Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 11

Josh Martinez plans his nominations on BB19

We have arrived at the Final 5 for Big Brother 19 and it won’t take long for us to see things break down to a F4 with the early eviction episode next Wednesday. So who is going up as the main target this round? There won’t be any surprises if you’ve been following along the past few weeks.

Alex secured the F6 HoH during the wild Double Eviction last night which meant Paul’s primary plan was out the window. Raven fell victim to those circumstances, but she would have a round or two later anyway. Now Alex is vulnerable and ready for her next chance at eviction.

Josh has the HoH key around his neck and he’s ready to do finish the job of taking out “Jalex” this week. With only five HGs left and one of them safe as HoH there really are only a very few options. And as we’ve heard repeatedly from Josh in his camtalk sessions, as much as he’s concerned about Paul he will not turn on him.

It’d be a crazy week to watch if Josh decided he could get to the end without Paul’s help but he won’t. There won’t be any shocking betrayals here. Josh is committed to his trio and that leaves him with just two options right now.

Alex and Kevin will be nominated later today. From there they’ll be on to compete in the Veto on Saturday. This will be a do-or-die situation for Alex but don’t for a moment be surprised if Paul convinces her yet again that Kevin is the target and she’s safe. Alex asked the trio (not knowing they’re a trio) to just tell her if she’s the target, but they won’t do that just yet. At best it’ll be after the Veto is decided and they know what’s going to happen for sure.

Should Alex or Kevin pull off the Veto win then we’ll have to see if Josh renoms Christmas or Paul, but it still won’t matter at the end of the round. Paul actually hopes Kevin pulls off the Veto win, but that’s because he wants to avoid having not save Alex and expose their game. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Kevin PoV win though so we could get something interesting to see debated in the next few days.

I’ll admit it’s a tad sadistic, but if we get to the next eviction with Alex and Kevin still on the Block then I’ll be a bit tickled to see her go before Kevin after all the endless s**t talk she’s done about him. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of revenge for Kevin, even if it’s short lived for him.


  • Josh won HoH
  • Alex is the target with Kevin as backup
  • Josh plans to nominate Alex & Kevin
  • Results expected later tonight

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  1. What started out to be a season worth watching turned out to be a season to turn off the TV….Sooo sad

  2. If he is going to nominate Paul, then he has to put Christmas next to him. Nominating Alex and Paul is not a good idea since Alex will get evicted and Paul will evict Josh next time. I do hope that Alex stays and goes so Kevin can laugh in her face. He won’t since he is a gentleman, but I hope he at least gives her a nice FU goodbye. message.

    • You didn’t read the article, did you? Josh is nominating Alex & Kevin, not Paul! He wants Alex out!

      • I always read the article. I know each week who is getting nominated, since Paul always lets us know who he wants. My comments each week is about who I wish the HOH nominates. I know is Alex and Kevin, but if he miraculously nominates Paul, then it should be with Christmas not Alex.
        Did you read the last part of my post?

      • Paul wants Alex out….at this point Josh thinks he does not have a choice…but he does…Josh is not a superfan as he claims to be..If he was a super fan he would cut his ties with Paul and Christmas and play his own game…

      • Yep. For all the “I’m going to play my own game” talk we’ve heard from Josh, we’re all still waiting for him to start.

      • what exactly does that mean to “play your own game”? play alone with no allies? that would never work. so are you all saying Josh should have other allies instead of P and C?

      • It took me a while to understand what it meant, but ‘play your own game’ is really, ‘to try to evict/nominate, put Paul OTB. Ha!

      • Yeah..Give me at least a reason, a motivation why that move is good for his game. Like..’he’s not gonna win sitting beside him. I need something..but no..’Put him OTB because I hate him’ lol it’s bs.

      • If he wants to win the game he needs to get rid of Paul. But he already said he’d take a bullet for him. So all his big talk in the DR is an act orchestrated by production for TV purposes only.

      • And the best chance at doing that is at F3. If he tries now, it could very easily backfire with him going out next.

      • Exactly. Eliminating Paul at F5 with Alex still in the house is not a smart move for Josh, imo. If he can do it at F4 or F3 then it makes perfect sense.

      • Josh can’t put Paul OTB just yet else he will be the next target. Xmas will protect him over getting out Alex or Kevin. It will be silly for Kevin to vote out Paul in favour of Alex and it won’t make sense for him to keep Xmas over Paul with Alex still in the game to witch hunt him along competing with an alliance in Joshmas.
        Paul may be the biggest threat to the entire game, but Alex persnally is to Kevin. She may guarantee Joshmas F3 but at that level, Paul is their preferred and lesser threat game wise. So for the GENERAL GOOD OF ALL that is remaining, Alex needs to go (be targeted) instead.
        At f4, any HOH can freely target Paul (i.e. if Alex is already out) since the HoH will no longer be at his mercy at f3. Unfortunately, Josh is not eligible to be HoH next week.

