Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Sunday Daytime Highlights

The punishments persisted on Big Brother 19 today in the fallout from the Power of Veto Competition. Alex is still mad at Elena and Elena still can’t understand why Alex is mad. Meanwhile Mark is trying to shove as many feet in his mouth as possible and it’s not a good look for his game.

Jason Dent is X-TREME with Kevin on BB19

Just when you think these HGs can’t work any harder to hand the game to Paul they go and do something even more foolish than the last. They never cease to amaze me on just how long they can take their goals in this game.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 13, 2017:

7:00 AM BBT – Cody is up and making Slop while everyone else is sleeping. Note: Cody is not a Have-Not.

10:15 AM BBT – Lights are on and HGs are starting to get up for the day.

10:20 AM BBT – Cody tells Mark and Elena that he tried talking to Alex this morning during her camping punishment, but she wouldn’t give him much hope.

10:35 AM BBT – Bugle sounds. Alex gets up to go set up camp and cook some hot dogs.

10:55 AM BBT – Jason is trying to take a shower when he gets the X-TREME call and he has to respond accordingly.

11:40 AM BBT – HGs sent up to the HoH room for lockdown.

12:05 PM BBT – Have-Nots time. Alex gives a speech about not betraying her promise to Elena in response to Elena sticking Alex with the camping punishment. HNs are assigned, not picked this week, based on the first four to drop. Mark, Kevin, Jason, and Paul are the HNs.

12:10 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas try the HN bed they’ll have to share. Paul isn’t happy.

12:15 PM BBT – Paul and Josh discuss the chances of keeping Cody. Both agree there’s no way.

12:20 PM BBT – Jason asks Alex when she started working with Paul. She says it was the first week when Cody tried to renom Paul.

12:22 PM BBT – Christmas wants Elena gone before Kevin, but Paul says Kevin is the one causing problems. Paul points out that Kevin keeps saying he’ll support people, but he hasn’t actually done anything to help anyone yet.

12:25 PM BBT – Elena is upset that Alex is mad at her for taking the $5K and says she won so she gets to pick. Mark says it’s just Paul making a big deal out of it. Mark encourages Elena to go make nice with Alex, but Elena isn’t interested then says she might.

12:30 PM BBT – Mark thinks they can win back to back HoH comps then they’ll have changed the game.

12:35 PM BBT – Jason tells Josh it’s not worth worrying about Kevin if he’s acting weird. Josh agrees.

12:40 PM BBT – Mark notes that Paul got the HN Gamble key. He hopes Paul guesses correctly. Elena hopes he guesses the wrong one.

12:50 PM BBT – Alex remains annoyed with Elena and says that despite Elena’s claims that she’d be homeless if she was evicted last week she’s actually got a lot of money in her family.

1:25 PM BBT – Mark tells Matthew that he’s worried about the HoH crew (Kevin, Paul, Jason, Alex, Christmas, and Josh). Mark promises Matthew that he isn’t coming after him or Raven. Matthew says the same. Mark says if they want to survive then they need to take out someone from that group. Matthew promises that he’s not coming after Mark or anyone else in the game.

1:35 PM BBT – Josh says Elena ruined her game over $5K in that Veto comp. Alex reminds them that the no-punishments deal was offered by Elena to Alex.

1:50 PM BBT – Kevin and Paul discuss that Cody’s only option now is to get Matthew to not use the Veto, but then Matthew would be at risk of going home. Kevin says Cody hoped Elena’s mess up with the $5K was going to help his game, but Kevin told him probably not.

2:20 PM BBT – Matthew reports back to Raven that Mark said he was worried about everyone upstairs. Raven says she wants to see Mark leave before Elena. Matthew agrees. They wonder about Kevin’s allegiance, but Matthew suggests Kevin is just playing dumb.

2:25 PM BBT – Matthew warns Raven that Josh will be an obstacle for them when it comes time to take out Christmas. Matthew thinks getting Alex out will require a BD, but Raven worries that it’ll trigger Jason to come for them.

2:30 PM BBT – Raven and Matthew hope Mark would go after Alex and Jason if he wins HoH. They think it might not be so bad to see Mark in power.

2:35 PM BBT – Matthew suggests Paul would let Raven win if he (P) was in F2 with her. Matthew thinks only Alex might be a challenge for Raven to beat at the end.

