‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: End of Season ‘Memory Lane’ & Final HoH Round 1 Sneak Peek

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house

We’ve nearly reached the end of Big Brother 19 and that means it’s time to look back over the season with a little F3 narrated trip down memory lane in what’s generally the most unnecessary episode of the entire season. Enjoy!

Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul Abrahamian have made it to the end of the road for Big Brother so here they’ll take sometime to look back over what went down this season and how they’ve arrived at the gates to finale night.

I doubt we’ll get anything new or exciting, but at the end of the episode we’ll get a brief glimpse of the Final HoH Round 1 competition or you can just skip ahead and read the spoilers on who won the first HoH competition last night.

In the meantime, we can use this article as a discussion spot for tonight’s episode and updates through the show starting at 8PM ET. Hangout and chat with other fans right here in the Comments section as we wind down the Big Brother 19 season and prepare to cap it all off next Wednesday for the finale.

Tonight’s memory lane episode kicks off with the F3 celebrating their milestone before sitting down to enjoy a few sips of champagne before the endurance battle. They start to run through all the season’s drama.

There was some serious heat in the backyard after Kevin revealed to Matthew about winning the $25K temptation which Matthew immediately retold. Kevin didn’t like that and we get shouting and screaming all over the place. This didn’t make the episodes before, but it should have. More awful behavior from Raven, Matthew, and Alex as they scream and shout at Kevin.

Not all the heat this season was from fighting though. There were plenty of showmances. Too many, I’d say. We get to see Jessica and Cody as they’re sharing personal details like how Cody has a daughter. Next we see “Maven” as they throw food all over the house like the children they were. Lastly there’s the “what is this?” relationship between Paul and Christmas as she admits having feelings for Paul.

Kevin might have taken some heat from the kids in the house, but there was plenty of admiration for his style in the game too. We get an entire segment here on Kevin’s suave lifestyle of suits and blue-steel looks.

Now we run through some clips we’ve already seen like how Dominique went after Paul and watched her game implode. Then we’ve got the Mark and Josh pots & pans fight. Now we’ve over to the Den of Temptation and everything we’ve already seen there before. Lastly we run through all the tears brought on by the Diary Room sessions.

Time to get on out to the backyard for the first round of the final Head of Household competition. The F3 had to hold on to a rope poising as the tail to a unicorn while trying to maintain their balance on tilting boards. Why that sounds totally safe for when Christmas would eventually have to fall farther than the zip line required…

Can’t wait to find out who won this round? Read our Final HoH Round 1 spoilers for the results!

Gallery: Final HoH Round 1

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  1. I’m not sure how many jury votes Paul will get at this point, some people in the jury house realized he was playing them while others like raven thought he tried to help them, he deserves to get the jury votes, he is the only one who truly played the game.

  2. I wonder who will be the returning HG next season? Maybe Jody? Alex? Xmas? or even Josh?. I would like to see Jessica and Cody back.

  3. As much as I dislike Josh, its incredible he’s in f3 in any fashion. Would’ve never predicted that. I’d still be ticked if he wins.

  4. Dang! Kevin read all three of Matt, Raven AND Alex at the same time! Go kev! KEVIN for AFP!!! 3 Snaps! “A shoe can beat you!” ha haaaaa!!!! Yasss!

  5. This has to be the most idiots in one place in all of Big Brother history. None of these people could see Paul ran the show the whole time, the only one that tried to call Paul out was Dominique. I don’t think it was fair that Christmas stayed on the show when she couldn’t compete in anything because of her broke foot.

    • Don’t forget about Cody and Jessica! But yea, I think Christmas should have been disqualified; however, Big Brother isn’t just a physical competition, there’s a social aspect and mental aspect as well.

    • Yeap…Dom called Paul out, even tried to tell Alex. Now thats something she can think about in Jury..Altho we know it really doesn’t matter. I’m sticking by my man. I’m keeping my word, because thats who I am. The rest of you are…COUNTERFEITS!!! Lol

  6. I think Josh will fall first, and Paul will have Christmas throw it too him. I really think Christmas, could pull this off if she wanted too.

  7. Why do they script these type episodes? Just let them freestyle, it’s so corny and cheesy. I try to get people watch this show but they can never get into it because CBS presents the show so campy, it’s off putting to many. The scripted Barney and Friends diary room sessions, smh,….it’s just to much. People never see the seriousness attached to this game from the episodes. It’s weird the way they produce it.