      • At this point Josh needs to play for Josh…Screw Christmas and Paul.. They adults they will survive (or not) by using each other the same as they have Josh Alex and Kevin.. and the rest of the house for that matter…Josh can survive and go to the end if he applies his self and knowledge of the game…

      • maybe not…..Pauls reveal as to who (if he gets there) his final 2 choice would be is unknown….

      • I hear what you’re saying, but Josh knows Paul and Christmas want to go final 3 with him. He and Paul will most likely win the first 2 parts of final HOH by default because of Christmas leg. I know for sure he would cut Paul if he wins final part which is his only chance to win the game and even if he loses Paul will take him to F2. The only drama left this season is does Paul win final HOH comp and win the game or does he get clipped at the final moment.

      • This is my read as well. Though there is a small possibility that Paul will stab Josh in the back and clip him next week.

      • I’m sure if Alex is evicted, Paul will take Kevin to F3 instead of Josh. F2 will be easier for him that way.

      • Also known as the “Vanessa-Steve Scenario”. I think that’s a solid blueprint for Josh. Could also work if there’s a shocking Kevin HOH win at F4.

      • Sadly for Josh, it’s too late to “play his game” (which is really just the game some of the VIEWERS want him to play, not really HIS game).

        If Josh nominates Christmas and Paul, Christmas will be evicted and Josh will be isolated in the game and most likely evicted next round.

        His best hope is to make final three, win the F3 HOH and cut Paul at that time, taking Christmas (or Kevin) with him to F2.

        Everyone left in the house has major incentive to evict Alex this round. There really is NO OTHER game move for anyone this round.

        If Alex doesn’t win veto, she will be evicted.

      • The reason Paul wanted Josh to win this HOH is to get rid of Alex! Josh can’t play in next week’s HOH and Paul has an easy win. Then Paul can cut ties with Josh, send him packing!! Paul controls who he takes to the final 2, which is Kevin!! Kevin who did nothing but let Paul control him all season and got on every houseguests nerves!!

      • While Paul may want to win the next HOH, he will in no way be able to send Josh packing if he does win HOH. All of the power next round to evict a house guest will go to the veto holder (or the person NOT nominated).

        The HOH winner is safe, but ultimately the decision about who goes is up to the one person not on the block.

    • He’s not always a gentlemen. He’s also said some pretty nasty things. He just always gets a good edit.

      • I watched feeds and he always seemed nice. He would say things about people that were honest. They treat him badly and there is never a reason for it.

      • I agree I don’t like the way he’s been treated either but he’s not all innocent. When he’s talked one on one with Jason or Paul he’s said some nasty things about people too. Not to anyone’s face though. They just haven’t showed it.

      • Things like…….? He’s been elderly and somewhat fatherly to all (including targets) all season. How did you get facts about the good edits that others probably don’t have?

  3. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall in the jury house to hear Jason. Do you think he believed Josh’s DR message over Paul’s?

    • Seems like (from their exit interviews with Julie), both Jason and Raven feel Paul has played them. If you’re comparing the talk in the BB house with the talk in the jury house, I’d bet the jury house convos are far more interesting at this point.

      • Lmao….Paul is on a “team” with the entire house…Not just one or two…but the entire house…

      • Wish BB could film Alex, Jason, Josh, Christmas, Raven and Matt as they watch the season at home, especially if Paul wins. Alex would see how she threw her game away.

      • I honestly don’t think she cares, she has convinced herself she will be rich and famous after leaving the BB house..

      • Quite sure we’ll see a highly-scripted / edited jury house discussion after Jason and Raven get there. Fireworks!!

      • Of course he played them and that will be obvious once they start comparing notes. Anyone with half a brain could have saw it anyway. Everyone in the house knows that Paul controls every move in the house. How can they not know that he is playing all sides. Either they don’t care because it helps them, or they are so in the game and emotionally invested while in the house that they are looking the other way. Once they are out of the game and in jury with lots of time to think, it will be clear.

        Its more important that the people in the house don’t see they are being played while they are still there. Because if they do, Paul’s game is likely up.

        All the talk about poisoning the jury is dumb IMO, because they will obviously figure it out. (They can’t all be that stupid). If the jury is bitter then Paul is scr*wed. But if they see it as good game play, then they will likely give props to Paul. Paul is not dumb. I think he realizes that there is a good change that the jurors are going to figure things out. But he may also be banking on that for votes.

      • Your right Lisa, it’s like when Derrick won his season, no one in the house realized he was the mastermind of all their evictions, until they got to jury house, then they started putting 2 and 2 together. So Paul winning will depend on what type of Jury they have, are they going to be a bitter / upset group or will they actually vote for the person that played the game the best

      • That’s why I think his goodbye message to Jason was stupid. He should know that everyone will compare notes in jury. That was the kind of unnecessary extra lie that can make someone tip from “it’s just a game” to “bitter juror”. Bad move, especially when coupled with Josh’s msg.

      • It seems Raven will be the last to believe Paul played her and Matt. She may even excuse Paul’s vote to evict her was strategic and good to be respected.

