Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Daytime Highlights

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother 19 house and Christmas and Paul spent most of the morning and afternoon talking scenarios. Christmas wants to just be straight-forward with her plan this week, but Paul is worried about them showing all of their (his) cards. Read on for the details and the plan ahead of the nominations.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 1, 2017:

9:15 AM BBT – HGs are starting to get up.

9:45 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas discuss her plans to nominate Alex and Jason.

10:00 AM BBT – Several HGs refusing to get up for the day as BB continues to make requests.

10:10 AM BBT – Jason and Kevin are in the backyard talking about what could be coming up.

10:15 AM BBT – Alex proposes to Christmas that they let Kevin go for the Temptation Tree since Christmas could get something good out of it.

10:58 AM BBT – Tree of Temptation is alive. HGs mock the announcement. Christmas and Alex flip off the tree. No one accepts the chance to pick an apple.

11:00 AM BBT – Kevin asks Paul who Christmas is putting up and if it’s him. Paul tells him not to worry.

11:30 AM BBT – Alex asks Christmas if she wants to put up two pawns. Christmas says she wants to mess with Kevin, she does not disclose her real plans.

12:15 PM BBT – Raven relays to Christmas that Paul was telling Kevin not to take an apple from the Tree. Christmas mentions how Alex asked if the plan was to put up two pawns and she dodged the question.

12:20 PM BBT – Christmas tells Raven she’s confident they can get out either Jason or Alex this week as long as they don’t try for the Tree. Raven says next week either her (R) or Josh should win HoH.

12:45 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas discuss nominations while Raven sits and listens. Paul likes Christmas’s idea to tell Jason and Alex upfront her plans to go after Jason. Paul wants Christmas to say she’s going after strong male competitors so Paul can pretend like she may be coming after him (P) too.

1:05 PM BBT – Paul tells Raven he thinks Josh should win HoH next. She also wants to win. Paul convinces her he needs her help the following week for some reason so then Raven agrees and says she’ll let Josh take the next HoH. She’s worried about getting to the end without an HoH win. Paul promises to get her a win.

1:15 PM BBT – Paul asks and Raven confirms that she wouldn’t mind taking a shot at Alex next week. Raven says she’d love for Alex to come at her. “I will crush her,” she says.

1:25 PM BBT – Alex and Jason agree that no one will flip on them.

1:35 PM BBT – Paul plays dumb with Alex and asks what she thinks Christmas will do. Alex suggests it’ll be her and Kevin going up. She says she doesn’t mind going up and trusts them.

1:38 PM BBT – Alex already changing her tune. She says Christmas should put up Josh and Kevin and everyone vote Kevin out. Paul asks if she’d actually put up Josh then says if they keep poking around she might freak out and get suspicious of them. Alex then says Jason could go up with Kevin so Jason doesn’t have to vote out Kevin. Jason says no. Alex says she just wants Kevin to go.

2:30 PM BBT – House is quiet while everyone is watching a chess match.

3:36 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul wonder if they should just go along with Alex and Jason this week and not let them know they’re the target until veto. Neither are sure.

3:38 PM BBT – Raven comes and interrupts. Christmas asks why they let Matt go. Then Josh comes and interrupts and Christmas gets mad and says tell him to go downstairs.

3:39 PM BBT – Christmas says she will just put them up and let them think what they want. And then Kevin comes in to interrupt. Christmas is over it. They give up trying to talk for now.

3:46 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas finally get to talk. Paul says he’s already thinking about veto and says if they draw the line then they’ll have to try to win veto over Alex and Jason. But if they play along with them then they might not gun for veto as hard and then they’ll just have to let them know the plan after the veto meeting. Christmas says the best case is Raven winning veto.

3:48 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul think that Alex acts like she might be OK with Jason going and that’s why she’s been recommending two pawns go up (herself and Jason).

3:50 PM BBT – Paul says if he wins veto and doesn’t use it then they’ll know this was all a plan (duh, Paul, you just don’t want to lose a jury vote). And of course Paul throws out the whole Jason and Kevin thing can go up initially and Christmas says no, they both have to go up. Christmas says she’s going to stick to her initial plan of just putting Alex and Jason up and not implying what her goal for the week is in her speech. Christmas thinks Alex and Jason won’t even freak out because they’ll just think it’s still the plan to backdoor Kevin.

3:56 PM BBT – Paul starts making his quiet plan to save Alex this week if Jason wins veto. He is acting wishy-washy about sending Alex out if she’s on the block next to Kevin. Christmas doesn’t seem to notice what he’s trying to do. He keeps talking about not wanting to show his cards and no one seems to care what he is saying this.

