Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 12: Friday Highlights

You can definitely tell it’s Final 3 week in the Big Brother 19 house as the Live Feeds are as dead as they’ve ever been. That tends to happen when an alliance gets the exact Final 3 they’ve been planning on for half the game. Josh did start to second-guess his previous thoughts on the Final 2 if it ends up being his decision.

Christmas Abbott celebrates on Big Brother 19

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 15, 2017:

12:30 PM BBT – HGs are finally waking up. No wait, just kidding, that was just a test of Josh’s legs. He’s back down to bed.

1:45 PM BBT – All 3 HGs are awake now, but lights are still off and they haven’t left their bed.

1:55 PM BBT – HGs are up and foraging in the kitchen.

1:58 PM BBT – Christmas decides it’d be best for everyone if she threw the carton of milk across the house. It makes a huge mess.

2:38 PM BBT – HGs discuss when R2 will happen. Josh says he can hear the building outback and says it’ll happen on Saturday.

2:39 PM BBT – Big Brother delivered champagne to the Houseguests. Earlier Josh had gone in DR to request some bubbly.

4:30 PM BBT – All is quiet as Paul and Christmas cuddle up for another nap while Josh studies the Memory Wall.

5:58 PM BBT – Josh camtalks alone while Paul and Christmas keep sleeping. Josh believes Paul will take him and he thinks Christmas doesn’t care whatever happens with the F2. He goes on discussing how happy he is with the experience.

6:10 PM BBT – Now Josh questions his idea about cutting Paul at F3. He wonders if the Jury would be bitter at Paul enough to vote for him (J) or if it’s a mistake to take Paul considering Christmas hasn’t pissed anyone off like he (J) has. Josh says he wonders if his best chance is against Paul now instead of Christmas.

6:25 PM BBT – Josh still cam talking. He’s talking about what he was doing before being cast on BB19 and how he felt about being chosen for the show.

6:38 PM BBT – Josh is raiding the storage room for food.

6:57 PM BBT – Josh is cooking some food.

7:10 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul realized it was time to make dinner so they’ve gotten up. Everyone is preparing food, snacking and goofing off.

7:25 PM BBT – HGs are eating and chatting. Josh goes to eat by himself in the lounge.

8:04 PM BBT – Christmas holds Josh down as she and Paul force him to cuddle. He starts screaming and laughing.

8:34 PM BBT – There’s a little bit of chit-chat as the final 3 continues to nap off and on.

9:10 PM BBT – Everyone is officially back to sleep.

10:34 PM BBT – It’s after 10 PM, so they’ve shut out the bedroom lights. Everyone is sleeping. A camera is zoomed in on the iron. That’s how exciting this is.

11:50 PM BBT – Josh is back up. Soon so is Christmas and eventually Paul as well.

12:30 AM BBT – F3 are awake for a change and they’re enjoying some snacks and chats in the kitchen.

1:10 AM BBT – HGs settling in for bed. While Christmas is in the bathroom/DR Josh and Paul are in the bedroom starting and running through the season’s events.

1:45 AM BBT – Christmas is finally back from the DR. Josh’s turn. Paul and Christmas cut the lights but keep talking in bed.

2:00 AM BBT – Josh is back and now it’s Paul’s turn. Christmas and Josh general chatter while Paul is gone.

2:15 AM BBT – That’s it for the night. They’re going to sleep slowly and keep chatting for another twenty minutes or so. Josh asks about how he should deal with all his fame post Big Brother. “You’re getting ahead of yourself,” suggests Christmas.

Tell me Josh is just giving production footage here with his idea of maybe he needs to take Paul for his best chance at winning. I can’t imagine that’s true, but considering Josh has time and time again been nothing but hot air when it comes to addressing his issues with Paul’s threat to his game that I wouldn’t be surprised for him to flub this now.

Friday was definitely a day of rest for the BB19 F3 and they’ll need it for the upcoming HoH Round 2 competition. Josh and Christmas are expected to face off later on Saturday and these results are going to be important, so don’t wander too far.