  8. Though there are some smart attributes I still think of Alex, she gave me the greatest shock of the season when she expressed surprise that Paul was playing to win.
    Can’t believe as smart as I had thought she was, she actually thought Paul was in the game as a coach not a player until at the conlusion of her blindside.

    • WAit, what? I must have missed that. She really thought Paul was there to be a coach? At what point did she realize he was there to play to win?

  9. I watched most of those things when I had the feeds and I think it is so much better when they edit all of the clips together. I was annoyed that Raven and Matt were include, but it was briefly. Kevin was shown a lot so he can get AFP.

  10. THANKS CBS!!!
    It was a crappy season, thanks for the reminder!

    Funniest thing I heard since Cody called Jessica – Alex…… Raven calling herself the puppet master! She is psychotic!

    • I think Cody had a thing for Alex, but Jessica opened her legs a lot faster and he quickly changed his mind.

    • I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s hard to read that.
      I assume it’s one of Cody’s daughters and it looks like she’s trying to turn people against voting for Cody?

      • Yes it’s the same thing people keep saying: transphobic, and he went to the Ferguson riots. I don’t remember his comment about the riots, but I did remember news stories of veterans and people going there from other states to provide security for the businesses (a lot of them were owned by minorities) that were being destroyed.

      • I don’t know if that was his reason, but I think people are just making a big deal out of it because Cody is this year’s villain. He didn’t say he went to burn and loot, he didn’t even say if he got into any fights. He did say the BBC I think interviewed him, it was kinda hard to understand after that when they were all talking.

      • Of course! I should’ve known better. People just twisted what Cody said around. Obviously if Cody had been a part of the Ferguson riots in a negative way and had been seeing that in the house then that would be blasted everywhere and he would not be getting the respect he is getting from previous HGs etc. they wouldn’t want to be associated with him if that were the case.

  11. I know this is a mute point but seeing Matt in the jury house really irritated me, him and his smug face with his psychotic girlfriend!
    The clown 🤡 (no offence Jason) should NOT be there!! Matt should’ve been ejected from the game plain and simple. He broke the rules, he disrespected BB/CBS, The game & disrespected us viewers/fans!!

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why “Chima Simone” was ejected for BREAKING THE RULES by not listening to BB Pro when they continuously asked her to come to the DR room after she tossed her microphone into the hot tub but Matt was NOT ejected from the game for BREAKING THE RULES by continuously NOT listening to BB Pro telling him repeatedly to “not eat, not have hot showers, to sleep in the have not room & NOT sleep in bed with his psychotic, delusional, pathetic girlfriend?!?” (OK they didn’t say it exactly like that but you get my point LOL)
    WHY was Matt not ejected?!

    Matt is a vote for Paul to win this game!
    Forget I asked, I answered my own question LOL 😜

    • I so agree, Matt should have been ejected as well as Xmas. Neither ever played the game. All blame goes to EP AG. She ruined BB. I for one won’t be watching celebrity BB or season 20. I am over it.

      • Yeah, Christmas should’ve been ejected because she couldn’t play. In my opinion it’s not fair and look where she is now!
        Unlike you I will be watching celebrity big brother and BB 20 in hopes they get their “stuff” together and hopefully fire some producers! It’s time for a big shake up & to get big brother back to what it used to be! That said, I do not expect celebrity big brother to be a typical big brother but with “celebrities.” It will likely be scripted because it’s “celebrities!”
        Paul had an agent and look where it got him! Lol

        I am also looking forward to BBC, they have yet to disappoint and all five seasons have been really good!

      • I like to beet my head against a wall, so I will probably watch the beginnings of BB20, still not sure about Celebrity BB. When does BBC start again? I am seriously considering watching.

  12. Cody didn’t want to play big brother after he tried targeting Paul. What a waste of a chance at life changing money. It’s a game. Sometimes you get to save the princess and sometimes you don’t.

    Anyone who is emotionally bitter or “triggered” in my opinion are just as gullible as the other house guests.

    Great season I look forward to survivor and bb celeb. Great job this season on bbn staff!!!

    • That was the best part! I died laughing when Cody said something about being in the house with a bunch of babies. My has been and I killed ourselves laughing, it was perfect editing

  13. Paul admitted to Christmas that he could not stand Cody which he made clear to the houseguest all season. I wonder how much more fun it would have been to watch BB if the floaters (oops houseguest) would have have gone against Paul’s wishes and played their own game. It would have been really interesting to see who could have gotten Cody out.

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