    • oh yeah…Jason knew Josh was telling him the truth…But as he believes Alex was in with Paul he has to remember that Josh did not include Alex in the ” Paul Christmas and I have been in an alliance for awhile now” statement…Jason knows he was betrayed but he is still trying to figure how Alex fit in…(she didn’t)

      • Ooooh, here you go again. She will not. Paul is now her ride or die. She has been his strongest backbone all season.
        If Alex had been evicted earlier in the season, Paul wouldn’t have had it so easy. The week 4 that had Ramses evicted would have done the damage if Alex and Paul were on the block. The entire season would have been different but Jessica screwed it.

      • The fact that Jason automatically thought Alex and Paul voted against him, makes him one of the dumbest guys though. There were 2 votes for him and 2 votes against him. If it was me, my first thought would have been my allies stayed true and the two votes against me were Josh and Raven. The fact that he thinks Alex betrayed him, just makes him a moron

      • Alex kept telling him he was safe…Repeatedly…told him he was safe..Alex even ask Paul with Jason in earshot if they were looking at a backdoor scenario Paul denied it….Its that Alex assured him he was safe when he was not…Both got blindsided and one went home….

    • If Paul is in F2, it would be a travesty if those idiots in the jury voted for the other person. Paul played them because they were too stupid to realize anything. Playing people is the core of the game. I hate this cast.

    • Absolutely think Jason believed Josh’s goodbye message over Paul’s … especially since Julie basically told him with her, “Let’s listen to your HGs goodbye messages — they may reveal something.”

  4. We can only hope Alex will win the veto and force Josh to put up Paul. And then when can only hope that some light bulbs will go off and these window lickers will realize Paul has played each and every one of them the entire season and they will send him packing. Sadly, it is wishful thinking because dumb, dumb Christmas will probably volunteer to go OTB instead of making Paul.

    • If Alex gets veto it goodbye Kevin to date…But if Paul gets an itch in his beard to deem different I see Christmas going…

      • If they send Alex packing, I’m thinking Paul is going to want to get Christmas out next. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly & you know he’s losing it, having to canoodle with her all the time.

      • If Alex wins the the veto, it’s beyond Paul to keep Kevin. He can’t convince Alex to vote out Xmas and expect Josh to trust him on Alex all alone. He will find it easier in that scenario to let Kevin go and then plot against Alex with Josmas while keeping his hands clean.

  5. Not sure what the path would be, but wish Josh would get the boot on Wednesday night, then Alex, then Paul, Christmas and Kevin in F3. Yeah I know this will probably never happen, but would love to see Josh just dig himself in even deeper with his big mouth and stupid behavior. And, even though I understand why Kevin is annoying as F, I still want Alex to go before him so he can give the good ole middle finger wave goodbye.

      • Yes of course, ok Alex and then Josh as long as both go. Whether we like them or not, Paul and Christmas have played very strategic games. Josh would have been out week 2 or 3 if he wasn’t dragged along.

      • Yeah, I think she was to some degree. But, she’s also had to work even harder at playing a mental and social game..not saying I love it. In fact, I dislike both of them, but in game comparisons, Josh has been carried along precisely BECAUSE he’s such a moron.

  6. if the veto is used and josh puts up paul and the votes r alex and xmas -itll be a tie and josh breaks the tie and sends paul home -oh boy oh boy oh boy iam dreaming

  7. Christmas Abbott
    You mean to tell me with all the open beds you still sleep with Paul?

    Paul even said to Josh late last night while drunk that he was dreading sleeping with Christmas because she is scary and he is too young for her. Josh said you guys have been doing some major body spooning but Paul tried to nix it by saying he already has someone else. He was definitely “lit” as they say.

    Can’t Paul move to another bed or is he actually afraid of Christmas blowing up? Does he feel he would be drawing an unnecessary line?

    Christmas Abbot is really in a world of hurt once she finds out Paul doesn’t like her. I think she is slowly starting to see signs but when you are in love there’s not much you can do about it.

    I can barely watch her swoon and laugh after everything Paul says. It must be miserable and high level suffering to not know whether Paul likes her

      • Have they been messing around? I don’t have feeds and didn’t realize they were doing anything more than sleeping (admittedly naive 60-year-old).

      • Apparently she broke up with her fiance.

        Christmas stated earlier she had bought a very expensive dress and said she would use it for the next potential husband (Jessica said No! bad luck)

        Christmas also stated a few days ago she was planning to spend the summer in LA to play and try to get some business.

        It sounds like she is lost and searching for something because she is running from Raleigh and stated she would entertain a summer showmance on BB indicating she is on the prowl

    • This confirms what I was thinking about this sudden cozy relationship w/Paul & Christmas. He knows she has the hots for him but he isn’t interested. He’s just tolerating it to keep her “chill” in his game. He is so not into her. Even said she has an “evil” laugh.