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  1. Josh…he’s already thinking Mr Hollywood….bro don’t even think of bringing the gnome to the F2…’ll be doing another Cody move….if you got the chance cut him loose !!!!!

  2. “Josh did start to second-guess his previous thoughts on the Final 2..”

    Josh needs a great finale speech since both Paul and Christmas will bring their A game. Does He have that great speech in him or will He hesitate, lose confidence and second guess him self into finishing in second place to either opponents?

    • He can’t outspeak Paul for sure, he might win against Xmax, in a tight decision of the jury, on the other hand jury might be annoyed by P speech and of him in general, he could have played too hard … similar with Russell Hantz in Survivor

    • Paul does not know that Josh was ratting him out in his goodbye messages…I am guessing that a couple of the HGs will confront Paul.. Josh did tell them the truth in GBMs ..He even tried to tell Jason and Alex (pre eviction) but neither would listen to him.. If Paul continues to lie or trys to smooth it over it could hurt him in votes…I don’t know if Paul would be upfront and honest about his backstabbing or keep up the farce…I think that might decide the winner of BB 19 if hes up against Josh..

      • Don’t think he can keep up the farce as everyone in the jury knows they have been duped….he can only stress his strategic game play and say he did what he did to win the game…cause he always reminded the hg’s that this is a game.

      • I don’t know….its a toss up…Josh will not sit quietly by if Paul tries to put all the bad on Josh…Could be an interesting question and answer session..

      • Yes it could be touchy…only if Josh has the balls to say what he feels in his speech…don’t know if he can.

      • I think Josh will get his point across, whatever it takes. We may have to adjust the volume, but he will do it!!

      • BB should not have shown Josh’s GBM. They interfered with game play letting Josh expose Paul’s game. Paul doesn’t know Josh did that. Paul will get some really hard questions from the jurors. It may cost him the game. Paul played the best game, He deserves the win. But, with is crybaby bunch, who knows?

      • The GBM is part of the game play. Paul used his to continue his obsession with “no blood on his hands.” One of his few tactical errors, IMO. It worked to keep houseguests calm pre-eviction, but everyone in jury (aside from Raven & Matt) know Paul was the mastermind of all their evictions. So why continue the farce in his GBM? Even without Josh exposing the truth in his messages, the jury has it figured out.

      • soooo Its okay for Paul to lie and but not oaky for Josh to tell the truth?? AHHHH that don’t make a lot sense..

      • I don’t understand why everyone, all of a sudden, think lying in the BB house is wrong!! How many hgs got to f2 without lying?? Paul couldn’t believe they all trusted him enough to do whatever he wanted them to do. Remember Dr. Will?? He wore a shirt that announced he was lying. Didn’t matter to the hgs, they gave him the win anyway.

      • If you’re trying to win the game and you know that you’re being set up, why wouldn’t you expose the person who is setting you up?

      • Here is what I am trying to get across…………..The GBM should not expose another hg’s game when the person leaving is going into the Jury House. BB should have edited it to not expose anyone’s game.

      • I get what you’re saying. That they should edit everyone’s GBM to not expose game play. I kind of like that they include it, though. I think CBS likes the jury to compare notes & deliberate based on what they have figured out really went down in the house, and vote based on how they feel about how each F2 really played the game.

      • Exactly! Sometimes they don’t base their vote on how the game was played. Which to me is petty. In my opinion the only ones who actually played the game was Jason Josh and Paul. No one else deserves the win.

      • And what I trying to get across to u is…..Paul is not owning up to his dirty deeds…Nobody is saying that HGs don’t lie to get ahead in the game….There comes a point when u have to admit that u were a liar and backstabber.. Especially in final 2 when people know the truth..Paul not admitting it makes him look like a coward…Theres 2 sides to every story but Paul only tells one..

