Allison Grodner Interview: Missing Goodbye Messages, Raven’s Delusions, & Final Three HGs

Alex Ow talks with Julie Chen on Big Brother 19

Big Brother 19 is wrapping up its season as we went from Final 5 down to Final 3 in a matter of a few days. Choices and actions are more critical than ever and that includes those strategic goodbye messages from the Houseguests. Josh put his to good use the round before but then nothing happened with Alex’s eviction. So where do those messages go when we don’t see them after an eviction?

We put that question to Big Brother’s Executive Producer Allison Grodner this week along with topics on the Jury House delusions and which of the remaining HGs has delivered the biggest surprise for her this season.

Big Brother Network: In the quick pace of the special eviction Alex didn’t have a chance to see her goodbye messages on stage. We were waiting to see if Josh dropped another bomb that night. What happens to the messages when they aren’t part of the show? Do Jurors get to see their video messages from any of the Houseguests later at the Jury House or backstage after the eviction show each week?

Grodner: Since this was a surprise eviction, we did not have messages ahead of time because it would have clued them in. Once Alex was gone the houseguests recorded messages that went to the jury house. Josh was consistent in revealing his alliance to Alex just as he has to Jason, Matt, Raven and Kevin. It will be interesting to see how this information affects the jury and the jury roundtable discussion at the finale.

The Jury House was a hot mess of delusion for one HG in particular. Raven seems pretty committed to her title of the season’s puppet master. Who knew? Do you think the Jury will ever sway Raven otherwise or is she set to leave the season convinced of that title?

Grodner: It was surprising for sure to hear that Raven sees herself as the puppet master. Her insistence has created a lot of tension at the jury house and is sure to be a hot topic at the jury roundtable debate. I am looking forward to hearing Paul’s response when he hears this as well.

Final Three is here! Which F3 Houseguest has surprised you the most this season?

Grodner: Hands down it has to be Josh. He was really distraught in the beginning, missing his family and getting lost in his own head – we didn’t think he would make it through the first week. Now he is at the end of the game and he actually has a shot at walking away the winner. I would never have predicted that in a million years.

Thank you!

Well I learned something new today. After all these seasons I was never sure if Jurors ever got to hear the goodbye messages HGs recorded for them if they weren’t played on stage. They do! And even better is to hear that Josh kept his g’bye message game rolling strong.

The Big Brother 19 2-hour finale arrives this Wednesday, Sept. 20th (8/7c) on CBS & CBS All Access!


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  1. Really though, Josh taking the golden apple the first week turned out to be a brilliant move. If he didn’t take it, who knows if he would’ve gone home?

    • That would be interesting to know how it would have turned out if he hadn’t, because I expected he was a huge target after that move. He seemed paranoid and it made no sense at the time.

  2. Thanks Matt, I always thought it was unfair that those in the 2nd half of a DE didn’t get messages, so good to know that they do get something after all. And I’m especially glad to hear that Josh got to drop another bomb in his message to Alex. Hopefully she actually listens to him

    • Hey Tr8p, while I am not too much a fan of Paul as I was at start of season, something bugs me about Josh dropping those bombs. I would say disloyalty, but same could be said for Paul. Why does it bug me? Lol.

      • I guess I look at it as the flip side of Paul manoeuvring the most recent votes so that he looks good and Josh takes the heat. Then Paul gives these sincere goodbyes. Josh is only trying to let the evicted hg know that Paul hasn’t been honest with them. I was a fan of Paul last year but got completely turned off about halfway thru this season.I do like Josh so maybe that’s why I am comfortable with the tactic.

      • I see Paul fans are ticked off about that. You’re right it’s disloyalty. I’m rooting for Paul, but I’m fine with it, I understand, he’s gaming, working the Jury.

      • Social media will explode if that happens….that’s what all the anti Paul is praying. lol Paul should control that part of the game…remember Vanessa?

      • Cool! I want Paul to take this win, but I’ll be perfectly fine with my Baby winning the game…and Raven for AFP

      • Just when I think we’re getting a serious post, you throw the lunatic in at the end. You can add your vote to her mother’s and her brother’s, lol

      • Have you ever seen a ‘Metgala post?..she’ll be here sometime tonight.doing her job…she’s an autobot. lol

      • agreed. Raven is a nutcase. She thinks much more of herself than the rest of the world does. A lie a minute out of her mouth!