3:57 PM BBT – Once again, Raven comes in and interrupts. Paul tells her she has to gun it for this veto and win it so that no one else has to show their cards.

4:01 PM BBT – Paul asks them if he should throw the veto or gun it to win (Paul isn’t going to win this veto). Christmas says if it’s individual, try to win. If they can watch and see who gets out, then throw it.

4:12 PM BBT – Raven leaves the room and Christmas and Paul say she never has any thoughts of her own and just regurgitates what they say.

4:25 PM BBT – Tree of Temptation closes shop without any takers for the second straight week.

Read Friday’s Overnight Highlights Report for what happened next on the Feeds.

We’re still waiting on the nomination ceremony, but it sounds like Christmas is set on putting Alex and Jason up and just say that Jason is a good competitor and imply he is her target. Of course they might still think Chirstmas is just working on the backdoor Kevin plan and is using them as pawns.

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  1. Surely to God Alex and Jason won’t fall for the same trick twice in a row. It worked well last week but I am not so sure it will work this week and Paul complains that Raven can’t think on her own. Christmas is playing the same game play Jason played last week with Maven. Damn these people make my head itch.

    • I don’t see both of them staying OTB if Christmas does put them both up. I have a feeling they will be full steam ahead gunning for the veto and one or the other will win it. And Paul is hesitating on Alex. SMH One of them is better than neither of them. I agree from his game aspect, Jason being evicted would most likely be the better scenario because Jason will have Kevin, Alex wouldn’t. Poor Paul, he might be sweating it on this one. Make him sweat! lol

      • A point for who, Paul? At this point, Paul is playing way too hard and it just might catch up with him sooner than later. It won’t take these people (well at least most of America) too long to realize Paul is the common denominator in all of these evictions.

      • They already know. Josh was talking about Paul having a deal with everyone and what does he say about It? Oh well. SMDH.

      • It’s too late for them even when/if they know. They prefer him now to anyone else among them. Not even partners or ride or die is as comfortable with their partnership than with Mr. Friendship.

      • We can only wish at this pint Willie. I swear, I’m at the point now where I’d believe an Easter Bunny sighting before I’d believe any of these Hg will actually decide to play BB for the win! ;)

      • At this point, Paul could sell them Ocean front property in Arizona. Sure it was only used by a little old lady from Pasadena.

      • I say let him eat sweat! Oh wait that’s not actually a thing is it? hehe… Oh well. He’ll be a special kind of HN! ;)

    • Seriously! They just witnessed the “you’re pawns (but not really)” scenario. SURELY they won’t be stupid enough to think, oh but THIS time it’s for real.

      And why doesn’t anyone ask Paul why he’s so worried about keeping his hands clean? He can pretend jury votes, but it has to be suspicious – he is the “damage control” person, i.e. goes and pretends to be the outraged friend of whomever is being wronged, and no one wonders why it’s always him? I do declare these folks are beyond stoopid.

      • But Paul sure did call Kevin out for doing that with Matt last week. And the house jumped on Kevin for schmoozing jury members.

      • they call the other houseguests out that do that. Kevin is usually nice to the person getting evicted. Probably so they don’t feel so alone in the house, as they are bullied, belittled and attacked each time. That is what got Mark into trouble and Kevin. Paul can talk to anyone, but if someone else talks to the guy on the block? They are being shady……lolol….THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID!!!

  2. Is anyone else still not scratching their heads that unless it’s Jason who gets evicted, the person going home this week threw the HOH competition?

    • Even Jason agreed with his ride or die to throw it when he is supposed to know how vulnerable he will be. He is not very different either.

  3. Everything said here is right on. Starting to lose interest in this season bc they all have no backbone and follow Paul. I also don’t have a lot of respect for Paul’s game when he baits people to bully whoever his next target is. Not classy.

  4. God Christmas, put Paul up and tell him so he can definitely play in veto. The hg left is the veto host. Christmas could also renom him and she will have the votes to evict him. :-)

    • Given the scenario, Paul has beaten eviction with these minions. Viewers should be looking out for what may happen at f3 in that regard.

  5. Does Paul even know what he wants to do at this point? It every time it seems like we know what his plan is, he says something that contradicts it.

  6. The nomination speech would be epic if Christmas said I’ve nominated you Jason and Alex because Paul told me too

    • I would give my eye tooth(not literally) to see that happen and to see Paul’s face when it did. Good one, Karen.