      • We have to give Paul a chance to get to final 2, to tell the truth…we don’t know that he won’t if he gets there. In DRs he’s pretty amazed at himself that this stuff actually worked for him. What Josh did will make him have to tell the truth and see if he can get himself out of it…I’m looking forward to that if he does in fact reach it.

      • lmao I was about to leave, but you make it so hard with your statements. Reminds me a lot of the crybabies in the BBHouse.

      • Patti, Paul has already exposed his side of the truth to Alex when he told her why he wasn’t going to use the veto to save her. What else are you expecting for him to add to that? What else can he possibly say to these people?

      • How can you say that littlefly? They have not even talked to the jurors yet. You don’t know what Paul will admit or deny.

      • Thea! This is BB “always expect the unexpected”! It’s the game, 500k is up for grabs. So let’s rumble! C’mon now. This is it! 😄

      • “You” opened the door for negative comments on ur post…”You” are upholding Paul for lying in his GMBs and throwing others under the bus ..While Josh in his GMBs is admitting he was involved and taking responsibility …Paul is shifting the blame….Josh owns up to his dirty deeds Paul is don’t…

      • what? Interferred? you mean like Paul interferring in everyone’s game by telling them bald face lies? Josh is only telling what happened, he isn’t making stuff up. Paul had to lie, cheat and bully to get into the position he is in.

      • He didn’t bully anyone. He acted like he was scared for his life in the BB house. He told them to trust him, without explanation, and they did!

      • Remember those are IDIOTS in the jury- even if Paul did lie and backstab them all, they will vote for him (except Cody of course)

    • Yeah. Josh is not polished for sure, but everyone already knows this. If he speaks from the heart, he’ll be okay. It may not do the trick but he won’t flop. If I was in the jury, I would appreciate him keeping it real. While Paul will continue his deceitful ways and try to be cool and cutesy. Plus, Paul tends to lecture and talk down to people. Santa will speak eloquently, but her meanness will ooze through.

      Can’t wait.

    • What is Christmas’ A game? Doing everything Paul told her to then acting sad about evictions? Or bragging about her HOH “wins?”

  3. I am still laughing on the jury segment where Raven said they (Maven)….where puppet masters…can you believe that….where do they get these idiots…..are they on crack!….Mark was about to tell her to go f*ck herself.

    • Crazy that matt still doesn’t see it. That is one weird guy. I think Raven will watch the show, hear the feedback from viewers, see that she doesn’t win America’s Favorite, etc., and she will just brush it off & return to her delusional existence with her munchausen mommy. Very sad, but I suppose massive delusion is what protects her mentally. The truth of her life would be too much to bear.

      • I think when Raven watches herself on the show & reads the reviews as you say she’ll think CBS, Big Brother & production portrayed her in the wrong context. Raven will turn it around to say that was not her. She’s so delusional with her ailments & her stories its know wonder Raven believes she feels that she is the true puppet master of BB19 & not Paul.

      • Raven will never acknowledge that she was a waste of time in the BB house. She did nothing except seek the sympathy vote.

  4. These people all have issues. They’re all nuts.

    I really don’t want any of them being rewarded. Horrible game play, horrible examples for others in how to play.

      • I believe you but it is stunning that they found the 16 most unlikable people in American and put them on the show…..then the least unlikable ones are gone from the house the first half and we were left with the pond scum. Crazy and worst season in history. Yes that one house had two racists in it a few years ago but at least it was not all the houseguests who didn’t have redeeming qualities. This group is just plain terrible. I still think they should give the money to the Hurricane fund whichever one they want to give to.

      • Bob…can’t agree with you more….the majority of these hg’s didn’t come to win….and the one’s that did where taken out early by the master mind Paul….they were comfortable following Paul’s agenda with no strategy of there own….it was basically a summer camp for most of them.