2:50 PM BBT – Mark and Elena are discussing targets. Elena wants Alex gone but Mark would rather see Paul out the door. Elena doesn’t think that’s likely though. Mark says he’d put up Josh and Paul if he gets HoH.

3:05 PM BBT – Paul advises Matthew to save Jason so Elena can stay on the Block with Cody and keep worrying. Matthew warns Paul that Mark was naming everyone in the HoH crew as worrisome including Paul by name.

3:10 PM BBT – Mark says he’ll be straight with Paul if he wins HoH and suggest Paul play hard for the Veto. He wants to make a deal with Alex and Jason if he gets HoH.

3:15 PM BBT – Paul relaying what Matthew told him about Mark wanting to target the HoH crew. Christmas and Josh agree that Mark needs to go next.

3:30 PM BBT – Alex is setting up camp on the skybridge since they’re on lockdown right now. She’s cooking hot dogs with peppers and fixins this time.

3:45 PM BBT – Elena says it’s unreasonable for Alex to be mad at her for taking the $5K from her when Alex was trying to evict her. Mark explains that Alex is mad that Elena broke her word and their deal. Elena gets mad at Mark and tells him to go win HoH while she waits.

3:45 PM BBT – Alex is on hot dog delivery duty after cooking them up for her punishment.

3:55 PM BBT – Kevin and Jason hang out with Alex while she packs back up her camping gear.

So Mark wants to go after Paul. Great! But he wants to tell Matthew about it. Bad! Now Mark has solidified his spot at the top of Paul’s S-List and it won’t get any better any time soon. Alex will have to put aside her feud with Elena, but you know Paul can talk her in to that.

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  1. Mark is not to saavy with game play– but no one besides Alex, Josh (kinda sorta) & Jason are (and of course Paul)…and what is up with cody eating slop and staying in HN room when he is NOT a HN.. that dude is so weird.
    Not a great season over-all … miss Paulie and his butterfly talk, anything James says.. I even find myself longing for Nicole’s whine at this point!

  2. It would be nice if they got Paul out of there and they play their own game he’s making it so I don’t want to watch the Pauls game anymore like seriously how stupid are people ,if u get in the big brother house play your own game!

    • it feels like they think Paul is doing their dirty work for them… or maybe doing nothing is their game!

      • You know Matt is not going to do anything except what Paul wants. That way he keeps Raven happy because her and Paul are friends outside the house. It’s a sad group in the BB house once Cody is gone. He tried but production saw to it to keep Paul.

      • I don’t believe cody being targeted has anything to do with production- although I am sure they view him as a pain to deal with as well
        It seems you view cody positively.. at that point there is nothing to say

      • Yes I do view him in a positive way he was trying to play the game and after putting a third of the house up on the very first HOH you tend to not care. No one including your beloved Paul could survive the fall out without productions help. Like you said at this point it is useless to try and explain lol

      • They are not friends outside the house. She met him at a meet and greet and had her picture taken. Kevin met Derrick at a meet and greet and the other day someone put a picture up of Donny with two of the house guests from another meet and greet.

      • Is that why she stated on the feeds they lived in the same neighborhood. Yes her bio says Arkansas but she is living in LA and working in LA. The town she is
        from could not support her life style.

      • And LA is such a small town that everyone knows everyone? Just because they both live in LA doesn’t mean they are friends. She met him at a meet and greet and they had a picture taken.

    • I did read a spoiler somewhere with Mark speaking of putting Paul next to Josh on the block. Mark would be my favorite player if he did that. Fan of Alex but she won’t get out of Pauls shadow.

    • It would be nice if no one took the first temptation. Then, who would be complaining about getting Paul out of the house? No one.

      • There were others besides Kevin who hit the bell but KEvin was the first one that started it all

    • Totally agree. They all think he will take them to the promised land, and they just don’t get it except for Cody. If Cody likely on the block Barring a veto or whatever I have the perfect speech to damage Paul’s game, ofcourse I see stuff he doesn’t but I think it’s pretty obvious what Paul is doing.

  3. Mark is beginning to play his game but talking with the wrong people. His best bet would have been that Marlena take the veto for this week seriously and work with Cody to take out Paul immediately. The three would have made enough number to achieve that. Maybe Kevin joins. Too late for him when Cody is gone even if he wins HOH. Elena will rely on Paul’s (or prefer to appeal to people for) mercy instead of her to play her game even if she wins competitions.
    Sadly, Mark will not have the number to work with after Cody’s eviction as he will be replacing him (Cody) as the general target, and Elena unlike Jessica will rather be used against Mark than stick with him.

