‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: ‘Tree Of Temptation’ Twist – Update: More Details

A new twist has arrived for Big Brother 19 and we’re just learning a first few of its details in the latest spoilers from the Feeds. Just like before this looks to be a short term event, but there’s enough power here to change the game, at least for a week or two.

Raven examines the Big Brother 19 twist

The Big Brother foyer has a big fancy apple tree decoration and that came to life in the game over the past day with the down Feeds. Here’s what we’ve learned so far about the new twist.

Flashback to 9:53 PM BBT 8/18 Cams 1/2 on your Live feeds to watch (Get the Free Trial now!):

Our first look at the newly installed addition to the apple tree came last night when Raven stopped there to comment. We got an up close look that revealed these five “temptations,” but as Christmas later explained, they’re not all so tempting.

Temptation Twists: Apple Powers

  • Second Veto
  • Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes
  • Bounty On Your Head
  • Can’t Play In Next HoH
  • Save A Friend

There are five “powers” and as you can see, some are good for the receiver, some are good for a beneficiary, and some are just plain bad.

Gallery: Apple Tree Temptations

They’re all pretty self explanatory, but HGs did mention the Bounty temptation was $5,000 on the player who opens it. That means if HG X gets that apple, then whoever gets X out would win $5K. I don’t know if that goes to the HoH in charge that week, but that’d be my guess. I’d also imagine if Elena was still here she’d be trying to figure out how to get that power then evict herself for another $5K.

We discovered later last night that one of the powers had already been unleashed on the house with “Save A Friend.” You get three guesses for who received the benefits of that power, and the first two don’t count.

Yep, Paul is safe this week. I know, shocking, right? This was thanks to Mark. Apparently after the HoH competition he was the one to go to the tree and presumably it was a blind choice. Ironic pick for Mark considering he’s the one most in danger, but couldn’t use it on himself. Not that anyone in there would have been willing to use it on him either.

Paul, Christmas, and Josh discussed Mark’s choice here. They think he figured Paul was safe anyway with Christmas as the new HoH and it’d look good to the power in the house for him to go with Paul. Basically it was a throwaway use of the power.

Discussions also suggested that there were two more picks from the apple tree left to go. That’d make sense for a once a week situation, giving us three weeks of this twist just like the previous two Temptation twists. So we’ll have to see which other two items are put in to play over the next few weeks. These could have a big impact, or like this week, could fall flat.

What do you think of this new apple Temptation twist? We should see more of it in Sunday’s episode and get the official details then. But in the meantime, let’s speculate away on how it’ll work.

Update: We discovered in Sunday’s show a few more details about the Tree Of Temptation twist. This twist will last 3 rounds, just like the other Temptation twists. There are 5 apples on the tree, one for each of the powers listed above. Sometime each round when nominations are getting close the Temptation Tree will light up red. When it does, the first HG to the Diary Room to claim a pick from the tree will get to take the gamble.

So that’s how it works. Four apples remain as of now after Mark picked “Save A Friend.” That means they’ve got a 50/50 shot at something good or bad in the next round. Would you take the risk?


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  1. Ugh Julie literally just said no more temptations during live eviction. They’re all out of play. I’m so sick of these stupid stupid twists and safetys Can we just play the game

    • I could not agree more. This is beyond stupid. The producers should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for manipulating every single move every single week. Regardless of who you like it’s not fair for anybody to keep having their strategy blown up by something new. If it’s going to be a whole game of change why don’t we just spin a wheel and wherever it lands that’s the prize you get and then go home. We could end the show in one week. BB you’ve taken the joy out of the game we all loved!

      • We don’t know the details of what the Tree is about ” YET” There is almost always 2 sides to every twist..Just keep watching…

      • First off BB has always been about expecting the unexpected and screwing with everyones strategy. Secondly, this is a SEASON of temptations designed to screw with everyone’s strategy so this is simply the next set of twists and turns. Every season has done this sort of thing from season 1. This is nothing new. Lastly, I haven’t seen this many whinny viewers ever. I still love BB
        because straight strategy won’t work, I love the twists and how they screw things up. So do alot of viewers.

      • I agree with you 100%. Every week when Paul isn’t put up on the block the Paul haters whine and cry that they are never watching the show again! Yet they come to this site to complain! Paul is winning so far because he is the only one playing the game.

      • Okay. I can see it is global thing. We hear it in every episode of other BB franchise all of the time. The organizers should be use to it by now.

      • And people also complain about all the other players. That’s how it goes. Everyone has their favorites.

      • This is not the BB that we know. Favourites? There aren’t any.. Such a lousy BB this year.

      • I agree. It is not Paul’s fault these people are doing everything he tells them to do. Hate or love Paul, but he seizes opportunity. Not saying he will win, but he is playing the game.

      • Paul , now, deserves to win…. Because nobody put him on the Block ( lately) & are afraid to make a BigMove, they are afraid to loose him in the house,, lol,,, won’t know wtf to do w/out him, geeze.. he’s running the Show& laughing in their face(s).. so , fine Paul , laugh all the way to the Bank!! ( he should of been long gone).. but his little pals think he likes them. Ha!!! Oh, he’s baddd. Lol

      • This actually IS something new. Of course, there are always twists but the “twists” this season seem geared to undermine or render useless virtually every single game play by every single player—well, except maybe for Paul. As noted above by justmyopinion, they might as well just have the players spin a wheel, collect their prizes and go home.

      • Yet Cody came back because of production …stop being biased when it doesnt suit you

      • it makes us people that have an opinion. we can disagree or complain about parts of the game but it doesn’t mean we can’t like other parts. this is america, we’re known for never being satisfied! it’s all good

      • Evidently you’ve never watched Big Brother because theses twists have been around since season 1

      • Yes they have, but not anywhere near this extent. No matter what a competition is, was or will be, a twist will seemingly always negate it or the outcome.

    • Your comprehension has failed you …Julie said there wouldnt be any more Battle of Temptations

      • but remember expect the unexpected, you must have never watched bb. try to keep up

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if he did this because he feels so guilty about being called out by Paul in front of the whole house. I’m not siding with Paul, my comment is only towards mark who is always just playing the game, yet ends up apologizing and begging people to not be mad at him over and over….it’s truly sad to see him behave in this way over and over and not learn to either keep his mouth shut or just live with his decisions.

      • Well if its any consolation Paul is not happy with Jason talking to Mark about a plan to oust him…While Jason did not go along with it he did not advise Paul of Marks comments ASAP.. That is reason enough to get Pauls radar antenna up…

      • it was interesting paul chose to go after mark while jason stood back and looked like a deer in headlights. paul will not forget jason did not tell him about the convo right away. jason should watch his back.