      • For CBS is just another season and probably for them was successful because it got lots of attention which means popularity, some might got big rewards for this season … it’s all business

      • Oh I agree with that. CBS loves that the audience is pissed off. Gives more eyeballs (weird I know)….you would think people would quite watching, but it is the opposite. Anyway, I’d rather CBS AT LEAST go back to picking regular people instead of those chosen by a person’s agent (which this group all had except maybe Cody….lol and maybe he had one too who knows).

      • Yep! BB brings out emotions from the players and the fans/feeders. The harder the hg’s play, the better I like it. If they all got along, it would be boring, and would have been cancelled years ago

      • I hope one day will go back to fundamentals, I remember first season seems to be from different galaxy relative to last 4 seasons

      • I disagree. Paul really was prepared when he came into the house. I don’t know how he kept all of his deceptions straight. Everyone in the house thought Paul was playing straight with them, and that they were going to F3 with him. From Paul’s DR sessions, he was as surprised as fans were that he got away with his deceptions. Only one other time that I recall 1 house guest was supported by enough people to get to the end. Season 6. The Nerd Herd, named by Howie, stuck together, and supported Maggie all the way to the finals. Even Ivette should have won over Maggie. It was a great season with so many good confrontations. But the outcome was the biggest disappointment.

      • Production… Thats how. Paul would of never made it this far had Production (uh I mean America… yea right…. like that would actually happen) given him 3 weeks of protection. He instigated bullying and got his minions to isolate people. Spread lies about people he wanted bullied and isolated. Mob mentality set in. Yes their all adults (chronologically at least) and could of not participated but… Christmas knows Paul before BB19.
        After his 3 week protection he could of done what he did without all of the bullying. Lying and deceit… game play. Paul crossed the line.

  5. I wish that during the finale that clips of Pauls deceit would be shown and comments he made be aired to the jury…On BB12 clips were shown and it cost Lane Elenburg the win against Hayden…Lane was ask in a DR session would he would take to final 2 and he said Brittney…Enzo was gonna vote for Lane but changed his vote to Hayden after seeing the clip…The bad thing was that Hayden had also said in a DR session that he was gonna take Brittney but that clip was not aired…

    • The clips would definitively show the true gnome and his deceit….but unfortunately this season is all about sheep and the gnome will definitely expound his resume and flawless game play and the sheep will continue to follow….and he didn’t need Kool-aid.

    • Same with Santa if she makes it to F2. She said some awfully violent things. It would be nice to see their smug little faces while these scenes are played back.

    • If Paul can’t do it and Josh can, I’d never recover. My last season. Last break was 7years, this one, would be forever! Lol

      • Ha! Hey, girl! I know you greatly dislike Josh about as much as some of these posters dislike Paul. Let’s just keep cheering for Paul and hope he gets the win he so very much deserves.

      • Regardless of who wins, please don’t go. I need you on the boards!!!

      • Lol I’d probably have to buy a new television set after I smash it in. That would be devastating. Losing to Nichol last year and Josh year?? No mam, cancel the show. I will give you a personal email address to KIT, lol smh. I will be be done!

      • Gurl……I hope you gird your loins, scuttlebutt is Josh is going to win. Deets from the “round table” discussion have been linked and the majority of people in jury house are not voting for Paul. :(

  6. I think the puppet master is definitely a good candidate for next season’s….:”Dancing with the Sheep”….go for it girl.

  7. I’m just glad it’s almost over. I can hardly bear watching Santa rub all over the gnome any longer. Do you ever notice that the touching is not reciprocated?

  8. I think the biggest winner for post show contracts will be Matt….we will definitely see his pic on a box of Wheaties…..”the breakfast of champions”!!!!!

  9. Give me a big P
    Give me a big A
    Give me a big U
    Give me a big L
    What does that spell?
    PAUL!!!! PAUL!!!!! PAUL!!!!!!!!!

  10. You might be good at football
    You might be good at track
    But when it comes to Big Brother
    You better watch your back
    Paul ATTACKS!!!! Go Paul!