      • Except… she wants them out too. She’s not taking his suggestion (smarter idea) to hold off on drawing the line. And Christmas is confident this will get her to three, possibly two. Why wouldn’t she do it? Jason and Alex are huge threats. They are the sensible target because they win, and they are a duo. I’m so sick of this Paul hate. Every. Single. Update. I can’t even scroll down to comments anymore. He is playing the best game. He has managed to manipulate the entire house, despite coming in as a target. Yes there was that whole icky time with “bullying” but acting as if that was all him is naive. This season “sucks” because it’s boring? I get it, but you have to respect his skills. Because he has them. Yes some of the housemates are more concerned with showmances, or their celebrity status, but that’s on them. He’s the smartest player in that house by far, and I hope he wins. If not this season really will be for nothing because it will be the second year that he was the most deserving party, but lost. At this point, why would you want someone else to win. I mean, seriously? I’ve seen so many seasons of shows like this with undeserving winners. And guess what? Most of them left would be. Especially if Jason or Alex went home.

      • James, I agree with you completely. I am sick of the Paul hate too. Paul is by far the best player this season. He is using his head and playing very smart. The HGs still in the house got there by riding Paul’s coat tails and they were happy to do it. He hasn’t MADE anyone do anything, he’s given them logical choices which they could choose to make or not. A few, like Jason, have not listened to Paul’s logic and “thought for themselves” and ended up making bad decisions that hurt their game. Paul played a good game last season too and I was disappointed that he didn’t win. I think it’ll be a crime if he doesn’t win this season.

      • I haven’t seen much of this season AT ALL–but I did watch ‘my boy’ last year…and I (somewhat lovingly) called him a rat. It sounds as if he, and ONLY he, is playing the game.

      • sorry, but I DON’T have to respect Paul. Are you kidding me? Paul wouldn’t make it very far in the game if he was playing with anyone with even HALF a brain. I don’t respect Paul’s game at all. Saying Paul is the smartest person in the house is not saying much, that is for sure.

    • Seems to be keeping Christmas and Josh in all his scenarios. Trying to figure out the best path to get the 3 of them to the finals.

      • Yes but he promised friendship to Alex and Raven too so is not easy to maintain good relation with all his rides haha he is buddy buddy even with Kevin, actually Kevin was his 1st buddy this season

  7. Paul quietly looking for a way to save Alex will make Kevin a back up plan. I don’t wish that to happen

  8. Alex is waking up to the plan. Hopefully she drinks some more coca cola and completes the awakening. She will be the Tasmanian Devil in the house if she does.

  9. Here is a nice poem for Raven – Roses are red…violets are blue…I’m a schizophrenic…and so am I.

  10. “The Waiting” by Tom Petty is playing in my head as I await the feeds to return (1st season subscribing)

  11. These people went from brainless idiots
    to actively trying to lose the game.

    “Only 2 things in life are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    -Albert Einstein

  12. Why is everyone in that house so intent on making Kevin’s life so hellish? I don’t understand.

    • They know America loves him. Perhaps they realize he probably will win the AFV and the 50K? Green with envy.

      • he got 25 K week one and he is a good candidate for AFP so he will have just as much as second place for only being nice to those being attacked by the mob each week. He even told Paul that last week but Paul turned it around when he repeated it.

    • Paul has imposed a mob mentality like culture that has them gang up on the person he considers the next target.

    • Well, my my my.. twice in one day!! ;) Hey there Super Sha!
      It’s the pack mentality. They single out their target & then tear it to shreds. It’s been like this all season hon. As far as Kevin, Alex has been the worst. She has said some horrendous things to him and while Jason’s comment was deplorable, he did not actually say that to Kevin, whereas Alex has made Kevin miserable with all her nasty comments.

      • Lol…IKR? What a lovely surprise for you. HA!
        Jeez Louise, this Alex chick sounds like a trip. Is she the one who was flipping off the apple tree? I forgot what it was called. What was the point of screaming FU at it? What is wrong with these people?

      • It’s like they’re all on a bad batch of crack in there!! Highly aggressive and ruled by mob mentality. And yes, Sha, Alex was one of the ones flipping off the tree! LOL! Little does she know she might soon be wishing she’d taken a chance with that tree coz her & her ride or die Jason are going OTB today. hehe And if they actually believe they are mere pawns after Matt going home this week under those exact circumstances…well…then they both deserve to go home!

      • I just have to laugh. They be crazy an’ sheet.
        Seriously though, I don’t like the mob mentality, and it seems like a lot of these HG’s are just there to make it to jury.
        Too bad for Little-Miss-Middle-Finger…will Julie reveal what the tree was about? Oh, and why is Christmas still there if she’s been injured all summer?