      • If Paul were to take out Jason, he would have the person who has won the most comps coming for him and putting him on her (Alex) radar.

      • Well Paul already wants to split Jason and Alex up. If that happens I hope Alex goes after him with everything she’s got.

      • I don’t know about that. It is hard atm to know if Alex is still in her “secret” Paul alliance or more in it with Jason

      • No no no you’ve got it wrong. Paul will have someone else go after Jason to split them up. And he’ll walk out safe as usual.

      • I still can’t fathom why Jason thought bringing it up was a good idea? Mark was a likely target already (we all knew it). Should Mark win veto and stay, Jason would’ve been one person who Mark would have never went after, and really no one else would’ve known that.

        Be interesting if this moment ends up being Jason’s undoing in this game.

      • I think he saved Paul because he knew Paul was already safe. If he gave it to anyone else than there would be two safe in his mind. Mark really could have been a good player if he wasn’t so wishy washy! He’s smart and also a physical threat. Lusting after Elena hurt his game as well as flip flopping back and forth. If by some miracle he makes it to F2 he deserves to win.

      • He saved Paul because Paul, as the HGs have discussed in the house, has a huge social media following, and they admit they are “scared” his followers will come after them if they go after Paul. Many of them are there for the social media notoriety/publicity. They can’t all win $500k.
        Along with Paul knowing Raven before she was selected for BB19, Alex openly stating what a fan she is of him before being selected for BB19, the “bands of Immunity” fix that gave him a head start in the game for weeks, his prior experience advantage in BB, and the obvious fact that they are all snowflake non-player/ followers with no guts, etc., just call it now for Paul– and try to be smarter next year, BB Production.

      • He saved Paul because he knew Christmas wasn’t going to put him up. He’s not stupid. And there was nobody else he’d want to save. Maybe thought it would earn him points with Paul.

      • Paul tore Mark a new one in front of everybody, and Mark wants to leave BB at least able to grow a fitness training business or be cast as the next Hercules. He knows he won’t make it to the end of the game now. He wants to do a nice thing for Paul so he isn’t blackballed on social media. And yes, Christmas letting him stay around another week also helps him for the short term future inside BB, as well as longer term social media/career-wise.

      • Well you need to check social media out because there’s a lot and I mean a lot of Paul haters and Mark lovers. Don’t think he’s worried about that. But Paul certainly is.

      • I agree there are many Paul haters, I was just stating that the HGs have discussed not going up against Paul because of his impact on social media. They said it, not me. They’re concerned, true or not.
        And besides, each season that they’ve brought back a player from a past season, you hear from day 1, “He/she has had their chance… Not fair/ my turn” and the plans to get the veteran out begin early.
        Not a peep out of these players this year…

      • I agree with everything you said. Except your last sentence. I do not think Mark deserves to win.

  2. I know Julie said no coming back from the jury but last year we saw Victor come back several times, Could a new twist be that those not on jury get to battle back? Just a thought.

  3. I was very interested in the show before they started to get jury members, but I’ve stopped watching this season ever since it became The Paul Show.

    The game/show is essentially “solved” and seems to have been this way for the past 5 or 6 seasons.

    • I’m a Paul fan but I agree with you. Either these houseguest need to get Paul out, or just give him the $500k and walk away. I prefer the earlier statement.

      I just hope that BB20 is either all new players or all returning players. I don’t like this mix of old and new players.

    • Does the down-voted √check work? Doesn’t work on my board. :-(
      Well, they don’t show a number like the up√ votes do.

      • You’re not supposed to see downvotes, it just lowers where the comment is in the thread.

  4. How can they play the game when the rules keep changing on the fly? Imagine a NFL game where the other team gets 8 downs out of nowhere or can put 3 balls, 3 quarterbacks and 12 receivers on the field. How can you play a game where the rules are constantly changing?

      • Only if you started watching in the last few years.

        Production screwing with the game has been getting worse for years, but it’s never been as overt as this year.

      • Ohmygoodness, I’ve watched every season and had I’ve feeds sincentives they started. Google BB twists. It’s been every season.

      • They’ve never had twists as often or as game-affecting as this year.

        How does bringing in ex’s in S4 compare to this year? Or having secret partners in S6 compare?

      • What was it Julie said once, something like the twistiest twist season yet? Was that BB 16 or 17? Anyway it was suppose to be epic. It wasn’t, as far as twists go.

      • It was 17 I think and Julie said on The Talk that they dropped the twists early because they realized they actually had an interesting cast that could carry episodes by themselves.

        So going by that logic, having twists so late into this season should tell you that they think this cast sucks. lol

      • So nothing for the early seasons that I mentioned, only stuff from the recent ones (with more twists being added as the years went on)

        That’s a funny way of saying I was right, but I appreciate you doing so with evidence.

      • That wasn’t a new twist as much as it was just fixing an issue with the veto when the numbers got too low for it to be used correctly. The diamond power of veto from s4 is just the normal one they have now weekly, it shared the same name as the one that let you replace the person on the block.

        Even if we count “fixing a design flaw with the power of veto” after it’s first year in the game, there have still been many more twists and game changing nonsense from production in recent years.

      • So you think the dpov from s4 and the one added as a twist are the same? Or you think that there were just as many twists in the game in s2-6 as there are now?

        Please explain.

      • I guess I needed a 3rd option for you: “I don’t really know big brother at all, but I googled something about veto and kind of got the gist of it” LOL ROFL SMH IMHO YOLO

        Anyway, peace out. I’m off to talk about the game with people who understand it.

      • Well I don’t need to try and impress people with my knowledge like you seem to. Your last response just shows not to take you seriously You sound like one angry dude which is why I choose not to engage further with you.

      • all it (the ‘splainin’) needs is a beard, shortness, and buggy eyes and it’d sound just like paul! lol lol

      • I liked the Diamond Power of Veto cos, if I remember correctly, you had to keep it a secret until you used it. Not like this season with Jess trying to use it as a threat to keep herself and the robot in the game.

      • Yes remember when they pulled that Pandora’s box out of their butt for Jordan and Rachel in season 13?

      • Those are one twist per season except Pandora’s box. This season they’ve already had several and are having several more I think that’s what they mean.

      • Have the twists radically changed how the game has gone down this year?

        Bringing Cody back didn’t really change the outcome of his game (except maybe Jessica’s game was brought down quicker). It prolonged a horrible three weeks of ‘Them versus Us.’ No one from the majority has really gone against the grain. Jessica in all likelihood would’ve been evicted at this point even if she hadn’t used the halting hex to save Cody. (She would’ve either went that week instead of Cody, or she would’ve been gone two weeks later) Her, Mark and Elena were always destined to be at the bottom unless one of them pulled out an HOH. Even with most of the recent twists being on their side, it hasn’t changed the predicability of the past month.