    What can I say, I’m in football mode! ;)

  11. I like to think Josh with lose regardless who he’s sitting beside. I hope Paul wins round 3 and takes Christmas and Paul wins the game.

  12. On personal grounds with bitter jury, I think Christmas has little to worry about compared to Paul and Josh.
    Paul with all the lies and deceits, Josh with the annoyance.
    I think against Paul, Josh should put it to the jury that he suddenly saw he was the underdog and took loyalty with the majority doing their jobs in their front office which they all knew about except for the weekly target set up by them/Paul (not him-Josh). He should point to each occasions where he tried to point out to each one that the devil was hiding behind everyone orchestrating the dirty but everybody was too busy helping him (Paul).
    Acknowledge Dominique for identifying the snake which everyone ignored, and Cody who saw it early enough but refused to give him ears and accept him in as a buddy. Hence he had to dine with the devil for the good of his game as he could not find a vigilant Angel.
    The acknowledgement might appease Cody for his vote.

  13. There’s no way Paul is taking Christmas home to his Jewish family and saying this is my girlfriend. Maybe if she changes her name to Hanukkah.

  14. Christmas has less work to do on the jury than Josh and Paul in terms of personal offenses. She could simply say tell Jason, Alex and Kevin that just like them, she worked with her alliance like she did with the bigger alliance and it was purely game without betrayal and fake promises.
    She is a competitor (mental and endurance). But for her broken leg, she focused more on the social game with her alliance and remained loyal in doing what she had to do for her game.
    To Cody, you targeted me very early and Jessica (your showmance) picked a fight with me when Jillian was evicted for my safety. Hence, I wasn’t going to trust your partner and when she left, it was too late to go against my alliance as it was not wise to further my game.

      • Or I Only Have Eyes For You! ;) Hey, hon, did u get my email? I talked to my dad & he said he would sign one of his Toronto Blue Jays cards for ya. I’ll get one sent to him next week & let ya know. Okay? I still think that is so bizarre that you actually watched my father pitch back in the day. :) So cool. Knew we were true sistas! haha

      • I did, thx. I know it is so strange but because it was the first ever home game in Toronto, I know I was there and of course remember the win. Small world, watchin my ‘nother dad. Oh to be able to go back there and know now what I didn’t know then, lol

      • You know what I remember most about his season with the Blue Jays? The club gave us this little blue Honda that had a blue jay painted on the side of it and that was what we drove around in during the season. Oh and that a lot of people spoke french too. That was a trip. :)

      • Yep, and my dad (who is 6 foot 3 210 Lbs) looked so funny squeezing into it. hahaha. It was cool tho coz people used to honk & wave at us all the time when we’d be driving to the field before a game. Ahh…good memories. Who knew we were both sharing the experience at the same time. teehee. ;)

    • He’s said it but he refers to her as his “little burrito”. I think they both came up with the term so he wouldn’t have to say girlfriend, which I think is uber smart!

  15. Paul should remind everyone that they all came for a mutually exclusive goal. He came in as a vet getting around the fact that he will be targeted first. So he opened his hands of friendship to all and took out those who chose to be enemies.
    As friend to all, he identified the super competitors and the floaters by their peculiarities and those that were less threatening for his game.
    Hence, he should enjoin everyone as matured as they are to respect the game play over personal grudge, take responsibilities to reflect on what they should have done differently for their games like he did coming for the game the second time and vote for the game play objectively.
    He can offer Cody a friendship gift and a three persons outing (with him and Jessica) for a goof in the real world. This might give him that moment of Cody’s vote.

  16. The Cuban Lunatic will either win final HOH and cut Paul, or Paul will take the Cuban Lunatic to final two.

    Either way Paul will lose to the Cuban lunatic.