      • Ugh! Don’t get me started on Christmas again…she just won an HOH comp that was a sprinting comp. Remember last year the “Ready, Set Go” comp that Paulie won? Yep, Xmas somehow won that. Strangest thing…everyone let go of their buttons wonky and she got it by default. It’s like where is the respect for this game??

      • Oh, OK,,,that’s right. LG told me everyone just threw her the comp. No one even tried. I. Hate. That. Kind. Of. Game. Play.

      • I’m still stunned that Jason & Alex are just blithely believing they are *both* pawns. Sharona, what is wrong with these HG? What happened to players that when you are put otb with your ride or die, you knew the sh*t was hitting the fan & you better act now or forever hold your peace? These people…they have played so blase all summer, but then again, when your main goal is to either A: get to jury or B: come in 2nd to the only vet in the house…well, I suppose that does not bring about a competitive spirit.

      • I don’t get it. If I was lucky enough to be chosen, I’d play that game as hard as I could. I’d be a comp beast. I’d probably be a little like Paul–but not incite anyone to gang up on the runt of the litter; but I’d for sure stir things up. I don’t know. This is going to show my age but, is it a generational thing? Are they satisfied getting a ‘participation’ medal? I don’t freaking get it.

      • IDK. It baffles me too. I know this generation all get trophies just for showing up, but c’mon people, this is for 500K not a little statue you’re going to put up on your shelf to collect dust!

        I’ll tell you one thing, Sha..I am shocked at how well Kevin has maintained his cool. If that was me..I’d have been tossed off the show ala Willie Hance when he headbutted Joe the chef in BB14!! If someone got in my face like these people are…whew. That’d be it. I’d drop kick Paul on my way out the door too! hahahaha

      • Oh, I’d for sure get kicked out. But if you or I were there, we wouldn’t allow that to happen. Especially if it was being televised. Nope. No way. It would never get to that point.

      • I’d have to spend all my time in isolation with this group…remember Dan;s isolation chamber in BB14? That’d be my permanent home if I had to live with these people! hahahaha

      • Alex is the one that called her self the showmance killer. She mentioned many time we have to slip the pair. She said in front of everyone jason Is he ride or die. And now that their both otb, she doesn’t realize the plan?? Weird.

      • I know right? She seems totally at ease with both of them being otb. smh I am looking forward to the veto meeting tho when it finally dawns on her that she & Jason are the real targets! Now that’s going to be pure gravy. haha

      • i read somewhere that kevin was against throwing it to christmas and paul said that if he didn’t throw it he would stay in the comp himself, win it, and make sure kevin went home this week. and because kevin knows that’s exactly what would’ve happened, he went along with it. and then people say paul isn’t bullying anyone, just presenting logical choices for them. laughable.

      • But, if everyone beside you is willing to throw it, how come no one just realized that for sure someone is setup? How is that possible that everyone is that stupi for a 500k game!!!

      • I know hon! It’s mind boggling… These people just don’t seem to care that they are playing for a half a million dollars!!

      • Production gave Xmas the option to keep playing (limited, of course) or go home; she chose to stay.

        And please don’t say “finger”, makes me think of Jessica…😄

      • Oh, the ‘butt hole’ girl? Lol! I read something about that in the last few days. Something about bleaching? And inserting of the digits? Sorry, but that is GROSS! Did that REALLY happen?!

      • She kept trying to poke people’s behinds… it was through their clothes but still. I don’t want anyone’s fingers near the back door. ;)

      • Apparently she did it to Matt, Paul, and even Alex claimed she tried to touch her “special place”.

      • The big sleep, key largo , ‘ just whistle ‘ too much, but yeah
        Alex hates Kevin with a red hot burning hate, don’t ask me why, maybe he reminds her of her abductor

      • From what I’ve seen of her, I don’t think it would take much to (in her imagination) antagonize her. She seems to fly off the handle at the littlest things. Like, if you were breathing too loudly near her, I don’t doubt that she’d haul off and slap you.

      • She is a total spaz, hon. Paul got in her head about Kevin, but her actions are her own. I will not blame Paul for her being a vile beeyatch!

      • Ha-ha! She is one, isn’t she? I don’t blame Paul for anyone’s actions. He IS a sh*t stirrer—we all know that—it’s no surprise. But, no one is twisting anyone’s arms. Is Paul holding a gun to anyone’s head? Even though they may not act like adults, they are—and they’re absolutely responsible for their own actions.
        Having said that, it does piss me off that Paul was able to get into her head SO HARD…but again, she bit. He didn’t force her to bite.