        Admitting I didn’t start watching until week 3, I fail to see how these twists have changed what likely would’ve happened had they not been implemented.

    • Well then, you’ve never played with my brothers. 6 older brothers and I never knew the real rules of any game we played until I started playing with friends. My brothers would change the rules to suit them, my friends would look at me like I was crazy when I would cite some ‘made up’ rule. This season is bringing all that back to me. Yikes!

      • Lol. Growing up we made up our own rules, especially board games. when playing with outsiders, they wanted to play by the actual rules.

  5. sounds interesting but whose throat is going to get slashed in order for someone to get that $5 grand ?? The want of money is the root of all evil and has ruined more than one friendship or showmance ;)

    • Its down to 9 HGs… If I was in a decent/safe place in the game (no enemies per say) I would not want to risk my chance for 1st or 2nd for $5000…too risky…

  6. Am I confused(admittedly still playing catch up), but does this mean Paul can not be BD’d this week?

      • Unfortunately, I think Paul won’t make it to the final 3 or 4. I see Alex or Jason going farther.

      • I was just being facetious because so many people are saying that. I have said all along that I don’t see him winning, but I do think Alex or Jason one will be targeted soon. Basically, other HGs should be viewing them as a couple, which is kind of ironic that Alex has been wanting to target showmances all season. The only difference between Alex/Jason and showmances is the sex part. They are more like siblings but share the same BB bond of loyalty. I think Paul is aware of this and has only just begun his campaign to get Jason evicted. Not sure what sort of impact that will have on Alex’s game play. I truly think she is planning to take Jason to F2 because she knows she could/should beat him, but Paul, not so much.

      • When/if Jason is evicted, especially if that happens before either Matt or Raven goes, Alex is in trouble.

      • I don’t think she’s in trouble from Paul. Certainly Jason hasn’t protected her that much so far, possibly in the DE. If Jason goes, I think Paul will shift the target to Maven or Kevin

      • After last season, surely to heaven, Paul is not dumb enough to take Alex to F2? I do not think that is his plan, although I know he has said so in his DR session.

      • I think he wants to keep her until F3 or F4 cos she can win comps to help him get further. Who else can he depend on?

      • That makes sense and is a very valid point. Do you think Mark is trying to get back in the good graces of Paul, or is trying to play him? I’m waiting to see what this pick a friend twist is all about and if Paul is truly safe from the possibility of eviction this week.

      • IDK with Mark, he didn’t really have many options since he’s all alone as he cried in the DR. I wondered whether he picked Paul because he knew that Paul was probably the only person who could get put on the block at this time and not get evicted. If he (M) ended up getting nom’d against anyone else he might be able to make a case for keeping him with his comp wins.

      • Mark cried??;) Bless his heart, and I think he has a good one. I like Mark, but the whole Elena thing left a bad taste in my mouth…his too, probably. :(

      • When Julie asked Elena if she will date Mark after BB she said we’ll see…that means if he doesn’t win the $500,000, HELL NO, If he does win, HELL YES!

      • I think Nichole had to work extra hard to get it hard, so she knew he was gay the entire time, but she needed an ally.

      • No, didn’t last very long but apparently she took him on a cruise so he got paid for his time.

      • Noooooooo, I thought he was smarter than that. What happened with her and Codey? Is he gay?

      • No he’s not gay. And they’re still really good friends. Victor always had a crush on her and they look really cute together. I like Nicole.

      • Thank goodness we weren’t subjected to watching Cody/Jess and Mark/Elena for the entire season. Two down, one to go.

      • How about a speedo with meatballs on them? Better? We’ll see if he man shaves. I’d lose it if Cy did a gif like that with fuzzies sticking out all around…hairy meatballs. Sorry, my humor is a bit off today. :(

      • Did you watch last night? Sorry but I’m done with Josh, Paul and Christmas. They’re after Jason and Alex. And I sure hope some way, some how it gets back to Alex. I was shocked.

      • Is that what’s happening now? I guess I missed a lot. Why? He’s probably after Jason, paranoid about Mark/Jason plot against him? I kinda like Jason.

      • I think Jason saying Alex was his ride or die put up a red flag. He talks too much but I love him and Alex together. Last night in HOH at 4am/1am your time. (Around that time) Paul, Christmas and Josh were talking about F5 They want to keep friggin Matt and Raven. Want Mark gone then target Jason then either Alex or Kevin. Needless to say I’m pissed. Hoping Alex gets wind of this. Then they changed F5 to Paul, Xmas, Josh, Raven, Kevin.

      • He has final deals with everyone. One stronger than the other. lol ..I have to watch/flashback…

      • I know it. I wish people would get together and compare notes. One thing if Jason goes I’m hoping Paul will have Alex’s back. He’d be stupid not to because Matt and Raven are a pair, Josh and Christmas are a pair, Mark will be gone and Kevin wants Paul gone and Paul knows it.

      • Are you watching?..they’re (the group) game talking again. I think they’re talking about Kevin..

      • No I’m going to turn them on now. I’ve been busy dealing with an air conditioning issue. 😡What’s going on?

      • Don’t worry, Cy, you’re baby meatball is safe for now. In fact, he was getting in Paul’s ear and I think he might be pushing to take out Jason and not Mark!! Look at your boy strategizing… I think he’s ready for pull-ups and not diapers anymore. haha

      • Ah, a fellow Josh lover. He’d be so excited to be in the final. He probably wouldn’t be able to sit still in the chair foe the questions.

      • Baby Meatball speaking to the jury while banging pots and pans together and telling everyone how he cooked all the meatballs. lol

      • tr8p I love ya hon, but please never-ever put that out into the universe again!! I would shoot myself!! ;)

      • Oh T, it could never happen, or could it? (cue Will and Boogie looking at each other and laughing hilariously)

      • …or Raven. In either of those two scenarios, I hope you are right and I am very wrong. I don’t have feeds and I am sick of raving lunatic Raven.

      • I think Christmas may be plotting to get rid of Jason and then Alex or the other way around. She wants Paul to be her bestie and not Alex.

      • You are correct. Xmas knows Jason and Alex are ride or die and Xmas knows the only person who has offered her f3 is Paul. She is with Paul and Paul’s plan that Jason is the next target. The back up plan is if Alex wins an HOH, they will sacrifice Matt but make it look like Alex’s idea.

      • Josh is Paul’s F2 form the beginning. I think Josh will deserve it more than his other puppets because he worked hard doing Paul’s dirty work and making him look good.