    • Mark likes to talk big but he doesn’t have the smarts to pull off a coup. He overtly flip flops which make others distrust him, he grovels after Elena which earns him no respect. I give him credit that he has started to win some comps but he’s not leadership material.

  4. The best way to take out Paul is to have him and Alex on the block. That way, the alliance will split (No Paul, Alex and Jason working on a common target) and everyone will focus on their game thereafter……
    The best bet for Matt and Raven’s game coming week, is to team up with Mark and Elena and fight together as a team to the end. Sadly, Matt and Raven are too blind to see that, and too dumb to remain as loyalist.

    • I think that’s the right idea, but I doubt that other HGs know that Paul and Alex are working together. I think a better idea would be to BD Paul and have Xmas be the other nom. I would be shocked if the HGs vote out the injured gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Wores big brother ever no matter who you try to pull for it like your pulling for because he controls them all

  6. Kevin is THE MOST mediocre player in this Big Brother season by far. Pretty much everything about him and what he does reflects his mediocrity. He’s always average in physical and mental comps and his social game is mediocre as well. I can’t think of a more mediocre player than Kevin. He’s only won one comp, and I’m not sure how many people would count the 25k thing in the season premiere as a comp. He’s won ZERO comps since, and I think he’s also managed avoiding being last in most of them as well. He’s been an HN twice, but other than that, he’s really just average. The only thing that’s not average about him is his age. *chuckle* Sure, Alex did bring him up about playing both sides of the house, but after Xmas called out Mark, I still think that Kevin is still around the middle when it comes to being the target. This is because Cody, for obvious reasons, is at the top. Mark and Elena are probably still being associated as together even if they’re not a showmance. Matt and Raven are a showmance, so if Alex or someone who aims to split showmances gets HOH again in two weeks, then Matt and Raven would be ahead of Kevin. Also (SPOILER), Matt just won POV, so maybe he’ll get on the hot streak that Mark is having. So for those reasons, Kevin is basically in the middle of the hit list.

    Matt and Jason at least have won comps and have usually been competitive in others (though Matt lacks a social game compared to others). Mark would be in this category, but he’s won three comps in three weeks. Elena could be in this category as well, but while she’s playing both sides of the house, she still has one of the best social games behind Paul and a couple others. Let me know if I missed anyone, but that’s all I can think of when it comes to being mediocre. While Kevin is playing a good game and has a very respectable character/traits, he isn’t a a standout/strong player as other people think he is. To me (from a game perspective), he’s just…you guessed it, mediocre.

  7. Don’t understand the usual ‘game’ of hating each year the player who is playing the best game,repetitive nonsense..the only crime Paul has committed is playing classic BB,any flaws that exist with some of the others can’t be put upon him,win or lose Paul is playing the game and the last i heard that’s the whole purpose of being there and not a BB crime!

    • This is just me, but if you watch something like sports enough and you see the same team get to the championship every year, you’ll get tired of them. That’s just like the thought of Paul making F2 in back to back seasons.

      • But on the other hand,hard to imagine this season without Paul,I mean look around at the other house guests,eating cereal 24/7 and banging pots and pans gets really old quick.

      • Josh vs Jody was intriguing until Jess got evicted, so I don’t think it was all that boring. Heck, I think that would’ve setup a fun F3.

      • Granted they provided some drama for sure but even that started to grow tiresome,anger and tears can only take you so far.

      • Maybe they wouldn’t be the one-man two-pan band and froot-looper and munch-housen (sp) group if paul WASN’T there in the FIRST PLACE making all his bit** players do all his minion work for him.

    • The reason Paul is disliked is the same reason Boston Rob was disliked on the Survivor season og which he won. You knew he was winning within 2 episodes. Paul winning is a forgone conclusion at this point. Paul is a great player and everyone just wants a few more surprises instead of the inevitable.

      • Well said,agree Paul is a great player..he and Derrick are my top 2 but to be fair only came on board with BB 16,been hooked ever since,regret missing the many other years,great fun each summer!

      • You have to watch the Big brother season with Dan Gheesling and “the funeral.” A masterpiece.

      • paul talked matt in to using the veto on some one else while he is on the block I don’t recall Dr will doing that.paul is better then Dr will.