  17. Well it has been fun! littlefly, sorry you felt the need to take my opinion so personally, but my opinion is mine, and I have a right to share mine as much as you have a right to share yours! Simmer down!! lol

  18. Is amazing how Elena amd Mark (in the jury house) knew exactly what Paul does yet they chose to be on the bottom of that group instead of going with orignal alliance….how shifty are some people … if initial group bend together Paul would have been out week 4

    • That was the Mark’s mistake. He wasn’t strong willed enough. Elena’s commitment was manipulated and she wanted to be on Paul’s good books which had no space for her.
      If they had overcome thier fears and stuck to their alliance, they could have point at Paul’s antics and threats to some others’ freedom and game chances. The confidence to take a shot at Paul and get enough vote to evict him could have boosted someone among his alliance.

  19. Yikes, so I haven’t been following all the “game is rigged for Paul to win” commentary, but NOW it’s been put out there that not only did Christmas know Paul & she worked for his mom for a long time, but Evil Dick posted a video of Paul at his home (Paul’s home) shortly after BB18 season, and guess who’s in the background? Raven! And Paul followed Raven’s social media & unfollowed her right before he went into the house this season. hmmmm

  20. What an unlikely f3! No one predicted this!! Lol A smart vet, most hated houseguests in the beginning, and the broken foot girl. I think that’s pretty incredible and a smack in the face to all the evictees! Ha ha! I credit this all to Paul. He’s one of the greats whether you all like it or not. Combine his fight from JOSEA to f2 with a vet and losing by one vote with his complete dominance of this cast is extraordinary!! P.s Don’t care what any Paul haters have to say about that.

      • Is fake, that’s why it seems devilish. She is only acting smug and tough because she has Paul in her corner and not many outspoken people in the house.

      • This is big brother, aint no angels on this show. They sign up to be deceitful. It’s a contest to reward the most cunning.

      • Tsk! Tsk! The nerve of Paul to be so masterful at the game of deceit. And SHAME on him to come on a game show and use every tactic at his disposal to further the game. If he wins, good for him. If he doesn’t, he went further than the others he left in his wake of deceit. Maybe people who get so butt hurt when things don’t go their way shouldn’t play BB. Maybe it isn’t the game to view if HGs actions too immoral and unethical to deem acceptable in a GAME to win 500K. Look at the way Alex, Jason, and Cody left the house, big baby sore losers, all of them. They got played! JMO, but I don’t think Paul would have acted like that if he had been evicted at any point in the game so far, but true, we’ll never know. We have seen so many examples of bad sports and sore losers this season. Please give my BBN participation trophy to someone who needs it to help them cope. Lordy! Lordy! Lordy! smh

      • Right on!! It’s especially annoying when HG like Alex act all indignant when they get clipped. She played two alliances all season, and would have evicted Paul over Jason had she been in the position to do so. I just hate the sore loser entitlement.

      • And that is one thing that is still surprising: the way Alex, Jason and Cody left the house, all ruffled up and pissed off. Weren’t they members of the mob who stood up and cheered when they were informed they had all made it to jury??? If they were so excited then, why are they so pissed off now?

      • These people were too dumb to sign up to be deceitful. They signed up as members of Paul’s fan club to make sure he pocketed $500K at the end. Sure there were a couple of rogues, but look how far that got them. The rest of them … so excited to make it to the jury house!!!!! So excited to be playing with The Great One that they’d all be honored to lose to him!!! These people were as transparent as glass. Nothing deceitful about any of them.

  21. Alright! We have more Paul haters/done with the show/worst season ever on this site! Matt should thank all of you for keeping the site running. CBS is happy, BBN is happy…This is a success!…and I’m going back to bed..good night…I mean, good morning. GO Paul!!!