      • I figured you were joking after I hit the Post button. At least you didn’t type Cody. Gotta get used to your sense of humor. Been a rough season with all of the hate going around.

      • Omg..Raven? lol NO! Did you like Dr. Will’s interview? I like it very much. That’s from one of the best player of BB. He’s speaking in the context of the game. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been watching BB, Some people are just witless to understand the game.

      • Oh yeah, sure do. I speculated awhile back Josh could be the Steve of this season and Paul the Vanessa in final results..

      • So, this is the one unforeseen obstacle to Paul? Still don’t get why he didn’t keep Raven. She never questioned him, was willing to whatever he asked and he could easily beat her in comps and votes.

      • I think he was going to. Matt was then evicted and she hung around Paul. Raven got on Paul’s nerves. He told Josh/Christmas that she had to go.

      • She’s so whack. I don’t think he wants to sit beside her on F2. He knows what we know about laughing stock/Raven. lol His original plan could have evolved as his options got better. In the early part of the game, it was Alex, and even Kevin.

      • The problem is that Josh says a lot of things that he doesn’t follow through with. I hope he has the stones to cut Paul at the end, but I won’t believe it until it happens.

      • If Josh cries while he is voting Paul out then it may still be just as painful to watch. If he could stand up and say something like, “Paul I want to win the game and my best chance is to vote you out, so it is time for you to go,” then it would be great.

      • Yep, I’m tired of Josh’s crying. I hated the pots and pans thing, but otherwise I kinda like his over-the-top Latin personality… it sure beat having to watch Maven under the covers!??! :-O

      • No . Is why paul said he has to play for him because he knows they wouldn’t pick him. Kinna sad .. he knows they wouldn’t take him even tho he would take them. It’s not betrayal .. it’s a gdamn game , u play from the start , middle and end, the only one I see do that was paul . Despite how he did it

      • Okay, Paul fans…. so who is being disloyal… Josh or Paul?

        Paul is just as disloyal, clearly with a bigger partnership/alliance with Christmas and Josh than anyone else, also clearly a full equal or larger partner in the person’s eviction, and then, plays dumb to them once they get the boot. It’s more disloyal in my mind that Paul plays dumb than the other houseguests being HONEST telling what they were doing/thinking.

      • Big Brother is not a team sport and loyalty doesn’t exist. Although you can’t convince Christmas of this fact, lol

      • Exactly , have they watched bb before ? I don’t think anyone has one w a clean squeaky game . It’s how it works, they trusted him and he did keep them safe but can’t take them all and only 1 winner and paul came to win , not make friends or showmance or anything else . He had a mission and executed it perfectly. That’s great game play . Jury can vote however they want but all know they are bitter and paul still won even if he didnt. These jurors have Dr. will for mediation , he will most likely tell them to stop taking it personal and vote by game play. Hoping anyway .

      • I agree, if Paul gets to the end he should win. I actually think this jury will vote for him. I think Paul’s only real weakness has been that he has not owned his game. His only chance of losing if he makes the final 2, is if he sticks with this idea that he was blindsided and didn’t know what was going on. If he owns his game and his moves, I think this jury will respect that and vote for him. Especially because the other 2 haven’t done a thing.

      • I get it , bothers me as well . I didn’t think they should have been allowed to show that since they don’t show anything but the eviction in the jury house . Think was a pretty crappy thing to do to the one person who kept his cry baby azz there and to f3 .. he should be thanking paul instead of throwing him under the bus in a goodbye message ! No thanksgiving for him! 😝

      • this is the only way he could throw paul under the bus.If he said anything to anyone in the house he knew it was going right back to paul.It is josh’s best move and great insight knowing that.

      • I don’t agree at all, what about Paul making him look like the bad guy 4 votes in a row, he wants no blood and all the benefits. I get that’s the best way to play HIS game but josh has the right to try to put the blame right back where it belongs. He has jury votes to think about too

    • Josh’s messages just makes him sound as delusional as all the others. They all thought they had an F3 deal with Paul too. Of course, Josh can argue that he really did make it to F3, but he’s basically admitting this was thanks to Paul.

      On the other hand, Paul has completely screwed up his goodbye messages so far. How can he possibly think these people aren’t comparing notes? He just blew 500k. Here’s hoping! He’s the worst ever. Even worse than Frankie Grande.