      • Matt does not want to play the game. He has already stated he made his goal. How hard is it to convince someone who doesn’t care about the game? Come on really

      • That is the exact same comparison I have been making! Everyone was so enamored with Boston rob and believed they needed him and could get him out later. Then it was too late. And like Paul he used the ” I can’t win I’m a vet” to get proletariat to keep him in. But if you are up against people who never even played the whole season then yes you can!

    • It would have been good BB play had he not been given 3 weeks of safety right off the bat. Anyone with a handy cap like that along with his knowledge of the game could win with this group

      • Not to mention he was the only returning vet. Past years there have always been more than one returning vets

      • Right on spot. 3 weeks of safety from the start for an experienced player over newbies. HOH and POV coming to his advantage early caused too many damage to the other players. He was able to capitalize on those advantages though. Not everyone can.

    • Thank you, I don’t understand how people can’t see that Paul is a great BB Game player…. as far as I am concerned. He, Alex and Kevin actually play the game…. win or loose competition, they play the game.

  8. Worse big brother pulling for anyone is like your still pulling for Paul thank BB for nothing

  9. This is first season that this many people are just happy to be part of Jury BB brother should pick people who want to win in the future.

    • Yes to even admit they only wanted to make jury. Come on CBS vet your players better. Matt has no desire to even play. We are now watching the Ravin and Matt making out and popping zits

  10. This is the sorriest buch of house guests ever! Paul is the puppet master and each of his puppets believes they are running their own game! Christmas shouldn’t even still be in the game. The Production folks really botched that one. The moment she got hurt, just playing around, she should have been pulled from the game. Production needs to think smarter or more and more viewers will pull back and flip the switch!

  11. Paul should have been brought back but only in a house with returning players but it not his fault its productions fault.

  12. Maybe Cody is starting to think with the right head, hes starting to play the game.

      • I know, but I hate it when houseguests just accept it and don’t try. It might be too late, but I’ll give him some props for trying.

      • He’s just going about it the wrong way. He can’t put personal feelings aside, so he’s trying to work on the only people left he respects (Alex/Jason), even though he should be pushing on Matt instead (and getting Marlena to push on Matt as well). All he needs is for Matt to use the veto on himself.

      • To be fair, that’s a problem with all of them. I mean Cody is a strong competitor and a free agent, it would be smart to use him to just get people out. Although I do agree with you that he isn’t doing it right. A couple of weeks ago I would have said he might have a chance with Jason, but not anymore. And as far as Matt goes, he is someone who was willing to throw a safety comp to be a nom, how much could anyone get through to him?

    • Cody hasn’t had any help..the other houseguests are waiting in line for Paul to tell them what to do….idiots

      • Amen not after Paul turned the whole house against him after putting over a 3rd of the house on the block

      • Explain how and what type of game could have been played after putting over a third of the house up and a vet turnes the entire house other than one against it then becomes personnel. Just as Paul’s game is personal because Cody tried to evict him the first week. Keep drinking the Paul koolaid. Listen to how Paul talk about Cody and twists to his advantage but I see through Paul his is a spoiled brat and was unable to control Cody. His minions is doing his personal game for him.

      • Well the first step would have been to talk to his alliance BEFORE nominating someone like he did when he nom’d Paul. That would have made a huge difference, they might have agreed with him or argued against it but at least he wouldn’t have blindsided his own alliance and lost their trust and support. If he had talked and listened to them, and went with an agreed target which might still have been Paul, Cody would have been sitting pretty and not out the 2nd week

      • So you would have talked to everyone who was already starting to drink the Paul koolaid. This would have started the division even earlier. Cody did mention in the HOH room to Mark and Matt that they should target Paul. Matt was the first one to say Paul will get us to jury. Good strategy is to tell some but not all of your plan. Paul has not disclosed his true plan to any of his minions. I guess I’m watching a different BB than you as I’m not drinking the Paul koolaid as I didn’t last year and he picked the wrong person to the final 2. He is a controlling fool in my eyes. I do enjoy the difference we have in the game. Press on

      • I’m not drinking any Kool Aid especially not the Cody kind. Paul has discussed plans with his group and when he was HoH, did not surprise them with his nominations and he even changed his potential noms the first time when the group argued with his choices. That is what Cody didn’t do and he is where he is because of it.

      • Ok…. but Paul has not been put on the block or sent home yet…. I wonder who plays the better game?

      • Cody cooked his own goose. Despite his victim noises and tears, in the end he has no one to blame but himself.