      • Unless Jason and Alex win , Jason is gone next week or this week if Mark wins veto. Paul wants Jason out bad. Paul is mad at Jason and Paul has his group behind the plan. This time, Paul is not going to torture Jason, Paul is going to hand with Jason and Kevin and make them feel safe, while Xmas and Raven make Alex feel safe and them strike.

    • They just said Paul was safe because Mark gave him the apple. I think Mark played it smart. Paul was safe anyway because the plan is to BD Mark. So by giving Paul the apple another houseguest will go on the block if mark wins POV.

      • I would really love to have found out if Christmas would have even considered BD’ing Paul if he wasn’t safe. Now, we will never know for sure.

      • I don’t think she did, I know we missed the feeds, but last night her talks with josh and Paul, I think she firmly wants and thinks f3 with her josh Paul. I think Paul might take Raven instead of josh of Xmas but I believe Paul is trying to take Xmas further, besides josh,Paul is her biggest ally right now. She knows she can’t win physical and she needs Paul.

      • Looks like as long as she is in the game that the physical comps aren’t coming except for POV. Shuffleboard, golf & T/F quizzes are right down Christmas’s Cast’s alley.

    • Yes, Paul is safe but Xmas had no thought of cutting Paul. She firmly believes Paul is taking her to F3, they shook or fist bumped on it last night. Alex and Jason are the only hope to get Paul out. If Jason only knew Paul was talking crap about his wife being pregnant, that would light a fire under Jason to play.

      • Christmas & Josh are plotting once again, but we shall see if they actually have the guts to pull it off. They didn’t when Josh was HOH, so I will believe these two when I actually see it.

    • This temptation twist in particular didn’t go well for Mark. Someone else should have picked that apple. Maybe a showmance.

  7. I don’t understand why production would want Paul Safe. Paul is already in control of this game so that adds no drama plus the twist is completely wasted.

    • If Paul is “safe” (use of twist) at this time Its because of Mark not production…Mark made the decision…

      • Paul is safe just this week, he was safe anyways. No way Xmas had any plan to cut Paul.

      • it’s strange so many people think because we have an opinion that we shouldn’t keep watching. if we don’t complain how would production know what we don’t like, or don’t like for that matter. i’m not going to quit watching because production is doing things i don’t like. i’ll stop watching when there’s something better on to watch.

      • lol. I think that if more people tweeted production will be on top of what fans like and don’t like and what fans know and don’t know. What are the chances that they are aware of many of these BB sites. I know that Matt probably works for them, but this is not enough.

  8. This cast has the combined IQ of -1.
    If I was Mark, I’d tell Paul, keep me safe or I will guarantee you 3 votes against you in a finale. 2 more and you lose, like last year.

    • Mark needs to use this technique to his advantage. Make it known that he has influence on two of the jurors plus his vote which is equal to 3 votes.. He should make this clear to xmas if he is not safe after pov. Remind her this is a game for 500k and he nor cody or elena will award the win to the players making the safe moves and doing whatever the house wants

    • I hate to think this senario but Paul was very carefully in his wording of Raven and f4. I think he might be taking her to final 2. If he does, he will 100% lose if Mark and Elena vote Raven. We know Mark has a big heart and Elena thinks Raven is the nicest girl in the house. Raven has josh and Matt votes and I’m pretty sure Xmas. I don’t know if Mark would dare bring up Raven and Paul’s name in a conversation, it seems the minute anyone dares talk to Paul about a plan, he calls them out, let’s the whole house know and Mark hates the stress of the fighting.

  9. Another dumb move. Mark could have saved it for the next week if he survived this week. Using it on Paul did not get him any brownie points. I would have used it on Matthew if he was on the block with me as the final nominee. If not, save it for next week if I was safe this week!

    • He had to use it this week. As far as who he saved? Who else is he gonna pick strategically? Paul is good, for several reasons. He’s a ‘dead man walking, trying to buy time. He needs to win the Veto.

    • He said last night he had to use it. He didn’t have any glimmer of a deal so he used it on the one safe person. Most HG are being nice to Mark, like talking about Elena or traveling or life but not game. Only josh has really talked a little game with Mark. The real problem is Jason and Alex don’t know they are big targets, if they did, they could have brought Mark over. Paul is good with his sneaky talks and making sure no one dare talk to each other about Paul’s plans.

    • There is one apple that involves money, 5k, called bounty. Not sure the exact rules but seems like if someone goes home the HOH or apple holder gets 5k.

  10. You can bet your sweet ass Paul is already figuring out a way for those to use these new twist’s in his favor.

      • Well, from the look on his face last night, Derrick coming in the door was not on his list What a face LOL

      • I came home after that happened but went back to watch it. That was a genuine almost panic stricken look on Paul’s face and it was hilarious.

      • He pretty much talked about everyone except Christmas and Paul, I heard he said Christmas should of had to leave the game when she hurt her foot and he doesn’t like Paul and he was rooting for Jody to win, and he did spend a lot of time on them! WC!!!

      • A lot of former players have dissed Paul this season… I am really surprised because he is one of the only HG actually playing BB for more than a jury spot. I think the only one who has said anything derogatory about Jody is Will Kirby and that was only regarding Jessica’s bad habit of trying to go where the sun don’t shine!! He said she needs to keep her hands to herself and he would have gotten her out for that (paraphrasing here) or something along those lines.

      • I remember seeing some tweets from him that someone posted. I wonder if Paul or anyone else got any weird vibes from Derrick. He is smooth.

      • What did he do after his won that made you dislike him. I honestly don’t pay any attention to them after the season is over but I did watch Derrick on a series about the OJ murders. It wasn’t very good, imo.

      • Was just too cocky for me. Yes, I saw that too and thought he looked and sounded like a rent-a-cop!

      • O.M.G! Hon, I about peed myself laughing so hard when Derrick said “I’m the new twist!” Paul’s face… LMBO! It was like he was watching 500K fly away right into Derrick’s hands and seeing him packing that $$ away in his BB bag right then and there. hehe

    • The Apple Tree Temptation-
      paul will wait until a few more are played out, and what’s left.
      out – bad #1 friendship save (that paul got)
      four left, don’t remember if 2 good & 2 bad or what.
      He will keep track of which ones are gone and with whatever’s left, will decide if it’s a ‘good’ one and if he wants it. f all the goods are gone, he will not select cuz only bads left. etc. Time and wait are on his side.

      • But the best part is that each apple could be good for the picker or a bad one for the picker. On the other hand, they could be good for the person who receives it or bad for the one who receives it. At this point, It could be seriously hard for Paul to get help or hurt in these picks. He got lucky this time but the next he may not be so lucky.