    • Christmas love = $ 500,000. Raven love = $ 200,000 medical bills. Jessica love = $ 180.00 per hour

    • Paul is prob one of those guys/players that tells her what she wants to hear when they are alone and behind her back makes fun of her- he is doing it now

  8. And this thing that Paul has about fake arguments and the continued bashing of Kevin is totally uncalled for at this point…Paul has already proven what a low life jerk he is why do we need constant reminders?? Paul wants Josh to bash Kevin this week…WHY??? Which Josh has refused…thank goodness…Paul is just a mean overbearing abusive son of a bitch…

    • Pauls power has gone to his head. I’ve said before that it is unnecessary and poor gameplay to attack Kevin. He is no threat. Paul just gets a charge out of making people do these things. Its sick

  9. I saw a side of Christmas last night she totally wanted Josh to bully Kevin she is as bad as Alex and she is soooo in love with Paul and thinks he wants her too makes you want to puke lol

    • At this point, I hope Christmas goes after Alex. Leaving Paul, Kevin and Josh to battle for the best of 3 HOHs. Paul will win but, Alex and Christmas being evicted would be well worth it!

  10. i’d actually like to see Josh win it all, but i don’t understand the hatred for Paul at all. how is it his fault if people are dumb enough to follow him? why blame/punish someone for being a good player? i don’t see how he’s at fault for the people who willingly followed him. he’s a master at controlling them, so good for him.

    • He has controlled them skillfully, which I admire. I don’t admire how he has egged them on to instigate nasty fights and bullying. His gameplay strictly by itself is excellent, but the cruelty surely is the opposite.

    • I know game play…I also know that continuous personal attacks are uncalled for at this point ..I have never said that Paul was not playing the “game”.. I have said that Paul gets to much pleasure out of attacking or watching people being belittled and maligned…That is not “game play”…that’s just a mean ass little man who enjoys seeing others hurt…

      • My beef with Paul is his continued refusal to do his own dirty work. I’m one of those people who will not ask someone to do for me what I’m unwilling (not unable … unwilling) to do myself. If you want something done and you’re not willing to do it yourself because maybe you’ll get your lovely manicured hands dirty, then maybe that particular job doesn’t need to get done.

      • Too, too True!!! Last Night Paul asked Josh to go after Kevin yet again, & Josh refused! Paul likes to beat a dead horse to death, imvho…

        Then Paul asked for Kevin’s Friendship bracelet, for No reason, & Kevin gave it to him?! After asking if Raven took her Friendship Bracelet?! Kevin is ALL about “Friendship” Paul is Not.

    • Paul is an instigating scumbag. He’s too much of a p***y to do anything himself. Instead, he preys on weak individuals to manipulate. I hope Cody kicks his teeth in outside the house. How can you like a grown man that wears a floatie around the house?

    • That’s not the point. Is he playing? Yes. But it’s the way he’s playing. He’s instigated bullying all season. Then he sits back and watches. He’s a coward. Even last night he’s Telling Josh to blow up on Kevin at F4. Telling Josh to bring up Kevin’s family because Paul knows that will set Kevin off. Josh said no. Paul’s a scumbag and I hope he goes at F3.

  11. These clowns are all giving it to Paul… Before anyone says that Cody and Jessica tried to take out paul, back up the bus…. Anyone who knows big brother, knows you don’t go in guns hot day one… That crew was on the crazy train.. Take a step back and remember how Ian got Boogie out… There is a time and place to stick a knife in a vets back and that window is almost 100% closed… Jason had a good opportunity to spin it and MISSED the dam boat… Josh is the only hope to knife paul and I think Josh is to much of a meatball ..

      • Let’s see- There’s Kevin in the red vest, and green sleeves; then Jason tall and lean; Christmas in the pink with yellow trim and red coconuts; Alex with the green hat and black & white striped leotard/bodysuit; then paul grabbing boxes and boxes of $$$. Must be AG (Allison Grodner) with the pale, pointy top-of-her-head, pushing across the boxes of money to paul; and saying THANK YOU!!! he he he :-)

    • Josh has the final shot, and he’s already said he won’t stab Paul, so that last ship out is about to sail. If these idiots would be honest, I’d love to hear the rationale as to why none of them would even put the fearless leader OTB even one time in 11 weeks. They all had to know he couldn’t (and wouldn’t) save them all, so why did they all think they’d be the final one?

  12. after the house thought.
    with celebrity bb coming up soon, I wonder is it will hurt the hg’s star turns. we might be less interested in their self promotion. I hope so, even a smidge.
    paul said last night he thinks this will be his last time in the house (I hope)

    • I would put virtually 100% odds that if Paul is sitting at F2 with Christmas, he will win it all. Once 12/25 broke her foot, she has done nothing to “earn” a win. I’m not a Paul fan, but even I would vote for him over her.

      • Josh most likely doesn’t realize it, but if he got Paul out of the House….Josh would Win the Game! But Josh is not going to cross Paul! No one left in the House is going to cross Paul! Paul is Sitting Pretty waiting for $500.000 to fall into his lap!

      • if paul was blindsided by josh, would he respect josh for that move and give him his vote? or be bitter?