      • Yep. Paul is easily playing the best game in the house, but I’m still not that impressed b/c of the cast he’s playing against. It’s like having a person with two good legs run the hundred yard dash in the special Olympics… that person might break the record for time, but is it really a win when they are competing against kids in wheelchairs? Ya know what I mean? ;)

      • ROTFLMFAO!!!! OMG, you made me spit my water onto my keyboard. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Yes, I get it. But hey, at least he’s playing! UGH!! I’ve only seen one whole episode and I’m mad at these people! Lol… At least TRY, dammit!

      • You liked that analogy did ya? Well, it’s true. Is Paul this great player or is this just a terrible cast that any vet could have manipulated? Put Paul in with a cast that is seriously trying to win and if he can accomplish the same thing…then I’ll be impressed. You know we always call BB15 the worst cast ever, and…as far as decent human beings, it probably was (although this one is quickly approaching that level of nastiness) BUT at least that cast came to the BB house with the goal of winning BB in mind. Not getting too jury or coming in 2nd to another HG…

      • I think that this cast is so lousy, Jamesy Huling could trick this bunch of idgits into doing his bidding. That’s right, Mr. Personality himself.
        I’m not impressed, but I am glad I’m watching. I’m going to go now…I’m getting tired. And hungry. So, I’m going to go. I’ll see you again tomorrow! XO

  13. Am I the only fan of BB 19that doesn’t think Kevin is innocent ? As far as I am concerned Kevin is just as much a bully and threatening to several house guest as. This has been a horrible show and will be glad when it ends

    • I don’t have the feeds, just read comments on this site and the live show. Please fill me in on Kevins behavior. Thanks.

      • I’m in the same boat–I don’t have the feeds and I just started watching Sunday, so I have NO clue as to what’s going on….other than Paul is the puppet-master; no one is playing the game; everyone basically just wants to make it to jury, and Raven has every disease known to mankind. Lol..that about sum it up?

      • LOL. You have 80% of the show figured out. Only missing Meatball, pots and pans, jody and cameron. You’d be at 100% knowledge.

      • Cameron was a super fan who was voted out before the game even started. His crying was touching. Jody is Jessica and Cody.

      • Oh! OK, Saturn told me about him…that HAD to be devastating. Jessica and Cody—are they in Jury now? We saw them Thursday, right?

      • Cody is in jury. jessica threw a fit, voted out before jury. Has a job on a soap opera I thought was canceled 30 years ago.

      • For several years now some of the BB cast got a walk on role on a soap opera. I know Donny did and I’m think Frankie Grande too.

    • I don’t think Kevin is completely innocent, but I do consider him to be the lesser of all the evils in that house

    • Kevin for me is an innocent person in the house and fatherly. The HGs know this, hence feel threatened that he is lovable and with great social game so they decide to get on his skin to make him hated.
      He play very maturedly but is unfortunate to be among these unpleasant HGs though he signed for it. He is the only one left in the house I will manage to root for and I will vote for him for AFP.

      • I am going to be as nice as possible. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. You can think he is just fine. ,But not everyone will think like you. In the same I am also have the same rights. Kevin is a nut job. That is my opinion. That old gangster want to be should never have been allowed on BB19! I have nothing in who you want to vote for,

  14. Ah the waters have parted, try this on for size
    The first eviction is set you are better off evicting Jason and leaving Kevin, maybe J will gave a chance to get back to the hole in the wall before Kevin gets out ah but the second eviction
    How about whoever comes in last is evicted swipe your hands, take a breath and say done, if they want to dump it go ahead you are in jury, it could be a drawn out timed competition, something for the feeds other than backbiting

  15. Boy can you tell this game is riged. I would not doubt hat Paul and Christmas have a relation ship efore big brother

  16. OMG! Alex & Jason are actually buying this “you are only pawns crap”!! Wow! After Matt just went home under the exact same ruse too… smdh What is wrong with these players???

  17. Alex appeared to have had a happy season an perhaps the happiest HG on the show this season, but that is going to change this week with the shocker.

  18. “4:25 PM BBT – Tree of Temptation closes shop without any takers for the second straight week.”

    Isn’t this the 3rd and final week?
    Mark took the first. No one touched when Maven was up. And this week… Am I recalling wrong?

  19. 1) Interesting how Christmas is comfortable trying to evict people without their knowledge (ie. “backdooring”). I seem to recall someone getting mad when Cody did that to her. Who was that? Oh yeah, Christmas!

    2) Whatever Paul tells any of these people, they believe him. He could tell them that manna was going to fall from heaven, and they would believe him.

    3) Raven says about Alex, “I will crush her”? Really? The person who has done nothing noteworthy all season is suddenly a threat to someone? Good one, Raven!

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