  11. Paul is safe just from a random pick. the man has already had a 3 week safety. Enough already! Everyone episode should be 1. an outback steakhouse episode where we watch the houseguests eat and 2. Jessie Goddertz running around in a gorilla costume touching peoples behinds. 3. Giving Paul his check.

  12. its pointless to argue about Paul at this stage of the game. He’s going to Final 3 or 4. Imo, the level of “fan hate” is so high CBS would be a fool to cut him.

  13. How the game evolved with SeasonTwist/Changes:
    Season 1
    Original Format
    Season 2
    Head of Household☆Jury☆Food Competition☆12 Houseguests
    Season 3
    HOH☆Silver Power of Veto☆Jury☆12 Houseguests☆Food Competition☆Previously Evicted House Guest
    Season 4
    Golden Power of Veto☆ Food Competition☆Diamond Power of Veto☆The X-Factor☆Event Ordering☆13 Houseguests
    Season 5
    13 players☆ Double Eviction☆Project DNA☆Food Competition
    Season 6
    14 players☆ Double Eviction ☆Secret Pairings☆Previously evicted houseguest☆Food Competition
    Season 7
    14 players☆ Double Eviction ☆Food Competition☆Returning Players☆Coup d’Etat (not used)☆Fan Favorite Award☆Fans vote for houseguests to enter the game
    Season 8
    Double Eviction☆America’s Player (America’s Eviction Vote)☆Rivals☆14 Houseguests☆Food Competition
    Season 9
    16 players☆ Double Eviction☆Previously Evicted Houseguest☆soulmates☆Fan Favorite Award☆Food Competition☆four nominees☆Power Couple
    Season 10
    13 players☆ Double Eviction☆America’s Player (America’s Eviction Vote)☆Fan Favorite Award☆Food Competition
    Season 11
    13 players☆ Double Eviction☆Coup d’Etat☆Fan Favorite Award☆returning player☆Have/Have-Not Competition☆Clique☆Pandora’s Box
    Season 12
    13 players☆ Diamond PoV☆Double Eviction☆Have/Have-Not Competition☆The Saboteur☆Pandora’s Box☆Fan Favorite Award
    Season 13
    14 players ☆Have/Have-Not Competition☆Double Eviction☆Dual PoV☆Dynamic Duos☆Golden Key☆America’s Vote☆Pandora’s Box☆Returning Players☆Previously Evicted Houseguests☆Fan Favorite Award
    Season 14
    16 players☆ Double Eviction☆ Returning Players☆Pandora’s Box☆Fan Favorite Award☆Day One Eviction☆Reset Button☆Coach☆Coaches Competition☆Hit The Road competition
    Season 15
    16 players☆ Have/Have-Not Competition☆ Double Eviction☆Fan Favorite Award☆Three individual nominees☆MVP’ (America’s Nominee)’☆Elissa Slater being related toRachel Reilly☆Previously evicted houseguests
    Season 16
    16 players☆ Double Eviction☆Previously evicted houseguests☆Fan Favorite Award☆Team America☆Battle of the Block☆Double HOH☆HOHs aren’t always safe☆Rewind Button
    Season 17
    17 players☆ Double Eviction☆Previously evicted houseguests☆Fan Favorite Award☆Battle of the Block☆Double HOH☆HOHs aren’t always safe☆Project DNA (Twin Twist Only)☆Big Brother Takeover☆BB Fast Forward☆The Last Laugh☆Gronk Party Week
    Season 18
    16 players ☆Previously evicted houseguests ☆Fan Favorite Award☆Returning Players☆TeamsCo-HoH☆Double Eviction☆Three individual nominees☆Paulie Calafiore being related toCody Calafiore and Tiffany Rousso being related toVanessa Rousso☆Battle Back Competition☆Round Trip Ticket☆America’s Care Package☆Roadkill Competition☆Hit The Road competition☆Day Two Eviction☆Two competitions to return to the game
    BB Over the top
    13 players ☆  Returning Players ☆America’s Care Package ☆America’s Nominee☆ America’s Eviction Vote ☆Double PoVSafety Ceremony ☆America’s Have-Nots☆ No Jury Since Debut ☆America Chooses Winner ☆Double Eviction ☆Project DNA (Secret Siblings Only)☆Hit The Road competition ☆Co-HoH☆ Fans vote for houseguests to enter the game
    17 houseguests☆ Returning Players☆ Previously evicted houseguests ☆Fan Favorite Award☆ Den of Temptation ☆Battle Back Competition☆ Day One Eviction☆Big Brother Swap☆Pendant of Protection☆Ring of Replacement☆Halting Hex☆Temptation safety competition ☆ Apple tree temptation

    • Wow, Kasey that took a lot of work. Remember in the early seasons when the HoH room was just a tiny room with barely room for a bed? That has sure changed.

      • Really great read.
        Early days. Danielle having her diary room talks reveled. That was a huge game changer for future seasons.

      • Yes, she should have won that season and probably would have if the jury had been sequestered. She is one of my all time faves.

      • O.M.G Alf, right?! If the jury had not seen Danielle’s DR sessions she would have won that season hands down. Can you imagine if they still allowed that?? Glad they don’t, but I do wish jury could see a little more than they do. Give em live feeds but no DRs. That way they can seriously make an informed vote, not the edited version.

      • Lol! Hi ya tr8ppng! Good morning to you, my friend.
        I also remember when they used to redecorate the HOH room for Hg too. Remember that…Janelle and her all pink HOH room?? haha

      • Yes, the girly girl room
        Mornin to you too sis, except it’s afternoon here lol. What do you think of more twists. Honestly, I’m so over this kind of thing this season.

      • well then good afternoon to ya! ;)
        I know, these twists… smh.. I suppose production is trying to keep us entertained, but it’s getting kind of old. And poor Mark, the guy who could have actually used safety this week gets save a friend, i.e., Paul!! LOL! Really?

        He (Mark) is doing BB the old fashioned way that’s for sure; having to win his life each and every week.

      • I find it hard to try and like him but the crying, the grovelling to Elena and the floating have just turned me off. So I like to watch him get all anxious trying to keep himself in the game. Now don’t diagnose me for that, lol

      • I don’t mind his crying. He’s obviously a sensitive guy. Okay, I won’t say he has self-esteem issues from being overweight…oh wait I just did!!! lol!

        But seriously, he is maintaining his safety in BB the old fashioned way…he’s earning it through comp wins. I actually love that.

