Big Brother 19 Schedule: One Final Friday Episode Added In

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother on CBS

You’ll pardon my skepticism after the last Friday episode boondoggle, but Big Brother 19’s schedule has added another event to the last Friday of the season coming up on September 15th, just days ahead of the season finale.

(Note: CBS’s website schedule is not yet showing this, but it does appear in their app’s schedule.)

While that recent memory lane episode was a huge flop after taking down Feeds for nothing I’m hoping there’s a better reason for this one and, fingers crossed, it just might be worth watching.

There are fewer than three weeks left in the season and still seven HGs left in the game. Last night Julie Chen confirmed we have another Double Eviction to look forward to next Thursday, but even then we’d still have five HGs in the game with only one more Thursday before the season finale on Sept. 20th.

In past seasons we’ve seen a “surprise” eviction show up early in the second to last week with Feeds being down until the results were revealed in the next episode. Now instead that event could be held during this extra Friday show. That wouldn’t be too bad, even though it likely means down Feeds while we wait.

If that is what’s happening then we could exit the Thurs, Sept 14th show with 4 Houseguests left in the game and then be down to our Final 3 through the events in the Friday show. However, this move would be putting a very important milestone, reaching F3, in a non-standard episode which makes me wonder if that’s really the plan.

Update: Looks like this is just the replacement for the Sunday show that week after all. No NFL conflicts, but there are Emmy’s on that Sunday night, so yes, that’ll most likely be the clip show memory lane episode.

We’ll have to wait and see what’s really going on with Big Brother schedule when more details are released, but for now be sure to keep that spot open on your calendar and DVR.

Hat tip to @DrewMack10 for the heads up.


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  1. I hope it will be a Thursday and Friday double eviction week. No more memory lanes please.

  2. NFL Sunday Night is always on NBC. And I check and this year, NFL Thursday Night doesn’t start on CBS until the 28th. So NFL regular season won’t interfere with BB.

  3. just what this season needs an extra episode of this rigged for paul vile crap fest..just give the pos the check already.

  4. don’t really care for memory lane. still upset that none of the houseguests have brains of their own tired of the bulling its sad when they have to ask Paul for permission to even take a nap. If I could vote for a player to win it would have to be Kevin poor guy has been bullied and even his family have been bullied sure hope Alex is the next bully out the door

    • Wasn’t it pathetic how 1.) Josh asked Paul if he should take a nap and 2.) How Josh said, “Okay” when he was told no? I mean, c’mon! How does this type of thing happen?? I bet Josh’s family was livid when they saw that.

  5. I was more than a little pissed they took the feeds down, especially with Derrick in the house… That scene (Derrick saying he’s the new twist & Paul looking like he wanted to sh*t a brick) is still my favorite from the entire season. hahaha

      • I saw it, don’t believe that TGJ when she says she needs protection. She can handle herself, she’s a good little sis but sometimes ….. LOL

      • No…the one about the apology. It’s above TGJ’s comment that say’s, “I almost…almost felt sorry for him that week.”

      • I saw it Sha… did you come on here guns a blazin?? I’m sure tr8p isn’t mad. She’s the same way. We’re all outspoken women here & we all love the fact that we can speak or mind with each other & none of us will hold a grudge babe. That hasn’t changed Sha. We all love ya here, that includes the hot sauce you sometimes dole out. hehe

      • Thanks, TGJ. I found out the truth…but at the time, I was pretty defensive. Do you watch RHOBH? I turned into Heather Dubrow, and became all ‘Judgy-Eyed-High-and-Mighty.’

      • I have watched all versions of Real Housewives at some point…a guilty pleasure, I’ll admit, but I can’t see you turning into that shrew. You might get a little snarky, but you’re one of those old world gals who can tell it like it is, my friend, but do it with class & style. I have always admired that about you (and others like K & tr8p-just to name a couple) since the moment I started on these boards.

        You’re straight, Sha, without going ghetto like some people do here…

      • Aw thanks…
        When I was told the ‘rape’ story, I, well…saw red and went blind; even to my friend. I felt terrible after I left last night. I try never to go overboard, and I OBVIOUSLY didn’t know the whole story. And my dear friend was trying to put it into perspective for me…I wasn’t rational.
        Lol…I don’t go ghetto—thank you for that. Please tell me if I ever do! OK, really going now!

      • Oh no you don’t. I just caught on to your secret meeting with K upstairs on this board.. hehe I’m calling a conspiracy. ;)

      • Your post wasn’t showing up, I had to exit and come back in and wow there were a number of posts suddenly appearing. As I said above, no need to apologize. I didn’t take offence.

      • Well I’ll fill her in on the backstory thanks… hehehe

        now you just go up there and read her other post sis… ;) Sha is forgetting we all are outspoken here & are allowed to vent and be forgiven for it..

      • Hey tr8, I’m sorry for jumping down your throat last night about the ‘rape’ thing. I didn’t know the whole story. It was still a shi**y thing to say—but again, I didn’t know the whole thing. Please forgive me.