      • I wouldn’t blame Cody. It is like Dominic winning the battle back, an obvious enemy of Paul. The house in reverence to Paul would still have gone against her irrespective. If Paul is threatened, he makes his threat the house target and isolate the house from him. Just be loyal, don’t play your game but Paul’s.This is fault of the HGs. That is why other than Paul, I personally have respect for Cody, Jessica, Dominic and even Ramses over the other HGs for at least standing for their games.

  13. A good strategy to play this game when you are in a big alliance is to figure out who the next target will likely be after an existing target. If you probably are, or can’t create or figure out one, quickly team up with the common enemy who will be happy to work with you to take out the leader. That way new alliances will be formed in little groups while some will join your newly formed group to flip the house. Someting Mark and Elena should have done the previous week or this week. Matt and Raven should be doing that next week IF THEY ARE IN BB TO PLAY. Kevin is one player that could have done it but will rather be shady as he is not great at competition. Josh maybe, but would have robbed too much salt to injury to have be trusted or forgiven by the enemy/target.

    • That is the wasted slot. Matt and Raven don’t know what to do or how to play. So they put up with a fellow player to decide when to keep them and kick them out.

      • What was their plan to play if Paul hadn’t entered this season? Well I honestly think Matt’s plan was to be lazy no matter what, but Raven and the rest I just don’t know.

  14. The only possible redemption of a terribble season, is if all the sheep, all the HG that are constantly drinking Paul’s kool- aid, pull a180 and BD him. Idk if that would completely redeem the show but it would go a long way.

  15. Just watching late feeds of BB and at the eleventh hour Cody is finally playing game. Even though I think Cody is right in theory what he is trying to say to Alex and Jason about Paul eventually taking everyone out she’s not buying what he’s saying and he doesn’t realize that Paul and Alex are so tight. Too little to late Cody, shoulda been playing instead of pouting sooner!!

    • Agreed. He and Jess would have been better players had they not hooked up and isolated themselves the entire time. So many stupid mistakes by so many of these stupid people.

      • Yeah the biggest mistake is all the sheep so far up Paul’s arse and continually drinking the kool-aid. He’s seling everyone a bill of goods. Don’t they understand that it’s impossible for him to take all of them “deep”in the game. It’s just mind boggling that no one has figured this out. Whenever I watch this show I feel , in the words of an evil queen we know, SHAME,shame, shame!! I just tune in hoping someone will flip the script on Paul!! Fat chance though!

  16. alex doen’t need codys help getting paul out. maybe he’s a little sexist thinking that she needs another man to win. she’s doing fine on her own and she can handle paul. she had said that she thought paul would have been a better contributor.

    • She needs someone on her side to help her win HOH and POV’s once Paul smells her cooking up something she will be gone as he will send his minions to attack her wake up lol. As y’all say you can’t do it on your own. Jason is in Paul’s corner and what has he won?

    • He’s not sexist, he’s saying he’s a competitor and a number therefore he can help Alex. And so far Alex hasn’t “handled” Paul at all. She’s the dumbest Paul minion in the house.

  17. Any inkling I had that Matt was keeping it quiet and playing smart went out the window. He has absolutely no idea that him and Raven are likely to out the door after Mark and Elena. Ratting on Mark, he thinks he’s securing himself by reporting back to the group with important intel. Problem is, it’s not really giving you an elevated status within the group. But because him and Raven are not key figures on the other side, they’d remain safe even if Mark and Elena managed to get several weeks of HOHs together.

    2:35 PM BBT – Matthew suggests Paul would let Raven win if he (P) was in F2 with her. Matthew thinks only Alex might be a challenge for Raven to beat at the end.

    I’m sorry, he thinks Alex is the only person who might beat Raven at the end. The only person?!? First of all, I can’t believe he thinks Raven would even it make it the F4 (even if she did start playing the game better, she has a low track record on winnings comps). She’s also next likely to be expendable (along w/Matthew) after Mark and Elena. He really has no sense of where they fall within the hierarchy of the house.

      • Anything for a good time eh?
        Guys still tell ya what they think girls want to hear.
        I think they are both soooo boring! Ugh!

  18. 2:35 PM BBT – Matthew suggests Paul would let Raven win if he (P) was in F2 with her. Matthew thinks only Alex might be a challenge for Raven to beat at the end.

    Are those 2 delusional?? Omg?!

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