  22. I have never before watched Big Brother when I so disliked the final 3 I dislike them so much I don’t care who wins it takes all the excitement out.😡😡😠😤

  23. I am done with these bozos – Paul is the only deserving winner- no way c’mas- she is crazy and weird- Josh is acting like a little b*tch now with his cam talk..
    Kevin or Mark for AFP… wrap it up- its all over but the crying…

    • Josh was chosen for F2 by Paul way back in the beginning when Paul awarded Friendship bracelets based on his kiss-my-ring individual interviews. He tagged Josh absolutely correctly as the wimpy, blubbering leech he was throughout the entire season. X came in to the picture (and replaced probably Kevin) when she broke her foot, and Paul took her as a contender as one of the two easiest to beat at the end. So that was Paul’s strategy – lock on to the weakest links and promise everyone else the world, while kicking them out the door, one-by-one. Looking back, it’s all so obvious now. But why none of the HGs caught on and had both the ability and courage to call Paul on his game is baffling.

  24. Good job America for giving Paul immunity from 3 evictions. That little bigmouth is driving me crazy. That little tattooed freak can’t stop running his mouth.

  25. If josh gets HOH, he should evict Paul…. then he will have a good chance of winning it all against Christmas. First Josh has to have the “guts”….that’s what will win over the jury house … his guts to do what the others could not.

  26. I think 12/25 is Paul’s Nannie that his mother used for the kids?? Lol
    She acting like it but maybe paul is getting Nannie privledges cuz they’re awfully cozy snuggling up in the HOH room bed…….

  27. ” … considering Josh has time and time again been nothing but hot air when it comes to addressing his issues with Paul’s threat to his game … I wouldn’t be surprised for him to flub this now.” Branden is absolutely right about this. Feel free to share your frustration with everyone here if Josh does this, but don’t be at all surprised.

  28. I think Josh is screwed either way. The smart choice is to take Xmas to f2 with him if he wins, but I believe he’s going to lose to her as well. Josh torched his own game with bad jury management, which is why Paul is taking him to f2. If Josh does pick Xmas though, easily 5 of the people on that Jury will give Xmas the 500k. Will Paul vote for Josh if Josh snubs him? Nope. Josh also loses Mark and Elena and Jason and Alex. It’s game over for Josh either way, but he still shouldn’t go with Paul, because Paul clearly beats him. Against Xmas it could still be close.

    • I think most jury votes would go to Josh, if he was in the F2 w/ Christmas. The jury will reward him for getting out Paul. The ones that won’t vote for him is Maven. Maven still thinks they were Paul’s comrades even though he sent them to jury. Josh even told them in his Goodbye Messages.

  29. If Paul loses, the butt hurt from his groupies will be epic. Rants and excuses galore! Extreme hate rays shooting out of their eyes!

    The people that want Paul to lose gain nothing if either of the other creeps win, and really lose nothing if he wins. All three are horrible.

    • Yeah, they’re all 3 horrible but I still would like to see Josh pull off the win, if for no other reason that to shove it in Paul’s face. IF josh wins the 3rd round and decides it’s smarter to take Christmas, oh the look on Paul’s face will be epic.

  30. Paul played a game, he played everybody. They all followed what every he wanted done. Like it or not, and now he is finally f3. Think the house guests will vote to give him the win.

  31. Why don’t they just.kick Cody out! Big Brother is so patient with those sick heads! “I’m thinking about busting out of this joint”. BYE! And you people think he’s AFP material. Smh I hope whatever social media stunt that tramp Jessica’s doing fails. He don’t deserve Shi+! I watched the episode over and got ticked again. Bitter bastard!

    • Oo! Thanks for reminding me, gotta go do my AFP votes.

      And since I have the feeds, regardless of whether or not they’re counting those from people who aren’t subscribed, mine will absolutely count.

    • He was joking. I know it’s rare, but he smiled when he said it. Calm down. I’m sorry he’s too real for you and not feigning enthusiasm for the cameras like you’ve grown so accustomed to, season after season.

      • I don’t need you to analyze Cody for me. In case you and Cody didn’t realize, this is a television show for the purpose of entertainment. Cameras are involved, and the cast are expected to entertain. Is it clicking for you yet? Take your time. When you figure it out, make sure you inform Cody that he’s apart of a reality television show. He signed up for it. There’s a certain degree of enthusiasm required. Got it buddy? I digress.

