” card, and now has found himself surrounded by brain dead idiots without an individual thought between them. If anyone has ever thought of joining a cult – just watch Season 19 of Big Brother. Viva the Great Bearded Hope!

  9. Regarding Raven, she might just fool us all. I have this feeling that she is going to get her own reality show.

  10. Paul last year was kinda cool. This year I would call him arrogant, not such a good look for him. I know hes playing a mean game , meaning badass, but I dont like him playing all the other hg. There is something wrong with taking such advantage over brain dead people.

  11. I am guessing that Sundays show will be a lot of filler. With a five second HOH and zero interest in the tree, not much to show.

      • Probably so, didn’t think about that. Either way it works out for me. I will be spending the day boating on the river. If I don’t get home in time I can just watch highlight clips.

      • I can’t imagine anyone else’s family wanting to be featured. They’re all probably living under rocks these days.

      • Especially Jason’s. Another rape story was told on feeds , this time about ladies in the nursing home. It’s on TMZ.

      • Jason was just spewing BS. Just cause someone says something does not mean that they are going to act on it.

      • I’m fully aware of that. People give Paul a hard time, just for talking game, at least Paul isn’t repeating “rape” jokes. Good Lord, people would be burning down AG’s house, most likely.

      • Good old double standard I lURVE so much about BB and its viewers. LOL

      • The Paul hate is strong and, yes, very much a double standard in most cases. It’s personal mainly, not game related. Last season, I couldn’t stand the dingus because her game play happened mostly undercover. Maybe many of those who fawned over her would love Paul more if he stayed in bed and didn’t actually work. I’m kidding. Of course they wouldn’t! He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Bless his heart. lol

      • Yes, I watched it and once again, the feral wombat thinks it’s hilarious. She finishes telling the story for him, so he’s obviously shared this “tender” moment with her on a previous occasion.

      • OMGosh, what is wrong with these nincompoops? What really bugs me about wombat is that she is the one who made the big deal about her cousin supposedly being raped and the effect it has had on her life. SMH

      • Think Jason and Kevin are still doing their morning stroll or has BB set up a loop from a few weeks ago to make everything look nice, not a suggestion, nudge nudge, wink wink

      • Oh no not Tennessee, SEC rules compel me to say ‘ roll tide ‘ when I look back, when Jason broke Christmas’s foot was it an accident, like when a Titan tackles a Bear running back ? Please do not get too upset I am just kidding around, some people get downright rabid over sports

      • And I am one of those!!!! Just kidding, Arthur. But I love me some college football. I don’t watch pro football any longer. They are a bunch of overpaid thugs….mostly, not all.

      • Hello Miss K. Maybe Kevin will get a segment this week. I know I would enjoy it.💋

      • Capt put something up earlier about his wife speaking out about what Jason said. You know I’m not a fan of his, but I would like to see what his family is like.

      • I’ve heard she isn’t pleased, can’t say I blame her. The families are put in a difficult when they have to defend statements made within the parameters of the game.

      • The entire situation has to be uncomfortable for both families. I’m wondering how it will affect Kevin and Jason’s chances of a future friendship.

      • Hard to say. I know I would have a tough time forgetting/forgiving such a statement about my spouse.

      • I think Jason is probably use to talking crudely around the rodeo/clown circuit and forgot where he was. No excuse. I think he will have a rude awakening when he gets home. Maybe it will open his eyes to the fact that words do matter. He just opens his mouth and lets it fly. Dumbarse!

      • I think they actually get use to the cameras being around and start to think of them more as furniture. They forget what is on the other end.

  12. The dye was cast the moment Paul came into the house with the power to handout “Friendship” bracelets. The HGs literally had to to go talk to him in the wave room, one by one, and plead their cases for their BB Life. He came into the house as King Paul, and that dynamic never changed. It’s ridiculous. You hear lots of complaining about how Paul got 3 weeks of safety (which was BS) but where is the outrage over the fact that he had a MAJOR hand in deciding who would be evicted on night one? If you count that in with the fact that he got the temptation, he was safe for 4 straight evictions, plus he had the power to keep other people safe.

    • The outrage was during the episode. But too much happened after that for that to continue to be a thing. The only thing it really did was help solidify his alliance.

      The bracelets went to Jessica, Dominique, Raven, Elena, Kevin, Mark, Jason, and Ramses. Of that group, Jess, Dom, Raven, Elena, and Mark were part of the first week alliance. Then, due to the DoT twist rendering Paul unable to be nominated, Jess abandoned the alliance and Kevin and Jason joined it, while Marlena floundered in the middle.

  13. Any ideas on what “bounty on your head” entails? Sorry if I’ve missed the explanation in an earlier discussion, thread.

    • Still kind of confused on this one. I think it is something along the lines whoever picks the apple has a 5k, bounty on their head and if the HOH gets them evicted the HOH gets 5k.

  14. So Christmas wins the sprint contest … I figured part of it out
    Welcome to Big Bizarre House … at least now they can have an endurance competition or two. Maybe someone will start realizing that they need to play for themselves, the way I see it
    Jason and Alex are toast, wonder if they are going to stay in jury after the harsh light of the real world

    So about bullies and victims
    Victims usually do not become bullies but
    Bullies always start out as victims
    It does not sound quite right but then again
    Bullies are not quite right

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