  13. It could be celebrity Big Brother will replace the regular Big Brother since this season has made it so everyone knows how fixed it is. With all the bulling and rapist comments that went on most people don’t want any kind of bulling going on. Kevin after this will need some kind of therapy and to have Josh do this to stay in their group he will need therapy too. Don’t know why Paul is in it him and his family are very wealthy so he don’t need the money guess he just wants to bully

  14. Why not throw the Veto competition to Kevin, keeping Alex on the block, and putting up Paul.
    Then, vote Paul OUT.

      • True, because Paul Flipped the House to Keep Josh during Jessica’s HOH. Josh will not cross Paul, because he feels that he “Owes” him! I heard Josh say that Paul has carried them all to the Final, No One left in that House is gonna Vote Paul out?! How Pathetic is that???

    • Paul will be gunning for the veto. Even if he doesn’t win it, at least one of Kevin/Christmas would have to vote out Paul and probably neither would. Definitely not Christmas.

      Also, Christmas would insist on going on the block instead of Paul.

    • I would love it but it’s not going to happen with these people. They will continue to slay each other and send Paul all the way to final 2 with clean little hands! Smh!

  15. I would LIVE for Paul to make F2 and lose because of a bitter jury. I hope he’s put in a position to show his cards to Alex this week so he can lose another vote

    • I think he’ll still get the votes, bitter or not. I can’t see them voting for any1 else except maybe Alex. If she gets there with him, he may be in trouble.

  16. To those of you coming up with all these scenarios where Paul gets evicted this week: Not going to happen.


  17. I just watch raven Q&A interview after her eviction. Listening to her she’s a comp beast. She 100% delusional.

    • Paul told Alex that he and Christmas got rid of Raven because she’s a comp threat. Alex bought it. I’m pretty sure the real reason they clipped Raven is because she was driving them nuts.

      • Agree. Christmas had enough of her. Everyone else as well. But other funny face in her interview, she thinks alex is running the house!!! She even said alex is a poppet master!! And alex even controls Kevin. She really doesn’t have a good read on the game!!

    • Christmas will demand that Josh not use the veto if he wins and he will listen. If Alex or Kevin (lol) wins, Christmas will insist on going on the block and Josh will probably listen.

  18. I think CBS has already transferred the money to Paul’s account. Such awful game play by everyone else in the house. I really think giving Paul safety for so long at the beginning is a huge part of what made Paul’s game. Total snooze fest this year because no one is willing to make a move against Paul and they are all too stupid to realize that he is playing the whole house.

    • Oh, they’re realizing it; the minute they’re sitting outside chatting with Julie, they’re realizing it. Except for Raven, that is.

      • Going to be interesting if they give Paul the money because I know many are pretty pissed at Paul when they leave. Jason was really pissed last night. He wanted to punch someone you could see it.

      • Jason is the only one who seems mad at Paul. The others know it is a game. And Raven is clueless and thinks that Paul tried to save her.

      • I would like to hear the Jury house conversation that is for sure. I think Jason is probably the most sour. Cody is pretty pissed too but I think he would still give Paul the money. Will be funny if Paul doesn’t win the final HOH and gets kicked out then… I really doubt that is going to happen though.

      • He’s very emotional, it’s normal. He’ll enjoy the Jury house. Eventually, he’ll be more pissed of himself for not playing smart and being duped.

      • Hard to say I think once he watched the good bye messages he knew Alex wasn’t against him…. Some people do hold grudges though I have seen it happen more so on Survivor then big brother though.

      • I agree he’s just emotional right now. If he wouldn’t of been blindsided I think his reaction would of been different.

      • Yeah, he’ll simmer down. Especially when the others tell him to cowboy up. He may ride a bull but Paul threw him! {rimshot}

    • Meh, he would have survived the first eviction without the protection. And he won HoH and kicked Cody out the next week. Then Alex won the next HoH and she’s a dedicated Paul minion.

      • I think Cody had a chance to get him out. Keep in mind the first week Cody had lots of people on his side. He drowned in blood having to put so many different people up and not talking about things with his alliance also. I think he could have gotten Paul in the first week though.

      • Maybe if he tried to win over his alliance beforehand. Instead, he blindsided him, proving that he is an untrustworthy leader.

      • His complete lack of social skills destroyed his game for sure. Was too bad because he was the only one playing the game besides Paul.

      • If Paul wouldn’t have had the protection, Cody would have still had 6 days to let the HGs get over not being included in the plan, and could have possibly rallied enough people to vote Paul out. After 3 weeks Paul already had them COMPLETELY enamored with him, and convinced that they needed him to further their game. I respect Paul, but not the 3 weeks of protection. If he would have made it this far without the safety, I would be more impressed. Unfortunately, we will never know how that would have turned out, so I suppose it’s time to get over it, and see it now for what it is… As much as I dislike the guy, none of the others deserve to win, especially at this point. If one of them takes a shot at Paul, successful or not, they will get extra points from me! But I won’t be holding my breath! Haha

      • Very well said and I agree with you 100%. This is what I have been trying to say (you did a much better job btw). CBS pretty much gave him 1/3 of the game worth of safety. As long as I’m ranting about that I hated the way they brought Paul into the game and screwed over Cameron. They should at least give people a week in the house and if they get voted out fine. They planed Paul to come back the whole time. Of course someone is going to take $25k that no one knows they took. Like you said though after that Paul was the only one to even play. I found last weeks HOH just a laugh. I can’t believe no one even thought that HOH even the least bit strange. Geeze Kevin is throwing it right away. Should have been a big red light right there. Can’t stand Paul but at this point he deserves the money. At least he came and played.