      • No no need to apologize. He shouldn’t have said it I was just giving the context. If that was jumping down my throat, you do it courteously lol

      • Thank you. You’re very gracious, my friend! I’ve got to run—but “Ah’ll be bahck.” (Schwarzenegger..sort of.) I’ll see you again very soon, Sweetie! Hugs!.

  6. Can’t wait for this season to end, these are the worse houseguest, I don’t watch anymore just read these comments. If next BB season is like this I probably won’t ever watch again. I will just stick with Survivor

      • Well OMG! When I posted come out, come out wherever you are… I never expected a unicorn to appear!! ;)

        It’s Sha!! *doing my happy dance* Finally, I’ve caught up with you. How are you my dear friend??

      • I came out to look for you! I had to polish my (ahem) horn before I made my appearance. I don’t even know what that meant. It made no sense whatsoever! Hey—I answered your posts the other day, but I guess you didn’t see them.
        I watched the show last night and commented…even made comments to YOU, ya big goof…and nuthin.’

      • Really?? I didn’t see any of them. But…I haven’t checked my notifications either. But that’s K’s & tr8ppng’s fault just so you know…see, I’m the baby sis and if they don’t remind me to do that,well, I sometimes forget. hahaha

        I’m so glad to see you hear Sha. You are sorely missed my friend. You & your clever wit. Oh & the unicorn bit…it’s b/c you’re so rare & pretty…we all want to be the first to sight you here. :)

      • You’re too kind. I’m afraid I’ve lost most of my wit though. I’m just a half-wit now.

        I also emailed you. I didn’t get the dreaded MAILER DAEMON, so I’m assuming it went through…although, it could have gone to your spam if it didn’t recognize me. Look for an address that starts with ‘shah’ and ends with @ att dot net

      • LOL! Even you at half a wit is better than most with their full wits my dear! ;)

        I will. I didn’t see your email, but I’ll check my spam. How dare they spam you! If its there I’ll add you so that doesn’t happen again. :)

        So, crazy season Sha… these HG… not the brightest bulbs on the tree. Some are actually vile little termagants. All in all, you haven’t missed much my friend. If you wanted to take off ANY season of BB…this would be the one. :) Although, we all miss ya.

      • Yeah, I thought that last night while watching the show…I was like, “Yeeaah, glad I came in now because I don’t think I could have dealt with these idiots for an entire summer. Jeez, talk about a contentious group of goofs.

      • Oh Sha, you don’t even know the half of it. Jeez Louise girlfriend…it has been a cuckoo for cocoa puffs summer…with one contestant doing nothing but eating cocoa puffs, or whatever cereal he could get his grubby paws on! Paul has the entire house bamfoozled, but not in a good way. They’re all morons, so it’s hard to be impressed with his game. This has just been a wonky season… You did the right thing, but I did miss chatting with ya, coz you always make me laugh–and think too. Laugh & think at the same time, now that takes skill my friend. hehe

      • I can’t stand that guy. I’m not used to how he speaks, so here’s what I heard when he voted to evit Matt last night:
        “By Bladdy ebote to ebict Batt.” And I can’t stand how he screams.

      • I’ll have to start watching BBAD. I have to get to know Raven and all of her diseases that everyone keeps talking about. And Christmas, with her foot injury…why is she still there?

      • Or they just know she is so annoying, no one will vote for her… Ugh! Hope not, coz she sure as hell does not deserve another dime from BB.

      • OMG, hilarious. Where did you get that one. So funny. Looks like it runs into the wall at the end, ROFL

      • you know who is annoying???? YOU and Sharona!!! WTF this is a comment section about Big Brother.. If you want to chat about nonsense do it privately. GTFOOH

      • OMG! Sha you have to go to a site called Tamara’s Tattles…it gives a pretty detailed list of the numerous (and I mean *NUMEROUS*) diseases Raven claims to have!! It is so freaking funny, you will die laughing girl.

      • OK…I’m going to go there right now…then I’m going to go shower. I HAVE to go to the grocery store. It was so good talking to you. You’ll see me again. XOXO

      • Okay hon. It was good to chat today, hon. Love ya lots & miss ya my friend…

        Oh and yay… now that I caught up with ya today, I can finally scratch “saw a Unicorn” off my bucket list! hahaha

      • Well at least you got big boy clothes on him. Poor Joshie, you pickin on him. Josh for AFP, hahahaha

      • He is 23 years old and sensitive.
        I like Josh, but I can’t stand how he swears he is not a follower.

      • I can’t stand that he starts most of the fights in that house Jello and then goes and cries after they’re over. I mean, seriously…why stir up that kind of drama if you can’t take it??

  7. I would love if memory lane stirred up some paranoid feelings without direct information, like let’s count how many times Paul visits the HOH after they win and the average time he stays or stats on how many times each has been on the block. Just something to get each thinking more then laughing at the same clips of edited select moments that do not represent this season.

    • Oh, like planting seeds without being obvious? I wish that would work, but with this cast?? I’m afraid they’d need a drill to the head to make that information sink in!

  8. Advice to fellow posters – If AG advertises it as a ‘Special Episode’ it ain’t. Expect major disappointment.

      • You’re on to something! Special Friday episode drinking games!!!