    • Jason asked if she would really vote for that ahole , she said that’s the game , I think she knows this better then anyone and she just got there . I am still surprised at the clown , he seemed to still be reeling over the fact that he was gonna win or go to f2 . He shouldn’t be bitter , it’s a gdamn game and if you played more for u and not what others tell u then that’s on you. Paul def Should win , as much as I like Josh and don’t no want Xmas f2 at all , I think he should cut josh or Xmas should and paul should win then. It’s anyone’s game .. I dunno . Paul still better player then any of them crying big baby boofckinhoo bitter poor sports.

    • And I will add she seemed to answer more detailed in past, from previous interviews I read at least. And thanks to Matt from me too.

  3. I want Josh to win and Christmas Second. I hate Paul, really full of himself. I can’t believe
    how dumb the rest of them were. If Josh doesn’t win then he should be HG favorite.

    • Seriously, you hate Paul but want Xmas 2nd place??? Xmas by far more disgusting than Paul! At least Pauls moves are to advance him in the game but Xmas is just plain mean and self-entitled which doesnt make sense since she won absolutely 0 comps the whole season!! If she is such a bad-ass she needs to stop talking bad about others behind their back! That is not gameplay!! Dont care if Paul wins or not but even sweeter would be Paul choosing to take Josh to f2 and lose to him that way!!

      • Christmas is guaranteed runner up as things stand currently. If you want Josh to win (personally, I do) then Paul must take third place. The only way Paul would lose to Josh is if he sucked at jury management and the jury was very bitter.

    • I don’t think Josh is going to be favorite HG. I have been skimming through BB twitter, and I haven’t seen anything about voting Josh. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s not out there, but there isn’t a lot.

  4. The show tonight was slanted heavily in favor of Kevin getting AFP. He had a lot of air time on it and the sad story about losing his house to bail his father from jail..mind you i do agree he played with the most class and was very entertaining for viewers to i agree he would be a great candidate for it

    • I would be happy with Kevin taking AFP, especially because it would irritate Alex. I would also be fine with Mark winning it. He seemed like a genuinely nice person (awful at the game but very nice). I liked Ramses, not that we got to see too much of him. Cameron would be a good F you to the rest of the houseguests. I found most of the rest of the houseguest to be awful people with the way they treated and “bullied” each other (Not including some of those early evictees that were out before the buy back).

  5. EP AG is just spewing more Blah Blah. Why even do the interviews????

    Rabid Raven, the “puppet master” is in for the rudest awakening of her life when she exits the BB house. I almost feel sorry for her(not really).

    Cody for AFP!!! Go Cody.

    • Maybe you’ve missed what Josh has been doing with his goodbye messages these last few weeks, but they’re potentially very influential and, at the least, impacting Paul’s chances at Jury votes. That’s an important topic, Jury votes and the whole “winning” aspect here.

  6. You really did not ask her any questions of consequence…like:
    1. do you plan to improve the show in future by keeping productions hands off of it?

    or b. do you think that the lackluster season is indicative of the long time decline of the BB brand?

    • He only gets 3 questions at a time, I believe. I thought that they were good ones. But that was sarcasm, right?

    • I thought they were good questions too. It’s just that AG doesn’t usually really answer the questions put to her.

  7. What I would really like to know is how Paul’s girlfriend has been dealing with this whole Christmas & Paul flirtation. Whether she felt it was okay due to this being a game, or if she’s really frustrated over the whole thing. I can’t imagine she would be fine with it. And how long it’s going to take Christmas to come back down to reality and realize he already has someone in real life.

  8. I still to this day think it is just not fair to all of the other HGs that Christmas sits in final 3 and rarely competed all season. Its just not right. True she could have been voted out but overall if someone can’t compete due to an injury, thank you for coming, there is the door

    • That didn’t bother me as much as her leaving and coming back for every appt and her surgery. I thought for sure they’d evict her but then they kept her around and eventually gave her HOH twice. Crazy

  9. I want Paul to lose again! I’m sick of Josh and cannot believe he has made it this far, He was a big bully. I’m voting for Cody as Americas favorite, at least he played the game and didn’t fall for what Paul was saying.

  10. Paul 100% cheated and was promised a month free on the show. That’s why the temptation season existed … he cheated with his coded letter from home. It’s a joke of a read a bunch of sentences about animals at home were really people in house. Such a cheater !! Glad he lost. Everything was handed to him. Producers swayed house not to put him up. Terrible tv

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