  19. I agree Matthew! It would be EXTREMELY gratifying to see Alex voted out if she’s OTB with Kevin!!!!! Please, please, please let this happen!!!!!

  20. This is extraordinary. How in the world could Alex think she’s safe?? This is unreal! Smh. Paul did a great job because Alex, (second to Jody) was Paul’s biggest skeptic early in the game. She didn’t trust Paul as far as she could see him, almost an enemy, but look how Paul skilfully played her. Wow! Bravo! That’s old fashioned Big Brother. I don’t feel sorry for her because she deserves it being so evil to Kevin! That man probably has suits older than her. Smh

  21. I will admit that I wasn’t a fan of Paul at all last year. Unfortunately, he has successfully played everyone this season. Houseguests being manipulated into throwing competitions and voting exactly the way he tells them to. It’s an insult to the BB game and I hope anyone other than Paul wins.

    • It will be an insult to the game if anyone besides him wins. Unless somebody manages to clip him.

      • Everyone left in the house feels that they Owe Paul, he brought them to this point in the Game, Everyone left thinks that they are Paul’s F2…And no one left in the House will vote him out! Paul is setting Pretty waiting for his $500,000!

        Especially Josh…Paul Flipped the House when he was OTB to Keep him during Jessica’s HOH. hope I am wrong, but I don’t see Josh crossing Paul

      • Yes they’re eligible now. It started in all stars season as AFJ and only jurors were eligible. As of season 11 all houseguests are eligible.

      • Really? Look at me – I’m a Paul minion! Lol.

        I believed him when he said that he won AFP last year but didn’t get it / they wouldn’t give it to him since he won 2nd.

        He said he was ok then giving the prize to someone else but he wanted the money and they wouldn’t give it to him.

        Make my Koolaid grape. I’ll pour in some crystal clear and make myself a cup of moose p*ss. Lol

      • If Paul makes it to the final 2, it will be hard to deny that he played an effective game. However, I hope he doesn’t get enough jury votes to win. I think he was given too much of an advantage early on and I just don’t like the game that he played.

      • No Vet has ever gotten 3 Weeks NO Nomination, then Distributing Friendship Bracelets to endear the Newbies to him…Paul was given Advantages on a Silver Plate! And a Cast that was recruited, that knew nothing about how the game is Played….er, ah, cough…Jason, Kevin, Christmas.

      • Dan and the others vets were given weeks of safety in 14.

        And the friendship bracelets could have just as easily backfired and turned a bunch of them against him. Though really it didn’t matter either way. Christmas and Josh didn’t even get one, I don’t think.

      • I agree with you. That sword cuts both ways (friendship bracelet).
        Also, in the past, there was never 1 vet. At least previous seasons, vets had each other (and usually star-struck newbies). But a lot of them feared them and wanted to target them first.

      • According to Evel Dick, no returning Vet has “ever” received 3 Weeks Of not being Nominated. ED, is also in the court of opinion that Production bent over backwards for Paul…I believe, Evil Dick, & the Majority of Past Veterans of BB who feel the same way…That Paul Got MORE Advantages than any other returning Vet, EVER.

      • I have watched every season of BB and never has a returning player been given as much of an advantage over the other houseguests as Paul has received. The real insult to the game is how oblivious everyone has been to the harm of leaving Paul in the game. Except for Cody, no one was even brave enough to contemplate taking a shot at him. Maybe he does deserve to win for leading them like a bunch of sheep.

    • NOPE! Like it or not that IS how you get to the end of BB. If anyone left wins this game other than Paul THEN it WILL be an insult to the BB game.

      • I still think the unfair advantage Paul received early in the game obviously helped him. He would very likely have been a target and gotten picked off if he hadn’t been given so many weeks of safety. It is what is but I don’t like his game and hope he doesn’t get the votes even if he successfully leads the sheep to slaughter.

      • He very likely would have stayed the first week because Cody is a terrible player and blindsided his alliance thus proving himself an untrustworthy leader. Then Paul was the next HoH and booted Cody. The next week it was Alex, and I very seriously doubt that she would have targeted Paul if not for his safety. Then his safety was done. And Jessica won HoH did not put Paul on the block.

      • Coulda, woulda, shoulda but the fact remains. Giving Paul multiple weeks of safety was an unecessary and unfair advantage over the rest of the house. Not to mention the friendship bracelet crap.

      • And what about the unfair advantage Jessica got with the halting hex? And the unfair battle back competition where they geared it for Cody to win?