      • Personally I always thank people for their input, then discuss differences , common ground and my rational 😺
        Regardless of their position vs mine 😺
        Unless they don’t like my artwork, then they are obviously wrong 😸

      • Cody’s behavior and attitude ARE entertaining for quite a lot of us. He’s the only part of that house this season that’s been even remotely entertaining. He sees the HGs for who they are, nothing but Paul-following zombies. Speaking of Paul, he’s the worst person ever, doing the things he did in that house. Shame on ALL of the HGs for being his minions. They don’t even realize how bad they and Paul ruined any opportunity for post-BB popularity. They won’t be famous, they’ll be infamous and when Paul loses he’ll totally be forever known as the one guy that just couldn’t get it done when it mattered.

  32. It stinks having Paul back as a returning vet with already $50K in his pocket from BB18 F2.

    In my research no other BB returning vet in Big Brother history in the F2 2nd place winner position has been brought back to play in a new season of BB like Paul. So why is Paul treated so special & get a 2nd chance at the $500K after winning $50K in BB18. Doesn’t seem fair.

    Kevin taking the $25K which no other HG knew who did it. Then when all HG entered the house & all were seated. Paul enters the house as the returning vet. Paul was given a box which held 8 Friendship Bracelets that he handed out to 8 house guests of his choosing. The bracelets were given to Raven, Mark, Dominique, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, Kevin & Elena. Then some how after the remaining HGs competing finished. A live eviction resulted in Cameron being evicted from the house.

    Cody gets HOH nominates Jillian and Megan. When it comes to the Have – Not volunteers Megan ends up leaving the game shortly after. So Cody has to nominate another HG. So he nominates Alex.

    America votes Paul as the HG to either accept or not accept the Pendant of Protection from the Den of Temptation. You guessed it Paul accepted the temptation which gives him 3 weeks of safty. Paul also has to put a curse on another HG with accepting the Pendant of Protection. So he cursed Ramses. Ramses has to be a third special nominee within the 3 weeks time frame of Paul’s safety.

    Alex wins the POV and pulls her self from the block and Cody must then nominate yet another HG. Cody nominates Paul and asks him to take a seat. Paul is upset now that he has to reveal to the house that he accepted the Pendant of Protection and is safe from eviction for 3 weeks.

    So in the 1st 4 or 5 days Paul got all kinds of advantages and whether America voted or production helped him.

    Paul BB18 F2 2nd place $50K winner should have never been the returning vet for BB19.

    I strongly believe all the 1st & 2nd place monies $550K should be donated to the Hurricane Relief Efforts – Hurricane Harvey in Texas & Hurricane Irma in Florida. They deserve it more than these BB19 houseguest do.

    • I think CBS should donate money to the disasters for sure. But it is a game & rules are rules. I agree no players are worthy of the cash at the end. Especially the final 3 a$$wipes that are left.
      This season brought out the worst in ppl. How disgraceful these players were to each other is deplorable. CBS should have stepped in months ago.
      In Canada we say ‘play the puck’ or ‘play the ball’ etc. Keep it game play. But these morons made things personal. I doubt many will remain friends cuz imo you don’t keep friends that are mean, vindictive, demoralizing or any other emotion that is based on negative thinking.
      I hope these 3 walk out & realize there are no fans, there are no movie deals or TV ads etc. I hope that they try to hide cuz of the negative publicity.
      I truly hope they get the help they need to be productive & positive citizens in your country. Hey, maybe the Donald has a job for them in the Whitehouse. He’s certainly going thru employees faster than this stupid game is being played out.
      Tick tock, tick tock…… give shorty his money already so we can move onto Survivor! Lol

  33. Well that was super boring LOL I thought I slept a lot! LOL if Josh takes Paul to the end, Josh is a dummy! Dumber than I thought!
    Christmas decides to throw the milk carton across the house!? Why!? Boredom? Did I miss something LOL

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