      • Last night Mark was having a good talk with josh. He said his plan was to come in the house, make friends with a few nice people and win comps together. He said he knows he picked the wrong people and it just turned into stressful negative house to live in. Not the BB he was expecting. He obviously can win comps, and knows BB (as in he has watched the show closely more then almost anyone left), he just does not have it in his heart to be a bully or back stab.

      • And Mark could have been a leader in the house, but he unfortunately came in contact with Paul, who revels in the fact that he has no soul – especially when it comes to backstabbing and conniving.

      • Mark and baby meatball Josh have a weird relationship. They have these really cool talks, but then baby meatball just blows up & the sensitive Hulk (Mark) loses his cool and all hell breaks loose, but then…a day later, they’re right back to these deep one on ones… smh. Strange.

        Funny thing. Josh wants Jason out over Mark I think coz he brought it up to Paul the other night in the storage room…and Paul & Christmas have been discussing getting Jason out this week too. That would really shake the house up for sure.

      • I would love to see a shake up, but I think as the night went on, Paul knows he wants Alex to feel safe going into next HOH, which he thinks will be physical. He said getting out Mark first is best, then they have to beat Alex in HOH and get rid of Jason. If Alex wins HOH then worst case is Paul tells Alex to cut Matt.

      • When you try to remove a big target like Cody tried………all of Paul’s minions treat you like crap. Ignore you, never ask you to eat even when they make cookies. I thought Alex would be as strong as Cody in big moves but she is a Minion as well.

      • Of course the whinny, pan hitting, yelling, cheating Josh will run tell Paul (Saddam Hussein look a like) minions what Mark said but put some lies in it. I cannot understand one word that Crybaby Josh says, needs to learn how to ennounciate!

      • I watch the feeds daily…. lots going on only feeders see… just because they appear to be following Paul doesn’t mean they are. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Paul has started playing way too hard last couple of weeks and I’ll be amazed if he makes it to f2. There is a small group agenda: cody/Jess~check, mark/elena and Matt/raven. Once that is accomplished they will cut Paul loose.

      • Hi, darlin’. I was gone on a date with my granddaughter. I’ve always taken her shopping before school every year. Although she is starting college, as long as she will spend time with me, I’ll do it until she’s out of school. It’s just a special time the two of us have shared.
        That was a great post by Kasey. I miss the old BB, period, but we just gotta’ go with the flow. :D

      • Yep. Hey I think these could go all kinds of crazy this week coz it looks like Paul, Christmas and Josh might seriously be considering getting Jason out instead of Mark!! :O That would send the house spinning ike Dorothy’s farm house in the Wizard of Oz! haha

      • Alex would be at a huge disadvantage, imo, if that happens. I kind of hope it does. Jason leaving would definitely cause more drama and paranoia than Mark.

    • Wow! Loved seeing how the game has evolved over the years! Thank you for posting this.
      I wish they would bring back food competitions. It was not only fun, but it inspired the entire house to work together in camaraderie (if only for that one comp) in order to eat well that week.

      • Was thinking the same thing about food competitions. Would be fun to see once again instead of outback steakhouse or other chains paying for promotions. Has to eat snails or rat tails to claim HOH.

      • Yep. Yuck! Do you remember in season 8 when they made those nasty a$$ shots and Evel Dick just went right through them without barely breaking a sweat?? *shudders* Eew.

      • It was a POV comp if I remember correctly, and the HG had to down shot glasses of gross concoctions like liquified clams/lobster/snails & fruit juice…tuna & ice cream…beets & peanut butter… I’m not sure if those were actual shots, but you get my drift. They were bad flavor combos that had to taste nasty! Yikes!

      • lol. Evel seemed like a drug addict or alcoholic, and I really thought that he was kicked out the second time because of that. He later revealed his diagnosis, but that could be one of the reasons. God only knows what other nasty things he has consumed before. I really wish they would do those types of comps again. Eating roaches like Fear Factor.

      • That must be Dean seeing Sam as a demon for the very first time…or watching Sam eating healthy.

      • LMAO! It could seriously be either or considering Dean’s love of bacon & cheeseburgers! hehe.
        Are you a Supernatural fan, Alf??

      • I like it. Been around for 25 years or close to it. Sam has grand kids in real life at this point.

      • Lol! 12 seasons, but it is still one of CW’s highest rated shows. I LOVE Supernatural! There are so many great characters. Oh, and the actor, Mark Pellegrino, who plays Lucifer…ROFLMAO…he’s the best!

      • He’s awesome. Love the book keeper from Heaven. Curtis Armstrong?

        Edit: Scribe of God not book keeper.

      • That was Metatron, right? Yeah, he was fantabulous!
        Oh and who can forget Cass & Crowley?! OMG… between those two I am nearly peeing myself laughing sometimes! haha

      • The game has become about “twists and turns”. That’s good some of the time but it has happened nearly every week here. Enough already. Just play the game and I agree….food comps….they were fun.

  14. Out of the 2.4k votes 50% of voters want paul out. Hahaha. That’s a good census for CBS to keep him.

  15. That could be it, or production has rigged the game to keep Paul safe for the whole season including winning the prize. How shocking that would not be.

  16. CBS should’ve tempted Paul with 500k to not enter the house this season. 😂 The whole house knows he’s running the show and they won’t do anything about it. This season of expect the expected is 😴 💤 😴 💤

  17. so sick of these game changing temptations. Theres No reason to actually play the game anymore. Evictions don’t matter. Veto’s don’t matter ,a waste of time when noone get’s evicted. Who comes up with these lame Twist’s after twist’s ? ruining the game

  18. Honestly I’m just ready for this season to fast forward lol, at this point Paul has won the game so these next few weeks are going to be pretty boring. The main thing I look forward to is Paul cutting throats, especially Alex

  19. This is pathetic. Another crappy “twist” for a crappy season.

    Just give Paul the $$$ now and call it quits.

  20. omggg Mark really?? Dude grow some balls. And of course all these twists will used to save Paul.

  21. Paul has laid down the law and the plan. If you even talk about putting Paul up, you are gone. He is using Mark and Jason’s talk at the chess board and using them as examples and they are to leave next to show others do not talk about Paul leaving. Then he wants Alex/Matt gone, either order, then Kevin. The it is a bit unclear but he never gives anyone a plan to get Raven out, so I think she is his real f2, his back up f2 seems to be Josh. Xmas leaves f5-f3, honorably by losing a comp. I hope this plan does not work out but Paul sure has told everyone who they have to talk to, who they can’t talk to and their role, and they are all following.

  22. I hate twists like this so late in the game, but Mark what are you thinking? You make a deal with that power, dude! Buy votes with it. If he didn’t get a promise of safety from Paul then he is a big dummy!