    • I agree. But I liked him last year but this year the way he instigates bullying and even so much as last night telling Josh you have to blow up on Kevin in F4. Telling him to bring up his family. Josh refused. He’s a scumbag this year and I hope he gets cut at F3. So close but a 2 time loser like he is.

      • My thought as well….I was a Paul supporter for a few weeks…When the constant belittling insults threats and maligning just to hurt people became an obsession with him I gave him up…..I hope he never graces the front door of the BB house again…If he does win I hope the money is worth losing peoples/fans respect as to him being a decent human being….which Paul Abrahamian is not…

  22. Alex will definitely fight for this veto. After what happened to Jason I don’t care what she’s saying to any of them she knows she has to win. And I would love to see Josh put up the Dictator. Even though Kevin would go then Paul and his arrogant talking about never being on the block would come to an end.

  23. Guesses….

    Josh noms Alex & Kevin
    Paul wins veto, convinces Alex that Kevin is going home and that he shouldn’t use the veto because it will show Xmas and Josh that they (Palex) trust them.

    If Alex wins veto, Josh will want to put Paul up…but maybe Xmas will ask to be put up instead.

    If Paul goes up, he 99.99% will have both Xmas and Alex’s vote (she needs him in the game as her only “ally,” and Xmas needs Paul in order to get to F2)

  24. It’s sadistic to want to see Alex leave before Kevin? I’d say that is justice, plain and simple.

  25. I would like to see Alex and Josh compare notes and see the bs that Paul pulled on getting Jason evicted. Paul coerced Josh into voting against Jason and then Paul voted against Kevin just to fool Alex. That was total horse s***t orchestrated by Paul.

      • Did you notice how he ran out ahead of the pack when she won HOH and kept her corralled from the other players?

      • Yes, we did and he was last to the veto ceremony following Josh & Alex back giving them their pep(Orders) talk.

    • If Josh did that he would infuriate Christmas who would side with Paul.

      Alex would believe them and conclude that Josh made the the whole thing up to try to turn her against Paul.

      Also, that move was totally successful. Alex bought it and didn’t put up Paul, Josh, or Christmas. Brilliant move.

      • Granted it’s just a game meant for entertainment. However, I would have rather seen a little more straight up effort in competitions and game play. Paul resorted too much on things like taking advantage of Josh’s mental and emotional weaknesses. In the end all is fair in love, war and BB but you don’t have to like it.

      • Agree that you don’t have to like it…personally, I like the way Paul has played the game.

        Other seasons I haven’t liked certain game play.

      • Oh for 500K, I have no problem employing the same strategy as Paul did, if I was playing BB.

      • If I was on the show, I would tell any lie, stab anyone in the back, use any sort of manipulation tactics, if I thought it would increase my odds of winning.

      • I still hope Paul gets the ride to the jury house that he deserves, before final 2. It seemed so obvious that getting rid of Paul would increase their chances of winning the 500K but they kept wasting HOH’s on weaker players. There are still a few shots left, I hope someone takes it.

      • bad move. say if Alex won Veto and Josh was forced or planned to put Paul up instead. we all know Alex will vote out Kevin and we know Christmas will vote out Kevin. so Josh can’t backdoor Paul nor put him up as a pawn. good strategy thinking on Paul’s part

      • Only hope is if josh told Alex the truth but knowing Alex she would go straight to Paul and blow up josh cause she’s an idiot.

      • He could put up Alex/Kevin, and try to win the veto himself or hope that Kevin wins it. Not very good odds, but possible. Then he would have to pull Kevin off, and convince him to vote out Paul. Again, not very good odds, but possible.

        All in all, it would be a dumb to try. Too many working parts and Josh is nowhere near the competitor or manipulator that Paul is. The whole the could easily fall apart and Josh goes home F4.

        Josh needs to wait till F3 and pull a Steve Moses if he can.

    • Me too. He was entertaining and fun to listen/watch on the feeds. He was always a welcome sight as opposed to Alex, can’t stand looking or listening to the feral wombat. I wonder how low she will sink this week in dragging Kevin to hell and back?

      • Yes I wish they would do a composite of all of Alex’s bullying this season. Something to show her nasty character that most of us saw on the feeds

  26. I’m not advocating it…but is there a chance of Alex getting to F2?

    Just for giggles….I think she’d have to win the veto, Josh puts Paul up.
    Alex and Xmas vote out Kevin.
    Alex wins next HoH and takes out Josh.
    Now it’s just Alex vs. Paul vs. Xmas

    That would put Paul in a tough situation…unless he loses the final HoH to Alex, and she is daring enough to take Paul over Xmas, Paul would have to decide which ally to screw over at the end (and therefore lose 1-2 more jury votes for sure (Josh and Xmas or Alex – assuming Jason is already not voting for Paul at the end).

      • ? Besides next week’s HoH to get down to 3 people, then the next 3 HoH comps that decide who has the power to make the F2 choice?

      • Nope, next week there is another HoH competition, they will play for veto and whoever wins that veto has the chance to decide who goes to final 3. It has been like that for years lol. Then whoever wins the final HoH decides who goes to final 2.