        Drink every time Raven lies! Just make sure you have a sober driver to take you to the ER.

      • Hey, were did you come from? I saw in my notifications where you upvoted a comment. I came hunting you. You still around?

      • Noooo…I’m goooonneee. Woooooo, I’m a ghoooost!

        Yeah, I ‘popped’ in to see what was a-happenin.’ That was an incredibly funny comment, k!

      • It pertains to something that happened earlier in the season. But how would YOU know, Miss MIA Sharona??? ;)

      • I wouldn’t…but I do know what a hymen is.

        Actually I knew a Hymen in high school. Hymen Goldstein.

      • Who would name their kid, Hymen, and why? Poor child. At least his last name isn’t just Gold….Hymen Gold. lolol

      • I should have known that, but there are some weird names out there. I knew a Jumbo Dick when I was younger. Not since, though. :(

      • In New York, I heard people pronounce ‘Herman,’ ‘Hymen”…regional thing. LOL. Never knew a Jumbo Dick.
        Had one or two…Oh, no I din’t!

      • Oh my goodness!!! Now, this is the nastiness (that has absolutely nothing to do with BB) that I’ve been missing.
        (especially the ones that are ‘encased.’)

      • Those are smelly. Omgosh, you still bring out the bad in me. lol I’m on my notification page while I’m mixing up some cream cheese icing, most of it to put in the freezer. I try to keep some in the freezer, but I was out. I made a little cake for my parents and need to ice it and run it up there. Are you reading threads or just happened by?

      • ARGH! I’m making puking noises. OMG, K—how you make me laugh!! How apropos that you’re making cream cheese frosting. Oh, how I love that stuff.
        I’m reading. Just commented because I saw you, TGJ and Tr8p. Gonna go take a shower now though. Thanks for making me laugh!!
        We. Are. So. Gross.

      • Ha-ha-ha! I was such a good girl before I began posting on BBN. Never was sarcastic or used innuendos. You ruined me. Love you long time, too! For $5, I love you longer time. ;) Seriously, love you & talk to you soon.

      • LOLOLOL! I’m sure you were never a goody-two-shoes, Sha, you were just good at hiding your devilish horns. Kind of like Will Kirby. A wink and a smile will make them forget all about whatever they just caught you doing. hehehehe

      • I used to get people in trouble in school all the time. I’d sit behind my friends and whisper things to them; they’d laugh and get yelled at. Ain’t I a stinker? OK, I’m REALLY going now.

      • Okay, now I see you two are having secret sideline conversations that are excluding me & tr8p!! If I was a BB player, I’d think you two were conspiring… ;)

      • Nah, Sharona popped up on my notification page and I went hunting her. She’s here one minute and POOF! she vanishes. I think she got an updated broom model. She’s never cast a spell on me…as far as I know??…so I think she is a good witch. haha

      • I know, I finally got a chance to actually chat with her for a bit today. Miss that woman. She’s so funny. I was hoping we could all chat together like we used to. Next time… ;)

      • Maybe she’ll return full time next season. Cy can talk her into it. He’ll give her a discount on some tshirts. lol

      • You two are terrible. I come up a bit on the boards and look what I find… you & K holding a secret meeting. Hmm. No one invited me & tr8p to this party. I know! It’s a conspiracy I tell ya! haha

      • earlier in season, Jessica didn’t know what a hymen was and if she even had one or not. Had to ask the boys that were in backyard with them. :-(

      • I just think she lost it early as a teen when she was still unaware of her body. It seems she still hasn’t learned much except where the hole is.

    • It’s a given.

  9. Raven said something last night about her game playing, and I just about choked. She has played anything but Matt! You can’t win BB lying down.

    • Jason doesn’t know how to socialize. He tends to be extremely inappropriate with his joking and his stories about women are freaky. Did he apologize in the DR? I don’t recall.

      • Don’t know, but he also mentioned something a few weeks ago about keeping Alex tied down with a ball gag in her mouth. Alex was there and sort of laughed it off, but it was creepy and nothing to do with game play.

      • I want to see this mystery woman. I’ve seen his daughter on youtube with him, but never the mom.

    • Glad she spoke out and good choices of words. Only thing I question is her saying they are a good hardworking family. I believe his wife is, she is legit, working 24hr shifts in NICU, but if any of Kevin’s stories are true there is some “other money” coming in to the household that Kevin’s says is from the books/gambling. You don’t live in Boston and send your 7 kids to private high schools costing 40k a year on one nurses salary.

  10. With the nasty nasty houseguests this season, I will not be tuning in again until next year…. MAYBE.
    I’d rather see this season cancelled and donate the money to Texas Hurricane Recovery Missions.

  11. Does anyone, beside me, want a final 4 episode where they do a luxury comp, like they did season 12 and prior? It stopped doing it at season 13, and I miss it. I also miss the final 3 episode (not the memory lane episode), that happened with the mime in season 4 and the food/luxury comp in season 2 (my favorite episode of that season. Will and his metal detector!). I might be in the way minority, but I always looked forward to those episodes!

  12. They should make more of them, with substance, though. Do move or sacrifice any of the days to permanently move it to Friday, though. I miss the original schedule (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

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