    • All of the HGs hardly keep to their deals. Paul will not, and will threaten anyone who tries to. Unless Mark gets one who realises he obviously has fallen out of favour with the alliance with nothing to gain but all to loose. But for now, no one seems to realize that.

  23. I don’t see Raven making it to final 2.

    1. She’s disposable player (can’t win ANYTHING), so she’s going to start being used as a pawn on the regular pretty soon. I think she would be used as a pawn over Josh at this point, because they (minus Mark and Matt) would rather keep him than Raven if something happens and a pawn has to be voted out

    2. She is very low on the totem pole in the house as far as house guests liking her (Paul, Xmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Josh…pretty much everyone but Matt can’t stand her as a person but are keeping quiet until they get Mark and Matt out)

    • I thought it was funny too when I heard Jessica’s podcast and she said not only was she surprised that America saw Raven as annoying, but that Raven is actually way more annoying in person…

      I would have a hard time not showing that I couldn’t stand her. I wouldn’t say anything, but it would be a struggle to laugh along side her or let her put her Matt-sullied lips on my cheek for those kisses she likes to give out

    • Paul likes her, in everyone of of his many final scenarios she is with him. Paul is fine with Alex, Jason, Matt, Mark, Kevin, Alex , and Xmas leaving but not Raven.
      I think Paul is waiting to see how things play out but he wants Raven or josh with him at the end and as we have seen Paul gets his way.
      Paul has also already thought out if Alex wins HOH how to protect Raven, so I see her as one of the safest right now.
      Only real shot soon is another DE that Alex or Kevin wins.

  24. At this point in the game,just let the remaining house guests fight it out,very late ‘twists’ are too little too late for my tastes,already had temptations galore,so why this repetitive move so late in the game,time to just let fate take it’s course without so many last whistles and bells going off in the very last minute,leaves a bad aftertaste..

    • 1000% agree with everything you said…you basically articulated my thoughts and feelings into words.

      • Very disappointed BB did this,usually do not complain about production decisions but this frankly is overkill!

  25. And good lord quit blaming Paul for what happened,no one held a gun to Mark’s head..hep.

  26. celebrity big bro next season: cast of ‘the view’ and cast of ‘the talk’ and toss in kelly ripa too!

  27. “If Elena was still there she would figure out how to get 5k and evict herself’, haha, funny and true, Matthew.

  28. Some fret here that Raven might win,no Sheena,Queen of the Jungle will not win,trust me on this one!

  29. I’m not blowing smoke when saying..this is the funniest forum I’ve ever read. Should have left 3 hours ago but people keep posting funny things.

    • Interesting. He’s been killing it in the veto comps.

      • I hope he wins, throw a monkey wrench into Paul’s Christmas’ plans. Keep things interesting as long as we can. Would love to see Alex go up on the block at some point. She’s been such a whiny little bish.

      • Agree 100%. I’ve really been enjoying Jason, surprisingly so. I couldn’t stand him in the beginning but he’s has come into his own.

      • I agree Matt hasn’t played hardly at all, but I’m kind of hoping if Jason and Matt are left OTB that Jason goes just because it would cause more drama and paranoia and Alex would feel a bit of vulnerability.

      • You can tell when they hit the bored out of mind point. A lot of pranks and a lot of rehashing he says/she says conversations.

  30. Of course Paul safe again…….it’s set for his conniving ass to win! If Josh gets something Good, I think I will puke. Also Christmas. What a sleeve! Hate BB19. Don’t watch any longer as majority of my friends but will check in on Jokers from time to time. Oh, I miss BB when they had balls to carry out a blatant rule, not this Season.

  31. Sigh….yet more gimmicks, presumably needed to make up for the lack of imagination on the part of the players, ie. the hg’s won’t shake things up, so production will do it for them; I’m good with it so long as it doesn’t favor Paul, but IDK, he’s enjoyed protection from the get go, therefore it seems contrived.

  32. Just reading Jokers and Jason may have just put a nail on his coffin. Apparently Xmas chose Raven to play in the Veto. Jason saying to Paul and Alex that he finds it very strange that Xmas did not pick Alex to play. Now that is going to set off alarms for Paul that Jason is catching on to his plans. Jason better win the Veto.

      • Yep, Itchy Snitchy has wanted Matt out for a while for some unknown reason, at least I’m not aware of his exact reason why.

    • I know I was watching that… lol! The house is about to get jiggy, hon!
      I told you Paul was gonna target Jason! And it is not just his *stupid* DE nom speech. When Alex told Derrick Jason was her “ride or die”… Paul’s eyebrow shot up to his hairline! He wants Alex’s loyalty to be on him & him alone…until he ditches her of course. I KNEW he’d target Jason after that!!

      • For Paul having Alex say to Derrick (BB winner) Jason is her ride or die… I could just tell it irritated him. I know Paul. He is full of paranoia this season and I predicted Jason’s speech about the convo between him/Mark combined with Alex’s comment would make Jason a target… Looks like I was spot on! ;)

      • True. Paul’s facial expressions were so animated! From worry when Derrick said he was playing to relief when he learned he wasn’t.

      • I really didn’t get it why Alex said that. Not smart. She’s the first want to break couples and admit she’s a duo. Same as couple.

    • So that’s how that happened. I thought for sure that Christmas had maybe gotten HGs choice and picked Paul. Raven? Pfft…If it’s a liar take all comp, she could beast it.

      • Picking Raven is not a very subtle move, of course that’s going to raise questions. So now I want Alex and Jason to go have a chat with Mark, lol

      • I could see that happening and Mark would most likely be very receptive to that since he doesn’t have much of a choice. OR….would he go straight to Paul with it to try to gain Paul’s trust? Hmmm

      • Always and never..lol, but Jason ratted him out already, too. It would be interesting to see what Mark would do, for sure.

      • Mark is the least trustworthy of the house. Will say whatever is needed. Guess it comes down to if he can sway anyone to his side.

      • What makes me think he would go to Paul is he obviously has already started trying to go there by choosing Paul for pick a friend to save this week.

      • Is Paul going to actually do it?? If he pulls the trigger on Jason, Alex may turn on him…

      • Who would she have on her side, though? Not Raven, Matt, Josh, or Christmas I don’t think.

      • Mark seems like bigger threat lately winning comps. And only one who brought up getting Paul out.

      • Yes, he does. I hope he wins veto and leaves the noms the same, forcing the house to choose.

      • I’m hoping he doesn’t, sorry. Want to see him out but hey, as they say, it’s just a game so we can still be friendly 😀

      • Always and no need to be sorry. We all have opinions and I love to discuss them. I have changed my mind because of the opinion of someone else. What do you want to happen?