      • Right…eviction of whomever Josh puts on the block today, and the other 2 HGs not on the block choose to vote out.

        That leaves 4 people. They will be playing for the Head of Household next week (did you read the article/ have you seen BB before?). 2 people will be nominated, 1 person will win veto and only that person will be able to vote.

      • It is even stated on this site, in the latest article:

        “Now while CBS will do their best to protect the results of who gets evicted and who wins the **next** Head of Household comp…..”

      • There will be one on Wednesday after the eviction. There has to be with four HGs left. Then there will be another eviction on Thursday which will result in the final three.

  27. Well Matt, F6 F5 was where I had my fingers crossed someone would expose and take on Paul, and my interest was higher than it had been for a while. Bummer. More of the same to come. If Paul wasn’t a vet, and a singularly favored one, it might be like Derrick, but it’s not the same.

  28. bad move. say if Alex won Veto and Josh was forced or planned to put Paul up instead. we all know Alex will vote out Kevin and we know Christmas will vote out Kevin. so Josh can’t backdoor Paul nor put him up as a pawn. good strategy thinking on Paul’s part…and if Josh won veto…he going to leave noms the same – (cause naturally no one can nor will vote out Paul, unless Josh wasn’t a HOH – then Josh would vote out Paul). so see this is all Paul’s plan/or Production’s plan. so either way we look at it Paul is safe, no matter what. Paul will convince everyone to throw the POV….only hope is Kevin winning a POV.

  29. i just finished you tube w/ “busy blu”. he always has hysterical wrap ups of bb.
    i was laughing out loud!

  30. BB kind of screwed Paul by showing the goodbye from Josh. They took away his chance of winning. I thought the idea was for them NOT to influence who would win. Guess the staff decided they didn’t want Paul to win.

    • They didn’t take away his chances of winning. Jason may still be salty in a couple weeks, but he is only one juror. I don’t think any of the rest of them will be upset that Paul played Jason. In fact, once they see him, they will know right away that Paul played him before Jason even says anything.

      Derrick had a couple of jurors that were salty he got rid of them (Jacosta and Donny), he still won.

  31. IT does not matter this late in the game , the HOH has the power allot of power, Josh is a fool no to put up paul and Christmas, if one of them win the veto put up Alex , keep kevin , never take three strong people to the end, Paul will NOt do that, Alex should be thinking this too, but she is not, it seems they all want Paul to go to final two above themselves, Christmas is playing for Paul, that is so in your face, she was brought back for that purpose, I do not think any of these people have ever watched BB , it is about the 500 grand, Josh better realize that he has to make a big move, And stick to it, kevins vote would also provide a tie, and Josh would decide,, Kevin could be talked into voting anyway Josh wants, kevin wants to stay, , that is another reason to keep him, Josh should understand Kevins vote is very important , he is the least likely to win, Josh has not had a good social game , he has been used and burnt allot of bridges and has teamed up with bad people, people who only use him and still are,
    I do not see Christmas or ALex taking Josh to the final three if Kevin goes home,unless they wise up and get rid of Paul. IF kevin stays and they get rid of ALex, then he still has a chance, He has to break that trio up somehow,
    As it stands KEvin could never win, Josh , christmas and ALex have an equal chance, Paul would win if he is in final two.
    The final 5 HOH is the hardest of all in the whole season, You can not compete in 4 so you are at the mercy of liars and sneaks, That makes kevin even more important, That is where Derrick was slick he took the weakest person along for the ride and a vote, until it was time to say goodbye, But derrick did take a chance , but kept his word, Paul will not keep his word to most of those left,
    Paul is thinking ahead, he would sacrifice Kevin to take Christmas,if Alex stays, Paul wants to win and has deals with everyone, , I do not see paul taking Josh or alex to the end, he wants easy prey to compete against in the final three, You want to win and not work hard at it,
    This is a tricky time of the game, it is do or die, and not having your own game plan and listening to some one who only cares about themselves getting to the end and hoping they take you. when you let them get that far is a fools game and this year that seems to the theme,
    If paul does not win the next HOH he should be the one going out,

  32. First the veto comp with Bobby Moynihan was great, made for gifs.
    Josh outed Paul for Jason’s vote, was it an act ? Only Perry Mason knows
    Josh was in panic mode all week when all he had to do was chill by the pool
    Alex wins HOH , hey credit where credit us due, congrats Alex. She almost transformed when she won. Maybe it was relief from not being underfoot
    Josh wins HOH well congrats again, this almost seems like a game and not the little rascals meet the three stooges, though thinking about it I would love to see THAT !
    So Alex and Kevin have to go up, if Josh puts up Paul he will have as much luck talking Christmas into voting Paul out as he did trying to get Alex to vote Jason out, phew, that is it

  33. So, if given the chance Paul is going to take Josh and Christmas to the end? Who will he take to the finale? I think Christmas.
    I am surprised that Paul is not trying to protect Kevin and take him to the finale.

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