      • Not a popular opinion, but in long term would like to see Paul win it but, if he does won’t be as sweet as had he last season because consensus seems to be he got an easier ride with safety. I also think Alex is a good player and like that she has gone for the honest approach…comparatively at least! But for now, I would like to see Mark out for various reasons. Initially, he did little and whined about everything. He has loyalty to nobody (arguably could be a good thing fo game) and is so transparent in switching sides. Maybe he just annoys me so I could change my mind but doubt it, haha. All that said, While I like Jason and Alex, maybe right move is to split them up now. Don’t know!

      • The reason I would like Jason or Alex to go(and it looks like Jason is the only possible choice currently) is I think it strengthens Paul’s chances of winning. Matt and Raven will only feel more loyalty to Paul, because they need him. Alex and Jason are getting to the point where they will not need Paul. Mark needs Paul and I think he would help Paul. If Mark wins veto and then instantly turns on Paul, I will be eating crow. It won’t be the first time. lol

      • Ah, good points! Wonder if Mark would try to team up with Alex and Maven tho. And would Paul give Alex a heads up if they vote Jason out. I’m still not clear on Paul and Alex’s agreement. I saw one clip where she seemed to imply it would be her and Paul at end. Maybe she meant final 3 tho…

      • She says Jason is her ride or die. I believe that she would rather be in F2 with Jason than with Paul because she would have a better chance beating Jason if the jurors voted on game play. jmo

      • Agree, this isn’t her ideal scenario, but Jason did this to himself. He won’t ever have the trust of others in their alliance, which puts her in a bad spot.

  33. Here’s the thing…Paul is never seriously going to have Raven and Matt in his final 5 if he has things his way. But in the event something goes wrong this week (Mark stays and Jason gets voted out), and Maven catch on to Paul’s alliance with Jalex, Maven could team up with Mark to try to get Paul out.

    Also, Paul already knows that Xmas is silently resentful to Jason. So, if he is telling Xmas (who’s OK with Jason going) and Maven that they need to get Jason out, that makes them feel closer to him. That also covers up any suspicion that his “real” alliance is with Jalex, not Maven.

    And FINALLY, if Jason does go home, it won’t be on Paul’s HoH.

  34. Also, at least according to my count/ assessment, Jason vs Matt:
    Jason: Alex, Kevin, Paul, Josh(?),
    Matt: Raven, Mark(?)

    Josh will vote how Paul Xmas want him too, Mark will vote with the house although there is the fact that Jason nominated him & Elena in the DE. So…

    I think it would be a bad idea for Paul to try to get out Jason this week, only except for the fact that it does leave Alex alone in the game, and it keeps Maven and Xmas from getting suspicious about Paul’s alliance with Alex.

    • They would be better to ask Mark to use pov on Matt and put Alex up. Better if Alex goes she’s game smarter then Jason. And Jason alone would be lost.

      • It wouldn’t be better for Paul’s game though. He still needs Alex as an ally because she’s a stronger competitor than Jason and can protect Paul for longer in the game.

        I don’t want Jason to go though. He’s grown on me lol

      • I know! I’d actually want to be his friend in real life. It was also cute seeing him re-read his letter from his wife when no one was around, getting himself mentally pumped up for this veto competition

  35. Can I just say thanks for staying positive with your posts this season! I know many think it’s not that exciting, but I like to just look at the spoiler facts and the writer I have always followed decided has decided to turn this season into a grip blog! You have a new fan!! Thanks again!

  36. Mark is an idiot. Idiot. Dum without the “b” dumb. Paul? Really? What if xmas had wanted to go big? What if? We will never know. What we do know? Mark is dumb.

    • Nooo. You miss the point. It’s good for Paul’s game. We’re playing this this year. Not big brother!!

      But it’s actually not that bad if he’s no more target number one after this.

  37. Will leave you fine folks with a question. More obnoxious. Josh from season 19 or Howie from season 6? Good night.

  38. Paul’s lucky he didn’t get chosen to compete in this veto…would would have to expose his alliance to either Jalex or Maven.

    Side-note: now that Josh has told Matt and Raven that Kevin told Jason to keep noms the same if he wins (so they can vote out Matt), Kevin has become a target to Maven.

    Other side note: Raven b*tching about Cody right now…girl please. I’m guessing that she is just mad he didn’t want her in the beginning. Also, she is a sociopath – she’s telling everyone for no reason that she didn’t take the cat ears, and is feigning outrage at the accusation.

  39. Something needs to save Mark for a few weeks. This has been the WORST season yet due to Paul being safe for three weeks and his lackies drooling after him like he knows all…..horrid season thus far! No guys in the group to make a big move’

  40. Don’t you agree ? The feeds give us a much better choice since we don’t have 2 camera on Jody all the time.

  41. This game is so fixed, with bringing the chosen Paul back to who knows how they scheme with him in the DR. Josh should have been gone long ago and why has Paul never been mentioned to go? It’s all fixed.

  42. This whole season has been about Paul, I really believe it’s already set up for Paul to win it all. He has just got to many things through his way this year to help him.

    • Why is it when someone you don’t like is winning it ‘must be set up’. Paul can be crass and a pain but he’s playing the game to perfection. He is like Derrick, just more vocal and out there.

  43. Lets do live feeds in the jury house.
    Make a twist and have Jessica surprise Cody at jury house. That would make for some interesting tv. Cody can ask her to Marry him and cbs can run with it

  44. Big whoop at this point. Paul runs the show and no one in that house would dare go against him. This show is getting more painful to watch as every episode airs. Christmas is just as dumb as everyone else. I had my hopes up that maybe she would bring common sense back into the house but nope. I feel for Mark. He just can’t catch a break. Now he’s going to at least get some time with Elena at the jury house.

  45. Was Mark allowed to save Christmas? If he really didn’t care to save anyone that’s the easy way to waste it. Or use it to save Josh. You make amends with him, get on his good side and Christmas’s side, and there’s no way Christmas would nominate Josh anyway.

  46. I did not hear any mention of $5,000 on the Sunday night episode, did anyone else? This week Mark was an obvious dead man walking and “can’t play in next HOH” isn’t really a punishment if you’ll be happy to survive the week so there really wasn’t a risk for him taking an apple.

    But next week there is no obvious dead man/woman walking so would anyone really risk it? In reality “can’t play in next HOH” would not be a punishment for the current HOH so is the currrent HOH allowed to take an apple? That would mean the only danger for the current HOH would be bounty (which I’m not exactly sure what that would mean).

  47. Does not intterest me in the least bit. Only watched Jessica and Cody eviction speeches to see if it would wake anyone up in the house to start playing their own game.

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